see that look on her face


Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha

This scene is so simple and fleeting, yet so meaningful. Here, we see two people in love; two people who want to be there for the other. Rick, we see, is being so gentle with Michonne; he cups her face lovingly and holds on to her. He is careful, because he knows she is still healing, but he still wants to be close to her.

Michonne looks at him ruefully; she wants to be by his side as they mount their attack, but her injuries won’t allow it. I imagine they had a conversation much like the one they had in S4; only this time it is he who would have told her to rest one more day.

Then there is the fact that the whole company of ASZ fighters are waiting patiently while their fearless leader says goodbye to his beloved. It is a very public scene, yet a very private moment between the two. I always feel like when Rick and Michonne are near one another, it’s as if they are the only people who exist anymore.

There’s so much emotion in this scene: An overwhelming sense of love, devotion, and a hint of disquiet, given the profundity of the situation. There’s a pleading in Michonne’s eyes for Rick to return to her; there’s promise in his, that he will.

I kinda want Bellamy to meet up with Madi and Clarke to reunite with the Space Squad first because I’m really here for:

  • Madi saving his life and it being epic af
  • Bellamy and Madi Bonding Time
  • She knows it’s Bellamy, but she’s vague as fuck about it because she lives for the drama 
  • Bellamy telling her she reminds him of someone with a sad look on his face and me crying for 17 years
  • Clarke seeing all of the Space Squad except for Bellamy and ‘losing it a little’ thinking he died in space
  • Snarky Murphy saying some shit like “Bellamy’s gonna have a literal heart attack when he sees her” and Clarke being like OH THANK GAWD
  • Clarke having time to reunite and catch up with the rest of her friends before that dramatic reunion I’ve been waiting my entire life for
Lucifer trapped in the cage away from you

Word count: 1010

request by: anon - Where the reader got killed before Lucifer was cast out of heaven and the apocalypse will either kill him so they reunite or give him so much power he can resurrect her? Pretty please?

(low-key forgot to look at the request as I wrote this fic and changed like all of it oops, if you dont like it pleasse request a new fic aha, sorry!)

A/N: there will most likely be a part 2 to this fic depending on whether or not I decide to leave it angsty like this or make Lucifer bring the reader back and have a cute/fluffy end. If I decide to make a part 2, it should be out tomorrow, yay!

“See you later Y/N”

A smile snuck its way onto your face after you had just spent almost the whole day talking to Lucifer. Most of the time your conversations would simply be you explaining to him what you had done during the past few days since he didn’t really have much to talk about due to the fact he was trapped in a cage but neither of you minded. You enjoyed telling him about your life and (although he wouldn’t admit it) he loved listening to you talk too no matter what it was about.

As you tugged on your hunter’s jacket, your mind drifted back to the first time Lucifer had contacted you all them years ago:

A hand reached up to your head as it boomed with the worst migraine you had ever felt in your entire life on this planet causing you to let out yet another sigh. The whole day it had felt as though your mind was foggy and there was some sort of static playing over and over again in your head like a broken TV.

You were just about to throw yourself out of the bed and go to the doctors for them to tell you that you were dying or something when the static simply stopped and you suddenly felt your body have a strong pull towards… Something. You just couldn’t quite put your finger on it, and that’s when you heard it.

“Hello,” the soothing voice echoed throughout your head.

That’s it. I’m officially crazy. I have actually lost my mind.

“Anyone there?” you again heard the voice fill your mind, this time making you feel slightly calmer almost as if this voice was comforting you.

Oh, fuck it. If I’m already crazy enough to think I’m hearing voices I might as well go that extra crazy step further and talk to them. You scrunched up your nose completely doubting that this would work before letting out a shaky and questioning “Hey?”.

“Oh thank Dad you replied. You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to contact someone; demons, angels and I even was thinking about trying to start on them human cockroach Winchesters but something pulled me to you little one, something I’m not quite sure of.”

