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10,000 - 11,100 Follower Prompt Batch Special
  • “I took your memories for a good reason, but I shouldn’t have.”
  • “Is it too late to come over?”
  • “Hey, let me in. It’s so cold out here.”
  • “I wasn’t sure if you could understand my language, what with you being ancient and all.”
  • “When I told you that you could come along, I meant silently.”
  • “I’m the opposite of flexible.”
  • “You’ve been talking for eight months and you still don’t know their name?”
  • “You wanted to stand out, so now you do. Is this not what you meant?”
  • “I can’t sleep at night anymore. I don’t like closing my eyes.”
  • “You stood there and let it happen. You get to face the consequences.”
  • “I can’t say this was one of my proudest moments.”
  • “I figured that I could mold myself into someone you could admire whilst you were gone.”
  • “You stop me from making bad ideas all the time. Of course I got a little dependent on that.”
  • “Take a look at what I have to do and now tell me it’s easy.”
  • “They were conducting experiments here. I was a part of that.”
  • “You can teleport! Surely you can get us out of this mess, right?”
  • “Even a master such as I can make mistakes.”
  • “I’ve been patiently waiting, but I can’t do that anymore.”
  • “Sometimes change only happens when we make it.”
  • “Whoever put you on my team is getting a stern talking to.”
  • “Even after all the evidence I collected, you don’t believe me?”
  • “You said it was rare, but that means it’s happened before, so there must be someone else who knows about it.”
  • “Rock, paper, scissors solves everything.”
  • “I was trying really hard to listen to you, but I’m so bored.”
  • “I won’t forget this.”
  • “After a lot of confusion, I think I’ve finally figured this out.”
  • “If being honest is all I have, then so be it.”
  • “Why am I here? Why, that’s easy! You asked for a miracle, remember?”
  • “We’re already fifteen minutes into the project. Why are you trying to stop me now?”
  • “I can practically taste the disaster.”
  • “I promise you that you don’t want to stay around here for long.”
  • “If you find a way out of this, take me with you.”
  • “None of this was my idea.”
  • “You were the stone and we were the birds.”
  • “It wasn’t hopeless. Look at what you’ve accomplished.”
  • “I never minded when you were around me. Why would that change?”
  • “Hate to break it to you, but you’re turning into an alien.”
  • “Don’t you dare let go of my hand. You hear me?”
  • “Duck your head and follow me.”
  • “Thing is, if I continue to think about it, I’ll only get more anxious.”
  • “I never wanted this for you. For any of you.”
  • “Do those marks look like they were made by an animal to you?”
  • “If I had said something else, would it have made a difference?”
  • “It’s garbage night. That means we lay here and feel like trash.”
  • “Maybe if I turn the music up louder, I’ll be able to ignore it all.”
  • “I wonder if it still qualifies as a problem if it doesn’t affect you personally? Hm?”
  • “Take a look around. This is our world now.”
  • “Were you expecting the aliens to be hostile?”
  • “Let’s break the rules and take over the world.”
  • “It’s time you knew where you actually came from.”
  • “Truth be told, you’re not the first one I would have chosen for this.”
  • “If it was easy, don’t you think I would have changed already?”
  • “I’ve been dead for so long, I’ve forgotten how to live.”
  • “Making you mad is so easy. I’ve been trying to see if I could set a new record.”
  • “Why do you always assume everything is my fault?”
  • “We have a special guest. Go clean up.”
  • “Together, we can find a way.”
  • “You can call it anything, but that was love right there.”
  • “I know you’re headed in the right direction.”
  • “If I hadn’t held you back, who knew what would have happened?”
  • “I like it when you sing to me. Why’d you stop?”
  • “Can you blame me for my excitement? This is huge!”
  • “I didn’t need you to come along. You messed everything up.”
  • “What’s the interrogation for?”
  • “Can you imagine how boring an endless slide would be after the thirty minute mark?”
  • “We can make this work.”
  • “It’s like all I can ever do is make you unhappy.”
  • “You could have talked to me if you needed it.”
  • “Why would I turn you? You don’t want this life. I promise you that.”
  • “I can see the end. Hurry!”
  • “Getting lost in a maze with you was a nightmare that I can only hope to never experience again.”
  • “I don’t know if I should trust you to get us there safely.”
  • “Did you finally have enough of me?”
  • “Believe it or not, I’m actually tired of people comparing me with them.”
  • “I’m tired of you doubting me. At this point, what do I have to do to prove myself?”
  • “I don’t say it often, but I do love you. Very much so.”
  • “I like the friendship we have, but I want something more.”
  • “Well, the vision I had was pure chaos. Let’s prevent that, shall we?”
  • “I’m proud of you. That you moved on.”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, I am actually a mind reader.”
  • “I didn’t know how to ask.”
  • “I don’t want to bring you down, but sometimes I need your support.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of living here. It’s so bland and boring.”
  • “I don’t want to be alone for the vacation, so come with me. Drop everything and pack up.”
  • “I’m way too nice to do that, sorry.”
  • “You can’t pick and choose which parts of me you can fix.”
  • “There’s no reason to be so cold.”
  • “Wishful thinking is a blessing in disguise.”
  • “Look! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of you.”
  • “We got this far and it’d be a shame to turn back now.”
  • “I can’t just leave it here. It was all cold and alone. Come on, please?”
  • “You look over there and I’ll look over here.”
  • “I’ll do all the chores for two months if you do my paper for me.”
  • “I thought you liked my stories?”
  • “Can you remember how nervous you were? Now look at you!”
  • “I am glorious, admit it. Maybe it’ll rub off on you.”
  • “I wasn’t afraid. I was just… Concerned.”
  • “Your heart was in the right place. It’s the thought that counts.”
  • “I was ten minutes late. There’s no way they didn’t notice.”
  • “I’m both a lover and a fighter. I’ll take you down and then give you a kiss.”
Imagine...Getting Lazy

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Request: Hey! So glad your requests are open! So I wonder if you could write DeanxReader, where the reader thinks that Dean doesn’t love her anymore because he doesn’t touch her like he used to and isn’t as flirty as he used to be with her? But it turns out that he thinks the same about her and he is just unsure how to handle the situation and it all ends fluffy?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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You know when little adorable thoughts pop into your head? Well… thought I would share this one.

Feyre had been out flying with her son. He had been struggling a bit since the birth of his sister, like any young child would. The copious amounts of attention he had received from both parents had significantly lessened as the attention had shifted, just because that’s what babies needed.

But young boys needed attention too, so now that Adelia was old enough to spend a few hours away from her mother Feyre was sure to spend some time solely with her son. Once they had landed in the House of Wind Tristan had scampered off to tell his father about his adventures. Feyre hoped that Rhys wasn’t in the middle of anything too important. Regardless, he’d never turn their son away.

Now Feyre was looking for their daughter. She had left her in the care of Mor, Cassian and Azriel collectively but had no idea whether they had split up since then. So Feyre just wandered, knowing she’d happen upon them at some point. That was when she heard it.


Baby giggles were coming from the sitting room. Feyre made her way there as quietly as she could, hoping she would not disturb the scene. Peeking round the entry way, Feyre couldn’t help but smile.

Adelia was propped up in a corner of one of the sitting chairs, Cassian kneeling in front of of her. His wings were spread, but he brought one in front of him to hide his face. Then he pulled it away quickly.


Adelia burst into a fit of giggles. And Cassian repeated the process. Adelia’s laugh was one of the most beautiful things Feyre had heard, so musical and pure. Each time Cassian revealed his face Adelia would start again and adorably would go quiet when Cassian hid just waiting to see what would happen next.

“They’ve been doing that for quite a while.”

Feyre almost jumped out of her skin at Azriel’s words as he appeared out of whatever shadows he’d been hiding in.

“Mother, give me some warning next time, Az,” Feyre said hand on her chest. Azriel only chuckled before Feyre asked. “You think he’s bored yet?”

Azriel shrugged and smiled as giggling once again filled the room, “Knowing Cassian, Adelia will get bored before he does.”

“I can hear you, you know, you aaa… annoying busybodies,” Cassian said from behind a wing. “Boo!”

Adelia giggled.

“And lucky we’re in the presence of the innocent or I might have called you something much worse. Now leave us. Adelia and Uncle Cass are bonding.”

Feyre and Azriel only laughed in reply as they left Cassian and Adelia to entertain each other.

Sexual Tension (Star-Lord x Reader)

As requested by anon:  Can you do a smut fanfic in which Peter gets trapped? And no, not 50 Shades of Grey style, but your style!

I was a tiny bit confused as to what you meant, so I tried my best and I hope you like it! Sorry it took forever. 

Warning: NSFW

“Peter, your ship is a piece of junk,” you groaned as you paced around impatiently. There was a grunt in response, followed by the clank of some metal and you glanced toward the floor where he lay flat on his stomach. In his hand was a tool of some sort, and he was elbows deep in an opening in the wall made by his removal of a panel, exposing  a tangle of wires.

“She’s not a piece of junk,” he replied defensively. “She just gets a little sick now and then, is all.”

“I’d hardly call getting us stuck in the cockpit for an hour, ‘sick’,” you air quoted the last word and rolled your eyes. A fuse or something had blown earlier that day, activating the auto-lock on all the doors, thereby causing you to get hopelessly trapped.

Peter stopped what he was doing, put his tools down, and then rose to his feet. He folded his arms and cocked his head to the side, the corners of his mouth turning up ever so slightly. “Maybe we should embrace the situation.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean maybe we’re alone for the first time and there’s clearly been some sexual tension that needs to be addressed.”

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my big list of ADHD homework tips!

as a person with unmedicated ADHD, i struggle a lot with school. and being unmedicated by choice makes getting “official” help a lot harder, but this also applies if you’re someone who can’t afford to get a diagnosis and are medicated for that reason. if you’re like me, things like extended deadlines won’t help you much anyways because the amount of time isn’t the problem

anyways, i thought i’d put together a lot of my coping mechanisms to get decent grades and do my work!! of course these may not help you bc everyone’s brains work differently, even people with the same disabilities, so a lot of these may be completely useless

most of these revolve around MODERATING distractions rather than cutting them out completely

  • try to have a determined outlook, especially in the face of huge projects. for example, think about it in terms of “i WILL get this done” “i’m GOING to finish this, because i have to” “it will definitely happen”. 
  • realize it’s okay to get distracted! it happens, it’s kinda inevitable with this disability honestly. the most valuble thing i’ve learned is how to moderate my distractions. 
  • refresh tumblr often! don’t go TOO far back on your dash. the more you refresh the less there will be to see, so the likelihood of getting bored and going back to what you’re working on is higher. 
  • if possible, once i’ve refreshed tumblr enough and there’s hardly anything new, i close tumblr. i almost never look at facebook but i treat it the same way as i treat tumblr when i do. generally i keep twitter open bc there’s less i can get hyper-focused on
  • do your homework with a friend that’s good at staying focused! generally, they’ll interact with you enough but withdraw enough so you can do your own work
  • put on a show that’ll entertain you but you’ve seen before, for me this is generally bob’s burgers or like, archer
  • when writing an essay, work on the parts you have ideas for first. transitions are actually easier for me to write after i’ve written about main ideas. if anything’s stopping you from moving forward, come back to it later. it’s a lot less intimidating when you’ve written most of the rest of it
  • enlist friends! it doesn’t take too much energy to help someone with adhd pace themselves. if your friends can tell you every 15 minutes or so to write one or two sentences i found it works really well. one or two sentences is unintimidating enough for me to be able to do when someone tells me to do it, and there’s also a pretty big chance i’ll end up writing more than that
  • remember, TINY AMOUNTS OF PROGRESS ARE STILL PROGRESS! set small goals, they’re much easier to accomplish
  • if you encounter a reading that’s really hard for you to process, ie reading over and over again and not actually processing any of it, try and find a summary online or ask a friend to summarize it
  • asking a friend to summarize things is mutually beneficial, bc it’ll help their understanding to try to explain it. this goes for studying too, and having frequent conversations about what you’re studying is a really efficient studying tool! keeping the mood light and joking around is important too
  • for really difficult readings, if you have a REALLY dedicated friend, have them read it out loud to you sentence by sentence and summarize/simplify each sentence. it helps to have conversations about the material throughout too, like asking questions and whatnot

but yeah, this is basically how i got through finals and writing 9 final papers in the past two weeks? none of these require particularly great time management either 

this got kinda long but i hope it can help some people!!

EDIT: added a title and fixed some typos

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 28


I haven’t had nightmares like that in years.

           Replaying the scene of my mother’s death is a classic, and it’s been a while since I’ve dreamt it, but it almost always has me waking in a cold sweat.  Occasionally I see it as I did when I was a child, but often it’s me as I am now, and the last thing I see is the look in her eye.  It’s not afraid, it’s just sad, disappointed that I’ve carried my sickness with me all these years.  That I never finished what she started by sending the nursery up in flames.  That I’m still walking the planet with vampire’s poison in my blood.

           There’s always the reassuring thought that I’ll wake up as soon as I’ve seen that look and the fire takes over, but this time it doesn’t work.  I keep dreaming, and it gets worse.  It turns into the nightmare that haunted my dreams almost every night for all of fifth year.

           I have to bite Simon.  I’m starved of blood and he is placed before me, veins pumping like drums in my head.  Someone somewhere is egging me on, sometimes it’s Fiona’s voice, sometimes my father’s, sometimes my mother’s.  I keep telling them no, and then Simon picks up a knife.  He tells me it’s okay and he presses the blade to his neck, tracing a shallow line and drawing just the thinnest stream of blood but the smell alone is enough to set my senses blazing.  I’m begging him to stop and he just walks calmly up to me, like the hero that he’s always been destined to be.  

           Sometimes I wake up in time.  Sometimes I don’t.

           When I don’t, I give in.  I always give in.

           His blood tastes real and alive and after one drop I lose control, drinking from his neck like I’ll never eat again.

           Sometimes I stay in the nightmare long enough to feel him run his sword through my stomach before I wake up.

