see through lace bras

Not So Innocent Now

Word count: 1,460

Warning: smut, teasing, rough sex

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @study-me-misha for my first request!

The reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister and Cas has had feelings for her for a long time. She starts to tease him round the bunker which leads to him snapping.

Tags: @badwolfy08 @jensen-gal

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Cas watched as Y/N, the middle Winchester child, hugged her brothers after a particularly long and gruelling case. The look of triumph and her relaxed smile made Cas smile to himself. He always thought she looked so beautiful in these moments of complete satisfaction, being held in the arms of her family. A wave of sorrow also crashed through Cas as he wished for this love from his own family, but sadly he was an outcast from them. Abruptly, Cas was broken from his thoughts as Y/N ran over and embraced him tightly.

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Good For You || Jeon Jungkook♡

Genre: S.M.U.T

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Word Count: 4202

Summary: You decide to treat jungkook to a lil surprise ;)

Song rec: Good For You - Selena Gomez + Prblms - 6lack

Note: I haven’t proof read this cause im sooo tried omg so sorry if there;s a few mistakes :)

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You had spent the whole day in the apartment that you shared with Jungkook. It had been raining since noon and Jungkook was at the studio all day, leaving to entertain yourself.

Jungkook left around 9 am and now it was 7 pm. For the whole day, you lay around in nothing but one of Jungkook’s plain white shirts and panties. You were all alone, so why not be comfortable? You watched T.V, drew a little and belted out your favourite songs at the top of your lungs. Then by the time you looked at your phone and saw the time, you were extremely bored and just wanted Jungkook to come home already. So, you decided to text him and ask him when he was going to come home.

Y/N aka my bitch: when are you coming home? I’m boredddd

You waited about five more minutes before Jungkook replied.

Jungcock: idk babe, maybe another hour?? i’ll text you when i’m on my way

You rolled onto your back and groaned, letting your phone fall out of your hand onto the L shaped couch you lay on. You got up and had no idea what to do to fill time. You sauntered into your bedroom that you shared with Jungkook and observed. The king sized bed that you slept in last night still had unmade, messy white sheets scattered over it and there were a few items of clothes and towels spread around the floor. The white mesh curtains were still closed, letting the city lights shine through dimly.

You decided to go for a shower. You got undressed as the shower heated up and then got in and let the warm water take your mind off of how bored you were. You washed your hair with your favourite coconut shampoo and then your body. Then you thought, to waste some time, to shave. You loved the feeling of smooth legs against sheets.

Once you got out, you towel dried your hair, leaving it only a little bit damp meaning it would dry wavy. Jungkook loved it when your hair was like that since you usually tied it up or straightened it. 

You strolled over to the chest of drawers which held your underwear, and while you looked through the drawer, your eye spotted a bag tucked away at the very back. You were confused for a few seconds, but when you pulled the bag you remembered. A few months ago, you had bought basically a full lingerie set. You didn’t buy it for Jungkook, you bought for yourself. You loved making yourself feel and look good, and it just so happened that Jungkook loved it too. Although you hadn’t even worn this set yet. Or any set in quite a while.

You sat down on the bed and emptied the bag onto the bed, spreading everything out to see what was there. There was a (slightly see through) black, lace triangle bra with matching lace bikini briefs. This was kind of similar to your normal underwear (minus the see through part), but what really made it was the floor length mesh robe. There was a black ribbon that went around the whole thing so that you could tie it at the front. There was also more lace detailing at the very bottom and at the end of the sleeves.

You felt a sly smirk make its way onto you soft lips, and immediately knew exactly how the rest of this night would turn out.

Even though it had been about half an hour since Jungkook had replied to your text, you decided to say something else.

Y/N aka my bitch: okay babe, I’ll wait up for you ;)

You sent the text, knowing fine well that Jungkook knew something was different from the winky face you added which meant he would probably be home much sooner than he intended, then went back to the lingerie that was laid out of the bed for you. You grabbed it then held it up. You could tell that you would be able to see right through it with out even having to put it on, but not completely thanks to the black lace detailing. But that’s what the mesh robe was for, right?

You slid on the briefs, which you noticed had a little bow on the top and then clipped on the bra. Funnily enough, the lace covered nothing apart from your nipples, which made you chuckle since you knew how much that would tease Jungkook. Then, lastly, you slid the robe on. The baggy sleeves reached just above your wrists and the bottom of it slightly dragged on the floor. You walked over to the wall length mirror and looked at your self.

