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a long post about the message of the blurryface era

all the blurryface music videos (and heathens) seem to be pretty different from the rest but all of them have the same theme, which is that connection with friends is the best way to cope, and no one is really alone.

heathens/heavydirtysoul - these two music videos parallel each other closely as i talked about in my last post. both start with tyler in a dark and unfamiliar place. he is sad and withdrawn. then, he sees josh. josh is drumming furiously and doesn’t notice tyler. 

in both music videos tyler is represented by dark motifs (rooms, clothes, etc.) while josh’s motifs are glowing and bright. heathens - he’s drumming on a glowing box, which eventually becomes the stage on which he and tyler play. heavydirtysoul - his drums spark flames with every hit; they grow larger and eventually consume tyler as well. 

both videos reach a climax in which tyler and josh interact with each other for the first time. the light (heathens) and flame (hds) grows to a blinding maximum and the two are rocking out together. josh is no longer ignoring tyler. tyler is no longer withdrawn; he is interacting with josh and for the moment his anxiety is gone. it’s a release but it’s not a painful one. he is coping. 

and then in the end everything is back to normal - no yellow suit, no light, no flames. tyler is still there alone. blurryface is as present as ever. and the implication is that he has imagined josh. this is why josh didn’t notice tyler both times. he was merely an attempt for tyler to find someone to relate to. a cathartic figment of imagination. an imagination of light that tyler hasn’t found yet. 

and what these songs mean in relation to the videos is clear. “all my friends are heathens” - there are so many people here going through the same thing as me, and while the general public considers us freaks, we are all here together and ready to stay that way. “can you save my heavydirtysoul” - implies desperately trying to find a way out of the situation. imagining salvation so fervently that it manifests as almost reality. salvation, here, is josh and the flames. 

lane boy - this one is kind of similar to heathens and heavydirtysoul in that it starts with tyler, alone and contemplating, in the dark. but this time he’s worried about what he has done to become successful, and whether it’s good enough, and whether fame will change him and limit him. all these worries are new to the band, because they’re at the beginning of their rise to fame at this point. and in the video the dark road in the woods symbolizes that they’re in the dark and they’re being careful. stay low they say. 

and then they’re playing on a stage, and everything is forgotten, and they REFUSE to stay low. if you notice in the video the moment tyler sees josh on stage, that is the moment he breaks his silence and starts to dance. to me this video represents that even though not everyone in the crowd might like what the band is doing, and even though there are critics behind that stage and out in that world, being able to play in front of thousands, together, tyler and josh, is worth it. at the end of this video is the realization that having each other means much more than success. 

stressed out - i think this video illustrates the point the most obviously, but it does a great job handling the dichotomy between wanting to grow up and not wanting to grow up. obviously tyler and josh would rather hang out with each other, with no responsibilities, and make music without having to worry about how it is going to be received. and part of the music video is the deliberate denial of reality, and the fantasy of regressing into teenagerhood. but the last part? that’s the acknowledgement that they’re not always going to be kids and life will not be easy. tyler is walking down the street, alone, and without the backpack and the tricycle. this is a sign he’s maturing. and blurryface, he’s there too. i think that entire scene is representative of coming of age.

ride/fairly local - like heathens and heavydirtysoul, i think there’s strong evidence these videos parallel each other. both take place in an isolated location and make use of very polarized (no pun intended) environments. ride - the daytime and the nighttime. fairly local - the icy house and the red hallway. 

so in ride, i think it’s really important that the verses and the bridge take place at night. this is where tyler is doing all his worrying. he doesn’t know what his place in life is and what his relationship to others is. who would you live for, who would you die for, would you ever kill? he’s overanalyzing. he’s in the dark, both literally and metaphorically, about everything. and he doesn’t know where he stands with anyone. he can’t see. he’s wearing dark glasses at night. josh is nowhere to be seen. and then the chorus is where he lets up. he acknowledges that there is a lot to worry about and a lot to analyze over, but he can still enjoy his life. even though he’s hurling through the unfamiliar course of life he can still take the time to look at the things that he loves. and the light comes on, and he can look at the beauty that’s around him, and he can see that there are people and things that mean a lot to him even though he’s questioning it all. 

and then we have fairly local, where the majority of the video takes place in an icy house. the whole video seems very disconnected from the rest of the world. it’s freezing and desolate, both tyler and josh seem to ignore each other, and their demeanor is cold and apathetic. they’re trying very hard to remain unemotional, closed off, unable to see the damage they do to themselves and others. but that denial of their own feelings - that’s where blurryface manifests. he’s what’s causing their isolation, he’s there in the red hallway, changing into something darker and darker as tyler and josh continue to distance themselves.