           That’s what happened last night.  Before I was shaken awake, clutching at the phantom blade in my stomach, to find him gazing down at me with wide, fearful eyes.

           In the moment all I wanted was to pull him into my arms, to convince myself that he was real, we were awake and alive. Well, him at least.

           Instead I burst into tears in front of him.  Of course.

           He made no further move to comfort me, which is for the best.  Where in Merlin’s name would we have gone from there?

           When my alarm goes off this morning, I don’t bother hitting snooze.  I just slam the off-button and sit up.  My eyes are fuzzy and heavy, and I can feel the tears dried onto my cheeks.  I feel like a bear waking up from a terrible hibernation.

           Simon hauls himself out of bed, his curls standing up off his head like he was the one who didn’t get any sleep.  When he looks over at me, there’s a sort of caution in his gaze.  “You alright?” he asks tentatively.

           “Brilliant, Snow,” I croak, my voice raw from crying and the little sleep I got, “never been better.”

           He doesn’t move to get ready or even get off the bed, just keeps staring at me, and I can only imagine what I must look like right now.  Red, puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks, probably a rat’s nest of hair.  A wreck.  A vulnerable wreck.  Wonderful.

           “Maybe…” he ventures, trailing off.

           “Words, Snow, I’m not in the mood to read your mind.”

           “Maybe you should skip class this morning.”

           I scowl at him.  “I know I look like death, but it’s nothing a hairbrush won’t fix.”

           “No,” he shakes his head, bronze curls falling in his eyes, “I mean you need your sleep.  I can say you’re sick or something.”

           I raise an eyebrow.  “Since when are you invested in my well-being, Snow?”

           “You didn’t hear yourself last night,” he mutters, and I think I see him shudder, staring at the floor, and it dawns on me that I must have been talking in my sleep.  My blood runs cold imagining what he might have heard, what I might have revealed.

           “No need to worry yourself,” I say, though I can barely keep my eyes open.

           At this point, he gets up and crosses over to me. I’m too shocked to protest when he gently pushes me back to the mattress and pulls the covers over me again, but I look up at him quizzically.

           “Just go back to sleep,” he tells me before heading to the bathroom to change.

           I’m practically asleep again by the time he leaves the room, shutting the door slowly and quietly, like I’m a sick child in his care.  The thought should be terrifying, but I’m out like a light before I can finish it.


           Even though I sleep for another few hours, I still wake up in a bad mood.  The rain pouring down the window doesn’t help, and I just have too many thoughts swimming around my head to feel refreshed.

           Second class has already started, so I take my time in the shower, scrubbing the feeling of the sword away from my torso. If I think too long about my nightmare, the tear-tracks on my face start to feel like Snow’s blood, and I rub the sensation off until my cheeks are burning and red.

           I don’t think about the nightmares.

           I don’t think about the concern in his eyes last night.

           I don’t think about his gentle touch pushing me back into bed.

           Instead, I think about our game.

           Snow never made his move.  So what does that mean?  He sure didn’t look like he wanted to pull anything on me this morning.  In fact, he looked quite the opposite, almost guilty, like he felt responsible.

           So who’s move is it?

           Mine,I think as I shut off the water. He forfeited his turn, so now it’s my move.


           I wait until classes are over to act.  I haven’t seen much of him since this morning (Crowley knows he can’t be seen talking to me in a civil manner outside the room), but I find him in the study hall.  Bunce and Wellbelove sit across from him, the three of them engrossed in their notes and textbooks.  Snow has a set of earphones in, and his phone sits on the table beside his work.

           None of them notice me when I come in, nor when I take a seat on the other side of the room.  I open one of my own books but I can’t concentrate when I look down at it. I’m still feeling the effects of the terrible night I had, plus I’m not even here to study.

           I see Snow say something to Bunce without removing his earphones.  He must have the music low enough that he can still hear.  Perfect.

           I wait a few more minutes, until he’s lost in his notes again, before pulling my wand out of my pocket.  I won’t be able to swing the wand as usual with this many people around, but I discreetly aim it at Snow from across the room.  More specifically, at Snow’s phone.

           “A little bit louder now,” I whisper.

           Snow jumps back from his table, frantically ripping at his earphones as his music goes from quiet to blasting in less than a second.  Wellbelove actually stands in shock, and someone’s papers go flying.  

           I don’t see the tail end of Snow’s reaction, as I have returned to staring pointlessly at my text.  When I glance back up, he’s turning the phone over and over in his hands, trying to figure out what happened.  Bunce hands him her earphones.  Classic.

           This time he only puts a bud in one ear, and he’s visually stiffer, ready to react if it happens again.  Which it will, of course it will.  Once he’s dropped his guard and I get bored of skimming over my book.

           This only takes approximately fifteen minutes. After another five, he’s noticeably flagging, his eyes drooping closed, the heel of his hand pressing a red mark into his cheek.

           As if he lost sleep last night.  As if he’d had the nightmares about killing me.  Well, not me, I suppose.  Someone who matters to him as much as he matters to me.  Wellbelove, maybe.

           That thought alone makes me sick.  Stupid Wellbelove and her stupid perfect hair and perfect face and perfect clothes. I almost want to turn my curses on her.

           They haven’t dated in almost a year now, but the fact still remains that they did.  At one point, Simon looked at her in that way that makes bystanders sigh and go all mushy.  He doesn’t look at her that way anymore, but it’s like a stain that won’t come out.  I can still see it, or imagine that I’m seeing it.  I wonder if it will ever go away.

           It’s with this thought in mind that I cast the spell a second time, expecting some sort of satisfaction when he once again jumps a mile into the air, but finding nothing but bitterness.  Stupid Snow and his stupid golden curls and splatter of moles.  Fuck him.  Fuck the way his eyes turn into oceans in the dark.  Fuck his crooked smile and the way his laugh makes the rain turn into sunshine.

           I forget to look away when he catches me glaring at him, and too late I see him figure it out.  He doesn’t glare back defiantly like I expect him to, just holds my gaze levelly like he understands.  What in Merlin’s name he’s understanding is beyond me.

           Thrusting my chin forward I mouth the words “your move” slowly and obviously. He just nods once before turning back to his books, deliberately leaving his earphones on the table.

|| an autocorrect love story ||

lmao I promised my friend that I would take a break from writing, but technically, this doesn’t count since I wrote this imagine MONTHS ago and posted it on my DeviantArt page. I just decided to copy it to my tumblr account because I was really proud of this imagine.

I added a few extra details so that it could fit with Tom!Peter Parker,,,,,, ;)))))

And lets be real, Peter would totally confess to his crush like this lol ♡

warnings: none

please don’t repost this story


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Anti Camren shippers tore Camren shippers down so much that even thinking of L calling C ‘baby’ in real life sounds unbelievable to most individuals. So good job, you successfully mentally damaged and manipulated underage teenagers and young adults into believing your own homophobic agenda of “Camren was a friend ship, gal pals, you’re sick!’

What an accomplishment in life.

Please, Camren shippers, never let anyone tell you that you’re delusional or mentally unstable for picking up on very obvious social cues. Camren had a thing at one point. There are too many receipts proving that there was more than just a little innocent gal pal situation going on.

And to all the social justice warriors freaking out and accusing people of 'ruining Lauren’s life’ y'all should sit your asses down. Fame comes with a heavy price. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Paparazzi gets paid thousands, even millions, to dig into people’s personal lives and get personal information. Camren shippers mainly went by what was shown in interviews and during tours to prove their points. There was rarely any type of 'prying’ into their personal lives, it was always blatant and for the public eye to see. So I’m sorry everyone saw that Lauren wasn’t straight before she did, but that’s life. That’s something that, as an LGBT individual, you have to go through. It’s tough to figure out your sexuality but wether it’s fans or people at your high school, job or own home, you’re going to have people pick up on your 'gayness’ long before you do. So all I hear, again, is Lauren playing the victim and gaining sympathy from the gullible fans that fall for this “poor me” act every time.

The only person I feel bad for in this situation is Camila. She’s had every harsh thing done to her that Lauren did, and through her songs I’m learning it was ten times worse. Not only did Camila have to combat what Lauren was dealing with BUT Lauren at the same time. So, nah, I don’t feel as though fans should feel guilty for pointing out the blatantly obvious. Camila has always remained quiet about fans calling her bisexual or a lesbian, she has always been respectful about Camren, she has always bit her tongue. Lauren on the other hand is still out there having temper tantrums about it.

As I said, if the Fandom was prying deep into Camrens personal lives by being invasive or stalkerish I would agree that they took it too far, however that was never the case. I can recall only a few times when fans took it too far, and those were the Lucy days. That was a situation that I have to agree, fans did pry, but Camren was never that way. Camren was public, they were both semi famous and both a part of promotional things, however Laucy was a different story. So we could see plain as day what was happening with Camren, however those that sought out Laucy were looking for something. With Camren it was merely placed in fans laps.

Just a rant though. Getting a bit bored of antis disrespectfully yammering on and on about shit yet having no receipts to back their claims up.

Getting Somewhere

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Summary: You and Sigrid have a very in-depth conversation about your past with Thranduil and the King tries to apologize in his own little way.

Pairings: Thranduil x Reader

Words: 2,063

Warnings: Mentions of Loss of Family Members; Slight Mentions of Hatred from Parents.

A/N: I’ve been hella tired lately so I haven’t been doing anything. No writing no nothing. I think that’s how the weekend is going to go too. Sorry guys. Also this was hard to write. I wanted like a lot of angst, but I couldn’t find a way to fix it so I kinda f’ed up lol

Master List  Part 1

It takes you about three days to reach Dale. You had not spoken to Sigrid and you felt bad. You didn’t want her to feel like everything was her fault.

You both get off of your horse as you reach the entrance. You hand your horse over to a stable boy after gathering your things.

“Sigrid-,” you start, slinging your pack over your shoulder. She shakes her head, stopping you from continuing.

“I understand, y/n. You had a lot on your mind, it’s fine,” she says and you smile at the human before you.

 You had lived a very LONG life and she is by far your favorite human.

During the Battle of the Five Armies, you had saved them from a bunch of orcs chasing after them. When you had seen the fear in her eyes, it struck a chord with you and from then on you vowed to protect her and her siblings, something you couldn’t do for your own.

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Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o being flirted by two men who speaks their language during a date

cont: and while he’s away (like buying something or idk)

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Shownu; Shownu couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially when he just went to throw his bottle. There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you weren’t interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Making his way towards you, he’d actually clear his throat and slap away the hands of the man, giving him that look on the gif. When the men didn’t seem to budge, Shownu would actually crack his knuckles and ask if they have any problem and when finally noticed that Shownu was serious, they’d run off and leave the two of you, leaving Shownu slightly pissed but in a happy mood since you’ve wrapped your arms around his waist and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving you from those creeps.

Oh, where are you going little kitty? *smirks at you while the grip around your wrists tightens, making you wince in pain*”

“Let go off me–” “*clears his throat and smacks the man’s hand away, making him remove his hands off of you* What the heck are you doing?”

“*scoffs and steps up, eyeing Shownu from head to toe* Who might you be–”

“*cracks his knuckles and glares at the man* Do you have any problem? I guess you want to take this problem outside– *the two men dashes away* Tss.”

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Wonho; The last thing Wonho would expect to see once he comes back from ordering both your drinks was seeing two men flirting with his girl. Wonho had already noticed these men before the two of you even chose your seats and he knew they were trouble. He would angrily chew on his gum with the number on his hands, making his way back to you with his eyes never leaving the men who were now trying to take hold of your hand. He would loom over the man who really tried to touch you and would literally speak up behind him, making the man jump and look back to see Wonho’s strong arms going past through his face as he places the number on the table. A smirk would be found on Wonho’s face as he brings his arms back, looking down at the man with an eyebrow raised. He may look friendly but the tone of his voice would be icy cold and he wouldn’t really think twice and let the men know that you’re his and they have to piss off before they could even regret walking up to you and flirt with you. And to your surprise, Wonho would be all smiles when the men bowed and apologized for what they’ve done and it’d be as if nothing really happened.

Excuse me, what the heck are you trying to do with my woman? *fake smile, eyes boring onto the man’s head*”

“What the heck— Oh…. *starts to sweat when he sees Wonho* U-uh, we’re just trying to make friends with her.”

“Oh? Really? You call ‘holding her hand’ as making friends? I don’t think so. I’ll count up to three, and if you’re still here, I wouldn’t hold back and break every single bone you have. 1….. 2…. *the two men starts to get up and bow, apologizing for ever going near you* How cute… *takes a seat right in front of you and smiles* I ordered your favorite.”

“What was that, Wonho?” “What’s what? *innocently blinks at you*”

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Minhyuk; It hasn’t been a minute when Minhyuk saw two men walking up to you while you waited for him as he volunteered to pay for both of your clothes. He wouldn’t be too happy when he sees the men closing up on you but he’d be pretty amused by how you flashed them your fakest smile and excused yourself, to which would have Minhyuk relieved and would turn his attention back to the line. But when it was already his turn, he took a quick glance at you and noticed how uncomfortable you’ve become when the two men decided to walk up to you again. Let’s just say Minhyuk quickly paid for the clothes and immediately slung an arm around your shoulder and smiled at you, acting like he doesn’t even notice the two men glaring at him. Minhyuk would also place emphasis on the endearments and would just pull you away from the boys and out of the place, only to have him whining the minute he steps foot out of the shop. Minhyuk would ramble about what happened and would ask you about it, like what did they tell you or did you know them and many more. But soon enough, he’d be distracted by the sight of puppies, asking you if you guys could adopt one.

Oh baby, I’m so sorry if it took me long enough to pay for our clothes for our honeymoon next week. *smiles lovingly at you and places an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him*”

“*glares at Minhyuk and eyes him from head to toe*”

“*purposely hits the man on the face when he slings the bag on his shoulder* Let’s go baby! *pulls you out of the shop and his smile would be replaced with a pout* Baby, what was that? The nerve of those men, didn’t they see how uncomfortable you were when they approached you or something? *sighs* Baby, what did they tell you? I bet they asked you for your number or something… *sees puppies* BABE! PUPPIESSSSS!!!! *drags you towards the puppies* Can we adopt one?”

