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Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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One thing that I really hope they deal with is Steven’s tendency to want to see people happy, without really considering whether or not they actually *are* happy.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Steven genuinely cares about everybody’s well-being. But when he sees something wrong, his immediate thought is to try and fix it, and it’s not always for the best.

Early on, we saw this in Keep Beach City Weird. When Ronaldo gets into a funk because all the weird stuff comes from the boring Crystal Gems, Steven immediately wants to cheer him up. He remembers that Ronaldo talked about sneople and rationalizes if he can show Ronaldo a snerson, then Ronaldo will be happy. He doesn’t even stop to consider what would happen once Ronaldo found out the truth. He just decides to give Ronaldo what he wants. And Steven’s actions would have made Ronaldo miserable if PeeDee hadn’t been there to help his brother.

And you know who doesn’t have a Pee Dee? Eyeball. Seriously, Steven’s actions in Bubbled were amazingly similar to his actions in Keep Beach City Weird. Eyeball is unhappy, and says that she wants to find Rose Quartz so she can have some closure. Steven reasons that if he can convince Eyeball he’s Rose, then she’ll have her closure, and everything will be fine. She’ll be happy.

But it’s not so easy. Steven underestimates the depths of Eyeball’s hatred for Rose, and how much Rose has hurt her. For Steven, Rose has always been this almost messianic figure of ultimate good. And as for Eyeball? Well, he has no hard feelings towards her in particular. They played baseball together! Why, if they can just talk, they could probably become good friends!

Giving Eyeball what she wants doesn’t help her. It doesn’t give her peace and happiness. Instead it just inflames her desire for revenge, and her anger at Rose Quartz for shattering her Diamond. And so she attacks “Rose.” Steven, finally realizing that he might not have done the right thing, tells her that he’s not really Rose Quartz but, of course, she’s having none of that. Why should she, when Steven spent so much time and effort to convince her that he *was* Rose Quartz? To save himself, Steven has to fling her out into space, to float aimlessly until the show decides to bring her back. His desire to have her be happy just ended up causing her even more misery.

Jay Park - Who's Ugly Now?

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“Sweetheart. Baby. Honey. Oooooppppa,” you cooed as you walked into Jay’s office. He lifted up his head and shot you a knowing look.

“I have to work, baby. I told you that I would get you when I could leave,” Jay sighed and rubbed his eyes. Leaning back in his chair, you took the opportunity to snuggle your way onto his lap.

“I know, but it’s just so boring. No one is here and one of those idiots broke the TV,” you tucked your head into his neck and gave him a sloppy kiss just above the collar bone.

“Oh no you don’t. I see what you’re trying to do and it’s not happening. Go bother Ju Kyung, he’s in Sunghwa’s office. I just need 30 minutes and I promise we can go,” Jay gently lifted you arms from around his neck. You pouted but ultimately went in hunt for Ugly Duck, who you knew would spare you a few minutes.

45 minutes later and Jay opened the door to the studio only to be greeted by a shirtless Ju Kyung and you sitting on the couch acting like nothing weird was happening. Clearing his throat, you looked over at Jay quickly before putting your attention back at the man in front of you.

“Jay, can you believe his abs? I think you might have some competition.” You giggled at him as Ju Kyung rushed to put on his shirt, knowing the look in your boyfriend’s eye was anything but friendly.

“Oh, hyung, I was just showing her my new side piece since she had asked. She was interested in the artist who did it and so you know how it is,” Ju Kyung tried to explain, his voice cracking ever so slightly at the end. Jay instantly shot him a look and noticed how the man shuffled over to the desk again, shoulders slumped.

You on the other hand just looked at your phone as you reached for your purse, totally oblivious about what had gone on andnd how pissed Jay looked.

“Are you ready to go?” You finally asked him. Your boyfriend stood before you with his arms crossed and a frown on a his face.

“I have competition?” He quirked his eyebrow. And snorted as you nodded your head slightly.

“Ju Kyung has been working out. If he wasn’t already popular he should change his name to something that fit him better. Ugly isn’t really the right adjective anymore,” the more you spoke, the more you noticed the shadow growing across your boyfriend’s face. Without a word he simply turned around and walked out of the room, slamming the door as he retreated.

