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Okay, friends. I know EVERYONE is freaking tf out about these leaks and the repercussions not only on Studio Mir but the continuing production of Voltron.

Friends, they are NOT going to cancel Voltron. It is making Dreamworks way too much money, not to mention they have already signed the contract for 8 seasons with Netflix. This isn’t the first time things have gotten leaked for various shows. Measures get carried out, and the production moves on.

What people should be more concerned with right now are the jobs that are at stake, and the reputation of the studio and the OP. So please, keep them in your thoughts and hope for the best.

we know epsilon can drop into bullet time like the other ais but please imagine him doing it for the least important things possible. 

need to think of a witty one liner? bullet time. trying to impress someone? bullet time. dont know what a word means but dont want to admit it? bullet ti


Take 2 selfies & put your entire music library own shuffle and share the first 10 songs that come up!

1. Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
2. Not on Drugs - Tove Lo
3. You’ve Got the Love - Florence + The Machine
4. Mobile - Avril Lavigne
5. Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) - Clean Bandit
6. Cinderella Man - Eminem  
7. Attention - Charlie Puth 
8. Throw Sum Mo (feat. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug) - Rae Sremmurd 
9. Hurricane - Halsey 
10. Gifted (feat. The Weeknd) - French Montana

lazy thursdays call for music and messing around with make up~

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Me: Has two finals tomorrow
Also me: *practices lettering with “the name of the wind” quotes*

“You lack the requisite spine and testicular fortitude to study under me.“ 

The name of the wind is a fantastic story. It was so epic (well duh its an epic fantasy book) and mysterious. It’s so different from what I normally read but I loved it. If you’re looking for an epic-adventurous-fantasy book/story, I highly recommend this series. It’s not a light read and it’s a little slow at first but it has an amazing writing and really interesting characters plus incredible quotes!! (also yes i know i made a mistake with the u on fortitude, sorry lol) 

🎧 You will be found- Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack

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Months ago i used to think ishida was some sort of writing genius and every once in a while i would see someone say that his writing and tgre sucked and i was like "what are you talking about? he's a genius!" and boy do i feel stupid now, especially considering how the tg fandom continue to insist that tgre is still good. Like i wonder if thats how i used to look to ppl who knew tgre wasnt anything special lol

It’s ok.

Not everyone can be as quick on the uptake as yours truly, don’t feel bad.

strums me geetar     anyways i can clearly see that i’m not wanted here and i’m not stupid enough to drag on my presence here any longer ha .  sorry

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Regarding someone cast based their looks +/– their occupation I don’t complain because that’s what their industry thrives upon; however, the wasted potential of a well-written show hurled on its face due to consequent bad acting disappoints me so much.

the issue is though, that idols with the might of their very powerful management (in this case SME) are pushed for lead roles that they wouldn’t get on the merits of their acting talent. it’s really more than just looks–SME has loads of actors and actresses on their and their subsidiary’s dockets (C&C which boasts the likes of Jung So Min and Yoon So Hee), but are constantly pushing their idols for leading roles instead, despite the heaps of criticism that netizens heap on them for their bad acting. 

and then you have stunning actresses like Lim Joo Eun relegated to secondary roles despite having the looks and the acting chops to headline. it’s just upsetting, is all. idols already have $$ rolling in, but so many of these actors spend years living on ramen, waiting to get the roles that are just going to idols. 

And now I’m suffering from eye-candy-itis

Such are the pitfalls of online dating (especially when half the guys either: a) are racist, b) hate cats, or c) are libertarians (aka still kinda racist) or d) in open relationships.)

and then the ones that are into things I’m into and who aren’t wayyy out of my league hotness-wise are mostly fedora-wearing “nice guys.” (Or any of the above. Though, to be fair a and c only really go for the white boys.)