Your hair had dried just the way you wanted it and if you said so yourself, you looked damn hot. Your skin tone went perfectly with the black as it gracefully slid over your body. You tied the ribbon of the robe in front of you but made sure to leave it loose, so that one shoulder of the robe slid off effortlessly.

You still didn’t really know when Jungkook was going to be home, so you went through to the dimly lit living room and sat on the couch. You never bothered to turn on the T.V, since behind it, was a wall made of glass. The view from it was breath taking. It looked right out over Seoul and you could see the orange and white lights from above, making you feel even better about yourself. 

Probably around ten minutes passed of you laying on the couch before you decided to get up and walk over to the wall of glass. You leaned in the corner, making your robe slightly fall off of your shoulder again, but you never bothered to tug it back. 

You watched the veins of your city and the cars that flowed through it. The people looked like little dots, yet you could still feel the buzzing energy from them. From there, you could actually see the tall building that held the studio where Jungkook worked from a few miles away. Your mind went back to Jungkook and it roamed all of the possibilities that await you both.

Then, as you stayed looking out at the view, you heard the front door open down the hallway.

“Y/N?” He shouted. “I’m home!”

You didn’t say a word and simply waited for him to find you in the living room. You heard his keys rattle in his hand and his footsteps as he walked down the hallway connecting the door to the living room.

“Y/N, where are-” Jungkook’s sentence stopped, along with the rattling of his keys and his footsteps. A smirk grew onto your lips as you slowly turned around. Your robe was still slightly off one shoulder so you slowly pulled it up.

Jungkook had frozen. You could tell he definitely did not expect to come home to this. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt like he usually does on studio days and tight black jeans. You let his eyes explore your body from across the room for a few seconds more before you strolled over towards him.

“Look what I found.” You suggestively giggled, motioning to your attire. One light laugh exited Jungkook’s mouth as he raised an eyebrow.

“Why have I never seen this before?” Jungkook asked. His arms snaked around your waist as he pulled you closer so that your chest was pressed against his. You could feel the heat radiating off of him, only making you want him closer to you.

“I got it a while ago then forgot about it.” You shrugged. “I just wanted to look good for you.” You gazed into his eyes, which were already filled with lust. Lust for you. For all of you.

“I think I can say you look more than good for me,” Jungkook smirked as he leaned in, dropping everything in his hands onto the couch next to you.  

His lips hovered over yours so that you could feel his hot breath on your lips and as he teased you, his hands roamed all over your back before settling nicely on your hips.

“God, you’re so beautiful…and you’re all mine.” He whispered.

He finally gave in and his lips molded perfectly into yours. It started off slow and passionate, not letting go of each other’s lips. Both of your eyes were closed but you didn’t need to have them open to see what the other person wanted. As the kiss progressed, it got hotter and thirstier. Jungkook’s hands made their way to underneath your thighs and he squeezed them, indicating for you to jump.

You obliged and wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you over to the table in between the kitchen and the living room and placed you gently on top of it. Your hands quickly found their way to his hair and fiddled around, messing up his hair and every time you slightly tugged, a throaty moan would vibrate from Jungkook’s mouth to yours.

Jungkook’s soft lips started to stray away from your mouth, leaving it cold and alone. But he made up for it by keeping them attached to your jaw, then your neck and then to your earlobe. You felt him slightly nibble at it, making your giggle and try to escape, but his strong arms held you still and his lips left your ear and got to your collarbones, your sweet spot. Your head tilted back to give him more room to explore your body, which he took full advantage of.

He dragged his lips off of your body and stood up straight so that he towered above you. He looked down at you and hungrily licked his love stained lips. 

“It’s taking me a lot to not just fuck you right now on this table.” He groaned. You leaned back on your elbows on the table and opened your legs ever so slightly. You bowed your head but looked up at Jungkook through your eyelashes.

“Well, why don’t you?” You asked innocently, tilting your head to the side softly. You watched Jungkook moan from just looking at you and the bulge in his pants grow. He threw his head back and rubbed his hands over his face. His head hung back for a few more moments before he came back and looked you dead in the eye.

“Because I’m too much of a gentleman to do so.” He took his bottom lip between his teeth and watched you.

“So what are you going to do with me?” You questioned, keeping your position.

“I’m going to fuck you right now in the bedroom.” He wickedly smirked. 

