see ya in the pit

I’m getting very obsessed with this. This your fault, fandom.

Doodles, INuyasha part 2. Lately I’ve been looking Inuyasha at highschool fanart. They are pretty cool. :).

Anyway, I’ll do a minicomic of the Inuyasha series soon. The story will began…2 years after Kagome came back to the Senkogu.

See ya. :P

It’s 2′00 o’clock a.m. I don’t know if I wrote well. Too tired to think well.


“I can’t believe these people live like kings

hidden estates, and diamond rings…”

Feeling gloomy? [loyaltoxthebxne]

Pit had no idea why he was back here again, oh wait no he did. He was down in the dumps and Alexios wasn’t available at the moment to help him get out of it. So he went off to find Blank to try and calm himself, despite what had happened the last time he was here, he wanted to try and at least get out of the dumps. 

And that’s what brings him here, to Blank’s Skyworld. Trying to figure out how he’d actually approach the Raven.

“Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…” he let out a sigh, now was not the time to be like this, he had to be confident! Oh who was he kidding, he’s too down in the dumps to do so.