Another small giggle escaped you as you remembered how you almost fainted when the “mysterious man in your head” started talking about angels and demons like it was no big deal, you even had to grasp onto the back of a chair to stop yourself from falling over. You tugged on your boots as you again remembered one of the many life changing conversations you had with Lucifer.

“Hey Luci!” you joked calling him the nickname his younger brother Gabriel used to call him.

“Ugh,” he groaned aloud, “I regret telling ever telling you that name.”

“Welp you did and you just know I’m going to use it to my advantage,” you flopped down onto your bed stretching your arms and legs as far as they could go into the soft duvet.

“Wouldn’t expect anything less of you Y/N. Anyway, how was your day?”

“Well, it was okay I guess, work was boring as always and ARGH..” pain flowed through your entire body as you reached out and grasped your hands tightly onto the bed to alleviate any of the intense agony flowing through you.

“Y/N?! Y/N, what’s going on?” you heard Lucifer faintly say in the background but your focus was on the loud screeching filling your mind followed by some catching words in the fog and static including ‘Lucifer’… ‘Soulmate’ and ‘Y/N’.

“Y/N, listen to me, focus on my words, I’m here okay, your safe. Dad, I wish I could be with you right now to help. The worst torture in the world isn’t me being trapped in this cramped cage, it’s that I can’t be with you right now and I will never forgive myself for not being able to hold you in my arms like I should due to the way I behaved eons ago.”

By the end of Lucifer’s mini speech you had noticed that the pain had completely stopped but that hadn’t caused the shock to leave, in fact, you couldn’t feel any other emotion apart from shock as you stumbled on your words not sure what to say to Lucifer, the archangel you had known for almost a year now, until you eventually gathered together the courage and forced your body to blurt it out.

“Are we soulmates Lucifer?”

From that day forwards your life changed, but not for the worse, for the better. You and Lucifer would talk to each other every day, sometimes even more than once. But as time passed you both developed a physical longing for one another that you couldn’t fill due to him being trapped in the cage. You never told him this but you tried your hardest researching ways in which you could have him physically with you finally but you always came up empty.

You stepped outside the door with a sigh, longing to be with your one and only soulmate as you slipped a gun into the back of your leggings, coving it up with your shirt and walked out into the world.

Not two steps later you felt an arm grasp tightly onto the collar of your shirt, ramming you up against the wall of the motel, an angel blade was pressed into your throat, enough to draw some blood but just barely not enough to kill you. God damn angels.

“Lucifer’s mate,” they spat as they pushed the blade further into you causing your body to shake with worry as you realised that they were truly going to go through with this, “abomination.”

And with that, the blade pushed down onto your throat, blood oozing out slowly as you let out a loud cry, the only sound which you could hear as you slowly bled out was the cowering wings of the angel flying away after killing Lucifer’s one and only source of happiness and the pained cries coming from a far away cage in hell. 

Elevators and surgeons

Inspired by @toevenexist drabble based on the promo photos of omelia for 14x07 - here’s my spin on why they are looking at each other like that. Enjoy! 

Owen was leaning against the back wall of the elevator while Amelia stood a few feet in front of him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, wanting nothing more than to stop the elevator and continue their original plan of having lots of sex in bed - that was before they were both called in for an emergency. 

“Stop it!” Amelia chuckled lowering her head a little. It was obvious to Owen she was blushing even if he couldn’t see her face.

“Stop what?” he feigned ignorance as though he had been scrolling through his phone the entire time.

“Looking at me as though you were doing very dirty things to me an hour ago” Amelia smirked, still refusing to turn around and look at him. Grinning Owen took a few steps closer to her, until she could feel his breath tickle the back of her neck

“But Mia, I was doing dirty things to you an hour ago. Very dirty things.” he whispered, his hot breath lighting a fire within Amelia. He brushed his lips against her neck while he pulled her ass against his crotch, his fingers holding on tightly to her hips.

