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msr things you said after we fell in love + "tell me a secret"


He’d found, or more honestly, tripped over, an abandoned pair of stacked patent leather heels in the entryway to his apartment. Pretty much certain he owned no such footwear, a mystery began to build itself up and unfold red carpet style over the vacuum-requiring floor of his front hall. He examined the evidence before him. 

Shoes: heels just high enough to cross the line from “sensible” to “precarious.” Scuffed around the toes and soles, maybe from running in alleyways or knocking off someone’s legs under long wooden tables or shifting weight from side to side in morgues and basements. Small, which spoke for itself. Tumbled haphazardly in his hall like spilled items from a pocket or a purse, implying that the owner was a) very tired b) did not care about his tendency to trip over unexpected shoes in his hallway or c) all of the above. 

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“No!” Raph said sternly, five sets of eyes staring at him.

‘Aw, shit….’ he mumbed in his head not even believing those words came out of his mouth. Just moments before, April mentioned calling Vern to give her a ride back to her apartment.

“I-I’ll take ya home.” he quickly continued, hoping he just wasn’t further wedging his foot in his mouth.

“Okay… Um, alright. See ya guys later.” April says to the tune of Mikey begging her to stay. Pushing back the desire to slap the youngest in the head, Raph just quickly makes his way out the lair already dreading the questions to his outburst when he returns later on.

The walk from the sewer is gratefully quiet as they make their way to the surface. After making their way to the surface, Raph unceremoniously picks her up and climbs the top of the nearest building before being spotted. He doesn’t even glance at her as he makes a running start and runs across the buildings on her way to the apartment.

He makes in their in record time, standing firmly on the fire escape by her kitchen window. He’s still breathing deeply from the run and realizes that April still has yet to say a word to him since she agreed to this. He’s about to just set her down and make a break for it when he’s startled by April’s tiny hands grasping for his head. He tenses but doesn’t do much else in fear of hurting her.

A moment later, in slight annoyance that quickly turns into pure amusement, she tries on his sunglasses. He fights his smirk as she bites her plump bottom lip as she continues playing with them. When she finally gets them situated on her face without falling, she strikes a pose, and cheekily asks him, “So…. How do I look?”

Without even thinking, the words “fuckin’ gorgeous” tumbled out of his lips and he nearly drops April in order to slam his head into the cement wall shouting ‘idiot, idiot, idiot’. But before he can further humiliate himself, he feels those small tiny hands brush along his shoulders. He finally meets her eyes and is shocked by the gentle look in her bright blue irises.

“Really?” she asks breathily, her hands rubbing softly along his smooth scales.

“Yea…” he says knowing his holes already 6 foot deep, so what’s a little more gonna hurt?

Without any warning, he feels her soft mouth pressed over his wide one. His hands tense up without warning, and he’s wondered if this is just one of his many dreams involving the reporter as of late. But the feeling of her delicate hands cradling his massive head, her soft breasts pressed against his bony plastron, he doesn’t even care if it is a dream anymore. He quickly closes his eyes and returns the kiss. Even after her lips leave his, he’s afraid to open his eyes, not wanting to wake up to a harsh reality, but shudders to feel her hands brushing along the thin scales of his face.

Amber meets Azure and she just smiles and he can’t help but smile back.


Also, I did some REALLY nsfw 2k14 Raphril on my other blog. Check it out! … but be warned…..