see thangs

[SUMMARY: Negan doesn’t allow his wife to work in the sanctuary on Valentine’s Day. Although she still tries to so that she can gain respect, Negan leaves the men with a warning so he could have her all to himself.]

Smut/Semi Fluff

Negan and Ebony.

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Pretty Young Thang (Allison/Derek/Stiles)

cobrilee said: Prompt 1 of 2 for my “extra” prompts: “I’m on a really shitty blind date and you got fed up with the asshole I’m with so you dump water on their head and ask to take me on a better date. I totally accept.” Stiles/Derek/Allison. (I can totally see two of them being on a date and watching the third on their shitty date, then they invite the third to join them.)

I really hope you enjoy this, Bri! I went for a slightly different dynamic, and it was a lot of fun to write. Fic #43 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Pretty Young Thang. Allison/Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Allison and Derek are out for dinner when they see a pretty young thang having a bad date nearby. Obviously, they have to intervene and invite Stiles to join them.

“Your nose is twitching.” Allison looks across the table curiously when she notices Derek’s expression. “Is something wrong?”

“My nose isn’t twitching,” Derek grumbles, reaching up to touch his nose as if that’s somehow going to make it stop. He rolls his eyes when she laughs, and she has little doubt that he’d totally throw his napkin at her if they weren’t in some fancy schmancy restaurant that Laura recommended.

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The hole

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Nothing, this is short and a bit sweet. 

I got asked to do a one shot kinda like when Joey makes a hole in the beach (when they have to piss on Monica because of the jellyfish sting).

A/N: I am having major Brazil feels and you’re gonna have to bear it with me. Feedback is love, feedback is life.

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“Get your things ready, sweet cheeks.” Tony cheered as he closed the door of your shared bedroom; he was holding two empty suitcases and he placed them on the bed next to you. “You and I are going to the beach!”

“For real?” you asked, not really buying it because the man didn’t know how and when to take a vacation. “This means you’re really gonna quit job for a few days?”

“Uh-yeah?” He nodded, cocking a dark eyebrow at you. “Come on babe, get your things ready and be sure to go with your best bathing attire because I’m planning to see that little thang.” He bit his bottom lip as he tried to fake a terrible street accent. You couldn’t help but to laugh uncontrollably with it.

Somehow, Tony had managed to get a hotel in Rio de Janeiro with a sort of private beach so it was almost the two of you and the gorgeous southern part of the Atlantic Ocean –not really surprising though, Tony had a lot of money to spare–. Brazil was incredible and even though you had an awful jetlag and the heat was a bit hard to take in, you were most certainly enjoying these small days you two decided to take off.

The white sand and almost turquoise water made up for the headache, the lack of sleep and the exhaustion and you couldn’t resist to go on and bathe yourself in the warm waters. Tony followed in suit and you enjoyed like two small children playing with the waves that turned you upside down.

“Jesus! I’m so salty!” Tony laughed heartedly as he licked a little portion of his skin after a waved had spun him and almost took his swimwear off. “Enough water for now?”

“Definitely!” You walked heavily was the water was retracting and slightly taking you back.

Tony laid next to you on a huge towel but he seemed uneasy, he fidgeted too much. You asked him to put some sunscreen on you before you fell fast asleep. You woke up what you thought was about an hour later. The sun was still up and Tony was not next to you anymore; he just wasn’t there in your sleepy sight. You called out for him, but his voice seemed extremely far, and then you took notice of the small fort he was building. It was actually a hole and he was inside it; you stood up from the towel and shaking off the bits of sand you still had on you, you crouched next to him. It was just about his height and you two could fit there perfectly fine. It only lacked a staircase to climb up easily.

“Remind me again how old are you, Tony?”

“Oh come on, you can’t go to the beach and not do something with the sand,” he retorted, “besides it was this or burying myself alive.”

