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Imagine flirting with Stiles on your first date and seeing his real name on his ID and being able to pronounce it correctly on the first try, shocking him, but making him like you even more.

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You caught sight of it as he pulled out his wallet to pay for his movie ticket, his ID tucked behind the see-through plastic covering that most wallets have, “Mieczyslaw, huh? Cute name.”

Stiles froze as the girl in the ticket booth took his twenty dollar bill, a stunned smile coming to his lips as a blush peeks upon his cheeks, “Uh, yeah, wow.” He takes a second to collect himself, shaking his head with a chuckle, “Sorry, it’s just… Most people don’t even try to pronounce it and when they do it’s really badly.”

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Hey! I love your writing ^^ Can I please request RFA + Saeran finding a pregnancy test, and they think is MC's, but it's her friend's, MC was just helping her? What would they do? Thx thx

Hahahaha I love this! Let’s do it! ^^

RFA + Saeran reacting to finding a pregnancy test


  • Your friend needed to talk to you alone, your boyfriend was working, so you told her to come by the apartment you and him had been sharing for a couple of weeks now
  • She wasn’t sure if she was pregnant, but her period was a couple of days late.
  •  You told her she should buy one of those drugstore’s pregnancy test, she seemed so scared and worried, so you offered to go with her to buy one and she could take it at your place
  • She was embarrassed and trembling, so you bought it. When you two left, she told you she saw a light, like a camera’s flash. You didn’t mind, she was probably seeing things due to the stress
  • The two stripes appeared on the stick, it was positive. Oh god… the poor girl was desperate! She was so young, it was just an one night stand, the guy probably didn’t even remember her, what would she gonna do now? Oh my god oh my god oh my god…
  • You wanted to help, but you had no idea of what to say, and your phone buzzing so much was getting to your nerves! You turned it off, whatever it could be, it wasn’t more important than comforting your friend right now.
  •  You didn’t know what to do, so you made her some tea and hugged her, saying comforting words, at least that’s what Zen did to you whenever you’re feeling blue. She needed to calm down before thinking what she was going to do… and it was working!
  • Just until Zen walked through the door like a bolt and grabbed you in a tight embrace. “I came as soon as I saw it! I called you, texted you, why didn’t you answer me???  God… these people have no respect for privacy… are you okay, babe? Did you… did you… already take it?” You and your friend were completely confused.
  • “Babe, what are you talking about?” you asked. “The test, the one you bought it at the drugstore…”
  • “How do you know that?” you and your friend asked at the same time. “How don’t you two know? It’s all over gossip sites!”
  • You still weren’t following it, so you turned your phone on. It turns out all those notifications were from the RFA messenger, where Seven started a conversation with “Congrats, MC! You made the news!”
  • And then you saw it. The pictures of you getting out of the drugstore with a plastic bag. And inside the plastic bag, there was a very known brand of pregnancy tests… oh shit!
  • The headlines… oh god… the headlines… all of them saying how Zen’s girlfriend was spotted buying a pregnancy test, some of them pointing out that you weren’t even married.
  • The headlines, the RFA chat, your boyfriend looking at you so tense and excited at the same time… your poor friend… and the fact that the paparazzi was able to see through the plastic bag, jeez… these people have no life!
  • It was too much to handle, so you took a deep breath and hold Zen’s hand.
  •  “Okay… Zen, you need  to send a release to the press saying it was all a misunderstanding…” “Wait, It was?” you sighed deeply “Yes, it was. Did I introduce you to my friend here?”
  • And you went on to explain everything to him, he got all the possible reactions: sad for your friend, angry at the media, a little happy because… yes, you two weren’t married yet and you just moved in together and… a little disappointed that you weren’t having his baby?
  • He sent the release as you asked him, then he tried to comfort your friend, he even said he would be glad to have a little chat with the guy she slept with if he didn’t take his responsibility on this. Your friend politely refused, but appreciated the gesture, he answered he would just do anything for MC’s friends.
  • Both you and your friend were so touched right now… you and her figured out at that moment you found the man of your life (and your future babies’ dad)


  • Your friend dropped by before he came back from college, she wasn’t that scared, but she didn’t want to do it alone
  •  It was positive, she was already waiting for this, anyways… you asked if she was ok, she was a little worried because she was young and just started dating the guy… but she didn’t seem desperate
  • Still, you reassured she could call you anytime she wanted to, you said this over and over even when you were saying goodbye.
  • When she left, you laid down on the couch. You were worried, especially because you could relate to her… you and Yoosung were dating for less than a month… what if it was you? How would you react? How would HE react?
  • You thought about it so much that it got you tired, so you fell asleep on the couch
  • But the nap didn’t last long as soon as you found Yoosung sit next to you, he was staring at the wall. He scared the shit out of you, but he looked so shook that you had to play cool. “Honey, what’s wrong?”
  • “Two stripes means positive, right? I looked it up online.” He finally looked at you, holding the stick. His eyes looked paralyzed.
  • Dating him for a couple of weeks now, you noticed he tended to… overreact a little over silly things. Last week, he freaked out about accidentally walking on you in the bathroom
  • “I’m so so sorry, MC! I disrespected your privacy, your personal space… God, I’m so clingy, right? I was just worried, I didn’t notice you were in the shower, and you weren’t answering it… I thought you were kidnapped or something… Maybe a kidnapper would respect your privacy better than me, right?” WUT
  • Back to this, you took a deep breath. “Yoosung… where did you find this?”
  • “It - It was on the sink…” his voice was breaking, was he about to cry? You mental slapped yourself, you just had to thrown the stick on the garbage, but no… you had to be all contemplative about your friend’s situation and doze off on the couch, hadn’t you, you lazy bum?
  • “Yoosung, listen to me… I’m not pregnant.” “Of course you are, two stripes mean you’re pregnant” Oh God, you’re pregnant! We’re pregnant! And I didn’t even graduate yet… oh, my mom is gonna kill me! And Zen is going to lecture me about protection, and Seven… oh god, I don’t even want to think what he is going to do with me! I should run away before he finds out! Oh no… but then you’ll be a single mom, MC! Oh god, I heard society can be terrible with single moms, I feel so bad for you…” Just throw it in the garbage, seriously, just that…
  • “Yoosung… I’m not gonna be a single mom, I’m gonna be no mom, matter of fact…” “Of course you will, MC! Look at the stripes!” “They’re not my stripes, Yoosung, they’re… my friend’s, you remember her?” and you explained him everything
  • He managed to calm down, but had a mini breakdown when he figured out he was holding a stick your friend peed on… oh no, he wasn’t a pervert! Were you feeling betrayed now? Yoosung, please chill
  • At night, when you two went to bed, he apologized for getting weird, you said it was no big deal. “No, but you see, MC, it is a big deal. What if it was actually your test? I could never react like that! I have to be strong and be there for you, and… for our baby…”
  • “And one day you’ll be the strongest man I’ve ever seen, but it takes time and life experiences. We have so much time ahead of us, and we’re gonna go through so much in life… we have to graduate, get a job, find a bigger place to live, get married…” you noticed his breath speeding up, oh no, not again… he couldn’ freak out again, so you had to think quickly “But, until then… why don’t we just have fun?” you got up on him “I mean, some nice… (you kissed him on the forehead) sweet… (then on his nose) loud… (and then on his neck, making him let out a low moan) and PROTECTED… fun?”
  • He raised his head to catch your lips on a deep kiss, and well… let’s say it was a very fun night, after all


