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Bless our midday manager. A man threatened to 'beat the shit' out of one of our courtesy clerks because he talks slow and 'he doesn't like it when people talk like retards'. Manager turned into a goddamn attack dog when she heard it; got up in his face, kicked him out, banned him for life, and she's like 5'2 and this asshole was bigger than our courtesy clerk who's 6'2. She got us all together and said if anybody says anything like that to us to come get her asap and we'll never see them again

We need to clone her and put one in each and every single store in the world. Science side of tumblr, get to work. -Abby


Team Patrick, or Team Isaac?

I have been doing nothing but watching hamilton animatics for five consecutive days

So many happy things today! Glass, birthdays, flowers, live tickets… 

It is a good day to be a Pangur. 

Finally feeling like a human again.

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As much as I liked the reunion, is it bad that I was kind of annoyed about everyone praising Bangel? Like I don't have a problem with people liking bangel, but they only talk about spuffy as an unhealthy relationship and not about spike post-soul? I mean at the end of season 7, their relationship seemed a lot healthier than Buffy and Angel ever was. Plus in the comics right now, which is meant to be canon, Buffy and Spike are in a happy, healthy relationship. It just felt one-sided to me.

tbh, I didn’t mind it all that much because I was way too elated to see them all back together again. But… the first thing I saw regarding the reunion was the cover, and I immediately thought: “I guess the EW people are Bangel shippers, then.” It kinda rubbed me the wrong way. And I’m not saying this as a Spuffy shipper myself. I wouldn’t have liked to see Spuffy on the cover either.

 I would’ve liked to see Buffy alone or the four main Scoobies.

That was what the show was about, the ships were secondary.

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I know saying sorry is rather like a dull thing. But at times, it's still good to hear. I my not be the best person at all.However I do know at least if you call out to them and repin what the previous conversation was then you may see them again and straight it out. Say how guilty you do feel and cheer them up in the way you know how to from others. Like maybe sing or dance for them. Its hard to take back words, but it's easy to say sorry. As a soul feeling we can make amends if we do try.

Bendy: Wow, that was really deep.

Bobby’s Angel - Part 11

A/n - This is going to be a short chapter as I’m working hard on the final chapter of Bobby’s Angel. There is going to be some minor time jumps in this but I wanted to start building for some future events!

Catch up on past chapters here! Bobby’s Angel Masterlist

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Screenshots from CAMPFIRE STORIES | NITW: Longest Night! :D

This was a nice little thing for Night In The Woods. I’ve really missed these characters and it honestly was super nice to see them again and to hear Seán do the voices again for them. :) I can’t wait until I have some money so I can actually buy Night In the woods and support it and play it for myself too, haha! 
Does anyone else think that this was the dream Mae was telling Angus about when she hangs out with him in the game? Not only because he’s talking about the constellations but also because it makes sense for this to be a dream. I think that’s why the characters were saying what Mae is feeling and physically doing at the end of this. Plus this totally happened before Night In The Woods too because Mae says she’s almost 20 in this and she’s actually 20 in the main game. This is definetly a dream Mae had on Longest Night! xD
Also completely off topic but it’s really cool to find out that I’m the same age as Gregg and Angus. I mean I’m almost 22 and my birthday is going to be on the 20th of April but still, haha! ^_^

Also one last thing…


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So RandL don't do characters on GMM anymore, they don't put sketches on their main channel with characters, and Buddy System hardly had characters either. When are we gonna see them play pretend again?

i think they didn’t do characters on gmm for a while because they were working on other things like bs and their book…! like i think when they’re so busy with other projects they try to be more conservative about the time they spend on things like gmm (so that means like more episodes that are quick/easy to set up and don’t need them to change or anything ..)

and i think for sketchtober and bs they had little characters because for randl they themselves are characters that fans already know and love, but i dont think they’re gonna give up characters forever? like dressing up and acting wacky characters has been part of their form of entertainment almost since the beginning so yeah ….. and they know fans love their characters too … !! 

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I remember how all the boys supported Niall when he released his single. I remember how all the boys came to the X-Factor to support Louis when he performed with Just Hold On for the very first time. And I can't wait to see them support each other again (and we all know it's coming). And I will support them ALL like they do, because I learn from the best

I never understand how some fans can go from supporting all of them as a band to not supporting all of them and only favouring to one and putting the others down in a fashion that makes them look horrible. When people/fans send stuff like “Harry’s music will be better than yours” or “your album will flop”, it makes them look and sound and come across as a nasty and disrespectful person.