Sighing, you followed the sounds of his hurried footsteps before you caught him at the elevator. He didn’t seem to notice you walk up behind him. Taking in a deep breath, you wrapped your arms around his waist. Your head rested between his shoulder blades, which you could tell were tense. Since he didn’t pull away, you tightened your hold. The doors to the elevator opened and Jay went to take a step in, not knowing that you were going to keep up the hug the whole while. The second the doors closed, you decided to speak.

“Are you mad?” You asked in a meek voice. The man in your arms relaxed a bit but said nothing.

“Did you know how much I love you?” Jay’s hand went to his face, you didn’t have to see to know that he was rubbing his forehead, like he did every time he was frustrated. Still he said nothing.

“Do you want me to let go?” You whispered into his back. You felt the last bit of tension ease from Jay his hands found yours. With his hands placed on yours, he mumbled a no as you both waited for the elevator to reach the parking garage. Once the doors opened, Jay moved your arms from his waist and held your hand, leading the way to his car.

The whole way home he kept your has ands together. Since he didn’t offer any conversation, you kept your eyes on him.

“So you aren’t mad?” He nodded slightly.

“Then are you hungry?” He shrugged his shoulders which, since you knew him so well, was a yes.

“And you didn’t like me hanging out with Ju Kyung?” He pointed to his nose as a sign that you were right. “But you’re the one who told me to go pester him to leave you alone!” You threw yourself back in the seat.

“But I didn’t tell you to compliment him! All that praise will go straight to his head,” Jay bit his lip to try and keep quiet.

“Ahhh, like it did with you? Smart thinking,” you giggled and rolled your eyes. Jay brought your hand to his lips….and bit down.

“Shit!” You laughed at his childish action. Pulling out a bit smile you removed your hand from his and leaned towards him.

“My oppa is jealous, huh?” He shot you an annoyed look and continued to ignore you. With a breathy sigh and whispered something in his ear.

“You’ll do what?” He practically yelled as he pulled his car to the parking lot of his apartment.

“I am not repeating it. Either you take my offer or leave it,” you laughed. You knew exactly what to say to drive Jay wild, especially since to had known him so long.

“So you’ll do…that…and cook me dinner?” He asked. His body was now facing yours as you waited to get out of the car.

“You just have to admit that the great Jay Park was jealous of Ugly Duck,” Jay thought over your little proposal. You had to admit, the lingerie strip tease and homecooked meal was something that you planned on doing tonight anyway, but he didn’t have to know that.

“You can sweeten the deal a little bit. I have pride you know.” He had a slight smirk on his face.

“Well, that’s just the appetizer. You still have dessert tonight….” you threw a little wink as you opened your door. Jay stood up and called over to you. “You mean that thing you do with ice cream?” He yelled over to you. Simply turning around, he could see the huge smile on your face. Jogging over to you he pulled to you in for a kiss. One hand was on the small of your back and the other behind your hand to deepen the kiss.

“Fine. I, Jay bum Park was jealous. Now let’s get started.”

Little Affectivity-Problem Things

* Copying other’s facial expressions
* Being told you’re rude for whatever reason
* Standing in front of the mirror, trying to look “normal”
* People believing you lie when you tell the truth
* People believing you tell the truth when you lie
* Laughing when others cry
* No one ever believes you that you like what they did for you- unless you hate it
* Looking bored all the time
* Getting punished for laughing at the wrong moment
* Others getting you wrong all the time
* Having to smile on photos… A nightmare
* “You don’t look surprised, how’d you know?” “I didn’t” “Yes you did, I see it”
* “You look bored, it was a bad idea from me to come here, right?”
* “You look sad, what happened?!”
* Generally all this “you look like”-stuff
* Getting red when you’re not embarrassed
* No one believing you that you’re not
* People saying you seem cold

Saeyoung Choi Wallpapers

so i’m mystic messenger trash and i got bored and made these wallpapers

and i thought they looked okay and decided “hey why don’t i post these to tumblr??” i doubt anyone will see this but hey

here you go

(yes, this is several versions of the same wallpaper. i was experimenting with certain designs !!)

This is what happens when I get bored.

I love those shipping memes, mostly because it helps me get some order in the numerous things I ship. I had some free time in my hands so I completed one for Yuri On Ice. As you can see, I’m quite of a multi-shipper and I will rarely hate on any pairing. It takes me quite a lot to paint a pair in this massive black arrow.

