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Spooktacular Summer

Ship: Reaper76

Summary: Usually Gabriel is excited to decorate for Halloween as early as he can. But something is bothering him this year…

Tags: Modern AU, Halloween, Fluff, Family Fluff, Domestic Fluff, it’s just fun lighthearted halloweeny fluff you guys


The later into summer it got, the more antsy Gabriel felt.

It wasn’t the heat; he was from Los Angeles, so the summer warmth and humidity was no big deal. It wasn’t the onset of school time, though trying to get all the supplies for his adopted kid was a huge pain in the ass.

No, it was the fact that in just a few very short weeks it would be October, which meant that it would be Halloween.

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You’re on my dash but you won’t answer your phone. I know you’re upset and you’re hurting, and you just want to shut the world out, but you should know that I will never let you cry alone. I will be over in 15 minutes, with that asian bubble tea shit I hate but I know you love and your favourite Disney movies. Don’t even try and pretend that you’re not home, and don’t lock me out because you think you “look like shit” you’re always beautiful even at your worst, I love you <3