“No, babe.”

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Kihyun; It was just another picnic day for you and Kihyun and you were busy munching on some of the kimbap he made when he kindly excused himself as he badly needed to go to the bathroom. When he’s finally relieved, he goes out of the bathroom and sees two men ogling over you and was trying to flirt with you. He knows that you’re beautiful but he’d be utterly surprised to see two men going up to you. He wouldn’t be too happy about it and would immediately make his way back to you and would actually ask them if they need something or if they’re lost or something. But when the men would just snicker and ignore him, he’d actually tell them to piss off before everything get’s bloody hell and he wouldn’t really sugarcoat the insults that would leave his mouth. Thankfully, the men left without even apologizing, which would leave Kihyun in an awful mood that he’d be stuff a couple of kimbaps in his mouth and would look like an angry hamster. When you tried to comfort him, he’d just look at you and would ask you why you have to be so beautiful to attract random men.

Baby, are you sulking or what? *looks at Kihyun and sees him stuffing his face with some kimbap*”

“*glances towards your direction and back on the kimbap in front of him*”

“*Aww, baby, what’s wrong? *coos at him and pulls him into a hug, only to be surprised by his questions*”

“Why do have to be so beautiful to the point that you attract random men? *pouts*”

“I don’t know, ask your future mom&dad-in-law.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon wouldn’t really mind at first since he was in the midst of ordering a couple of desserts and drinks for the two of you. But when he was waiting for the drinks and desserts at the counter, he wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of you and the two men, who were giving you such flirty smiles and stares, which kind of ticked Hyungwon off. When the orders were already complete, Hyungwon would be walking towards your table with an ominous aura emitting off from him and it’d only take the second guy to notice him and break into a cold sweat when he saw the look on Hyungwon’s face. He would actually be politely asking them if they have any problem or what not, and when they replied a no, he would actually directly ask them why were they there in the first place and the two men wouldn’t even bother responding as they’re already running away for their lives. Hyungwon would just place the desserts and drinks on the table and ask you if were you hurt or something.

Babe… thanks for shooing them away… *glances at Hyungwon’s expression than to the strawberry cake*”

“No worries. *takes his seat and looks at you with the same look on the gif* Did they touch you or hurt you? *takes a hold of your hand and stares directly into your eyes*”

“No…. but they were kinda creepy tho..”

“*sighs* I should’ve taught them a lesson or two..”

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Jooheon; Well, actually, you and Jooheon were actually cross-dressing since the two of you lost a bet. The two of you were at Gongcha, and since you are the guy, you’re the one who’s ordering while Jooheon’s left outside, waiting for you with his silky hair flowing down his shoulder. Somehow, he would get really flustered when two men walked up to him and started flirting with him but in a different language. Jooheon wouldn’t know to react but would just laugh and speak out a word or two that he’d learned from you and would fiddle on his skirt. But when the men didn’t leave, Jooheon would immediately talk to them with his usual voice and would literally tell them that he’s a guy. And when they’ve finally left, you’d come back to see a blushing Jooheon, who immediately hugged you and told you what happened with the same expression on the gif. You wouldn’t understand at first but when you come across the two men, he’d point at them and tell you that they flirted with him, thinking that he was a girl.

Babe, are you alright? *walks up to him with worry, but only to be surprised by Jooheon’s sudden hug*”

“Babe babe babe, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.”

“What? *looks at him weirdly and pulls away from the hug to let him carry the other bag of drinks*”

“There were two men who flirted with me and they thought I was a girl!! *laughing* Man, am I that cute? *aegyo pose*”

“Babe, let’s just go home….”

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I.M; Changkyun was in the middle of choosing some cup ramyeon for the two of you to feast on when he caught a glimpse of two men walking up to you while giving you some flirty smile and wink. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from letting out an omg. It has actually been the nth time since you’ve flirted with men who spoke the same language with you. Grabbing two cup ramyeon, he would immediately pay for it and walk up to you, excusing the two of you from the two males and dragging you away from them. Changkyun wouldn’t really talk some senses into them since he would just drag you away and have the two of you eat some cup ramyeon at his studio. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from talking about how this is the 20th time you’ve been picked on and how this needs to stop and how he should buy some pepper spray for you next time and many more, and this will go on for 20 minutes, only to be silenced by you kissing him on the lips, making him grin widely.

What should I get for [y/n]? Hmm… *taps his lower lip and was about to get you some shin ramyeon when he catches a glimpse of the two men walking up to you* Oh my goodness… when will this stop?! *grabs two random ramyeon and pays for it; hurriedly walks out of the convenience store and takes a hold of your wrists and fake smiles* Excuse me, but I have to get my GIRLFRIEND away from the two of you. Okay? BYE. *drags you away from them*”

“That was fast… *looks at him and sees him with an exasperated look*”

“[y/n], this is the 20th time that you’ve been hit on! I guess we have to eat at my studio… Baby, this needs to stop. You’re getting prettier and prettier by the day and and… for sure you’re gonna get hit on the next time you go out… .Should I buy you some pepper spray? I heard that it’s– *silenced by your kiss, grins widely when you pull away*”

For The Love Of Harry, Part Five

Pink it was love at first sight…Yeah, pink when I turn out the light…

Your phone alarm screams loudly, your eyes darting open at the blaring Aerosmith tune. Your brain tries to adjust when you feel the bed shaking behind you as Harry tries to stifle his laughter. It had become a running joke with Harry since you moved in with him, that he found quite hilarious. Every night after you would fall asleep, he would change your alarm ringtone to a different song. You never knew whose music you would wake up to, but you loved that it entertained him so much.

You grinned before slowly turning your head on the pillow to face him. He looked at you, reached to shut off the alarm, and full-on laughed, wrapping his arm around your back.

“Appropriate, don’t you think?” he asks, still enjoying his joke.

“Pink is the only true rock and roll color, I hear,” you tease and he kisses your cheek.

“Mornin’, my love,” Harry says, sprinkling your neck and face with good morning kisses.

“It is, isn’t it?” you yawn. “Good morning.”

He pulls you into a warm, relaxing hug and you both whimper, not wanting to start your days.

“We don’t really have to get up, do we?” you ask, whining.

“Afraid so,” he says, sighing heavily. “Busy day today.” You groan, not wanting to leave the bed or his arms. In an effort to wake you up thoroughly, Harry suddenly climbs on top of you, full weight, his arms and legs sprawled toward each corner of the bed, his head cheek to cheek with yours, teasing you to try to get up. He laughs as you struggle under him, and you’re laughing too hard to gain enough strength to attempt to push him off of you.

“Get off of me!” you laugh. “What are you doing?”

“Come on, babe,” Harry laughs. “We really need to get up and get ready. Stop messing around now!” Harry laughs as you continue to struggle under him and laugh. Finally he pulls himself back up on his arms and looks into your face. “Awake now?”

“How could I not be?” you say as you regain your composure. “Are you my 13 year old brother or something?”

“Didn’t think I was your 13 year old brother last night, did you?” he flirts, raising his eyebrows up and down, giggling then kissing you sweetly.

“Definitely…not,” you say, remembering the moans and orgasms of the night before. “Definitely not.”

He kisses you again, sliding his arms between your body and the mattress under you, holding you tightly for a long moment.

“I love this,” Harry whispers in your ear.

“Me, too,” you return quietly in his.


“I’m done early today,” Harry says, stopping the car outside the entrance of your building. The paps that had once been loitering outside your office had found bigger fish to fry and had moved along, allowing your public existence to be easier again. You for one couldn’t have been happier. You had both kept a hushed mouth about your relationship, causing the rumor mill to fly. Were you a couple? Just good friends? A PR stunt? You had managed to keep it under wraps that you were living with Harry now, and were careful not to be seen out together to still the shark-filled waters, so when new fresh sightings and gossip stopped circulating, the paps became bored and moved on, and most people assumed there wasn’t much to it. “I’m going home and writing this afternoon but I’ll come get you at 5, alright?”

“Harry,” you insist. “You don’t have to. I can take the tube. Don’t interrupt your writing to come get me. It’s fine.”

“I don’t want you riding the tube, sweetheart,” he stresses, for what he thought must have been the 100th time, at least. “What happens if you get in, not realizing a pap or two are there and you’re trapped inside with them until your stop?”

“Harry, they’re bored with me now,” you whine. “See? Nobody here waiting to see if I’ll be making out with Harry Styles outside of my office building. They’re probably in their usual spots looking for you!”

“Still,” he says. “If I can’t be here, I’d much rather you take a taxi home, or I’ll hire a driver to get you around when I can’t.”

“Because me taking a taxi to your house is less conspicuous than me taking the tube somewhere, where I can easily dash into a bar or cafe or shop if a pap is looming?” you ask. He sighs, shaking his head, becoming frustrated with you.

“You just don’t fully understand yet, love,” he says, running his hand through his curly locks. “Just…,” he growls. “Just promise that if you take the tube when I’m not here to get you, that you are very aware of your surroundings, and text me before you board so I know you’re on your way. Alright?”

You smile at him and he smiles hesitantly. “Now,” you say, bluntly. “Will you please make out with me so I can go to work?”

He chuckles, leaning toward you with his hand behind your head, pulling you toward him gently. “Just…I want you safe, you know?”

“I know,” you say, kissing him gently. “I will be safe, I promise.”

He kisses you with a flurry of soft kisses, each making a light smacking sound, then pulling you into a loving hug. “Have a good day, babe,” he says, grinning again.

“You, too,” you answer. “Love you,” you say, pulling on the handle and pushing the door open.

“Love you,” he smiles in return.

At 5 o’clock you walk to the break room for a water bottle, then start to walk out, running into your best friend as you cross through the doorway.

“There she is!” Kari yells, kissing your cheek. “Fancy a cold one at the pub, love?”

“As much as I would love that, I’ll have to beg out for another night,” you reply. “So tired tonight. I’m ready to go home, take off my bra, and put my feet up with a bottle of wine.”

Kari frowned. “That article you’ve been working on got you bogged, has it?” You nod as the two of you begin the walk toward the front doors of the building. “Alright, I’ll let it go for tonight, but soon! We need to catch up again.”

“I promise,” you smile, stepping through the doors to the flow of people leaving work for the evening. You look around, not seeing Harry’s car, so you begin walking alongside Kari toward the nearest tube station. Talking and giggling, arm in arm, you hear a horn honk and turn around, seeing Harry pull up next to you.

“Hey,” Harry smiles after rolling the window down. “Sorry. Tried to get here before you left.”

“I told you…” you begin.

“I know,” he says, “But I was finished, I swear. Thought we’d run get some food and wine.”

You nod and hug Kari, then open the door to get inside.

“Kari, can I give you a lift home?” Harry asks kindly. “You’re welcome to join us for dinner.”

“No, thank you, darlin’,” she smiles. “Goin’ to pop into Tommy’s for a drink before I go home. Make her get some sleep. Her assignment is the shits right now. She could use some rest. Maybe a good back rub.”

“I will, thanks,” he smiles, taking your hand as you close your door, both of you waving to Kari as Harry drives away.

“So, did you really finish writing, or just want to pick me up?” you snicker.

“Hungry for curry, that’s all,” he smirks. “Now, let’s get some dinner and go home.”

You pick up food and wine and enjoy a relaxing meal at home. While the two of you clean up, Harry notices you yawning.

“Tired?” he asks.

“Yeah, a bit,” you reply. “But not ready to go to bed. I missed you today.”

He grins, wiping his hands on a towel and tossing it on the counter. He turns and pulls you into a close hug.

“I missed you, too,” he said into your neck. “Hey, wanna hear a bit of what I worked on this afternoon?”

“Yes!” That excited you. Usually Harry kept his songs to himself until they were complete. So to hear a snippet of one yet to be finished was a treat.

You sat on the sofa while he grabbed his guitar then sat beside you.

“Not finished yet, of course,” he smiled, shining his dimples at you, “But this is what I have so far.”

You nod as he begins to play his latest creation, and you smile at him off and on, absorbing it like a sponge. As he finishes what he has, he looks at you with wide eyes.

“What did you think?” he questions you. “Another verse and a bit of work on that bridge and I’ll have it.”

“It sounds great, Harry!” you praise. “Wow, how you keep making these songs and sounds that are so different and so good…just amazes me.” You shake your head astounded. You have great respect for his talent, and never cease being awed by it.

He beams with pride, blushing slightly. “Thank you. Should have it ready for the studio soon, I think.” He sets his guitar back onto its stand in the corner then walks to you, holding out his hand. “How about let’s go upstairs and watch some telly before we sleep?”

You smile at the sound of that, take his hand, and walk upstairs with him. You both get ready for bed, Harry pulling back your covers for you as you climb in. He has already turned on the large tv on the wall, and begun flipping through the channels to find something to watch. You prop your pillow up a bit next to Harry’s, as he lays his hand on top of yours between your bodies on the mattress.

“So, tell me about this article that is giving you so much trouble, love,” he says, having no luck on something to watch but continues searching. “What’s it about?”

“Fuckin’ politics,” you groan. “Do you know what I hate more than politics?”

“Hm?” Harry asks, looking at you out of the corner of his eyes.

“Nothing!” you pop while he laughs at you. “British politics, at that. I’m American. I didn’t like politics when I lived in America, and I don’t like them living in London, where I understand them even less. And it’s a double issue of the magazine, so double the research, double the writing…hate it.”

“Awwww,” he leans toward you, kissing your temple. “I’m sorry, babe. I hope you’re able to get it done soon. Try not to stress too much over it.”

“I’ll try. There!” you say, pointing at the tv. “Let’s watch that.”

“You told me you didn’t like that show,” he scoffed.

“I don’t,” you giggle. “But you love it, and I love watching you giggle while you watch it.”

He chuckles, setting the remote down and pulling you against his chest, his arm behind you, and hand softly caressing up and down your arm. Within a couple of minutes, Harry hears your breathing become steady.

