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A BIG Announcement - Please read this:

I want to preface this by saying that this is probably the hardest post I’ll ever write here:

First I want to remind you that the final part of the Guest series will be posted today at 12pm PST.

The big announcement is that, after it’s up, it’s time for me to go.

This is a decision that I’ve been struggling with for a long time; leaving feels like a bit of a last resort, but it’s becoming more and more clear to me that this is what I need to do. Taking a few days away or a week or a few weeks simply isn’t enough anymore; it’s just a temporary fix for a much bigger problem.

As a writer, I do everything I can to connect to my characters. I spend a lot of time immersing myself in the story so I can get the details just right. Because of this, I have found myself becoming very attached to the “character” of Harry that I create in my writing. Unfortunately, Harry is not a fictional character. I can’t control what he does in his real life and it’s hard to process when he “goes off script”.

Books and movies and TV shows all eventually come to an end; the characters within that don’t go on forever, except in your imagination, so you kind of have creative control once that particular story ends. This isn’t how it works when you write fanfiction about real people. Harry has a life and he’s going to do whatever he wants with it. At no point do I have creative control over him nor can I decide what he does with his future. As a writer, that makes it harder for me and, as a human being who gets attached to characters (and people), it causes a lot of stress and jealousy and sadness when my “character” does something I either don’t necessarily agree with or ends up with someone else in the end of the “story”.

It has gotten to a point where I dread opening Tumblr every morning, because I’m afraid of what might have happened over night. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to separate myself from this situation as best I can, and enjoy Harry simply as a fan. I am still very excited to hear the album, see the movie, and follow his career because I do really like him as an artist and performer and as a human being. But I can’t continue to know what he is doing with his life every single second of every day and pick apart and speculate about song meanings and all of that. I don’t want to know about his personal life, anymore than I do about other celebrities and artists I enjoy. I want to ultimately get to a point where, years down the road I’m sitting there enjoying his 5th solo album and hear that he’s expecting his 3rd child, only to react with, “Oh, I didn’t even know he had gotten married”, and then go on with my day as if nothing was different.

So, with that said, I have to regretfully say that I am leaving Tumblr. I’m not going to delete this blog, so you will still be able to read all of my stuff, but I won’t be logging on to interact or post or anything like that. It’s a very difficult decision because I’ve really enjoyed my time here and getting to talk to so many amazing people, but - as hard as it is - I know I don’t belong here anymore. When I first started writing, Harry sightings were scarce; I don’t think I anticipated what it would be like to see him every single day doing something new, and it’s just too much for me.

I love you guys so, so much! If anyone is desperate to keep in contact, I am willing to add a few select people to my Facebook (that I don’t use that much, but I am on it), as well as Instagram (that I also don’t use much, lol). But I hope you can understand why I need to do this and aren’t too upset over it. Like I said, I’ll leave this blog open and keep all the writing up; I just ask that you don’t repost my stuff anywhere else.

I will probably pop in on Monday to check messages and answer any questions, but then I’ll be saying goodbye. Please spread the word if you can; I don’t want anyone to be blindsided by this. I know it’s not the best time with the album coming out, but I feel like this is the right time for me to bow out.

I hope you enjoy the final part of Guest, and thank you all so much for all you’ve done for me.



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hc's for the paladins + allura & coran with an s/o who's really emotional like, to the point where they get teary-eyed just being told something nice or seeing someone looking a little nicer than usual

(Tears? Oh, yeah, that’s Mod Awk’s job! ~Mod Saffron)


But it’s true, I’m a huge crybaby. I burst into tears every time I see something cute.

Don’t even get me started on what happened at my surprise birthday party. I cried for an hour straight, and then got drunk and cried some more. Ah, good times…

~Mod Awkward


  • Judging by how Shiro’s seen you tear up every time you win a tough battle, it doesn’t come as a shock to him when he confesses he likes you and you start sniffling into his shoulder
  • As a leader, he’s supposed to maintain a level head at all times and be there to support the rest of the team when they’re down on their luck, so he doesn’t have the liberty to cry or really express his emotions
  • He finds that you tend to externally express what he feels on the inside, and its almost like you compensate for the emotions he has to suppress for the sake of the team
  • You remind Shiro that a good leader is in tune with his own feelings, and that he shouldn’t be afraid of opening up to the others 


  • Keith.exe has stopped working
  • It catches him so off guard the first time when he whispers you’re amazing and you burst into tears
  • Has he done something wrong?? why are you crying??
  • You have to calm him down and explain that no, he didn’t upset you, you’re just so happy that you can’t stop crying
  • It takes him some time to see you overwhelmed with emotion every time he compliments you or every time he tries to show off this new sword technique he mastered
  • But he grows to find it endearing and will always be there to gently wipe away your tears, whether they be tears of joy or sadness


  • His heart swells every time he sees your eyes gloss over
  • Lance considers crying in front of someone else a very intimate act so having you feel comfortable enough to not try and hide your tears of joy around him tells Lance just how much you trust him 
  • He makes note to remember which compliments make you tear up and which ones don’t to use for when you’re having a bad day
  • He thinks it’s your most distinct quality, you wouldn’t be you without it 
  • You wear your heart on your sleeve and he admires that about you, it’s not an easy thing to do, and you’ve managed to turn something that is often considered a weakness into a strength


  • Hunk thinks the emotional side of you is absolutely adorable
  • Your big heart is what makes you a kind, and selfless individual and it’s what he loves most about you
  • You’re too precious for this world
  • He feels like it makes reunions more meaningful, and you never fail to bring life to the room when you’re together
  • Heck, Hunk is on the emotional side himself, so he’s probably right there getting teary-eyed along with you


