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negative reviews about power rangers hurt my feelings personally and then i look and see it was written by a white dude and i know he’s just mad that it wasn’t a story all about white people, so with that in mind, here’s a list of why white nerdboys hate this movie and why you should go see it!! mild spoilers!!

  • only one white ranger (jason, red), and while he’s the leader, his screentime was not significantly greater than his teammates, nor was his background the most fleshed out. he also suffers real consequences for his poor choices instead of being let off with a slap on the wrist. 
  • half indian ranger (kimberly, pink) who makes a very bad choice that is very cruel, who is not coddled. she is told that her choice was bad, point blank, but that she can still be a good person. reformed mean girl!!! and she’s not a white blonde!!!
  • mexican ranger (trini, yellow) who is LGBT (we don’t know if she’s bi or a lesbian but i’m guessing she’s a lesbian).
  • chinese ranger (zack, black) who is bilingual, showing the struggles and pressures of a kid who is responsible for caring for a single parent who is sick and struggles financially.
  • black ranger (billy, blue) who is autistic, and actually says the words “i’m on the spectrum” in the film instead of dancing around it. is the heart and soul of the team, his friends treat him completely normally.
  • NO ROMANCE!!!! there are slight hints but seeing as the events of the film span roughly two weeks, the film is all about friendship and sacrifice and acceptance, not about teen love.
  • i’m dead serious go see this goddamn movie i cried like ten times and was absolutely amazed by how they took this cheesy little show from the 90s and gave it so much heart and love.
Ok, I’m going to rant ... I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been reading and listening to people’s reviews of Dead Men Tell No Tales, and you know what I’ve found? That most people are so fucking hard to please, it’s maddening. For example, people are bitching that Jack is too depressed and drunk in this one, that he isn’t the same positive, happy-go-lucky pirate that we saw in the first movie ... well, duh! He’s been stuck on land for the past goodness knows how many years, his ship is stuck in a fucking bottle, and he doesn’t have a crew! Of COARSE he’s not gonna be in a fucking cheery mood! Of COARSE he’s gonna want to get drunk off his face! I mean, ffs, he’s a pirate! The only place he’s happy is on the ocean, but he hasn’t been able to BE on the ocean because, again, HE HASN’T GOT A FUCKING SHIP OR CREW!! Then, of coarse, you have people comparing the bank heist scene to the scene in Fast 5, saying that Disney copied it. Seriously? Are people really THAT small-minded? I fucking swear, filmmakers can’t put ANYTHING into the plots of their films without some fuckwhistle comparing it to a scene in another movie! One person also said that Salazar wasn’t in the movie very much, and that if you are going to see the movie for Salazar, don’t ... Bitch, I will fucking see the movie for Salazar even if he’s in it for five fucking minutes! I did not wait a whole fucking year, getting excited for this character, AND he fact that he was being played by Javier Bardem, just for you to tell me not to fucking see it! Who the fuck are you to tell people whether or not they should see a movie?! Let people make up their OWN goddamn minds!  I could go on and on about the bitchiness that eminated from these reviewers, but I won’t, because it will only depress you. Either way, I’m still going to see this movie, I’m going to ENJOY this movie - because I’m not going to fucking sit their with a stick up my arse and compare it to the last ones - and all these whiney, hard-to-please haters can retreat back into the shadows of the sad little gutters they crawled out of.

elitism and you
or “how i learned to love the block button, and you can too!”

If you’ve ever spent more than two weeks rping on, you have probably seen at least half a dozen PSA-style posts reminding you that it’s perfectly okay to have standards for what kind of people you choose to follow and write with. They all usually say something like “It’s okay to have boundaries, because your mental health is important and you deserve to enjoy your hobby! uwu”

But, man, as someone who has squandered six years of her life on this godforsaken website, let me tell you:

The rp community as a whole …. isn’t good with rejection.

e.g., when a roleplayer decides that you don’t meet their standards.
e.g., when they don’t want to see your content on their dashboard.

Elitism is officially dead. It died in 2015. How do I know? Because I was there. I watched a girl kill Elitism with her bare hands as she wailed about how the entire Evil Within community was elitist and full of bullies just because some Ruvik rpers didn’t want to write incestuous material with her.

Imagine being called an elitist just because you didn’t want to write material that made you personally uncomfortable.

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Prepare your asses for a long ass post about a thing that’s been pissing me off so much

To all of the people saying the CGI aliens in Alien: Covenant look like shit :
They’re not shit… Do something that looks at least half as good in CGI and then and only THEN you can say shit about the aliens in Covenant. I am myself a CG artist, and the aliens look nowhere near shit. And do NOT fucking tell me “well, it’s the computer that does everything.”, because it’s fucking NOT ! The amount of disrespect we CG artist get is the most infuriating thing ever. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work we put in CGI, just look at the goddamn credits of the movie and see how many people there are just for the CGI effects… So just stop shitting on a movie whenever it has CGI in it, respect us for fuck sake…

welcome 2 moviefone

honestly I’m thinking about this post again and this just happens with like every goddamn movie the two of them see, together or otherwise. dirk comes out of literally every movie he watches (except the sbahjs, which are just relics of the old universe tbh) with a laundry list of complaints a mile long and jake just comes out of every movie he watches with a rambled list of things he loved and a bet that the sequel’s going to be even better than the first one!

and there’s something just weirdly contagious about jake’s enthusiasm. while dirk will never change his mind that the movies are bad (dirk thinks like literally every movie ever made [again, except sbahj films] is bad, it’s a problem) but he does kind of stop complaining and just scuff his foot into the dirt and smile a little. yeah jake, he says, trying not to let jake see him grinning. that part where the evil dude literally turned into the ghostbusters logo was pretty rad. yeah jake, it was pretty neat that the nice guy was actually the evil dude all along. yeah, jake. something about jake’s eternal enthrallment and happiness about even the worst movies humanly imaginable (but also, the best movies humanly imaginable) just makes dirk tingle from head to toes to be a part of. 