“Love?” he asks quietly. You don’t answer, just continue breathing gently against his chest. He kisses your forehead, turns off the tv, and lowers down gently into the bed, careful not to wake you. He caresses your head, kissing it lightly, then closes his eyes. As much as he enjoys visiting with you in the evenings, the feeling he felt of you in his arms sleeping, he couldn’t imagine anything much better in that moment.


“Carry on my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done.

Lay your weary head to rest. Don’t you cry no more.”

You shoot straight up in bed catching your breath as the familiar Kansas song blasts at a very high volume from your phone, shocking you from a sound sleep. As it blares you see Harry suddenly jolt awake, rolling over and falling into the floor next to the bed. You laugh loudly, hysterically even, realizing his own joke just backfired on him.

As you laugh uncontrollably, you look over the side of the bed and see Harry quickly scramble to grab the phone and shut off the alarm. As he pushes the screen to silence it, he looks at you with huge eyes from the floor below.

“Thought that was funny, did you?” he smiles mischievously in his morning voice, as you continue to laugh. “I’ll show you funny!”

You scream as Harry jumps into the bed and begins tickling you, causing the unpleasant panic one gets when being tickled. You both laugh, collapsing on the bed.

“Kind of bit me in the ass this time, didn’t it?” he laughs. He hugs you as you both begin to calm again, kissing you sweetly. “I’m sorry, baby. Must have accidentally turned up the volume.”

“Totally worth it for the show I got from you after,” you laugh again. He tickles you again as you scream for him to stop, then happily accept his apologetic kiss. “You know what sucks about it most?”

“What’s that?” he asks, grinning at you, yawning.

“Today’s Saturday,” you giggle.

Harry hadn’t realized he set an alarm for you to get up on the day neither of you had work. He chuckled with furrowed brow, unbelieving he had done that. He pulled you back up to the head of the bed from where you were, covered you both back with the sheets, and hugged you.

“Let’s catch a bit more sleep then, shall we?” he chuckles, planting kisses on your lips. “Can’t believe…” he groans to himself as you giggle, the two of you eventually drifting back to sleep.


After another couple of hours of sleep, you both reluctantly pull yourself out of bed and start your day. You had some cleaning and such that you wanted to get done, and Harry busied himself around the house doing his own little tasks. It was unusual for Harry to have a day with no work, but he purposely scheduled them when he could manage it so the two of you could have time together. Every now and then, as you puttered around the house, you would feel him walk past you, hugging you gently, planting a light kiss against your head or shoulder, caressing your hip as he observed what you were doing. It always made you feel special when he did that…made you feel wanted.

“Babe?” Harry asks as you look at him. “How about a swim? We’ve accomplished a lot today. We deserve it.” He smiles at you, taking the stack of folded towels from your arms and placing them in the linen closet, closing the door. “What you say?”

“I say,” you smile, “that sounds wonderful.” You kiss him sweetly.

You both change into swim suits and Harry grabs a couple of towels while you fix some cold drinks. It was a warm day so the cool pool water would feel good. You hear Harry turn on some music and you begin to sing along to the classic playing. As you turn to walk toward the pool, you see Harry walking straight toward you with an ornery grin. Before you can run the opposite direction, he quickly lifts you over his shoulder, walks to the edge of the pool, tossing you into the deep end. You scream as you hit the water, then feel and hear the splash of him jumping in after.

You surface, catching your breath and looking around for the person responsible for the sudden attack. In another few seconds, you see him appear above the surface, swimming the opposite direction from you and laughing. You try to swim to where he is to retaliate, but being a much faster swimmer than you, he manages to stay out of reach. You finally give up and swim the opposite direction to the edge of the pool. In a moment he is swimming up to you, his hands quickly finding your waist.

“Been thinking about doing that all day,” he laughs. “Forgive me?” He leans his back against the wall of the pool. You roll your eyes at him and ignore his request. “Oh, come on now, love. It was only a joke.”

You move to stand in front of him and allow him to wrap his arms around you, still a smirk on his face.

“Forgive me?” he says with an over-exaggerated pouty mouth.

You smile at him, then lift your knee as quickly as the water would allow, stopping closely enough to your knee making contact with James and the Giant Peaches for him to suck in his breath and throw his hand into the water in an attempt to protect himself.

“That…was only a joke…” you tease.

“That…was a low blow,” he says with a grin.

“No, a low blow would have drowned me,” you flirt, waiting for him to get the joke, then smiling when he finally does and laughs. You feel his arms hold you tightly and his mouth move to your collarbone, nibbling on it gently. His lips slowly move up your neck, sprinkling kisses along your jaw, then taking your mouth with his. You playfully kiss for several minutes until he turns you so that the wall is now against your back. He presses you firmly against it and smiles, knowing you can’t get away from his hold, but satisfied in knowing you don’t want to.

“Gonna make you forget about that shit work assignment this weekend, love,” he promises, his mouth quickly finding your neck again. You feel him bite then suction onto your neck and aggressively leave his mark on you. Your hand finds his hair and tugs lightly but he doesn’t release his hold until he’s ready to. As he eventually pulls away, he kisses the discolored spot and moans, loving marking you, knowing you like it, too.

Just markin’ m’territory, love,” he would say teasingly. “Like a dog pissin’ on his patch of lawn, tellin’ the other pups not to touch what’s his.”

You didn’t mind being the lawn the dog was pissin’ on, when it was Harry doing the pissing, you thought, giggling. You loved for Harry to claim you as his. Mark of honor in a way, and he never got too carried away, and definitely never hurt you.

He continues kissing and nibbling around your neck and shoulders, his hands untying your bikini top and tossing it somewhere around the patio, not really caring at the moment where it landed. He smirked at you with a flirting look as his attention moved to your breasts, kneading them with his large hands. His tongue licked your lips lightly, sucking on your bottom lip, pulling on it, parting them so his tongue could taste you more deeply.

Harry moved his mouth down your neck and attached onto your shoulder, causing you to dig your nails into his back, making you groan into his ear. You feel one of his hands drop from your breast and slowly make its way to your bikini-clad mound. His fingers easily slide between the fabric and your skin, and before you could think clearly, you felt his hand cup you, his fingers sliding down your slit and back again. The feeling of his strong hand being held into place a bit by your tight bikini bottom was intoxicating. You felt him slip a finger inside of you, immediately finding that special spot. Your breathing increases in his ear.

“Wanna feel your hot juices flow in this cool water, love,” he says quietly into your ear. His teeth tug lightly at your earlobe as you moan lightly, feeling a second finger sliding inside of you and stroking you firmly. “Want that, too?”

You nod against him, already weak from his touch and breathing heavier. By now Harry knew all of your sexual weaknesses. As much as you could be a dominatrix when the mood suited, you loved when Harry took control, intentionally turning you on to the point you are nearly begging for him. Nearly crying from how great the sexual feeling and desire are. He learned early in your relationship that talking dirty to you drove you mad. Being aggressive worked well, too, and anytime he could make you squirt, you were his puppet…his sex slave…his.

“I said, do you want that?” he says more sternly, pressing you tighter against the wall, his fingers still working inside of you.

“Please,” you plead. “Yes,…please…” you moan into his ear.

Without hesitation you feel Harry change the pressure and motion of his fingers inside of you, intensifying the strokes they make on your wall. He feels the change already against his fingertips, spongey and ballooning, and quickly hooks his fingers in, the palm of his hand hitting rhythmically against your clit, aggressively working you.

“Oh god!” you groan loudly, thankful the people of London couldn’t hear your cries of ecstasy at the hand of Harry. Or maybe you would love for them to. The water slapped loudly as Harry’s breathing became a pant, dedicated to not letting up on his captivity over you. His fingers worked you intensely as your clit received a battering from his palm.

“Mmm, like that?” he asks and you nod. “Feel that you do.” Your breathing becomes more rapid as you tighten your hold around him. “Oh, that’s it, babe,” he says encouragingly. “That’s it. Squeezing m’fingers so tight. Let me feel you in my hand, baby.”

You yell as your body becomes a quaking frenzy under Harry’s dominance, your hot liquids shooting out around Harry’s hand in the pool water. He feels your orgasm from his fingers, into his aching, cramping arm, but he doesn’t let up while you ride out your orgasm, your head leaning against his chest helplessly. The water around his thigh is so warm it makes him moan.

“Oh, so fuckin’ beautiful, baby,” he whispers into your hair as he kisses your head. “I’ll never tire of that.”

“Me, either,” you say, barely above a whisper as your breathing begins to regulate once more.

Harry rubs you gently, soothing the part of you he had just, literally, single-handedly destroyed, then pulls his hand from your bikini bottom.

“Let’s go inside,” he says, kissing you passionately. “Gonna take care of you again.”


You hate this article. Stupid, stupid article about politicians and a big story happening at the time. Important to many but not to you. Maybe it should be, but it wasn’t. And why did your supervisor give the story to you when you know nothing about British politics? You had no idea, but after a 15 minute disagreement/discussion, you realized you were not going to win and you would be writing that article or moving a rung down the corporate ladder.

You pop a couple of headache killers into your mouth, take another long sip off your bottle of water, swallowing the little blue bippies, then begin working on the piece again. After a bit more time, and becoming increasingly frustrated, you decide to take a break and walk to Kari’s office floor. You walk to her desk and look at her as she looks up from her work and sees the frown on your face.

“Oh, what’s wrong with my lovely?” she coddles, standing and drawing you into a big hug, then offering you a chair to sit and talk. “Tell mama what’s happenin’, darling.”

“Politics suck. Politicians suck, and are boring as hell. I take that back, hell is much more interesting, I’ve been there. And I don’t understand anything about what I’m supposed to be writing. I’m going to make a fool of myself writing this article, Kari. I hate it!” you whine, placing your face into your hands. You feel Kari’s arm around you, attempting to comfort you.

“I wish I could help you, love,” she offers, “but I’ve lived here all me life and still don’t understand a blasted thing about politics.” Kari feels bad that you are so unhappy with your assignment and makes a suggestion. “Come on then.”

“What?” you ask without moving.

“Let’s go have a walk. Get out and enjoy some fresh air. Stuffy in this building today, don’t you think?” she asks.

You nod, welcoming getting out of the office for awhile. The weather had been unkindly hot lately, but today there was a nice breeze so it was bearable. The two of you walk out of the building and begin strolling down the sidewalk toward the little shops that line either side of the street.

“Got yourself some nice love wounds there, babe,” Kari notices, pulling on the wide neckline of the top you are wearing. “You need to tell that boy to find some spots on you that your clothing covers better.”

“Damn, that explains why people keep looking at me with judgmental stares,” you say, adjusting the neck of your top to cover them. “And he leaves them in those places, too. Have to start wearing turtle necks in the middle of summer,” you joke.

“Must have been a good one, yeah?” Kari quips, elbowing you gently and putting her arm around your waist. “Always figured he was good in the sack.”

“Kari…” you say, grinning.

“ ‘Course, always figured you were good in the sack, too, but ya never let me have a taste,” she says honestly as you laugh, hugging her for making you feel better from your exasperating day. “I don’t know, love. Maybe try going to the library or something and reading up on the political situation. Or find someone who knows a hell of a lot more about it than I do to school you in it.”

“That’s not a bad idea, I guess,” you consider. “I swear I’ve read everything on the internet twice. Serve my afternoon better than banging my head against my desk like I did most of the morning.”

The two of you talk and giggle as you continue your walk.

“And ‘good in the sack’ doesn’t even begin to describe it,” you tease.

“You or him?” she asks eagerly as you laugh at her.

Eventually you make it back to your office, save what you had been working on, then walk to your supervisor’s office.

“TJ, I’m leaving to do some research,” you say. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He nods at you without looking, so you take off toward the tube station to go to the library near where you used to live. You were familiar with it, even if it was a longer tube ride. Once there you ask the desk clerk to help you find a few resources that could help you with your assignment. For the remainder of the afternoon, your nose stays glued to the books and papers and computer files that explain many of the points about the English political system that you did not understand, and information about the current issue at hand. As you make a note into your laptop, you feel your phone buzz with a call. You see it’s Harry and answer quietly.

“Hey,” you say softly into your phone.

“Babe, where the fuck are you?” he yells into the phone. “You didn’t come out by quarter past so I went inside and nobody has seen you for hours! Where are you? Are you alright?”

“Harry,” you say calmly. “I’m fine. I told TJ I was leaving to do some research. I’m at the library near my old house. I’m sorry, I lost track of time. Let me get my things together and I’ll be home soon, okay?”

“No, stay there,” he said with irritation in his voice. “I’ll be there soon. And stay inside until you see me.”

“Why…” you begin.

“Just do it!” he answers abruptly. “Watch for me.”

You hesitate at how his voice sounds. You could tell he wasn’t happy with you, but he rarely speaks to you that way. He was that upset just because you forgot to text and let him know where you were? You were at the library, for god sake. There was barely another soul there while you were working away.

You stand inside the glass doors and soon see Harry’s car pull up in front of the building. You quickly make your way to the vehicle and climb inside, looking at him. He glances toward you for a brief second then pulls back out onto the road and drives. You feel the tension hanging in the air and see his jaw clenched. You think it’s probably a good idea to not say anything until he does, since he’s the one that’s apparently angry. When Harry’s temper is up, you’ve learned to let him cool down before discussing the matter. Pushing the subject when he’s furious just makes it worse.

You watch out the window as he drives back to the house. He parks and you open your door, grabbing your things, and walk into the house. You take your work things to the spot where they sit until the next days work, and walk upstairs to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable. You use the restroom, washing your hands and throwing some water on your face, then running a brush through your hair. As you walk out of the bathroom, pulling your dress over your head, you suddenly see Harry standing in the doorway, startling you.

“Oh, geez!” you say, catching your breath. “Give a girl a heart attack.”

“You’re not gonna say a thing?” he questions, irritation in his voice.

You look at him with an annoyed look. “When have you ever known me to say nothing, hm?”

You walk to the dresser, pulling out a comfy t-shirt and shorts and begin redressing.

“Well, you’ve not said a word yet!” he spat. “Shouldn’t you explain yourself?”