“Owen!” she broke free, panting “the elevator doors are going to open any second and there are people here, people could see us…”

“That’s never stopped you before” he backed her up against a wall of the elevator. He pressed his lips to hers and chuckled upon feeling here give in. Suddenly the elevator came to a halt and the doors slid open,

“Nice to see you two treating married life like its a bed and breakfast in Vermont again” Maggie commented unable to contain her laughter. She wasn’t alone though, Webber was with her

“Are elevator’s an aphrodisiac to all surgeons in this damn hospital” he rolled his eyes.

“Ugh… Hi Maggie, Richard” “Morning Pierce, Richard” the pair mumbled, running their hands over their scrubs trying to make themselves look presentable. The elevator doors opened again, this time to the ER. The couple said goodbye to Maggie and hurried out,

“That was close” Amelia whispered, her smile never fading.

“Nah, just left you wanting more” Owen laughed as he overtook her smacking her ass playfully.

love me right ⎪II

Paring: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader

Words: 787

Warnings: nah

A/N: Another chapter, yay! Part three of my entry for @just-some-drabbles​ writing challenge. I hope you’re liking it so far :)

Chapter 1 

Y/N stood frozen in front of the door, unsure of what to make of the situation that had just unfolded.

She considered knocking the door but feared the outcome might end up being the same as before, besides, she had seen the terrible look on his face as realization washed over him; she doubted he would even look at her after that.

The boy had the Sight, that much Y/N was certain of. It was the only explanation as to why he was capable of seeing her. Humans with the Sight tended to be very cautious when it came to those around him. Not that you could blade them for it; when one was capable of seeing magical creatures without being use to them could cause that on a person.

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Okay but imagine Kara dressing up as Supergirl for Halloween but instead of wearing her actual Supergirl costume she bought some cheap ass merch costume and put it on and when Alex sees this she looks mortified, like, first off what is this trash, Kara, and secondly someone could still recognize you even in that cheap ass costume, but then they get to the party (Alex is still embarrassed out of her mind) and people are looking at Kara and telling her what a bad copy of Supergirl she is and that they look nothing alike and Kara has to try *so* hard to keep a straight face in front of them but later on she’s laughing her ass off while Alex probably went into cardiac arrest every time someone approached Kara to say something about her costume and seriously I’ve been laughing about this idea for hours now and I don’t think it’s ever going to wear off


Nialla slips away after things settle down. She was still feeling very unsettled. She kept seeing Maxine’s body, her pale face, at the bottom of the stairs. She notices Killian walking back to his guest house once the doctor and paramedics leave. She follows him, knocks hesitantly at his door. 

It was broad daylight and she expected him to turn her away. They couldn’t risk being caught. But he looks at her distraught expression and pulls her in. It isn’t long before they’re in his bedroom, settle onto his bed.

Nialla: I was a wreck, Kill! I didn’t help that poor girl at all! I fell apart and made a nuisance of myself.

Kilian soothing: You weren’t a nuisance, Neely. You found her, right? That must have been terrifying.

Nialla: It was! She looked so frail, so helpless. I just wanted to protect her. I wanted you, I wanted my Dad, I wanted Nicky. I couldn’t think of a thing to do to help her on my own.

Killian softly: Trust me. I understand.

It was exactly how he felt about Nialla. Frail, helpless, in need of protection against herself, against her disorder. He couldn’t think of a thing to do to help her either.

He caresses her cheek, kisses her tenderly.

Kilian: You did great, Neely. You called the ambulance, you got help right away.  You’re amazing. I’m here, Nicky’s here. And your Dad is coming down next week. Don’t cry, pretty girl. I hate to see you cry.

Broken Frames (Cullen Family Imagine)

Request: Can I request an imagine where reader is Renesme’s human twin and since she isn’t gifted Nes tries to get her in trouble and get Edward and Bella to always yell at her, but the rest of the family can see what’s really going on?