  • Pidge had absolutely no clue until she tried to surprise you with an alien puppy she had found on their last mission
  • Can you imagine the shock when you ask to hold him and she sees tears form in the corner of your eyes? 
  • At first she starts panicking, thinking the puppy bit you, but when you choke out that he’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen it clicks that you’re crying from a cuteness overload
  • She might poke fun of your emotional side occasionally but it’s her way of telling you she hopes you never change


  • Allura is in a similar position to Shiro as the pilot of the Castle of Lions, and therefore often has to choke back her own emotions so as to not to worry the rest of the team
  • Part of the reason why she trusts you so much is because you’re never scared to show your own emotions
  • You remind her a bit of her father and his gentle, caring nature, and so being in your arms makes her feel safe and warm
  • She trusts you with everything and you two will often stay up late into the night talking about anything that’s on your minds


  • He hears you sniffling and immediately moves to comfort you but you shake your head
  • He’s confused, aren’t you upset??
  • You admit that you never took the time to actually admire the architecture of the castle and it just hit you how overwhelming gorgeous it is
  • Coran’s relieved but he will flat out admit that he’s terrible at telling the difference between happy and sad tears welp
  • You laugh and tell him don’t worry, being around you will give him plenty of practice
Is your gym prepared for the worst?

So you show up to class and there is a new guy sitting on the mats and someone is showing him how to tie his belt. He is mid 40s-50s slightly overweight.

Class starts with basic warm-ups and then progresses into the technique. New guy is sweating pretty bad (not uncommon for anyone) but he looks pretty pale like he may vomit. New guy takes a look at his training partner wide-eyed before he collapses and goes into sudden cardiac arrest.

Gym owners, do you have a plan in place? Do you know CPR? Do you have an AED on the site?

These are all things that could greatly affect the student’s chances of survival.

What, if any, plans do you gym owners have in place for emergencies? If you don’t have anything, at least learn CPR, there are classes being taught daily, everywhere. Maybe have a CPR instructor come to the gym and teach it to your instructors?

It is very stressful to see someone die in front of you, but not knowing what to do when that happens is even worse. So when in doubt, just press hard and fast on the middle of the chest.

Saw this online and thought I would share it since it got me thinking. I work at a gym full time and am certified in CPR and we have an AED on site. My old judo school has all coaches certified in CPR since its part of the coaching curriculum How about y’all schools?

My Queen

Characters: Dean x Reader, Celeste (reader’s sister), Travis (reader’s ex boyfriend)

Word Count: 2,311

Warnings: Mentioned of abuse in relationship (very minimal), a little angsty, but Dean fluff at the end

Summary: You haven’t seen your sister in years so you and Dean pay her a visit. What happened when she’s dating your ex boyfriend? 

A/N: I know I’ve been completely disregarding my responsibility as a writer and I apologize for that. I’ve been stressing over school and work but things have simmered down enough. All I ask from you guys is to send in requests. None of the fics I have written were requested and I am running out of ideas on my own. Please send in what you want to see written!

Originally posted by lipstick-mother-fucker

Growing up, you and your sister were inseparable. You always told each other your secrets, stole makeup and clothes from one another, talked to each other about boys and drama, and always had a bond that was unbreakable. However, as you grew older, she turned into this other person that you didn’t recognize.

She started going to parties, getting drunk more often, smoked a cigarette or two, and was transforming into a girl you didn’t know. Of course, you told each other everything still but it was like you were losing that bond with each and every day that passed.

It wasn’t until you started hunting that you did everything together. Yes, she knows about the supernatural because you couldn’t keep her from not knowing but you could keep her from hunting alongside you.

You were glad that she didn’t want that life and decided to be extra help with research if you needed it. You wished that you knew how to fight like you did now for when you were kids but now you could really put her in her place thanks to the Winchester brothers.

They taught you everything you knew about combat and firing multiple guns and also other weapons. You knew how to fight a little and you’ve been shooting before but this time, it was different. They really knew their stuff around weapons. You didn’t know where you would be if it hadn’t been for Dean Winchester saving you. Before you met them, you and your sister lived together and tried to make just enough money to pay rent. You were the hardworking sister while she could barely hold a job.

You had gotten sick and tired of her shit that you decided to be on your own and let her deal with her life by herself. You were tired of holding up her weight. She needed to learn that what she does have consequences. After you left her, you didn’t know where you were going and decided to spend a few nights in the nearest motel.

That was the worst, yet, best decision you could ever make. Good, because you met the love of your life but bad because a demon was going around motel rooms and possessing people or trying to make deals.

You were relaxing one night until all of a sudden, you heard someone knocking on the door. You opened it and the next thing you knew, you were knocked out. When you came to, you were awake and alive but you weren’t in control of your body. It was like someone pushed you out of the way and had taken hold of you.

You didn’t know what was going on since you didn’t know about the Supernatural at that time. You watched yourself do pretty horrible things including killing someone, stealing, and fighting off two very attractive men.

They started to exorcise the demon but that didn’t change the fact that you killed a person and participated in criminal acts. They tried to assure you that it was the making of a demon and from one look at them, you knew that they weren’t lying to you. You immediately trusted them because you instantly felt safe around them.

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Yoosung (angst request 1)

request : hi i just read your last zen angst and i loved it can you write the others rfa members+v+saeran breaking up with mc and realizing they made the wrong decision bc they still love her

     Yoosung had recently been incredibly stressed out because of college. He had been trying so hard for MC and he wanted to make them proud. See Yoosung was either a sad stressed person or an angry stressed person, there was no in between. This time he had been angry because MC had been nagging him about his gaming.
     “MC! Can’t you just leave me the hell alone, I’m trying to game because I am stressed! So just leave!” He had yelled once he muted his mic.
MC had looked shocked as she processed what happened.

