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Bendy, do a little dance, please? With Boris?

(tbh I just wanna draw boris and bendy at first)

(then i open my iTunes and play ‘Por Una Cabeza’ and ‘Libertango’)


Mr.Bear's Rules


  1. Always take care of yourself.
  2. Be honest and open.
  3. In bed before 12 on school nights and 2 on weekends/ No-School Days.
  4. tell daddy before going anywhere.
  5. Say goodnight and good morning, every day and night with a selfie.
  6. Ask before playing with yourself.
  7. You can not engage in any sexual activity with anyone. either RP or in real life.
  8. Call me daddy unless around people who don’t know or understand.
  9. no cussing.
  10. Only daddy should see you naked.
  11. Never be negative about yourself, you’re daddy’s little angel, act like it.
  12. Read everything daddy give you.
  13. no self-harm.
  14. During play, you will address Daddy as “Daddy” or “Sir”.
  15. You are submissive only to Daddy never allow others to bully you.
  16. You will wear a choker at all times to show you are collared.
  17. You will stay focused and pay attention to your surroundings. 
  18. follow your schedule unless you are given permission from daddy.
  19. At Least one body check per day for any cuts/bruises.


You are expected to.

  1. Respect daddy.
  2. Follow the rules, if you don’t agree with a rule, tell daddy he will compromise always.
  3. Respect yourself and your wants, never be embarrassed about something you want just ask.
  4. honesty is the most important thing.
  5. Be loyal, daddy will be in return.
  6. Spam daddy with extra cute selfies.
  7. Check in with daddy every 2 hours.

Little’s right

You have a right to.

  1. use your safe word whenever you want without retaliation.
  2. Contact other kink groups, or other caregivers and littles.
  3. make social plans, just ask daddy, don’t worry he won’t say no to these.
  4. You can call for a hold at any time and talk to me as an equal.


  1. Spanking
  2. Early Bedtime
  3. Ruler Across the Palm of your Hand
  4. Time Out
  5. Writing Assignment
  6. Extra Chores
  7. Loss of Privilege
  8. Cold Shower/Bath
  9. Soap in your Mouth
  10. No playtime
  11. Break from your stuffed animal
  12. No TV at Bedtime
  13. Lecture from Daddy
  14. Loss of Sweets
  15. Pinching
  16. Loss of Makeup

Daddy may control

  1. What you wear, always show daddy what you have on before going out, If daddy doesn’t answer he won’t hold you responsible for clothes you wear.
  2. What you eat.
  3. When you sleep or wake up.
  4. When you touch yourself, play with your toys, or when you cum.

In return Daddy

will promise to be.

  1. Caring.
  2. Understanding.
  3. Sensitive to your needs and desires.
  4. Respectful of you at all times.
  5. Honest, always.
  6. Loyal, even if daddy is upset.
  7. There to care for you whenever you need it, whether on hold or not.

“I used a lot of Cg/l blogs and sites to make up this rule book I am not taking any credit for it all I did was put it together and change some of the words” - Mr.bear 

(Request) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @babyblues915

Could you write a one shot of Negan and Rick’s daughter playing pool and then Rick shows up wondering what the hell is going on? 😂 I love the negan x Rick’s daughter dynamic

Warnings: NSFW, swearing as usual lol


Note: Such a fun story to write! Keep ‘em requests coming! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, especially you babyblues915! xoxo

You were in Judith’s room playing with her when you heard the sound of Alexandria’s main gate being pulled open. Frowning, you went over to the window to check out what was going on. As expected, the Saviors had paid your community another surprise visit on the day that your father, Rick, and the rest were out.

When you headed downstairs with Judith, you saw Carl about to leave the house and immediately called for him.

“Stay in the house, Carl. I’ll deal with them.” You told him as you carefully handed him your youngest sister.

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Dark Lovers [2]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!Demon Bucky x AU!Demon King Steve x Female Angel Reader

Word Count: 3,119

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! M/M/F threesome, Oral (male and female receiving), mild bondage, slight dominance, orgasm denial, sexual penetration, dirty talk, and language. Some plot, a lot of porn. 

A/N: So, @apolla62200 and I are working together to bring you this amazing series! I’m excited for where this is headed and I hope you will be too! Enjoy! ;) 

Part One


“You have no reason to be here angel.”