Like, okay, you have your favourite in the band, but, that doesn’t mean you get to shit on the other boys and their achievements. I never understand why people think it’s okay to bring down the other boys when the boys, themselves, are all supporting one another when they release music.

The funny thing is, when the band comes back and forms as One Direction again, these fans, who send the boys shitty messages about their solo careers and how much they’ll flop, will forget all the horrible stuff they said and want in on supporting all of them as a band again. Like, no. That’s not okay. xx

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(2/2) He knew he would fight the grim reaper if he had to, just to see them again. He lost his family once, and he will refuse to do it again. He found himself dreading growing older, knowing it would he inescapable when it was his time to go and leave the mortal earth. Eventually, he grew to allow his mind to view the possibilities of the many afterlife variables spoken about in different cultures. Maybe one would be just for them. To see each other and revel memories like no other. To love.

Is this supposed to cheer me up???

Requested by: anonymous (drabble) Characters: Yoongi/Suga (BTS) and reader Type: I have no idea Author’s note: / ~Admin Taebyunnie You were sitting on the couch, watching Criminal Minds while eating popcorn when the door suddenly burst open. Your boyfriend ran in the house with dirty torn clothes and leaves in his hair. “Yoongi? What happened to you?” You asked worriedly, getting out of the couch to go check on him. “They can better hope I never see them again, because when I do it won’t exactly be a good day for them.” He said, completely ignoring your existence. “Now I have no idea how the potato’s doing. THE POTATO!!” He suddenly shouted, a look of realisation crossing his feature before one of determination rested on his face. He ran back outside and was almost at the end of the street when his eyes traveled down and he realised how he looked. “Maybe I should go wash up first… yeah, I’ll just do that.” He mumbled,turning around and heading inside once again. Back inside the house, he sprinted towards the bathroom. Knowing him, you went to your bedroom and got him new, holeless clothes. “Babe, can you bring me some new clothes?” He shouted from in the shower. “Not until you tell me what happened. Why are you covered in dirt and what is ‘the potato’?” You were really confused, Yoongi was usually the relaxed type. It was weird to see him freak out, so whatever happened must’ve been very important. “The kids, they ambushed me.” “The kids from my class?” You asked. You’re a teacher and this year the kids you teach aren’t exactly angels. “Yes. Who else? You can have a crush on your teacher, I get that. But trying to sabotage their relationship is a step too far. You should really report this.” You knew he was right, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Those kids are only 12 years old, they don’t realise what they’re doing. The school’s very strict about the teachers’ privacy and possibly ruining their future for something like this just seemed too harsh. “I know, but… they have potential and I don’t want to stop them from fully using it.” You saw anger in his eyes and knew you shouldn’t have said what you just said. Those kids have done some terrible stuff to Yoongi and you’re still defending them. “They tried to steal my gift for our 4 years anniversary, babe. They said a lowlife like me shouldn’t be close to you. I tried to run away, but they chased me in the woods and pushed me in a hole. In a hole.” “You’re right. The first thing I’ll do tomorrow is report them. I promise.” “I love you, babe.” “I love you too, Yoongi.”

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so a cool dude that commented on my last post that gave me an idea
so in my last post i said somethin’ like.. “so the original idea for her was to be like.. some magical girl or some shit like that” and “It’s simple and not original But I’m a simple man” but what about if like say the girl Amanda IS a magical girl, fighting baddies and looking cute doing it but what if whatever world of universe she comes from only has girl or at least magical girls. Amanda was the one assigned to ya know defend set areas of earth and other planets too, but ends up befriending the other main character and boy, Jamie; maybe lets say magical girls are told not to get too close to curtain people or planets or creatures because they could be changed to defend elsewhere and never see them again.

im rambling sorry but anyways what if.. once the two have this close bond, like super close and they kiss; a thing that is completely not allowed for the girls to do (with common people anyway) and through some magic bullshit, the boy was flooded with magical power, making him the first ever not only magical BOY but first MAGICAL HUMAN!

im developing thid too much