  • When you two started dating, she was very concerned about how your family would react about you dating a woman
  • You told her not to worry and explained  how much your parents loved your brother and his partner
  • She was so excited to hear about that, she just enjoyed finding sweet things about you and your family. Seeing her enthusiasm, you kept on talking about your brother and his husband
  • You told her that they were living together for almost five years, and they were considering having a kid, they were already looking for egg donors, matter of fact. You said, on a playful tone (which she probably didn’t notice), that they were considering you to carry the baby
  • So it was no big shock to her when she found the pregnancy test thrown next to the garbage a few weeks later. The fact that it was positive didn’t bewildered her as well
  • She was just confused about why you didn’t tell her you got the procedure? You wanted to keep a secret? Or… you didn’t consider her important enough in your life to let her know? No no… you would never do that! Would you?
  • Whatever it was, she wanted to respect this thing that was obviously between family, so she pretended she never found that test.
  • But it was hard to stay still when you were working at the cafe. Shouldn’t you sit a little? It wasn’t good being standing for this long, right? And how come you were never sick? Were you a super pregnant?
  • And then she lost it when you tried to lift a heavy box in the stock room. “MC, what do you think you’re doing?”
  • “I’m just taking this to the back, it’s getting on the way.” “Why didn’t you ask me to take it, MC? You can’t do things like that!”
  • “S-Sorry, Jaehee. I thought I could handle by myself, but I’ll let you know next tim-“ “Next time? What next time? Are you out of your mind? No! Oh, why didn’t I do this before? You need to take a leave of absence right now!”
  • “Wow, is that an euphemism for firing me?” “Firing you? No, MC! Never! I would never fire a pregnant lady, I would never fire… you…”
  • And you were like: “Say what now?”. She sighed heavily: “I’m sorry, MC! I found the pregnancy test the other day, I know you’re doing it for your brother, so I didn’t want to say anything, because it’s a family thing, and I felt I shouldn’t butt in. But you have to be careful and can’t strain yourself like that, it’s not just about you anymore, it’s about the human being growing inside of you.” What are you saying, woman?
  • And then you remembered the day your friend dropped by after taking the test, she could really use a friend back then… well, she also could have used the trash can appropriately and actually checking if it was actually thrown inside of it.
  • You chuckled and told her the whole story, she was so embarrassed when you finished, and it was so cute…
  • But you needed to scold her a little: “And hey, you dork! Did you really think I would do something so important like this without discussing it with you first?” “It’s a family’s subject, I-“ “And you’re a big part of my family, so you’ll be the first one to know, ok?”
  • Her eyes widened: “I’m… your family?” “W- Well, sure! I didn’t introduce you to my parent s yet, but that can be easily arranged.”
  • “And your brother…?” “Forget him, I’m not talking with him since he declined my offer to carry the baby. He said I’m too clumsy! Can you believe this?” Yeah… she could


