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Answer 11 questions then ask 11 more Pass, I don’t have any friends

1. Do you have a really niche interest which u feel very passionate about?

2. Is there any food very typical in your country that you can’t stand?

Hm…not that I ‘can’t stand it’ but I don’t drink coffee or tea. That seems unusual for people. Especially since I’m in college and a decent amount of students live on it lol

3. Do you prefer tv shows or films?

TV shows, I guess. I don’t see many films but…I rarely finish shows so…I mostly just dick around online lmao

4. What type of characters are “your type”? by this i mean which type of traits makes u almost always fall for a character

I’m stealing Jane’s list of types because BOY!! I got 3. I’ll even make crappy charts for em.

5. What has been the best thing that happened to you this week?

Hm….I got the last coconut macaroon at the bakery Friday…so uh that was pretty good. Lol last week was pretty boring sorry

6. Which type of clothing do u wear normally?

Always skinny jeans. Sliding scale of tops from fancy flowey ones to anime tshirts lol. And then usually keds or boots :^)

7. Favourite 2016 meme? 👀

KAZOO KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss him. I formed a bond with him. He really was my Special Friend.

8. Which animals do u think are the best pets?

Dogs! I hope I can get one in about a year. A life goal of mine is to get a little dog and name ‘em Kiwi ;u; (after my first Nintendog of all things lol)

9. Whats your fav music genre?

I have the worst music taste. I unironically enjoy Linkin Park and Skrillex and Hollywood Undead and throw up some ‘2 hr melodic dubstep mashup’ video on Youtube for background music when drawing lmao. So overall it’s like…a genre for an edgy teen? IDK.

10. Do you go often to the cinema?

Rarely. Maybe only every 3-4 months. Last time I went at the end of January for the YGO movie :D

11. Share the youtube video that never fails to make u laugh

It’s not really comedic…just cute…but watching this on loop always makes me smile the first time. Around the 4th time I start crying. I love this dog.

I said I don’t have friends so the tagging ends here.

Hey so I read what you said about reading application essays and such.. I was admitted to this school fully, but am hearing about scholarships within the next week and was wondering if you could tell me what you think of the essay I turned in.

I think you answered this EXACTLY how they told you to, which is always great. We tend to like it when students do that. I can clearly see your passion for teaching, since you’ve already taken the initiative to get teaching experience, and also acknowledging the faults you have. 

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and I apologize for taking so long to respond to you!

- Daisy

Tips for Improving your Concentration

1. Eliminate noise and other distractions from your environment. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach a place of focused concentration. Thus, constant interruptions will stop you reaching that place.

2. Deliberately structure your environment so that the focus is clearly on studying - and not on doing, and seeing, other things. That may mean changing the room you work in, moving your desk, and so on.

3. Clarify your goals for each piece of work. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re hoping to achieve, you’ll likely go in circles, and simply waste your time.

4. Break large areas of study down into smaller sections, and then plan how you’re going to work through each of these.

5. Set reasonable time limits for each portion of the task – and also for completing the final project. That should help to stop you wasting time on needless details, from wandering down blind alleys, and from procrastinating.

6. Be clear about the requirements for each task. For example, what are the guidelines you have to follow? What standard or quality of work is expected? How detailed does your knowledge have to be? If you’re writing as assignment, how long should it be, and what style and format is required?

7. Isolate yourself. Often, it is best if we lock ourselves away, and avoid other people, when we really need to work. Find a place to hide away, or put a sign or your door – but refuse to talk to anyone until the work is done!


Don’t worry about grades.

Don’t worry about that one bad assignment or that badly-marked paper.

Don’t worry about that presentation you had to do while stuttering with a shaky voice and clammy hands.

Don’t worry about what your peers think or view you as. That is not important, and I promise you they do not see what you think of yourself as. That little mistake you made during your presentation that you keep thinking about? Others forget about it minutes later.

Don’t feel guilty about having one day to yourself, for taking breaks. (Just don’t make a habit out of it and let it extend for over one day at a time.)

Don’t worry when you mistakenly prioritize. Step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate your priorities.

Don’t worry and stress about what you want to do in life, and what you want to pursue. Stressing about that won’t get you anywhere, just to a place filled with more stress and perhaps even regrets. Continue exploring and prevailing.

Don’t worry about failure. Life has a funny way of working things out.

Keep doing you – failures and grades do NOT define you.


As a math teacher in training, I can’t get over just how important this scene is.