and a thing i like about fairly local is that the quiet and desolate atmosphere of the video completely contradicts the lyrics of the song. “im fairly local, ive been around, ive seen the streets, youre walking down.” “the few, the proud, and the emotional.” he’s talking about the fanbase, and josh, and jenna, and everyone he’s been able to connect with. and the sense of group mentality and empathy are completely antithetical to the cold, quiet video that they represent breaking out of that atmosphere. 

tear in my heart - this one is an oddball. all the music videos from this era have the common thread of using human connection as a symbol of coping with blurryface. most videos choose to represent that with the relationship between tyler and josh, but this video uses tyler and jenna instead. i think the content of the video is pretty straightforward, and a lot of people have dived into this theory, but the scene in which jenna beats up tyler is important. a common interpretation is that this scene actually represents jenna beating up blurryface. blurryface doesn’t give up without a fight, of course. wrestling with such a character, such a deeply rooted part of your thoughts, is going to cause some distress. there is pain involved in battling your own mind, but the pain is a sign that you are able to fight, that you’re doing it. sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul. but it takes someone to come around and show you how. jenna and tyler’s love for each other is what gives tyler the power to challenge blurryface, but he won’t be able to do that without some pain involved. 

and now i think i understand why blurryface is the name of this strange part of everyone’s brain. the literal opposite of the word blurryface is of course clear face. as in being able to see people’s faces clearly. blurryface is the opposite of seeing people for who they truly are. blurryface is the opposite of joining people who are fighting the same battles as you and really connecting with them. the opposite of blurryface is friendship and truth, and we must always find comfort in the fact that we are not alone. there are always people out there for you. and that’s how you defeat a demon. 

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Um just because you asked if he as at the play at night or during the day, I think the guy who tweet said it was good to see you last night but idk

Anonymous said:I know it doesn’t matter about when he was seen on the 14th but the RADA put on a play/musical that night. So more than likely that’s when he was seen

I would say thats inconclusive since he tweeted both tweets the following day within a few minutes of each other and said “yesterday” to Tom and mentioned the play specifically for the other one. You’d think he’d mention the play for both of them if that was the case? No one else saw him at the play? Possible but.. you’d think that crowd would be stoked on seeing him like they are other times he’s gone to a play.   The guy is a teacher at rada, tom could be doing other work there in the future and met him to discuss it ‘yesterday’.  After all he said recently “I do have some plans to go back [to the theater].” Hopefully so! Maybe teach aspiring actors. Maybe be their ambassador.  There are many reasons he could have been there but seeing the play is only one of ‘em.

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I know the boys love us. I know this. But this idk man this doesn't look good. All are publicly in the UK. All don't have professional commitments as far as we know. Louis even tweeting to the fans to vote for an award. And yet none of them can actually show up to accept said award (and aren't they up for one for best fans or something which they won last year??). It's just not a good look. Especially when all 4 have new music coming out this year. Idk man. (I still love them! I do!)

Someone is clearly trying to make it look like the boys don’t care about the fans. Lots of people were hyped and lots of fans went there just to see them and now must be feeling played. They want the fans to turn against the boys, the same way they want us to think Harry hates the band, and that Louis wants to stay closet 

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Last concert you've been to? Talk about it, please 😬💞

Twenty Øne Piløts was the last concert I went to, 29th of October 2016. I went with my best fren to see them live and it was fucking ass magic! Those guys knew how to bring life to the lost souls and feeling like they were a part of the show. For me, this concert has and will always be my best experience and best concert. My best fren and I sat outside from around 13:30 ish till they opened the doors past 19:00! And we all know that Norway isn’t the warmest place on earth to sit outside for this long, in just a hoodie and ripped jeans. But it was worth every damn freezing minute of my ass. I understood after the concert that wearing jeans and hoodie to a concert with a band you burn for…is the worst decisions ever made. I’ve never felt my clothes more attracted and clingy to my skin than at this day. Anyways, seeing those guys so close and just feel the energy and passion from them, feel their love hit you… Is breath taking. You’re facing the people who makes such a powerful art and who knows what a warrior you as a fan is, enjoying their artwork is facing them in that crowd. And something that makes it more amazing to see those two live, is the fact that they care about their fans. I think watching a band you truly love preform, makes you feel the whole masterpiece in a different way, than through your earplugs. So after a tearful Car Radio and Trees. My fren and I stole some confetti (Sorry Josh and Tyler), and I don’t think my fren and I have ever felt more alive than at this moment. Not because we stole those confetti (I was actually a bit scared that some guards looked and me and was like; - Frank, that spaghetti dude is stealing those confetti’s, we should arrest him!), but because we saw our idols in front of us. The ones who has created masterpieces that made us feel alive, when everything else made us feel dead. 

