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I missed the one year anniversary of this blog, too! It was on February 21st! But, I can say today - that it took just over a year to find 2000+ fellow appreciators of awkwardness :) Glad to see all of ya! 💕 Hope to continue bringing you quality ‘ruto well into the new series, too!

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden may have ended, but the awkwardness will assuredly never end! ;)

hey therrr

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Hi Emma, I want to start a studyblr too. Please give me some tips. :(

Hello! These are my top tips:

  • set with a related url and icon - whilst some people choose not to have a study related url, it can help to have something that gives people an idea what your blog is about! Also personalised icons are super popular and a cool way to differentiate your blog! @annistudio makes awesome custom icons for a minimum of $3 which is great for the quality of work she does! Otherwise you can make your own!
  • have a user-friendly theme - my pet peeve is themes! I also like mine to look pretty, be functional and free from glitches. Make sure your followers can see everything clearly, navigate through your posts quickly and there are clear links to all your pages. My favourite theme makers include @modernisethemes​​, @neonbikethemes​​, @acuite​​, @pohroro​, @magnusthemes​, @bychloethemes​, @sorrism and @themesbyflorels.
  • make an introductory post - these are super cute in the studyblr community and people love to find new blogs and read a little about someone. Tag your favourite blogs or your most inspirational blogs and hope they’ll see it and reblog it too!
  • upload your own tips/advice posts - people love reading tips and tricks that other studyblrs use so feel free to share you own! If you make a post, feel free to submit a link to my masterpost blog @studyblrmasterposts
  • use popular tags - this includes #studyblr, #studyspo, etc. This can help give your post a little bit of extra exposure. Tag some of the urls of your favourite blogs. For instance if you take a post with #emmastudies I’ll see it and reblog it!
  • join studyblr networks - I’ve seen a few of these pop up around and about so if you see one, join in! It is also a great way to make friends and get some mutual followers!
  • use a queue - if you use the queue option you don’t need to be on Tumblr 24/7 and that means you can still have an active blog when you’re not around. If you’re having an off-Tumblr day or week, it doesn’t matter because you’ll still be seemingly online!
  • join my studyblr directory list - I created a list of studyblrs which you can see here. It is a collection of different accounts in categories like their education level, their examination system, what country they’re from or the language they study, etc. If you’d like to add yours too it, go to here!

I think running one is great, I’d totally recommend it! :-) xx

Hey everyone!!!!!

Today I reached a HUGE amount of followers! I still can’t believe it!!
Thank u all so much for following and reblogging/liking the posts on my blog!
I created this blog back in June 2015 as a side blog (I follow from my main blog: d-agust) and i never though that i would reach 10.000 followers. I don’t make any gifs or high quality posts so i have literally no idea why you guys are following me lmao. No but seriously im so thankful for it!!

(btw excuse my shitty gif, i have no experience of whatsoever when it comes to gifs lmao)

ALSO shout-out to the amazing, talented boys from Got7 for making me create this blog. Especially Mark ♡

Here are some of the blogs that I love seeing on my dashboard. Got7 related & non Got7 related. Some of them make the best gif sets and edits so I highly recommend you to check out their blogs. I don’t talk to many of you but know that if you’ve ever tagged me into something or messaged me, I literally think about it for days :’)

If you’re not in my follow forever list, don’t worry I still love u!!!
Bold blogs are my favorite blogs.

Hope you have an amazing day!