Pulling out your white blade, you twirled it around your fingers. “You are the one that has situated yourself in the middle of my mission demon.”

His eyes turned black, “I don’t take kindly to you halo bitches killing my kind.”

You pointed to your head with the tip of the blade, “Do you see a halo anywhere?” You walked toward the tall demon, “That’s a horrible stereotype. And I haven’t killed him… yet.”

“You’re a mouthy little thing,” he said, bringing out his own knife. “Don’t you have any idea who I am?”

You shook your head, running the tip of your blade over his cheek, “I don’t care who you are.”

With that, you moved to sink the knife in his neck. He was faster. He ducked away and knocked you off of your feet with his leg. You landed flat on your back, the wind knocked from your lungs. His black boot came down to press on your chest.

“Oh little angel,” he said as he leaned down over you. “You have to be smarter than that. And actually, a bit faster.” Placing the tip of his knife under your chin, he tipped your face up, “Does the name Bucky ring a bell?”


Palming your knife, you slung your arm up with all your might and plugged it in his thigh. He yelled in pain. When his foot moved off your chest, you scrambled to your feet. Facing him, you knew you had screwed up.

“Fucking bitch!” he said as he grabbed for you.

You closed your eyes and willed yourself back up to heaven.

What greeted you was even scarier than what you had left on earth…

“You have failed us, sister.”

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Watching - Montgomery x Reader

Request - “Can u write a montyxreader where he’s very protective of her bc he likes her a lot”

(Sorry but I decided to switch Bryce with Marcus because I don’t really wanna write Bryce I hope that doesn’t mess up your vision and that this is okay!)


Locker code: confirmed, you thought to yourself, throwing in the heavy books you no longer needed for the remainder of the day.

Shutting your locker, you readjusted your bag and turned to go- before feeling eyes on you. From the corner of your eye you could spot Montgomery de la Cruz watching you. What was he doing? You thought. You knew each other fairly well, your social circles merged, but conversation was lacking.

Often, you were teased a little by your friends because you were so innocent. You were kind and caring and your friend Hannah described you as; ‘a ray of light’, a contrast to how Monty was portrayed. With a temper like a kettle, the boy was no stranger to trouble. He was attractive, no doubt, and on occasion you’d got to see the soft, teddy-bear side of him. It was clear to you that Monty was with the wrong crowd, he was often frustrated with them and struggled to be around them.

You decided to pretend to ignore Monty, he probably wasn’t even looking at you. You started off to your next class and noticed laddish laughter not far from Monty. Marcus appeared to be the cause of the laughter, his cronies hitting him in congratulation for whatever he had said. You decided to ignore them too, idiots.

In class you felt the same eyes on you, but they would occasionally scan the classroom, before making their way back to you.


“I don’t know. I mean, I think he’s really nice, but the hovering is a little odd sometimes.” You explained to Hannah. You always saw the best in people.

“He has a bit of a temper but he’s a good guy really. I’m sure he has a fair reason, you should ask him!” She encouraged. You laughed weakly.

“Probably not…” you trailed off, imaging how weird you’d look going up to Monty with; 'why do you keep hovering?’, yep. Definitely not.


Monty’s POV (a couple weeks prior)

Marcus and the boys were laughing next to him and messing with each other. Monty was laughing along as usual, not taking on everything that was being said.

“Monty? Eh? Whaddya say?” Justin nudged Monty.

“What?” He clicked back to his senses.

“Y/N L/N? Hot or not?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, hot. She’s cool.” He nodded.

“Isn’t she like some kinda virgin queen?” Zach asked, clearly getting confused from his revision.

“Who knows.” Marcus responded.

“Her sex life isn’t really our business, unless we’re involved.” Piped up Monty.

“You know what?” Marcus cut in. “I’m gonna ask that girl out someday soon.”

Monty jerked his head up.
“Why?” He asked more suddenly than he’d intended.

“Really? Y/N, little angel Y/N. I want to see how good our little angel is in bed. Does she have a devil side? Innocent girls like that always have a kinky side - I swear.” He chuckled to himself, eyeing Y/N up from across the corridor.

“She’s tight man. Yeah, imma ask her out.” He repeated, stroking his chin and wetting his lips with his tongue.

