see through plastic


Q: What was the funniest moment on set?
Elizabeth: The funniest moment *laughs*. I can’t remember what episode it was, kill me for saying this, it was an episode in season 1 - oh it was “Eye Spy” when there was the Agent with the camera in her eye and she could see X-Ray vision - and it was me, Skye and Fitz all in the van and there’s a shot of seeing through the van and all people were seeing was X-Ray. Anyway, to shoot that scene we had to wear like all in one Lycra red suits and they made our clothes see-through plastic over it so they used some special camera. Anyway, the point is, Iain had to wear this all in one, very revealing, Lycra suit and it was just so - it was one of the best moments of my life! It was amazing. Just ‘cause he was embarrassed, I’m not a pervert. [credit]


more lefty practice- two TPoH characters who will appear in the not too vastly distant future (when I start drawing the comic again at least)

they’re really more like BG characters but I always get too invested in everyone and give them names and little backstories that nobody will ever know sob

morgibritt replied to your photoset “Dahlia: So when will you and I do it? Chansey: Do it? Dahlia: Oh…”

That bean bag chair in the back was really tripping me out! At first glance I thought it was like an orange ghost between Dahlia and Chansey. Then I realized that is was a beanbag chair, but thought it was like a plastic see-through on because the pattern almost matches the wall paper, just darker ��

What the actual heck? xD Now I can’t unsee it! 

Went out to fill my chooks’ water container and found instead this very pissed off, little blue-tongued lizard. He’d gotten stuck in the outside basin thing under the tap and even as I saved him, was all “I AN’T HAVING NONE OF THIS” and aggressively attacked whatever I brought near him to try and help him out.

I’m just cooing to him: “Come on! Come on now… LET ME HELP YOU YOU SILLY SCALEY BABY.”

And he’s just like: “I’LL FIGHT YOU. I AN’T NEED NO HUMAN. PISS OFF.”

“YES YOU DO.” So I manage to get him into this see-through plastic box so he proceeds to try and attack my hand through the plastic while I tsk and finally release him into a safe spot in the yard where the chooks won’t find him but DAMN.

That little cutie wanted to maul my face.