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well i'm slowly becoming more and more obsessed with dnp and i wanted to ask u if u could explain briefly the whole story of phan since the beginning considering i'm new here and i want help from my tumblr senpai jas ok bye

so somewhere during 2009 dan gets phil’s attention on twitter. a few days after dan’s 18th birthday, phil friends dan on facebook. *insert progressively more flirty tweets until autumn.* a few weeks before meeting dan, phil asks people if they see him to ask him out because he doesn’t want to be single. around this time dan breaks up with his three year girlfriend. dan uploads two videos onto danisnotonfire. dan and phil meet october 19th, 2009 (dan stays at phil’s house for a few days while phil’s parents are on holiday). about a week later they go to a youtube/halloween gathering in london. they proceed to see each other at least once every two weeks for the next year until dan goes to manchester university (which i dont get because arent train tickets a bit expensive but whatever). (also here is a full timeline of 2009 through tweets and such read at ur own risk.) phil uploads the valentines day video while dan is in india and doesn’t unprivate it. phil moves into his manchester apartment and dan can’t wait to put all his shit there. dan lives in uni dorms for the year he was at uni but spends large amounts of time at phil’s. dan drops out of uni and moves with phil to a new flat. youtube glitches and some people see the valentines day video but it’s not talked about too much. in 2012 the video is leaked again and this time it’s more stressful because lots of thing are happening in dan and phil’s lives. dans still an “internet homo/hobo” and people are invading his family’s life and they are becoming a lot more active in the youtube community events-wise. they take a trip to vegas for dan’s 21st birthday and never post a video of it like dan promise. dan and phil move to london on the whim that radio one would accept their radio show pilot. dan lashes out online a few times about the notion of phan and continuously assures the internet he likes girls. in 2013 dan and phil get their radio show and things are good. dan and charlie skies have a twitter fight over “secrets” and dans sexuality. in 2014 dan and phil introduce the danandphil shop and danandphilgames. this is a pivotal point because previously dan said he and phil were not a double act but their youtube personas have become so intertwined they make everything a joint effort. (around this time dan and phil come up with the idea of tatinof and tabinof but shh it’s a secret). in 2015 dan and phil announce tabinof and tatinof uk! then a week later jet off to japan. very overwhelming. dan claims to be phil trash #1 and a lot of other power couple things happen. they finish off the uk tour with an after party and apparently danced together but shhh the tweets saying so were deleted. immediately after the party they fly to the usa wtf. in 2016 dan and phil are pretty chill until they decide to tour america and then we don’t get videos for months but we also get little stories from the people going to tatinof usa. dan and phil wear matching outfits on dans birthday in vegas. they announce dapgo. they go on tour in australia and meet koalas. they tour some parts of europe. tatinof is officially over forever. dan and phil go to the british online creator awards and phil announces that hes spent the majority of 2016 with another person. dan howell. phil literally calls dan up to the stage twice for awards phil personally won. dan and phil won’t stop mentioning each other or getting a dog and here we are today.


kacchako comic thingy i was working on for a few weeks but was too lazy to finish *blushes* but I finally found the motivation! There’s a couple more pages but the whole tumblr limit thing made me have to chose the more important ones so thats why its a little choppy. D:  However, maybe in the future i’ll format it correctly and post the whole thing. 

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re: how teens and adults text, I would be super interested for you to explain your theory!

ok SO. a lot of this comes from various stuff i’ve seen on the linguistics of tumblr, but at the heart of it is that people in my generation (at least in the us; idk abt other countries’ timelines on this front) went thru (or are still going thru) our Formative Social Years in an environment where we’d regularly interact with even our closest friends on text-only platforms (whether texting or gchat or fb messages or w/e), and b/c so much linguistic/social information is actually conveyed by facial expression and tone of voice, we’ve collectively made up all of these textual ways of conveying that in a concise, efficient way