Before you had time to process what he just said, you were being picked up by his strong arms and back to the position you were in before with your legs wrapped around his waist and your lips attacking each other.

Your hands tangled in his hair and every time your lips parted (which wasn’t often) you felt his short, hot breaths against your plump lips.

As you both entered the room, you let yourself untangle from his body and set yourself down on your feet as you pulled away from him. You stood at the foot of the bed with Jungkook standing in front of you, so you put your hand on his chest and gently pushed him onto the bed, so that he landed on his back, propping himself up on his elbows.

He watched you with hungry eyes and licked his lips, digging his teeth into his bottom lip. You trailed your hands to the ribbon which held your robe loosely around your body and untied it, slipping your arms out of the sleeves and letting it fall to the ground around your feet. You could almost see Jungkook’s pupils dilate as if you were a drug to him.

You swanned over to the bed and crawled onto it, crawling over Jungkook’s body and stopping just as you got to his face. 

Before you could say or do anything, Jungkook’s hands gently held your waist and once again he had complete control over you, but that didn’t make you forget the control you had over him. He flipped your bodies around, so you took this opportunity to lessen the things separating you and reached behind your back to unclip your bra, getting rid of it by throwing it to the side. Leaving Jungkook leaning over you, his eyes completely mesmerized by you underneath him.

You steadily leaned upwards, so that you were propped up on your elbows and your lips were against his right ear. 

“You want me?” You whispered into his ear and attached your lips to his jawline, not too far from his ear. You heard Jungkook gulp and a quiet whine escape his lips. 

“I’m all yours.” And with that, Jungkook’s body straightened up and you fell back onto your back. He grabbed your wrists with one hand and kept them above your head. From there, his lips made contact with your skin once again. He began at your lips and made his way all the way down your body, creating a trail connecting your lips to your collarbones, to the sweet valley between your breasts and making a pit stop at the bottom of your stomach. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the minute and a small feeling started to brew right at the bottom of your stomach.

While Jungkook left sweet kisses along your skin, just above your lace briefs, you felt his teeth graze against your delicate skin. Your head rose and you looked down to see his devilish eyes looking back up at you, directly into your eyes and catching the top of your briefs in between his teeth then slowly dragging them down your legs until they completely came off.

Even though you really wanted Jungkook, you wanted to please him. You wanted him to feel good; this night was about him, and if you were to be pleasured in return, you definitely wouldn’t say no.

As soon as Jungkook rid of every article of clothing hiding you from him, you sat up and took Jungkook’s shoulders, guiding him down so that he lay on his back. You could see by his face that he was slightly confused by your actions.

“Let me be good to you, baby. Please?” You practically whined, making Jungkook’s breath faster and his head nod, as he was lost for words. Before you could act on this, he got rid of his shirt in seconds and soon enough it was on the floor along with everything else that you had worn just minutes ago.

You got on your hands and knees and crawled over his body, just as you had done at the beginning of this spell but only this time instead of stopping at his mouth like last time, you stopped a little earlier.

You sat up on your knees over his legs and looked at up at him. You hadn’t even touched him yet and he was already panting beneath you. His back was lazily against the massive head board and his hands laid on the sheets. You took your hands and drew them from his knees to just above his thighs, where you found the button and zip of his jeans. You hands gracefully undid them and pulled them down, bringing his boxers with them letting his dick free, throwing his jeans and boxers out of the way to the side. You heard Jungkook hiss just at the sight of you above his cock, and a sly smirk showed on your lips.

You leaned forward and kissed his abs, leaving a trail behind you as you got to his dick. You gave the tip a few kitten licks, making it twitch slightly beneath you resulting in a small giggle escaping your mouth.

“Oh my God, you’re such a damn tease.” Jungkook groaned. So then, you started leaving heavier, prolonged kisses up and down his length before fully fitting him in your mouth making a long raspy moan break free from inside Jungkook. Sweat started to form on his forehead and his head tilted all the way back.

“Yes Y/N, just like that.” Jungkook praised with slurred words as if he was drunk on your love. 

More melodious moans broke free from his lips, making yourself moan sending the vibrations from your voice onto Jungkook, only making him love what you did to him even more. As you sped up your pace, Jungkook could feel himself about to let go soon.

