see this can go two ways either

I absolutely love this scene. It’s not about how the geeky blonde manages to stop a robot from killing someone with placing the chip back into its spot while the others physically try to stop him.

It’s how she looks at this chip.

I like to think that when either Tadashi, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, or GoGo felt like giving up on their inventions and try something else after each failure, the others encouraged that person to keep trying in their own unique ways.

Hiro wasn’t at the lab where Tadashi worked effortlessly to bring Baymax to life. But the others were. Especially Honey Lemon. I can imagine her bringing an extra meal or two (probably his favorites) because Tadashi stayed overnight in the lab to keep working on BayMax. I can see her trying to persuade him to step away from his project and go take a shower at the facility to freshen up at least. I can see her coming by his station, making sure he eats and drinks what she brought him because they’re his favorites.

I can imagine Honey Lemon is excited for him to finally have gotten BayMax working after the 84th test when he tells her and the rest of the gang.

Hiro disregarded that chip because of hurt and anger towards Callaghan, not realizing the potential of that chip becoming broken.

Honey Lemon saves it, not only to save a human life from being killed by a robot who was created to heal, but because she didn’t want the time and effort Tadashi put into the original purpose of BayMax to be forgotten and lost forever. The chip is more than data and programming, it’s the essence and memories of Tadashi.


Part One

Part Two

It took a few more minutes before (Y/N) had calmed down enough to stand, her face red and puffed up from crying.

Peter used a quick bit of magic to rid himself of his own red and puffy eyes.

‘W-what do I do now.’ she asked out loud.

The way I see it you have two options. I can let you leave the island, and you can go back home. Where you could start a new family or seek your revenge, either way the illness would return.’ Peter said sourly.

The thought of anyone taking his place by her side made him sick.

‘No, I don’t want either of those things. I felt love once, and I can’t imagine anyone giving me that feeling again.’ she said.

Peter had to pause and take in what she had said. She really could leave the island, he wouldn’t force her to stay. She could find a new man that made her just as happy as he had, if not happier than he had. But she didn’t wan’t that, even if he had died she still remained faithful to him and only him.

‘Your second option is to drink the water.’ Peter said as he snapped out of his deep thoughts.

This made (Y/N)’s head tilt in confusion.

‘Stay here on the island with me and my Lost Boys. With or without drinking the water the illness wouldn’t ever return, because here you would never age. You’d stay young and live forever, spending your days playing with me and my lost boys.’ Peter said.

‘You keep saying Lost Boys, who are they?’ she asked.

‘What’s the point of living forever if you have to be alone? My Lost Boys are my friends, boys from multiple realms, boys with no one that loved them. I brought them here to live and play happily forever.’ Pan answered.

Peter watched anxiously as he (Y/N) seemed to think it over, he hoped like hell that she would stay. Now that he knew she was alive he didn’t want her to leave him again. 

He wanted her to be were he could always protect her, and keep her safe, he couldn’t do that as Malcolm the drunk.

Without a word (Y/N) walked over to the spring, and took a handful of water and drank.

She turned and made eye contact .

‘Welcome to Neverland.’ he smiled.

i very seriously doubt marco is going to die, given how light-hearted and goofy this show is overall, but i am very interested in the idea of the monster arm coming back. i drew a lil thing about that last fall, actually (which was recently seen and retweeted by daron nefcy herself!)

either way though, no, i dont think marco is going to “give in to his evil side”. hes a good kid, he loves star, and hes probably the more moral of the two overall. what i CAN see happening, though, is the monster arm coming back and taking over his body, or else toffee using him/manipulating him into doing something bad. not to say something like that is definitely going to happen, but i dont think the toffee parallels are random, either.

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Hiya! I got this odd idea a few seconds ago.. Not sure how this request could be called but can I ask for the Karasuno guys and their possible university and/or job choice? Just a list is cool if you don't mind~ Thanks for your work~ ^-^

Alright, let’s get to them. ^.^

Sawamura Daichi
Hrm, I see him going one of two ways - either he pursues volleyball in college and goes pro afterward, or he goes into sports medicine - anything to keep him close to the sport he played while he was still a student. Maybe he even becomes a coach, nurturing the next generation of volleyball players.

Sugawara Koushi
Oh my gosh Suga has so many possibilities it’s not even funny. I don’t see him going pro though, so volleyball may be something more recreational for him - maybe he’ll have his own little team of kids. For career choices - hrm - I see Suga as a very caring character, so something that’ll put that to good use - so maybe a pediatrician, a teacher or something that veers off completely, like a psychologist or a therapist, because he just has this aura that makes you feel comfortable.

Azumane Asahi
This big boy better go pro, or else. XD But really, with Asahi’s raw ability it would be a waste if he didn’t go pro. On the side, he could maybe work at a daycare center where the kids are terrified of him at first and then something happens and the kids see that this tall giant is actually just a cinnamon roll and then they just love him afterwards. He could also become a sports doctor, or even a coach, because I don’t think he will ever be able to stay away from volleyball, even if he did try.

Nishinoya Yuu
Pro. Propropro. Please Noya go pro. Imagine him walking into the arena and doing Rolling Thunder in the Olympics and just astounding everyone because he’s so tiny but his voice is so loud it carries throughout the entire court and he manages to support the entire team because that’s just what he does. The Guardian Deity of Karasuno will grow into Japan’s Guardian Deity and his teammates don’t have to worry about not being able to block because his presence is just so reassuring and *sighs*. Nishinoya going pro is my life blood, it’s not even funny. >.> Bonus points if both he and Asahi are on the national team.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke
Tanaka’s a bit harder for me to pick. Sure, I can see him going pro, but I don’t think it’s what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He might become a therapist though because he’s just so honest with his words, he’s empathetic, I think people who talk to him will walk away feeling more confident in themselves than they were before.