     “Yoosung Kim! You told me to make sure you stayed on track in college because you wanted to do something great! Why are you getting so pissed when I’m just making sure to help you?”
      “I don’t want your help and I don’t want you anymore. You aren’t my mother.”
      “Don’t want me anymore? What the hell does that mean?”
      “It means that I don’t want to date you anymore so just leave and forget about a future of us together! It won’t happen.”
       It took Yoosung only 2 hours to realize he was already struggling without MC. It was 1 AM and he was gaming, he hadn’t done this since MC had started dating him. He tried to call them but they declined almost immediately or their phone died. He tried 3 more times and they answered him.
      “Leave me the hell alone,” and they hung up.
      He tried four more times before he had gotten a message that the number he was dialing had blocked him. He didn’t want to bring his issues into the messenger no matter how much he cared. He loved MC but since he was stressed he had to just yell at her and lie to her.
      “Forget about a future of us together! It won’t happen,” that was all that would replay in his head. He fucked up and he didn’t know how to fix it.


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hi sims mum (i'm british sry) this is probs overdramatic but starting a legacy stresses me out and i have no motivation to do it :(( any tips for a simmer who struggles with their creative process? will need ur talent also xoxo

hi!!!!! well!!!!!! u shouldnt feel stressed u silly!!!!……my tips r: make a sim u rly rly RLLLLY love and like watch that sucker like a hawk like zoom in on them…..2 see all the dumb faces they make….maybe just take pix casually and just play ur game normally uk??? if ur like?? stress???? tht no good!!!!! just play ur game n like !!! see what stuffs happen!!!!! usually when i playin my wild n crazy imagination brain is like thinking of things tht my sims r saying wow that sounds so bonkers but thts what i do!!!!!! maybe u could do one of those get 2 kno me character thingys abt ur sim??? so u kinda give them a lil personality?????then go from there!!!!!?!?! idk :-((((( i am a bad help im just a big dummy but i hope…………………….i……………………help a lil idk i tried My Best  good luck have fun pls ♡♡♡

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Number 8 with jooheon please?

An Unexpected Evening
Soulmate AU

Pairing: Jooheon (Monsta X) x Reader
Genre: Fantasy Action/Romance
Word Count: 1,709

#8: If you and your soulmate touch, you can see into each other’s past, present, and future.

Originally posted by gotsomuch-chyeah

To say the least, you were having a horrible dinner. It wasn’t a surprise though. Yet another blind date down the drain with yet another boring guy. It was unbelievable how many of them were out there. But there was also something a little…off about this one. 

You would catch him looking at you all throughout dinner, but it wasn’t in the sweet way that made butterflies start up in your stomach. It was the kind of way that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight. And about halfway through the dinner, you realized that your internal alarm bells had been ringing for good reason. 

Just as you were bringing the spoon full of soup up to your lips, there was suddenly an eruption of yelling and loud noises, as if things were being moved faster than they should have been. When you had quickly turned your head to the side to see what was happening, all you caught sight of was the circle of SWAT surrounding your dinner table, guns all pointed at you and your date. Everyone else in the restaurant had been ushered out at this point by local police officers, and now only you, your odd date, and a bunch of gunmen remained. 

“What’s going on?” You ask in a much firmer tone than you thought you would be able to muster up. All of the police were pointing their guns too and all looked incredibly tense. Why were they pointing them at you? You hadn’t done anything wrong. 

That’s when you turned your head and saw your date pointing a gun too. Right at you. 

Your throat felt constricted and your heart began to beat at an extremely unhealthy pace. If you had been around the age of 80 or 85, you probably would have had a heart attack right then and there. 

“Wh-what are you doing?” You stammer at your date, who now had beads of sweat gathering along his brow. He truly looked crazy and it was absolutely terrifying. 

“Miller, put down the gun man. This doesn’t need to end badly.” You turn your head slowly to the side and see one of the police men lowering his gun slightly, holding one hand out as if to show he weren’t a threat. If you hadn’t been currently in a life or death situation, you might have drooled over how attractive the cop was.  But considering you had about two dozen guns pointed near you and one pointed directly at you, you thought the timing might not have been quite right. 

Your eyes move back over to your date who looked nervous and what you imagined a ticking time bomb looked like in human form. His eyes were darting back and forth, from the cop to you, and the gun that was pointed at your face was shaking. This was so not good. 

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Using Heat to Repair Faux Fur

I get the most questions about this! Try it on scraps for yourself and see! This is the technique that I get the most questions about and the most reactions to. I am not joking around and am quite sincere that it really works!

I have a special tag with all my tests on using heat and faux fur to repair, straighten or restore it using controlled heat. See that here:

The advantage to this technique is that it can restore faux fur damaged or wrinkled in transit, stored improperly, aged or worn fur, some dryer-damaged fur.


I absolutely can’t stress this enough: Try this for yourself at home with scraps! See it for yourself! See what happens when you use a hairdryer on fur for yourself! There is a huge difference in this technique and throwing a fursuit in a dryer on high. That difference is Controlled Heat versus Uncontrolled Heat. A clothes dryer is uncontrolled heat and compression. It heats up and compresses fur with the tumbling action. This technique is controlled heat. You are touching and brushing the fur as you do it, you see the results as they happen!


Tips for getting started!

  • Start with clean, dry fur! Your faux fur should be dry when you begin.
  • Use a regular hairdryer, feel free to test other heat application methods, but a standard hairdryer from the hair care section of the store is perfectly suited for this task.
  • You will need to do more than one pass. One shot is not enough. You have to go over it several times and be thorough for good results.

