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CASUAL | part one

“After spending the night with the university’s basketball superstar and biggest supporter of one-night stands, Kim Taehyung, you find yourself falling for him. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same.”

Words: 3, 165

- angst, smut (next part)

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Never Seemed Appropriate *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Requested by @purececiliaosophy : hi! I dunno if ur still takin requests and I hope I’m not bombarding or anything but could u do a one shot/imagine where the reader is really close friends w Steve and she’s dating someone else and one day while they r together hanging out she discovers that her BF is cheating on her and Steve gets all protective of her and his feelings for come out, etc yeah pls and ty!!
Warnings: Nothin’
Admins Note: Been too long since I wrote a request, I have a couple going up this weekend and week, so get ready to be bombarded with some stuff. - Ro

“It feels like forever since we have hung out,” you smile at Steve, he nodded in agreement sipping through the straw of the Starbucks you had both ordered, you had introduced him to the famous coffee house and he hasn’t looked back at instant coffee since.

“Well, with our Avenging and your boyfriend, it’s hard to find the time” he shrugged in response; you nodded softly whilst walking through the park together.

You had missed this, missed hanging with Steve, he was so easy to be around and one of your closest friends. You felt bad for putting all your time into your relationship, you turned in that friend, Steve reminded you it was okay but it wasn’t. You had been trying to balance a normal relationship and an abnormal job for over four months; it was tiring, to say the least.

“I’m sorry I neglected you,” you mutter, he chuckled lightly “I mean it, Steve our friendship is important to me and I basically pushed you away whilst being with Ben, I feel bad” he looked down at you, smiling and rolling his eyes at your frowny face.

“It’s fine, really, I get it,” he tells you, “it’s hard being in a normal relationship whilst having our job, I don’t expect you to always to hang out with me, I have other friends.” He smirked and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, giving you a one armed hug as you walked.

“I guess, I just feel like I’m putting too much time into this relationship, is it meant to be this difficult?” you sighed, Steve frowned “I just figured me and Ben are still in the honeymoon stage, yet, it feels like I am trying too hard for this. Am I overthinking this? I am aren’t I?”

“Y/N, will you calm down” you sighed and nodded “I’m sure things will settle, you’ve both been busy with other engagements; I mean he has been going away for his work a lot and you with us” Steve shrugged, “I’m sure things will go back to normal once work stuff settles and you finally get some time together.” He smiled lightly.

You let out a breath of air, nodding in agreement, Steve was always the logical one out of you two; whilst you prefer to panic and over think every scenario and outcome, Steve will think and be logical with his answers and that usually settles you, that’s also why he is Captain America.

You both carried on walking, talking and just being in one another’s company, Steve was also someone you could sit in silence with and it wouldn’t be awkward. You never really noticed before how you are the usually the one talking and he is normally the one listening, he’s always been the person you go to for advice, mostly because you trust him more than anyone.-more than yourself at times.

“Hey, isn’t that Ben?” you were brought out of your inner monologue by Steve’s voice, you looked up and he nodded towards a man with a women at the end of the path, you squinted and sure enough that was your boyfriend, “thought he was in Ohio for work?”

“He’s meant to be, maybe he got back earlier? He used to surprise me by getting back early, c’mon” you smiled slightly at Steve, walking ahead and closer to Ben, he was stood with a tall, black haired female both smiling and laughing with one another.

You were only feet away about to call his name when he leant forward, you stopped abruptly as Ben’s lips met the strange females, and you couldn’t move or say anything. Steve bumped into you slightly, looking at you and then to where your boyfriend stood lip locking with another female.

“We should go,” you mutter mainly to yourself, you felt embarrassed and used in the worst way possible, mainly embarrassed because Steve is here and has just seen your boyfriend kiss someone else; you couldn’t describe how you felt.

“I’m not leaving, not yet at least” you looked up as Steve stalked towards your boyfriend, fists clenched at his sides and tense shoulders, you quickly followed behind him and arrived just as he yanked Ben off the women, “hey Ben,” Steve spat in a sarcastically nice voice.

Ben blinked a couple times before registering you were behind Steve, “Oh, uh, hey Steve and Y/N” he smiled nervously and honestly, he should be, especially with the way Steve is still holding onto the front of his polo shirt and an angry look in his eyes.

“Wanna explain what the hell you are doing kissing another woman?” Steve fumed, the only time you had Steve act like this was on the field kicking the enemy ass, you wanted to pull Steve away but since you had caught your boyfriend cheating you decidedly too at least let Steve have one punch- if he wanted.

Ben sighed, “I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you but I’ve been seeing someone else.”

“We see that,” Steve barked “but I asked you a question, why the hell are you kissing someone else when you are with Y/N?” you frowned at Steve.

“Cause I don’t love her anymore, okay?” Ben breathed, eyes wide with fear as he admitted something you had been trying not to think about for weeks now, it hurt hearing those words out loud; especially, from someone you had spent months trying to make work with.

“Steve, c’mon let’s go,” you mutter to him but he doesn’t move.

“You never deserved her anyway; I was only nice to you because she liked you. You had the best girl there is, a girl I’d love to have, who was willing to try anything to make it work and you do this, pathetic excuse for a male and boyfriend” Steve harshly let go of Ben, causing him to stumble slightly, his shirt crinkled and you were about to say something before Steve wrapped and an arm around and pulled you away.

It’s silent between you both as you walk back through the park, you struggling to keep up with Steve’s strides, his jaw set and his eyes darting around the park and all you could think about was his words; You had the best girl there is, a girl I’d love to have. Did he mean that? Or was he just saying that in the heat of the moment (telling me what your heart meant).

“Did you mean what you said?” you asked in a quiet voice, Steve’s strides slowed down as you stopped, you looked at him waiting for an answer.

“I mean, yeah, I think you’re amazing” he breathed, you felt your heart hammer inside your chest and you frowned, you never really given much thought to the possibility of you and Steve; mostly cause your friends and you had been with Ben.

“You like me?” you asked and he nodded shyly “and you never said anything before?” you asked and once again he nodded, you didn’t know how you felt but you felt good for some reason, despite the fact you had just seen your boyfriend kiss someone else.

“At this point, it’s more than like, I just didn’t think you’d see me more than a friend, then Ben came along and now that” he shrugged “it never seemed appropriate to say anything.”

You smiled gently at him, “ever the nice guy” you amused and he nodded “well, I don’t know if you heard but I am single now, I don’t want to mingle but I do like Pringles.”

Steve laughed, “Well, I know a great guy who’s free this weekend if you’re interested?”

“Definitely,” you grabbed Steve’s hand and carried on walking back to the tower.

(Hopefully, you all enjoyed this. I had fun writing it, the ending I am unsure of, I didn’t want them to kiss or anything because of the situation but yeah, let me know. - Rosalee)

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