Most people have a difficulty with learning math, not due to a lack of intelligence, but because they are under a negative mindset, that they feel helpless when faced with a math problem. These people are fully capable of tackling such problems, they just don’t believe they can.

Math teachers are not heartless beings who criticize you for any mistake you make. Our job is to help you, to improve your understanding of the subject. What we’d like to see is that you’re willing to put in some serious effort. 

This is why I was so proud of Star at the end of this episode. She realized that if she wanted to save her timeline, she had to be willing to put in some work to solving the problem. Sure she got the answer wrong, but she tried and at the end of the day, that’s what we want students to be able to do. We can then take it from there.


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Teacher: Alright do you have any hobbies?

Me: Yes I like to write and draw.

Teacher: Cool, what do you write about?

Me: *laughes nervously.* Fanfiction?? Heheh.

Teacher: Umm okay, not sure what that is, but can I see your art?

Me: Not unless you won’t give me detention.

Teacher:??? Show Me.

Me: Okay. *pulls out all my gay art.*


Student: So how are you in detention?

Me: I showed my teacher my yoai.

Student: Same.


AN: I wrote this in the two and a half hour break I have between my classes. I’ve literally just been sitting here, in the middle of my universities student union, typing away at a fucking smut in public.

What have I become.

ANYWAY. It’s not my best, but it’s something xD Enjoy~

Words: 1,321

Genre Smut

 Everything is a blur. You don’t remember getting home and sitting on your couch. You don’t remember what you had texted Taehyung to get him so riled up—but what you do know is that the brown haired boy is striding towards you with promise for punishment in his dark eyes.

“Tae?” you ask, flushing red when you look down to see that you’re naked from the waist up, and the only thing covering your womanhood is a pair of sheer panties that you don’t remember buying.

The door to the apartment clicks shut as Taehyung’s footfalls echo into the dimly lit apartment. He passes into the living room, his hands moving to his belt—an inch of tan skin on his stomach revealed to you as he unloops the buckle and tugs the belt free. The sight of Taehyung alone has your gut flourishing, arousal slicking your wall, and yet—

“Taehyung? What are you doing here? I–,” you begin to say, confused and embarrassed as you hug the blanket which had been next to you to your chest. Saying nothing, Taehyung rounds the coffee table, folding his belt in his hands, and your press yourself into the back of the couch. You can see the bulge beneath his fitted slacks, the outline of his cock showing perfectly against his thigh.

“Up,” his deep voice finally speaks, and a shiver racks your spine. Is he serious? The question bleeds into your mind as your wide eyes look up at him, searching his handsome face for any indication of a joke. You can’t find one.

“Up. Now,” he speaks again, fingers tightening around his belt. Swallowing, nervousness and excitement muddling in your chest, you press off the couch and stand in front of him, continuing to hug the blanket to your chest. He clicks his tongue in disapproval when he notices, and with one swift tug any coverage the blanket had provided is gone, leaving you to grapple to cover yourself, pink embarrassment sneaking onto your cheeks and down your neck.

“What a cute, shy little princess,” he chuckles, reaching forward. He grips one of your wrists and leans in, his lips connecting to yours. The contact immediately has you swooning, all of your worries momentarily forgotten as you step forward and kiss him back. Taehyung hums in approval at your submission, his teeth playfully tugging at your bottom lip, and already you’re going insane with lust. What has gotten into you?

“Good girl,” he comments nonchalantly, tongue teasing into your mouth, and it’s at that moment that you realize your arms aren’t shielding your chest anymore. Instead they’re in Taehyung’s grasp, wrapped tightly with his belt, and when you tug at the bonds, they won’t even budge.

“Tae–,” you begin, surprised at the dominance he’s suddenly exerting, but yet again Taehyung cuts you off. He leans back in and captures your lips, his tongue snaking into your mouth and his large hands moving to press against the curve of your spine. Hands tied in front of you, you’re somewhat helpless to resist him as he pulls you in, caging your body against his. Taehyung then proceeds to kiss your breath away, and you moan at his touch, gasping when his hands slide down to your hips, his fingers teasing at your panty line.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, princess,” he growls against your lips, and you gasp at his words, any remaining sanity flying out the window. You want nothing more than for him to follow through with his heated promises.