If there was one thing Monty had decided in the past minute, it was that Marcus Cooley was a through and through pervert. He was creepy as hell. Monty was disgusted by how grossly Marcus was acting, and he wasn’t going to let him anywhere Y/N if there was anything he could do about it.


Your POV (now)

You were putting books away again, and spotted Monty, again. The exceedingly attractive boy was starting to worry you, and make you conscious of your appearance. Had you had the same piece of spinach in your teeth for about two weeks? Did your hair look bad? Were your clothes gross? You had no idea. A tap on your shoulder broke you from your thoughts.

You had been so immersed in your thoughts you failed to notice the boy had gone.

“Hey, Y/N…” Montgomery was stood in front of you, his freckles full from the sunshine and his eyes glistening chocolate.

“You alright Monty?” You asked, hoping maybe he’s give an explanation as to the recent weirdness. He nodded;

“Yeah uh-”

“I’ve seen you looking.” You burst out before you even realised your mouth was moving. “At me. I’ve seen you watching me.” You clarified. You were instantly mortified at yourself, feeling rude and weird.

Monty smiled bashfully.
“Yeah I uh- I’m not being creepy - i promise, I just think you’re pretty rad to be honest.”

“So you just decided to watch me?” You laughed.

“Actually um, Marcus, Cooley, said a few things that grossed me out and I was trying to keep him away from you.” He breathed in honesty.

“Away from me?” You questioned.

“He said was planning on asking you out.”

“He did. I walked away without saying anything.” You giggled.

“Marcus was right about something, taking you out on a date would be awesome. I’m glad you rejected him.” He tried to conceal his smile to no avail. “And I felt a bit protective, okay, a lot protective, you’re the kindest soul at this school, and because I’m pretty certain I have a thing for you.” He was looking at his feet, “and I know you don’t feel the same back, it’s okay, I just needed to get it off my chest.”

You smiled at the sweet boy in front of you and leaned in on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips. When you saw the surprise on Monty’s, you leaned in and kissed him properly, smiling.

“Pick me up at six.” You smiled sweetly before sauntering off to happy dance in a toilet cubicle.

Last time the Glorious 25th rolled around, I talked about the Discworld fandom, and how important Terry Pratchett and his books were. Today? All I can see are little angels rising up high.

Last time the Glorious 25th rolled around, my country had - well, not Lord Vetinari, there is no Lord Vetinari and never will be - but at least Verence of Lancre. There was corruption, there was prejudice, there was misery, but we faced towards their end. This time? We have Mad Lord Snapcase, and a hell of a lot of Findthee Swings. (I listened to Thud! again recently and the extent to which Ardent sounds like Trump and his team is terrifying. He talks about traditional values and the advancement of nondwarfs equaling the diminishment of dwarfkind and, hell, he even brings up fake news, for the willful fool is eternal and will say that this is just a trick.)

When I think about the Glorious People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road as I live under the Snapcase Administration, I think about the people that formed it, not the heroes of the story. Who participated in the Glorious Revolution? Low-class tradespeople. Sex workers. Reg Shoe. (Gods, Reg Shoe. If he were around on Roundworld today, he’d probably get into terrible discourse on Tumblr, but … that terrible discourse comes from the knowledge that the world is wrong, and the desire to make it right, and I bet a lot of users would, on the barricades, in a more forgiving universe, get killed and get up.)

They weren’t heroes. They weren’t watchmen with loving families and friends and power and backstories who’d been flung through one leg of the Trousers of Time, straight as an arrow, never took a bribe, can’t be turned …. They were small, and flawed, and scared, and that’s relevant right now and I hate that. I hate that we need those barricades. I hate that we need to fight for Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably-Priced Love, and Hard-Boiled Eggs.

But I’m gonna do it. Right now, I don’t wear the lilac in remembrance of those who fell. I wear the lilac so I’ll be remembered if I fall. We need a symbol, and the lilac is mine.

“Were you there?” “Where’s ‘there’, sir?” “If you don’t know where 'there’ is, you don’t have the right to wear the lilac.”

We are there. Now is there. The revolution will not be glorious - no revolution is - but we will be there, and, years later, I hope that we can wear the lilac in remembrance instead of the thing we’re being remembered for.

See the little angels, rise up high, rise up high …

Imagine working as a waitress for the Joker and him becoming obsessed with you in a different way than with any other woman before.

