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-LGBTQ friendly (including genderfluid, nonbinary, agender, etc)
-aesthetic based/you reblog a lot of aesthetic stuff
-a meme hell
-positive (any kind of positivity will do I just like positivity)
-art related
-gaming related
-cute stuff
-music stuff
-or if you are a cool person in general bc I need friends/people to follow


they think the cats vs dogs stereotype is hilarious but roxy cant keep it goin for long bc jade cant stop waggin her damn tail and bein adorable in general. theyve probably only done this once or twice before but karkat has this condition where he refuses joy and happiness at every opportunity

i was never rly into runawaystuck the first go around bc everyone made it Dave the Bird: the AU and i can only handle so much strider but my gay furry heart cant deny This

anyway, whenever i think about the way that jean and logan’s relationship was portrayed in the movies i get so…… Frustrated bc they completely missed the point of the two of them. their relationship is so much more than a one sided romance or a Burning Attraction™ it’s…… much more complex and deep and meaningful than that and they just completely missed that with the movies and it’s so fffughuifgiufhgduih it’s infuriating Goodbye 

super cool ideas for the ace community!!!

• stop excluding hypersexual aces
• stop erasing hypersexual aces
• stop making hypersexual aces feel like they are in any way less ace
• hypersexual aces

anonymous asked:

Hey it's the Michael Myers self shipper again! I was just wondering, when did you realize that you had a crush on Freddy?

Hohoho!! nice to see u again pal!
Well uh, I’m not really sure, but I think the first time I saw Krueger it was a clip from the 2010 remake (whyyy….) in a review video probably? And it was the scene where he was like, licking Nancy’s ear or smth and I thought that was hot?? it was years ago man I don’t remember much. ~Love at first sight~ lmao…..
I think I started thinking about him again when I got into the selfshipping community (for some reason?) and decided to watch the movies and then everything went downhill v quickly haha

well i’ve had a fun time liveblogging the 1989 tour with you wacky teens but it appears that she’s singing clean so i think that’s my cue to lie on the floor and cry for 7 years i’ll see u later pals