For a few comments:

  • I’m probably one of a few in the fandom not literaly “shipping” Vikturi. They are cute together and I couldn’t see them with anyone else, but I don’t properly “ship” them. I would probably have loved them more if I had watched the anime as it was being released, not knowing beforehand they would end up together.
  • One of my OTP is JJ x Yurio (and I can already feel the thousands of virtual bullets hitting me in the chest) I just find them adorable and love/hate relationships have always been my thing.
  • I still like JJ with Isabella, though.
  • I absolutely love both JJSeung and SeungChuchu. Like, equally.
  • I ship Georgi with a mysterious perfect girl that will heal that big cutie heart because he deserves it.
  • One of my first Yurio ship when watching the show was with Guang Hong. They never met, yeah, that’s not stopping me. I still like them together. (’Am still looking for a ship name, by the way. Yuang? Guario? Hm.)
  • I have difficulties getting too attached to Otabek, so this is probably why I don’t really ship him with anyone.

Please, don’t get offended if I don’t ship the same pairings you do. And if you are interested in sharing your own ships with me, I’m always interested in knowing about others’ pairings!

teasing with got7

jb: he spanks you unexpectedly; he just loves the look on your face. he loves hovering over you to assert his dominance. he knows you can’t resist him as he runs his hands over your inner thigh. he lowly chuckles into your ear when he sees how hot your are for him.

mark: he likes to bite you softly. he nips at your earlobe to get your attention and slowly runs his tongue on it to drive you insane. you can feel his hand slowly move up your shirt, and you suddenly get the chills. he likes to run one finger along your skin to mess with you.

jackson: like jb, he likes to spank you, but he squeezes your ass cheek before letting go. if you’re standing up, he loves being direct by pressing his pelvis against your behind (if you didn’t get the message by then, i don’t know what to tell you). if you’re sitting, he moves you to sit on his lap to feel him.

junior: he loves touching you; it drives you both insane. he has his face in the crook of your neck, kissing and softly sucking on the skin. he seems very sensual, so his hands are moving all over the place but at such a slow pace that you can’t take it anymore.

youngjae: he likes to hug you from behind and slide his hands under your shirt and in your underwear. his hands just ever so slightly graze over your sensitive parts; he knows exactly what he’s doing to you. he loves to kiss your neck and breathe in your scent.

bambam: if his glance wasn’t straight forward enough about what he wants, then his kisses sure are. he moves his hands to touch you, but is just centimeters away from your skin and he stops. he kisses your skin softly and asks you what you want from him. he wants to see you beg.

yugyeom: he tells you to come close to him. he puts you on his lap to straddle him and he brushes his hands through your hair knowing how much you love it when he does that. he grinds against you slowly enough for both of you to feel the need he has for you.

Keeping you warm (Short Jikook drabble)

Pairing: Jikook

Word count: 232 

Genre: Fluff!!!!!

Summary: OTP everyday rutine when living together, and they have breakfast and coffee and they’re just being cute.


Jimin sleepily walks out of the bedroom, rubbing at his eyes gently to try to properly wake up.  He smiles as he sees Jungkook sitting at their dinner table, drinking his usual morning coffee.

“Morning” He mumbles groggily as he walks into the kitchen.

Jimin tiptoes to get his own mug down from the shelf. Jimin makes himself his own cup of coffee, before going to sit down on the chair next to Jungkook.

“Morning, love” the youngest of the two says while smiling, putting down his mug on the table. “Why did you wake up so early today. You always sleep in whenever you can”

“I did sleep…. And it was a good sleep” Jimin pouts, taking a sip of his coffee before putting the mug down again. “And I would’ve slept longer, but my personal heater disappeared making me almost freeze to death”

Jungkook laughs a bit before getting up from his seat and walks over to Jimin. He lifts Jimin up bridal style, carrying him to the couch. Jungkook sits them both down, Jimin between his legs and his back against Jungkook’s chest.

Grabbing the blanket from the end of the couch, he pulls it over Jimin’s body and hugs him from behind.

“I’ll have to stay by your side forever then, huh? To make sure you’re not cold” he says before kissing the top of the other’s head.


A/N: What happens when you listen to piano ballads at 1am.

“My name is Ka-Go-Me.”

And my world changed.

She was my reawakening, in the most literal of ways.

And I knew from the moment I met her…that I had to get as far away as possible.

I was in this room you see, it was a dark one. It was pitch black and voidless- a drop of silence at the bottom of an endless dark ocean.