  • He didn’t like Elizabeth was playing with trash in the bathroom, but he was curious about what she was trying so much to take from behind the trash can
  • So he saw it and… well, he didn’t know what it was. So he send a blurried photo to Assistant Kang because he doesn’t know boundaries.
  • Jaehee said that, from what she could see through all the blur, it was a pregnancy test, and a positive one judging from the thick blue lines on the top, she didn’t even ask anything, because… well, she knew boundaries.
  • It took him a while to put 2 and 2 together, and when he did… oh boy, he went looking for you.
  • And he found you near the balcony, but he could hear you talking. Oh… you were on the phone.
  • He didn’t want to disturb you, but he couldn’t help listening to your conversation.
  • “Well, sleeping with him was a mistake from the beginning! He’s a such a selfish little prick! Ugh… Oh, come on, we both know he’s not going to propose…” you turned and saw Jumin staring at you. “I’ll call you back later, ok? Hey honey! How was your day?”
  • “Nothing much, apparently I got my girlfriend pregnant, but she hates me…” “You’ve been watching that weird soap opera again, Jumin?” you scoffed, and he seemed irritated
  • “What? How can you make fun of me in such a situation, MC? Is it because… I’m a prick, whatever that means?”
  • “Jumin… you’re not making any sense now, honey. Why don’t we start from the top?” your collected and sweet tone took him aback.
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd found the pregnancy test, MC. I didn’t mean to listen to your conversations, but… I heard you on the phone, and… I’m just wondering, do you really regret making love to me? Do you really consider me… a selfish prick? I know I do a lot of things my way, MC, but you can always tell me if I’m being forceful, and… if you’re worried because we’re not married yet, that can be easily solved! I… don’t have a ring right now, but I can…” and he went down on one of his knees
  • “Whoa, Jumin! What are you doing?” “I’m proposing, as you desired…” “WHOA, ok… um, get up! This is just… this is a big misunderstanding, this is… “ You wanted to laugh so bad, but you knew he ‘d be offended
  • You told him everything, about your friend who dropped by because she was afraid to do it alone, and about you calling another friend to tell her it was true and trash talk the guy, who’s an asshole. “He’s totally… not like you…”
  • Well, he was relieved, not about you not being pregnant, but about you considering him a good man, after all.
  • “But, I must confess, MC, I wouldn’t mind if you were actually pregnant, I would be… very happy…”
  •  “Yeah, I thought you would say something like this. But honey, I’m too young and I just moved in. There’s so much we should do as a couple before thinking about kids, don’t you think?
  • “Oh really? Like what?” he teased you with a smirk
  •  “Well, I’ll let you surprise me on that. But let’s just say for now I should be the only one calling you ‘daddy’ around this house, how’s that sound?” that sounded great.


  • He came to visit you at your place, but you already had a guest? Oh, it was one of your friends, he remembered her
  • He saw you two hugging, both yours and her expression seemed gloomy, the whole atmosphere was a little heavy. Who died?
  • You two saw him, she just said a quick goodbye and got out, her head was low the whole time. “Is everything ok, MC?”
  •  “Yes, yes, it is… so, what’s up?” you tried to not let him see you worried like that, but he could always tell when something was off with you.
  • Generally, you would tell him what was going on, but now you didn’t want to, so he would respect that. The best he could do now was try to make you smile and distract you a little.
  •  You needed to ask him something, but you didn’t know how, so you kept hesitating. He noticed and just hugged you, you would talk when you were ready.
  • You cuddled on the couch and watched a movie, the blanket he brought was furry and you felt your nose itching. He apologized for not knowing you were allergic, he felt so stupid. You told him not to worry, you were dating for two weeks, there were a lot of things you didn’t know about each other, but you would learn eventually.
  • You started sneezing and told him to get your medicine at the bathroom, but then you remembered. You jumped out of the couch, but it was too late. You saw your boyfriend standing next to the sink holding the test and the box with the instructions.
  • “Two stripes mean positive, right?” he asked. “Saeyoung, before you say anything, I should…”
  • He felt happy at first, starting a family with you, even if was so soon, seemed like a dream coming true. But then he remembered yours and your friend’s expression,  you two looked so tense, so… sad…
  • “You called your friend for emotional support, right? You were too scared to do it alone. Why didn’t you call me? Why… why you didn’t want me to find out, MC? Why were you hesitating to tell me?” oh, you knew what was going on, you saw what happens when his insecurities got the best of him “You’re afraid, right? Afraid I’ll push you away again, that one day I’ll run away and let you. MC, I… I know I don’t deserve you, and I’m immature and complicated, but I’ll-“ you interrupted him putting your lips against his and kissing him, it was a fast yet very intense kiss
  • “Now you listen, that test is my friend’s that was here. She’s pregnant, and her boyfriend has been missing for a couple of weeks. He doesn’t seem the type to just let a girl without explanation and they really love each other, just like you and me, so we suspect something bad happened to him. I wanted to ask you to try tracing him, but you said you were done hacking and I didn’t want to make you do something that brought you so much suffering and trouble again. There, I said it” and you let out a deep sight, he was string at you and gulped, he didn’t know what to say, so he also took a deep breath in relief and to try to compose himself.
  • “MC. I’m… I’m sorry for acting that way, and… you can ask me anything anytime you need my help. I’m done hacking to collect bad information, to blackmail people. But I would be more than happy to use my skills to help you and your friend. I mean, this is… so much more than I deserve, I’m so…stupid and…” “You shut up right now, you’re not allowed to talk about my boyfriend and future father of my children like this. If you ever do that again, I’ll kick you in the balls, you heard me?”
  • “But then… we won’t be able to have  kids…” he pouted, and you both laughed. “Alright, now let’s get to work!” he said as putting an arm around your shoulder and leading you to the living room.