I just saw Get Out with my roommates and after it was over two middle aged white ladies turned to us and went, “Did you guys LIKE that?”

And we were like “this was real as HELL white people are INSANE we don’t fuck with rich white people they’re fucking scary”

And these ladies go, “Well I think a lot of people can be scary!”

It was basically the best possible interaction I could’ve had after seeing this goddamn movie

i won’t say it, no no

summary: On his deathbed, Leonard Snart would swear that taking Lisa to see that goddamn Disney movie was the biggest mistake he’d ever made.

notes: i really enjoyed writing this! big thanks to @ruthc93 for letting me cop her idea, i’m a big disney nerd so this work out nicely

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“You try my patience. Make your choice!” with a very impatient katsuki who just wants to confess to the cute girl he likes pleaseeeee

It’s a bit short, but it’s got a very blushy tsundere Katsuki so I hope you like it!

You’d been standing there waiting for ten minutes, and you were getting annoyed. Katsuki was the one who’d called you to the roof after school, but he was late. The worst thing was, he was never late. If you weren’t on campus, you’d actually be worried. As it was though, you were just irritated. 

“Stupid Shitty Hair, holding me up for stupid questions, I’ll kill him.” 

Well, there he was, muttering excuses that you didn’t want to hear. He avoided your eyes.

“Bakugou, what is this about? What was so important that you had to make me wait here for you instead of just saying it at lunch or something?” You knew what you wanted it to be, but that was wishful thinking. Bakugou wasn’t the type to confess first, and neither were you.

He muttered something, still avoiding your eyes. It sounded like a question, but you couldn’t make out a single word of what he was saying.

“Either say it so I can hear it or move so I can go home, Bakugou. I’ve already been here for too long and right now you’re trying my patience. Make your choice!” You crossed your arms and glared at him. 

“I said, do you want to go see a fucking movie or something this weekend, goddamn!” He still avoided your eyes, flushing bright red. 

A grin spread across your face slowly. “Bakugou Katsuki, are you asking me on a date?” 

He grumbled a positive response, looking mutinous about how red he was. Still, he didn’t push you away when you threw your arms around his neck in an excited hug.

“Don’t be late this time, okay?”

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ALSO some webgott maybe?? (if you're not too busy)

The umbrella, when it rains - Web because he’s taller than Lieb plus he carries the thing around for any possible rainy-day related date and Lieb always teases him for it but when it does rain, he will press closer to Web and let Web shields him from the rain.

The popcorn at the cinema - Lieb is possessive over the popcorn that even when Web makes puppy dog eyes at him, he won’t share.

The baby, when it cries - Joseph Liebgott because Webster and a crying baby will always end up being a disaster where both of them burst out crying even louder.

The ice cream cone, when they share - Lieb because let’s be real here, Lieb loves sweet stuff and he doesn’t really like to share even when Web is the one who buys the ice cream for him.

The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - Joseph Liebgott holds on to the remote like it is his lifeline because if Web has it, then they will have to endure a night of watching about sharks again.

The basket, when they go shopping - Web because one time Lieb said that he loves it when Web flexes his muscles so he gets suckered to carry the basket around afterwards oh god.

The door, on dates - Webster to the amusement of Lieb and he takes pleasure in teasing Web about it even though he loves it too much.

The other’s hand, most often - Webster because he’s a sap but honestly, Lieb is a sap too esp. when it’s just the two of them.

Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - Lieb because he’s late to his own wedding and he’s running down the aisle with his jacket fluttering behind him and when he sees Webster waiting for him looking like a goddamned movie star, all sharp suit and chiseled face and glossy hair; he thanked every stars in the skies for giving him someone so beautiful for him to look and touch for the rest of his life.

The camera, when they take pictures together - Lieb because he always loves trying to take Webster’s photos in the most unflattering angles ever.

Ask Negan Anything Q&A Special Responses

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Hello everyone! So for my 500 Followers special a few months back l decided to take your questions and let you guys ask Negan any question you wanted. The answers are finally done, and I hope you all enjoy seeing what Negan had to say to you guys! Thank you for those of you that participated and I’m sorry it took so long to get Negan’s butt in gear to answer them <3

The list is split into 11 SFW and 4 NSFW questions, with the NSFW ones at the bottom so you can skip them if you wish.

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I love Moana, and I’ve been seeing a lot of like ‘omg moana/ariel  the ocean ships it!!!’ which is, well, cute, but goddamn as an aromantic did i love seeing a movie like this where romance wasn’t even a factor. There was no boyfriend on the island, no crushes, no forced betrothal, no hint of ‘romance yet to come’, no rejection of romance because romance wasn’t part of the story. at all. hell the closest we get to romance in this story is a) that kid who flirts with moana, b) maui/himself, and b) moana’s parents. thats it, and that’s all pretty minor. 

what a fucking blessing

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So I did vote for James in the MTV awards when it was open. It's airing on May 7th 8/7c and while I'm sure the other actors nominated for best actor in a movie are great and all but I don't see them playing 8 goddamned characters in a single movie!! (No offense directed towards any of the other actors and actresses nominated at all)