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Hello again~ ^^ I wanted to request a scenario where just before the party on whatever day where Mc has fit in quite well with RFA, unexpectedly Rika joins the chatroom again somehow, and starts talking to them. Maybe at the end hinting that soon Mc will be taken away to her then leaving. How would they react? This sounded like a fun idea lol love your writing

Hello hello :)))
I really enjoy your scenario prompts! My ideas are pretty bad most of the time. (You should write for me sometime!!)
Anyways, thank you for your request~
[Edit: Thanks to @rxme-vxx, I’ve realised that I’ve made a HUGE mistake due to me just not paying close enough attention! I’ve changed all the Unnie-s to Noonas because I completely messed up TT]

An Unexpected Visit

“It’s finally tomorrow!” Yoosung typed into the chatroom followed by his blush sticker,”I want to see you…”
You replied back with a kind,”I want to see you too Yoosung!”
Zen suddenly entered the chatroom, bursting in with a load of text. You could almost hear his voice as his messages popped up one after one.

“Yoosung ah don’t feel too special okay, she wants see all of us.”
“Although it’s only natural she wants to talk me the most though.”
“Don’t you?”

You couldn’t help but laugh as you replied with,”I want to talk to you as well Zen ^^”
His winking sticker appeared on your screen as Jumin and Jaehee piled into the chatroom simultaneously.
“The meeting just finished.” Jumin typed,”Won’t you say some nice words for me?”
In an attempt to tease Jumin, you messaged Jaehee first,”Good work today Jaehee!”
She thanked you while Zen kicked up a ruckus about the trust-fund kid getting rejected.
“She totally ignored you man!” he laughed and despite Jumin’s apparent disappointment, you replied soon after.
“You also did great Jumin!” you told,”It was a good joke right?”
He immediately agreed with you, also commenting about how it was such a funny joke. Of course, Zen replied again, reacting in an irritated manner but all that was blown away as Seven entered the chatroom as if he were bursting through the door.

“GUESS WHAT I JUST FOUND!” he asked the chat as everyone gave rather strange replies.

“A lifetime supply of chips.”

“A girlfriend?”


“Perhaps a cat?”

“All wrong!!!!!” he typed rather zealously,”I found an extra $10 behind my computer.”
Then he started to spam his ‘Sarangheyo’ sticker which ticked off more than half the chat.
It had only been a week with the RFA and you already felt like it was home, you felt as if this is where you belonged. Although there was one figure that had been missing ever since you talked to him on that first day.
“Do you think V will come?” you typed,”Tomorrow?”
“Yes he informed me he would!” Seven told,”Do you want to see him?”
“Of course I want to see him ^^” you typed back,”I haven’t talked to him in a while.”

It felt like the chat was incomplete without him but nevertheless, RFA would would all be there tomorrow in full fashion. Your excitement only continued to grow as you waited in anticipation on the messenger for tomorrow.

Suddenly a familiar looking name entered the chatroom, one that had been mentioned here and there but surprised you the most.

Rika has joined the chatroom

Everyone was stunned, no one could find the strength to type anything as the mystery person continued to type.
“Hi everybody!” they typed with a seemingly happy tone to the writing,”How have you all been?”
The first one to type, surprisingly, was Yoosung,”Noona? Weren’t you…”
“Nope!” she replied,”V lied.”
“I knew he did that guy….” Yoosung told as Zen suddenly butted in.
“Rika Noona! Where have you been all this time??” he demanded to know, he wanted to fill in the holes that had been missing this whole time.
“I was just taking a break and travelling around the world,” she told as the rest of the chat anticipated each next message,”V lied about everything.”
“Something isn’t right,” Jumin commented,”Rika’s here but… V wouldn’t just lie to us.”
Yoosung took Rika’s side and began to attack V but something that stood as different to everyone else was how Rika wouldn’t say anything. She loved V so wouldn’t she defend him a bit more? It struck them as odd but wouldn’t say anything because the fact was that it was ‘Rika’ that was here, even if it was a fake it just didn’t cross their minds.
Jumin finally dropped the comment that everyone was thinking,”….Why are you here now?”
“Have you heard?” Zen added,”We’re having the party tomorrow!”
She expressed her knowledge over the party but something just struck them as odd. You still hadn’t said anything to her however Yoosung took the initiative to introduce you.
“Noona! Meet our new party planner!” he laughed,”She’s been very helpful.”
In the middle of typing, Rika sent her message first. If anything, this message ran shivers down most of the members of RFA’s spine.

“Yes I’ve heard.”

It sounded strangely ominous and you couldn’t help but type what was on your mind.

“From who?” you asked.