And she was this heavy knock at the ceiling of my life; banging quietly at first, and then so relentless and loud that I could hear nothing else but her existence trying fervently to introduce itself to mine.

But I was in the dark, and I liked the dark.

I got used to the dark.

And if memory serves right- there was no room for light.

So it was slow, like the ebbing of poison flowing free from my veins in the steady beat of a narrow stream.

There was a dot of light, and then a pattern, and my eyes would adjust. Taking her in, bit by bit. Day by day.

In between the arrows and the piggy-back rides, tumbles down a well, side eye glances, broken alarm clocks, cups of noodles, yellow backpacks, yelling matches, and long listless nights under the stars by the snapping of a fire…

“Can I stay with you?”

An explosion of color and sound and emotions that I did not want to familiarize myself with again, and I was left vulnerable beneath all this blistering sunshine.

And it felt so good.

And it felt like home.

“Inuyasha, I knew you’d come to save me.”

You stupid, stupid girl!

Don’t you see?

This whole time…

It was you who came to save me.

life things that are great
  • when someone uses your name in conversation (yknow when you go “who’s a good boy” to a dog and it doggy smiles and wags its tail that is what happens in my brain when someone uses my name like yes it me)
  • landslide by fleetwood mac
  • when people are madly in love. tell me all about them i want to know about the time they tucked your hair behind your ear or listened to you talk about that thing for two hours (don’t gimme any of that sitcom spousal hate shit okay that’s boring)
  • when laughs come out like barks. that’s the good shit.
  • seeing someone on the bus smiling down at their phone. who’s talkin to you? what delight are you reading? how the fuck did you get wifi this bus is full of people my friend you are living
  • ticking off the last item on your to do list
  • when someone pronounces animal like aminal. idk man i just like it
  • happening to have some free time and knowing exactly what you want to do with it
  • tulips
  • singers that don’t change the pronouns
  • walking barefoot on freshly mopped floors once they’ve dried
  • the perfect metaphor

I’m still behind on supergirl, I’ve been trying to catch up on all the CW superhero shows the past couple days. I was watching Flash and realized Iris is kinda turning into what Felicity was (may still be, not sure) on Arrow. She was interesting and then she started dating Barry and now she’s not. The second half of the season completely revolves around saving her, but most of her dialogue is at the end of the episode when Barry goes on about how he will save her. 

To get to the point I was trying to make is this. What if Supergirl does the same thing. I know it’s kinda unlikely it actually happens (I could see it happening with how this season has gone, but it still seems unlikely), but if somehow Supercorp became a thing what if the CW just made Lena a boring side character that became uninteresting. CW seems to do that with their superhero shows so far. They make everything about the romance and then forget the character actually did stuff before they started dating the main character.

It’s so irritating because it doesn’t just ruin the characters when they do this, but it also kinda ruins the whole show. Arrow went downhill because everything became about Felicity and Oliver’s drama, at least in S3 and S4. Not sure about the current season. This season of the Flash seems a little worse. Legends is fine so far, they haven’t had any major relationship drama, just the usual CW plot holes.

I don’t want them to ruin the characters. I don’t want them to ruin the ships. I don’t want them to ruin the show. It can clearly be done right. You can have romance while still having the superhero aspects. Fan fics do this crap all the time. But the writers at the CW can’t.

Interview in Sato Takeru Photo Book X (ten) <6>

*continued from <5>


-When do you feel worried about your work?

Fortunately, I’ve never had the period when I have no project to do, so I’ve never felt ‘worried’. Since I always have the next work, I can clearly see what to do now. So I do my best for that. I’m living in this way.

-Are you going to be an actor forever?

I’m not sure. I’ll quit when I want to quit, but there’s no telling what will happen in the future. If I must say, I may be waver when I get bored. But in that sense, this is a kind of job that is unlikely to let me get tired because I’m doing something new each time.

-Then when you get older, say, to be an old man, what would you want to be like?

I don’t think something like that at all. But I can vaguely say that, for example, it is knowledge that I lack, now. When I get older, I will…

-What is the ‘knowledge’?

About everything. (tapping the wall) ‘Ah, this is cypress’ or something like that. (lol)

- (lol) To know a wide range of things, you mean?

Exactly. About everything. My ultimate goal is to be a person who can answer whatever questions I’m asked. I want to answer all the questions.

-From the question ‘Why am I living?’ to the kind of wood used for the wall?