so like, sometimes on this blog i’ll talk about “straight people”, and sometimes i’ll talk about “str8 ppl”, and even tho i would pronounce those the same, the first is much more neutral — it would probably happen in the context like “i’m not sure how i feel about straight people writing stories that center around experiences of homophobia” — than the second, which which is much more frustrated/venting — it would be more likely to crop up in the context of “all i want is to live quietly in my little queer utopia but no str8 ppl have to come along and heteronomativity UGH #over it #whatever #NOT RLLY OVER IT”. or even with more subtle things like end punctuation: “i’m not going” basically just means i’m not currently planning to go to the thing; “i’m not going.” carries much more of a connotation of “i have seriously considered going and have Reasons for staying at home” (and note that capital — “i have Reasons for staying at home” feels different than “i have reasons for staying at home”). (and this isn’t even getting into things like shitposting or advanced memeology, but there are specific textual markers that go with things like that, some of which would be pronounced if you read them aloud, but many of which wouldn’t be)

but, crucially, for these kinds of things to carry meaning, they have to be used consistently: if i use “str8 ppl” and “straight people” interchangeably in all contexts (as i do for something like “the supreme court” vs “scotus”), then there’s no way to develop a distinction in meaning between the two — the only way to do that is to consistently use the different orthographies in different contexts. (to take another example: if something is “great”, then it’s solidly good. if something is “gr8”, it’s more in the land of “i can’t quite believe this is as earnest/tacky/tasteless as it is but i’m weirdly into it anyway?” (sometimes with a side helping of “do i just enjoy this ironically or do i genuinely enjoy it there is no way of knowing please send help”))

the upshot of this is that to be fluent in tumblr (or texting, or fb messenger, or w/e) means to actually be paying a lot of attention to subtle points of grammar and spelling, to know when to use “did u kno” or “ur” or even pull out an old-fashioned tip of the hat to “e733T haxxor 5killz”. most of these are very subtle distinctions, the kind of things you feel intuitively rather than write out explicitly, and so it’s very hard to convey them concisely and accurately to someone who’s not already immersed in the linguistic environment

and let’s be real, people in my parents’ generation aren’t. i mean, sure, many of them have facebook accounts, but these kinds of platforms weren’t around when they were in their “really getting to grips with social interaction” years, and their most important social interactions usually don’t take place exclusively online. for me, all of my closest friends are people i’ve only interacted with online for more than a year now (with a few brief face-to-face visits when various travel arrangements have allowed), so tumblr, facebook, and gchat are absolutely critical to my social life and interpersonal interactions; for my parents, their closest friends are people they see in person at work every day, so social media is a light overlay to their social lives, not the thrumming core

as such, my parents don’t grok these distinctions. to them “what are you doing?” means the same thing as “lol wut r u doing”; “gr8” is just like “great” (and “gr9” takes some parsing … ); dogespeak doesn’t have the same distinctive valence that it does to us. since they don’t know about these distinctions, they don’t feel the need to maintain more “proper” spelling/grammar when texting with a friend — different people have different set points for this, obvs, but in general i feel like “standard (setting aside all the class and racial implications in that term …) spelling and grammar” (with lighter-than-standard punctuation and capitalization) translates to “relatively neutral/pleasant conversational voice”, and then deliberate misspellings, abbreviations, letter substitutions, and grammar deviations are markers used to indicate shifts in mood — i have a vague sense that bitterness tends to collapse down and preserve grammar but weird spelling (“lyk w/e im happy 4 u but pls, i kno u lied 2 get that”) whereas enthusiasm tends to preserve spelling but weird grammar (“what i can’t even no how do air AMAZE”). since people in my parents’ generation don’t realize that doing so unintentionally changes the way their words come across, they feel free to text “poorly” (ie with lots of errors/substitutions, generally mixing various text-flagged vocal tones in ways that are often incoherent) in order to do so more quickly (b/c lbr typing everything out can be a pain (esp on a non-smartphone), and since parents don’t do it as much, they’re not necessarily as fast as our spry young fingers on a familiar interface)

so yeah, that’s what i suspect is going on

tl;dr: parents don’t use orthography to mark vocal tone in the way youngfolk do, and thus feel free to condense their texts and otherwise use textspeak. youngfolk are using orthography to mark for tone, and thus text more “correctly” to preserve their social intentions

Modern!MPHFPC Headcannon

(quick note: some of these are loosely based on other modern canons while still mixing in a lot of my own, if you’re one of the writers on one of the small canons i mixed in and you want credit, please let me know and i’ll be more than willing to give it to you)


- Has a Studyblr 

- Literally has 5468579845 Google doc files full of writing

- A good student (probably an online student though)

- Meme lord

- Knows about all the latest memes before anybody else in the home


- Really likes flannel

- Really likes Halsey / Panic! At The Disco

- Gets a blonde/yellow streak in his hair


- Also a meme lord


- Really likes YouTube beauty gurus (her favorites Glam & Gore)

- Channels all her anger into video games (she’s bad at them but Jacob lets her win)

- Has a Tumblr blog with a bunch of reblogged aesthetics

- She’s Phan as fuck

- Really likes Halsey


- emo.