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  • professor: if the translation is good, people won't realise the text has been translated at all
  • students: *take notes*
  • professor: if the translation is bad, people who know the original language will be able to see it through the translated text like bones on a rotting corpse
  • students: wait, what?
  • professor: if the translation is worse, people who don't know the original language will still notice something amiss and hate your guts
  • students: can we go back to the zombie part? because it seemed kind of -
  • professor: if the translation is worse than worse and the text stops making any kind of sense, it will probably be the last thing you ever write
  • students: ...
  • students: ...
  • students: ...
  • professor: are we clear?
  • students: so if we do our job badly we'll die, and if we do it right nobody will even know we exist?
  • professor: welcome to hogwarts, dobby
Ilvermorny Sorting

So everyone’s been busy comparing the houses of Ilvermorny to Hogwarts houses, but I’d like to propose an alternative. I think Ilvermorny sorting requires asking a slightly different type of question. 

Hogwarts houses are chosen based on traits you consider important and value beyond yourself, e.g. Hermione thinks bravery is more important than “books and cleverness.” That’s because the founders wanted to see those values in others (i.e. the students they chose).

On the other hand, the characters of the Ilvermorny founders “leaked into the houses,” so it seems to divide along the lines of how you define yourself and what tools you prefer to use in your approach to life.

  • Horned Serpent: “I’m defined by what I think.” (Scholars, mind.)
  • Wampus: “I’m defined by what I do.” (Warriors, body.)
  • Thunderbird: “I’m defined by my experiences.” (Adventurer, soul.)
  • Pukwudgie: “I’m defined by what I feel (or maybe love).” (Healers, heart.) 

This could apply to a variety of Hogwarts houses. So, for example, a Wampus is defined by action, but why they fight (to defend the weak, to promote themselves or those they consider family, because it’s wise, or because it’s right) defines their Hogwarts house. Meanwhile, a Horned Serpent in Ravenclaw might think, “My mind defines me, because knowledge and/or creativity is important.” The Slytherin counterpart might think, “My mind defines me, because that is how I can achieve what I want out of life.”

Voice Aggravated Teacher
  • Student 1: What happened over your Winter Break, Mr. [X]?
  • Me: Well, I went back home to see the folks for a while, but I can only stand them for a few days and then I'm done
  • Students: SAME!
  • Me: And then my girlfriend got me a Google Home, and I spent the rest of my winter break just yelling out questions into the air and honestly, I kind of get why you kids do it all the time without even saying my name first.
  • Student 2: Did you tell us about your Christmas just so you could roast us?
  • Me: I did, and thanks for playing.
Kindergarten Teacher Gothic
  •  at the beginning of the year, you buy 18 boxes of crayons. By the end of the first month, you have to go buy 10 more. Who is taking your crayons? The children aren’t–you check their bags every afternoon, and all the crayons are in their containers when you leave for the night. The next morning they are gone.
  •  one of your students can write her letters A through F perfectly on Friday. You are very proud of her. When you check her paper on Monday, you see nothing but scribbles and archaic symbols. You do not ask what they mean. 
  • the children are chanting in perfect unison, their voices matched perfectly in pitch. Is it a new game? Is it an ancient ceremony? They only do it at recess, and you are not on duty this week, so it is not your problem. You pray for the teachers on duty.
  • there is a teacher in the teacher’s lounge you have never seen before. She says she has been here for seven years but you know you are not wrong. Every picture of her in the yearbook is obscured by shadows and blurs, and you are afraid.
  • the songs you sing to your class about the days of the week and the colors of the rainbow echo in your mind day after day until you can’t tell one from another. Are they even words anymore?
  • you hear a scream and hurried footsteps in the hallway. When you check, no one is there. There was never anyone there. You tell the emptiness to walk quietly in the hall anyway.
  • you are working one-on-one with a student. You look down for a moment. When you look back, it is a different student. You do not question this.
  • an announcement comes from the office: the principal has not been seen anywhere in the building this week. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please call the office. You wonder how this week is different from any other week.
Comeuppance - Jughead x Reader

I wrote most of this on the plane lol.
I hope it’s alright! Enjoy!

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You groan inwardly when you see Reggie and his gang come through the door and into the student lounge. Your day was already going bad enough; the last thing you need right now is to hear him spew half-thought out, condescending comments from his mouth. Shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you reposition your laptop on the desk, trying your best to ignore them.

“Didja hear what I got up to this weekend?” he guffaws, “I’ll tell ya she was….”

You can’t quite see what he’s doing with his hands but you guess it’s probably some lewd gesture because hoots and cries erupt from his friends followed by what sounds like hearty slaps on the back.