“Y-Y/N, I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum.” He panted. Jungkook expected you to release yourself from him, but you wanted to stay with him until his high finished. And only a few seconds later, a stream of profanities and moans left his mouth and he shot into your mouth, letting some fall from your mouth coating your lips with him. You swallowed what you could, and left him with one last kiss.

You sat up again, seeing the result of a messy haired and sweaty Jungkook. You brought your hand up and wiped away the remaining mess left around your mouth and grinned at him, licking your lips.

“So? Was I good to you?” You innocently grinned. Jungkook’s lips turned into a wicked smile and a few chuckled left his mouth, making his shoulders go up and down.

“You were more than good, princess,” Jungkook said, “You made me hungry for more babe.” Jungkook was standing on his knees, so close to you, his chest was up against your breasts. He leaned down to your ear and you felt his hot breath fan the side of your head. 

“And I’m insatiable.” Sex dripped from his lips as those words fell out of his mouth and into your pool of sin.

In seconds, you were once again lying on your back; your hair fanned out around you with Jungkook above you. You kept your head back and looked up at the ceiling, waiting for some part of Jungkook to come in contact with your pure skin. 

You were slightly surprised when his lips caressed your hips, throwing in small strokes of his tongue and grazes of his teeth. He hadn’t even pleasured you yet and you were a squirming mess underneath him. Your breathing had quickened and as Jungkook loved your body with his lips, you could actually feel his smirk grow.

“Jungkook,” You whined. “Stop teasing, you know I hate it.”

Jungkook chuckled and lifted his lips from your body. You raised your head to look back at him and that stupid smirk still hadn’t left his lips.

“Someone’s eager…” He mumbled. All of a sudden, he dipped his head back down, only this time his lips didn’t make love to the delicate skin on your hips but to the soaked folds of your heat. A gasp mixed with a moan broke out from your lips from surprise and his tongue swirled around you.

At first, it was small strokes but as time went on, he went deeper and deeper. You felt a knot begin to tie at the bottom of your stomach and with each stroke and swirl it got tighter and tighter. So when he added a finger, which caressed your clit, you truly felt that from just that added action you would come undone. Until you were just about to warn him that you were about to let yourself go, everything stopped. 

You lay on the bed, your chest rising up and down at a fast pace from your lack of breath as Jungkook had literally just taken it away, in complete shock.Your head rose, and a furious look showed on your face. Jungkook simply sat before you chuckling away at himself.

“I’m sorry, I had to. I know you hate it, but you’re just so hot when you get angry.” Jungkook grinned, his eyes strolling all over your body. 

You didn’t have time to think about what he said, you knew what you wanted and you were planning on getting it, and soon. You got up onto your knees and grabbed Jungkook by his muscley shoulders and before he knew what you were doing, it was his turn to lay on his back again as you directed what was to come.

Surprise showed evidently on his face, and as you came into his view with nothing but lust filling your eyes, your wants and your needs he knew what you wanted. He saw you as a golden lioness, not necessarily hunting her prey, but almost as if she had her eyes on her lion.

Jungkook believed that his eyes fooled him since he thought he could see the alluring and hypnotising aura that you produced surrounding you. You glowed and moved in the most perfect ways. He loved every aspect of you, both physically and within. He was your king and you were his queen.

You crept from the bottom of his body all the way up so that you reached his face. You leaned in so that you could both feel the heat radiating off of each other, but not close enough to touch. You went back down to the lower part of his stomach. You looked up at him through your long and luscious eyelashes with out raising your head and licked your lips to keep them wet. You opened your mouth slightly and settled your bottom lip just above where Jungkook needed you most and slowly dragged your lip up his abs, letting your tongue join in on the way to your destination.

Jungkook’s head rolled back and so did his eyes, he didn’t even have to look at you to feel amazing, but looking at you please him made it that little bit more blissful. 

You tore your mouth from his collarbones and sat up so that you were straddling his lap. You felt his member beneath you but not yet in you and you rocked your hips back and forth, creating friction between you.

“Fuck.” Jungkook hissed as he closed his eyes and bit his lip hard. You couldn’t help yourself when an iniquitous grin lay upon your rose coloured lips. 

“This is what bad boys get when they misbehave.” You purred, twirling your hips around. 

Jungkook’s fairly large hands snaked from his sides so the bare sides of your hips that were upon him. His hands roamed that area of your body and your hands traveled downwards. Without even recognising your actions, you moved back slightly and propped yourself up. Your hand spiraled to take hold of Jungkook’s dick, and you positioned yourself above him.