“Jesus Christ…” you sighed. “I married a 5 year old, I swear”


Hangin’ out with lil ma @simplyitzel tonight. We ain’ really kicked it since she went all big singer star and shit lol. Got her a few gifts and shit. Yanno, to show my congrats. Mad support. We finna catch a few movies on the Firestick, preferably something scary and not that love romantic shit haa. I see shawty doin’ her thang tho… Mos def see her..

Checking Out Ya Booty (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 (you guys are just dating for this I guess)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

SUHO: He knows he owns it, shit. Can’t get enough of it so lookin at it is his fav pass time 

CHANYEOL: I feel like he’d just come out and complement you about it if you were comfortable enough with each other (no shame)

KYUNGSOO: He might be a little more tactful and look while you aren’t paying attention then avert his eyes when you look at him but damn if he didn’t wanna keep lookin

BAEKHYUN: It would just get him excited about what he might get to enjoy in the future (lol might will)

JONGIN: He’d be shy about it, super cute. He’d be so transfixed he wouldn’t have noticed that you caught him and he’d get all embarrassed aw

SEHUN:  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

XIUMIN: Oh he’d be smooth for sure. He’s an ass man so theres no way he’s not gonna look at it but he would know how to do it low-key so he ain’t shameless like Chanyeol or Sehun

CHEN: He’d be fuckin extra. Anytime you’d walk by in a pair of shorts or pants he liked (or walked by in general tbh) he’d suddenly become like a sports judge like ‘10/10 yes jagi, yes’

YIXING: This precious boy, he’d keep it inconspicuous so you wouldn’t think he was a creeper or that he only cared about your body. So pure


KRIS: Dumbass would be tryin to be all cool like ‘yeah girl, turn and let me see that thang’ then would prob end up doing some stupid shit and make everything awkward and/or funny

TAO: I feel like me might be super pleased with himself like ‘yes, I picked the right choice, go me, I know whats best’ This diva I swear

LUHAN:  (Forgive me)

Ooh ooh I’m just tryna get you in the mood
Ooh ooh baby just show me what it do
Now blow it like a flute ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh

Daryl’s Daughter! Reader x Carl Grimes - Sneaking out the Window

Requested by Anonymous

Originally posted by fuchsia-fakers

Summary: In which Y/N has Carl help her sneak out the window to go to Ron’s party together without Daryl finding out. Carl and Y/N end up playing Seven Minutes in Heaven and now things will never be the same between them.

Meanwhile, Daryl goes on a rage looking for his daughter :P

Warnings: Aggressive snogging and Angry Rednecks



“Goo'night, Daddy!” you called out, jogging up to your room and closing the door behind you, but not before you heard your father’s response of “Goo'nigh’, Darlin’!”

You walked over to your wardrobe and pulled out the only dressy article of clothing you owned. It was a strapless black dress with sequins and a black ribbon around the middle. It came to about mid-thigh and your dad would absolutely kill you if he saw what you was wearing. As you applied a small amount of make up and did your hair, you couldn’t help but wonder if this would all be worth it if you got caught in the end. You see, you’ve been living in Alexandria for little over three months now and Ron was hosting a party for all the teenagers in the small community tonight. There would be no adult supervision and, if you had heard him correctly, alcohol. Lots of it.

Obviously, your father would rather willingly feed himself to walkers than see his daughter go to a house full of horny teenaged boys and liquor.

Either way, you were still going to that party, whether he liked it or not. As if your thoughts had been read, a quiet tapping was heard from your window and you rushed over there, moving the curtains aside and opening the glass to none other than Carl Grimes standing beneath you.

“Hey,” he whispered, grinning up at you. You mirrored his expression.

“Hi!” you whispered back. “You ready to catch me?”

“Yeah, just be careful,” he replied. You nodded, quickly switching off your light and beginning to climb out the frame. It was a little difficult, considering the short dress you were wearing and the boy standing right beneath you, but you’re pretty sure he didn’t see anything (thang xD). You were now hanging from the window, holding on with you hands and your feet dangling in the air. “Carl, catch me!” you hissed, pushing yourself off so that you’d fall backwards and your dress wouldn’t ride up. Instead of meeting the cold floor, you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist and plant you on the ground safely. You turned around and high-fived your best friend, adrenaline coursing through your veins.