Writer: Admin Madz

Y/N was getting yelled at again. Her sister blamed her for something she didn’t do, breaking their mother’s favorite photo frame. 

“Do you realize how much this cost Y/N!” Edward yelled, “Huh?” 

“No.” Y/N sighed. 

“$50.00, do you know what that means?” 

“You over payed for a simple frame.” Y/N responded. 

“You stupid girl” and before Y/N could respond she was on the floor with her face in immense pain. She looked up and saw her sister smirking down at her from the doorway. 


“No Edward it’s final. I’m sending her to the Denali’s” Carlisle tells an angry Edward.

“She’s my daughter I choose where she goes”

“If she’s your daughter then start treating her like one” Rosalie butts in.

“I do! She’s just an idiot that breaks everything.” Edward attempts to reason. 

“Like what?” Carlisle asks.

“Picture frames, vases, plates, etc.” Bella starts naming. 

“I’ve seen Nes break all of those things” Rosalie tells Bella.

“Then why does Renesmee show me Y/N doing it” Bella asks starting to raise her voice.

“Because Nessie hates Y/N/N” Rosalie screams in Bella’s face.

“Why would Renesmee hate Y/N” Edward asks.

“Who knows but she does. Let’s just send Y/N/N to the Denali’s for now” Rosalie says.

“Fine” Edward says as Bella huffs in defeat. 


“Aunt Rose where are we going” Y/N asks as she wakes up in the backseat of Rosalie’s car.

“Alaska!” Rosalie says and Y/N gets a gleam of excitement in her eye.

i love when people that are not taylor swift fans will respectively hear you out when you explain why all of these terrible things that circulate about her are absolutely false and you can see the look on their faces of how wrong they were about her and them realizing she’s actually a beautiful person and if you looked past the news front page, you may see so much more.


Eva lets out a sigh and turns around to see Forrest watching her with an uneasy but gentle smile on his face. She wants to be angry and tell him to go away and leave her alone, but the look on his face is the same face a wounded puppy might pull. She doesn’t have the inner strength to make him leave right now.

Eva: “I guess I shouldn’t be so predictable.”

Forrest: “I’m glad you are, Doll. I was an idiot, there’s nothing that would stop me from chasing after you. I’m just going to wait here in case you’d like to talk to me.”

On a real note, one of the most incredible parts of the SS was when Taylor would see someone in the group or someone would say something to her and she’d immediately know who they are and say their name and something funny back to them and those people had the happiest look on their faces like??? Thats literally the most heartwarming and purest thing I’ve ever witnessed????


DAY 2: Relationships

H’s Relationship


  • H has a close relationship with her aunt and uncle (Eileen & Marcus) they was thrilled to hear that she was moving to Danville. Eileen would be the one encourage her interests she cares for H’s well-being a lot, due to the negative experiences she faced throughout her childhood.


  • He and H have a brother-sister relationship despite being cousins. Zack also looks up H a bit sometimes, he feels she understands him at times and when can’t talk to his parents he goes to H vent.


  • She is currently in a relationship with Elliot Decker, she shows deep affection for him. H sees him as her “handsome” tsar and Elliot sees her as his “tsaritsa” they adore each-other dearly.

Kimmy’s Relationship

Duke (belongs to laneypenn)

  • Kimmy is in a relationship with Duke Thompson, he’s very loving to his boyfriend and he cares for Duke a lot they share the same deep feelings for one another.

Yoyo’s Relationship


  • Yoyo met Sara during their second year in highschool, since then became good friends Sara often take him to Dr. Zone cons at times. Yoyo would invite her to go to music festivals whenever there was one in the city overall they have fun together.
First Born Child (October 23rd)

Being the first born child is such a bore.

Once you have a sibling people don’t care about you anymore.

They don’t see how hard you try in school,

They don’t answer when you call

For them and demand attention.

You’re just told, ‘Now we have to share the affection.’

I hate my sister. She’s nothing special.

If it was up to me, I would put her in a kennel.