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Remus keeping his job
  • ugh like just imagine if Remus was able to keep his job as the Defense teacher
  • him staying and teaching Harry old marauder tricks
  • such as how to avoid patrols
  • at first Remus is all “Harry, be a good student, you have a lot of potential, do your work”
  • but with a little bit of coaxing from Harry he soon is teaching him how Filch can’t see as well with his right eye and what charms go undetected from him to slip past
  • and how Mrs. Norris is a sucker for sugar quills
  • and then Sirius visiting the pair, staying with Remus in his teacher dormitories so he can get to know his godson
  • completely under the radar though, Dumbledore’s cool with it though 
  • He’s introduced as Remus’s dogs, Snuffles of course and he gets plenty of attention from students in between classes, 
  • “OH MERLIN AND AGRIPPA IF THAT ISN’T THE CUTEST DOG I’VE EVER SEEN” Lavender screamed as she runs to hug the dog and Parvati keeps scratching his ears, Remus just chuckles
  • Remus always seems to chuckle when people are very friendly with his dog and the students aren’t quite sure why 
  • Harry and Ron always make fun of him because of it
  • Sirius being used in muggle studies during the typical pets and pet care chapter and showing off all his tricks
  • Remus happy because this is James’ son and merlin he had always wanted to watch him grow up
  • They all walk down to Hagrid’s together for rock cakes and tea sometimes
  • Remus being the best defense teacher anyone’s ever seen
  • the class is interesting and interactive and it’s easily everyone’s favorite class, people who don’t even need the class take it always
  • Dumbledore actually has to move some things around because every student signs up their 7th year even when they don’t have to
  • but its okay because wow look at Remus’s smile
  • he never used to smile this much 
  • Sirius also has a chance to get out of the house, out of grimmauld place away from his screaming mother’s portrait
  • everyone is happy

anonymous asked:

I remember you saying that one of your favorites hotmess aus was the laundry mat one where the person puts their clothes into the washer and it's full of blood, would you be willing to write it for my birthday today involving Minhyuk? You really don't have to since my birthday isn't that significant but I would just like to see how you'd interpret it for Minhyuk. Murderer, assassin, clumsy college student that ran into the door and got a nosebleed

you’re right, this is absolutely one of my favorites!! 
i wrote it for jun once before, but you know what it’s your birthday and you deserve this au if you want it!!! hope your birthday is stellar!!!~~