“We did it!” you squealed, shutting up when Carl hushed you, but smiling afterwards anyways.

“You look beautiful,” he complimented. You blushed and smiled bashfully.

“Thank you, you clean up good, too,” you smiled.

“I’m wearing jeans and a dress shirt,” he laughed. “Come on, we’re already late,” he said, taking your hand and leading you towards Ron’s house.

~Ten Minutes Later~

At first, neither you or Carl remembered what house it was in the dark atmosphere.

Then, you heard the thumping house music and knew exactly where to go.

Inside the house was almost exactly like what you remember seeing in those teen movies like Mean Girls or Clueless. There were fairy lights hanging on walls and wrapped around the stair banisters. Kids who you’ve never even seen before were walking around with red solo cups in their hands and laughing loudly with their friends. The electronic music vibrated under your feet but you didn’t mind one bit; you loved every second of this. You looked at Carl with wide eyes and he smiled the widest you’ve ever seen him smile.

This was gonna be awesome.

“Hey, you guys made it!” Ron approached you both and gave you a friendly hug and slapped hands with Carl. “How could we not? This looks awesome!” Carl said. Enid approached you all.

“Hey, Ron - Whoa, Y/N! Your dad let you come?” she asked, shocked. You shrugged innocently, playing with your hair. “He doesn’t exactly know I’m here,” you said, laughing at her astonished face.

“Don’t take all the credit! I helped you sneak out,” Carl reminded.

“Damn, you two are like Bonnie and Clyde,” Ron joked. “You want anything to drink?” Carl’s eyes grew at the offer. “Hell yeah!”

“Non-alcoholic for me, thanks,” you said. “Daddy’ll know something’s up if he sees me hung over tomorrow mornin’,” you said. As you followed Ron to the drinks table, you couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. Finally. You were finally being a teenager! Not having to watch your back every second or bash walker skulls in - you were at a party. It seemed so unreal.

You were so caught up in your own thoughts that you didn’t hear what Ron and Enid were talking to you and Carl about until your name was mentioned several times. “…What do you think, Y/N? Y/N? Hello, you alive? Y/N!”

“Huh? Oh, hi,” you said sheepishly, laughing with them at your own absent-mindedness.

“Ron was saying, are you guys up for Seven Minutes in Heaven?” Enid asked. You saw Carl cock his head to the side, a habit he’d picked up from his father. “Seven Minutes in Heaven? What’s that?” he asked curiously. Ron and Enid’s mouths dropped open and they looked at you both like you where aliens. “You guys…You’ve never been to a real party, have you?” Ron gasped. You and Carl shook your heads, no. The evil smirks on both of their faces read it all: they were going to have some fun taking away your ignorance to the teenage lifestyle.

Little did you know, as Ron got you your drink, he somehow got your non-alcoholic drink mixed up with an extremely alcoholic one. Oops.

*Exactly one incredibly tipsy hour later*

“Alright, everyone, gather round! We’re playing a game!” Ron yelled, forcing everyone to crowd around him. In his hand was an empty bag and he instructed everyone to put one personal item inside. You thought about it for a moment before taking off your charm bracelet your dad had given to you years ago inside and going back to sit down.

“Right, so one person has to come up and pull an item from this bag! The person who the item belongs to along with the person who chose have to go into that closet-” Ron pointed at a tiny closet that could compete with Harry Potter’s. “and…Well, yeah. Make out.”

You were shocked at the last part; you had to kiss someone you didn’t know? What kind of a game was this? Suddenly, you didn’t want to play anymore. “So who’s going first?” Ron asked flamboyantly.

Absolutely no one volunteered as tribute.

He frowned and scanned the room, his eyes landing on your heated face and he knew exactly who to choose. “Y/N! Come on up here!”