Yup! All! When asked ‘Why do I have to study?’ by my child, I want to answer it easily. To be able to deal with all the question marks. It is my ultimate.

-You’re the first person I’ve ever met that makes a definite statement about such a thing so happily.

Just as I expected. (lol) I want to know everything I don’t know and find answers somehow.

-You’re quite greedy.

It is difficult, but I want to be like that. I want to be a Grandpa like that. (broad smile) I want to be Google. I want to be a walking Google.

-Eh? You’re making me confused to the contrary

Hahaha. You know what? In the United States, there is ‘pick up lines’ and I used to be hooked on them. (lol) You ask a girl, ‘Are you Google?’ Naturally, she says, ‘Huh, why?’ Your answer is ‘Because you have everything I’ve been looking for’.


(lol) I heard such an analogy, and I seriously want to be Google-san.

-You have kind of boyish dream in you, right?

Is this boyish? Oh, from a realistic point of view?

-It may come from the way you talk, but you said before in the interview about ‘Rurouni Kenshin’, ‘I want to be able to dash on the wall’ and ‘If I were not an actor, I’d like to be on a TV show like “Kinniku Banzuke (Muscle Ranking)” at any cost’.

Ah, if you mean that, a man is a boy forever.

-From young girls, women have motherliness … or they are somewhat mature, in contrast. Don’t you think so?


-To such a question, you…

I want to be able to have an answer. (lol) As an answer to the question, I should say it’s probably for some physiological reason. Is it a bit of a stretch? (lol) I may go off the track a bit but I told you about ‘minority’ a little while ago. Such a viewpoint depends on the times and even correct answers can vary across the ages, right? I’m not interested in such a thing but want to know why so from the view point of the inner nature of human beings.

-Takeru-kun’s way of answering and the direction of the content of your answer always aim at the essence, I think.

I often hear it said that this is the commonsense of this age or that it can’t be helped in such an age. That’s not the point.

-You must feel many different things in acting roles that lived in ancient times.

In an extreme case, even your values of human life can change.

-It reminds me that when the drama ‘Ryomaden’ finished shooting, Takeru-kun, who played Okada Izo, said, ‘Even now some people tend to doubt if it is OK to say directly what is on their mind. But I think they should say what they like in this modern world because, unlike in the old days, they won’t be killed.’

Exactly. And my words came out because I lived in that age.

-At that time I thought the character was great who had brought the idea to Sato Takeru, a modern person.

I see. So in fact, there is no doubt that playing a role teaches you a lot. By living a life of another person, you feel a lot of things, but especially when you live as the person in a different age, you’ll sometimes feel uncertain what is right. It makes you think a lot. Both Izo and Kenshin assassinated people with conviction. It was justice in their mind. I understand that point from the bottom of my heart. If I go further, the law is justice. I regard the law as a thing that exists not to lead people to right behavior but for all the people to live peacefully and happily; for don’t you want to punish the criminal saying ‘What the heck!’, for example, when a random murder occurs? Thinking along this line, I reach the interest in ‘the essence’ as I told you.

-Listening to you, I’ve come to think ‘conviction’ is another key word.

Yeah, right. I respect a person very much who has conviction as the first step. For, can anyone stop him/her? No one can stop a person who is rushing straight seriously, believing, ‘I will live in this way’. It is his/her life after all and I’d like to respect his/her strong determination in the first place. I seldom find such a person, though. But if it does damage to me as a result, I will stop the person for the sake of our own lives. It doesn’t mean ‘denial’, though.

-As for this kind of story, it is difficult to express your true intentions, I feel.

It seldom happens that you can convey your true intention properly. But a few people understand me, so I talk a lot with them. Well, normally, just living your life is difficult. Even just earning your living is hard. I really understand that you have to work with a situation in order to do so. But at the same time, I also think, ‘Hang in there and live a rock’n’roll way of life’.

-Actor is a job that makes people feel such things, right?

I hope so. But it is really difficult to change other people. You can change in the true sense only when you fail. It is not until you reflect at the bottom of your heart, ‘As I recall, he said something like that’ or ‘Ah, he meant this …‘ I had that experience myself. It was not until I failed that I thought, ‘Ah ~!’

