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The Ball

Title: The Ball
Pairing: Spencer Reid/Reader
Fandom: Criminal minds

You step out of the bedroom, your red ball dress fluttering around your feet. You look in the mirror in the hallway, your hair falling perfectly and your bright eyes shining with excitement.

Walking down the stairs you feel nervous, you’ve never been to a ball before but you know your going to have a great time with your friends.

As you step onto the bottom step, it gives its usual creak which makes your boyfriend of 2 years Spencer Reid turn around. His eyes go wide and his mouth goes a little slash as stands in his 3 piece of suit, staring at you.

“What do you think?” You ask, smoothing the dress over your stomach and then pat down your hair. Your feeling a little self conscious as your a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and usually the team see you in pants and a shirt. A skirt when it’s something official.

You feel a little bit of unease when Spencer doesn’t reply straight away. He opens his mouth a little further but nothing seems to come out.

“Does this not like right?” You can hear the panic in your voice.

“No,” Spencer croaks before clearing his throne. “It’s, um. Not that”

Your confused, Spencer is never speechless. Actually, you tell yourself, he was once when Derek told him you liked him and after he understood Derek wasn’t pulling a prank on him.

“Well what is it?”

“You look,” Spencer starts, taking a step forward. “Amazing, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, attractive, pleasing, alluring, decline.”

He pauses for breath and you hold your hand up. “Spencer! Babe!”

“Bewitching,” he whispers before grinning at you.

“Oh Spence,” you grin before taking a few steps forward and wrap your arms around him. He hugs you back. You lean back a little and press your lips against his.

When you pull back, you cup his face with your hands and stare into his eyes.

“You are amazing and so so sweet.”

He blushes and dips his head a little. “We better check Will and JJ aren’t here yet.”

You kiss him again before letting him go and watch him go to the window and check if your ride is here. You can’t help but grin when he turns and gives you a wink. Tonight is going to be fun.

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Can you tell me more about your tmnt crystal gems au? Like gem placement, headcanons, just whatever you feel like sharing! I really loved the fusion posts and I've been thinking about the AU a lot I lowkey (highkey) want to draw some fan art whenever you get around to telling us about the designs a bit! You're super talented keep up the awesome work!!

Hello! It took a while to get back to this bc I hadn’t quite worked out the gems for everyone. I have now, though! Because you reminded me to, lmao. also if anyone wants to get technical about the meanings or whatever of the gems I picked please don’t, I’m a lowly fic writer and did minimal research and don’t care to get super deep about things, thanks.

Alright, so I wrote that one ficlet a while back about Donnie and April, and they were the only two I had for sure down with what gems they were. (I’ll recap them tho, in case folks missed it.)

Donnie = Purple Pearl. (because of reasons.) Gem placement is his forehead.

April = Yellow (or was it gold?) Tourmaline. Gem placement is her hip.

Raph = Pyrope. Gem placement is the back of his right hand.

Leo = Blue Iolite. Gem placement is between his shoulder blades.

Mikey = Jasper. (like, similar to canon Jasper, but smol like Amethyst ended up.) Gem placement is his chest, also like Amethyst.

Casey = (tentatively, may change if I feel like it) Onyx. Gem placement is his left palm.

Splinter = Fire agate. Gem placement is the same as Mikey’s.

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They essentially move from planet to planet once the whole crew is together and have interstellar travel once again, staying outside the range of the crumbling empire’s reach, but mostly hang out on one specific planet that’s got very little sentient life on it. Very relaxing for a collection of people who really need to calm down sometimes. except Casey who is raring to go any time all the time and needs to be stopped

And here’s some descriptions and stuff, because hell yes I’d love fanart pls and thank you:

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5SOS Preference #1: Good Morning
  • Michael Clifford: "Whats cookin’, good lookin’?” I ask my beautiful girl as I enter the kitchen.
  • (Y/N) jumps a little from the sound of my voice and turns to me, shooting me an evil glare.
  • I chuckle and then she returns to the stove.

  • She stands in front of the stove just working away, only wearing my Led Zeppelin t-shirt that goes to her mid-thighs. 

  • It’s a gorgeous scene if you ask me.
“Clifford, if you scare me like that again, I will have to chop your balls off.” (Y/N) says.

  • I smirk and walk towards her. 

  • “But babe,” I say before wrapping my arms around her waist. “If you do that, just think about the sex we’ll have.”
I start to kiss her neck, slowly.

  • "Oh wait.” I whisper in her ear. “There’ll be no more of that.”
  • She laughs as she flips the almost done pancake.

  • (Y/N) turns around towards me. 
“Then I’ll have to cut your hair.” She whispers up to me with a smile.

  • "Oh hell no." I say, sternly. 

  • "M’just just kidding, Mikey.” She says with a laugh before going up to kiss my lips.

