see the Doctor was just being clever

I want to see a female Doctor Who. I want to see someone with 900 years of experience of presenting as a white man, suddenly having to navigate the world as a woman. I want The Doctor to walk into an emergency situation and start taking control as always, and being dismissed out of hand, and being totally thrown by it. I want the Doctor to realise that even with psychic paper people are going to be suspicious and questioning of their expertise. I want to see The Doctor being mistaken for their assistant. I want to watch The Doctor, as they realise that people didn’t just listen to them because they were clever, or right, but because they presented as a man. And come to terms with that, and fight back against the institutionalised sexism, whilst also fighting aliens I guess? 

So yeah, I was watching some first season New-Who today and just thinking “I wonder how this scene would have played out if The Doctor were a woman.” and yeah. Food for Thought.  

+Let’s Make A Deal+

Mason took one final drag on the cigarette between his fingers before throwing it carelessly to the ground. It had been approximately twenty hours since his encounter with the two Doctors, and he was finally ready to make contact.

He made sure to plan the call far, far away from the residence where 583 was being held. Just in case. One could never be too careful when dealing with someone like the Doctor– especially when there were two of them.

Although, perhaps Mason was over-thinking it just a bit. The Doctor wasn’t nearly as clever as people seemed to think he was. Once upon a time, UNIT pounded the notion into his head that the Doctor was one of the greatest masterminds to ever reside within the universe. Mason didn’t see a mastermind though. He saw an overconfident ego-maniac who didn’t know the first thing about planning.

            –Maybe the bastard’s old age was finally getting to him?

Not that it mattered. It only made things easier for him.

He didn’t hesitate even for a moment as he dialed in the number, and held up the device against his ear. He was eager to hear the anger in the Doctor’s voice– to see the desperation in his eyes.

Today would be a day of triumphs.