- My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy x20

- Got Horace to make him some MCR shirts for his Homunculi

- So much black clothing

- Flippy hair


- Still wears suits

- Really into fashion shows

- Excels in home ec

- Probably would cosplay as someone from Ouran 

- The teachers really love him


- Has so much room to work with in fashion design (and she LOVES it)

- Decorated her lead shoes to look cool 

- Secretly really into punk rock music

- Melanie Martinez

- Has a hobby of photography, and she’s really good at it too


- Channels all her anger into ranting about annoying YouTubers (mostly Onision)

- Really into crossfit

- Would play a school sport, probably softball 

- Not the best student but the teachers still like her

- Part time job as a baby sitter 


- Disney Princesses !!!

- Makes all the children watch Moana with her (they all secretly like it)

- All kinds of CuTe DrEsSeS

- Still a smoll badass

- I could see her really getting into a sketching as a hobby


- Tumblr with a bunch of reblogged pictures of plants

- Would probably go vegetarian 

- The best student in her agriculture class at school 

- Literally, she taught the teacher a few things, too

- Develops a really cute sense of style 

* B O N U S :

Miss Peregrine:

- Keeps up with politics, hates every second of it

- Debates with the children a lot about current news

- Really good Instagram profile

- The always-check in mom (or,,,,, ymbryne)

- Finds a love for a lot of modern authors

Tumblr Crush

Anon prompt: “… Could you do one where Jughead finds the reader’s tumblr in which they talk about liking their best friend (Jughead)…”

A/N: This has happened to me on numerous occasions

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There’s no better way to brighten up a science lesson then spending your life on a god forsaken website.
Tumblr was my go to at all times whenever I was or wasn’t bored. For the time being, it was kind of like a diary for me where I posted about the person I had a crush on and asked for advice from my hundreds of followers.
Veronica and Betty followed me, their blogs were so amazing and they helped to give me advice so I didn’t have to openly talk about who I was crushing over.

iceycoldveronica liked your post: ‘It kills me every time I see him. I hate having a crush on my best friend.’

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When your heart becomes elastic for someone, you’ll twist and turn at night and you’ll bend over backwards for their touch and you will continue to breathe on a Tuesday night if you know you will see his eyes on Thursday afternoon at the coffee shop. When you’re brainwashed by meaningless words, you’ll wait up all night for a call that will stop ringing after a few months and your lungs will feel a few needle points pricking them gently. When your sadness turns to spite, you’ll delete his existence from your life and you will begin hating peonies and face away from the other side of your bed and your knuckles will turn red by the fourth shot of Bacardi. And on the day you wake up without a single pound on your shoulders, you will brew yourself a pot of coffee, pour yourself some vanilla cream in it too, and you will buy yourself a bouquet of gardenias.
—  You no longer make me weak in the knees

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Seeing Louis not make #1 on the ITunes U.K. Chart was a bit surprising. even if for a few hours. All the other boys have. I think? Niall and Liam's tunes dropped back down after their initial surges, but radio play has brought them back up. Hope we get the same for Louis. I think maybe we lost more Louies in the past 7 months than we realized? Does feel like his fandom numbers are down. But at least the one's who have stayed are committed! Hopefully radio play gets him more fans!

It’s really hard to tell from tumblr just how many people are really around/active, but it would be lovely if we could get him some number ones. I don’t know if maybe radio play will be what gets things rolling or live performances might be a good push. I am admittedly a bit bummed it didn’t get that number one on the UK iTunes chart particularly since it’s his home and it would have been so cool to be able to do that, but maybe we still can! We’ll see how things go! Maybe it’ll be more of a long term grower with radio interest getting other people excited? I hope!

