see ya doctor

  • Benedict Cumberbatch: does push-ups
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: in full Doctor Strange costume
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: ON.ASPHALT.
  • Me: Take me. Take me now. *swoons*

Tumblr: I stopped watching Doctor Who in 2014, it’s become too problematic™

SERIES 10: *Happens*

Tumblr: see!? Told ya! Doctor Who sucks now! SJWs ruined it! It’s become too politically correct™

Come on, we all know what the truth is, let’s just say you stopped watching it because you never really liked it, like you only watched it because you fancied Tennant or Matt Smith / everyone fancied David Tennant or Matt Smith.
It was just a phase tumblr went through back in 2011/2013, so everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and well, once the new “trend” appeared and watching Doctor Who wasn’t cool anymore you “moved on” to keep up with everyone else.

*drops mic* 🎤

the tattoo parlour au

 warning: extreme excessive over-the-top gayness. i promise there’ll be more of lucio and widowtracer later. there will be a part 2.

  • so pharah owns a tattoo parlour called ‘horus creations’
  • she’s one of the artists
  • the others are widowmaker and lucio
  • widow’s a professional- been in the business fifteen years
  • nobody really knows where she came from or who she is but she has hella talent so it’s ok
  • lucio’s a bit of a newbie but he’s really sweet and has an eye for flower designs and names (which make up like 80% of tattoos anyways)
  • he hums while he draws
  • one day she’s just sitting in the corner and mercy comes in
  • it was a bet
  • she and tracer were watching antm
  • tracer was like ‘hey if nyle dimarco wins you gotta get a tattoo’
  • and mercy was all ‘well mamé’s gonna win fuck u’
  • but then nyle won and tracer danced around cackling for an hour
  • mercy’s obviously nervous
  • she’s never had a tattoo before
  • ‘hi,’ says pharah, ‘how can i help you?’
  • suddenly mercy is made 896643567889 times more nervous by the presence of a hot girl
  • ‘um- i’m here to get a tattoo.’
  • ‘you’re in a tattoo shop,’ widow says snarkily, not even looking up from her client’s shoulder. ‘one would assume so.’
  • mercy turns red. pharah shoots widow a look
  • ‘it’s fine. here, sit down. what’s your name?’
  • ‘angela ziegler.’ mercy sits.
  • ‘i’m fareeha amari. you, however, can call me pharah.’
  • mercy’s leg starts jumping uncontrollably.
  • ‘it’s ok.’ pharah stop being an oblivious nerd. ‘lots of people are nervous when they get here. just take a few breaths.’
  • mercy breathes. pharah smells like coconuts and mehndi oil. she’s pretty sure she’s having a heart attack.
  • ‘i-um- i think i want a caduceus. i’m a doctor. i- i think that-’
  • mercy rambles through an entire paragraph before pharah takes pity on her.
  • ‘so, a caduceus? hmm…..’ pharah starts going into Art Mode™. ‘on your shoulder, maybe-’ she traces over mercy’s shouler ‘and a design curling around the back of your neck?’ and her fingers skate down and around to mercy’s collarbone.
  • mercy’s hyperventilating. fuck fuck fuck fuck-
  • ‘yes, and trailing down- front or back?’
  • mercy regains control of herself long enough to say ‘either one’ before panicking again
  • pharah’s hand is sliding down her back. it’s either really warm or pharah’s just really hot.
  • widow’s watching them and looking amused
  • ‘i think gold would look good with your skin tone.’
  • i think you would look good with me. ‘y-yes?’
  • ‘maybe silver for the snakes? i’ll have to design something. you’ve got me going.’
  • pharah.
  • ‘or maybe we could have two arching wings-’
  • she splays her hands over mercy’s shoulder blades and mercy’s dead
  • a little smirk. ‘few people look good with wings. angel like you, definitely.’
  • pharah.
  • um, okay.’
  • ‘cool. i’ll just draw up the design. you wanna come back here- maybe-’
  • pharah fishes around in her leather jacket, and pulls out her phone. she holds it out to mercy expectantly. mercy types in her number with shaking hands.
  • ‘well, now i have your number, doctor.’ she smiles flirtatiously.
  • ‘i’ll call you when it’s done. and then i can be your first.’
  • ‘y-yes. definitely. i- i’ll see you.’
  • ‘see ya round, doctor ziegler.’
  • mercy just discovered a whole new kink. she flushes bright red and walks out.
  • she almost runs into five different things. widow starts laughing uncontrollably.
  • ‘shut up.’ pharah elbows her.
  • ‘oh, you’re so into her. you up for seeing her naked?’
  • ‘SHUT UP.’
its a break up story, an examination of the onset of the inevitable, a ‘Last Hurrah’ where both parties know the magic is gone. Those of us less enamored of this seasons Clara/Danny romance could revel here in the other far more interesting side of that coin. Unrequited love is the truest love of all and the most romantic scene in doctor who this year has to be Clara, clearly in denial, smiling her sad smile, gazing out at the Magellan Black Hole while the doctor avoids the elephant in the room by wittering on about planets

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