see through trend

Accessories Report: See-Through Handbags 

20 translucent handbags to shop now

Switch out your go-to leather handbags for something a bit more fun this spring. With see-through clutches, satchels and totes, you can now show the world what you carry in your bag, plus you’re forced to keep your essentials to a minimum and keep your purse tidy. From a perspex shoulder bag and a bright lucite clutch to a clear coin purse and a vinyl shopper, shop the best selection of translucent handbags below.

If you’re one of those girls who can’t keep her bag organized, these see-through handbags may not be the right choice for you. Instead, opt for a mini satchel, another big trend this spring. 

Animal Print Clear Clutch

Dora Perspex shoulder bag

The Bright Love Lucite Clutch

Rockstar Perspex Shoulder Bag

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Wristlet - Crystal Clear Wingman

Pom Pom Pandora Perspex clutch

ASOS Robot Box Clutch Bag

Steve Madden Bsquaree Clear Clutch

The Vaulted Clutch

Ban.Do Peekaboo Clutch

The Sea Glass Coin Purse

Nasty Gal Look See Clutch

Vinyl Shopper

Mesh Tote


Vince Camuto Jace Clear Tote

ASOS PU Scallop Edge Shopper Bag

Furla Candy Bauletto Satchel

Furla Candy Mini Bauletto Bag

Pre-Owned Hermes Orange Vinyl Souvenir D’ Exposition Kelly Bag

To search for more clear handbags, click here!

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Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Report.

See Through.

With warmer weather comes lightweight fabrics so it’s time to get to work on those abs, cause this summer we’re showing them off! According to lots of designers atleast.

And it is not just about the top, the bottom also has to be see-through, showing underwear is key part of this trend. see-through clothes are so in!

Sheer clothing is one of summer’s hottest trends, but it’s not the easiest to wear. If you’re fearful of over-exposure layering pieces might be the way to take this trend.

Cédric Jacquemyn, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean Phillip, Jonathan Christopher, KTZ, La Perla, Maison Martin Margiela, Moschino, N.21 and Versace.