*to be continued to <7>

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I understand why people ship it, I really do (in fact, I used to ship it for some time before I started liking koma/nami), but now I just… can’t enjoy it anymore, for some reason. It’s not for the fanbase or anything…

It’s kinda like, what happened to me with nae/giri. When I finished DR1 I thought I shipped it, but I read a fic of them and felt nothing but boring text. Same happened with koma/hina.

Instead, when I read a koma/nami or nae/gami fluff, I felt that little warm thing at your chest that some people feel when reading stuff of their favorite ship, if you get what I mean. 

So - yeah. In short, I see the appeal of koma/hina, but I simply don’t ship it.

douchebag ceo (l.h)

tbh i think the boys read some of the smut that we write so that’s why they picked luke as the hot ceo so there you go

I sat in my cubicle space, once again. bored as hell. I hated being the social media updater. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. I’m always up to date on it. But when there’s nothing BIG happening in the music social media department, I always end up dong nothing. And the thing is, our company expects us to be the first to update everyone on what’s going on but nothing happened. Sure, there were music videos and some celeb fights and some other events, but it never involved music artists. It always involved actors. I should’ve just taken the internship for the writing company. Do you know how many workers here have had their shit published? All because they worked for the writing department. I wanted to one up my life and go ask for that internship but of course, the one person who had to run it all was the biggest douchebag in the world. Luke Hemmings.

He was always the kind of guy that got everything he wanted because he owned one of the biggest publishing/social media companies in the world. He was a multi-billionaire and he showed it off. He has probably fucked every other girl in this office and he has probably never even looked at them again. But here I am, getting his coffee for him.

“Good morning, Mr. Hemmings.” I hear our 18th floor receptionist say behind me. I take out my one earbud and grab the white coffee that sat on my desk, waiting for his arrival. Everyone in the four front rows on the outside had a task. The first one was to give him his mail, the second was to give him his papers, the third one was to give him his tablet, and the fourth one(aka me) was to follow him to his office and give him his coffee. I looked above the short walls and watch as he looked down at his phone, gripping his bag and papers and rushed down the aisle. Every girl in the office admired him and only started working after he got here. I had to admit, he was hot. With his smooth hair and his grey blazer, but I would never date him. Oh god, dating him would be the worst. He walked past my cube and I followed him behind, gripping the white cup.

“Any news, Y/N?” He said, still looking at his tablet as he walked to his chair. He started to set his stuff down and I wait in the door, holding his coffee.

“Not currently at 8 in the morning, sir.” I rock back and forth on my heels waiting for him to settle down. He eventually does and sits down in his chair, setting a place for his coffee and setting his papers to the side. I place his coffee down in front of him.

“Is there anything else you need sir before your assistant comes in?” I say, holding my hands watching him as he sipped his coffee. He didn’t say anything so I took it as a sign that he didn’t need anything. I smile to myself and start to walk out.

“Wait,” I stop in my tracks and turn around and he’s looking at his tablet and his coffee is sitting in his hand, “what the hell is this?” I start to get nervous. I didn’t know what he was talking about but he was always really scary when he was upset.

“What the hell was what, sir?”

“What the hell is this on my website?” He turned his tablet my way and showed me his website. I looked at the website and it had all these shirtless pictures of Luke in this club.

“I didn’t do this sir…” I say, backing up slightly.

“Well you’re in the social media department, so you had to have done something, am I right?” He stands up and his hands are on his waist and his face is bright red.

“Sir, I manage music social media. Kris handles the pictures and social media site.” Before I finish my sentence, he is storming out the door and walks over to the social media department.

“Who the fuck put this on my website?” He screams. All of the ladies look up and you can tell they were obviously flustered by his sudden aggressiveness. “Who the fuck would put these pictures of me on my own fucking website?” Nobody said anything. He started to growl and run his hands through his hair and threw the nearest thing he could find, which was a stapler.

“If anybody doesn’t confess to this shit, everyone of you, one by one, will see me in my office and talk about your future.” He stares out to the people and grunts. He turns around to go to his office, leaving me behind with all the girls.

“Who the fuck did it?” yelled Shelby. “We’re all gonna get fired if nobody confesses.”

“Y/N,” I turn around and look at Y/BFF/N who was peaking her head behind the wall, “who do you think it was?” she whispers. I walk towards her and lean against the wall.

“No idea.” I shrug.

“Y/N!” I hear Luke yell. I turn around and he is in his doorway, his hands on his hips. I stand up straight and straighten out my skirt. I walk towards him and everyone’s eyes are on me.