best fren @ingridhansen |-/ Stay alive my frens |-/

Sometimes the biggest fan is the one who sits at home all day behind a blog showing their support. They’re the one who votes days on end so they can see how happy the boys are when they win an award. They might be the one in the last row at the concert just happy they can finally see their sunshine, no matter how far away or they might be at home watching videos of the tour dreaming about one day seeing them live. The thing is no matter how many times you’ve seen them live, no matter where your seats were, and no matter how much merch you have doesn’t make you any more or less of a fan. The 5sos fam is a family and we don’t care about any of that stuff as long as you love and support the boys, that’s all that really matters.

I was tagged by @thethinwhiteziggystardust to post 10 facts about myself! Thank you!

  1. The first David Bowie Song/Video I ever saw was ‘China Girl’ and I remember thinking “what the hell is this fucking piece of shit?”. But about a year or so later I ended up falling in love with his music and it’s been that way ever since ♥️
  2. Last April I met Peter Murphy and he is an actual angel and I wont stop talking about it….EVER
  3. I have a very bad phobia of sharks and when I go to aquariums (especially the one in Baltimore) I will start hyperventilating and crying the minute I see a shark
  4. My favorite animals are rats and I have two pet rats (Elliot and Cecil) even though I am very allergic to them XD
  5. I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years
  6. When I was young I legitimately  thought my dad was the yellow wiggle from the The Wiggles
  7. In elementary school some friends and I were obsessed with the Men In Black movie so we started our own group called the Kids In Blue and our fucking theme song was I’m Blue by Eiffel 65 and all we did was make lies about aliens and scare the shit out of the other kids
  8. In 12th grade I ate a piece of moss for a dollar. Why? Idek
  9. The way to my heart is through grape snow cones
  10. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus is one of my all time favorite songs and helps me relax during my more extreme panic attacks 

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MCR Things To Make You Cry

1• “We’re going to keep being a band as long as you keep believing in us” -Gerard Way

2• March 22 will come EVERY YEAR

3• My Chemical Romance brought a message to love yourself and the world, then just left us all

4• We never get to see recent pictures of them together

5• Think of all the good music they could have made from 2013 to now

6• this thing I found online that said
One last time,
Make some noise”

7• *piano* *g note*

8• Gerard is married. Frank is married. They have children. THEY’RE NOT TOGETHER. *cri*

9• “It’s a phase, one day you’ll forget about MCR” m8 it’s nOTTTTTT


11• The last song they ever performed together was Helena. So, the last lyric they ever sang was “so long and goodnight”


13• “whose your favorite band” “My Chemical Romance” “loser, you know they broke up, right?” “dId I fOoKiNg AsK”

14• You don’t know whether you want MCR back together or not because you want them to be happy and not force themselves to do something and you just ARRGGHHHH

15• Friend: Just get over it already

16• Frerard was a stage act

~~“Tears are words the heart can’t express”~~


wow okay i have so many favorite tropes it’s not even funny but i’ll try to restrain myself

• uncomfortably seeing each other as actual human beings for the first time when they see the other person tired or messy or sleeping

• draco being an accomplished little aristocratic gentleman who can speak twenty languages and play every musical instrument in existence and has high society connections in countries all over the freaking world

• arguments over intellectual stuff cause they’re NERDS

• draco, pansy, blaise, and theo being the squad (crabbe and goyle who’s that)


• draco seeing hermione’s blood and realizing it’s the same as his and having a revelation about his views

• ginny is hermione’s draco gossip buddy

• cassiopeia and scorp

• always calling each other by their last names until one of them accidentally uses the other’s first name instead (and the person whose name was used gets butterflies in their stomach)

• hermione helping draco to stop seeing his dark mark as his identity, deal with his past, and forgive himself

• draco being REALLY REALLY MAD about being in love w hermione and going through insane denial before he finally admits it (i don’t like her! of course i don’t! that would be ridiculous! she’s ugly and annoying and my father would never approve and i still hate her and she’s totally NOT cute when she’s concentrating on a book or smiling or giggling or running her fingers through her hair or…)

• narcissa and hermione having an awesome mother/daughter relationship

• being forced to spend a lot of time together for some reason (surviving, missions, school assignments, work, head boy and girl, etc.)