A/N: Eh you know I had to. I like this Joker I just wish there was a little more footage for us to be able to capture his true character. It’s certainly unlike anyone that has ever been portrayed but I don’t think any of the previous Jokers were really the same. To me they all are different sides of the same coin, so I don’t think it’s fair to say who’s better or not.

You sighed completely worn out from work. You threw your keys and bag on the table next to the door and took of your shoes, leaving them next to the door as well. You walked into the darkness in your apartment, it wasn’t all that big for you to get lost anyway and the small light that shone through the curtains was enough for you to see at least the outline of most of the objects that were in your place.

You made your way to the kitchen, taking off your hoodie in the meanwhile and throwing it on the couch. You were only in your jeans and a bra but one thing you loved about this apartment was the that it was warm during such nights of the winter when you needed it. You filled a glass with water and downed it all in one. You paused for a moment, the events of the day running through your mind.

Sure, your life was not the most exciting one. You weren’t Wonder Woman, nor would hang out with Batman and up to about half a month ago your life could be considered actually peaceful despite what your work was. But you should expect it to happen, you should have seen it coming: You worked as a waitress in the Joker’s club, he was bound to see you sooner or later.

You weren’t a criminal, nor were involved in anything that had to do with him, you only wanted to make money to help your family. Sure working for the Clown prince of Gotham wasn’t the best way to do so but the only thing you did was serve and it did pay enough for the few hours you spent in there. He did come often, not as much as Harley, but still was there quiet often and you were always glad when at the end of your shift you could count yet another night he had not taken notice of you. It was all going great. And Actually everything was going well, until you were asked to serve him. It was just giving him his drink, what could possibly go wrong you’d thought? Well, everything did after that.

You caught his attention, much to your surprise, and there was no getting out of his mind after that. You didn’t talk much and you didn’t even try to impress him. Hell, you’d be crazy if you tried to, knowing what the blonde could do to you much less all of his other enemies. But somehow you were caught and it was obvious from the first moment. How? The most simple sign was that every time he came, and he would come more often now, he asked from you to serve him. Only you. And what seemed even more surprising was that he’d try to make a talk. At first you didn’t really to talk but you knew you couldn’t avoid it, there was something in him that made your curiosity peak. The mere way he spoke it just made you want to know all the more what was going on through his mind.

But you never got too close. You didn’t dare do so. He was the Joker, and you were just simple you. Getting involved in all of that wasn’t something you wanted, no matter how much the man attracted you. He was a criminal for the love of, the least worst thing that could happen to you was death, quick and easy.

You sighed, shaking your head as you made your way to your living room. A movie could make you forget about the man that seemed to occupy not only your dreams but all day in general. You stopped dead on your tracks when you noticed something on the coffee table, though. You approached it carefully, thankful that there was enough light through the curtains to help you see it. You frowned as you extended a hand and picked the… flower up. It was a rose. White rose.

You blinked several times, having a deja vu feeling. You looked around you in case there was something else you were missing. Last time you came to find flower in your home it was red roses, a big bouquet of them with a let on top of them. It was from him, of course. And of course you didn’t accept it. Not just the flowers but what the letter had along with it.

“You know-” a voice made you jump and your eyes widened as you backed away as fast as you could, trying to fight where the damn switch for the light was “-it was kinda rude what you did.” you knew the voice and the fact that he was standing in the shadows didn’t help at all.

“It hurt my feelings.” he said in tone that you couldn’t tell if it was mocking you or he was serious.

Either way you cheered slightly in your head when your hand came in contact with the switch and you turned the lights on. You blinked several times until your eyes adjusted but at least you now were able to see him. You weren’t really in the mood to play in a horror movie at the moment either. But maybe, just maybe, part of you regretted the decision.

“Wow” his eyes widened and a wicked wide grin spread on his face “Nice choice of color, gotta say lace looks really good on you kitten.” he said with a small growl, approaching you and you felt your face heat up. You hurried to grab your hoodie to wear it but before you could do another move he had snatched it from your hands.

“Nah uh” he pointed a finger at you “Don’t be a bad girl, you still gotta make up to me for what you did with the flowers.”

“Mr Joker-” your voice was low as you took a few steps back.