Here is my clean dry fursuit butt that is getting restored:

Next it is brushed, a slicker brush or a straight comb works:

Controlled heat is applied all over the affected area:

It is brushed again in the direction I would like the fur to lay:

After several passes of controlled heat and brushing, the fur is completely restored! For the full tutorial and more information, check out my guide here:

Share this with your friends! Encourage them to try it on scraps or an inconspicuous location. With this new knowledge restore all the fursuits to their fluffy glory! 

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So you ever think about what happens when you actually start working ? Example I love that you wake up early in the morning and you get a lot done but I'm I have a adult job now where I have to be physically at work by 6 AM which means when I get up at five all I have a time for us to eat something and get ready . I'm sure in your field you will have some more flexibility with time but you'll still have less time overall to get things done in the morning what are your thoughts on this ?

No I honestly haven’t - personally I don’t see any need to stress out about a future situation that may or may not happen, when the one I am currently in is working very well :) Also I don’t plan on applying to any job where I would have to be at work at 6am…I feel like 8-9 is pretty standard! 

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend is a sleep walker/talker

Oh I am. Mainly talker but yeah xD (That’s what my friends say, I can’t tell) Xoxo, Admin A~

I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Stands on the door so you can’t leave* “Go back to bed! Even if you can’t hear me.. just go!”

Kris: *Confesses all his secrets to you without realizing you were asleep and just talking in your dreams*

Sehun: *Doesn’t know. He sleeps like a baby*

Tao: *Doesn’t know what to do* “Y/N… it’s the third time you leave the house at night.. It could be dangerous”

Kai: *Wakes up ad hears someone talking* “Oh nooo!!! a ghost! *Runs to hide*

Xiumin: “Hey jagiya… can you see me? Why are you staring at a wall?? Hey~”

Baekhyun: “So you love me? Yes? Good good.. now tell me sleepy Y/N, am I good when I give you pleasure?” *Gets tips from you to be a better bf*

Luhan: “Baobei? Why are you running in circles? Is everything okay?” *Kinda feels it’s a dream*

Chen: *Always on alert to see if you stand up and do something dangerous*

Kyungsoo: *He knows it happens when you both are stressed so he prepares some tea every night before going to bed to calm you down* “Yup.. she will like thos”

Lay: *You start to mumble weird things* “What is she saying? Oh Y/N… you are so funny”

Suho: *Follows you every time you sleep walk* “She is going to a far place this time… she can’t be alone”

A Love Across Time Part 13/14

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Anonymous Request: Idk if you’re taking in request but i have one of you could possibly do a reader X Bucky ? She has cosmic powers and can show a universe in her hands and one day he was testing her limits and she went back in time to the 40s ?

HUGE Shout out to @mullinhore who has been my sounding board and did a shit load of editing and brainstorming with me for this part! I LOVE YOU DARLING!!! 

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12 II Part 13 II Part 14

Y/N woke up feeling sick. It was her last day with Bucky and she was devastated. She gently unwrapped Bucky’s arms from around her and snuck out of the room. They had only fallen asleep a few hours ago, the night consisting of making love, talking and holding each other close. She had taken several photos of them together over the past several weeks however the ones she took last night were her favorite. It showed them happy and smiling while lying in bed cuddling. The battery on her phone was dangerously close to dying but she took it out and turned it on looking at all the pictures. She flipped over to her music and put on one of her favorite songs then continued to look at the pictures.

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Monsta x React to You being late for a date due to something unexpected

(Make sure to read the request screenshot to get the full idea)

Minhyuk: He wouldn’t believe his eyes at first glance when he saw you. “What happened?” He’d ask. As you explained he’d look down at the baby, worried for its safety. He’d gently touch the top of the baby’s head and become serious. “People sometimes…” He’d look at you, concern filled his eyes. “Well we won’t accomplish anything standing here.” He’d say before offering to push the buggy for you. “Lead the way.”

Originally posted by mintbean

Kihyun: After seeing you with the baby, at first he wouldn’t even think that it was you. “Uh- where did you find it?” He would ask. You would explain, leaving him with a lot more questions than answers. “How could someone possibly forget their baby!?” He would be flabbergasted. “We need to make sure to get this little one home,” without hesitation he’d agree that your best option was to find a policeman. “Let’s go.” 

Originally posted by wonhontology

Wonho: When he saw you walk in looking worried, immediately he would ask what was going on. At first he would be just as confused as you. After explaining, he’d look down at the baby and frown. “Some people are careless… aren’t they?” He’d say softly then look up at you. “We will find it’s parents, I’m sure of it. Just stay here I’ll be back,” he’d assure you and go off to find a police officer or security guard that could help.

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Shownu: He would be shocked to find you with a baby . As soon as he saw you he would be asking what was had happened and why you had that baby. Once you explained he would calm down slightly, trying to process what was going on. “Well, we need to take it to the authorities… it’s the only way it’s going to get back to it’s family safely.” He’d say and look up the nearest police station in the area on his phone.

Originally posted by adorablewoo

Jooheon: Because of this incident you would see a completely new side of him. When he first saw you, he would become serious. “What is going on?” He’d ask you, worry in his voice. He’d look down at the baby and frown slightly. “I’m glad you decided to help it.” He’d say before agreeing that you needed to find a policeman. “Don’t worry, it’ll get home safely.” He’d say when he noticed your worried expression.