She belongs with the animals,

The smelly creatures could be her pals.

She looks more like them than any of us.

With a flat face that looks like it was hit by a bus

And long arms covered in feathers.

She looks nothing like any Heathers.

Her teeth hook over her bottom lip

And we have to give her talons a weekly snip.

Her multiple legs always get in the way

But no one listens when I say she’s worse than a stray.

Eating more food than we can afford to buy

And breaking windows when she lets out a terrible cry.

When you’re the first born sibling you have to beg

To be heard just because your sister was hatched from an egg.

~ from the mind of my alter-ego Sophia Sparks

(Day Twenty-Three of Spooky Story Month)

atinygaykira  asked:

If I were to casually bump Into Sofia at school I'd sue myself. I'd be a blabbering gay mess. She'd be a sweetheart and Introduce herself and I'd probably scream in her face and cry. Shed be like "Hi! I'm Sofia how's you day?" And me being, well, me. I'd go "BETTER NOW THAT YOU'RE HERE! I MEAN, WAIT. NO. I MEAN I AM GLAD TO SEE YOU! SHIT! UM. YOU LOOK REALLY GOOD WITH BLUE HAIR AND IN LEATHER!!" And then I run away and hide forever. So glad you want to be part of that Sydney. You're welcome

but then while YOU are Magikarping on the floor SYDNEY gets to swoop in all suave and charming like

Originally posted by theboreddragon

The lady in Roxy’s favourite boutique knows her by now.

“My uncle just keeps getting married”, she explains with a shrug when her request for yet another bridesmaid’s dress is met with a raised eyebrow.

The eyebrow remains in place, now paired with a sour look on the shop-assistant’s face.

“Oh. I see. Is he the type to take a wife for a couple of years and then leave her for a younger girl?” It seems she knows a couple of men who are ‘that type’.

Roxy barely resists an eyeroll. She can’t really blame the lady. It is, after all, quite ridiculous.

“No, he is the type to be so fucking smitten with one guy that he feels the need to 'put another ring on it’ once every few years.”


Rexsoka Week 2017- Day 1: It was back during the War… 


Said man looked up from his meal, already knowing who was calling him. Ahsoka Tano was approaching him, her posture screaming irritation. Rex gave a sigh, was he never to eat a meal in peace? Still, he answered, “Yes, Commander Tano?” 

The young woman seated herself beside him, shoving a datapad in his face, her face skewed in anger. “Can you explain what this is? Because I’ve been trying to complete my reports for almost two hours, and they keep deleting, because of this!” 

She was obviously agitated, so Rex calmly took the datapad. He almost rolled his eyes when he saw the problem. It was some kind of security that the General Skywalker must have added to his padawan’s ‘pad. Skimming through, 

Looking back to his young commander, he could see the annoyance brewing in her eyes. If he told her that it was a lock on her ‘pad, and that the general had put it there…

“Looks like it needs maintenance. Take mine, finish yer reports. I’ll need back soon though,” the clone said quickly, reaching for his own datapad on his belt, passing it to her. “I’ll have one of the men take a look at this for you.” He didn’t need her finding out about this. Though, it confused him why General Skywalker saw the need to do this. Sure, she was young, but certainly not so young if she was a commander in a karkin’ war. 

It seemed he made the correct decision when he sees the anger and irritation all but flee from her being. She grumbles, but takes the datapad. 

“Thanks, Rex.” She seems almost embarrassed by her earlier anger. Eyeing his half-eaten, nearly cold meal, she mumbles, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to…” 

He waves her apology away, “’s alright Little ‘un. Better get started on those reports; the General will be wanting them.” 

She nods, seemingly lost in her thoughts, probably dreading the reports she found so boring. After a short moment though, she mumbled, “Well, I’ll leave you to your caff.” The smile she gave him made him pause for a second. 

It was not the grin she was known for, bright and childish. This was a soft, gentle smile, one he’s never seen grace her lips. 

