see she can be nice sometimes

I feel like the older I get, the less I enjoy christmas.
I still can remember when I was 8 years old, I was really looking forward to christmas and seeing my relatives again. And I was sooo pleased when I saw the presents under the tree and the dinner on the table and the fairy lights hung up everywhere in the room, mirroring in my eyes.
But now… Being more or less an adult, I hate christmas. I hate seeing my relatives, seeing how pseudo-friendly they can be. And I hate to see people being nice and happy just because they have to be! Because the society told them to act like they are happy, “ ‘cause it’s christmas!“
And I really miss this feeling. This feeling full of pleasure when I saw the beautifully decorated room.
It’s gone. 
It’s gone just like my anticipation for christmas.
And sometimes I’m jealous of my sister. She’s 8, full of joy, and full of happiness. She doesn’t know the truth yet that christmas is just a big lie. Nobody’s happy. Nobody likes the presents they get. Nobody wants to see their relatives who are completely meaningless during the rest of the year! 
But everybody misses christmas like it used to be when we were younger.
—  L.R., The pleasure of christmas
things said to or by my siblings:
  • “They break your heart, I break their face. Simple as that.”
  • “Trust me, I know people.”
  • “I’m hugging you, shut up.”
  • “Oh my god are you hugging me?”
  • “Stop doing that it’s creepy.”
  • “I tolerate you.”
  • “See this is why we can’t have nice things.”
  • “Ok but look, sometimes he gets off in his own little world all alone where he doesn’t care about anyone else. You don’t wanna be like that. No one likes that person.”
  • “If you do that again I’m hitting you…”
  • “So you’re telling me that…. You didn’t eat this because you thought it was mine, and I didn’t eat it thinking it was yours… Oh I’m eating this now.”
  • “Get out of my head please.”
  • “W h a t are you wearing?”
  • “Is that my shirt? That’s my shirt isn’t it….”
  • “No you can’t have my pants, I need them.”
  • “Eh, just go grab something from the closet and you’ll be fine.”
  • “I need you to dress me today.”
  • “I’m wearing your shirt. It’s mine now.”
  • “Would you stop taking my clothes with out asking?!”
  • “Oh hey I was looking for that…”

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

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heavymedic headcanons please!!

-They like to just silently read together, sometimes. Neither of them needs to say anything, they just sit there and pull out a favorite book and delve into it.

-Their house is especially clean and organized

-Heavy prefers to stay in, but Medic like to go out, both for dates and food

-Both of them like ice-skating and skate together a lot

-Sometimes Heavy will fake being sick so that he can see Medic get as excited as he does when he looks through his books,trying to diagnose his very fake illness, that Medic just assumes is rare

-Medic gets along with Heavy’s sisters very well, which was a must for Heavy in a relationship

-Heavy loves hugging Medic

-Medic is the dominant one and tends to make decisions for them, which Heavy is fine with

-Medic polishes Sasha everyday so that she always looked nice when Heavy sees her, since it makes him so happy

Been thinking about how often Ryuuko is portrayed as the Top, the Dominant one, Wow She Could Crush Me Anytime, in her ships, especially when it comes to RyuMako. This is not a complaint, that is totally acceptable and it’s pretty nice to see Ryuuko showing off that she can be romantic and suave without fucking anything up but, this happens so often that I feel like some people are just mischaracterizing her sometimes because have you analyzed her personality properly?

I mean, anything sexual or about ~Love~ easily makes her flustered, do you really think she wouldn’t actually be silly if she tried to be romantic?

Does this come off as a “”Top”” for you?

I feel like the older I get, the less I enjoy christmas.
I still can remember when I was 8 years old, I was really looking forward to christmas and seeing my relatives again. And I was sooo pleased when I saw the presents under the tree and the dinner on the table, and the fairy lights hung up everywhere in the room, mirroring in my eyes.
But now… Being more or less an adult, I hate christmas. I hate seeing my relatives, seeing how pseudo-friendly they can be. And I hate to see people being nice and happy just because they have to be! Because the society told them to act like they are happy, ‘cause it’s christmas!
And I really miss this feeling. This feeling full of pleasure when I saw the beautifully decorated room.
It’s gone.
It’s gone just like my anticipation for christmas.
And sometimes I’m jealous of my sister. She’s 8, full of joy, and full of happiness. She doesn’t know the truth yet that christmas is just a big lie. Nobody’s happy. Nobody likes the presents they get. Nobody wants to see their relatives who are completely meaningless during the rest of the year!
But everybody misses christmas like it used to be when we were younger.
—  L.R., The pleasure of christmas
Maybe sales people shouldn't mess with their cashiers

So, I’m a cashier at a hardware store. The sales people on the floor have stickers and/or employee numbers that they attach to big ticket items to get “credit” for it. They don’t make commission, but it is kept track of in our systems so it can be looked up and we can see who makes the most money for the company in each department and sometimes small bonuses are given, but they’re not expected or required. It’s mostly bragging rights and bargaining chips for promotions and raises.