Originally posted by jacksnswang

I.M.: His mind would go blank, seeing you in a panic he would try to think of what would be the best option to deal with this situation. He’d think for a moment and then speak, “Uhh-Follow me,” he’d say and walk to the information desk of the mall. “Excuse me,” he’d try to get the attention of someone behind the counter. “We need some help over here-” 

Originally posted by thekpopfix

Hyungwon: At first he would be surprised to see you with a baby but he wouldn’t freak out. “Okay… do you mind explaining what happened?” He’d say and run his fingers through his hair, indicating that the situation was stressing him out. When he heard the full story he would sigh. “Some people… are just ridiculous..” he’d say under his breath, angry that a parent would be so careless. “Alright, well, let’s get this baby home.” He’d say before locating a nearby policeman. 

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Finally! I finished all the requests that were in my ask box!! SO NOW I AM UP TO DATE :)

~BangtanBunnie <3

so I keep seeing requests to see what would happen if Shinah & Jae-ha switched bodies with Abi & Shuten, respectively, & I am here to fulfill these requests.

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Seiryuu switcharoo - well, first off, masks.  Shinah in Abi’s body would IMMEDIATELY notice that he’s able to see a little too well, like he doesn’t have his mask on, & while Shuten is trying to get “Abi” all bristly as usual, “Abi” will barely even speak to him, & when he does, he just keeps saying, barely audible, that he needs his mask.  Eventually, Zeno brings over a theatre mask, & “Abi” accepts it & puts it over his face.  Guen & Hiryuu are SUPER worried, like two stressed out mother dragons. It doesn’t help that “Abi,” when called Abi, keeps insisting that his name is “Shinah.”  Meanwhile, with the current generation, Abi in Shinah’s body is confused, because, for one thing, who the fuck put this mask on him, & for another thing, who the fuck are these so-called dragon warriors.  The rest of the HHB, except Zeno b/c he’s been through this body switch shit before, thinks that “Shinah” has been possessed again, & they are NOT about to deal with that again, so they keep trying to find cures to make the spirit leave Shinah’s body. In the meantime tho, Zeno is more than happy to explain to “Shinah” what’s going on.  As soon as “Shinah” understands, he kinda sorta breaks down into tears because his village crumbled into such a terrible place if they forced a mask onto his own successor. But when he’s back on his feet, he fuckin’ loves Yona & keeps threatening to paralyze Jae-ha & Hak whenever they start “bothering” her (Abi has a strange definition for “bothering”). He also super approves of Kija & Yun & insists that they are too perfect to be with this rowdy bunch… up until he finds out that Kija is terrified of bugs, in which case, he’s so ashamed of Guen’s successor.

Ryokuryuu rooaswitch - more like HELL.  Back in the original generation, poor Abi is too attractive for “Shuten” to avoid. Jae-ha in Shuten’s body just won’t stop flirting. Nobody is safe. Not even Zeno, who is really worried by now that he’s going to be the next person to have a sudden personality change. Abi more or less has to lock himself away in his room to escape “Shuten” suddenly putting the moves on.  Guen acts as the bodyguard and punches “Shuten” in the face everytime he sees him. Poor, unfortunate, Hiryuu, though, has to deal with “Shuten” suddenly becoming much more crabby & difficult than usual when around him. It’s almost as if “Shuten” has had a long-standing grudge against him, which makes no sense because they’ve only known each other for as long as Shuten received the dragon’s blood???? It’s upsetting, to say the least.  But it’s even worse in the current generation, because “Jae-ha” won’t stop destroying shit.  You think Guen in Kija’s body was bad?  Now you have actual roughhouse Shuten in Jae-ha’s body.  Zeno is. So fucking done.  Kija is like an angry little brother, shouting non-stop, & Yun is the terrifying mother who’s about five seconds from setting “Jae-ha” on fire. Hak won’t stop fighting “Jae-ha” & Shinah has already run far, far away.  The only person safe is Yona, who “Jae-ha” sometimes becomes surprisingly subservant to.

So we’ve all pieced together that ruffling his hair like this is what Sanji does when he’s stressed out, right?

While I wouldn’t say that it’s an uncommon thing to do when stressed, it struck me this morning that there’s likely a very specific reason that this is Sanji’s tick.

While my phone isn’t letting me add a second picture in the caption/commentary section of this post, I’m suspecting this has everything to do with the iron mask.

Other than his time on the rock with Zeff and what he’s going through now, Sanji’s imprisonment in his own family’s dungeon is probably the WORST thing to ever happen to him. In particular the restrictiveness of the helmet was making a bad situation undeniably worse.

In other words, Sanji is checking to make sure the helmet isn’t there when he’s stressed out. I’m sure it’s subconscious, but he’s making sure his head is unrestricted when he’s doing that, and feeling his own hair is probably how this manifests.

Sidenote: Maybe it’s all the fanart I see of adult Sanji in the mask but am I the only one who thinks this is something Oda might actually do to Sanji in the manga?

Hospital confessions (Sehun)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

Since the release of EXO’s newest single “Lotto” Sehun felt he needed to practice more than ever, he didn’t expect it to become so big and so he wanted to make a big performance for everyone every time he was on stage, so every night he spent hours on end practising the choreography and his raps. It was getting difficult needless to say, he felt there was always something he could work on to make it even better. However today the stress was really getting to him and he couldn’t seem to improve on anything his throat was starting to hurt since it was so dry and he had been too stupid and too stubborn to get a drink. But when he felt everything was getting worse you walked through the door with a white bag in your hand. “Do you ever stop?” You laughed as you shut the door and set the bag on the table. “Boy am I glad to see you.” He sighed with his voice still croaky from rapping. “What the hell happened to your voice?” You gasped as you rushed to get him a drink, he quickly unscrewed the top and finished the whole bottle in what seemed like one gulp. You giggled to yourself as you saw how unnecessarily hard he was practising, you turned back to the bag and pulled out a silver container and handed t to him. “I brought chicken, I thought I’d have to bring you something since you always forget to bring food and drinks with you.” He gave you a bright smile as he took the container out of your hands and found a spot on the floor for you both to sit. 