Jungkook’s eyes fluttered open, separating him from the blind bliss he was in, as he wanted to watch you please yourself with him. You slowly let yourself down on him, taking your breath away. And you didn’t have to worry about protection, you decided birth control would be better and easier for both of you.

“Oh my God.” You gasped as you adjusted to his length inside of you. Jungkook was too caught up in what was before him to say anything comprehensible, so, he helped you move as he kept his hands on your hips.

You started to slide up and down, twirling your hips around and around. Jungkook helped the pace quicken by moving his hips into you. Moans filled the rooms, with spiraling profanities and your names. And as the pace got faster, the moans got louder.

“Holy shit, yes, Y/N.” Jungkook panted, his hands leaving your hips and heading north to play with your breast that had a slight bounce to them as you rode him, only making you feel even better, which you showed by letting your head fall back with a moan.

“J-Jungkook, I don’t think I can-” You were cut off by Jungkook hitting just the right place, making you scream out in pleasure.

“It’s alright, Y/N. Cum around me baby, come on.” Jungkook praised. So as the coil in your stomach got tighter and tighter, eventually, it finally broke and in the middle of you riding out your high, Jungkook came shortly after, filling you up.

Then as praises and shouts and ecstasy filled your ears, you pulled yourself from atop Jungkook and fell to his side. All that was left was the sound of heavy breathes and the city outside.

Jungkook turned to you and smiled. He grabbed the white sheets, which were now significantly messier than before and pulled them over the two of you. You turned to your side, letting your head find a home in the comfort of his chest where his heart beat. His hands migrated towards your head and he stroked it with care and love.

“You know, I like these surprises, we should do them more often.” Jungkook chuckled affectionately. 

“Yeah babe, sure.” You chuckled. You hadn’t even realised how tired out you were until your eyelids became heavy and soon they were closed and Jungkook’s soon followed as you fell into a sweet slumber in each other’s arms.

Appropriate Attire [Part 1]

@knockknocksoosthere said: Hi love! For your Drabble game, can I please request Namjoon, 11.“stop trying to sext me right now, i don’t need this.” & 42. “are you even real?” - dealer’s choice for genre. You are wonderful, thank you! 🖤

Warning: Contains heavy smut, fingering, squirting and semi-public sex.    

A/N: Some of the stuff in this fic references Korean work etiquette and hierarchy. It is a very set system. A hweshik is a company dinner held often with the purpose of creating a positive, family like bond between staff and usually involves drinking. 

Office romances were not your thing. You’d never been interested in sharing yourself with any of your co-workers in anything less than a professional way - and even that was a stretch at times. You did, of course, understand that they happened. There was no doubt in your mind that your office in particular was teeming with  - very poorly, for the record - hidden affairs. The clipped discussions that halted as you passed couples in the hallways. The flirty exchange of glances in meetings that were held far too long for your liking. The locked supply closet doors that you’d learned simply to return to at a more convenient time for the occupants.

Yes. You were more than certain that these things took place. But to you, they showed nothing but a weakness. A pathetic inconvenience in the human condition that prevented you from doing what you wanted - to work, finish your job in an efficient and timely manner, and return home to your couch to continue watching the latest episode of whatever you’d decided to binge on netflix that week. This infatuation your coworkers had for having sex with each other was completely lost on you.

That was until you found yourself in the exact same position as so many of them. In an office fling, for lack of a better word. You don’t know if you’d call it a romance, because from the moment it had started you’d known it was purely physical. And it wasn’t an affair, because that would imply you actually had someone to cheat on in the first place. It was just… sex.

If anything, your situation was even more pathetic than the people you called your colleagues… You didn’t know if the person who’d captured your attention was even considered a co-worker in the truest sense of the world. He didn’t technically get paid to work at the office… at least you didn’t think so, anyway.

You still weren’t sure how this whole thing had conspired - how you’d found yourself toeing a morally ambiguous line that you’d worked so hard to avoid your whole work life. But what you were sure of was that the appeal of fucking in the supply closet was now something you well and truly understood.

Kim Namjoon. 21 years old. Recent college graduate, an intern who’s sole responsibility was delivering the mail, and the only person in the entire building who thought chucks were an appropriate choice of footwear to accompany suit pants.

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16 with Dean plz

Hope you like this! I haven’t written something this playful in a while~

16. “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything.” 