Ennoshita Chikara
Chikara… hrm… I keep seeing him running a sports clinic for some reason. The kids under him are grateful  because he’s like them, because he knows what it’s like to not be able to match up to others, but that doesn’t mean they should be satisfied with just that. He pushes them, but he knows when to lay off, because he experienced that first-hand. Either that or an office worker, where he slowly but steadily works his way up because I see him as this reliable person who doesn’t like being stagnant since he was like that in high school.

Kazuhito Narita/Hisashi Kinoshita
*rubs back of head sheepishly* I don’t really know these guys that well besides the fact that they’re very supportive of their team and hard workers, so I can’t really place them at the moment. *bows deeply while apologizing*

Kageyama Tobio
My bet is that he gets into college on a sport scholarship - because his grades suck *ducks volleyball aimed at her* IT’S TRUE - and then when he tries out for the national team he gets in but then he gawks because of all people Ushiwaka is there and then Oikawa waltzes in through the door with his infamous ‘Tobio-chan~’ line and Kageyama wonders what he did to deserve this. He’ll play in the big league, on the international stage, and he will shine. He’ll learn more than he ever did because no two teams play the same way. After his pro career, maybe he’ll set up a sports clinic of his own or become coach of another team, because volleyball is in his blood and I don’t think he’ll ever be able to stop.

Hinata Shouyou
No doubt if Kageyama gets a scholarship, the same school will invite Hinata as well, because who wouldn’t want to have the ‘insane quick’ set at their college. He develops his skills and tries out with Kageyama as well, because they’ve formed this dynamic where they just know each other so well that they don’t even need words to communicate anymore, at least on court. It’s been honed so well that Hinata is always one step of the others and there is no way the committee can separate the dynamic duo. Their teammates gravitated to him easily because it is close to impossible not to like him because he’s just so eager and friendly. After going pro, I think he’d want to just relax but he will never stop playing - he’ll teach classes and the kids would beg him to teach them how to jump that high. And then when teaching, a small girl catches his attention and points to her dad and Hinata doesn’t even have to ask because that’s his idol just looking at him and smiling because he’s teaching his daughter and Hinata just loses it because he’s finally meeting the little giant.

Tsukishima Kei
Lawyer. Or prosecutor. Just, something to do with law. This guy is so snarky that his opponent would probably end up popping a vein because nothing gets past him. He’s also very dedicated and has a sharp eye for detail, which also makes him a prime choice for a sports analyst. His co-workers are intimidated by him at first because of his height and his perpetual resting bitch face, but when he suddenly gets flustered after someone pulls out an image of Karasuno when he was still in it he gets all flustered and they just start teasing him.

Yamaguchi Tadashi
I want this guy to run his own daycare center where all the kids love him and the moms love him because he’s such a sweetheart and he’s just so wonderful and loving with all the kids it’s insane. Or he could be assigned to the children’s ward in the hospital and the kids always want him to read to them because he changes his voice depending on which character is speaking and he makes exaggerated arm movements that make them laugh and the kids in the ward always look forward to his visits because he helps keep their hopes up. No matter what the kid is going through, Yamaguchi never lets them feel inferior to others because he knows how a positive outlook is vital in helping them get better. It hits him hard when he hears the mention of a certain illness but he never gives up on any kid because they deserve so much more than that.

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I'm most afraid of never finding someone. I'm constantly told how pretty I am, how people are shocked that I'm single, and I dated a lot in high school and at the start of college, but haven't come across anyone in the past few years. I have guys who hit on me, but most of them are either assholes or I don't feel a spark with them. I know I'm still young but attracting so many douchebags makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. And what good is being pretty if I can't find anyone?

The thing is is that when a guy sees a pretty girl, it can go two ways.

  1. They have enough confidence to approach you, meaning there’s a possibility they are narcissistic assholes who think they can get into your pants. 
  2. The guy adores you from a far and wants to talk to you but is nervous of making a fool of themselves. Most of the down-to-earth guys are like this.

So what do you do?

It seems like you have a pretty, good confidence and self-esteem level. Try approaching guys, instead of waiting for someone to hit on you. I know, easier said than done. BUT there’s a test.

If the guy talks smoothly with you and flirts back with ease, then more likely he is a player. Because no one is truly a good conversationalist. If a guy likes you, then he should be a little nervous due to the fact that he cares about what you think. Therefore, if the guy seems nervous and maybe tumbles while he talks, then give the guy a chance. He’s just nervous about making a fool of himself in front of you, which is a GOOD sign. 

Hope this helps! Thanks for sharing!

What are you most afraid of?

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Pronounced as one letter and written as three, two letters there are, and two only in me. I'm double, I'm single, I'm black, blue, and grey. I'm read from both ends and the same either way. What am I?

I’m going to say ‘eye’

- it doubles as a letter of the alphabet

- it’s a three letter palindrome with two different letters in it

- you can have a black, blue, or grey eye

- you have two eyes or see double

the only one I don’t know about is the single part

but anyways eye is my answer

Life Update

I’m going to go see a psychiatrist again, in two weeks, for the first time in almost 7 years. I’m going to get ahead of this bullshit this time around. I will be better. I will get the correct meds, ways to cope, and talk it out. I will be okay. I haven’t cut in a few months either. I can do this.

I’m 8 months from being done with paramedic school. 8 months of 6-7 days a week working. Work 50 hours. Medic class all day Friday’s. clinical days on Thursday and Saturdays, at least 24 hours a week. University two days a week. 8 months.

After that, 6 semesters. 6 full time semesters at U of M, and I’ll be done. I’ll take my MCAT. And I will go to medical school. And I will be a doctor. No ifs ands or buts.

And I can do it.