“Nah nah nah nah. Goooood- will you please not do that? It sounds sooooo… wrong! Gah wrong!” he whined slightly, shaking his head with a deep frown “It’s J, dollface. It’s Mr J. I’m your Mr J.” he breathed out, giving you a grin; flashing his sliver teeth at you.

“Mr J, What are you doing here?” you watched him carefully.

“Uh well, as I said you really hurt my feelings there princess.” he pouted, giving you a somewhat sad but still playful look “I sent you the flowers cause I wanted to but you oh you-” he laughed “You! You! You! You little-” he stopped himself as he grabbed your chin with his hands his smile vanishing “You returned them to me.” he let a small growl “Not very nice of you!” he grinned again and you swallowed thickly.

“It wasn’t about the flowers- you know what it was about.” you didn’t dare look him in the eyes but did when you heard him scoff.

“If I want to give you money then I will, there’s nothing wrong with that.” he raised his hands in the air.

“Money you have stolen!” you didn’t even believe you were raising your voice at him “And I know that the money I’m being paid with are not legal either but- I’ve earned those. I-” you swallowed calming yourself down. He may have acted nice around you before but you shouldn’t forget he was the Joker. One moment he could be sending you flowers and gifts and the other have a gun over your head.

“Thank you for that, I appreciate that you wanted to help me with my family.” you decided to be honest “But the money I am being paid for my work is enough already, I don’t need anything more.” you dared look him in the eyes and for the first time ever since you first met him he was looking at you seriously; a kind of emotion you had never seen before was there.

One more reason why you wanted to know him more.

“You-” he breathed out, bringing a hand up to hold your chin with two fingers and more gently “Oh I like you.” he grinned widely, running his hand up to cup your cheek.

“You’ve got morals- oh I I I I I liiiiike that!” he laughed and you let a small whimper for a moment. You had yet to see him go crazy in front of you.

“Tell me though, little angel.” he got closer to you. You took a step back only to have your back pressed to the wall, your eyes going wide when he pressed his body close to yours; a satisfied predator like smile on his face.

“Is that what really holds you back? Is it me, the big bad demon scaring you? Is all this darkness that surrounds me that scares you? Do I scare you, dollface?” he tilted his head to the side as you only bit the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from whimpering.

“Tell me-” he growled “Are yous cared of me? Are you scared of what I can do to you?” he whispered in your ear, his hot breath fanning over your cheek.

“Please, Mr J.” you whispered, shutting your eyes; feeling your heart hammer as his bare chest pressed against yours.

“Please what?” he pouted, pulling away to look at you “Oh sweet cheeks-” he breathed out as he traced his fingers over he features of your face, them lingering a little more over your lip as he tried to open your mouth with his hand.

“You, oh you little angel-” he laughed, that maniac laugh that echoed through the entire apartment “No. No. No. No. No. No. No!” he exclaimed “You are not scared of me… are you?” he looked through his dark eyes. Gosh you hated to admit it to yourself but you could get lost in those eyes. There were times where, you had taken notice of it, they were light blue and calm like the sea others they were curious as he watched your every move, trying to take in as much as possible as if he was studying you and others he was looking at you hungrily, and they were dark and filled… with lust, like now.

“No” he chuckled “No, you are not scared of me. You’re scared of this-” he grinned as you shivered when his other hand ran up your thigh, to your hip and stomach and up to your chest. You swallowed thickly, eyes wide and a squeak left your lip when he parted your legs with his thigh and pushed your hips with his against the wall.

“You’re scared of how you feel for me, aren’t you little one?” his breath fanned over your face and you held your breath as his lips brushed past yours. You shut your eyes for a moment as he pushed your hips with his backwards and you tried to swallow down the moan that threatened to leave your lips .

“I- I don’t want any trouble, Mr J.” you whispered “Please” you whispered, opening your eyes to look at him.

“Oh but you’re not going to get in any trouble little one, not while I am here.” his hand moved down to your ass “Not while you have me.”

“How do I know I have you?” you whispered and he tilted his head to the side “You’re the Joker, you don’t belong to anyone. Only to yourself. You’re- you’re not loved, you don’t get loved.”

“Oooh I like that you know where I stand but- but princess this- it’s all my decision. I plan and I execute according to my plans. I do what I want, not what others ask.”

“But you said it you- you don’t do what anyone does. Why should I believe you belong to someone- much less me.”

