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Reblog if your blog is:

-LGBTQ friendly (including genderfluid, nonbinary, agender, etc)
-aesthetic based/you reblog a lot of aesthetic stuff
-a meme hell
-positive (any kind of positivity will do I just like positivity)
-art related
-gaming related
-cute stuff
-music stuff
-or if you are a cool person in general bc I need friends/people to follow

happy halloween☆!!!

here’s the… space girls, ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

listen up my dash is dead so if you post shitty hamilton content then like/reblog this so i can check out ur shitty hamilton content and consider if it matches my shitty hamilton content and then we can be shitty hamilton pals who reblog shitty hamilton content from each other follow me if u agree [sunglasses emoji] [gun emoji] /mic drop

Habby Borth @croixmeridies u babby!! I heard u like these uhhh Horse Bugs

all this business of constantly and dismissively calling aida a robot/android and speaking over her and ordering her about and talking about the best “use” for her is gonna backfire so hard!!!!!!!!!!! stop doing that!!!!!!!! that blooming “i’d love to be a human being” complex would be so better managed if people just talked to her decently and engaged in casual repartee like tony does to his AI and his bots i’m screaming pls stop this

happy belated birthday @thehypestidols !!!!!

……. is….. is this gay enough????


they think the cats vs dogs stereotype is hilarious but roxy cant keep it goin for long bc jade cant stop waggin her damn tail and bein adorable in general. theyve probably only done this once or twice before but karkat has this condition where he refuses joy and happiness at every opportunity

i was never rly into runawaystuck the first go around bc everyone made it Dave the Bird: the AU and i can only handle so much strider but my gay furry heart cant deny This

That feeling when you reread your writing and it’s just




anonymous asked:

honestly this sounds weird but I lost it when Frank mentioned u in his vid (also congrats on ur designs being the mercy,,, holy shit???) but like I've been following u for a few years now and ilysm you've been a huge inspiration and Frank is my emo dad so it was just cool to see how u guys are pals idk you're really awesome and I'm bad at words

aw thanks!!! (ty for sticking around and not unfollowing from the amount of shitposting i do) getting to work on the designs was really fun, im excited af for him to release them on monday 

super cool ideas for the ace community!!!

• stop excluding hypersexual aces
• stop erasing hypersexual aces
• stop making hypersexual aces feel like they are in any way less ace
• hypersexual aces