ETA cause my inbox is confused: this is just about the UK iTunes day 1 sales chart. We still don’t know what the official sales chart for week 1 will look like, and people are streaming and CDs have been bought so it could be good! Keep streaming!


First: Hello and a very warm welcome to all my new followers! No idea what happened the last few hours but I’m glad you enjoy my content (at least RWBY cosplay content).
Second: ARE YOU GUYS COMPLETELY CRAZY? I mean yeah this is tumblr and fandoom area no1 but WHY do you like my Neo civil(!!) selfies better than the quality photos of my actual selfmade(!) cosplay(!) that I spent so much money and love and ….aaarrrgheverything to make ????


On one of the polaroids you can see me with my best friend and cosplaypartner lilminspoast - we have a page together. You can find us on instagram, facebook, deviantart and tumblr as “BeyondFantasyCosplay”

U guys are amazing though so thanks for your rebloggs and hearts - you make me so happy!

(!!!) i’m moving to another tumblr account (!!!)

hello everyone!! in the last few days i’ve been wondering if i should remake my blog or not and i’ve decide to remake my tumblr account. i’ve been on this account for years and many of my followers are inative, plus i am a different person than when i first made this account and i thought it’d be good to start fresh now that i’m eighteen!

thank you for all the support during so many years… ilove u all!!!!!!! seriously thank you i hope to see you on my new accounts♥♥♥

jiseu (pastel)

and ooseo (nature)!!!

moirailisnimbus replied to your post “every time i see ppl call u spec i just mumble “i wonder if they know…”


ok so in april 2013 i opened a tumblr blog with my friends under the url ask-the-skittles which was an ask blog for the 4 of our mlp ocs (note: we were all 11) and that went for a few months until i figured i was actually the only person using the blog, changed the url to propertyofspec and took it for Myself. i used isketch a lot back then and i went under the alias ‘spectrum’ after my mlp oc, which got shortened to spec by the chat bc it was very fast paced. there u go theres my Dark Secrets. heres a drawing of spectrum for u 

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Hey mom, I went to see a person about a cat sitting job and I really hecked up in every sense of the word, could u show me your favourite dog meme to help soothe my wounded soul?

i’m actually the worst person and couldn’t decide on just one so here are my fave few that i think best represent me as a human:

^^^^ me literally all the time on discord

going outside after being on tumblr and discord and forgetting the world actually exists out there lmfao

and finally….. idk if this counts as a meme but like…… just LOOK AT IT

i hope these help lmao ily my child and i’m so sorry your soul is wounded but i love you and know you’ll be okay!!! i’m always here if you need some love or just more dog memes lmao!! 💜💜

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Your art is goregous, your noctluna babies are gorgeous and I hope to see more! I'd really like to see the son again soon! But the girls are utterly adorable! Have a great day!

Y'know what really warms my heart?
I drew only one art with him on this website, and then mentioned him twice with more than month between. Still, you remember him.
Every time I want to upload something I’m struggling with the caption, because I’m pretty sure people who reblogged other arts from me forgotten about my little family AU (except these few people always liking posts and reblogs on my blog, you know I’m talking about u so know that I love you) so I have to write once again what I had in mind. 
It’s also main reason why I’m not writing headcanons concerning ultimately it, I simply fear that no one cares. Struggles of not being tumblr famous 
PS: And you will see him. Not sure if soon enough because of convention in late this month, so have something I never uploaded because I despite this work 

hey guys, so my mental health isnt the best right now mainly because of my job and worrying about school, so im gonna take a break from tumblr as well as other social media a while. Im currently setting up a queue so this blog will still be active, but u can unfollow if u want. sorry, and ill see u guys again whenever.


gosh, I’m productive today (of course only when school ends).
but u can never have enough hauls, right?

i got a few skincare products (inspired by shrinking blonde’s skincare post i reblogged) and two tombow dual brush pens.
i also lost my pink one in the same store i bought them (see my last post), so it’s bittersweet 🙃

am i the only one who finds tumblr kind of intimidating? 😂

also, should i make an extra introduction post? 🤔


just some scenes of my thesis animatic that i think don’t look like shit oho

and speaking of thesis, i have to (unfortunately) dedicate the next few weeks working on it because my defense is in three weeks and i’m like 40% prepared oops. see you on the other side, boys.

