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I think Colin is really happy for musical episode. He tweets every new articles about it. There will be seven songs. One Jennifer, one pirate-Colin, one Regina-Charmings. I think there will be a Zelena song, maybe a group song on the Main street. What do you think?

How do you know there will be seven songs.  Did I miss a spoiler, or are you guessing?  

Yes, it absolutely seems like Colin is excited for the musical ep. He certainly seemed excited at atvfest.

From spoilers we know about Regina-Charmings, Emma-solo, Pirate dance number. I assume there will be a Zelena song as well since we’re supposed to see Oz. And yes, I think there will be a group number. I hope, though, they don’t waste time on minor character’s singing, (like Granny and the dwarfs) that could be a real time suck. 

However we’ll see!

An Open Letter To Jennifer Lawerance

I was a fan of you, let me start off by saying that, hell, i even looked up to you; but after seeing you gleefully disrespect my culture and history has made my perception of you change drastically. You talked so happily about sitting on sacred rocks to “scratch your butt” but did you ever acknowledge what may have happened on that spot? Our culture has been dragged to hell and back with most of our relics lost along the way. The least you can do is respect what is still there. Is our beliefs a joke to you? Making the Hawaiian legends sound like a joke as you raised your hands and talked about a curse. Those rocks were obviously important and to wedge them loose and laugh in the face of the people who allowed you here is disrespectful at the very least. I do hope that our Kupuna and Pele forgives you. Even the Keikis saddened by this. I truly had hope in you; but currently that is lost.

“My contract ends in April on Once Upon a Time and, you know, I don’t know what that means. It’s like, they haven’t picked up the show officially yet, they might, they might not.”

“April is the end of the original contract, so we’re just kind of waiting now to see if the network decides to continue with the show and if they do continue with the show if they’re going to make it be something else or if they’re gonna invite people to stay. We’re just kind of in a holding pattern right now.”

“It’s really complicated  because I have like a really fierce loyalty to the show. In a certain way I’m fiercely protective of the character and I feel like so many amazing things have come to my life because of it, you know, it’s like really made my life better in so many ways. And I don’t have any interest in abandoning something that is such a special part of my life but I also know I don’t have it in me to do it forever. So it’s more about a life decision kind of thing and I don’t even know how to make that life decision until I know what ABC even wants.”

- Jennifer Morrison on The Drop-In Podcast


                          Actually, the fact that you can see it tells me that you do believe.
                                                               Believe in what?
                                                                   In m a g i c.

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Compilation of all her answers about CS, Emma and Killian

@InkTankGirl what do you enjoy most about working with @jenmorrisonlive ?#BellLetsTalk

@jenmorrisonlive She has an extremely authentic way of saying lines. Always feels real. #bellletstalk (x)

@InkTankGirl What’s your favorite #EmmaSwan quote? #BellLetsTalk

Can’t find the quote right now, but the punch back line. Do you remember that one? #bellletstalk (x)

@InkTankGirl I’m going to choose to see the best in the EPs and writers– CS happiness will come. Have to have hope, right? 

Snow White would agree. #bellletstalk (x)

How excited are you for #Oncers to see 6b? #BellLetsTalk

Super! We’ve worked so hard and no one’s seen any of it! #bellletstalk (x)

What do you think is that characterise Emma Swan as a person? What personal characteristic? #BellLetsTalk

Strength. Integrity. A willingness to fight even when she doesn’t think she’ll win. #bellletstalk (x)

favorite captain swan moment? It might be from the ones we already know or from the upcoming ones.. #BellLetsTalk

Everything in “Broken Heart”. Love that episode. #bellletstalk (x)

Birth was great, too. I think of those two episodes as a pair. #bellletstalk (x)

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Her name is Beauty
Beauty Marie Jones
She’s got the most flawless melanin kissed skin with angelic undertones

She was teased for the very name that was given to her
Relentlessly rejected
Subjected to stares and side eye saunters

She resented her mom for all that’s she’s done
“How could she name me, beauty?
Why not Samantha or Sandra
Emily or Sue?
Why not Jennifer or Jessica
Ugh, what did I do?”

She considered changing her name
Imagined her skin
Fair and lovely
She dreamt of the day when she was mainstream
When her essence was worth currency
Like money

Beauty became less than that of her name
Falling into a depression
Striving for acceptance and white fame

Her mother witnessed what she feared
What she hated to see
The gradual downfall of her daughter, Beauty

She sat Beauty down
Explaining the origins of her name
Saying, we are of Queens and Kings
Majestic Royalty
We create culture and trends
We originate what you see

You envy girls who appropriate your culture and all that you do
Not realizing that you, Beauty
You envy you

Love your name
Love your nose
Love your skin
And your mane
Love your struggle
Love your smile
Your cheekbones
And thighs

Love your very essence
For you Beauty, you are a prize!

@iluvmonimarie #1985

“Gowns To Rule The World In” - Digital Oil Painting

While I was painting gorgeous ladies in fantasy gowns, I decided to do one of Emma and Regina. Emma definitely sees what she likes and Regina is just “Girl please, I kill it on the daily.”