  • so it’s like 7 am and you’re at the laundromat because it’s empty, literally no one gets up this early to do chores, so you have the whole place to yourself which is good because tbh laundry can get kind of weird to do with 30 other people watching you fold your underwear
  • and plus you get to put on your headphones and dance around as badly as you want while you wait for your stuff to get washed
  • which is exactly what you do after getting everything in the washer
  • and you don’t notice the other person come in, shirt stained and soaked with blood, obviously disoriented and very v e r y much in pain
  • and you’re just ,,,,,,,,,dancing it the heck away. listening to monsta x because wow they’re really good???? why haven’t they won on music shows yet- anyway
  • this bloody person, who is trying to fish coins out of their pocket to no avail, sees you and is like “h-help,,,,,”
  • but your ears are blocked so you don’t even know he’s there
  • not until you suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder and you freeze in fear and your first instinct is whoever’s hand it belongs to must be a ghost because no one else is here and therefore the only plausible reaction is to punch this ghost
  • which is what you do, you land a swing right into the persons chest and when you do you realize no ghost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can have a physical body so holY SHIT YOU JUST HIT SOMEONE
  • and when you turn around you see all the blood and your eyes almost fall out of your head you’re like “DID I DO THAT???”
  • and the bloody boy is in too much pain to answer and you’re like oh no oh no oh no and you quickly put your hand on his back to support him and move him to one of the benches and you’re like “wait here!!!” and you run to find a towel or something to help stop the bleeding but all there is is paper towels from the bathroom??? and you’re like this will have to do
  • and you get a whole wad of the it and run back and try to dab at the blood on this boy’s face and hands and you’re apologizing one hundred times you didn’t know hitting someone in the chest made them bleed so hard
  • but only when the person sort of regains their composure does he manage to give you a really weak smile and he’s like
  • “you,,,,,,didn’t make me bleed. i ,,,,,, got a really bad nosebleed on my morning run,,,,,,,,,and this was the first place i saw,,,,,,,,so,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like oH so my punch???? didn’t almost kill you
  • and he’s like no,,,,,,but it did hurt and you’re like sORRY
  • and he’s like “im minhyuk by the way,,,,,,” and you tell him your name too and you’re like “did you want to wash your shirt since it has blood on it??” and he nods and explains that he can’t really walk back into his building like this. his roommates will think he’s crazy
  • and you’re like “here let me wash it as an apology for punching you when you were already,,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,you know.”
  •  and he gives a small laugh but says he has some coins it’s fine but you’re like no no i have to do this
  • and you can’t believe it but you’re pulling a bloody shirt out of some cute boys arms in the middle of the morning like what is happening
  • but you get it in the washer and there’s blood everywhere and you’re like yikes
  • but then you see minhyuk is just sitting there. shirtless,,,,,,and you look away quickly when he catches your eye and you try to focus on the washer
  • but minhyuk is like “oh,,,,,by the way were you dancing when i came in?” and you’re like UH,,,,,kinda,,,,,,, but it’s embarrassing so forget it
  • and minhyuk is like “i like to dance too! what song were you listening to?”
  • and you get out your phone and sit back beside him and hand him an earphone and put the song back on
  • and you guys go through your playlist and when you look up it’s kind of silly to see him sitting there with paper towel stuck up his nose to make sure the bleeding doesn’t start again
  • but also your arm brushes against his bare skin and you get goosebumps because right right shirtless,,,,
  • but minhyuk doesn’t even seem to notice,he just scoots closer to you and says that he knows the dances to most of these songs
  • and once your laundry is done and so is minhyuk’s shirt
  • you put everything in the dryer, minhyuk insists on helping but you get shy about him seeing your laundry so you’re like just rest,,,,,,,
  • and minhyuk’s dries faster because it’s one shirt and when he slips it back on he thanks you for helping him out
  • and you’re like no problem!!! sorry for,,,,,,,punching you again but minhyuk just laughs - this time much louder and with more happiness behind it
  • and you notice how cute he looks when he laughs, and how he throws his whole head back like,,,,,,,how adorable
  • and he’s like “it’s ok, im used to it i live with 6 other guys!” and you’re like woah what 
  • and minhyuk nods and he’s like “i want to help you carry your laundry but i have to go because ive been gone for too long, but -”
  • and he motions to your phone and you hand it to him and he puts in his contact and gives it back like “but let’s meet up sometime! maybe we can go play dance dance revolution or something hehe” and you’re like h eY,,,,are you making fun of me
  • and minhyuk is grinning like no no i think your dancing was cute, i wanna see more
  • and you’re like sH,,,,,,,,,but he only nods and is like “text me when you’re free, we can go dancing or get something to eat. ill try not to get a nosebleed.” 
  • and you giggle at his joke as he flashes a peace sign and leaves
  • and you’re standing there with only the sound of the drying machine
  • well until you the woman who runs the place comes by and looks at the blood on the floor and is like “what have you been up to?” and you’re like I CAN EXPLAIN 
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1: What’s your name?

2: How old are you?

3: Where are you from?

4: What’s your sign?

5: What’s your height/weight?

6: Last song you listened to?

7: Pets? If yes, names?

8: Do you have a crush?

9: Play any instruments?

10: Ever thought a teacher was cute?

11: Last text you sent?

12: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

13: Describe yourself in 3 words?

14: If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

15: A song that changed your life?

16: Are you a good student?

17: Ever gotten in a fight?

18: Dream guy/girl?

19: Most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

20: Any paranormal experiences?

21: Do you want kids? If yes, how many/what would you name them?

22: Extrovert or introvert?

23: Any other blogs?

24: If you had one day to live, what would you do before you died?

25: Describe your music taste in one word?

26: One thing that always makes you happy no matter what?

27: Biggest fear/fears?

28: What motto do you live your life by?

29: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

30: What’s your favorite time of the year?

Pt. 2

Need Some Extra Lovin’

You weren’t a clingy girlfriend. In fact you were the complete opposite, you were an independent college student who worked her ass off to help pay half of the utilities, internet, and electricity each month. You knew it wasn’t much considering you lived with Harry in Primrose Hill.Your biggest goal in life was to be able to provide for yourself seeing as Harry was 22 and could provide for himself and probably half of the world You wanted to be a strong independent woman, so that’s exactly what you were going to do. Somedays, being that woman was difficult. Being in Nursing school is absolutely no joke. 

When H got home from doing the weekly grocery shopping you followed him into the kitchen where you sat on top of the counter and watched him put everything away.

“Petal, is everything okay?” he inquires

“No. It’s been a week from hell.” you reply

“I’m sorry its been so crap, what can I do to make it better?” Harry asks

“I’m not sure, maybe we could watch a film.” 