“No thanks,” you said, blushing as everyone looked at you. Suddenly, there was a hard shove in your back and you stumbled towards Ron, turning back to glare at an innocently whistling Enid. Ron shoved the bag under your face, and, knowing there was no way out of this, you stuck your hand in and fished around and pulled out a random object.

It was a yellow sheriff’s star.

*Third Person*

The man burst through the front door of the neighbouring house, startling everyone else in his group.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, Daryl?” Michonne asked with wide eyes.

“Y/N!” he gasped out.

“What about her?” Rick asked.

“She’s gone! She’s not in ‘er room and I dunno where she is!” the redneck went into full panic mode. You were his little girl and he’d be damned if anything happened to you. “Daryl, calm down. We’ll find her,” Maggie said, leading the man to a seat.

“Maybe I can ask Carl, see if he knows anything,” Daryl suggested. Rick shook his head.

“Carl ain’t here,” he said. “He’s gone to Jessie’s son’s party,”

“But then-” suddenly, the realisation hit Daryl in the face like a pile of walker guts. And just like that, his worry was replaced with fury. “Rick, did Y/N say anything bout tha’ party to you?”

“No, why do you…? Oh. Oh,” the realisation had gotten to the sheriff as well, now. He had to admit, he was shocked that such a good girl like you would sneak out. “Wait, did Y/N sneak out with Carl?” Glenn asked, holding back laughter.

“'Course she did. She’s a teenaged girl, after all,” Maggie said.

“I didn’t see her leave!” Daryl said.

“She has a window, doesn’t she?” Michonne said pointedly.

“But…the drop would’ve seriously injured 'er,” Daryl tried.

“She had Carl, didn’t she?” Michonne repeated. Glenn was now currently dying from laughter.

“Go Y/N,” Carol muttered under her breath. Daryl stood up abruptly and began to storm towards the door. “Daryl, where are you going?” Rick asked.

“To get my daughter! There’s probably alcohol there and I’ve seen the way some o’ these little boys are eyein’ up my girl! Ain’t nothing 'appenin’ to 'er!” he shouted, leaving the house in a rage.

“Damn…I hope the poor girl survives her father’s wrath,” Rosita said from Abraham’s lap sympathetically. Tara began to laugh.

“I knew death by walkers was a thing, but death by redneck…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

*Meanwhile, back at the party*

“Uh….” you had no words. You knew exactly who that star belonged to, but you couldn’t believe it. You had to go in a closet with your best friend and make out with him? It seemed too surreal. “Who does the star belong to?” Ron demanded.

“Um, me,” Carl said, nervousness cracking his voice. Enid made eye contact with Ron and beamed happily. It was no secret that she heavily shipped Y/N and Carl. “What’re you waiting for? Get in the closet!” she stood up and began to tow you toward the small space and the other members of the party started to laugh and cheer in encouragement. “W-wait, guys! I’m not sure this is a good-!” you tried to buy yourself some time, but it was no use. You were shoved in after Carl and he caught you just before you fell. The door slammed shut and locked behind you and you heard Enid’s call of “HAVE FUN!”

You didn’t dare say anything. The atmosphere was so heavily awkward that you could suffocate. Why did you come to this party? You should’ve listened to your gut and stayed home; Carl obviously didn’t  want to kiss you, otherwise he would’ve done something other than stiffly hold you for-

You jumped back at the realisation that you were still in his arms and he scratched the back of his neck. “So…you enjoying the party?” he asked. You nodded quickly, not meeting his blue eyes.

“I’m sorry that you’re stuck here with me,” you said, chuckling nervously. Carl cocked his head to the side. “Why’re you sorry? I don’t mind,” he said. You looked at him in surprise.

“You…don’t?” you said tentatively. He shook his head.

“No. What would make you think I did?” he asked. You looked down, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Well, it’s just…I would’ve thought that if you wanted to kiss me, you would’ve done it already,” you admitted, but then mentally slapped yourself for your words. Where was all this coming from? You’ve never looked at Carl as more than a friend…An incredibly sexy, funny and compassionate friend. Carl took a brave step closer to you. “I would like to kiss you,” he said confidently. You snapped your head up and all the air left your body. “I…I just don’t know how,” he said sheepishly.