  • He noticed you were spacing out a little when he got home and asked if you were ok, you said everything was fine and he went to the bedroom. “What about you? How was your day? You asked, trying to distract yourself.
  •  “Meh, nothing much. You went to shopping?” He asked as he noticed the paper bags next to the door. “Yeah, my friend and I really needed a shopping therapy this afternoon and… oh! I actually have something to ask you, could you access my credit card report and check something for me? I think they charged the wrong price on a dress, the targets were messed up and I think I paid more…” you ran to him in the bedroom.
  • “Don’t be so gullible and pay more attention next time.” He scolded you. “Well, me and my friend were a little distracted, it’s just… nevermind, just… please, Saeran? Pleeease?”
  • He couldn’t resist when you asked like that saying his name. “Fine, you better let me tear off that dress once you put it.” “Not if I actually paid more. But I’ll think of something to pay you in return. I could start with ice cream! I’ll go to the convenience store, what flavor do you want?” “Well, you should choose, it will be all over your body once you get here.”  “And you’ll be the one to lick it, so…” “Whatever you pick, it’ll taste delicious.” He grinned and you giggled, kissing his forehead before heading out of your apartment he’s been staying for a month and a half now.
  • He hacked into your banking activity, as you requested (well, that was a first…), he would show you the report when you’d get back, but since he was here, he was curious about that shopping therapy, so he took a look at what else you bought.
  • Make-up, clothes, hair products, lingerie…? What kind? That was interesting… but what was more interesting was something you bought at a drugstore, what was that?
  • He looked it up and found it was a pregnancy’s test brand. “The fuck…?” Why would you need something like that? Unless… oh, that night you didn’t use a condom… you both were so drunk… SHIT!
  • He was not proud of digging the trash can in the bathroom, and he got even less proud when he saw it was positive (he also had to look it up what the two stripes meant) SHIT SHIT SHIT!
  • Was that why you were so distracted? Was that why you went to shopping? You needed new clothes for your new figure? But you said it was to distract you and your friend… weren’t you… feeling good about this?
  • Of course he wasn’t ready to be a father, but If you’d feel good about this, maybe this would be enough to encourage him… so, if you were doubtful yourself, how was he supposed to feel?
  • You got back and found him on the couch. He was fidgeting his phone on his hand. “Hey, are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, I’m cool, don’t worry.” “Okay… did you check my credit card report?” “Yeah, I did, it was very… interesting…” “Really? I’ll have to go back to that store tomorrow and make them refund me!” he wasn’t looking at you, so you thought of a way to get his attention. “Hey, I… I kinda ruined the surprise when I asked you to see what I bought, but… did you notice that I bought new lingerie? I’ll show you!”
  • What were you doing? Were you messing with him on purpose? You wanted him to find the pregnancy test? But why were you acting so clueless?
  •  You showed up at the living room wearing a stunning black lace and leather lingerie, he was trying so hard not to look, but the blush across his cheeks was very visible. “How do I look?”
  • He didn’t answer, but you could see he was trying not to look. Well, actions speak louder than words, so you sat on his lap and peppered some kisses on his neck. Oh god… he was feeling so hot, but… he pushed you away.
  • “What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?” he asked. “What’s wrong, Saeran? You been acting weird ever since I got back!” “Oh, I’m the one acting weird? Are you sure it’s not you?” “What are you talking about? I just wanted to have some fun with you because I have a shitty day and…”
  • “Would you stop saying that? If you feel so bad about being pregnant with my kid, why are you still trying to have sex with me again?” WHAT THE FUCK?
  • “I saw you bought one of those sticks to pee on to see if you’re knocked up, MC! It’s positive and it’s in the trash can! Then you keep saying how bad your day was, how you needed distraction… I know I’m more like a child and I wouldn’t probably be a good father, but… do you really need to shove that to my face? You… you don’t love me?”
  • You felt so bad… “Saeran… it’s nothing like that, you got everything wrong…” and you explained everything, your friend took the test here, she seemed stressed and worried, so you took her to shopping. “Fuck, I’m becoming as idiot as my brother!” you laughed
  • “You’re not an idiot! But you have to ask me before making your own assumptions. I would tell you right away if I were pregnant so we could figure out what to do together, that’s what you do when you love someone, you know?” he was so happy hearing you say that, you loved him, and most important, you trusted him.
  • “But, that night when we didn’t use a condom…?” “I never forget to take my pills, don’t worry about that.” “Did you take it today?” you nodded a yes, and he grinned.
  • “That lingerie shouldn’t be put to waste, wait for me in the bedroom, I’ll bring the ice cream.”
You don’t own me part 5

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Excerpt: “Before we go in there you should know that you only speak when you are asked. Else I don’t want to hear any noise from you”, his tone was firm which should indicate you that there should be no backtalk. 

“What?! Am I a dog?”, you yelled.

“Act like one and maybe you’ll get a reward”, an evil grin spread over his face as he exited the car.

Word count: 2549 // Yaas my friends!

Warnings: Angst -  It’s slowly increasing!

Author’s note: I know that mostly after the third part or so the people loose interest in my stories but still there are a some of you who stayed with me!  @httpwyf​ , @dont-hyuck@vicassa@imbaekhyunstrash
@byunbunniess@literaltae@jookyunhoe@crovalkyrie​ I hope I’m not bothering you by tagging you. If so please tell me and I’ll stop ;)  
I’m very thankful to everyone else too! ♥

Even if this part wouldn’t be read at all I still feel like writing it because I do actually enjoy it! I see a lot of people struggling on here by the lack of response they get for they stories while they totally forget the ones who did read and liked it! I must admit that in the beginning I felt the same because it is hard. There are so many awesome writers out there so you always compare yourself. But actually there is no need because writing is  something just for me. It calms me down and I allows me to shut the world out for a little while. And that is what counts I guess. So yeah after telling you my little realization I hope you can enjoy this part :) ♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4

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Delviskovish| 01

It has been 64 years since the president and the consortium identified love as a disease, and 43 since the scientists perfected a cure.

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Warning: Mentions of suicide

It has been 64 years since the president and the consortium identified love as a disease, and 43 since the scientists perfected a cure.

All of your family members were already cured, except for you. Every time your thoughts went to the procedure, they reassured you that it was going to be fine and that they don’t even remember the symptoms. You were scheduled to have your procedure in exactly 69 days. August 8, your birthday.

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You walked in the door, bags in your hands as little Liam ran past you out the front door. “Fiona?” you called. Fiona came out on the phone smiling at you, still in her sleeping shirt and underwear. You set the bags on the counter, sighing as you looked at a drunken Frank on the floor, nose bleeding as if he’d been hit. “Frank,” you acknowledged briefly. “Fiona, put some clothes on we’re going to the club,” you called. “On the phone!” she called back. You rolled your eyes, unloading the groceries you’d gotten for her on the counter. Little Carl walked past you, a switchblade in his hands as he reached for the fruit you set down. You grabbed his wrist with the switchblade. “You pay for that?” you asked in your motherly tone. Carl nodded sheepishly, but you took it from him and handed him a butter knife instead. He made a sound of dissatisfaction as he dragged himself out of the room. 