Isabelle ♡

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Hey! I'm new to the PJO fandom, and I was wondering if there are any blogs I should follow? (Percy/Annabeth ship please) thanks!!!

well hello anon and welcome:) 

honestly the best way is to just click around and see who i’ve reblogged from but some of my most liked/reblogged pjo blogs are @demidorks, @lostnico, @pipabething, @ofswordsandpens, @perks-of-being-annabeth, @childof-olympus, @acejasongrace, @percannabeths, but most the ppl i follow are like multi-fandomish but these are def mostly just pjo quality (as for percabeth im not sure but there’s still quite a bit on my dash

as for my ultimate favorites in the pjo fandom you should def follow @ananbeth, @blackjacktheboss, @percyyoulittleshit, @gr33kg0ds, @son-of-rome, @teamperseus (and im forgetting a lot more but these are blogs i’ve been following for years) 

k so i made a post about this a while ago but i’m still seeing a lot of people reblog posts with links to these sites:

  • B*eautiful H*alo
  • D*ress L*ily
  • T*winkle D*eals
  • S*ammy D*ress

THEY ARE SCAMS, and they’re all run by the same person. more often than not they don’t deliver their products, and when they do, they’re usually late, and/or much poorer quality than advertised. some people even complain that there were holes or stains in the clothes. also, their customer service doesn’t refund anyone.

many tumblr blogs will post a suspicious amount of “fashion” or “wishlist” posts which redirect to these addresses. they’re either paid to do so or are run by the company, i’m assuming. (there’s a big issue on tumblr where people are asked to advertise for these companies and have their accounts deactivated as a result. also, many of them weren’t actually compensated)

be careful who you buy from and who you follow. and no matter how strapped you are for cash, agreeing to advertise for these people isn’t a wise choice


Alright, so how do I start this?

Today I stumbled upon @elisabethlove12s blog when one of her works showed up on my dash and I checked the origin blog and let me tell you, it’s criminally underappreciated.

Seriously, her blog is full of quality Miraculous Ladybug content with a really cute and distinct artstyle and most of it has like 55 notes.

And I’m not just talking doodles that take an hour or two, I’m talking complex animatics and fully colored comics that look like took a lot of time in the making.

It’s all stuff that I usually see easily getting 1000+ notes in this fandom and most of it didn’t even get to 100.

So please drop whatever you’re doing right now and give her blog some love. It really deserves it.

(Seriously, look at this stuff! It’s gorgeous!)

What the hell is wrong with tumblr and tags???

I hate this new update tbh, it’s so uncomfortable, nearly impossible to use? It lags all the time! Why would you change almost perfectly working app into a fucking disaster instead of adding some useful features like adding pics into the text posts or good quality of the pics when you save them???? I don’t see the number of my asks, it was hard to find my “following” tab, since I don’t really use my “main” blog. This new “always opened page of your blog” is a pain in the ass. I’m angry! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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You do YOI? Girl! I would love some sick yurio fan fiction, whatever you want though I do like emeto in writing 😅

Yes, I do YOI! I’m currently obsessed. I thought I’d combine this with a conversation I was having with @feelingalittlesick , where she said she thought it would be adorable if Yuri or Viktor gave Yurio their jacket. And I thought it was just the sweetest idea, so i had to put it in a fic! Check out their blog if you want some quality sickfics. I hope this is okay.

“You really shouldn’t be here, Yurio. You’re sick, you’re going to hurt yourself,” Yuri said worriedly, as he and the small blond stood together in the kiss and cry. Yurio stuck his chin in the air stubbornly, shivering in his tight costume. It was easy to see that his face was a sickly white with his hair pulled back in a braid, and his cheeks were flushed with fever. Even so, the determination in the boy’s eyes still made him seem like a force to be reckoned with.

“I can skate. I need to skate. I can’t miss a competition. You’re just worried I’ll kick your ass, Katsudon,” Yurio insisted, and Yuri gave up unhappily, knowing the teenager wouldn’t be swayed. The Japanese skater had to move towards the rink to perform, but he glanced over his shoulder at Yurio anxiously.

In truth, all Yurio wanted was to crawl into bed. He’d woken that morning with a mild stomach ache and an unshakable heaviness in his limbs, that had just been growing more and more uncomfortable as the day went on. He was now burning with fever and fighting off a nausea so powerfully intense that it almost doubled him over.