Kept Hidden Part II

Title: Kept Hidden Part Two

Pairing: Damian x Reader

Words: 1221

Request: Hey! So I was wondering if you could do a Soulmate!Damian where the reader is a couple years older than him and dating Tim, amd is really kind and sweet and Damian doesn’t know why he likes them and then finds out they’re soulmates? And then maybe we see them in the future a bit together like after they’ve had/adopted their first kid? If not that’s fine, (also if u want a tumblr friend I gotchu).

Notes: Here is part two! Thank you so much for the positive feedback, and I really hope you like this! It honestly means so much that you guys liked the last one

Y/N= Your name

Y/C/E: Your color of eyes.

It seemed that the whole family was in a shocked state after the youngest stormed out. Well, everyone except Jason, who shrugged his shoulders and kept eating. After a few moments of silence Y/N cleared their throat and sat up, detaching their hand from Tim’s.

“Babe, where are you going?” Tim asked, sitting up straighter a bit concerned. Y/N looked down at their boyfriend and gave a soft smile, leaning down to kiss his cheek. “I’m the one closest to him, so I’ll go up and talk to him, see if he’s okay.” They explained, earning a nod from Bruce.

Taking that as a thank you Y/N started their journey upstairs, taking a deep breath as they thought about what must be going on in the seventeen year old’s brain. They had a few ideas, the main one being the incident a few weeks ago.

Honestly, they lied, about the soul mate mark thing. It was something their mother had always talked about, how they would find their soul mate and live happily ever after. While they tried to hold onto the cold waters of reality, it was still a dream; but to find our it should be your boyfriends younger brother?

That was a nightmare.

They liked Tim, they really did. Tim made them feel special in a way they had never felt, and they were sure it was love they felt around them, but what type? Was it the type of love you feel towards a brother or a best friend, or the type of love where you want to spend the rest of your life with them?

Before they could even think about it they had already knocked on Damian’s locked bedroom door. “Dami…can we talk?” Y/N asked, biting their lower lip out of habit as all these ideas flashed before their eyes.

There was a few moments of silence before the door opened, in front of Y/N stood a stressed Damian, even if he didn’t show it they could tell. “What do you wish to speak about?” He asked, keeping his body in front of the entry way.

Y/N rolled their eyes at his antics and walked into his room, gently pushing his arm past as they went. Little did they know, that made both of their heart rates increase by a simple touch. “You’re not stupid, and neither am I.” They stated simply, turning around to face him.

Damian sighed and closed his door, knowing his brothers were horrible people and would eavesdrop on anything. “I don’t wish to speak about this,” he breathed, bringing a hand up to rub between his eyes while Y/N raised their eyebrows.

“Really? Because you wanted to in the gym, and it seemed to bother you at the dinner table.” They stated, causing Damian to close his eyes as he sighed, disappointed at his foolish behavior.

Once it was obvious that Damian wouldn’t speak, Y/N sighed and sat on his bed. “I love Tim…I just…I’m not sure if it’s in the way I should.” They opened up, looking down at their shoes and the polished wood floor in shame.

That caught Damian’s attention it seemed, considering he looked up in shock and took a few steps towards Y/N. “What do you mean?” He asked for clarification, moving so he sat next to them on his bed.

“I know I love them, but I don’t know if it is in a romantic way. When I’m with you I’m comfortable, and I’ve always grown up to think that I would meet my soulmate and live happily ever after, but I can’t do that to Tim,” they said, looking up at Damian and giving a shaky smile.

Damian thought to himself, trying to get his feelings in order before anything else. It seemed as though he did that a lot with Y/N. “If he really cares for you, he would want you to be happy…would that be with me?” He asked, causing Y/N to look up and shrug lamely.

“I think so, I mean aren’t we supposed to be?” They asked, looking into Damian’s green eyes in hopes for answers. Damian shrugged his shoulders in response and looked down at his dark green sheets.

“Well, yes, but there have been reported cases of people not being happy and divorcing their soul mate because they changed or things like that..” he trailed off when he looked up, noticing Y/N’s confused gaze on him as he explained old reports he found when Dick described the whole ordeal to him.