“Do ya want me to bake you something? I used to be a baker!” Harry exclaims

“H, I just really wanna cuddle and have a cry,” you mumble

“No no no, don’t cry love bug,” he says rubbing your back

It takes just that to push you over the edge. The tears well up and curl into his arms.

“H, uni is so hard. I never ever thought it would be this hard. I just wanna be a good nurse. I wanna make you proud, I wanna make your mum proud, I wanna make Gemma and Robin proud. I want my family to be proud, I just feel like I dug myself a huge hole joining nursing school. I couldn’t get the IV in properly and I really bruised my classmate.” you ramble 

“Hey hey hey, none of that. We’re all proud of you! I remember how hard school was and I only finished year 10. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, but I want you to know that we’re all rooting for you! And just think of it this way, you have bruises on your hand from friends trying to start their IV’s on you. You’re all learning and that’s what is most important.”

“I don’t want your family to think I’m mooching off of you. I’ve slowed down my shifts because school is getting harder. I don’t wanna feel like I’m using you. I wanna be independent.” you continue

“You are independent. You’re not using me. I know that, my family knows that. We all love you.” he explains

“Promise your family doesn’t think I’m using you?” you ask 

“Pinky promise,” he says sticking his pinky out to yours

you latch your pinkies.

The two of you put Elf on and snuggle up closely on the couch. You laugh in unison during the funny scenes and pout together during the sad ones.

When Elf finishes, you realize you’re famished and need something to eat.

“H, babe, are you hungry?” you inquire as you retreat to the kitchen

“A bit, what were you thinking of making?” he asks

“I kinda want to make up a veggie stir fry or enchiladas.” you call as you dig out the veggies 

“Stir fry sounds lovely!” Harry replies

You decide to break out the peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cabbage along with brown rice, liquid aminos, and some other mandatory spices.

You get out your Wok and begin softening the vegetables. 

About 35 minutes later, you have two very full plates along with glasses of red wine.

“Harry Edward, the food is ready. Come and get it while its still hot.” you call

His feet patter against the cherry stained hardwood floors and he enters the kitchen to see you in an apron and sitting at one end of the table. Harry sits across from you and you two begin eating.

“Petal, this is lovely. Thank you so much for cooking, even if you were a bit upset.”

“That’s alright, I figured I needed to do something I enjoyed!” you explain before taking a sip of your wine.

“I think that was a good choice after the awful week you had, shall we have a bit of a cuddle after dinner?” he inquires

“I’d absolutely love nothing more!” you say with a wide smile.

The two of you do dishes together singing Christmas tunes. As you dry the last dish you let out a sigh of relief. The chores are done for the evening so it leaves the two of you to enjoy each other’s company.

“H, thats it! Chores are done for the evening,” you say softly

“Perfect. Lets go put pajamas on and have a cuddle in bed!” he replies

You grin widely before jumping on his back and tapping his butt

“Off you go my trusty steed. To the bedroom!” you chuckle

He follows demand and walks down the hall to the large master suite.

He plops you down on the bed and pulls out one of his oversized t shirts and a pair of leggings for you to put on knowing that you’re not in the mood to navigate through your clothes to find pajamas

“Thanks H!”

“Not a problem, petal!” he says as he strips into his boxers and puts on a pair of comfy pajama pants and a long sleeve henley.

“Aren’t you the cutest!” you say bopping his nose with two fingers

“I wouldn’t agree, but I’ll take the compliment!” he replies

“I love you, H! Always have, always will!” you say crawling into bed.

“I love you too, darlin!’ he replies wrapping his arms around you.

Finals Week Gothic
  • Your blood is no longer plasma and platelets and hemoglobin. Your blood is caffeine and adderall and regret. 
  • The circles under your eyes darken. You bleed grey.
  • You hear some students vow that they would kill a man for half a letter grade. Most take it as hyperbolic. You hesitate to agree.
  • The stacks whisper to you when you study on the third floor of the library. You think you see silhouettes. You know you see eyes. You ignore them. 
  • The All-Nighter beckons you with a crooked finger. She murmurs promises of success and knowledge. You feel yourself falling under her spell. Your lifeblood trickles away.
  • It is Wednesday. It has been Wednesday for as long as you can remember. You do not know what year it is. You do know the chemical properties of osmium and the phylogenetic order of Odonata.
  • There is no food. There is no water. There is only bowl noodles and Amp.