Tammy in the Lumber department is not a nice lady to cashiers. I don’t know why, but somehow she feels that if we make a mistake and sell something wrong from her department, it is a personal insult to her, despite there being at least 4 more people who work in that department.

So, she takes it upon herself to leave her department and come to the front of the store to read the riot act to any cashier that rang something up wrong. Now, normally, if a cashier makes a mistake, the person who finds it let’s them know in a civil, calm manner or the cashier notices their accuracy numbers are down and tries to fix it themselves. Tammy is the only person in the store who feels it necessary to loudly, and angrily lecture the cashiers. On the clock. In front of customers and coworkers. Keep in mind, that a cashier making a mistake doesn’t actually effect her personally very much at all. At the most, inventory might be off because someone sold a 2x2x8 oak that was actually a 2x2x8 fir, which, yes, is annoying but not worth humiliating a human being who made a human error.

After the second time she chewed me out, I decided that hmm… oh jee whiz, when she sells $400 worth of stuff, when I ring it up, oh boy, I just didn’t happen to SEE her employee number on it. Despite it being right next to the barcode.

I’ve told one other cashier who adopted this practice (who told another… who told another…) and so far it’s quietly spread across at least half the cashiers who’ve been disrespectfully shouted at and talked down to by Tammy. Most of us have now memorized her 6 digit number so even if she sneaks it on there, just numbers by themselves instead of including her name too, we still won’t add it.

Guess whose no longer the #1 sales person in lumber anymore? She’s not even in the top 3 as of two weeks after ripping me a new one.

Maybe don’t screw with your cashiers.

Edit: hey, happy ending. Early this morning, Tammy came at the head cashier. I just watched the head cashier have a meeting with the store manager, then they both talked to Tammy. From what I overheard, they explained that cashiers are not lumber experts. That we cannot tell the difference between pine and oak or spruce and cedar, that lumber needs to keep up with marking the different types. Then they walked her through how the mistake was made (you have to type in “5/4 x 3x3 ft” not “5/4x3x3ft” or any other variation, or the correct item won’t come up at all. Yeah, our system is fucking stupid sometimes), and the fact that cashiers are also expected to be able to tell apart at least 20 different kinds of electrical wire from that department, hundreds of different kinds of pipe and pieces from plumbing, and the fact that barely 4 out of 15 or so cashiers, have been here for more than half a year. We are doing our best.

She smiled and nodded and did the charming act, then walked away and maybe 5 minutes later, ripped into the store helper about leaving something on the Lumber desk instead of putting it away. Despite the fact that everyone could hear the store helper being called to 3 different places to help customers with load outs.

Good old Tammy, still being Tammy.

Cassandra was surprisingly on-board for the mabari. The Inquisitor never imagined her being much of a dog person, but she congratulates the Inquisitor for having a mabari puppy imprint on them. When the dog gets big enough, she spars with the dog and has recruits practice fighting with it. The seeker sometimes reads to the dog when no one is in earshot, and the mabari happily lies beside her when she does, listening calmly. Cassandra can’t help but smile whenever the dog visits her, asking for so much as a pat on the head.

Blackwall was one of the most excited to see the mabari, grinning widely whenever he sees the dog. He spoils the dog, and build a nice doghouse for them. He takes no offense when the dog would rather sleep anywhere but inside the dog house, chuckling whenever he sees the dog lying on their back, legs up, lips flopping back. He slips the dog numerous treats, and when the truth of his identity comes out, there is no anger or dismay from the mabari. The dog just sees him looking down, and puts his head in Blackwall’s lap with a sympathetic wag of the tail, an invitation for pets. Rainier sighs and smiles, stroking the dog’s head– he still has at least one true friend.

Iron Bull spoils the shit out of the dog, babying the hound. It wasn’t an uncommon sight to see Bull slipping the mabari scraps from his plate or rough-housing with him in the training yard. Sometimes when he sits in the tavern, the dog will climb into his lap. Bull’s lap barely large enough to hold him, but neither the warrior nor the dog minds. Bull just laughs and coos at the dog. “This is a good boy! This is a tamassran’s angel!” he croons lovingly. The dog thanks him with a slobbery kiss. Whenever the dog sits in his lap, it looks something like this:

Sera was excited; all Fereldens love dogs, and Sera is no exception. She likes to feed the dog things it probably shouldn’t eat, and will happily talk to the dog, sometimes using the dog as a co-conspirator for pranks. One evening after she and the dog manage to put buckets over several doors, the dog helping by carrying a bucket, Josephine visits and demands to know who did it. She points to the dog, and the dog lifts a paw, pointing to her. They both get in trouble, of course; they’re partners in crime, and Sera wouldn’t have it any other way.

