see the american accent

So at my school we just had an intruder drill and as soon as the announcement came on, this big, country football player jumps up and immediately grabs the door handle and places his feet on the threshold to hold the door but he decided that wasn’t good enough so he grabbed the flag and pointed it at the door while he held the handle and he was ready to beat the shit out of anyone who came in this is seriously the most aggressively american thing I’ve ever seen

I normally hate horror films but everyone should go see Get Out. We literally had to ring around cinemas to find showings that still had seats available and ended up going so late and I have had like 0 sleep in the last 48 hours but the film had me hooked from the moment it started. It was so tense and funny and horrifying.

Also there was some serious A+ audience participation, from gasps to screams to cheers and outright applause

reason why i love Eurovision:

- justified patriotism
- the DRAMA
- gay gay gay gay
- americans aren’t invited
- aussies are <3
- sarcastic ass commentators giggling to themselves
- ethnopop aka my childhood aka the world’s most underrated music, like traditional music mixed with electronic pop aka the air i breath
- passive aggressiveness towards Russia
- laughing at the UK for constantly trying to remind us how they’re above us because they don’t really care about ESC (while they tweet like 50 tweets/min the entire night)
- time machine to the 00′s when we all praised our european identity and were just a bunch of happy genderbenders (and not angry populist fuckers) 
- the cute accents
- the not so cute accents
- spectacular outfits
- not even seeing americans on social media lmao

The man from U.N.C.L.E
  • cliched and cheesy in the best way possible
  • it was so weird to see henry cavill talk in an american accent. i feel like it kinda took away a tiny piece of his charm.
  • did i mention ILLYA?
  • the story was a little predictable but i do not care. i loved every second of it.
  • Illya and Gabby
  • illya and solo
  • illya and gabby pretending to be engaged
  • illya checking gabby’s tracking device (i barely breathed)
  • gabby’s clothes
  • Illya illya illya

bring on the sequal! i am so fucking ready for one!

my dad was so confused about why all the Dalish elves in Dragon Age: Origins were randomly American, and I have to admit the thing I’m probably looking forward to most when he plays Dragon Age 2 is the look on his face when he realises they’re suddenly all randomly Welsh