“Hey,” you called as Lip passed you by. Lip turned to you as you took the beer from his hand. “What happened to your face?” you asked, seeing a few scratches across his nose. “Made some money,” he answered vaguely. You gave him a look of sincerity as he shrugged, reaching for his beer. “No. Go next door and see V, your nose is swollen,” you demanded. “Y/N-” “Lip,” you interrupted. He dropped his hands as he took the beer, leaving out the back door. He loved you like he loved Fiona, and didn’t want to argue with you. Ian was the sweetest one, always doing little things for you because you’d helped him through his problems with Kash and Mickey. You looked into a military training camp at West Point for him, hoping to introduce him to it on his upcoming birthday. 

Now, Fiona was setting the phone down beside you, in her tank top and underwear with her makeup done. “I brought a dress for you, since you like to steal my clothes,” you laughed, picking up a strawberry to eat. “Don’t need. Bought one down at McClaire’s, V’s got her tag gun,” she noted. “You’d rather risk an expensive borrowed dress around wasted people than take my stuff for free?” you scoffed. Fiona sighed as you held up the dress bag you brought, too. “It is the red one…” Fiona said, persuaded by the ruffles she could see through the plastic of the dress cover. You laughed as you handed it to her, slapping her on the bottom as she went up the staircase. “Five minutes, V will be here,” you told her.

Clark kent Imagine

Requested prompt: “A baby.”


You and Clark are expecting.

The alien from Krypton had infiltrated your heart. His warm eyes were the world, and his love as big as the universe itself.  His big heart would infect your soul and you were more than infatuated with the fact that he, out of all people, had chosen to love you till his body would be gone from the world. A Man of Steel, he was as soft as sand. His eyes were always watching the world move, the people live, and you breath. No matter where you were; Metropolis, Gotham, he was always there ready to crack the sound barrier and race to your side when needed. 

Saving the people of Metropolis was tough. He was their saviour, their beacon of hope; yet, even though Superman belonged to the people of Metropolis, Clark Kent belonged to you. Your heart was his and his heart yours. The long late nights kept in bed, bodies intertwined with each other, breathing soft and eyes wide awake, while the two of you would talk stars, future, planets, galaxies; were the moments the world wouldn’t know existed. The way Clark would kiss you when you were down or vibrant, the way he would hold you tight  in bed, the way he would make sweet love to you over the white thin sheets, the way he would hold your hand out of the blue while walking or simply standing; these moments were silent to the world, but loud with love to only you two.

The world would never know the side where Superman’s heart would crumble at the beauty of you, or when he simply was infatuated by your nature. And, they were surely to never know that Superman, was in fact, soon to be a Dad.

Much like Metropolis, Clark didn’t know you were pregnant himself either. His eyes although strung on you, were too innocent and calm to figure anything more. You had been assured by yourself that some mornings it was just bad food from the night before, and you would make note to tell Clark this. He would give you a raised eye and a cautious look before heading off to work, reassuring you,

“If you need anything, or don’t feel well just call, i’ll be right over, i promise.” 

He would walk over and take you hand, while your tired eyes would curl whilst you smiled. Your delicate and shaky hands would reach up to his glasses and  adjust them softly while your body would rumble within, trying to hold down the acid reflux. 

“I will.” You say quietly. The volume of your voice was enough for him to know that in fact, you were not okay, but Clark respected your wishes. He knew as much as he wanted to take the day off, hold you and be with you, you would prefer to be alone. Although Clark’s gentle touch was incredibly gentle and sweet, sometimes you just needed space.

“I’m fine anyways, just a little headache.” 

He would kiss your cheek and leave, the door softly shutting behind him. 

The toilet was violated with sickness not long after he left. Your eyes watered and your head and your heart knew. Know doubt in your mind you knew Clark had heard you vomit, but he was too much of a kind person, and he respected that you wanted to be alone for the time being, and if you needed him, you’d have called.

That night, when Clark had arrived home, his nose caught the scent of roast potatoes in the oven. His lips raised slightly, and his glasses came off. He shut the door to the warmly lit apartment and he walked towards the kitchen. His bag was placed down and a rose taken out of it’s pocket. Wrapped in delicate see through plastic, the single ruby rose was held delicately in his extremely strong hands.  His eyes saw your back. Your body and hands over the stove, cooking food over the flame. You turned slightly, smiling at his presence. 

“Hey,” you said. Clark walked up too you, a hand on your lower back, he kissed your cheek and handed you the rose. Your eyes strayed from the pan, and you looked at its fragile form. You smiled widely and looked up into his big eyes. You wrapped your arm around his neck and kissed his lips.

“Thank you” You said. You pulled back down, looking at it’s beautiful colour of red. You turned to the pan, and turned the flame off. 

You continued to look into the rose. You took a deep breath, and decided it was probably time to inform him.

“Clark,” You said gently.

“Yeah?” He replied, eyes looking down at you, hand still on your lower back.

“I think,” you began. You started playing with the stem of the flower. It’s green colour intriguing you. It’s stem was lumpy,inconsistent, and still had a little dirt on it, not to mention it was really-

“ah” you hissed; Sharp. 

You quietly flinched as the thorn pitched your skin. Clark’s hand held yours as he pulled you over gently to get a tissue. He placed it gently on your skin, it’s soft texture absorbing your blood.

“I think i’m-”

“Pregnant?” He finished, a soft smile on his face. You looked up, mouth agape. It slowly tuned into a smile and you looked down at your finger and shook your head.

“I’m the man of Steel (y/n),” He laughs, “I know everything”

You hit his shoulder gently and you laugh,

“oh shush.” You say. He stands there in silence for awhile, millions of thoughts running through his head.