You sat together for a while eating your chicken and talking about your day and other random stuff you usually talked about. You were really surprised at how quickly Sehun had finished his food. “Wow, I guess you were really hungry.” You chuckled with a mouth full of chicken. He laid on the floor and took a deep breath. He now had a stomach full of food, re-hydrated and was now rested all thanks to you, he felt so much better. “Thank you for coming y/n.” He mumbled lazily. You gave a shy smile before telling him it was okay. He sat up and got to his feet, “I should really get back to work before I get to relaxed to carry on.” You looked at him concerned. “You’re going to hurt yourself if you keep this up just call it a day and I’ll walk you home and you can get some rest.” He shook his head, you knew he was determined to get this perfect so there was no point in arguing with him. “Okay then, but be careful.” You said as you got up to get your bag. As you got up your foot lightly hit your bottle and knocked it over, however you didn’t notice it falling as the sound was hidden by Sehun’s music. You waved at him through knowing he’ll see you through the mirror and took your leave.

After being fed Sehun found new energy and was really getting into his practice. He had improved a few more parts and his rapping got better. He tried the dance again but when it came up to the most complicated part of the dance he stepped to the left and lost his footing and hit the floor with a loud thud. “Ah what the hell it was going so good too.” he yelled at himself. He looked around trying to find what had caused it but it wasn’t until he felt something wet seep through the leg of his trousers he found your bottle on it’s side. “What the..?” He picked up the bottle knowing it was yours, but he didn’t understand how it’s contents were all over the floor. As he turned the bottle in his hand he could see you hadn’t put the cap on properly and over time it had leaked. He shrugged it off knowing you wouldn’t do this on purpose, but as he tried to get to his feet again he dropped back to the floor after feeling crippling pain from his ankle. Fear struck him as he couldn’t move his ankle with out feeling searing pain.

-Moments Later-

You were back at home and you were sitting on your couch watching a movie but you were slightly falling asleep at the same time. You were snapped awake when the phone rang. You answered it to hear the voice of a male on the other side. “Hello, are you y/n?” your eyes widened as you answered yes. “Ah, I have the right person, I’m Dr. John, I’m phoning to tell you that your friend Sehun has badly sprained his ankle and is here at the hospital.” Your heart started to race, you knew he’d end up hurt if he didn’t stop. “Thank you doctor, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” You replied as you hung up the phone. You rushed to get your car keys and headed straight to the hospital.

Once you got there a very nice lady brought you to Sehun who was sitting upright in a hospital bed with his leg elevated. You rushed over and took the seat next to him. “Oh my god what happened to you?” You asked as you grabbed his arm. He leaned over to the table next to him and handed you your now empty bottle from earlier. You looked at him worried. “This is my water bottle…..AND THE LID WASN’T ON!” You were distraught and didn’t know what to say. “thank you for soaking my jeans.” He joked but not making the situation any better for you. “Oh god you’re injured just after your comeback and I caused it, I’m so sorry Sehun.” You were almost crying but you stopped when you felt his hand on yours. “Y/n, I know you didn’t do it on purpose and to be honest I should have watched where I was going, so don’t go blaming yourself okay.” He gave you a reassuring smile but it was still no use you felt terrible for causing this. “I’m still so sorry for hurting you, I love you and that was the last thing I wanted to do to you.” You looked to your feet and didn’t notice him smirking at you. “What did you just say?” He asked with a smug tone in his voice. “I said I’m sorry for hurting you.” You said looking at him confused. “No you said you loved me.” He giggled. Your eyes widened, how could that have slipped out so easily. He smirked at you again knowing it was true from the look on your face. He intertwined his fingers with yours and held tightly to your hand. You looked at him again with a look of confusion mixed with shock. “Well I guess I don’t have to be worried about you rejecting my confession anymore.” He said coolly as he rubbed circles on your hand with his thumb. “You like me?” You asked not knowing what to do. “Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?” He replied with a big smile before lifting you hand and kissing the back of it.


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11-05-2016 interview pour

Beyoncé isn’t the only artist who channeled a recent rocky patch in her private life into an ambitious multimedia project. In April, Florence and the Machine released The Odyssey, a 47-minute film featuring songs from last year’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – an attempt, according toFlorence Welch, to make sense of “the car crash of a relationship breakup I was going through.” Welch recently spoke to Rolling Stone about somewhat mellower topics, including her skate-punk past, why she loved Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child and when she knew it was time to stop partying.

What’s the most British thing about you?
I’m attracted to things that aren’t simply pretty – there has to be an element of darkness to it, like the beauty of the smog. That comes from growing up in London. I also find it very hard to say something intimate without following it with a joke. “Quickly, make it sarcastic! Pull it back!” I don’t know if that’s a British thing or just a Welch family thing.

What was your favorite book as a child?
Little House on the Prairie. For Christmas, my aunt gave me and my sister little custom smock prairie dresses, and we would make a prairie in our house, with a lake made out of towels. I may have sensed something unsettled in my parents’ marriage; they eventually divorced. The book might have symbolized some kind of domesticity or stability to me.

What’s the most recent book you’ve read?
I’ve been reading Patti Smith’s M Train. She’s given us some really beautiful parts of herself with her [two memoirs]. It’s incredibly inspiring the way she can truly be herself in the public eye.

What are your earliest musical memories?
My dad has great taste; he used to play me the Velvet Underground, the Smiths and the Stones. He was excited when I got to sing “Gimme Shelter” with Mick Jagger. He said, “You know, I always thought that was the song you were supposed to sing.”