“Aww!” you heard from outside the closet.

“Shut up, Enid!” another voice hissed.

“You’ve never done anything like this, have you?” you said, smiling shyly. “Because I haven’t either. So you don’t need to be embarrassed about anything.”

“Thanks,” Carl grinned. And it was like that, you just found yourself trapped in his gaze. HIs bright eyes seemed to hold your (e/c) irises and he brought one calloused hand up to stroke the side of your face. You gently placed one hand on his shoulder and moves towards him, the look in your eyes and the smile on your lips telling him that it was OK. Slowly, carefully, Carl lowered his soft lips to yours; you did not feel fireworks or see explosions like the romance novels said you would.

Instead you just felt a beautiful warmth spread through you, from your fingertips to your chest. You both moved your lips in synch, fitting together perfectly like a puzzle. Carl backed you into a wall and you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands now gripped your waist, pressing you closer to him. Your senses went into overload and you felt your heart jump when his tongue brushed your bottom lip. You openly welcomed his tongue with your own and you giggled when you felt his roaming hands slide from your back to your backside; from your backside to the nape of you neck - it’s as if he couldn’t decide where to place his hands. Eventually, his right hand hooked around the back of your thigh and hoisted it up to his hip forcefully. You drew in a sharp breath and Carl moved to your neck, kissing, sucking, biting…you’d definitely have a hickey. As Carl bit down on a certain spot, a loud, high-pitched (and embarrassing) moan left your mouth and you heard cheering outside.

Smiling cockily, Carl moved from your neck and continued to passionately kiss you. You started to rock your hips against his and he was starting to grunt into your mouth, biting back his own moans. “Alright, wrap it up, guys! 30 seconds left!” you heard Ron shout. In those 30 seconds, you and Carl broke away from the heated kiss and hurriedly fixed your clothes, laughing and giggling at each other’s messy states. “Carl, what does this make us now?” you asked, still giddy from the kiss. He took a hold of your hand and squeezed it, smiling lovingly at you.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?” he asked. You laughed happily and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“Of course,” you said.

The door swung open and you were honestly 100% ready to take on the inappropriate jokes from Ron and Enid, but instead, you felt your stomach churn. Standing at  the entrance was not your friends but instead, your worst fear.

“Daddy?” you squeaked out. He. Looked. Livid. His face was flushed red and his eyes were blazing with anger and betrayal. Shit. He grabbed your upper arm and yanked you out of the closet, doing the same to Carl. “Wha’ the hell do ya think you were doin’ ta my little girl?!” he demanded, shouting in Carl’s face. “Daddy, stop! C'mon, it was just a game!” you tried, but he then rounded onto you.

“I don’t wanna hear anotha word come out of your little lyin’ mouth, you hear me?” he yelled at you, dragging both and Carl out the front door. You held back laughter as you heard Carl shout over his shoulder, “Thanks for the invite, Ron!”

Your dad was gripping your arm so tightly, you thought it was going to bruise. How did he know you were gone? You were sure you locked your bedroom - oh. You didn’t lock your bedroom door. You sighed at your own stupidity and looked at Carl apologetically, but he didn’t look upset at all. Instead, he was grinning from ear to ear and looked as if he was floating on air rather than being dragged along by your pissed father. When he sensed you looking at him, he looked back at you and his smile did not falter. What was he so happy about?

You dad dragged you and Carl into Rick’s home, where the entire group was up and waiting for your arrival. Did he seriously wake everyone up? Everyone had different reactions. While Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Tara and Rosita where holding back their hysterics, Rick looked absolutely ready to kill his son. Carol looked humoured and Abraham and Eugene were…playing poker.