“…I can have one of the men look at yer pad, sir.” The quiet moment is gone before Rex can even acknowledge it, and she’s nodding, standing to leave. 

“Thanks, Rex ol’ boy,” she says, bright grin once more tugging at her lips. She pats his shoulder, and is halfway out the mess before he can say, “Sure thing, Little ‘un.” 

He shakes his head, partly out of annoyance, partly of amusement. His commander is certainly a girl of many caps, going from angry, to embarrassed, to the upbeat, all in a matter of moments.

As he takes a long sip of his cooling caff, he wonders if he’ll ever again see the side of her that smiles so gently.

twelfth--doctor  asked:

I wish you'd write a fic where...Amilyn, Leia, Jyn and Mara get drunk together on a girl's night

Takes place in LHV of course a little after ROTE [again I am surprised Ben is not dead after all this] also Genderswapped!Biggs is here

“My father is Darth Vader”

Leia covered her mouth,as she said that. She honestly wanted to keep it as quiet as possible. It was why only the small circle of Han, Mara and Luke knew. But the Alcohol, she must have drank so much…she couldn’t stop the words from coming out of her mouth.

She could feel Amilyn’s and Biggs’ eyes wide upon her. Mara’s face went into her hands. What were they thinking? That she was a monster?

“Oh stars I shouldn’t have said that,” Leia sighed, “You must think I am a monster.”

All of a sudden there was a drunken laugh that echoed through the room. Leia looked over to see Jyn holding her drink.

“Sweetie my Dad engineered the fucking Death Star,” Jyn exclaimed, “People fucking love me.” She turned to Amilyn and Biggs. “Seriously do you think Leia is gonna choke people and freeze your friends in Carbonite.” Biggs and Amilyn looked at each other and nodded their heads before going back to their drinks. “See you’re okay.”

Deep within the Force Leia felt love and understanding amongst her friends. They knew her bloodline wasn’t made her but her deeds. As she smiled and sipped her drink she reminded herself how grateful she was to have them.

Send me an anymous (or not) summary of the fic you wish I would write. (maybe I will write a tidbit)

Chapter 2  “Oops”

Chapter One:

A large pop shattered the air, then a long sigh. “It’s exactly what I told you, I can never hit the target.” Green looked back at Eric who was standing behind her looking at the target with a questioning look on his face.

He walked up and stood behind her. “Do it again, I need to see what your doing.”  Green held the pistol up and shot at the target for the second time. This time Eric watched her and not the gun or the target.

He moved next to her and pulled her arms up straight, “when you hold your gun hold it parallel to the ground wrap your right hand around the gun place your finger on the trigger.”

“I’m not dumb Eric,” she looked at him wind blowing her bangs in front of her frustrated eyes.

“Well if you would let me finish my fucking sentence.” he grabbed the gun out of her hands. He quickly threw the gun up and shot 4 rounds at the target all landing perfectly where he wanted them to go. “Since you interrupted me instead of letting me tell you what you’re doing wrong, you tell me what the difference between what I did and what you did.”

She rolled her eyes, then stared at him. “I don’t know” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Find something little that’s different”

“I don’t know Eric I wasn’t paying attention.”

He shot two more rounds. She stared at him blank,

“What did my gun do? Did it move?”


“Exactly, my gun didn’t move, it didn’t recoil. That’s because when I aim my gun I lock my arms and when I wrap my second hand around I give my trigger hand a push and my other a pull that keeps my gun where I want it. I also breath when I shoot you don’t, the key is to breath out as you pull the trigger to make it flow better rather that having all your muscles tense, causes you to shake. Try again.” He handed her the gun and watched her. Firing her bullet it landed close to where she wanted it. “Youll get used to it but see how much better that was.”

He turn his head from the target to her, she laughed “Well shit, now we’re gonna teach you to be better at fighting.”

“no.” he took his gun from her and put it in his holster.

“Why not,” she looked at him a little disappointed.