• hermione having a dragon patronus and draco having an otter

• draco having an awful unrequited crush on hermione for AGES before she notices him

• hermione lighting up inside when draco genuinely laughs or smiles for the first time

An anon wrote to zenlikejen saying they think the UK press will play Simon’s game and at first I just nodded and scrolled on. But I wonder.

I mean, how much power does Simon still have? He’s head of a record label that is about to lose it’s biggest act, and while I do like 5H and Little Mix and I’m glad they’re both successful and getting more so, I don’t see them ever being the juggernaut that 1D is and financing Simon’s reign of terror.

He’s the name/face/brains behind The X-Factor & Britain’s Got Talent, but while BGT is still doing well, TXF isn’t and is likely on it’s last legs.

Conversely, the individual members of One Direction are well liked and far more respected than one would expect based on the band they’re in. “One Direction” may still be a bit of a laugh to music fans that think anything “girls” like is inferior, but as individuals, you hear nothing but nice things about them from the people in the industry unless it’s from those lower on the “ladder” trying to tear them down a bit - and even that’s rare.

So while I certainly see The Sun continuing to live happily in Simon Cowell’s upper GI tract, I wonder if The Daily Mail and The Mirror might not be reconsidering that position.  From what I’ve seen, the Guardian and The Independent certainly are no fans of Uncle Si (British friends, please correct me if I’m wrong about that), so I don’t think they’ll intentionally participate in any orchestrated mudslinging against 1D.

I don’t know, I’m likely going to be proved wrong very soon, but I think Simon may be losing his stranglehold on UK media and we may be seeing a different story than expected from some sources come 2016.


I had this idea. So, seeing as there has been a lot of negativity over the last few weeks surrounding twenty one pilots and the skeleton clique, I thought of an idea to let the boys know that we care about them. My idea is to get people from the skeleton clique to send me clips of you guys saying “Thank you Twenty One Pilots for…” and then adding your own personalised message at the end. You can be creative about it if you want and draw the message out or anything you want. What matters is the message we are sending to the boys. You don’t even have to have your face it in, but y’all are beautiful anyway. (more information)

Hopefully if we can get enough people involved I will be able to make a compilation of all of them and post on YouTube. I just want to make something positive through the clique.

Please share this around so more people from the clique find out about it! Thank you!


CLOSED AND WILL BE UPLOADED THIS FRIDAY 17TH JULY 3PM GMT. My apologies if you didn’t get to be a part of this project but I may do a similar thing again next year so keep your eyes peeled and go follow the projectthankyoutop blog because cool stuff is happening on there.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I have listened to Motionless In White since 2008. One year after their EP The Horror cane out. I had always wanted to see them live but my parents detest their music and never let me go to their concerts. I saw them last year during Warped Tour but I didn’t get to meet them because I had no money.
Then I heard about this tour and knew I had to go to both shows at Chain Reaction, my local venue in Anaheim, Ca. I saved my money up and bought my tickets even though I couldn’t afford VIP tickets. It was worth it to me just to have the general admission and see them. The first night of the weekend, I was up against the stage (since there is no barricade at Chain) and getting the crap beat out of me by crowd surfers and stage divers. I didn’t get to meet any of them and I was kind of crushed because I’ve lived them for so many years.
The second night, I was against the stage again and when Chris saw me he got really excited and pointed at me smiling wide and then messed up my hair. He then did the same thing to my friend and called us out on our insanity of being against the stage both nights and asked us if we were dead yet. I was waiting outside the venue because Balz had asked me the previous night if I’d be there. I had given him a drawing and he wanted to talk to me but he was in a hurry.
I was waiting and needed to walk around because my legs weren’t working too well after the show and I saw Ryan over by the trailer and I got my picture with him and got his autograph. I walked back up to the venue diors when Vinny walked out and I got his autograph and picture. Then I was still waiting for Balz when Chris and Ricky walked out. Of course everyone was swarming them so I was waiting back til it got less crazy. I saw Balz walk out and no one went over to him, so I walked up to him and got his autograph and picture and he thanked me over and over again for the drawing. I went back over to Ricky and got his autograph and picture before he said, “By the way, you are absolutely insane for being very front both nights.” We laughed and hugged and then I went over to Chris.

Chris saw me and gave me a big hug and I winced because of how much pain I was in and he once again told me how crazy I am. I told him that NOW I was dead but it was worth it. He laughed and signed my ticket before taking a picture with me. I told him how I’ve listened to MIW since 2008 and just now got to see them and he couldn’t believe it so he just hugged me again and thanked me for coming to both shows.

