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Ok. First time asking, long time reader. How about some headcannons where Asahi, Ushijima and Kuroo see a pretty girl and want to ask for her number? I know Asahi and Toshi would NEVER do it. Maybe their teams are there to push them?

Sorry, it’s been a while! Life and motivations are hectic af lol

I’m trying to focus on the headcanons in my pile to move things along faster so that I can make some room for the Omegaverse AU :P


~Admin Kay


  • Karasuno had decided to meet up at the mall for some “team bonding” (aka shopping)
  • After an hour or so of impulse buys (“Tsukki! You already have a fuckton of dinosaur stuff we need to GO”) they decide to stop by the food court for a break.
  • It’s at that point, while waiting in line to order with Suga and Daichi, that Asahi spots you, arguably the cutest girl in the whole mall, making you way over to the restaurant next to them.
  • Asahi’s first instinct is to turn around and run walk until he’s out of the mall, but his two tormentors friends already have his wrists in deadly grips
  • “Where do you think you’re going?” “Asahi, that girl is cute! You should get her number!” Daichi’s and Suga’s voices are half encouraging and half terrifying (I’ll let you guess which)
  • Honestly, it’s kinda sad how hard Asahi is shaking, whether that’s from fear, anxiety, or he’s struggling to get away, at this point the ace looks less like an ace and more like a scared puppy.
  • Before he can struggle out of their grips, though, he’s already thrust forward so hard that he almost tackles you (poor girl)
  • After a moment of unadulterated fear and fervent apologies (both from Asahi), he miraculously strikes up a conversation with you about your interests. Apparently, you two have a lot in common.
  • Swallowing his fear, he musters up the courage to ask you for your number. Face flushing, you write it on his hand and remind him to text you later
  • Asahi walks back to the traitors, and what do you know, Suga and Daichi’s faces are smug af. We all know that on the inside they’re proud parents.


  • It’s an all intensive summer camp for the Shiratorizawa volleybaes, and the coach had the team run with Ushijima down his usual route (extremely difficult in and of itself)
  • All of the boys were halfway dying already (with the exception of Ushijima), so they decided to take a short break in your neighborhood’s park to chill in the shade and drink water.
  • Meanwhile, you were reading a book on a nearby bench (let’s be real tho, you were also checking out that ushi-booty).
  • While you were staring glancing not paying attention to Ushijima at all, a certain intuitive blocker happened to notice your (not) staring.
  • “Oi, I think that girl over there likes you.” Tendou nudged Ushijima and nodded towards you, “She’s cute~. Why don’t you get her number~?”
  • Ushijima turned his attention your way, meeting your stare with a piercing gaze (scaring you partially out of your skin) and got up to walk towards the bench you’re sitting at.
  • Shiratorizawa is sh00k “he’s…not actually going to do it is he?”
  • The team watched as Ushijima politely greeted you and sat down on the bench. In a feat they never thought they’d ever see in their lifetimes, Ushijima managed to actually converse with you and was his smile always this adorable???
  • The team’s collective jaw dropped when they see you take out a spare bookmark, write something on it, and hand it to Ushijima. In a move that practically gave every person in the park an aneurysm, Ushijima said something again and gently kissed your hand in a sweet, albeit traditional, gesture. (Rip Reader, I’d be ded™ after that)
  • When Ushijima jogged back to the team, they asked him how/what/why did he do that? His answer was simple “She had a great taste in literature”
  • Shiratorizawa is STILL SH00K

(I always like to headcanon Ushijima as a classic guy who likes literature..idk why but like…it makes me really happy. So this was also kinda self-indulgent lol ~Kay)


  • After a long day of practice, Kenma dragged Kuroo to the local game store to try to grab a new game that he’d heard about. Of course this means that Kuroo had to help him look (it’s time for hell). He didn’t really know why, Kenma usually preferred getting his games online.
  • Apparently this was a very popular game because there weren’t any left, at least for Kenma’s console.
  • What seemed like hours of searching and scanning for some kind of sign (of that game), Kuroo finally spots it!
  • As soon as Kuroo closed his hand around the accursed game, he feels a tug of resistance from the bottom half of it. He looked down, to find you holding on to the other half, a stubborn pout painted across your features. Who is this cute, angry lady-child? he thought.
  • You were prepared to throw down for this game, he could see it in your eyes, but Kuroo looked like he was waiting for an opportunity like this (…besides, he can’t afford to have his ass handed to him over a video game, best friend or not)
  • He used his superior height to tug the game out of your grip, and leaned down to whisper “I’ll let you have this game…if you give me your number.”
  • To be quite honest, you weren’t expecting a fight over a game to “end” so civilly…heck, you didn’t even expect to be hit on when you walked out of the house this evening. Eh what the heck, he’s cute as hell, and he was willing to give you the game. It was a win-win situation.
  • “Alright fine, let me see your phone” you quickly typed your name and number into his contacts, embellishing it with a couple of cute emojis, and motioned for the game.
  • The deal was done. He handed you your prize, with a charming smile and a quick wink “My name’s Kuroo, I’ll text you later! If I live after this…”
  • After paying for the game, you could hear Kenma’s enraged screeches from the other side of the store. You decided not to hang around too long for the aftermath.
things i loved about spider-man: homecoming

so I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming yesterday and IT WAS AMAZING! here are some things that I loved about it:

  • first of all, I would like to thank God for creating Tom Holland, like LORD JESUS his abs;
  • the opening music being “spider-pig”
  • peter’s little video in the beginning was soo adorable
  • “and then tony was like ‘underoos!’ and i was like hey everyone and-”
  • happy being all like “we have thin walls here so quit fangirling”
  • peter’s flip in that hotel room
  • peter speaking Spanish FOR THE LOVE OF GOD; i died;;
  • “hey, you’re not the avengers”
  • “hulk gave it away”
  • ned seeing peter in his suit (O_O) 
  • “it’s just, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me”
  • literally liz allen being the cutest human being
  • aunt may (you know i larb you)
  • “i’m not going to celebrate something that was built by slaves” yOU TELL ‘EM MICHELLE
  • literally all of ned’s and peter’s conversations
  • “can you lay eggs?”
  • “no!”
  • flash slapping peter’s butt
  • suit lady
  • “what was that, suit lady?!”
  • “taser webs, mr. parker.”
  • “can i call you karen?”
  • “stop with the instant kill mode!”
  • tony stark being the tough dad
  • cap being in the detention video and p.e. video
  • peter’s interrogation mode voice; I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD
  • “I’M NOT A GIRL!”
  • aaron davis being miles morales’s uncle (sO COOL)
  • aunt may helping peter get ready for homecoming
  • peter going to pick up liz and her dad iS THE VULTURE,, i was DED;
  • “the guy in the chair!”
  • peter stealing flash’s car
  • flash being all like (;o;)
  • “come on peter, come on spider-man” ripped my heart into pieces
  • peter saving adrian toomes 
  • “was that a test?”
  • pepper potts making an appearance 
  • “i’ve had this ring in my pocket since 2008″
  • aunt may seeing peter in his suit
  • “what the fu-”

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Random headcanon time~ So I headcanon that Pidge names every robot she makes with a typical dog name. Besides Rover (may he rest in robot heaven), there's Spot, Max, Buster, Roxy, Buddy, and Sally. Also Matt is the one who thought of the name for the Holt family dog

I dunno what you mean with Rover resting in peace because he’s not fucking ded, fucking fight, he’s just fighting off the bad guys until his big comback on season 6 ok. 

And yes, i do approve of this headcanon. Can u imagine? Pidge just looking aorund and then suddendly poiting at robots and declaring names? 

*at the space mall and sees garc ATM machine* “Godfather”

*at a planet where a robot is cdoing medical stuff* “Dr. House”

*when a robot goes wild and hits Lance’s arm with its tiny hand* “Keith” “What” 

So, the name of the holt’s dog is Bae, right? bae bae? something like that? I believe they changed it to that, yah? anyways, Matt naming him? 100% onboard my dude. 

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Sometimes when I see blogs like yours (Which is a great one btw, fem x fem only blogs are so rare!) I think about how the heroes would react if they get ported into our world and see the blog, like Mercy would probably just drop dead while I imagine Ana to just kill the nearest person lol

quick headcanons of mine

Ana: maybe you can get a laugh from her? she’ll probably be Very Disappointed in everybody

D.Va: she’s kinda used to it because she’s got Fans and Things but she’s probably like “don’t take this the wrong way but what the fuck”

Mei: her face goes bright red. Oh, wow! You guys seem to like me a little too much… she’s embarrassed.

Mercy: she ded. she’s incredibly embarrassed and can’t look anyone in the eye.

Orisa: happy!! she’s so happy. she has so many friends now! <:

Pharah: she’s a little uncomfortable but shrugs until she finds out people requested stuff about her mom. then she astral projects and dies.

Sombra: tracks EVERYBODY who’s been on the blog and sends them individually coded messages. If you can figure these out, you’ve got yourself a date. jokes on everyone they’re unsolvable

Symmetra: horrified. how COULD you. think about the CHILDREN. she’s leaning her elbows on a table, her face in her hands.

Tracer: kind of pauses for a second. I mean… I like girls, but there are like so many things happening hereshe appreciates the attention but like WHOA,

Widowmaker: rolls her eyes, keeps reading. she’s not necessarily mad? tired of seeing people constantly sexualize her, and stops reading when she gets to the fluff. she’s never been Loved like this before

Zarya: blinks. she’s staring at the screen. people seem to like her. she’s glad, but also like… she didn’t realize people liked her like this,,,

style imitation meme! i contemplated long and hard about posting this anywhere cuz i was just that embarrassed but well… IT’S A LAUGHABLE ATTEMPT SO HERE, have something to laugh about with me. these are 3 artists (sakimichan, kelpls & loish) whose painting style and color choice i’ve really admired for a long time, and yea there are A LOOTT of artists whom i admire for this haha but these are the ones i can rmb off the top of my head and think might be most recognizable? 

the process of doing this was challenging, a little educational, and (most of all) humbling, because each was incredibly hard to replicate, and this might sound weird but somehow i could feel the years/strain of hard work each of them went through to so effortlessly create what we are so used to seeing them post. i definitely didnt do them much justice but it was a learning experience! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑  

anw this was a fun thing to do, and i recommend it for any artist of any experience level! HAVE FUN!

ROFLMAO… so.. My wee little “Your vote counts!” post got noticed.  Ya’ll still having problems with your activity page so this will amuse you.  I never had problems cause little to no activity anyways.  But….

You can see the bump when a more active person reblogged it.  Then you can see exactly when Seanan McGuire reblogged it from them. roflmao.

I’m ded of amused.