“You- you- you are right! Exactly- but you- oooh you my angel are just that. You are me- or what I at least used to be. I’m yours, all yours and you will soon realize it for yourself.” he pressed his body closer to you, as if it was any more possible.

“But what about Harley? I- I don’t want any trouble with her Mr J.” you whispered, already knowing you were going to give into him anyway. You didn’t want to lose who you were, much less your sanity, but this man had such a strong pull on you it was impossible to think about anything else but him.

Harley won’t dare touch you as long as I am here, dollface. I’m your J, only yours. I don’t do what others tell me no, but you-” he let out a breath, teasing you with his lips… and hands “Oh you can do anything you want with me.” he he breathed out as his lips ghosted over yours “Now- tell me this: Do you… want me princess?”

You didn’t dare say the yes out loud but at the same time you didn’t dare not say it at all.

“Answer me (Y/n): Do you want me to be yours? All yours?” he purred seductively and you swallowed thickly.

“Y-yes” it came out in a a squeak and he grinned.

“Would you take me any way you can? Do you want to take me any way you can (Y/n)?” his voice was low and husky.

Your eyes roamed his face for a few seconds as his also moved back and forth and without saying another word you grabbed his face and crushed your lips to his harshly, letting all the emotions that had built up inside you for all this time.

…she loves Andrey with all her heart….

A wee spot of Natasha, Pierre, And the Great Comet of 1812 fanart for my secret santa @elisabethhamilton! (P.S., I also have a little package of goodies to send to you soon–sorry for the delay!) <3 <3

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Shadowhunters AU

Where the Lightwoods take note of Alec’s sexuality earlier, after he had his parabatai bond with Jace but still a teenager, and decide to hire a warlock (not Magnus because I’d rather Alec be an actual adult when they meet for shipping purposes) to ~*magic*~ the gay away.

The warlock, not being a complete bastard, talks to Alec in private (because he needs specifics if the spell is to work properly and boys rarely tell the truth if they think their parents can hear, he tells the Lightwoods) and lays it out for him.  There is no spell, he can wave his hands and send pretty lights and sparkles out, and Alec can go back to living in the closet to make his family proud.  Or he can fool his parents for as long as he needs to to get out, and the warlock will find him a safe place to stay where people won’t try to ‘fix’ him.

Alec takes option 2 and slowly makes a name for himself with downworlders as an independent shadowhunter that truly cares (I’m thinking a Batman or Archangel-like figure that the Clave is aware of, but doesn’t really expend resources on unmasking because he helps more that he hurts them).  

By the time season 1 starts he’s been dating Magnus for a year or so, has friends and connection throughout all the downworld, and has been tracking all the Valentine rumors (and relaying them to Jace and Izzy, cause let’s be honest, they would never have taken any side but Alecs).

Married Bliss RP Starters

“Honey, I packed you a lunch.”

“Sweetheart you tried to pack  me a sandwich with gummy bears I think it’s time for a break.”

“You look like you haven’t slept in days. Let me watch the kids. You need some rest.”

“Can you please watch them I need a good cry and a nap.”

“You have been on diaper duty since the babies been born let me get it this time.”

“Can you please change their diaper I’m trying to make dinner.”

“I’m sorry…I burnt dinner…”

“Wow…that looks wonderful… No! Hey don’t cry! Please, it looks wonderful! See I’m eating it right now.”

“Honey our little angel just flushed his/her toy down the toilet!”

“My ring! My ring is missing!”

“Honey, where is your wedding ring?”

“Oh no! My ring fell down the drain!”

“Oh…it’s everywhere…I didn’t realize babies…went so much…”

“It’s just a diaper…wait you don’t look so well…”

“I can’t change their diaper without you getting sick It’s a little frustrating.”

“I’m going to be late for dinner.”

“I made us our first dinner in our new place. I hope you like it.”

“Wow it looks wonderful. I didn’t know I was with a seasoned chef.”

“Do I look fat?”

“Honey you’re pregnant that’s all baby. You look beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful no matter what size you are please remember that.”

“I’m so lucky to be married to someone so beautiful.”

“Come to bed, It’s getting late.”

“Why are you cooking? It’s three in the morning.”

“We’re going to make beautiful kids.”

“I can’t wait to see their little face. I’m really excited to see them.”

“It’s your turn to feed him/her.”