Poor Yurio felt utterly lousy - so much so that he was fighting off tears - but however he felt, he was determined to participate in the competition. He was the youngest there by a wide margin - he had to prove himself as a worthy opponent, regardless of his age.

Yurio waited, swaying dizzily on his skates, until Yuri stepped off the ice, sweaty and breathless after his routine. Yurio took a deep breath and stepped into the rink, trying to focus.

It was a gruelling routine for Yurio when he was feeling fine, let alone when he felt ill. Even so, the blond threw everything he had into his skating, managing to land every quad and complete the step sequence without a single mistake. It hurt him so much that he was choking on tears as he struck his final pose, sucking in jagged gasps of air. 

Yurio felt the nausea swell in his stomach, forcing him to clap a hand over his mouth and dash hastily off the ice. The teenager didn’t make his way to the kiss and cry to receive his score, didn’t stop to talk to any eager reporters, didn’t even put his skate guards on. He simply made a beeline for the public bathroom, his face pale as whey. Yuri followed him, concerned.

When Yuri pushed his way into the stall in the bathroom, he found Yurio crumpled in front of the loo in his skating costume, vomiting violently into the toilet bowl. The teenager had tears running down his face and was shaking like a newborn kitten. Yuri knelt behind him, placing a hand on the boy’s heaving back.

“Oh Yurio…” he murmured sympathetically. Yurio coughed harshly, spitting into the soiled water.

“I-if you - ulp - say ‘I told you so’ I’ll p-punch you, Katsudon,” Yurio rasped, his voice hoarse. He seemed to have emptied his stomach now - Yurio never ate much before a competition - but was still being seized with dry heaves, painful and exhausting. Yuri rubbed the boy’s back firmly.

“There, it’s okay. I won’t say it. Though you shouldn’t do this to yourself, Yurio. You should rest when you get sick. There, do you think you can stand now?” Yuri asked, and Yurio nodded weakly, wiping his mouth on a wad of toilet paper. Yuri helped the teenager to his feet gently. Yurio was shaking violently in his thin costume, his arms wrapped around himself. Yuri shrugged off his own blue Japan jacket, draping it around Yurio’s shoulders.

“Go on, put that on. You look freezing. I’m warm enough myself,” he said kindly. Yurio mumbled his thanks, slotting his slender arms into the jacket. It was warm from Yuri’s body, and felt very comforting.

Yurio’s hands were shaking so badly that Yuri had to zip up the jacket for him, as if he was a really little kid. The jacket was, of course, too big for Yurio, the arms so long that the sleeves covered his hands, making his look like a child in his father’s clothes. Yuri helped him out of the bathroom gently, suddenly feeling immensely fond of the teenager.

“Come on, I’m taking you home. Never mind where we place, you need to be in bed.”


“Velvet got you too, huh?”

Yatuhashi Daichi both with and without hologram flower crown

A gift I did for my friend @lydiarogue for their birthday!
They’re both one of my most trusted friends as well as one of my best customers
Check out their writing on their blog! They do some amazing stuff!
And thanks to all whom watched me during streaming <3

You can also see my Fox and Coco I’ve done earlier here: Fox and here: Coco

Running a fat-accepting blog gives you some insight into the minds of fatphobes (who I block regularly). I’ve never seen a fatphobic comment, reblog or message with like, sources or any data at all, but these folks see themselves as eminently rational. They spend a significant amount of time trolling the blogs of strangers and when they have the opportunity to enlighten us with ~science~ they invariably say feelings-based and hyperbolic things bc apparently this is what logic dictates??

Last night little adventure

So last night I went over to my boyfriends house for some quality time…like we don’t see each other a minimum of three times a week lol it started like a normal night talking about what to eat, what to watch and what to do. It became obvious quickly that he wasn’t just my boyfriend tonight. The slight smile, wiggling while trying to concentrate, little kisses and that little voice…it was clear my little boy needed his mommy’s attention. Believe me mommy was happy to give all her attention to him. 

