see what i ded there guys

style imitation meme! i contemplated long and hard about posting this anywhere cuz i was just that embarrassed but well… IT’S A LAUGHABLE ATTEMPT SO HERE, have something to laugh about with me. these are 3 artists (sakimichan, kelpls & loish) whose painting style and color choice i’ve really admired for a long time, and yea there are A LOOTT of artists whom i admire for this haha but these are the ones i can rmb off the top of my head and think might be most recognizable? 

the process of doing this was challenging, a little educational, and (most of all) humbling, because each was incredibly hard to replicate, and this might sound weird but somehow i could feel the years/strain of hard work each of them went through to so effortlessly create what we are so used to seeing them post. i definitely didnt do them much justice but it was a learning experience! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑  

anw this was a fun thing to do, and i recommend it for any artist of any experience level! HAVE FUN!