It’s hard to imagine, but you were really into skate punk.
The first CD I ever bought was Green Day’s Dookie. It was my first clue that there could be a whole identity around the music you liked. I had the shoes and the world’s baggiest cords. The only thing I didn’t have was a skateboard.

You even recorded a complete cover of Green Day’s Nimrod a few years ago.
I was going to see punk bands, and [producer-artist] Dev Hynes and I bonded. We were talking about how we loved Nimrod, and we recorded it in his kitchen with just his guitar. It’s out there on the Internet! Later, I met Billie Joe Armstrong, and he told me he liked it. My 13-year-old self’s head was exploding somewhere in the past.

What is the best part of success?
I love to experiment, to create a world to get lost in. I can do that as a job, down to the outfits and the staging.

Do you ever go too far into that world?
I can go off into flights of
fancy, and they’re not always positive. I can panic quite easily. Sometimes, I have to breathe and be like, “Actually, what’s happening right now? Is that real? You’re in your house, nothing is actually happening. Oh, OK.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
When I got off tour a few years ago, I tried to keep living as I had been. You want to keep the party going, but you’re just in your own house. I was like, “Oh, my life is in chaos, and my relationships are so messed up. What am I doing?” A friend said, “Why don’t you try not drinking for a while – see what happens?” [Laughs] I was willing to try anything at that point. It definitely helped me write my last record.            

How do you relax when you’re not on tour?
When you’re on the road, you’re like, “Oh, my God, touring is so stressful.” Then you come back and struggle to fit in all these things that you miss from normal life – seeing friends, seeing my mom. You’ve got to do your own laundry, too, and I can even stress myself out about getting enough rest. By the time I have to leave again, I kind of want to get back on tour, because I can finally relax.

You and Adele sang in the same club early in your careers. What do you remember from that night?
I think it was in the Lock Tavern in Camden – tiny room, lots of people crowding around. I did my yelling kind of singing, and then she came on and sang and just played her guitar. I couldn’t really see her, but this voice just lifted up over the people, and I was like, “That is an extremely special voice.” I went home and wrote a song immediately, though it wasn’t up to the level of “Rolling in the Deep.”

What’s an important rule to live by?
If something feels different, or uncomfortable, it means you’re growing. My last album was quite exposing. Not having effects on my vocals was terrifying. I would ask my producer, “Please, can you just put some reverb on?” I was nearly crying. He was like, “No, you have to just let your voice be the way it is. You have to be vulnerable.”

What advice would you give your younger self?
There are certain sartorial choices I would not make, in hindsight. I had black lipstick. I was wearing capes stapled to me. I got famous when I was about 21. It was totally thrilling and also completely terrifying. You’re scared and want something to shield you, so you think you’ve got to have more hair, more makeup. To live in this creation, in this kind of magical alternate universe, kept me safe. But I wouldn’t take any of that back. I would just say to that person, “It’s going to be OK.”

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Stunned Worshippers Return to Har Nof Synagogue

About 30 worshippers arrived Wednesday morning to Bnei Torah synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof for shacharit morning prayers - the day after two Arab terrorists horrifically massacred worshippers, killing five people in the synagogue. 

Two security guards stood at the entrance to secure the morning prayer service, after the 7 a.m. prayers the previous day was interrupted by an attack with hatchets, knives and guns.

Among the worshippers were residents, people wounded in or present at the scene of the attack, as well as Economics Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) and MK Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid)

One of the worshippers, Yitzhak Heshig, a doctor at Shaare Zedek Medical Center who was injured in Tuesday’s attack, made it a point to return to the synagogue for the next morning’s prayers. 

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EXO Reaction to He Says Something in the Heat of the Moment.


For @beagle-liner


Suho rarely got angry, however if anyone could get him boiling mad, it’d be you. When you two fought it was always over something stupid. For instance in this particular fight it was over who had left the dirty dishes in the living room. You blamed Suho and told him that he needed to pick up after himself and he retaliated with saying how he didn’t want to be dating his mom and for you to stop nagging him about every little thing. Everything escalated until it ended with you leaving with only the sound of the door slamming shut. Suho immediately felt bad. Why he said anything remotely mean, he didn’t know, but he made it up to you by cleaning the entire house and covering your face in kisses as he apologized.


Kai has a temper, no doubt about it, and the smallest things will piss him off. It would be over things like him being stress about not getting a certain dance move down, and then you’d just get caught in the crossfire of his rage.


You: Jongin it’s okay-


You:…okay…I’m just…gonna leave you be….


Whenever you and Kris started to fight it was bad and it was nasty. You knew Kris inside out which meant you could hurt him in the worst ways. You knew just what to say to make him realize that you were serious. Of course you never went all out when you were fighting because you didn’t like hurting him. However there one this one time when you just so frustrated and he wasn’t listening to you. You regretted saying something so horrible when you saw the pain flash over his face. You immediately apologized and explained that you were just angry. You two made up and even forgot what the original fight was about.


Luhan got jealous a little too easy. Whenever he saw you interacting with another man he felt the need to make sure he knew that you were his. You never really minded in fact you always thought it was cute and sexy, until this time. You and your brother decided to meet up and have a meal together since it had been a while. You had an amazing time, you guys about family, friends, and hilarious childhood memories. You were in a great mood and you felt as if nothing could ruin your mood. Well that was until Luhan stormed up to you and your brother demanding to know what was going, but not giving you the chance to explain, before he started to threaten your brother. You were furious, how dare he come up to you and assume that you had just cheated on you. Let’s just say after you guys talked things through once you got home, Luhan learned to trust you.