“A baby” He says to himself. You looked up at him, his eyes in thought.

“A baby!” He laughed. He looks at you and lifts you up, pulling you into a tight hug, arms picking you up like you were a grain of salt. You hugged him tight, a warm smile plagued on your lips. You mumbled into his tight warm grip, his head smiling into your shoulder,

“A baby.”

-hope you like it! Slowly getting through my request list. If you’ve requested one, it’s coming soon don’t worry! School is very busy right now and it’s my final year so i need to be on my game! Thanks for being patient!! x

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I liked the learning disability one. Can you do one where the react to Sole really having trouble and being really embarrassed when they mess up? Sole may even cry cause the believe they're an idiot.

As I said in my previous post, lets welcome Ada, Longfellow and Gage to the reactions (took a little while to get into their character, sorry). I’m off to New York, but I’ll try and get another one up before I go tomorrow (I’ve already got it planned I think). Anyway, this is the previous react nonnie was talking about, and I Hope this was okay, Nonnie, Enjoy <3


Sole looked at the schematics of the robot work bench once again, cursing aloud when they couldn’t quite understand what it was that needed to be built.

Out of all the things in the Commonwealth that existed, the robots were the worst for Sole- so the fight to help Ada had been a difficult one, but they’d made it out of the fight just fine and they’d made it to a settlement safe and well defended enough for them to be able to commence the work on building the important work bench.

Sole heard Ada in the background clanking as she walked, and a small part of Sole’s mind told them that they needed to get some WD-40 or something for Ada’s joints.

Looking away from Ada, Sole looked back at the paper in their hand. Sole’s vision started blurring from the tears building up in their eyes, and in a moment of rage, Sole screamed and threw the papers to the floor, their body quickly following into a crumpled heap.

Whilst Sole sobbed on the floor, the papers staring up at them, they heard Ada’s clanking, before it stopped, and the glaring sun was blocked out by a form.

“Sole, what is wrong?”

“I can’t…” The start of the sentence was broken up by another sob, before Sole continued. “This is just… I don’t understand it… I have… I’m having trouble reading this and…”

“Oh Sole, there is no need to get upset. Let me help you, I should have a little understanding of it”


Sole had gone all the way down to vault 95 with Cait to help cure her from her addiction to psycho- they’d fought numerous amounts of gunners, and the icing on the cake had to be the three assultrons that they went up against- Sole had nearly turned around and threatened Cait had the cure not been there.

But it had been, and the only thing between Cait actually getting the cure had been a terminal- one that was Master locked. Sole hated terminals- all the numbers, letters and digits all on one screen confused the hell out of them- and it was something that had been with Sole pre-war. It had been a relief when Sole had been diagnosed- but when they’d received no help nor treatment, it had ended up being very frustrating.

As Sole stood and stared at the terminal, they slowly felt tears of frustration and embarrassment building up-  they’d come this far for them to fail at the last hurdle.

Cait had offered to help, but she was feeling a bit worse for wear- she’d gone cold turkey on the trip down, and was a lot more irritable and hostile than usual.

Sole got locked out of the terminal four times before they smashed their fists down on the keyboard, causing the buttons to move around on the screen and the terminal to beep, indicating that the terminal was now logged in.

Cait let out a loud dark chuckle, before walking towards the now open door, patting Sole on the back with a grin, handing them a tissue to wipe their eyes from the tears that had gathered, but Cait didn’t say anything more, not wanting to embarrass Sole.


The biggest thing that Sole liked about Curie was that she was so caring towards everything and anyone- a prime example was the one time that they came across an injured pup and she ended up taking it into her care and tending to it until it was better.

This meant that whenever Sole had problems with their reading or writing, Curie was always there to help and support Sole in every way possible.

Sole found it frustrating and embarrassing when they had problems with reading or writing (and heaven forbid someone asked Sole to do some maths problems)- Sole really didn’t like feeling like an idiot.

But Curie would sit down next to Sole and help Sole, allowing them to calm themselves before going back to what they were doing, which usually ended up helping Sole.

Curie read through tons of pre-war books, and found numerous different things that could help Sole overcome their learning difficulty- from repetition in a task to taking frequent breaks to help the mind absorb information in small chunks at a time.

Sole may have found it hard to deal with living in a world completely different with a learning difficulty, but having someone like Curie there to help was something that reassured Sole just a little bit more.  


Danse had once made a joke about Sole joining in with the squire’s education when they had problems reading a technical document they’d found; but after Sole had told him that they actually had a learning difficulty, he felt a bit harsh.

Whenever they had a little bit of down time from heading out on missions, Danse would pull Sole aside and sit down with them in his private quarters, helping and encouraging Sole to be able to read through the documents without getting too muddled up.

One of the main things that Sole found the most difficult was when the words on a page were too small- however there was little that Danse could do to help that, but he did try.

When out on missions, Danse tried to find books that had larger writing, however those types of books were few and far between.

Another thing that Sole admitted they found difficult when reading was reading black words on white pages- so when Danse was out on a mission and found a piece of coloured see through plastic, he snatched it straight up to give to Sole to help them.

During their reading sessions, Sole would constantly belittle themselves, calling themself an idiot for not being able to read a simple word, or for getting too confused at a sentence, but Danse was always there to reassure Sole that they wasn’t, and that they just needed a little extra help with it- especially when they were so flawless when it came to being out on missions.


Nights living underneath a church really took a toll on Deacon and Sole- sure, they went out most days to run missions or to gather useful (or sometimes useless, like the one time a runner had them in Goodneighbour for a week on a lead on the Institute’s whereabouts, which turned out to be a drunk asshole’s way of having a good time).