I got him a fresh diaper, sippy, paci and big boy jammies. The night continued with a big boy game but my little boy wasn’t ready for such a game so instead we played a crayon game on the computer. I must say I was very proud of my little boy because he was very clever in the game <3 

He was a little naughty when I was playing the game but he was so smiley I couldn’t be made. 

 We moved on to coloring on the floor. My little boy colored me such a beautiful picture and when I got home I put it right up on my fridge with the other two pictures he colored for me.

He soon wanted to do something else. He asked about playing the Harry Potter card game but I had to say no. I explained that though the card game is fun it has to many monsters in it with bad spells that hurt people. He got such a pouty face that I wanted to change my mind but I knew what was best for him. Only a few seconds latter he got a big smile on his face and mumbled “okay”. How could any mommy resist not to lean over and kiss that little face…well i couldn’t and kissed his little checks and forehead as he giggled. We instead did some arts and crafts with perler beads.

If you never have done perler beads it is a process but it is a fun activity to do with them and to keep your little one busy for some time.

We made a cupcake perler and I was told not to eat it. But I asked my little one if I could have one bit. He thought of it for a second and said very seriously just one bite. I took a big pretend bite, he smiled, laughed and called me his silly mommy. And that was what made it well worth spending time to make the cupcake. That smile and laugh will melt any mommy heart.

Soon it was night time with cuddles and movie. We moved off to the bedroom. My little boy had a dirty diaper at this point so I made sure I got him changed, cleaned up and all set with a nice new clean diaper. I also got him in his little boy jammies, had him brush his teeth and then cuddled up with his stuffies and me. He insisted in cuddling on top of me and of coarse I let him for a while but then it was time for laying down for a story and bed time. He refused to lay down and he talked back. I told him in a firm voice he can’t be a naughty boy because he wont get a story. He still refused. So mommy gave him one spank on his bottom. He straightened up in a hurry and looked hurt.

“I didn’t like that” he looked sad because mommy never had to give him a full spank before.

“I know darling but you knew you were being a naughty boy,” I kissed him gently, “you know mommy loves you and wants what’s best for you.” a slow nod from my little boy and then a small smile.

“I know mommy loves me and I love mommy,” that smile grew and he could get away with almost anything.

“Bed time little one,” I tell him with a small smile. He smiles back and moves to lay down and cuddles up to me. I tell him a story, cuddle with him and tell him I love him. We both fall asleep, I knowing my little boy is happy and him knowing mommy will be there when he wakes up with cuddles and kisses.

I know this is a little longer then my other posts but last night was an adventure that I felt like I had to share ^_^

A little adventure with new beginnings.          

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Black, green, cinnamon, mauve, blush, fuchsia, plum!

BLACK = I would date you

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

GREEN = I think you’re cute

Originally posted by darksenshi

Right back at you, Sara! <3

CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

Except for the afar part. :D  I love that we’re always chatting!!!

Thanks, boo! <3

MAUVE = You are really talented

Now you’re just making me blush.  And making me want to write more smut to showcase some of the hidden talents I haven’t flashed around yet. ;)

BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better

You too, boo!  Sara posts are always quality content. <3

FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold

I only post the best for my peeps. ;D

PLUM = I’d like to chat with you

Any time!  If I’m not around, I’ll answer as soon as I get the messages! :D  I’ll be in the chatroom in a little bit, too, so come hang out!


Attention Everyone!

Hey everybody! I have some news :D

So I rearranged some stuff on my blog, and I added a whole new page devoted to request prompts! I took the list I already had linked on my Masterlist, plus the angst prompts I reblogged a little bit ago, and stuck them on their own page, with a link at the top of my blog:

(Yes, I know the picture is terrible quality, but that’s not the point!)