You look at him, chewing the inside of your cheek, feeling as if he is talking to you like you’re a child. “Had parents once, you know. Don’t need another.”

You walk past him out the bedroom door and down the stairs toward the kitchen. Harry is hot on your tail and not dropping it until he has his say. You open the refrigerator door to get a cold bottle of water, but he shuts it before you can get one.

“Don’t feel like you owe me anything?” he says angrily. “I was worried to death! Nobody knew where you were. Hadn’t seen you in hours. You weren’t answering your phone. Do you know how terrified I was, love?”

You had never heard your phone ring until the last call, but that was besides the point. You hadn’t meant to worry him, and because he is who he is, you know the situation can easily be more serious.

“I’m sorry,” you say softly. “Time got away from me and my thoughts were immersed in my work.” You could see he was still angry, that your explanation wasn’t satisfying him yet. “Now, may I please get a drink? I’m thirsty.”

He steps away from the fridge and you grab a cold bottle of water. You turn around, removing the lid, and taking a drink. You look at him pulling on his lip, knowing he’s trying to calm himself again to talk to you.

“You just can’t do that, love,” he says, calmly. “You can’t just…disappear…and not tell anyone where you’ve gone off to! I was thinkin’ the worst!”

“Harry,” you whine, “The ‘worst’ rarely happens in life. And to the world, I’m basically nobody. I’ve been spotted with Harry Styles a few times, sure. But we’ve kept our secrets well-hidden, haven’t we? The paparazzi comes nowhere near me anymore. I’m boring, old news, has-been. They follow people like you, not me.”

“Sweetheart, you just don’t get it!” he yells. “People still speculate that there is something going on between us. And how nobody has discovered yet that we live together, that still baffles me! But you can never, never be too careful, love! How did you get to the library? Taxi or tube?” You start to speak but he interrupts. “Tube! Would you like to know how I know?” You look at him confused.

“Lucky guess?” you sarcastically interject, sparking a glare from him.

“I know you took the tube because there was a fan on the tube,” Harry scolds. “And that fan has now plastered photos of you, riding the tube, with your love bites exposed, claiming they are mine!”

“They are yours!” you reprimand.

“Why didn’t you cover them up?” he yells.

You look at him irritatingly. “Excuse me? Did I do these to myself? You could play connect the fucking dots with all the bites and marks you left on me yesterday! How is that my fault?” you yell.

“I’m not saying…” he stops himself and puts his hands over his mouth for a moment, trying to calm himself again. “The fan on the tube took numerous photos of you, and now they are circulating the internet.”

“Again, not my fault,” you say, matter-of-factly. “I am allowed to ride the tube. There are no signs with photos of me on them, posted anywhere, forbidding me to ride the tube. Maybe the fan should have minded their own damn business!”

“But they don’t, babe!” he yells. “That’s my point! Just because you are entitled to that freedom, that privacy, doesn’t mean you are going to get it!”

You set your jaw, exhaling loudly. You know he’s right but it still isn’t fair. You did nothing wrong, so why should you be the one being yelled at?

“What are they saying about me in the photos?” you ask, your eyes facing the floor.

“It doesn’t matter,” he says. “But do you better understand why I keep asking you to please not take the tube? To be more careful?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” you say, feeling blamed for something that wasn’t your fault. “I’m sorry for worrying you, and I’m sorry that everything I do is a reflection on you.”

You hear him sigh then see him walk to you, wrapping his arms around you. He kisses your head. “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I just worry for you, babe. People can be vicious in my world. I need you to be safe, and you take risks that I wish you would not take.” He holds you more closely. “If anything happened to you…”

“Nothing’s going to happen to me,” you insist.

“I hope not,” he says calmly, “but reality is, we don’t know that. We don’t know that something won’t happen to me, either. It’s a risk I take to have the life I have.”

“If I told you it was a risk I take to have a life with you, you would jump my ass,” you say, irritated.

He grins then rolls his eyes. “Yeah, alright. Just, please sweetheart, please, for me. No tube. Be more careful, please.”

You nod and sigh. “No tube.”

“Thank you,” he says, hugging you again, so tightly you could barely breathe.

“I’m okay,” you say assuredly. “I’m sorry I worried you. I swear I didn’t hear my phone until the last call.”

“I was so scared something had happened to you,” he said, kissing your temple. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

That night as the two of you slept, you realized how much it had affected Harry, his body not straying from yours the entire night. If you turned to change position, you felt him either pull you back to him, or his body adjust to throw his arm or leg around you somehow, followed by gentle kisses and light snoring. You know he worries about you. You love it as much as you hate it. You worry about him, too. People around the world love Harry, some obsessively. It always makes you nervous when he is in the public so much with appearances and interviews and such, or even when he goes out on his own at times with no bodyguard. And he was always gracious with his fans at meet and greets and encounters on the street, opening his arms to them for a hug or photo. And now with you in the mix, you knew it made it worse. You got a lot of hate socially for merely being associated with him, which you didn’t think twice about for you, but you hated that it reflected on him. You understood his concerns. You would be more careful. He didn’t need that added worry in his life because of you.


“Babe, I’m going to be late tonight,” he says. “I’ll send a car for you, alright?”

“I can get a cab,” you grin. “If you’re going to be late, I may stay late and work, too. Stupid article. Never going to get that thing finished.”

He chuckles at you, sliding his feet into a pair of his Chelsea’s. “I’ll be glad when it’s finished and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“Me, too,” you sigh, shaking your head. “I’ll call for a cab this morning, too. Not quite ready yet.”

“Alright then,” he says, kissing you and hugging you quickly. “Gotta go. Runnin’ late. Love you!”

“Love you!” you call after him, finishing what you need to do then summoning a cab to the house, as you inadvertently spill the end of your cup of tea down the front of you. “Damn it all…” you curse to yourself, quickly running back upstairs to change into something new before the cab arrived. You pull your soiled dress off as quickly as you pull a clean one back on, sliding your feet into your shoes, running back down the stairs as you hear the cab.

When the car pulls up to your office building, you pay and thank the driver, grab your things, and step out to the sidewalk. As soon as you turn around, there are cameras in your face.

“Love, care to give an explanation of the photos from yesterday?” one pap asked.

“How’s everything with Harry? Still together?” another quipped.

“Just 2 minutes of your time, dear?” another asked as you were trying to get through the small crowd.

You knew from experience, and Harry’s prompting, to keep your head down and ignore their questions and get away from them as quickly as possible. As you see the front doors of your office building near, you reach for them and feel a hand on your wrist. You look to see who is touching you, and standing before you…is Alex.

“Oh, bleedin’ hell, it’s already a hell of a day and not even 8 a.m. yet!” you snap.

“Please, may I speak with you, love?” he asks, sweetly.

“Alex, I’m at work. Go home,” you order, trying again to open the door but he wouldn’t let you.

“I just need to speak with you, please,” he asks again.

You feel a camera bump into you from behind, with a scattered apology from its owner, then open the door and nod to him to follow you inside. He smiles at you and follows you in, trying to place his hand at the small of your back, only to feel you pull away from his touch. He frowns but continues behind you until you have found a quiet place for the two of you to talk.

“What is so important that you had to show up at my workplace this early of the morning?” you ask him, irritated from the morning you were having and he being the last person you wanted to talk to.

Alex looks at you with a sweet smile, like the ones you remember when you were with him and he was trying to get out of something he didn’t want to do, or con you into something he did want.

“That smile isn’t going to work on me anymore, Alex,” you say quietly, grinning slightly at an employee that walked past. “What do you want?”

“Can’t I just come by to see you? Say hello?” he asks, touching your arm with his hand, but you pull it away from him again.

“No,” you say, bluntly. “No, you can’t. Too much water under the bridge now. If that’s all you wanted, we’ve nothing else to say.” You start to turn and walk away but he grabs your arms tightly and moves you away from the view of others, pressing you against a wall. “Let go of me before I scream,” you say forcefully into his face, unafraid of him.

“I’m being nice, love,” he says. “Trying to be, at least, if you’ll just get your knickers out of a bunch and listen.”

You look at him with a frustrated and angry look, shaking him off of you. “Say what you came to say so I’m not late for work.”

He clears his throat. “I want us to talk. Go somewhere and talk, about…things.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Alex,” you say pointedly.

“I miss you,” he says, trying again to play on your emotions and sympathies, whatever might work. “Don’t you miss me?”

“No,” you reply abruptly and honestly. “No, Alex, I do not miss you. I am very happy in my life right now. Don’t remember ever being happier.” You look at him without blinking, trying to make your point clear. “Anything else, or may I get on with my day?”

“Love, please,” he whines, “please, just agree to go somewhere where we can talk. You pick the place. Can be public or private, whatever you wish.”

“I’m done with this,” you say, trying to get around him but he blocks your way, as if trying to intimidate you. “Alex, I have punched you before. Do you really think I would hesitate to slam my knee northerly, which is in perfect proximity to your most precious pieces at the moment?” He pulls back a bit to protect his lower region, but still staying closely to you. “I have moved on, Alex, and I’m happy. Hell, you moved on before we were even over! How is Karissa?”

“Karina,” he says, watching you raise your eyebrows and sigh, knowing you didn’t care. “And we aren’t seeing each other anymore.”

“Aw,” you say, realizing what this was. “Not getting any from anyone so you thought you’d see if I’d give you a little, is it?”

“Don’t be a bitch,” he says. You sense his growing anger.

“Yeah, I guess I can be a bitch at times,” you agree. “Not such a bad thing when it’s necessary to deal with dickheads that treat you like shit, don’t you think?”

Your eyes begin to water instantly from the slap you feel across your face from the back of Alex’s hand. You look at him in shock, unbelieving that he just hit you. Technically, maybe you deserved it, hitting him previously and using your talent for words and quick comebacks to crush him, but no. No, you didn’t. You saw him looking around to see if anyone saw him do it.

“Look,” he says nervously. “I’m sorry, okay? You just, you make me so angry sometimes!”

“I didn’t show up on your work stoop, did I?” you ask, your hand still against the increasingly reddened, stinging skin on your face. “I’m doing my best to stay out of your life! You started this! Just, do what’s best for both of us, Alex, and let me get on with my life with Harry!”

“Harry.” He said it with disdain, as if he tasted bile at the mention of the name. “He took my girl and you took my best friend.”

“You did it, Alex!” You yell, no longer caring who heard. “You did this! You cheated on me, got Harry involved in the whole thing, and treated me like my feelings didn’t matter, like it was all my fault! How about you do us all a favor and stay the fuck out of my life!”

Alex pressed you tightly against the wall, barely an inch between his face and yours, his anger higher than you had ever seen him before. You could feel his breath against your face. You hold your ground, not looking away from him, as he pushes against you and turns, walking out of the building. You take a deep breath, trying to collect yourself, then walk slowly to the front doors and look out, seeing Alex driving away.

You gather your things you had dropped, grab the lift, and walk to your desk in your office. People look at you, seeing you seem a bit disheveled maybe. You set your things on your desk and walk to the restroom. You look in the mirror and see the cherry-tinged mark shining brightly across your cheek. You sigh heavily and splash a bit of cool water on your face, then walk back quickly to your little cubicle, trying to be as unnoticed as possible.

Working isn’t something that works very well the rest of the day, but you attempt it, or at least make it appear that you are doing something productive. By mid-afternoon you hear a tap on your desk and look, seeing Kari standing next to you.

“Oh my god, woman!” she yells. “What’s happened to you?”

You immediately put your hand on your face. You had forgotten about it once the stinging had gone, but apparently Alex had left his mark on you.

“Your face, love!” she yells, you shushing her. “Who did this to you and do you want me to kill them for you? I know people who know people, if you know what I mean.” You look at her worried for a second from that remark. “Harry didn’t hit you, did he?”

“No!” you say, quietly. “No, of course not!”

“Then who, darlin’?” she asked, looking your cheek over well. “That’s bruisin’, that is.”

“Shit, are you serious?” you ask, pulling a mirror out of your desk and looking into it. You see the mark on your cheek, which indeed was now bruising. “Harry’s going to bust a gasket!”

“Who?” she asks. “Who did this?”

You look around, making sure nobody was paying attention to your conversation. “It was Alex.”

“Bloody bastard!” she yells and you shush her again. “What were you doing with Alex? And what happened that he hit you?”

“He was waiting for me outside when I got here,” you explain. “He was mad, I shot off my mouth, and he hit me.”

“You should file charges on him!” she insists. “He just can’t go around hitting women!”

“Kari,” you say, frowning. “He shouldn’t hit women, yes. But I did hit him when I broke up, and I doubt he ever let that go. Not that that gives him permission to hit a woman, but in his mind, it probably does.”

She looks at your face again, holding your chin in her hand, then looks up. You notice her eyes get wide.

“Bogey! Bogey!” she says to you under her breath. You look over your partition and see Harry walking toward your desk.

“Shit!” you say softly. Kari steps in front of you, trying to hide you behind her as Harry walks into your cubicle.

“Hello, ladies!” he says with a smile. He leans to Kari, kissing her cheek. “How are you, darlin’?”

“Harry!” she says. “There’s a strong bloke who can help me!” She tries to turn him away from where you were sitting. “Would you mind coming to my desk and seeing if you can fix…um…a…a wheel! On m’ chair. Been stickin’ all day long!”

He chuckles at her, and doesn’t move from where he’s standing. “Happy to try, but first I’d like to see my sweetheart. Got my day cut short and want to see her. Is that alright?” he says, smiling, and moving her aside. The second his eyes look at you they become huge, his smile turns downward instantly, and his brows furrow deeply. “What the hell happened to you, love?”

“Shh,” you say, wishing they would both stop.

“Come with me,” he orders, grabbing your hand, pulling you up from the chair and leading you out into an empty corridor. He faces you, inspecting your cheek more closely, then looking into your eyes. “What happened?”

“Harry…” you start.

“Who did this?” he says more sharply. “And I don’t want to hear some bullshit, beat-around-the-bush story, either. Just tell me. Who did this?”