“Found 'em at the party, jus’ like you said,” Daryl said gruffly. Carl was no longer smiling as he got shoved forwards. “An’ this one was suckin’ face with my daughter!”

You were absolutely mortified. “DADDY!” you shrieked, face sizzling from humiliation. Poor Carl looked like he wanted to melt into the floor.

“Daryl, it wasn’t like that, I swear-!” Carl tried, but shut up immediately when you dad tooka threatening step towards him. “I don’ wanna hear it, boy! First, you get my daughter to sneak out with you. Then, you take advantage of 'er!”

“Daddy! That is not what happened!” you tore your hand from you father’s grip and glared at him. “None of this was Carl’s idea, OK? It was all me! He didn’t even want to go to the party, but I convinced him to help me sneak out! And it was just a kiss!”

“He was eatin’ your face!” your dad yelled. Michonne began to shriek with laughter. “You’re too young for all…This! You don’t need a boyfriend or to go to parties or wear skimpy dresses!”

“But I’m old enough to kill people? To survive in the wilderness? To face death multiple times?” you shot back at him. “You’re always telling me how you want me to be a normal teenaged girl, but when I do stuff teenaged girls do, you flip the heck out! What do you want from me?”

“Daryl, Y/N, I think you both need to calm down,” Rick said. He then turned to Carl. “And you’re in a helluva lotta trouble, Carl.”

“For what?” Carl said, outraged. “You said I could go to the party!”

“I didn’t say you could help Y/N sneak out,” Rick pointed out. “I didn’t say you could drink alcohol,” Carl shrunk back and clamped his lips shut, knowing his dad could smell the drink on his breath. “Go upstairs, now.”

“But Dad-!”

“Now, Carl!”

Sighing dramatically, Carl stropped upstairs, but not before sending you a longing look. Rick turned to your dad. “He’s not gonna go unpunished for this,” he assured him. “Y/N and Carl are both as equally guilty as each other,”

“It was a party!” you growled. Your dad thwacked you in the mouth and roughly grabbed your shoulder, pushing you towards the door. “See ya tomorrow, Rick,” Daryl grunted, slamming the front door behind him.

*****************TIME SKIP BROUGHT TO YOU BY CARL POPPA**********************

After your father bolted you window shut and took the key with him, he sent you to bed without another word. Grumpily, you complied, climbing into bed and glaring at the ceiling. Now not only were you in trouble, but your best friend….boyfriend was too. Just as you thought this, you heard the tapping at your window again. You jumped out of bed and ran to the window to see none other than Carl motherfucking Grimes standing beneath your window again. He signalled for you to come down and you rolled you eyes, putting your converse back on and creeping out the front door this time. Good thing your dad was a deep sleeper.

“You feelin’ suicidal or wha’?” you joked, running up to hug and kiss the brunette boy.

“Your dad sleeping?” he asked. You nodded.

“Good, so’s mine. Everyone else’s gone home.”

“Carl, they said no more parties,” you groaned. Carl raised an eyebrow at you.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything about going back to Ron’s. I was gonna ask if you wanted to come up to me room so we could pick up where we left off during the game…” he winked at you and you bit your lip, loving the sound of the idea.

“What if we get caught?” you asked. Carl shook his head.

“We won’t as long as you don’t wake everyone up with your moaning-”

“Shut up!” you laughed, interlocking your fingers with his as he walked you back to his house. And as you looked at your amazing new boyfriend, you felt your heart speed up.

Yeah. He was so worth getting caught over.

                                                                             ~The End~


Grady and the baby. 


                                                 Kim Youngjae

   「 Who’s that sexy thang I see over there?
                              That’s me, standin’ in the mirror
                                     What’s that icy thang hangin’ ‘round my neck?
                                                          That’s gold, show me some respect   」

                            If I was you, I’d wanna be me too. 

                                   That one arrogant rich kid/au ver.
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excuse me while I throw up a rainbow at how Rick fucking Grimes reacted when he caught the dude trying to beat Daryl up and put his best #ain'tnobodyfuckingwithmyman face on