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CARYL: Its Not Us Its Them

If there is a positive thing to take from TPTB and their dismissive and thoughtless attitude towards their fans regarding both the finale and the drop in quality writing this season, it would be that we now have even more evidence that indicates that they REALLY are very-much opposed to fan-service and the popular opinion trap.
It means that this is completely their story and they don’t necessarily care about what we want to see, what we need to see and how we feel about the show itself.
While I personally don’t like seeing things that are blatantly there as fan service, I do think that ignoring the audience response and chalking it up to a minor upset can be a big mistake for any show. Disrespecting fans and dismissing their feelings about something they love and invest so emotion in, can have dire consequences for future viewership.

But I digress…

Like I said, the good news is that we can now be even more certain that TPTB are not putting stuff on screen to placate fans.
They aren’t stringing people along through the CANON material and including scenes to fill the ‘fans want this’ quota.
They do that off screen through interviews, social media and promotional material. That’s where trolling can go rampant and unchecked because it’s not a part of the narrative and thereby isn’t written in stone or captured on film. The canon stuff on screen is the only verifiably truthful account and even that can be somewhat skewed until the story arc in question wraps up. 

This means that what we do see on screen is even more deliberate because its there specifically to serve the story and nothing else.
If we see it, it matters to the story and the people in that story. 
Nothing more, nothing less.

With that in mind we can be even more confident that all of these things happened for a narrative reason and not as filler to regulate the fandom atmosphere off screen. 

The CARYL reunion wasn’t there to calm CARYL shippers after Season 4.

“Consumed” wasn’t fan-service for Carol and Daryl fans.

The ‘Cherokee Rose’ wasn’t included in the script because Gimple wanted to pay homage to Carol and Daryl fans.

Carol and Daryl weren’t separated because the show wanted to ‘discourage’ people from shipping them.

The CARYL hug 2.0 wasn’t written to remind fans of their relationship to get them to keep tuning in.

Does this look like Gimple and Co trying to make CAROL fans happy?!

All of these moments were about Carol and Daryl’s story.
Not about marketing and keeping CARYL popular. 

They were included because they were always meant to be there. 

Motivated by the story and uniquely bound only to the relationship model the sequestered writers want us to see and feel, and not by what we want or what we don’t want to see. 

The good news is the writers too feel that Daryl and Carol love each other.
They are keeping CARYL alive for a reason and since they aren’t trying to please anyone, it can only mean that there is already a plan in motion.

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



I’ve been seeing women on Facebook post comments about how “hot” some actor is, or how they are so lucky to spot some YouTube star in public, or meet shaykh so-and-so whose face “is so full of nur” which is often code meaning “he is handsome.” When you see a bunch of women giddy over a shaykh, one has to wonder.
While women generally aren’t considered tempted visually as much as men, nor tend to have the same mental battle in regards to what they see and where it goes in their mind - reality is - women still have a battle.
This is especially dangerous in an environment where men and women are around each other regularly, unlike the movie star, because the visual attraction can create a strong desire to be approved of, noticed, accepted, or acknowledged.
This desire, if left unchecked, distracts a married woman from seeking the approval, acceptance, and attention of her spouse, and instead, leads her in another direction.
It’s rationalized in the head with things like “I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m still sticking within Islamic boundaries in my interactions”
But in the heart, all is not settled. She may become more excited at the idea of someone other than her spouse, and slowly with time, creates emotional and mental fantasies about the other individual.
Though there is nothing technically wrong that has happened, the emotional shift begins to affect the marriage in small and subtle ways.
Protect your marriage by lowering your gaze, and keeping your heart focused on the man in your life. I promise you, Mr. Handsome has more than meets the eye behind closed doors, just like your own husband. And yes, that goes for Mr. “face-is-full-of-nur” too
—  Via Wives of Jannah