It was the best weekend of my life. MIW’s music has helped me through a lot and it was so surreal to actually meet them.. I got to my car amd just started crying because I couldn’t believe I actually got to meet them. I honestly did not think I was going to be able to meet them since I didn’t have VIP. It just goes to prove how amazing they are.


INTERVIEWER: Did you know that Alison is quoted as saying, “Dan is one of the finest bluegrass singers to come along in a generation”?
ALISON: That wasn’t me.
DAN: Yeah, I don’t think that was her. I actually still have to pay her, I still have a couple more payments for that comment.

ALISON: If you were in women’s prison, why’d you be in the women’s prison?
DAN: It would be for visitation, that would be it. Visitation, because you’re obviously going to end up there and you need someone to come say “hey.“ So that’s why I would go.

The signs high af

Aries:  eats all the food and constantly says they’re hungry

Taurus: hears sirens and suddenly thinks the cops are at the door every 2.5 seconds

Gemini: in the corner believing everyone is out to get them

Cancer: dazing off into the distance quietly with their mouth wide open

Leo: complains about the one line of the song lasting 10 hours

Virgo: laughs at everything

Libra: cries for no reason

Scorpio: feels the music deep in their soul while petting the dog

Sagittarius: sees everyone around them morphing and shrinking

Capricorn: talks loudly and shouts

Aquarius: always feeling up on everyone

Pisces: shuffling back and forth thinking about the ways of life

Proms Plus 2009: Mattew Sweet, A.N.Wilson and Steven Moffat discuss Sherlock Holmes
  • Proms Plus 2009: Mattew Sweet, A.N.Wilson and Steven Moffat discuss Sherlock Holmes

After yesterday’s post, fanfromhungary found the sound file of the whole interview Sherlock Holmes - The Man, the myth, the legend. See the first part of the video here (Proms Plus 2009: Mattew Sweet, A.N.Wilson and Steven Moffat discuss Sherlock Holmes).

Here’s the part in question (around 7:00):

A.N. Wilson: Holmes is actually bigger than Doyle. Holmes is more complicated than Doyle. Holmes has lots of secrets, which Doyle, perhaps, can’t see himself. But we can seem them. It’s obvious to us, for example, that Holmes is a homosexual. It’s obviously not obvious to Doyle or Dr. Watson. And I think that’s one of the fascinations of the stories. And so when you ask about his musical taste, I suspect, that like another character who Holmes quite resembles, Cardinal Newman, the music Doyle - the music Holmes would have played to himself would have been something like Beethoven’s last quartets.

Sweets: Steven, is it obvious to you that Holmes is a homosexual? 

Moffat: I think - I think most people would assume that - in our version people kind of tend to assume that he is. Um, I don’t actually - is it true? I’d say - I’d just go by his own internal mental landscape. I mean his sexuality is probably of really no interest to him. Imagine if you had a brain like that. The world was just processing through your brain all the time, you could see and understand everything. Maybe going on a date wouldn’t be quite so interesting. I think he’s uh - imagine going on a date with Sherlock Holmes. He’d know if you were going to put out the moment you went in the room. I mean, it’d be terrifying. So, I don’t think - I don’t think it’s relevant. 


Tthere might be so more gems in there, will listen to full later! The sound file is downloadable (I reduced the file size so as to be able to download it here) so I can send the link to anyone who wants it, but unfortunately, no video. =(


before and after Tampa….I don’t know about them but I haven’t been that happy in so long. California, Pennsylvania, and Indiana all traveled thousands of miles to see one show together. we met for the first time but I know it won’t be the last. thank you for the amazing friendships you’ve brought me through your music I can’t thank you enough. I’ll love you forever t! xoxo Allie 💛 @taylorswift ( @swiftiesince07 @itsplaidshirtdays )


tonight at midnight it’s been a whole year since this happened!!
already a year ago..

I can’t believe I got to meet them all and that I got to give
the “Lord Grumpy” t-shirt to Kyle
(and thanks to the amazing Greg, I have an amazing picture
of Kyle wearing it from the photo book)

the amount of love I have for these guys is hard to put into words
“it’s what you feel but can’t articulate out loud”

last year was amazing cause I got to see them four times
and every show was in a different country. I just love these guys
and their music so insanely much.

Fall in love with someone who you can spend nights talking about nonsense till 3am under the stars, someone who understands your music; the reason that one song gets your blood pumping. Find someone that sees your flaws but loves you nonetheless for your imperfections. Look for someone that will help your embark on an adventure. That special person that you love for just being themselves. Love them with a love that true and comes from your heart. You never know what might take them away one day. Never lose the chance to tell someone that you love them, it may be your last.
—  Santhani Rungan