The clock read 5:13 PM. You narrowed your eyes at the ticking hand, wondering what time the brothers would be back at the bunker. You picked up your cell phone and dialed Sam’s number.

“We should be back at nine. If anything, maybe even later.” He said and you nodded, then realized he couldn’t see you.
“Okay, stay safe. See you soon.” You smiled as you heard Dean respond somewhere in the background with a loud: “See ya!”

Sam chuckled and said goodbye one last time before hanging up.

You had about four hours of absolute freedom. So, naturally, you hooked up your phone to the surround sound speakers you had forced Sam and Dean to install a couple weeks ago, and let your music fill the bunker. After a couple minutes of dancing, you realized how hot it was and checked the thermostat before realizing even the bunker couldn’t withstand the summer’s heat. Without thinking twice, you pulled on some shorts and peeled your shirt off, remaining clad in a lacy black bra and tight denim shorts.

“Damn.” You whispered to yourself, tying up your hair that was practically stuck to the sweat on your back.

Back in the kitchen, you saw fast food wrappers all over the counter, crumbs coating the floor, and a terrible stack of dishes in the sink.

“My messy boys.” You smiled to yourself and began cleaning. Usually, Dean was the one who wiped down the counters and swept the floors. Tonight though, you didn’t mind. Music was playing and you couldn’t help but enjoy dancing along to it while shamelessly using the broom as a microphone during the really high notes.

The stack of dishes eventually minimized to nothing, and you grabbed a rag to dry them off. You swayed your hips a little more provocatively than you had even realized, your mind bringing you back to the nights in college you’d spend in some frat house basement.

Turning, to place the cup back on the shelf, you froze in your tracks. Dean had his arms crossed; his body was leaning against the entryway to the kitchen.

A smile played on his face, “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything.”

With those words, you remembered all you had on were some short-shorts and a relatively see-through lace bra.

But, his eyes remained trained on you.

“Then how come you’re still looking?” You asked, the confident half of you speaking up.

He opened his lips to speak when you cut him off- “Like what you see?”

Dean raised his brows, “Yes, ma’am.”

The Recruit (Chapter 13) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part I”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells, Julian Casablancas, Peter Collins  & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, some dirty talking, fluff, kissing, cursing, i assumeeeee..

A.N.: I’ve written three chapters of Mitch and Y/N on their first day in New York, while on break, so far and they are literally my favorite things in the world. I hope you enjoy them too.

Summary: The recruits get released for a weeklong Spring break. Mitch and Y/n go to New York.

Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen

Originally posted by onlyanotherbloog

“Alright, Y/n, what do you have?” Stan asked, standing in the front of their classroom. You had done this three years in a row now and already knew that your cover story worked. “I am going to go up to Manhattan to see my friends from Columbia and just like the past two years, my cover is that I work for the State Department and work overseas a lot and that’s why I am never all that accessible and cannot talk about my work in detail.”

“And as always, that works for me.. Enjoy your break.” Stan said, as you sat down and folded your arms, waiting for the next person to share their cover story. “Remember, the cover story needs to be good enough that it could be real but won’t elicit too many unanswerable questions from even your nosiest family member. It’s for your protection, their protection and the protection of the Agency… Who’s next? Julian?”

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BTS as lingerie they like.
  • Jungkook: won’t admit to shit. likes lacy black lingerie. thongs or lace hipsters. stockings on long legs. elegant, sexy and timeless. plunge bras. the less of you that’s covered, the better. smiles at the bow above ur ass.
  • Jin: babydolls and camisoles in soft colors. prefers hipsters to thongs. loves the dress up, appreciates the shit out of your lingerie and buys you new, exciting ones. tells you that you look like a Disney princess in one. balconette bras.
  • Jimin: revealing teddies and babydolls, loves to switch up between your innocence and your sexiness. white babydolls and cutesy garters make him weak. teddies that are see-through in certain areas.
  • Hoseok: camisoles and silky boyshorts in a babyblue hue. not too much, not too little. doesn’t notice lingerie too much, the type to want you in your sports bra and simplistic thong after the gym.
  • Namjoon: waist cinchers, garters, garter belts, stockings, g-strings, see-through bras. red makes him weak. you wore a corset once and he stuttered. likes it extra, wants to imitate a movie.
  • Yoongi: babydolls on babydolls on babydolls. Constantly tries to convince you he doesn’t really care about lingerie, repeatedly can’t contain himself when he sees u in ur see-through baby pink babydoll with a silky ribbon bow in the front. loves when you look incredibly innocent. your ass in laced, white boyshorts gets him gruntin.
  • Taehyung: he lost it when he saw u in ur simplistic, black body with a thong bottom. see-through triangle bras and g-strings. not the biggest lace guy, prefers silk or mesh. velvet. burgundy. darker colors. lost it when he saw you in red too. the type of guy to get turned on by your ass in yoga pants and care less about what you’re wearing underneath, though.