For while the chat stayed in silence, waiting for Rika’s reply which was taking unusually long but soon enough she reply, extremely vaguely.
“You’ll know tomorrow.” she replied,”You’ll know everything unknown to you tomorrow, my replacement.”

These sentences sent even more shivers down their spines as even Yoosung replied against her,”Noona are you hiding something?”
But before he got his reply, Rika left the chatroom promptly.
Seven, who had been staying completely silently, expressed his concern,”Don’t leave the apartment, okay? It’s not safe, there’s something going on.”
“I’ll put my men on standby,” Jumin added, leaving the chatroom to attend to business.
“Guys, Rika Noona probably didn’t mean anything by that,” Yoosung typed, attempting to defend her but the entire chatroom was against it.
“Yoosung, even I’m getting bad feelings from this,” Zen told,”There’s something not right going on…”
“Yoosung ssi, I don’t think this is the same Rika we knew from before,” Jaehee added in attempts to comfort him,”I don’t think it’s the same Rika you knew before.”
“But….” he started.
“Yoosung, I’m sorry,” you typed without thinking.
“What do you have to be sorry for?” Jumin asked,”I think they are after you.”

Your hands started to shake as you realised what they were saying. Something was going to happen tomorrow and you were in the centre of it however RFA was prepared to protect you. They already saw you as one of their own.

“The most important thing tomorrow,” Seven told,”Is to protect her.”

Be Mine (III)

Characters: Taehyung (V) & Reader & Seokjin (Jin)

Genre: A little bit of everything, but mostly angst

Series: Intro, Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9, Chapter 10 Chapter 11Chapter 12, Chapter 13Chapter 14 , Chapter 15

Summary: You were introduced to your best friend’s university friends, but none of them seemed to appeal to you like Taehyung did, and no matter under what circumstances, you couldn’t seem to get your mind off of him. But there was a set back to all this..

Hello Everyone! I hope you guys didn’t mind my little part where I wrote about the character fangirling over T.O.P… it’s secretly me in real life 😅😂 I hope you guys have all liked this chapter? I’ve already finished writing chapter 4, so I’m thinking that I might post it on Monday? Which from where I live is two days from today. As always, remember to like, reblog and share! Happy Reading~

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Taehyung never called you that night, matter of fact, he never even called you the next day.

Ever since Taehyung left, everything else seemed like a blur. You didn’t sleep that night because you didn’t want to sleep through him calling. You felt like you were going crazy from waiting for his phone call hour after hour. Maybe the moment he got home he just knocked out? The next morning was even worse, running on zero hours of sleep, you had to pull yourself together and force yourself to act normal, whatever that means. You couldn’t stop frantically tapping your fingers against your phone screen hoping for it to ring.

The moment your best friend saw your eye bags dragging down your face, she asked,

“Did you not sleep last night?”

Too tired to even answer her, you just nodded and headed towards the washroom. After locking the door, you looked at your own reflection seeing how lifeless you looked. As compared to yesterday when your cheeks were fiery red, your face now looked dull and tired. Feeling the phone in your hand vibrate, your eyes quickly shifted from the mirror to the phone screen, hoping that it was Taehyung you quickly answered without checking the caller I.D.

“Hello? Taehyung?” You breathlessly said.

“Y/N?” You were disappointed to hear Jin’s voice instead.

“O-Oh… oppa. Yeah?”

“I was just um.. wondering when should I pick you up today for our date.” He cheerfully said.

Oh crap. I forgot all about that.. Although you did promise Jin that you would go today, you really weren’t feeling all that up for dessert right now. All you really wanted to do was to hug onto your boyfriend, who just happens to be towns away and hasn’t even called you yet.

“Y/N? You there?” Jin asked hearing that you didn’t respond.

“Uh… Yeah I’m here. I’m sorry Jin… I’m not feeling too well today. Can we go eat another day?”

It wasn’t completely a lie.. you really were not feeling well.. you were tired as hell.. and you were starting to worry why Taehyung hasn’t called yet.

“Oh. Okay. Are you okay? Do you need me to bring you to the hospital? Do you need me to buy anything for you?” He worriedly asked.

“No Oppa. I’m okay. Just going to sleep through this.” Which was a lie. You knew that as tired as you were, you wouldn’t be able to sleep, not while your mind was wondering off thinking about Taehyung.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow right?”

Oh right.. There’s still school…

“Of course Oppa. See you tomorrow.” And with that you ended the call and freshened yourself up before you headed back towards the bedroom, only to have Jennifer stop your tracks.

“What’s wrong Y/N? Did something happen? You look so tired and sad.” She worriedly said.