You look at him and frown, hesitating before speaking. “Alex.” You see the tension in his face increase as his anger grows. “Harry, he was…” you start, then stop in shock as you see Harry turn away from you and quickly walk the opposite direction. “Where are you going?” He says nothing to you, disappearing down the hallway. “Shit,” you whisper.

You finish your work for the day and walk to the lift, taking it down to the front doors. You don’t see Harry’s car, but notice a familiar face of a private driver waiting beside a car with dark windows. You walk to the car.

“Good evening, miss,” the driver smiles. “Harry asked me to bring you home.”

You smile at him politely. “Thank you.”

You get into the car and pull out your phone, texting Harry. ‘Where are you?’

He doesn’t respond immediately, but after a few minutes you feel your phone buzz.

‘I sent a car for you. I’ll be home soon.’

You worry as you arrive at the house and pace the living room floor, trying to bide your time until he comes home. When you notice it is beginning to get dark, you grab your phone, deciding you should call him and find out what the hell he’s doing. Before you can dial, you see his car pull into the drive and park. Your mind races, trying to decide what you should be doing when he walks in, but somehow your feet are glued in the place you are standing and you just stare at the door.

Harry walks in, same V to his brows and set jaw. He looks at you, then sets his keys on the table. He slowly walks to where you’re standing, stopping in front of you, gently laying his hands on either side of your head, tilting your head so that he can see your bruised cheek better. After inspecting it well, he lightly kisses around it then smiles tenderly at you.

“I didn’t kill him,” he says, seeing the worry in your eyes. “I couldn’t find him or I might have, but I didn’t.” You close your eyes for a moment, thankful, because you had assumed he was looking for Alex. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” you assure him, accepting his firm, lingering hug. “Are you?”

He nods. “Let’s sit,” he says, taking your hand and leading you to the sofa. “I need to know exactly what happened, love.”

You explain what happened, even admitting that you probably made it worse by shooting your mouth off to him. Harry just nodded. He knew you well enough to know you could be aggressively verbal if instigated, but if he was being honest, most of the time it was a turn-on for him.

“That’s the God’s honest truth,” you tell him.

He’s quiet for a few seconds, then kisses you sweetly. “I know it is, babe. Thank you for telling me.” He holds your cheek gently in his hand and kisses you deeply, tasting your lips, placing soft kisses around your face. “No more talk about him now. As long as you’re okay.”

“You’ve been gone all of these hours and you’re not going to discuss that with me?” you ask, irritated.

“Nothing really to discuss, babe,” he says, shaking his head. “Don’t want you to worry on it. I’ll take care of it.”

“Take care of what?” you ask, concerned.

“I said, don’t worry on it,” he insisted. “Now, I’m tired and ready for some sleep. Let’s go to bed.” He stands and holds out his hand to you. You accept it and walk up the stairs with him, welcoming the sleep that would soon come and take this day with it.


The bedroom was quiet, the early morning newness still settling in, sun not yet up but hiding closely by to start the day soon. You begin to become aware of the sweet, light kisses being left along your neck, the sheet being pulled down slowly from your chest, revealing your breasts to the cool morning air. Soft lips suction lightly around your nipple as you moan lightly, Harry’s wet tongue flicking it gently, pulling it lightly, allowing it to snap back into place before taking it again.

You feel him slowly move more closely to you, your eyes still closed, simply enjoying the loved-on feeling he was giving you. You feel his hand cup your other breast as his mouth moves gently back up to your neck, tasting you, nibbling on your jaw, tugging at your earlobe.

“Wake up for me, baby,” you hear whispered into your ear, as he presses firmly against your body. “Need you.” You could feel that. His dick felt as hard as stone against the outer side of your thigh and hip, as his leg wrapped around yours, pulling it toward him. You feel his gentle fingers tracing slowly up and down your body as you moan lightly, the hand of yours that is now behind his back, moving gently against his skin, your nails teasing. Harry moans for you softly. “Wake up for me, baby,” he prods again, nibbling your neck as he engulfs the entire right side of your body with his. “Wanna love on you. Let me?” His fingers move softly over your exposed clit, causing your body to jerk slightly. Harry caresses you, wanting you to stay relaxed and enjoy his slow seduction of your body.

You moan as his mouth finds your nipple again, his wandering hand still relaxing you with his touch. “You do whatever you want with me,” you say quietly, really without even thinking, but meaning it nonetheless.

“Mmm, like that,” he says, pulling your nipple between his lips while twisting the other slightly in his fingertips. He pulls his body up over yours, lying on top of you, and you naturally part your legs, allowing him to mold between your thighs. His hands seal around your breasts as he lathers each of them in his saliva. You feel him sucking love bites onto each, gently but enough to increase your breathing. You love how he gives so much attention to the different areas of your body, taking his time to make sure you get the full sensation he is offering. Harry nuzzles his face between your full breasts, sandwiching him in them and moaning lightly. You know he loves your body and you love his just as much, even more. His mouth finds yours and kisses you deeply as his hands pull you into him. You feel him push his cock hard against your abdomen, causing a groan to escape from both of you.

“Whatever I want with you?” he asks, quizzing to see if what you said before was true. You moan your approval as he kisses you again. You thrust your hips upward to him as he pushes his hard dick against you once more. As you feel your breathing become faster, you feel Harry’s breath against your ear. “Gonna fuck your mouth,” he whispers, then kisses you deeply. “That alright?” You look at him and lick your lips subconsciously, making him groan. “Hm? Can I fuck your mouth, baby?”

“Yes…please,” you beg. He kisses you again, then holds you tightly.

“Thank you,” he whispers. You feel another kiss to your lips as he moves his legs from between your thighs, to perch on either side of your ribs. He grabs his pillow and tucks it behind your head with yours, propping you up into the perfect position. You look at his cock standing proudly only a few inches from your face, and in that moment, you have never wanted to taste anything more. You feel Harry’s hand reach backward to your clit and rub it generously, as he sits gently on you, allowing his fully-erect dick to lay between your breasts. He sees your mouth open, partly from the amazing feeling he is causing to your little button, partly from your desire to have him in your mouth.

“Tap me if you need me to back out, babe,” he says, always thinking of you. “Don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t,” you say, looking at his dick. “Please!”

Your hands wrap from behind his thighs to the front, grabbing them in your hands as Harry leans toward you on his knees, holding both hands to the headboard to maintain balance and control. He positions his body directly in front of you, as your tongue quickly begins licking at the member tall in front of your face. You use the leverage of holding his thighs with your hands to move your head around him, kissing here, licking there, sucking him into your mouth. You pull at one of his balls gently, taking it wholly into your mouth and teasing it with your tongue. You look up at his face and see him watching you with wide eyes, then feel his hand stroking the top of your head, before moving to his dick.

“Here. Take it, baby. Get on me now, love,” he says, nearly choking out his words in anticipation and need. You quickly wrap your lips around the tip of his cock, instantly tasting the salty, leaking pre-cum on your tongue. Harry lets you have control for now, moving your head back and forth, taking his dick into your throat as he tries to control his own breathing. You coat his hard cock with your mouth juices. You feel Harry’s hand rest lightly against your cheek, feeling himself through it and cupping around your jaw, moaning at how beautiful it was to him. “Fuck” you hear him say softly.

You open your throat more to take him more deeply and he moans loudly, readjusting himself a bit, then you feel what you’ve both been waiting for. Harry’s hips begin thrusting into your throat. Short, quick thrusts, testing the waters a bit to make sure you are okay. You hear curses of pleasure leave his lips, knowing how good it feels to him and happy to make him feel so good. You look up at him again and he is still looking at you as he fucks into your mouth. The short thrusts become deeper thrusts as his breathing becomes pants and moans. He watches as his dick appears from your lips then sinks into them again, in and out, disappearing and reappearing as he thrusts his hips toward you. His breathing continues becoming more rapid when suddenly he pulls himself out of your mouth, his dick laying gently against your face.

“Give me…a sec…fuck!” he groans, trying to calm his need to cum so soon. “Feels…so good, love. Gotta…mmm…gotta give me…” You understand the feeling is so good to him that he wants it to last. You ghost your nose against him lightly, your lips barely tasting him, but enough for a juicy lick that leaves a string of saliva from your mouth to his dick as he pulls away slightly, which he sees and causes him to groan once again. You need him as much as he needs you and he knows it. You feel his hand reach for your clit again and you moan loudly, your hips thrusting up for his touch. You soon feel him tapping his cock against your lips again and open widely for him, taking him in as deeply as your throat will physically allow. Harry thrusts into you, long smooth thrusts, but after a few, you feel him pull out again and cuss at the top of his lungs.

“Fuck!” you look up at him. “M’sorry. I…you feel too good, babe…can’t hold it that way,” you hear through his deep breaths. “Let’s just…” he begins to move himself, “want you to get it, too,” he continues, but before he can move back between your thighs, you latch your arms around his thighs, pulling him to your face, and don’t let him move.

“No,” you say, quickly moving your head so that you easily take him into your mouth again. You move your head up and down his long, thick cock, hearing in his breathing that he appreciates it. He feels the tops of your thighs pressing up against his ass as you curl them toward him to hold him in place. You moan loudly, sucking him furiously, until you feel his hand move behind your head, and once again feel him fucking your throat. His breathing is more erratic than you ever remember hearing it, but you don’t let your thoughts stray from what you want. You feel the familiar twitch and slight pumping of his dick happening in your mouth. You look up at him and see he is trying hard to keep his eyes open to watch, but it feels so good he can’t help but squint them closed, as you suddenly begin to feel his hot stream hit the back of your throat, nearly gagging you. You try your best to swallow, which constricts even tighter around his pulsing head and he moans your name loudly, draining himself into you. It seeps out slightly around your lips and runs down your face and neck. He begins breathing a little easier, looking at you to make sure you’re okay, then pulling his now-softening cock back from your mouth. Your lips now swollen and red, remnants of his seed still dripping down your face, he moves down your body, wrapping his arms around the back of you and kissing your firmly, tasting himself in your mouth and feeling it smear against his chin. He leans back slightly, looking at you awestruck.

“You…are amazing,” he idolizes. “Fuck, babe,” he says, kissing you again and again, holding you tightly. As he begins to speak again, he is interrupted.

‘Hey, you’re a crazy bitch

But you fuck so good, I’m on top of it

When I dream, I’m doing you all night

Scratches all down my back to keep me right on’

The two of you look at each other and laugh out loud as the alarm rings loudly from the song he had snuck into your phone the night before. He buries his face into your neck, laughing and kissing you, then reaching over and shutting off the alarm. You both laugh as he kisses you again.

“We…are going…to be late for work today…” he says, kissing you again, as he slowly moves down your body to return his gratefulness to you.


Part Five complete! Sorry it took longer this time. I wrote and rewrote the last third of this story about 4 or 5 times until I was finally happy with it. I try to give you all the little music series stories to tide you over, so I beg for forgiveness.

Please! Let me know how you like this series and my other writings. Besides my Harry fanfiction, I am working on other writing that I am hoping to have published, so your feedback is much appreciated. Helps me to know if there is something I should be doing differently, something I could do better. So send me any asks you like. I love chatting with you, getting feedback, and receiving more ideas from you.

Not sure yet where this story is going or where it will finally end, but I do have another I’m currently mapping out, along with the music stories, so I appreciate your patience.

Have a beautiful weekend, my lovelies! xo


Strong Princess //Bellamy Blake imagine//

Request: Hi! Can you do a Bellamy Blake imagine, where (Y/N) used to be Atom girlfriend, but he cheated on her with Octavia, so she’s been down and Bellamy offers to help?

Requested by: anonymous

Warnings: swears…

A/n: sorry this took so long!! Hope you like it!


“Atom,” You called as you climbed the small hill that led to the special spot you and your boyfriend Atom shared. You had found it the first day the drop ship had landed on Earth and it was the only space you could really be together. But as you reached the top of the hill, all the words left you and your spirits fell. Atom sat on the moss covered rock, his arms wrapped tightly around none other than Octavia Blake’s waist as she sat on his knee.

“Y/n,” Atom said quickly as Octavia stood up, a devilish look on her face. “I can explain thi-”

“What the hell Atom….what is there to explain!? I think this is pretty self explanatory!” You shouted, all your words coming back to you at once.

“Yeah..” Octavia said with a sly smirk. “There’s nothing else to explain.”

“No, Y/n, please hear me out?” Atom tried as he stood up and started walking towards you, reaching a hand out to you.”

“Don’t touch me,” You spat as you stepped back. “How could you Atom.” You held back the tears you so badly wished to shed. “Fuck you. Fuck both of you.” With that, you turned on your heels and ran back towards camp.

“Let her go Atom,” You heard Octavia say. “You don’t need her anyway.”


The days seemed to go on forever, each one stretching out longer than the one before as the pain of Atom’s absence leaked into your soul. You hadn’t gone a day without damp cheeks and a weakened stature had replaced your confident stance. You spent most of the sunshine filled days inside your tent, staring at your hands wondering where you had gone wrong. Why weren’t you good enough for him? Where could you have fixed things.

Your head turned against you, turning each scenario and idea into a reason your existence was irrelevant to not only Atom, but everyone else. How could you get anyone but Atom. Who else would be able to love you the way he did? Would you ever find love again and how could you keep it from turning out the same way it did with Atom.

Five days you stayed hidden away in your tent, only making an appearance for meals and to use the restroom. You avoided interactions and any time you heard Atom’s voice or the mention of his name, you would bury your head in your pillow to muffle your sobs.

It was the sixth day your savior finally appeared.

“Y/n?” The low, husky voice of none other than Bellamy Blake rang through your tent. You turned your head to the entrance of your tent where Bellamy’s head stuck through the zipper, his eyes wide and concerned. “Can I come in?”

You bit the Inside of your cheek, debating whether or not to let him in, but you deliberately nodded your head, wiping the back of your hand across your damp cheeks.

Bellamy moved gracefully into the tent and sat himself down across from you, folding his hands neatly in his lap as he looked at you. His eyes were soft. Softer than you had ever seen them. They offered comfort and displayed his concern and you felt better just looking at him.

