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Asexual/Modern John Laurens headcanons!!

-when he first met Alexander he was scared to tell him that he was asexual.
-once he told Alex, Alex gave him tONS of hugs and cuddles and kisses and told him that he still loved him.
-Slowly John started coming out to his friends and they all loved and supported him,
-Laf bought him a shirt with the ace flag on it.
-On Alexander and Johns one year anniversary Alexander took John to the aquarium to see all the turtles and fish because John is infatuated by them.
-Johns favorite animal is anything that swims.
-Alexander bought John a promise ring on their one year.
-One night John was scared Alexander was going to leave him because it happened in a dream and John woke up crying and Alexander held him and whispered cute little things in his ear and John fell right asleep.
-John is super proud of himself for telling all his friends hes ace
-Be proud of John my small son.
-Alexander and Johns date nights consist of Pizza and movies and cuddles.


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Welp i said what i was going to do and so behold! Giraffes! Plesiosaurs! Giant Sea Turtles! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A FAT PUG!!!! (to apologise for the giant arachnid. Have fun slaying that thing.) 

  • Mayura, (Peacock)
  • Gerfauntz, (Giraffe)
  • Niseag, (Plesiosaur)
  • Zaratan, (Sea Turtles/Archelon)
  • The Nope, (Whip Scorpion)
  • Grimble, (Pug)

There will be more (I know @shoddymoddy and @niklisson both want cat grimm). Honestly, I’d end up doing an entire post on prehistoric and deep sea grimm because that map of Remnant has a lot of water and many islands so naturally there would be grimm to reflect the animals in those environments. 

Who’s up for Jurassic Remnant >v> ?

Also check out @ask-team-clst and their Big Book of Grimm tag, as they’ve done bios for the first batch of grimm (x)


I suppose you probably meant 2012 Mikey but I went with my dark turtle au Mikey, hope that’s okay @felhesznelenev ^^’

Anyway, no, requests are not open. This was just a suggestion from a time I asked for them and I’ve always wanted to draw this, but haven’t had time to. Today I finally did

I love how on ninja turtles 2003 there’s an episode called Same As It Never Was. Its a scary alternate universe where Donnie disappeared and Shredder took over. Now the Donnie from the regular verse is shoved in and we meet Mikey. He’s the ultimate badass and,,,,,,,, he’s disabled. He only has one arm. Doesn’t stop him from being a fucking cool ass ninja that can take down twenty foot ninjas at once and becoming a general/leaADING A REBELLION. Not only that but Leo is now blind and Raph lost an eye but their still motherfucking BAMFs. I just find it really cool as shit that CW made the turtles become disabled but still be really strong and incredible and you almost never see that in media, much less on a cartoon from 10 years ago

I finally saw CACW last night and I have been OBSESSING over Bucky in Bucharest. I need to know every detail about what he was doing during the two years he was off the radar. 

Top left: Kinda cheating because it’s just the base sketch for this doodle I did a few days ago but w/e it’s thematically appropriate

Top right: The dude is so visibly anxious in that scene at the market that I just wanted to see him turtle into that hood ; ;

Far left: Headcanon that the leather jacket we see Buck wearing in the movie isn’t the first jacket he’s gone through. He was significantly smaller when he went AWOL at the end of Cap 2 and he totally accidentally ripped through his original civvies once he started beefing up XD

Center: Journaling, remembering. It goes without saying that Buck was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan when he was a kid in the ‘30s. 

Right: In the apartment scene Bucky had these fucking orange wrapped caramel candy bars sitting on top of his journal and I THINK THAT’S REALLY FUCKING CUTE

Bottom: I don’t think Bucky sleeps so much as crouches on top of that depressing fucking sleeping bag and shakes for a few hours every night while trying not to anxiety barf into his only pillow. Like outside of cryo I’m 95% sure Bucky hasn’t actually slept since the ‘40s. 


I always drive by the turn off for this place and yesterday decided to take Ammo there and see what’s there. And it’s awesome! There’s even a little tower lookout with a telescope thing, but I didn’t see any turtles :(

It’s only like a 10 minute drive from our house too! And it looks like a lot of trails, we only tried one and didn’t even follow it all the way.

i just wanna go to the beach with a cute girl and have fun car rides with a cute girl where we both can’t stop singing and laughing and go on an ice cream date with a cute girl where we both order each other’s favorite flavors and i wanna go to an aquarium with a cute girl and watch her get excited seeing the cute turtles and the sharks and i wanna go to a carnival with a cute girl or a boardwalk and win each other cute stuffed animals or a gold fish and i wanna adopt a puppy with a cute girl and watch her get excited picking out a collar and a food bowl and i wanna watch scary movies with a cute girl and feel her grab my arm real tight when she gets scared and go grocery shopping with a cute girl and push her in the cart and watch her excitedly pick out a box of lucky charms. I just want a cute girl man