You weakly smiled at her and lied,

“No. I’m fine. Just tired that’s all.”

“Don’t lie to me Y/N. I know you too well. Tell me what the hell happened.” She demanded.

You debated with on whether to tell her the truth or not. You decided to not tell her because you thought that eventually he would call back, and all is this would just seem silly. So instead you changed the subject and told her,

“Jin asked me on a date.”

Your best friend gasped in surprise and shouted,

“Oh my god! Really? I knew the two of you had a thing! When is it?”

You couldn’t tell her that it was today and you backed out last minute, because you knew that she’d ask why and then you’d be forced to tell her about Taehyung. In the end you lied and said tomorrow.

“Tomorrow? But I won’t be here tomorrow… I’m leaving this afternoon to go back to school..” She pouted.

You laughed at her response and said,

“It’s okay. The date isn’t anything special anyways. We’re just going to hang out. We always hang out.”

“But I won’t be able to doll you up before you leave… wait.. you guys always hang out? Since when? Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shrugged and said,

“I don’t know because it’s nothing special. We’re just friends.”

“You must be kidding me. Jin is like a present from above. He’s beautiful and I bet he’s smart if he can help you in school. That good of a guy would just ‘hang out’ with a beautiful girl like you is impossible.”

You blushed at your best friend’s compliment, but told her that the two of you were only friends. There is no way that Jin could possibly like me. Me out of all the girls who are willing to throw their bodies at him? No way.

“Tell me you’ll at least dress nice tomorrow.”

“I’m going to wear a pair of jeans or leggings, a t-shirt and top it off with a jacket or sweater. Sounds good?” You asked.

“No. Not good. Wear something cute like a dress. You look pretty in dresses.” Jennifer insisted.

You agreed only to make her happy knowing fully well that you were not going to go and wear a dress. Being girly was never really your thing, you were always more into wearing either leggings or shorts along with a t-shirt or sweater. Never anything tight because you were a little insecure with your body.

“I’m hungry let’s go eat breakfast together. I’ll go and wake the other girls up.” Jennifer said before she left and walked towards the stairs.

You went back to the bedroom and decided to text Taehyung just to see if he really did get back safely.

To Taehyung (10:00 a.m):

Hey how was your trip back?…. I miss you.

You hovered over the send button after you added the last part. Maybe it’s too much? Just when you were about to delete the last part, you heard Jennifer call for you and jumped from surprise while accidentally pressing send. Shit… It’s too late to regret now… You groaned out of frustration before you walked out of the bedroom as everyone else got ready to leave.

The rest of the day consisted of you all hanging out at Jennifer’s house before their bus came to go back to school. You regretted not being able to talk to Jennifer as much as you would have hoped for. You hated yourself for being so consumed with Taehyung that you were so distracted from everyone else. There were even several times when Jennifer had to physically nudge you to get your attention. He never answered you text message which you found strange. Maybe he’s really busy?

Just as you were about to leave Jennifer’s house, you noticed that you still had Taehyung’s sweater which was laying on the bed. The sweater smelt just like him, so you held tightly onto it. I don’t have to give it back just yet… maybe the next time we meet I’ll give it back. Just at the thought of seeing Taehyung again made your heart flutter. When you were just about to leave, you gave your best friend a big hug and told her to come back home as soon as she can. In return she said,

“Call me after your date tomorrow. If I don’t get a call by evening time, I will, spam you with multiple phone calls until you answer me. Unless.. you know.. unless the something something happens.” She winked at you.

You hit her arm and said,

“Yes I will call you by then and no, none of that will happen.”

With that you gave her one last hug and said goodbye to the rest of Jennifer’s friends. Although the weather was warm enough, you decided to put on Taehyung’s sweater to feel the extra bit of warmth and comfort from the heat and scent of the sweater. The whole walk back home was filled with you staring at your phone, but still he didn’t answer you. You decided not to text him for the rest of today, because maybe he really was busy finishing his projects… right?

Once you got home, you realized that you had some pre-reading that are needed to be done for Monday’s classes. You busied yourself with the readings, not realizing that it was getting late until Jin called you telling when he would pick you up and drive the two of you to school.

“Okay thank you Oppa.” You said.

“It’s getting late Y/N. Go sleep. I’ll pick you up at 8:30 in the morning since you have linear algebra. I’ll come with you. Good night!”

Knowing Jin, there was no way you could decline his offer, so you agreed. After ending the call, you saw that it was already 11:00 p.m, so you decided to call it a day. Once you were done brushing your teeth, you noticed that there was still no message from Taehyung. How busy can one person be to not even answer a simple text message? Or… what if.. something went wrong on the way back and he got hurt? To settle your anxious heart, you decided to text Jennifer.