“Yes sir?” He grabs my wrist and pulls me into his office and quickly shuts the door.

“Sit.” He roughly says. He closes his blinds on both glass sides of his office.


“Sit the fuck down.” He quietly, but harshly says. I look at him with surprised eyes and sit down in the brown leather chair, crossing my legs, my breathing  getting heavier. He finally sits down in front of me and runs his hands through his hair.

“Why’d’ you call me in here?”

“Shut up.” He says into his hands. I look at my own hands and I looked around his office. They were now covered by curtains and his string lights were on so his office was slightly dark.

“I know my assistant put up the pictures.”

I looked up at him and he’s staring at his tablet.

“Then why didn’t you tell the girls?”

“Because I like to be admired.” He said with a smirk.

“Then why am I in here?”

“Because you seem like the only one not interested.” He leans forward and cups his hands together, looking at me with those deep and blue eyes.

“Shouldn’t you be more worried about your shirtless pictures on your website, Mr. Hemmings?” I say clearing my throat, shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

“I would put those pictures up myself, I could care less about those pictures.” He leans back and puts his feet on his desk. “I wanna know what I can do to make you scream my name tonight.” I look up at him, appalled, and he’s smirking at me. Just like the dick he was. I scoffed and stood up.

“I’d rather be unemployed.” I turned around but he stopped me with a laugh.

“I thought you wanted to be in the publishing department.” I turned back around to stare at him and he is still in the same position, but he’s sipping his coffee.

“How the hell did you know that?”

“Y/N, I know everything about everyone. I know that you wrote a book about a girl whose life was flipped upside down by a boy she never knew,” He stood up and started walking towards me. How the hell could she have known that? “I own all the computers, Y/N. I know what everyone does and what everyone wants.” He starts to walk towards and my breath hitches.  

“That’s an invasion of privacy.” I walk backwards.

“Not when all of you are my privacy,” he starts walking faster until my back is up against the mahogany table stand with all of his awards and pictures. He lines his hips along mine and his face is only 2 centimeters away from my face, “especially you.” He leans in and I shimmy out of his grip and look at him, my hand on the door handle.

“I’d rather stay in my shit hole updating the website.” I open the door and all of the girls were standing outside, staring. I grunt and walk towards my cubicle, packing my bag. Once I finally have everything, I walk towards the elevators, with everyone’s eyes staring at me.

“I always get what I want, Y/N!” Luke yells at me across the room. He starts to run towards me but the elevator doors finally shut.

okay im not really sure if im into this series. tbh i thought it was gonna turn out better but ehh if you guys like it just request pls lol
and i am currently updating angels vs demons and i have like 5 other smuts/imagines i wanna upload soooooo

request pt.2

somehow-you-will  asked:

how about moses and miriam for the character ask? :)

First impression: It’s been so long since I first saw the Prince of Egypt that I don’t remember…
Impression now: Miriam is beautiful in a very warm way. Moses is… hard to describe. Strong, I think. You can tell he earned that.
Favorite moment: For Miriam, when she sings the lullaby to Moses. For Moses, when he comes down from speaking with God, and you can see him telling Tzipporah what happened and see the joy and wonder on his face.
Idea for a story: I… would love to write more of my modern AUs, both the normal one and the weird mob/secret agent/idfk one. I think there’s a lot of room for character exploration in both.
Unpopular opinion: Moses gets kind of boring in the second half of the movie? He loses all personality. It makes sense, but the mischievous and happiness he had before becoming God’s messenger is just- gone.
And Miriam… does not get enough screen time or development. Enough for the purposes of the movie, but not enough for me.
Favorite relationship: The two of them, actually. I can just imagine her holding her precious little brother, then aching for years as they grew up apart. Moses, never knowing he had a sister until he did, then wondering what it’s like until finally Miriam hugs him, and it feels like love.
Favorite headcanon: Ha, probably what I just typed above. I headcanon Miriam is very much full of love, and is a healer by nature if not by trade. I imagine Moses is a pretty great dad.

Fran Bows Medication?

