see through body

I was just thinking about Monty’s role in the genocide at Mt Weather, and how underplayed it was despite how absolutely crucial he was

When Clarke asked Monty to reverse the airflow, he did it without asking questions; it was Bellamy who told Clarke to stop and think about what they were doing

It was Clarke and Bellamy we see walking through the bodies afterwards, Clarke who breaks down in front of her mother and then leaves, Bellamy who attempts to share his burden

We don’t see or hear anything from Monty at all, even though he’s the one who made it possible. The only insight we get into his mental state is three months later when he says “I’m not okay!” to Jasper’s question about how he can just be fine

But think about it: Monty spent the majority of season 2 believing in Clarke even when everyone else thought her crazy; he never gave up on her, even when Dante said she was in the psych ward; he answered Jasper’s insecurities with “What would Clarke do?”

Monty’s faith in Clarke is unwavering. He believes in her and trusts in her so much. He knows that she’ll make the best decision she can.

So when she asked him to reverse the airflow, he did it without question; when he succeeded, he left the pulling of the lever up to her. Because he knew (just as Bellamy did) that if Clarke chose to pull that lever and kill everyone in the mountain, it was because she had no other choice.

Bellamy pulled the lever with Clarke to support her, and Monty made it possible because he believed in her.

(I wonder what effect her leaving had on him?)

I found this going through my sketches. It’s not finished, but I haven’t touch it in a while and I wanted to upload something. 

   Did you know that there’s a bug in Dragon Age Origins that eats up some of the sliders of the ending? Well, when I found out I went and read every slider just to check and discovered that whoever you choose as Barn of the Alienage is murdered a few years later, followed by riots and a lot of ugly things.

    Kallian Tabris chose Shianni, whom she loved very much, so I imagined her getting very fucking angry, and in all her impotence and guilt, she’d probably march around town in memory of her cousin, hopefully luring any murderers and leaving hacked corpses in her trail.

   For a rogue to expose themself like that, defying even her friend’s rule (or even her lover’s rule) in the open streets… yep.