To Jennifer (11:10 p.m):

Hey I was wondering is Taehyung there?

From Jennifer (11:12 p.m):

Yeah. Why?

To Jennifer (11:13 p.m):

Is his phone working?

From Jennifer: (11:13 p.m):

Yeah why? Do you have something that you need to say to him? We’re all hanging out right now.

So he was ignoring me…. on purpose… and he’s not even busy with his projects… he said they were urgent….

To Jennifer (11:15 p.m):

No. It’s okay. Can you just tell him that I still have his sweater that I need to give back. Oh. Maybe you can give it back for me next time I see you instead.

That’ll tell him that you know he’s ignoring you. But why is he ignoring me? What did I do? Feeling frustrated, you turned off your phone because knowing yourself, you will reread the messages again and again, or even call him. With so many thoughts running through your head, you spent another sleepless night thinking about Taehyung. As compared to last night, when you were missing his touch, you were now angry at his sudden coldness towards you. Do I not even deserve a simple text message?  

Your alarm rang at 8 o’clock in the morning, forcing you start getting ready for school. Great. Another sleepless night. You felt insomnia slowly getting the best of you, causing you feel extra cranky and annoyed. One look at yourself in the mirror and you knew you looked worn out. No amount of makeup could cover your eye bags, so you didn’t even bother to try. Your appetite and sleep seemed to have disappeared the moment Taehyung left that night. Instead of eating, you grabbed your backpack and headed outside. You turned your phone back on to see that it was 8:30 a.m. The moment you headed out the door, you saw that Jin had just gotten to your driveway. Just on time.

Jumping into the passenger seat, you smiled at Jin and greeted him. Instead of smiling like he normally does, he stared at your weirdly. Why?

“Y/N… you look like you haven’t been sleeping for days. Are you okay?” He asked

You cursed at yourself and regretted not trying to cover them up.

“Yeah. I haven’t been sleeping well..” You explained.

“Why what’s wrong?” He asked.

You gave him a reassuring smile and said,

“It’s nothing Oppa. Let’s just go to school.”

Seeing that you weren’t going to say anything else, he started to drive off to school and filled the silence with some music. It was one of your favourite songs, Lies by Big Bang. At this moment in life, it seemed like the lyrics were perfectly describing your feelings towards Taehyung.

A day without you is too long…

Without you happiness cannot be found in me…

I’m going crazy in thoughts of you…

Wanting to drown your thoughts with the song, you turned the volume up.

“You like this song don’t you?” You heard Jin ask.

“I don’t just like the song, I love it.” You emphasized on the word love.

“How much do you like Big Bang?” He curiously asked.

“I love them.” You simply answered.

What else can you say? Sometimes you just love people without an exact reason. I love their presence? I love them for them. It was as simple as that.

“Do you love them more than me?” Jin quietly asked.

Shocked by his question, you stared at him. You were curious as to why he would ask this question, but then again, the two of you had always threw the L word at each other, because that’s just what you’ve always done with your close friends. You smiled at him and said,


He brought one of his hands to his chest looking like as if your words hurt him, he said,

“How could you Y/N? I thought you loved me.”

“I do. But have you seen T.O.P? Have you heard his voice? Have you seen his beautiful face?” You were completely gushing over your ultimate bias by now.

“You know.. I’m Korean too.” Jin proudly said.


“And that means I’m the closest thing to your dearly beloved T.O.P oppa. I can rap too you know.” He said.

“Oppa… I don’t only want to date Koreans okay? And no thanks… I’ve heard you rap before… never again please…” You groaned at the memory of Jin freestyling.

“It was not that bad.” He pouted.

“It sure was something.. but T.O.P, he has such a beautifully deep voice that just makes all their songs so much better. I love guys with deep voices, their voices just melt my heart.” you happily said.

“Okay. That’s more than enough of you fangirling that I can take in one day.” He grumbled.

You laughed at his reaction, but was quickly distracted when you heard your phone ring. You checked it and saw that it was a message from Jennifer. With one look at the message, you felt your body freeze, and suddenly your hands were sweating. What? You kept checking the message hoping that it was lie, but each time you checked it, you were reading the same thing over and over again. After each time, your heart only broke more and more.

From Jennifer (8:45 a.m):

OMG! Taehyung and Angelica are dating!! They look so cute together. Omg.

Dating? Taehyung is dating someone else? This has to be a lie, he said that he loved me, not whoever Angelica is. How could he date anyone else, when he loves me? I thought he was too busy doing his projects… or was it all just a lie? Was him telling me that he left his notes at school also a lie? Did he even love me?