Luhan: *frozen turns around to look at you* W-what?

You: That is my brother, and we are leaving right now!


Chen didn’t get upset very easily so it must have been more than one stressful thing after another, and you’d just happened to be there when he’d lashed out. He’d never meant to make you cry but, once he did he’d alway regretted it. This time, he’d already had a bit of a stressful day but, nothing that he couldn’t power through, that was until his car wouldn’t start, and he’d had to call you to pick him up. Pulling up to the building you’d wait for him to get into the car before driving off. As soon as he’d gotten in the car, you could instantly feel the air get heavy with anger, and irritation.

Him: What the hell did you do this time? *suddenly turns to you*

You: *confused* What-

Him: You must have done something to fuck up my car, no what was it?? You were the last person to borrow it! *raises voice*

You: Jongdae don’t yell at me for your shitty day! *about to cry*

Him: *sighs* Jagi..I’m sorry…You know I don’t mean it…


Sehun and you get into tiny fights all the time, it was hard not to do. He had a sassy attitude and you had a, “no nonsense” attitude. It could  be over anything and everything. He could’ve left a sock on the floor and you nagged him because of it. However you and Sehun never really resolved your problems, you both just let it drop since you didn’t like to fight, no matter how many time you did.


Chanyeol was practicing for upcoming concert when you interrupted to talk to him about your day. He was stressed out for the concert and wasn’t himself, so when told you to leave him alone. You were shocked your normally sweet and loving boyfriend had been very cold and almost mean to you. Upon seeing your face, he knew he had crossed a line and said he was sorry.

You: Hey Chanyeol! You’ll never believe what happened today.

Chanyeol: *Stops rapping* Can you leave me alone for one goddamn minute!

You: W-what? *surprised*

Chanyeol: Jesus, I’m sorry baby. It’s just that I’m stressed and I am really worried that I don’t have leaves words down yet.


When you and Kyungsoo fought, it was nasty. It was go big or go home.You two almost never fought, but there is this one fight both of you will remember for the rest of your life. It nearly was the cause of the end of your relationship. It wasn’t over a specific thing, he didn’t see you with another man, you didn’t nag him constantly, and you didn’t lie. You were in a perfect relationship, but the distance between Kyungsoo and you had grown unbearable. You just weren’t interested in the same thing, you guys just didn’t know how to coexist anymore and it was killing your relationship. You love him, you really do, it was just how long could this go on. Fortunately the next day you had your answer when walked through the door after work. Kyungsoo has snapped, he went on rant about why bother when it already seemed like you two weren’t in a relationship anymore. That’s when you knew, he was frustrated. He had felt the same drift between you two, and felt helpless. He didn’t know how to fix, he was terrified of losing you. A relationship is when two people refuse to give up on each other, as long as they want to be together they will be. You told your belief to a defeated Kyungsoo, and it was then that you two spent the rest of the night talking about how to do this relationship justice, and how no matter what you both were going to give 100%.


Lay was leaving for another tour in another country. It seemed like you were always home waiting for him to come and when he did, he was always too tired to spend much time with you. You felt very neglected by your boyfriend.The rational part of you knew you were making a big deal of nothing and that he was just doing his job. However you were tired and sick of it, you just wanted a weekend where he was there eating dinner with you or watching a movie with you as you cuddled in bed together, but no. He was leaving again, but this time you expressed your displeasure. You ended up ignoring his call until he returned.

You: Aren’t spending a little too much touring? *whining*

Him: Well, we did much better than last time, so there are more places to visit. Why did you ask me that?

You: Do you like leaving me here on my own for weeks on ends?

Him: Of course not, I would take you if I could.

You: But you won’t

Him: *looking at phone* I’m going to be late if I don’t go now…

You: Just go.


Xiumin isn’t one to argue, he’s usually very understanding about things but, it doesn’t mean he never get’s frustrated. You’d been so busy with work, and the only week he had off, you’d spent all your time on your computer doing deliveries, and filing (you worked from your home), that’ you’d forgotten about him. Getting frustrated, he’d just mumble tiny “I hate you’s” as you walked by him as if he wasn’t there. One time you’d heard him, and whipped your head around.

You: Excuse me?

Him: I’m sorry…it’s not you…I’m just…I miss you…


I don’t think it would actually be him that says something in the heat of the moment but, instead you probably would. You’d probably had a rough day at school or work. So when you’d gotten home, and he’d bombarded you with over excitement, and you weren’t in any mood for it.

Him: Jagi! You’re home! Ah! *picks you up* *ruffles your hair*

You: Please stop….

Him: You’re so cute! Aw! I love you so much-


Him: *puts you down*…I’m sorry, Jagi…*pouts*


You’d both found it hard to do long distance, plus the fact that he was gone for so long. You couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to talk to him about it. Then you’d both been arguing about him being gone so long, and it’s gotten to the point where you’d both began to question your relationship.

You: Do you even love me!?

Him: I don’t even know anymore!

You: I’m just wasting my time with you.


The Family Woman - Part 2

Continuation of The Family Woman, based off a prompt from an Anon.  

Part 1-Part 3-Part 4-Part 5

The Family Woman-Part 2

“Holly?” Sophie said, “are you trying to climb out the window?”

“Ummm…” Holly didn’t know what to say.  She wanted to be honest, to tell her that yes, she was in fact climbing out the window.  She was also pretty certain she was having a panic attack mixed with some sort of hallucination.  I must really be working too hard, Holly thought at the ridiculousness of it all.

“Can you come downstairs like a normal human?  The children are getting restless and want to open their presents.  And by children, I mean Gail” Sophie interrupted her thoughts.

“What?  You want me to come downstairs?” Holly sputtered.

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