  • "Good morning to you too.” I say breathlessly after pulling away.
  • Calum Hood: I open my eyes slowly after hearing Calum belt out the refrain of 21 Guns by Green Day behind the bathroom door.
  • I can hear the shower running.
  • I roll on my back and start laughing at his very obnoxious singing.
  • Rubbing my eyes, I decide to get up and go see him.
  • "Encore! Encore!" I say while walking into the bathroom.
  • "Good morning babe." My smiley Calum says after popping his head out, hiding the rest of his body behind the curtain. "Did I wake you up?"
  • "Absolutely not." I say sarcastically as I slide myself onto the sinks counter.
  • "I didn't mean too." He says, giving me the pouty face.
  • "Sure you didn't, baby." I say, emphasizing the "sure".
  • "I'm not talking to you if you're being a bitch, (Y/N)."
  • And with that, he goes back to taking a shower.
  • I try my best not to laugh.
  • "Cal, baby?" I ask, nicely.
  • "Hmmm?"
  • "I think I'm done being a bitch."
  • "Good," Calum says after popping his head back out again. "Now get your sassy ass in here and make out with me."
  • Ashton Irwin: I bite my lip as I watch (Y/N) pull off her pajama shirt in the closet and I breathe in when I see her breasts.
  • She doesn't know that I'm watching her which I'm glad she doesn't because if she knew that I was, she'll either cover herself up or make me look away.
  • She puts on a white bra and then a fancy, blue top that goes really well with her black skirt that she's wearing.
  • I pull myself to sit up and then lean on the headboard, still watching (Y/N).
  • She turns around and smiles at me.
  • "Good morning." She says cheerfully as she walks out of the closet.
  • "Yes it is." I say slowly with a smirk.
  • Red appears at the top of her cheeks.
  • "You didn't by chance watch me get change, did you?" She says, obviously knowing that I was.
  • I shake my head.
  • "Not at all." I say as she sits in the edge of the bed.
  • She leans in and kisses me slowly.
  • "Uh huh. Okay." She says after she pulls away.
  • (Y/N) gets up but I grab her hand gently.
  • "And where do you plan on going?" I ask.
  • She laughs and then kisses my hand.
  • "Ashton, you know I have to get ready."
  • I sigh with sadness.
  • "I know but there's always a phone call that can make you not go." I try to suggest.
  • She smiles and shakes her head.
  • "Good try, babe."
  • Then she let's go of my hand and heads to the bathroom.
  • "I don't like you." I pout.
  • "But I love you!" She shouts.
  • Luke Hemmings: I turn to my side shortly after I wake up to watch the handsome boy next to me sleep.
  • He lays on his stomach with a hand under his pillow. He's facing towards me with his mouth opened a little and his hair is really out of control.
  • I shake my head at this sleeping beauty in front of me and I ask myself how I got so lucky to have him in my life.
  • After a minute later, Luke opens his eyes slowly and I smile widely.
  • "Good morning, my love." I whisper.
  • He smiles with his lips and then his open arm finds my waist.
  • He pulls me towards his chest and then wraps his arms around me.
  • Luke kisses the top of my head and then rests his chin on it.
  • "You sleep well?" I ask.
  • "Oh yeah." He mumbles and then begins to rub my back, slowly.
  • "Same here."
  • We lay quietly together but that doesn't make him stop running his hand up and down my back.
  • I close my eyes, thinking about falling asleep again.
  • "(Y/N)?" He asks.
  • "Yeah?" I call back, sleepily. My eyes open a little.
  • "Can we stay like this all day?" He whispers to me.
  • I laugh a little.
  • "Only if you want to."
  • "Yes." Luke says, exaggerating the 's'.
  • He moves closer to me, making sure that no space is between us.

Hey, it’s the first longer fill! Also on AO3.

@valyriangold asked for bellarke hogwarts AU, co-captains of the quidditch team! & @sare-rah asked for harry potter AU - clarke and bellamy are both home for the holidays and keep each other company in the gryffindor common room

It’s probably sad, how much Bellamy is looking forward to his first Christmas alone.

When he got his Hogwarts letter, his only hesitation in going was leaving his baby sister behind. Octavia had told him she’d never forgive him if he didn’t go, so he did, and Christmas became the time when he got to see her, make sure she was doing all right, that she was eating enough and whatever guy their mom was dating was treating her okay.

Once she started Hogwarts too, Bellamy had no reason to go home at all, except for summer, when he had to. Her first year, Octavia stayed in the dorms with him for the holiday, but she got bored being mostly alone at school, so this year, she approached him, awkwardly, to say that Indra had asked if she wanted to come home with her, and Bellamy had told her, with no hesitation, to go.

Maybe if he liked Christmas, had fond childhood memories of it or something, he’d care about having no one to share it with. As it is, he sees Octavia all the time anyway, and he just doesn’t care about being with her for one holiday he’s never really enjoyed anyway.

“I’ll just bum around here alone,” he says, with a shrug. “You act like I hate being alone.”

“You’re not going to be alone,” Octavia says, and he assumes it’s just her way of making herself feel better for abandoning him, but then he sees the actual sign-up list for students staying at school over the holidays, and there’s one other name on it. One that Octavia probably noticed. One she’s not going to shut up about, probably.

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