As you can see, right there next to the link that says “Masterlist” is a link that says “Story Starters for Requesters”. That’s the new page with the prompts lists! Just read through them, see which ones you like, and then pop them into my ask box (preferably with the number AND the text that accompanies it), and I promise to get to them as soon as I can! I have some requests that I’m already working on at the moment, so I should have some new fics to post soon, until then, peace and good vibes <3

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I haven't seen that much Bluepulse on your blog recently, but fear not, I'm here to provide some! Who do you think would be the first to initiate their relationship from friends to "something more", Bart or Jaime? And how?

You’re the best for sending this thank you! And you’re right, I have been lacking in quality Bluepulse lately, so this is super refreshing. 

Okay, so it would definitely be Bart who initiates the relationship. Jaime is more timid and reserved than Bart is, while Bart is impulsive (ha, see what I did there?) and is better at acting on his feelings. Jaime probably doesn’t even know he’s in love with Bart until Scarab tells him and he has an epiphany because “Oh wow, I’m in love with Bart how did I not notice that?” Bart, on the other hand, fell head over heels for Jaime not long after coming to the past, (and that’s part of the reason he didn’t just kill Blue Beetle instead of saving him but that’s a story for another day), and so he’s more aware of what’s going on. While he doesn’t pursue Jaime right away, he does something very out of character for him and waits. He waits and he bides his time, all the while falling deeper and deeper in love with the other boy. Eventually when he gets closer to Jaime and is sure he feels the same way, he starts to pursue him for an actual relationship. 

And unlike the way he usually does things, Bart’s careful about it. He gets closer to Jaime little by little, starting slowly by doing small things like asking him out to “hang out” aka go on cute dates at diners, touching him more often, and steering their conversations towards more personal topics. It doesn’t happen all at once, more like they kind of fade in until they’re right in the brink of an actual relationship. Bart knows what’s happening the whole time, but for Jaime it’s more like one minute they’re just really really close best friends, and the next Bart’s got his arms wrapped his neck and suddenly he’s kissing him. He’s really surprised at first, but then he has a jolt of awareness and he finally realizes that they’re kind of dating and he’s just been so clueless this whole time, and so that’s when he starts kissing back. After that it’s official and they live happily ever after with no problems and more screen time that’s all the end. 

( wallflxwers’ follow forever. )

so in celebration of reaching over 1200 followers, i would like to take the time and highlight some of the people who have made my time in the indie rp community worth while. i have no idea how so many of you follow me, and i’m not sure why but none the less, THANK YOU now i know i took a year or so long hiatus and when i came back to indie actively, i was only following about 25 people and have been trying to slowly increase that number with quality blogs. 

so below you’ll find some of my fave people who have made me want to stay within the indie world

@ssssssteph @muiises @nihiillism @suedestars @thesoullesshunter @loveisliquor @hoodspeare @miillennials@sxlfdestructive​ 

and here are the people i admire from afar, but haven’t interacted with ( yet ) because i’m pretty horrible when it comes to meeting new people at times or hope to interact with more, but i love to see them on my dash !

@pyrcxia @dcrko @saccharinelove @hekvvte@fcmilyties@spilledinkisms@anxtiics@fuckingpours@svnsates@emqires@resoluticns@naturebends@cvriouslove@losingfights @efferxescent @expletiives

im postin this because i have to remind myself too sometimes… but the number of notes on ur posts doesn’t always reflect the quality. i know its hella disappointing when u spend hours on a gif set and get way fewer notes than u hoped for, but that doesnt mean the post is bad n no one likes them! keep creating and never stop just because sometimes it feels like ur not bein appreciated! some of the best posts ive seen are the ones with the fewest notes, and often i find people just dont reblog because a) it doesnt go w the aesthetic of their blog or b) they dont see it on their feed for whatever reason. this post is way longer than i thought it would be but in summary…… keep creating even if it feels like no ones paying attention to ur work, because people often do but don’t always show it. n as long as ur happy with what u make and ur improving and producing posts that u are proud of,,,, thats the most important thing