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

  • ©its_stephannie  My JPEGS from #SPNJAX finally came. So I’ll be posting my favorites and telling you a little about them in the coming days. So this one is in my top 3 favorites of the weekend. First off, my friend Jennifer completely surprised me with making me that shirt. So I have to give credit where credit is due. But I go up to him he says “HI!” with a big smile. I say hi back and I say, “we have to show off the shirt.” He looks at me funny, reads it, laughs (his infectious laugh) and says “oh I LOVE it!” Now I didn’t look to see what his hand was doing but I thought he was pointing to the shirt and I’m glad that he did. At the end he says “thank you!”, rubs my shoulder and says “bye beautiful!” I left with such a HUGE smile on my face. I know that he calls a lot of his fans beautiful and that he loves to make his fans feel good, but it was just such a great moment. And I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this photo. I just love him. #supernatural #jaredpadalecki #spnfamily #jaxcon

Just got back from #ATVFest2017. Based on the messages I have been seeing, I don’t think I need to write a recap. If you have specific questions, private message me. I’ll be happy to share what I know now. 

Please note that I actually enjoyed the episode and was happy to see it. The experience was amazing, including meeting some amazing people from the fandom. Overall it was such a positive vibe with people who really love what they do (JMo, Colin, A&E) and a group of fans both from the college and from the public who really appreciated the event. 

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11, 17, 24

11. What is a character you can only imagine in one particular ship?

Hmm. Well, I really can’t see Marty McFly with anyone but Jennifer. I used to only see Herbert West with Dan Cain, but… having written the Weirdest Crossover, that seems a touch hypocritical now. 

17. Is there a type of ship you always go for?

I have a distinct weakness for Poor Little Rich Smart Trash Boys who Do Their Best at Being the Worst.

Also for Shy, Gentle Violets with a secret core of iron.

24. What is one scene you want to see happen for all your ships?

I want cathartic arguments where they get really honest and figure out how to compromise and grow.

And cuddles.

Nude pics of Angelina Jolie! Chris Evans has been taken naked pictures of himself abr laked out in the internet! Ah, fuck off. Celebrities can’t have a sexuality? For a long time they can’t drink in popular caffes, can’t do wrong things, can’t curse, can’t be what they want to, because their lives belongs to the cinema. Fuck, it ain’t like that! However, when Jennifer Lawrence took naked pictures of herself, millions went to see it. Guys, it’s a body. Probably a really beautiful and sexy one, as much as Chris Evans and many others, maybe even your neighboor, your sister, your uncle… the thing is: it still is a body. Not “just” a body. That place is sacred. You may do whatever you want to do with it, but it still is yours and yours only. I’m not going to enter in the rape subject; although I could, this is not the time for it. What I’m tying to say here is very simple: ok, (s)he is a celeb. Great. (S)he shouldn’t be a nude model unless (s)he wanted to, because, hell, you’ve got only one body, which yes, can be admired. But lacking someone’s privacy, celeb or not, just to see some titties and a pair of hanging balls? 40% of the internet is all about porn. Suit yourself.
Zodiac Signs when Travelling
  • Aries: *GPS- Your destination is on the right* *looks right* Huh.. But that's a lake...
  • Taurus: No, no, no, we were supposed to turn back there! See, look on the map...! God dammit Jennifer!
  • Gemini: Me: Pull over! Everyone: Are you okay? Me: Shh, Shh, motion sickness has affected me.
  • Cancer: *plays games entire trip* *three hours pass* Wait, what? We're on a road trip? I thought we were going to Macca's..
  • Leo: I've always wondered.. What is the deeper meaning to life? Like, whats underneath the Earth? Do a secret alien race live there, or what?
  • Virgo: If you put me in the middle seat, you're going to die peasant. *gets put in the middle seat* *whips out stash of guns*
  • Libra: Woah, look at that squirrel! Geez, that plastic bag is quite peculiar. Man aren't those mountains nice! I am loving life! *next minute* Why don't you all just die.
  • Scorpio: I have no leg room. I thought we discussed I would have leg room Matt! YOU LIED TO ME *rage mode*
  • Sagittarius: I spy with my little eye.. ROAD TRIPS *SCREAMS*
  • Capricorn: I've approximately calculated, we'll need 160 litres for the trip. I've also gathered a list of things we need to have *smirks*
  • Aquarius: Guys.. I forgot the fuel for the car.. and the food cooler and the mattress.. Friend: So you forgot everything? Me: Not necessarily.. I have the toothbrushes!
  • Pisces: *sings* We're all going on a Summer holiday, no more working for a week or two! *giggles maniacally*

Ma’am? My grandfather was in Vietnam. And when my daddy would sit on his knee, and ask him ‘Daddy, what did you do in the war?’ he would say ‘Son, you don’t wanna know.’ And my dad, he was in Gulf War. When he would come home, I would sit on his his knee and ask him ‘Daddy, what did you do in the war?’ And he would look at me and say ‘Lauren, you don’t wanna know.’ The thing is, when they said that, they weren’t making you choose between what was true and what you loved. They were keeping it simple.