“But…it’s always worth a shot.” He said more confidently, causing Y/N to laugh softly and shake their head, looking down again in thought. Damian was fine with that, it was a lot to think about for both of them. To make a promise for something neither of them want to say.

After a few moments of silence Y/N took a deep breath and stood up, causing the younger teenager to look up in confusion. “I’m…going to go home.” They said, looking around the room awkwardly and then nodding to themselves. Damian stood as well and opened the door wordlessly, knowing it would take time and he didn’t expect an answer today.

Damian stayed in his room while Y/N walked down the stairs and back into the dining room to grab their bag. Upon her entry Tim looked up, as well as Bruce.

“He’s fine, just some drama I guess. As for me,” they said, reaching over and grabbing their bag that they left on their chair.

“I need to leave, I forgot I promised to facetime my mother. Thank you for having me Mr. Wayne,” they said, flashing a smile at the whole table while Tim watched them like a hawk, but didn’t say anything as they left.


5 years later

“Damian, you are not buying our son a katakana at three years old….or ever!” Y/N exclaimed, taking the laptop away from their finance, who looked up and crossed their arms.

“Why? I had one when I was that age,” he defended, standing up to grab the laptop again, which Y/N shut loudly and put on the couch.

“Exactly, what happens when the worker comes to make sure we’re taking care of them.”  Y/N worried, bringing their hands to their forehead and rubbing their temples. They had been stressed ever since they signed the adoption papers, and they were picking up their little boy in a few hours from the orphanage.

Damian looked at them and sighed, walking over and wrapping his arms around their waist and pulling them closer to him. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. We already toddler proofed the house, Alfred sent by some of Bruce’s old toys and clothes, and everything will be perfect, alright believed?” He asked, looking over at them with a small smirk.

Y/N looked at Damian and watched his green eyes travel over their body, stopping at their right shoulder that was showing due to the tank top, and it wasn’t the only thing showing. Low and behold, their soul mate mark that used to be covered all those years ago were on display for anyone to see proudly. “Alright.”

A/N: There it is! I really hope you like it!

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Do you have like a favourite fanfic, that is not one of your own? Like a full story or just a one shot?


I’m so not good with this cos I read quite a lot of fics…

I’d say…

The Line by @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname…I loved that before I made my tumblr and it’s not finished but fuck it’s awesome…

The Truth About Love by @notnaturalanahi…Angst angst and fluff and angst and just everything…also not finished but it’s awesome…

What Happened? by @crowleysplaythings…I read it before I had tumblr and I loved it all!! Angst and angst, but then there’s fluff and from what I remember some delicious smut!!

Forward by @blacktithe7…I rarely read full on series of RPF…but this!! It’s Jensen, so yay for me! Angsty as fuck, cos his wifey died, so u know there’s gonna be some emotional shit…I’ve missed a few parts but I plan on catching up soon…

Cherry Stem Knots by @sunriserose1023…When I say this had me HOOKED!! Fuck…it’s angsty as hell but it seems I kinda like that…

And then there’s a lot of others that I read before I came on tumblr…

I don’t know who wrote them, but there was one with Jensen and like his wife was cheating and then he got with me and there was drama and hella angst and like kidnappings…

Then there was a Dean school AU where John’s abusive and it’s hella angsty too…I forgot who wrote it tho…

I’ve read a lot and I can’t remember them all but those are a few…

As for oneshots…well, on my tumblr u can see who I follow on the app…I only follow quality blogs so go check them all out…

I follow people who write for everyone…

@wayward-mirage for Lucifer/Ketch mostly and even Death…she does a lot of the side characters…

@impalaimagining for Samantha/Jared stuff…

@chelsea072498 writes a lot of OC fics and also reader inserts with Dean…

Just go check them out!!

Also, if u want Teen Wolf fics, the only person I really follow is @greyravenvixen…she does a shit load of fandoms other than SPN and Teen Wolf so go check her out too…

Oh…and although I’m not properly part of that fandom, I swear this was the hottest thing ever…Brilliant by @theinsandoutsofcastiel…I’ll never get over how deliciously hot this was…10TH DOCTOR SMUT!! 

So there’s a few stuff…but like I said, I follow good blogs so check out who I follow and read their stuff…