“I think you know why i’m here.” Bellamy said softly.

Your eyes fell to the ground as you nodded slowly. “I just don’t know how I can go back to work when I see him around everywhere. He cheated on me Bellamy…that hurts..” your voice trembled just enough to express the pain you were experiencing and you felt Bellamy’s sympathetic eyes bore into your head.

“I can’t pretend to know how it feels but I believe you. I am really sorry about what happened but you’re never going to get over him if you waste the days inside your tent sulking over the fact that he isn’t yours anymore.” Bellamy shrugged and you sniffled, holding back the river of tears that so violently urged to be released.

“It’s not just that he’s not mine anymore though,” you raised your head and looked right into his eyes, the tears making their way down your cheeks where they apparently longed to be. “It’s about me. Why did he cheat on me? Why wasn’t I good enough for him? What did I do to make him fall for someone else?”

Bellamy’s entire body seemed to soften as he looked at you, broken and hurting. He looked at you with nothing but sympathy and when he took your hand in his own, his touch was soft and comforting.

“You’re looking at all of this completely backwards Y/n. You’re only looking at how this is your fault when it’s actually more of his fault.”

“How?” You croaked, trying your hardest to keep your voice from breaking but failing miserably.

“Think about what he lost. Think about how his desires cost him one of the most valuable and precious things in this entire camp. He lost you.” Bellamy lifted his hand to your cheek, his dark but comforting eyes never once leaving your own.

“He lost someone who cared for him with all of her heart. He lost someone who was willing to swim oceans for him. He lost someone with more spirit and a heart as pure and caring than anyone I’ve ever known. The most the most beautiful girl, inside and out and for that, he should be the one wondering where he went wrong.” Bellamy smiled slightly which made you blush.

“You really think so?” You asked softly, wiping your eye and sniffling softly.

“Think so? I know so.”

You smiled, a pink tinge decorating your cheeks as you dropped your gaze to the floor again.

“Now how about we go and get you some food, then we can see if you’re up for some work.” Bellamy got to his feet and offered you his hand which you gladly took. He pulled you to your feet and you exited your tent together.

The sunlight hurt your eyes but you refused to let it bother you. From across the camp you saw Atom, his arm wrapped tightly around Octavia’s waist but at the moment it didn’t even seem to bother you. As long as you were next to Bellamy, you felt invincible. You took a deep breath before looking up at Bellamy who was already looking at you, a small smile on his face.

“Strong princess. Now let’s get some food.”

Hair gel

•"Sherlock, did you use the rest of my hair ge–“

•Rosie is covered in hair gel up to her elbows and there’s some even on her face

•Sherlock is sitting patiently, legs crossed, hands folded, eyes closed, on the floor in front of his chair, clearly in his mind palace

•Rosie is standing on top of the chair, doing whatever this was to Sherlocks hair

•"hi daddy!”

•"hi Rosie what have you done to uncle Sherlocks hair?“

•"I got bored because he stopped talking so I wanted to see if I could give him a mohawk!”

•John wonders if Sherlock has any idea of what’s going on

•"well it looks like you successfully did that!“

•John picks her up in her little purple pastel tee shirt and medium wash jeans

•"let’s get you cleaned up”

•when she nods her little head in agreement, her curly, blonde pig tails bounce

•John carries her into the bathroom and starts to wet a towel to wash her hands when


•Rosie starts laughing uncontrollably and a little bit evilly

•John can barely contain himself as Sherlock comes rushing in with his hair spiked straight up and reflecting the light due to the shine

•he bursts out into laughter as Sherlock looks in the mirror horrified at what has happened to his beautiful hair

•John, still laughing, turns on the sink and tells Sherlock to put his hair under the water

•Sherlock listens and complains that it’s too hot

•Rosie is still laughing her ass off

•"John can you go get my shampoo- no! That’s the conditioner!“

•John helps Sherlock wash his hair and Rosie goes out to get him a new towel

•"thank you, John.”

•John nods at him in reply and holds the eye contact for maybe just a second too long…

•Sherlock is finding it hard to look away and is suddenly distracted from the fact that his wet hair is still dripping all over his suit and dressing gown

•they take a step closer, toes almost touching

•"you’re… um.. welcome… sher-“

•John suddenly puts his hands behind Sherlocks neck and pulls him down into a kiss

•Sherlocks arms find their way around John’s waist

•and suddenly they’re Interrupted by clapping and cheering

• Mrs Hudson is holding Rosie on her hip in the doorway with an ecstatic look on her face

•Rosie is absolutely beaming



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Sherlock x reader

A/N: I’m a recently converted Sherlockian and couldn’t get this idea out of my head. 

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 3260

Chapter One

It was your third MI-6 interrogation and no one else had the clearance to be in that area let alone the observation room where you were positioned. Mycroft Holmes sat in the box, a tiny interrogation room, questioning the man believed to be a high-level hit man in a terrorist organization but the information he gave had been tricky at best. To make the necessary moves, Mycroft had to be completely positive or they’d give away their advantage.

You sat at a desk in the observation room behind the two-way mirror that was only slightly bigger than the box. The desk was clear except for your pad of paper, two pens, and a thin microphone that connected wirelessly to the tiny earbud in Mycroft’s ear. With a pen poised over the paper, you focused on the man simply known as the IceMan. Behavioral analysis was your specialty, and in this case, you were tasked with finding if the man had lied or embellished any of his information. Your career so far had been made on finding the truth and your extensive training with body language and micro expressions made you highly qualified, but it required all of your attention to be on your subject thus the quiet, empty room you sat in.

Mycroft had finished a long series of questions to give you a proper baseline and he resituated himself before going in for the kill. Even though you could only see the back of Mycroft’s head you could picture that smile he always wore when he knew something he believed no one else did. You’d only been working for him for three months but he always had such a flare for drama. You had warned him that anyone trained or knowledgeable about certain tactics would see right through him. He smiled and thanked you for your input but never changed. He was always the smartest man in the room, after all.

You made sure the microphone wasn’t on before cursing his peacocking. “Idiot. I’ve warned you about flaunting.”

The IceMan made an odd movement and you leaned forward and listened closer to Mycroft’s question. A quick upturn at the corner of his mouth and his eyes hardened for just a split second. You pressed the microphone button. “He doesn’t agree with the way you’re laying out the facts.”

Mycroft switched a few words and there was no change but you noticed another anger tick with his nose. “Well hello, IceMan. Now we’re getting somewhere.” You pressed the button, “go back to the children’s hospital bomb.” You quickly wrote down,

-no harm to children

-have a child?

-hospital bomb broke allegiance?

Mycroft read out the details of the hospital bomb and a range of emotions crossed the man’s face. Disgust, anger, and sadness. “Grief. You don’t like hurting kids, do you?” You pressed the button, “that’s what splintered the alliance.”

Mycroft continued with the rest of the information IceMan had given and you didn’t see any sign of disagreement until the last point. You pressed the button, “wait. Something’s off with the Parliament tip.”

Mycroft called him out on it and his nostrils flared again. “Got ya.” You pressed the button, “he doesn’t believe a word he just said.”

The IceMan actually looked a little defeated as Mycroft threatened to rescind the agreement. IceMan revealed he had only heard whispers but used that one to ensure his safety. You would’ve felt bad for him if not for the fact that he seemed delighted by the idea of blowing up Parliament. “He’s telling the truth about someone wanting to do it but he’s got nothing solid. He’s just rambling now to make up for it.”

With a glance down at the phone, you realized you’d been sitting there for two hours. You stood up and stretched your back out while watching Mycroft slide the pen and paper across the metal table to IceMan before standing up himself. He turned toward the mirror, straightened his tie, and buttoned his jacket then smiled.

“Preening doesn’t look good on you, Mycroft.” You rolled your eyes then heard a muffled noise behind you.

You spun around in surprise and a tall man was standing against the back wall of the room. “He was always like that.”

“Who the hell are you?”

He smiled but it wasn’t genuine. “Just an interested party. I overheard a few things about you and wanted to see for myself. I’m curious how you could deduce where exactly his lie was.”

“Deduce?” That word along with the familial similarities tipped you off. “Sherlock Holmes. I’ve heard about you too. I thought you’d be shorter.”

Disgust flared the corner of his upper lip. “My brother, no doubt.”

You chuckled, “I see the rivalry clearly goes both ways.”

He moved away from the wall with very calculated steps around you. “So, how did you do it? What tipped you off?” He glanced down at your notes. “A child? What makes you think he could possibly have a child?”

“My expertise, in this case, is behavior and micro expressions. I thought you said you heard about me?”

He eyed you as if reading lines on the page of a book. “Yes, but a face doesn’t give enough information.”

“As a whole, no. But in a certain setting, you can learn what you need in someone’s face.” You could see the doubt. “I’m sure you’ve gained some insight by the way people react to what you say. We react every day to emotions we see on people’s faces even if we may not realize it right away. I pay very close attention to what they’re trying not to show in this case. He had a momentary flare of disgust, anger, and sadness when Mycroft spoke of the children’s hospital bomb. If he just genuinely didn’t like to hurt children then disgust and anger would have been it but sadness added in a bit of something personal. It’s possible he had a child but that would be difficult to say definitively without more time spent with him delving into that area seeing how a child can mean different things to different people; burden or gift, legacy or dream crusher, stressor or future caregiver, and sometimes all of the above in their time.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up and a split second flash of surprise before he slipped back into a blank slate. “People hide things all the time, they can train to beat things like lie detectors.”

He was testing you. You had nothing but your gut and what little you knew of Sherlock to know it but it still annoyed you all the same. He snuck in here to watch and then push your buttons. You’d had enough of that since starting your position under Mycroft. You didn’t know why he would be here and you hated not knowing.

“Everyone wears a mask, Mr. Holmes. I’m sure that’s what you’re getting at. Every day we leave our homes and play the part society has decided is decent and civil but certain emotions can’t be completely hidden especially when we’re trying to hide them. Micro expressions are deeply ingrained and you can tell yourself you control what you show the outside world but you can’t erase biological wiring. It’s a split second action that betrays you, sure some have learned to beat lie detectors and some are very good but I could use equipment, a high-speed camera, for instance, and I would be able to spot your wiring betraying you. When you’re pretending, even if you’re the greatest actor, it’s extremely difficult to conceal a micro expression. Whether you’re not truly feeling something you’re showing or trying to hide something. I’ve never seen or heard of it happening when someone trained is watching. Of course, you need context and a baseline for each person but those are specifics I’m sure would bore you unless you were interested in the training.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up. And you continued, “for instance, I know the idea of wearing a mask appealed to you. You wanted me to think you found it humorous but in fact, you didn’t really think it was funny at all. I actually get the feeling you do that a lot, show people what you think they should see or want to see to get what you need.”

His smile fell, “you’ve been talking to my brother.”

“We work together, of course, we talk.” He quirked his brow and you walked up to him canceling out the remaining space between you. It was closer than decency called for and he had to look sharply down to keep eye contact. You registered his surprise. “He said his little brother was a detective and a fairly good one at that. But I can see the flair for dramatics runs in the family.”

“I don’t flaunt…”

You interrupted him as you pushed up on your tiptoes leaning on him with the slightest bit of pressure. “So, you were in here for that part. Just wanted to know how long I was being stalked.” You reached around him and picked up your file, pad of paper, and pens before stepping back and placing them all together in the crook of your arm.

You walked toward the door, “by the way, your eyes are dilated.” You smirked as you looked over your shoulder, “it’s not that dark in here, you should probably get that checked out.” You left the room and had to bite your lip to keep the large grin off your face.

Too bad he was such an ass, he was attractive up close.


You were sitting at your desk filling out more paperwork for Mycroft and cursing the government’s need for such detailed reports from every person involved in a case. The alarm on your phone went off alerting you to your one o'clock appointment with Mr. Galen, an operative that also worked under Mycroft. You sighed, dreading the next hour where he would try to conceal how much he stared at your breasts.

You slipped a sweater over your blouse then tried to finish your notes on the document. The door opened and he walked in but the cadence was wrong. “I’m sorry but I have an appointment in a few minutes.” You glanced up and found the last person you’d expect, “Mr. Holmes?”

He was standing in the middle of your office looking around then smiled. “Mr. Galen regrettably had to reschedule. I was here so,” he turned and walked over to the couch.

“I’m sorry, are you saying you want this hour?”

He sat down. “Would you object?”

You looked down at the mind-numbing document you were almost finished with but had four more just like it underneath. You leaned back in your chair and watched him wondering what he was really here for. You were confident that you got your point across when you met him last week but you still didn’t know why he had snuck in to watch you in the first place. The question still nagged at you now. “How did you find out about this opening?”

“I just happened to be in Mycroft’s office when Mr. Galen was given an assignment and he had mentioned the appointment. Quite upset he had to miss it.”

“And you just happened to be looking for a psychologist?”

“So, that is your professional title?” His gaze moved to your display of credentials on the wall behind you.

“Since I have an hour.” You closed the file and indicated the chair near the couch. “Would you prefer me in that chair or this one?”

He met your gaze and raised his brow, “normal protocol, Doctor.”

You smiled despite yourself. “That is normal. Would you feel more comfortable if I stayed over here or joined you?”

The corner of his mouth quirked up, “wouldn’t you be able to read me better if you were closer?”

“That’s not what these appointments are for. I’m here to help people, not interrogate them.” You furrowed your brow, “I am a psychologist first, Mr. Holmes.”


You picked up a pen and pad of paper then walked over to the chair and sat down. “Where would you like to begin?”

“Isn’t that your job?”

“I’m here to assist you. What would you like me to help you with?” He stared, narrowing his eyes slightly. “Something been troubling you recently?”

“So, people just come in here and whinge?”

You placed your elbow on your knee and rested your chin in your hand, “is that what you would like to do?”

“How dull does this get for you?”

You sat up and smiled, “actually it can be quite interesting hearing a different perspective, seeing a glimpse into another’s life, and quite rewarding when I can help them gain the tools they need to maneuver an obstacle or whatever the case may be.”