He walked to the other side of the roof and out the door. Green ran after him, “what do you mean ‘no’” she mimicked him by putting her hands on her hips and talking in a rough low voice that was meant to mock him.

He stopped and turned to her, he gave her a quick smile that looked annoyed and bent down to her level. “I meant no, There is no meaning behind it except no.” He started walking down the stairs. She followed him down.

“That wasn’t part of the deal, You train me and I train you.”

“I don’t want to be trained.”

“Then I don’t wanna be trained”

“Fine, not my problem”

Green stopped for a moment while he kept walking. She looked at him a moment then ran at him jumping on his back pushing him into the wall.

“What the fuck?” Eric tried to push her off but she wouldn’t budge, She bashed his head into the wall and Eric finally managed to get her off. He pushed her down the stairs, causing her to roll down them to the space between the two stairs. She wiped the blood off of her lip then ran back up them. When he went to grab her she dodge out of the way grabbing his arm and pulling it behind his back and shoving him onto the ground sitting on his back.

He struggled underneath her. “What do you do now? You can move your arms your face is on the ground what do you do?” Eric struggled a little more. “What can you move?” He tried to kick her but his feet couldn’t reach. “Something else.” He bucked his hips up and rolled over putting them both on their side. “Good, now what.” He pushed her back and rolled on top of her then flipped over relieving his arm from the awkward position. He was now on top of her. He placed his hands on her neck and squeezed. “Okay, awesome. Can you let go now.He held her for a few more seconds letting her struggle more. He suddenly let go and walked away. Leaving her behind gasping for air and rubbing her neck to relieve the pain.

 Eric woke up the next morning sore, his head ached and light gave him a piercing headache. He didn’t realize there was knocking until he stood for a couple seconds trying to gain his balance. He walked to the door and opened it in nothing but his boxer briefs. Green stood there staring at his chest for a second until she finally looked up at his face. She wore a turtleneck and had her hair down baring its all natural volume. “I came to apologize for attacking you, you obviously didn’t appreciate it so here is a peace offering coffee.” she held it up to him.

He stared into her eyes for a second like he was trying to intimidate her, “Is this like a thing now, Every time you beat the shit out of me you bring me a sorry coffee?” He lifted a pierced eyebrow at her.

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “I guess, I only attacked you because I knew that it was the only way to get you to fight.”

He took the coffee, “so what else do you want, because I know you’re not here to apologize.”

“I want to know if you will still teach me to shoot.”

 “I see.”

 “Is that a yes” 

Eric laughed “You are the biggest brat I have ever met.” Green made a stink face at him. “I think you know it too, You beat me down in a stairwell and then give me coffee and assume that I will be okay with it. Did anyone ever tell you no?”

“I will teach you, but the only reason is because you’re not annoying like my initiates and this coffee is really good. So You bring me coffee every morning and no attacking me. Deal?”Green nodded and stepped away. “Where do you even get this coffee?”

 “I make it, my mom sends me the coffee beans”

“Were you an Amity?” He asked her looking at her with a sideways look.

“Oops” she gave him a half smile. 

Ross Poldark, Book One, Chapter 2

He had reached Elizabeth. “Well, Ross,” she said softly. His eyes feasted on her face. “This is most opportune. I couldn’t have wished it different.” “I could,” she said. “Oh, Ross, I could.” “I almost called to see you tonight,” Ross said to Elizabeth, “but left it for tomorrow. Self-restraint is rewarded.” “I must explain. I wrote you, but—” Ross looked across at Francis. “I’ve interrupted a party. Is it in celebration of the peace or in honor of the next war?” Thus he forced the explanation they had hesitated to give. “No,” said Francis. “I—er—the position is—” “We are celebrating something far different,” said Charles, motioning for his glass to be filled again. “Francis is to be married. That is what we’re celebrating.” “To be married,” said Ross, slicing his food. “Well, well, and who—” “To Elizabeth,” said Mrs. Chynoweth.