“I’ve got it, go back to sleep.”

“Wake up, the baby needs you.”

“Mmm she/he has that fresh baby smell.”

“I know you’re working but you forgot your lunch.”

“I thought I’d stop by so we could have lunch together.”

“They drew all over the walls…we just painted them too…”

“I thought we’d visit you on your break.”

“Let’s go to the park together. It will be good for all of us to get some fresh air.”

“Every day is a blessing with you.”

“Who thought it was a good idea to get them such a noisy toy.”

“I have watched the same kids show all day for a week straight I’m going to snap.”

“Do babies really like this stuff?”

“Wait don’t drink that! That’s for the baby.”

“I think we should get another cat/dog.”

“I love you, but we have too many animals. Please don’t bring anymore home.”

“Did your coat just meow/bark?”

“Surprise! I got us a cat/dog!”

“Please don’t be mad…I couldn’t resist its little face.”

“You’re going to be a father.”

“He/She is kicking!”

“What if we’re not good parents?”

“You’re going to be a wonderful mother/father.”

“Don’t worry about it you’re pregnant. It’s okay to be emotional.”

“I got everything on the list. Are you really craving pickles and peanut butter? Our baby is weird.”

“We are not naming our baby (insert ridiculous name here) end of discussion.”

“Can you take the trash out, please.”

“I’ll make dinner tonight.”

“How was work?”

“I missed you like crazy. I wish I didn’t have to work all day.”

“Will you please stop making that face. It’s making the baby cry.”

“No you can’t steal their dog/cat!”

“It’s okay sometimes these things take time. We’ll just keep trying until something happens.”

“I made you some soup. I hope you get to feeling better soon.”

“Honey, you’re burning up.”

“I think the baby is sick.”

“You worry too much. It’s just a scratch.”

“Please don’t ever leave me. I almost burned the house down trying to cook dinner.”

“He/She has your eyes.”

“He/She is so beautiful. I can’t believe he’s/she’s finally here.
“I’m so afraid i’m going to drop him/her.”

“He/She is so tiny. I can’t believe how small he/she is.”

“He/She has a tight grip.”

“Don’t ask…you don’t want to know.”

“Honey, why is our child running around naked?”

“How much sugar did you give him/her?”

“Are you sure you’re okay being alone with the them?”

“I’ll be right back, I promise.”

“Don’t give the kids sugar while i’m gone.”

“I swear sometimes I have two children instead of one.”

“Your hormones are just a little crazy. You cried today because you saw a cat on the tv.”

“I know it’s three in the morning but could you please get me some chocolate milk. Oh and some chocolate chip cookies, please.”

“I love you but your cravings are killing me.”

“I’ll rub your feet. I know they’re getting swollen from the pregnancy.”

“We should look into adopting.”

“It’s okay, we can always adopt.”

“Our adoption papers got accepted! We’re going to be parents!”

“We get to bring her/him home tomorrow i’m so excited.” 

“What if they don’t accept us? What if we can’t adopt?”

“We’re going to be amazing parents. I know they’ll see that. Please don’t worry. I know the adoption papers will go through.”

“Have you heard anything yet about the adoption papers? Have we been approved?”

“The kids drew all over my work papers….I hope they’ll accept stick figure drawings.”

“Honey, you put the babies clothes on backwards.”

Soon To Be Parents

Originally posted by the-lost-time-traveller

Pairing: Barry Allen x Pregnant!Reader

Request: “Can you do a Barry allen imagines where the reader is his pregnant wife and she visits him one day at star labs wearing an animal onesie and everyone thinks it’s adorable how her belly looks while she’s wearing it.”

Word count: 933

A/N: I am happy to get requests from you and this is the second request I received. I hope that you liked it, hoping not to disappoint you. I would love to receive some feedbacks from you please, it doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative comments. Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/T) is Your Lip Type

You finished your antenatal check-up earlier than the expected time, so you decided to visit Barry at S.T.A.R. Labs. At first, you were so disappointed that he had to work on your check-up day, but then he promised you that he would arrive home earlier than the usual time.

Of course, Barry still needs to learn how to balance his husband duties and hero duties, even daddy duties soon, but you are always there to support him. You are a great wife and you knew that it would be hard to have a family with him, but you love Barry with all your heart and you are aware that he really needs someone who would understand his situation and that someone is you. No doubt. He wouldn’t have married you if not, duh!