His brow scrunched together and he tapped his fingers on the couch. “So you’ve never had someone come in and ask you what was wrong with them?”

“I’m not a magician, Sherlock. There’s no crystal ball. And for the record, I don’t think anything is wrong with you.”

“What? Where would you get an idea like that?”

“You just asked.”

“I was asking about people who come to a psychologist.”

“Therapy is different for everyone. Some just like someone to talk to that they know wouldn’t judge them or they think it wouldn’t matter if they did because they probably wouldn’t see them outside the office. Talking something out with someone can help by getting a second opinion, a different perspective. One person only has what they already know but a second pair of ears or eyes can open a door or catch a missing piece. Seeing a therapist is not like seeing a medical doctor. You are not broken and I can not cure you but I can help you find strengths and give you tools to help you deal with your problems. Sometimes the easiest person to open up to is a stranger with a degree that says she knows some shit about the way the mind works.”

Sherlock tilted his head, “is that an American thing?”

You chuckled. “No, the kids and teenagers love it, though. I’ve found it breaks the ice quite nicely here with adults too.”

“Well then, what if I did ask you to read me like you did the other day.”

“Therapists don’t do that. That’s not something that happens in this room. I’m here to help you, not make a bunch of guesses from what little I know of you.”

His brow rose, “that didn’t seem to bother you last time.”

“You were not a client, you were a stalker that snuck up on me.”

He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and steepled his fingers before pressing them to his chin. “Play a game with me. That will help me.” He grinned.

“You really want me to just tell you what I’ve guessed about you?” He nodded. You leaned back and placed your hand down on your pad as you trailed your eyes over him. “Should we start with childhood? No, too easy because of Mycroft. School wouldn’t have been easy, being the smartest and standing out in height would not have gone well especially with the secluded childhood and a brother like Mycroft, to be honest. So, you kept your head down and studied, it’s where your strengths were and what your mind craved being highly logical… but finding things easy where others struggled, so even in the overachiever crowd you’d be ostracized. Being the smartest in the room is never easy when it comes to social norms and even harder when those norms seem pointless and a waste of time. I’d say you have little to no circle of confidantes and find detective work suits you rather well when you can work alone but even after a lifetime of doing well on your own, lonely gets boring. So, you came here to talk to someone. How am I doing so far?”

He leaned back and lowered his hands to his lap keeping his face blank, “Mycroft.”

You shrugged. “I collect data in what people say, how they react in situations, and some I guess because of cases I’ve studied, the research I’ve done, the experiences I’ve had and seen myself, and I try to help guide them to solutions. Obviously, I took a little from what I’ve learned from Mycroft, can’t be helped, and I collected some data off your website. I don’t have a degree in deduction, Sherlock. I have a degree in Psych…”

He perked up at the mention of his website. “Fascinating. You actually read the website, what did you think?”

You chuckled. “It’s a lot and I don’t think I’d be very good at it. I’m usually more attuned to people’s behavior.”

He ran his hand down the front of his suit jacket before looking back up, his face less tense. “I recently got a roommate.”

“Interesting. Do you want to tell me about him?”

“His name is John, army doctor recently back home from Afghanistan with a psychosomatic limp.” The corner of his mouth slowly curled up, “loves the thrill of the chase.”

“Not too offended by your bluntness or your habit of showing off?”

Sherlock raised his brow and you smiled. “It’s my job to observe.”

A small hint of a smile before he replied, “not yet.”

You laughed, “sounds like a good man.”

He narrowed his eyes, “just from what I said or has my brother already had you look into him?”

You watched him as you placed your hands on your pad. “We both know your brother and the power that he has at his fingertips. If he wanted to know about your new flatmate, one who has a therapist, why wouldn’t he just get copies of her files instead of wasting his time and mine by having me look into him?” You raised your brow, “is that what you wanted to get out of this? To find out if your brother was looking into you or was there something else you were hoping to sniff out around here?” You smirked as he dropped your gaze and his eyes flitted back and forth for a moment.

He met your gaze and held it steadily as he said, “it wasn’t my intention…”

You cut him off. “Sherlock.” His head pulled back and his eyes widen just a bit. “Let’s agree not to lie to each other because really what would be the point?”

A small genuine smile came to his face. “Agreed. I wondered if my brother would try to interfere further and you seemed like his best bet.”

You grinned, “by the way, congratulations on your case and the upgrade.” His brow pinched for a second and you continued. “Doctor, patient confidentiality does extend to psychologists and since I know your brother, if you wish to continue our sessions here, I will keep a tighter lock on your file in particular.”

He leaned forward, his head tilted slightly to the side as he eyed you, “interesting.”

You looked at the clock, “good. Now that’s out of the way, you have about thirty minutes left. Would you like to talk more about John or is there something else you’d like to talk through? I find a sounding board is very effective in weeding through congested thoughts.”  

His brow popped for a split second before he smirked, “now, that you mention it.”

Next Chapter

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a fic based on the 2x19 promo??

it’s like 4am here but why not since i’m literal sanvers trash

By the time they got there, Alex was floating limply in the tank.

Kara threw one fist at the container, shattering it instantly as Maggie had watched dazed, certain that their efforts had all been in vain.

They weren’t. ‘She has a pulse,’ Kara cried as she gently placed Alex down, onto her side. ‘It’s faint but it’s there. Do you know CPR?’

Maggie nodded numbly.

‘You need to do it.’

‘Kara, I can’t–.’

‘You can. I can’t. I’m too strong, I’ll kill her if I tried,’ Kara said, sadness in her voice at the words that had just come out of her mouth. ‘You can do it; I believe you can.’

Maggie blinked then nodded, dropping to her knees. As much as she was terrified about hurting the love of her life, she was even more so terrified about losing her. ‘Alright, alright,’ she mumbled, pinching Alex’s nose before giving her five big breaths.


Maggie swallowed hard, knowing what was next. ‘C’mon babygirl,’ she whispered as she started chest compressions. ‘C’mon.’

Alex was still unresponsive after thirty compressions. Maggie gave two more breaths then started again, her pleas becoming increasingly more desperate.

‘Please, please, please.’

Still nothing. Her arms were tiring and her heart was hurting. And help still wasn’t here.

‘Please Al…I’m not losing you, please.’

She tries again as tears stream down her face. ‘I’m not losing you…I can’t lose you…I–.’

Then finally, finally, Alex gasps. Her eyes open as she splutters, choking on the air that starts flooding into her lungs. She looks lost and scared and panicked as she grabs onto Maggie’s arm. Maggie is shocked at how much fight has lingered in her fragile body, and is eternally grateful that her girlfriend is Alex Danvers, the strongest person she’s ever known because she fought and she’s still here.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ Maggie repeats over and over again as she kisses Alex’s hand.

Kara strokes her sister’s wet hair as she smiles, tears falling. ‘It’s okay, it’s okay. We’ve got you, you’re safe now.’

Alex’s eyes dash wildly between the two most important people in her life as her breathing begins to even out. ‘I’m…sorry…’ she finally manages, the first thought on her selfless mind an apology for the dinner that had descended into disaster, causing Maggie and Kara to fight and for them to both leave early, angry and upset.

‘Forget it, that’s not important,’ Maggie says firmly but with a smile because she couldn’t care less about the spat. All she cared about was Alex, who she was cradling in her lap. ‘You’re what’s important and I–.’ Her emotions choke her. She has to take a second to compose herself, so she can finally say what she wants to say, what she’s wanted to say for a long time, what she was terrified she’d never get the chance to say. ‘I love you, Alex. I love you.’

She wonders if the words actually register because Alex is half out of it, fleeting between consciousness and unconsciousness. Then the slightest of smiles begins to tug at the corners of her mouth. ‘Yeah?’

‘Yes,’ Maggie says, her smile wide and her eyes full of tears. ‘I’m glad you stuck around because my life would be real boring without you.’

Alex manages a small nod. ‘I love you too…you softie.’

Maggie finally properly breaks and her sobs choke her because those words have seldom been said to her without being retracted. Then what gets her next is Kara’s words and the way Kara crawls over on her knees to wrap her arms around her.

‘Maggie, you saved her. You saved my sister and I know we don’t always see eye to eye but I’ll forever be grateful. You’re family, always.’

And she cries harder because of everything that had happened when she was fourteen years old, when her own family rejected her and told her she was worthless and, for years she believed it as happiness continued to evade her. Until recently. Until Alex.

Love. She had finally found it.

Little Affectivity-Problem Things

* Copying other’s facial expressions
* Being told you’re rude for whatever reason
* Standing in front of the mirror, trying to look “normal”
* People believing you lie when you tell the truth
* People believing you tell the truth when you lie
* Laughing when others cry
* No one ever believes you that you like what they did for you- unless you hate it
* Looking bored all the time
* Getting punished for laughing at the wrong moment
* Others getting you wrong all the time
* Having to smile on photos… A nightmare
* “You don’t look surprised, how’d you know?” “I didn’t” “Yes you did, I see it”
* “You look bored, it was a bad idea from me to come here, right?”
* “You look sad, what happened?!”
* Generally all this “you look like”-stuff
* Getting red when you’re not embarrassed
* No one believing you that you’re not
* People saying you seem cold

Saeyoung Choi Wallpapers

so i’m mystic messenger trash and i got bored and made these wallpapers

and i thought they looked okay and decided “hey why don’t i post these to tumblr??” i doubt anyone will see this but hey

here you go

(yes, this is several versions of the same wallpaper. i was experimenting with certain designs !!)

“Go on a date with me,” Ansel asked for the fifth time this week, and its only Tuesday. “Come on y/n give me a chance.”

You closed your locker and turned to face him, “sorry Ansel but my answer is still the same. I’m not interested in a relationship right now.”

As you were walking away he slid in front of you, blocking the school doors, “who said anything about a relationship? Let’s just go out to dinner or something and talk like friends. And if you like me, we can go on another and then maybe we can think about a relationship.”

You pretended to think about it, “No.” You shoved past him and walked out.

Your best friend fell into step with you. “Why do you look so grumpy?”

“Ansel won’t drop this date thing,” you grumbled.

She sighed, “you know maybe you should give him a chance y/n! I don’t see why you think he’s playing you.”

Glaring at her, you said, “because he’s like that! He plays with girls! Remember Cindy? He tore her heart out.”

“But he’s never tried so hard to win a girl over!” She pointed out, “he always got what he wanted and you’re a challenge.”

You stopped walking and turned to her, “yeah, I am. What happens when I accept and the challenge is over? He’ll get bored and dump me for the next girl.”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes, “I still think you should give him a chance.” Then she walked off to her car.

The next day

You walked into third period, Advisory, dreading the whole hour. You’ve been avoiding Ansel all day but there was no avoiding him now. In a class where you just sit and talk about how you’re doing in school. Seriously what is the point of it?! And you had it with Ansel. Great.

“Everyone pull up a seat and gather into a circle,” your teacher said, “how is everyone doing today?”

Everyone mumbled a quiet, “good,” but Ansel, being the attention seeking jock he is flailed his arms and yelled, “oh I’ve been having a terrible week Mrs.Kay!”

“And why is that Ansel?”

He stood up to make a scene, “oh nothing! I’ve just been gathering the courage to ask out this girl I really like ALL month and when I finally man up and ask her, she says no!”

Ansel smiled at you, if looks could kill, he’d be dead by now. “Why do you think she’s saying no?” The teacher asked.

He sighed, “because let’s be honest, I haven’t been the best boyfriend in this school. I’m kind of a jerk who broke many hearts. And I know she’s afraid I’ll break hers. But I’m not perfect, and I don’t mean to do all this. I’m looking for the girl I’ll be in love with! And along the way I made mistakes! Oh I’ve made Many! But I actually like her. And I wish shed give me a chance.”

“Why don’t you tell her this?”

“I just did,” he smiled, and every girl in class blushed, probably thinking it was her. “And I’ll ask her out once more. Of she looks me in the eyes and says no. I’ll stop. But I want her to know I’m not all bad. I promise.”

He walked around the circle, winking at random girls, “so…” He stopped in front of you, “y/n, will you join me for a home cooked dinner at my house this Friday night? Please?”

You met his eyes, and you saw something you never expected to see. Innocence, and fear. Fear of what? Being rejected in front of these people that mean nothing to him? Or fear of being rejected by you, a girl he truly likes..

You let out a frustrated groan and hurried your head in your hands, how can you possibly say no?

This is what happens when I get bored.

I love those shipping memes, mostly because it helps me get some order in the numerous things I ship. I had some free time in my hands so I completed one for Yuri On Ice. As you can see, I’m quite of a multi-shipper and I will rarely hate on any pairing. It takes me quite a lot to paint a pair in this massive black arrow.

For a few comments:

  • I’m probably one of a few in the fandom not literaly “shipping” Vikturi. They are cute together and I couldn’t see them with anyone else, but I don’t properly “ship” them. I would probably have loved them more if I had watched the anime as it was being released, not knowing beforehand they would end up together.
  • One of my OTP is JJ x Yurio (and I can already feel the thousands of virtual bullets hitting me in the chest) I just find them adorable and love/hate relationships have always been my thing.
  • I still like JJ with Isabella, though.
  • I absolutely love both JJSeung and SeungChuchu. Like, equally.
  • I ship Georgi with a mysterious perfect girl that will heal that big cutie heart because he deserves it.
  • One of my first Yurio ship when watching the show was with Guang Hong. They never met, yeah, that’s not stopping me. I still like them together. (’Am still looking for a ship name, by the way. Yuang? Guario? Hm.)
  • I have difficulties getting too attached to Otabek, so this is probably why I don’t really ship him with anyone.
  • Edit: I had to edit, because I recently felt into the rabbit hole that is Chuchujiji (cutest name ever, for the cutest ship ever) If you can’t guess, that’s Phichit x Guang Hong. Yellow arrow became red. I seriously need more of this ship, that is the purest thing ever and I love it so much!

Please, don’t get offended if I don’t ship the same pairings you do. And if you are interested in sharing your own ships with me, I’m always interested in knowing about others’ pairings!