So whilst hiding in the quietest corner of HQ- far away from the ruckus that Glory and Drummer Boy were making about the latest bet, Deacon would sit and read. Usually it would be one of those old pre-war books that he always quoted or shouted about when in the midst of a fight. Stories of love, or of war, or stories of love and war that were one and the same. He’d read with an expressive voice, always in character, which was something that Sole loved about him.

One night, Sole decided that they’d be the one to read the story, and although it took a lot longer that it normally did, Sole managed to get through a whole chapter before they both fell asleep.

Deacon helped a lot- more because he knew the story they were reading of by heart, being one of the books he read when he was a child, which meant he read it more than three times a year. Deacon helped with words that were too long, or sentences that didn’t quite make sense, and Sole was more than happy for the help.


Becoming the new overboss was a busy and very tiring job. Nuka world was a large place, and running all five parks, the land surrounding it and keeping the three raider gangs in check was a time consuming job.

Contrary to popular belief, there was a lot more paperwork involved than most people thought- and Sole was the one that had to sit there and read through it all. Some of it was complaints from various members of the different gangs, and other paperwork was the running cost of keeping the park in good order- even the running costs of opening up the park to actual holiday makers of the settlers from the Commonwealth.

Porter Gage would sit and watch as Sole poured themselves through page after page, getting more and more frustrated with themselves. Gage would have offered help to read through the papers- since he was their second hand man- but Gage could barely read properly himself.

Gage was interrupted by Sole screaming and throwing the papers past his head, which he quickly ducked to avoid. Sole quickly stomped out of the room with a huff, leaving Gage stood confused as to why Sole acted that way.

Sole later explained to him that they were embarrassed that they couldn’t read properly, and that they had a learning difficulty- Gage just laughed, and reassured Sole that he just couldn’t read, and told them to just not to upset and embarrassed about it.


Hancock and Sole spent a lot of their time in Goodneighbour- Hancock was very chilled about his role as mayor of Goodneighbour, but he did usually have a lot of paperwork he had to go through.

Hancock liked to know who was living in his city- every resident had to be registered- there was no payment fees, just a registration that stated where they would be living whilst inside the city walls, and Hancock liked all the files to be kept in one safe place.

Every few months, Hancock went through the documents and destroyed information of those who no longer lived in the city, and every since Sole arrived, they had been helping him sift through it all.

The documents all started the same; name, date of birth (most were unknown), and other information, most of which was completely irrelevant to the Commonwealth.

Sole was given the task to sort through the documents of those who were deceased- and it didn’t take long until reading through sheet after sheet of document got too much for Sole.

With the documents left abandoned on the side of the table, Sole stormed out of the room and ran down to the third rail, with Hancock quickly following behind. Hancock wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, just letting Sole take some time out until they felt comfortable to go back to work.


The island of Far Harbour was still covered in fog, and the town of Far Harbour was still being tormented by different creatures of the fog. However, Since Sole showed up and started helping the island, the town had begun to start noticing differences.

Sole came along and started building defences- new turrets up high on top of buildings that prevented attacks from happening as frequently.

Sole also stepped up into a role of helping out the community- heading out and hunting food that would be cooked for the community, or even taking out time to work in the shops, which was what they were doing at the current moment.

Longfellow watched from the chair he had taken as his own as Sole worked at the registers, typing numbers slowly into the register then handing out the change.

One night, months ago when Sole had headed over to the small Island that Longfellow had called home, Sole had explained to Longfellow that they had what was called in pre-war terms, a learning disability. They explained that they were okay with most parts of reading and writing, but their shortfall was the maths, which was really helpful when they worked in the shop helping out.

Sometimes when Sole helped out in the shop, Longfellow could see that Sole was getting too frustrated, however Longfellow just reminded Sole that they just needed to take a break, and they’d soon be back to helping people as they normally are.


Sole loved collecting pre-war things as they both travelled through the commonwealth- from little bobbleheads to pre-war tapes, some of which didn’t even play on Sole’s pip-boy. But the things that MacCready liked Sole picking up was the magazines, because instead of selling them, Sole usually ended up giving them to him.

From a very young age, MacCready has enjoyed reading magazines- he taught himself to read, and it gave him a little out when times got too hard for him.

Sole found a copy of a magazine they had when they were young in pre-war times, one that they had wanted to keep for a long time. They’d given it to MacCready, and at nights, when they were hiding away from the harshness of the Commonwealth, MacCready would read it aloud before they would take shifts to sleep.

However, one night, MacCready decided to let Sole read to them instead of himself. Whenever Sole stuttered over a word, MacCready would slow them down and get them to read it all again, trying to avoid them getting too frustrated and upset.

Slowly, over time, it became a ritual for the pair, every night whilst they were on the road.  


With Nick running a detective agency, Sole usually offered to help out on most occasions. From doing simple work such as missing person cases, to more difficult work, Sole was more than happy to get down to work.

Obviously, a lot of the detective work was paper based- Sole had to spend days reading and writing up everything that went down, which was especially hard on Sole considering the fact that they had a learning difficulty and after a while it all blurred into one.

Sole didn’t like to ask for help too often- especially when it came down to something so basic as reading or writing, so usually they just ended up sitting and getting more and more frustrated before they ended up in tears- and no matter how often Nick told Sole to just take a break or go to him, Sole never listened.

Nick wanted to make it as easy as possible for Sole, but Sole seemed intent on making it hard on themself time after time, but Nick was convinced that he’d one day get Sole to ask for the help that they truly needed.


Ever since Piper was a young girl, she’d always known that she wanted to go into the press- she’d read so many stories of what the press did in pre-war times that she knew that the Commonwealth needed a good journalist.

She had to learn how to read and write, and growing up in the Commonwealth with limited Educational supplies made that difficult, but soon she had what she needed to set up shop in Diamond City and start her own newspaper, bringing real life to the people of the Commonwealth.