Harness your inner lingerie-style…   elyse knowlzy by george favios with styling by foxy zingaro

Victoria ain’t the only one with secrets

Request: Heyyy can I request an imagine in which Tom and Y/N go shopping and Tom is embarrassed because she needs to buy under garments but then he gets kinda flirty with her about it? Thanks <3

Requested by anon.

A/N: I wrote this at 2 am, so i’m sorry if this isn’t as good as I would’ve liked for it to be. Still thought it was kinda good tho. Also, this is kinda short, so….yep.

Warnings: Flirty!Tom, suggestive material

While preparing for their upcoming vacation, Tom and Y/N went shopping for the necessary things. They were walking around the mall, bags in their arms. They were almost done, just looking around to see if anything called to their attention.

“Okay, Y/N, I think we’ve got everyt-”

“Wait, let’s go there” she said as she started making her way to Victoria Secret, dragging Tom behind her.

“I don’t think I should….be….here” said Tom, shocked looking at his surroundings.

“It’s just a store, plus i need some new bras”

For the next 10 minutes Tom stood awkwardly next to his girlfriend while she shopped and looked around.

After a while he started getting a little bored. As a way to entertain himself he was “helping you” find what you needed. But being his childish self, either picked out something that was absolutely inappropriate, or he picked something up and before you could look at it, put it back saying something along the lines of “Jeez that’s expensive, you don’t need that one”

In a certain occasion, Tom picked out a red lace, pretty much see through bra, and held it up to you saying, “I think this is nice, darling” giving you a little bit of a smirk and a wink. Which made a red blush spread across your cheeks. Making the worker helping you burst into a laugh, that she quickly tried to cover up.

After a moment of you blushing and trying to regain composure, you finally spoke up.

“Check the price tag and then we’ll talk”

Tom just stood there, the bra still in his hand, and the smirk in his face.

“I don’t need to, I’ll pay for it if money’s a problem”

You chuckled nervously and took it from his hands to put it back in the shelf. Tom looked at you, a small teasing pout in his face.

“It’s alright….besides, I already own one of those” You said as Tom stared at you in the pout changing to a smirk. You started to walk towards the cash register, but before you were completely out of Tom’s sight, you leaned up so your mouth was inches away from his ear.

“And the matching panties too” you whispered, sending a shiver down his spine.

After that you left him, standing there with his mouth wide open.



TITLE - Christen the throne

SUMMARY -  On your one year anniversary you decide to  surprise your husband with your filthy side .

WARNINGS -  EXPLICIT SHIT , smut , fingering , blowjob 

PAIRING - Thor x reader

WORDS - 2.5 k +

A/N -   This is re- post since I deleted it the first time . 

Taw @supersoldierslover you are amazing and I am very grateful for you . Thank you so much .


This was requested by @marveloussssworld . I tried my best since I usually don’t  write for  Thor . But I hope you like it Leelee.

365 . 365 days that you had been married to Thor Odinson and tomorrow was your anniversary.

You were born to asgardians and you had lived with your parents all your life . Your father worked for the King of Norse Gods Odin  while your mother was a painter by profession . Since your childhood you were quite familiar with King Odin’s castle . You visited it quite often with your father . You thoroughly enjoyed the vast expanse of the hallways, the beautiful gardens and the scenic view from the high balconies .

It was at the age of 14 that you had first met with Thor , King Odin’s son . He was a rather well behaved boy unlike his brother . Long blond locks that you would run your hands through for hours a day speaking about the most silliest of things . Years of being together and quite inseparable you had both realised that somewhere along the road you had fallen for each other .  Love between a heir of a dynasty and a commoner was not appreciated . It took days of convincing until one day ,  Kind Odin for the happiness of his son , accepted that you two belonged to each other .

Your love that originated from childhood innocence grew into one of unbreakable bond of adulthood . You remembered how your feelings changed for him over the years .

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