You carefully walked in the cortex and you caught the team’s attention quickly. They stopped doing whatever they were doing and they quickly stood up.

“Honey!” Barry happily exclaimed and quickly ran towards you. He was surprised and happy to have you with him in that exact moment. He carefully hugged you, making sure that he doesn’t hurt your big baby bump. “I love it whenever you wear your unicorn onesie, you look so a-dork-able in it.” You both laughed and he pressed a quick, but sweet kiss on your red (Y/L/T) lips.

“OMG!” Caitlin then came to you and hugged you carefully. “You’re so adorable, (Y/N). No lies.”

“Thank you, Cait.” You smiled sweetly and you were fluttered for her kind comments.

“So, when is the adorable baby unicorn coming out?” Cisco asked jokingly and he made the team laugh out loud. You shook your head and hugged him.

“You will see the baby unicorn soon, it’s my due in a month or less.” You winked and he smiled widely. You also looked at Barry and you could tell that he was so excited to see your little angel. Who would’ve thought that Barry Allen loves babies that much? “You just need to be patient.”

“Right.” Cisco laughed and continued to eat his candy. “We’ll have Daddy Flash soon.”

“We surely will.” You agreed on Cisco’s affirmation.

“How awesome would it be to have a little Barry roaming around the Cortex in the future?” Barry fantasized loudly.

“That would be really cool.” Caitlin excitedly said. “I will be the godmother, okay?”

“Of course, Cait.” You assured her.

“Oh, now that I remembered, how did the check-up go?” Barry curiously asked as he led you on his comfortable computer chair. “Is everything fine? The baby has no problems and you are healthy, right?” You found it sweet that he was worrying about your state.

“I am fine, love, and so is our baby.” You assured him. “You don’t have to worry.”

“Thank God.” Barry was relieved. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t there.” He had a sad apologetic smile on his face.

“It’s okay, Daddy Bar.” You caressed his cheek with your right thumb as you mimic a little baby’s voice. “I know that you will be there when I come out from Mummy’s tummy.”

You earned a wide smile from Barry and his team. “I will, I promise baby.” He gently touched your tummy as he bowed and leave it a lovely kiss.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Cisco questioned.

“Oh, I have the ultrasound picture here.” You handed them an envelope and they took the picture out. They were amazed on how beautiful your baby was and they were so happy for you and Barry.

“A boy!” Cisco and Caitlin happily shouted.

“Barry, he looks just like you.” Caitlin exclaimed. Barry smiled widely and looked at you, giving a what-did-I-told-you look. You rolled your eyes and pouted.

“Sorry, (Y/N),” Caitlin bit her lower lip. “but I can see little Barry in here.”

You then smiled widely. “It’s okay, I am not offended.” Barry laughed silently and you slapped his chest playfully.

“So, have you decided how to call him?” Cisco then asked, trying to change the subject of your conversation.

“Not yet. (Y/N) and I can’t decide because we keep on fighting over it.” Barry playfully responded.

“Barry’s just unfair. I carry the baby for nine months and he doesn’t want to give me the honour of giving our baby’s name.” You pouted as you complained. Caitlin and Cisco laughed about your behaviour with your beloved husband.

“What name does Barry want to give?” Cisco curiously asked as he was savouring his candy.

“Bartholomew Henry Allen, junior.” Your voice tone was annoyed. Caitlin and Cisco laughed loudly and they stopped only when Barry gave them a death glare. You then laughed for your husband’s actions.

“No offense, Bar,” Cisco said, trying not to laugh. “but If I were you, I would give (Y/N) the honour of giving your baby his name.”

“I agree.” Caitlin nodded her head for several times. “Trust me.”

Barry pouted and the three of you just laughed at Barry’s melancholic expression on his face.

“Oh, c’mon hubby!” You rolled your eyes as you caressed his cheek. “You don’t have to worry, I am good at giving names.” You gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Alright, I am giving you the honour.” He smiled widely as he accepted the defeat.

“Don’t be sad.” You winked. “At least, he got his looks from you.”

Everybody in the room laughed and you were so euphoric that you and your baby are surrounded by wonderful people.

“And with that, we’re just fair.” You added and he kissed you on your temple as he chuckled silently.