When Piper met Sole, and Sole admitted they were from pre-war times (therefore meaning they were brought up with a pre-war education), Piper wanted to learn everything from Sole- which was when Sole admitted to Piper that they had a learning difficulty.

Sole agreed to help Piper run the newspaper (after the Institute was finally dealt with), but Sole told Piper that they’d need a bit of time to get used to the running of the Paper. Sometimes, Sole would be the one that wrote the articles- the one they wrote on how they took down the Institute with the Minutemen and made the Brotherhood and the Railroad be ‘friends’ went down a treat with many who read it. But Sole soon realised (after weeks of tears from trying to write to a good standard) that writing just wasn’t for them, and maybe reading wasn’t either.


Being the General of the Minutemen was a difficult job. When Sole first stepped up to the Role, the Minutemen were hardly a group of people anyone wanted in the Commonwealth- they seemed to have done much wrong, people thought that it all happen again.

Sole slowly built up the Minutemen, helping settlers and building safe settlements, and just generally making the Commonwealth a much safer place.

When they stormed the Castle and took it back from the Mirelurks, Preston realised that they finally had their base back, and with the help of Sole, it was soon back to its- pre-war- former glory.

Sole took up base at the Castle, dealing with all Minutemen business there- which was difficult for Sole. Much of the paperwork side of being general played havoc on Sole’s learning difficulty- working with words (both the reading and writing) was particularly hard on Sole, but with the help of Preston, Sole was able to do it.

Whenever Sole felt down, or in their words ‘stupid’, Preston would always be behind them to reassure them that they are doing a good job, and that the Commonwealth are glad for someone like Sole coming to save them.


Father had passed away rather peacefully- in the comforting presence of their parent. The funeral had been a small affair, a second day of celebration of his life coming a few days later.

It was a full week after Father passed that Sole took on the role of leader of the Institute- they didn’t want to move into the role too quickly, but they were also grieving for the passing of the child they never knew and had only just got back.

Sole had a meeting with X6, just two days before taking up the role. They discussed whether or not they really wanted to take on the role- but X6 managed to convince them that the Institute would be in no better hands than the hands of the parent of Father, the creator of everything that the Institute stood for and became to be.

Sole settled down into the role very quickly- it was a very busy job, that ended up taking up most of Sole’s time. Sole made a lot of changes, intending to make the Institute less of an enemy of the people of the Commonwealth, but like most of the other things that went on down in the Institute, it involved a lot of paperwork. Which Sole wasn’t very good at.

Sole had a pre-war learning difficulty, and most of the time found it very difficult to read and write things, most of the time it ended up in tears of frustration. The amounts of time that X6 found Sole in a heap of tears was more than he could count, and in the beginning he tried to ‘sneak’ away, but after a while he just walked in and helped Sole, which was a lot better for Sole as it stopped them from feeling so bad.  


Maxson acted like a complete asshole when he first met Sole- he took the piss whenever Sole needed help with their reading and writing, not realising that Sole had an actual learning difficulty.

It didn’t help Sole’s self confidence at all, even though they knew that he was just joking around and that he truly didn’t know.

Maxson didn’t actually find out about Sole’s learning difficulty through Sole themselves, rather than finding out from Knight- Captain Cade, who wrote it down in a report, which excused Sole from having to do recon missions about written information.

After Maxson found out he immediately felt bad- he tried to find Sole but they always managed to evade him, somehow finding something else to do rather than to talk to the elder. Even when Maxson requested speaking to them, they ended up on a vertibird to Cambridge Police station, or somewhere further. Sole clearly didn’t want to speak to him- it was a shame that Arthur Maxson wanted to speak to them.

Maxson found out that Sole was at one of their Minutemen base settlements, so ordered his personal vertibird to drop him off nearby. He walked to the settlement alone- he had told the soldiers that he needed to be alone. However once he saw the turrets whirring to life, he regretted the decision. Luckily, Sole was stood atop the watchtower, and managed to stop the numerous turrets (and settlers) from gunning him down.

Maxson followed Sole to a outhouse building, sitting down in the pro-offered chair and beginning to speak without invitation, ultimately apologising for his behaviour.


The downing of the Institute was great news for the Commonwealth- no more synths terrorising people or kidnapped family members. The Commonwealth owed a lot to Sole, but Sole didn’t like reminding people of it- and they didn’t like any of the missions (or paperwork) that came with it.

It might not have seemed it, but most of the missions that were ran by Railroad agents meant that there had to be paperwork that accompanied it. It started out being for security reasons- to ensure that nobody followed anyone back to HQ, but then people started hearing rumours of the Railroad, and then the paperwork turned a lot more heavy.

Sole stepped up to the role of filling paperwork immediately, however Desdemona noticed that Sole had problems when it came to writing and reading through what they had written. It didn’t take long for Desdemona to remember of a pre-war thing called a learning difficulty, and in private, pulled Sole up about it.

With tears in their eyes, Sole admitted that they had one, but they didn’t want to not pull their weight in work.

Soon, Desdemona got others to help Sole out with the paperwork to ensure that their wasn’t too much pressure being put on Sole with the paperwork that they had to do.

The little fire Calcifer

I really love Howl’s moving castle and what would it be without the little fire demon, so I made a little Calcifer to go with my Sophie Hatter cosplay.

For the body I used a see through plastic bauble that I covered with hot glue. I then painted the whole thing with glass paint because I wanted the light to go through it making a fiery effect. It took very long and many layers since the paint was so see through but in the end it turned out fine.

I made his eyes out of clay and painted them with hobby paint. :) It’s a hole in the bottom of the fire because I wanted to put a light in it to make the fire glow from inside, but I don’t think I’m gonna have time to fix that until the convention in four days so I will save that till the next time I’ll be Sophie.