What medication is Fran Bow on? (set around 1944’s)
Let’s start with her medical condition, her file says that she has symptoms of Psychosis but, what is Psychosis exactly? Well…
“Psychosis is characterized as disruptions to a person’s thoughts and perceptions that make it difficult for them to recognize what is real and what isn’t” NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) States. A.K.A unable to tell a difference between reality and fantasy, to continue “These disruptions are often experienced as seeing, hearing and believing things that aren’t real or having strange, persistent thoughts, behaviors and emotions.” Throughout our time playing as Fran Bow she has some… strange commentary when it comes to what she thinks about…
“He told me that the medicine would show me where he is,” (talking about her cat.)
Symptoms include,
 A worrisome drop in grades or job performance: well she isn’t in school so…no
 Trouble thinking clearly or concentrating: check
 Suspiciousness or uneasiness with others: CHECK
 A decline in self-care or personal hygiene: Well she is pretty much overdosing herself with duotine so… yes.
 Spending a lot more time alone than usual: We can tell that she wants her cat alone… nothing else, just her cat and herself so yes?
 Strong, inappropriate emotions or having no feelings at all- play about 30 minutes into the game and you’ll see that this kid has all kinds of creepy dialog.
The thing is that Psychosis seems to be linked (specifically a related condition.) with schizophrenia in many aspects. So let’s take a broad leap here and say that our main character is dealing with Schizophrenia.
Now to move on to what kind of medication would be taken for psychosis/schizophrenia in the 1940’s. Oh boy…
One specifically that I came across was called Thorazine

And guess when it was discovered? In the 1940’s. Thorazine is used to treat Psychosis AND schizophrenia. “The most frequently reported side effects included drowsiness, sedation, dry mouth, and nasal stuffiness.”
Drowsiness… hmmm
Sedation? …HMMMMMM( the first time Fran took Duotine she passed out for 3 DAYS!)
I also found this little gem.
“Momentary fainting occurred most commonly in patients after the first injection, with a lower frequency of occurrence in subsequent injections; patients given oral formulations rarely fainted after the initial dose.” Keep in mind that the first time that Fran took her medicine she fainted for 3 whole days, but after that she was taking them left and right without even batting an eye.
Some more mental symptoms are,
Common (1% to 10%): Anxiety, mental confusion, agitation, excitement, aggravation of schizophrenic symptoms
Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Nightmares, dysphoria, catatonic excitement, mental dulling/slowing
Rare (0.01% to 0.1%): Psychotic symptoms, catatonic-like states
Frequency not reported: Insomnia, altered mood, altered consciousness
9 out of 14 symptoms… well then… From the evidence provided it seems that Thorazine is the culprit to Fran’s worsening mental state. As well as her own medication, or at least what Duotine is based off of.

Just imagine….

Dan takes Phil to a really fancy restaurant for a date. Phil’s excited, but he could see the anxiousness and anxiety all over Dan’s face so he thinks, ‘Maybe this is it. Maybe Dan is finally going to propose.’ So he just sits there and eats his food contently, keeping himself alert at all times. After dinner, it happens. Phil looks up to see Dan slowly get down on one knee and Phil’s stomach flutters as he covers his mouth with his hands. Dan begins his speech, “Phil, I really love you a lot. And I’ve been thinking about this moment for the majority of the time I’ve known you, so Phil…” He begins, putting his hand in his jacket pocket and keeping his hand closed tightly around it, “will you…” This is it this is it…. Dan opens his palm, revealing a dead hamster, “let me put this hamster to good use?” And winks.

theangrytori  asked:

Carnation, Peony, and Locust!

CARNATION: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer? 

Hmm… You know, I’m not a huge concert person. I’m never really sure what you’re supposed to be doing when live music is happening? Like, singing along is fine, but I don’t dance and just standing there gets boring? 

OH, never mind. I wanna see Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown SO BAD.

PEONY: What’s your favorite hot beverage?

Flavored coffee with flavored coffee creamer. I am too damn old to pretend that black coffee tastes good. Give me m caffeinated sugar bean water, 

LOCUST: What was your favorite book as a child?

Oh fuck. I had so many dude. I read all the Narnia books. I LOVED Island of the Blue Dolphin and Witch of Blackbird Pond… I got super into horse books (yes, I was the weird horse girl) and so I collected all the Saddle Club books (and then sold the whole series on eBay for what I thought was a LOT of money). I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Seriously, follow me on Goodreads and I probably reviewed them all, haha. 


Aw, sweet, Hajime’s back! I can’t wait to see the other survivors and-
*suddenly, red eyes!*

Why is he- what is he- b-b-but the ending- the ending of DR2- w-was it a lie? I-I don’t know? W-what’s going on?!