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I’m still breathing ;;;;

2nd season please give me less “Narsus-samaaaaaaaaa” and more Alfreed kicking asses, I’m not asking too much so pleeeeease???

lolman9000 replied to your post “Hey you shitheads know I have Statcounter, right? I see those visits…”

sorry oz i was going through your blog earlier too i hope i wasnt blasting your statcounter



I just had a “hey wait a second” moment and I saw two noteworthy spots that were getting a lot of hits especially on two posts related to something incredibly stupid from the other day.

By all means, stalk through my blog, flush the jellyfish semen from my logs.

Listen, I completely understand why people think that owners of small blogs are less likely to meet Taylor than the “popular” blog owners. It makes sense. They have more followers. More notes. More chances for Taylor to see them. But those blog owners deserve to meet Taylor, too. Someone with five followers deserves to meet her. Someone with five thousand followers deserves to meet her. The popularity of your blog has nothing to do with how worthy you are of meeting her.

Going to work on the 3k+ project, but I need some help

(( Don’t worry! It’s not much! While I’m pretty much SHOVELING my way through all my followers, I’ve been having trouble since I need your references!
Plus, apparently, some blogs I bump into have been inactive for a long while now       v v v

(( Because I am very close to 3k, I want to take the opportunity to be able to promote other blogs ovo”! ))

What I need you to do, is to reblog this little thing so I know you’re somewhat active, and put the tag to the reference of your oc below! o3o

((Or if you don’t have a ref tag and just a page- just tag it/type in
“I have a ref page” ))

Even if you don’t reblog this, I’m still digging through my list of followers, but as much as possible, please still reblog this, so it makes it easier for me to find your references ;w;

I hope this doesn’t sound like advertisement, just thought it would be a nice way to find the blogs who pay attention to what I post, plus your references o3o!

Thank you all so much for sticking around, even if we have less than 20 story related posts ;w;”

- Ebbs

PS. I expect to have this finished after 3.5k qwq //that’s a long while from now. I just expect to be drawing a lot of ponies- several times as well .w.” I need to do this in my spare time too, since I can’t do it everyday ))

Getting rid of the follow/tumblr buttons on YOUR OWN BLOG

Okay, so a bit of fiddling brought it to my attention that this was appearing on two of my sideblogs but not on two others. And I looked around and found the settings were different. 

To make the annoying “follow_______” and “tumblr” buttons disappear from your blog for now, from your dashboard do the following:

1. Navigate to your settings. You don’t want the global ones, you want the ones just for that particular blog. Find the option to Edit Theme. Choose this.

2. Your Theme editor will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the black sidebar in the editor, choose Advanced Options. 

3. Where the option is set to “promote tumblr”, make sure the switch is off (white not blue). This will remove the follow______ and tumblr buttons from YOUR BLOG ONLY. 

I don’t know where the other controls went, but these controls there now are the ones that display for those not currently logged in (meaning tumblr somewhere thinks you’re not logged in even though you are - it’s fine it’s just confused probably and everything else is still working). If you’re not “promoting tumblr” it won’t give you these options. 

Whatever they’re doing with the iframe controls in the meantime is anyone’s guess. They’ve disappeared. 

There’s nothing I can do to fix this for other people’s blogs. You can only affect your own, but at least you’ll stop being asked to follow yourself (and all those on your blog will stop seeing it too - checked from the independent other account).