Varric was distinctly reminded of Hawke’s dog, and manages to get the mabari to learn how to play Diamondback with him. Sometimes when they play a game, he calmly discusses things with the dog. “Now, do you think I should send the Merchant’s Guild a letter back, or use it to make a paper-mache boat?” The dog looks between Varric and the letter from the Guild, picks it off the table, and begins tearing it up with gusto and glee. Varric laughs, grinning. “That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” He doesn’t even mind the scraps of paper the dog leaves behind from his plaything.

Cole loves the dog; “He only wants to love and be loved.” he remarks. The dog checks on him now and then in his corner of the attic of the tavern, just to make sure he’s still there. “Panting, smiling, Master said I was a good boy, Master said they love me! He is happy, now.” he croons after the Inquisitor praises the mabari. The dog licks Cole’s face, and Cole laughs brightly. “He kissed me! I love you, too.” he praises, and the dog wags his tail in response. Sometimes, when the Veil or the world is too hard, too heavy, too sad, and Cole begins to panic, the mabari will find him and stay by him, licking him and cuddling with him until he begins to calm down. “He’s scared, why is he scared? Whimpering, wondering, he doesn’t need to be scared, not while I’m here. Thank you…”

Dorian is amused by the dog at best, but doesn’t have any strong feelings about the mabari at first. On occasion, when Dorian is in the library, the dog wanders up the stairs and lays by his chair, apparently having found a good spot for a nap. Dorian briefly considered shooing the dog away, but the mabari behaves and keeps quiet, so the mage shrugged and allowed him to keep him company. The altus feels quietly honored, pride bubbling in his chest, to be so chosen as a friend. Slowly, the dog grows on him, and he reaches down to pet it now and then, much to the mabari’s delight. The dog memorizes Dorian’s behavior, and one day when Dorian gets up earlier than normal from his chair, the mabari whines and hits him with a paw– he’s not allowed to go anywhere so early, he’s supposed to sit with him for a predetermined length of time. Dorian can’t help but laugh, and he sits back down, stroking the dog’s head.

Solas admires the dog for their intelligence, but doesn’t comment on the pup. The dog is wary of him at first, and Solas doesn’t approach him, nor does he try to touch him. Eventually the dog investigates him, sniffing at his hands and at his desk, licking his fingers cautiously. Solas doesn’t look up from whatever he’s doing, but does scratch the back of the hound’s ears nonchalantly, trying to act like he isn’t thrilled the dog finally is interested in saying hello to him. On occasion, when no one is listening, Solas will discuss his thoughts with the dog, who seems to listen respectfully.

Vivienne doesn’t care much for the dog at first; her only remark is that she hopes the Inquisitor bathes the hound enough, lest Skyhold start smelling like Ferelden. The dog leaves her be, and there is little interaction between them. At least, until Vivienne is visiting Val Royeaux with the Inquisitor, who stops in a pet shop to look at new collars. The Inquisitor is almost about to pick out a relatively plain one when Vivienne shakes her head. “Darling, if you intend to put anything on your dog, it must be classier than that strap of leather. Here, look at this one; it’s far more suited for a pet of your station…” Later on, Vivienne puts on a shiny, embroidered collar she had managed to rope the Inquisitor into buying, and the dog pants happily. Later on, when Vivienne is mourning the loss of Bastien, the dog finds her and silently lies down by her feet, and she does not object.

Josephine doesn’t have much experience with dogs, but she starts having the Inquisitor greet Ferelden dignitaries with their dog at their side. Every time, the Fereldens’ eyes light up and talk with the Inquisitor at length about their prized mabari hound, calling him “The Herald’s Mabari.” A few of them even teared up, and Josephine grew on the dog, considering the mabari to be an excellent ambassador. Every time the dog behaves patiently while their master is talking to some nobles, Josephine rewards the dog with mabari crunch. The dog starts showing up whenever any dignitaries come from anywhere, and while Josephine frets initially, most non-Ferelden nobles either didn’t care or were amused by the dog. After they go, the dog looks to her, expecting their treat, and Josephine sighs and gives them the treat. The dog sometimes cuddles against her, snuggling, and the ambassador giggles and strokes the mabari’s head.

Cullen is, by far, the most thrilled a mabari hound imprinted on the Inquisitor. He visits the Inquisitor shortly after the dog arrives, with an armful of dog toys, treats, and other goodies. He spars and plays with the dog whenever he has free time, allowing the dog to lick his face; he’s not even slightly disgusted in the least by the slobber. He frequently makes use of the dog in helping train his soldiers, and the mabari loves it just as much when a poor recruit gets knocked down. “There’s a shield in your hand, block with it!” Cullen snapped. “If this mabari were your enemy, you’d be dead!” When Cullen eventually gets a mabari of his own, he actually schedules playdates for his dog and the Inquisitor’s dog. When Cullen suffers from lyrium withdrawal, the dog visits him immediately, and tries to climb onto his lap. It doesn’t make the pain go away, but it does make the Commander smile; he could endure.

Leliana is fondly reminded of the Hero of Ferelden’s mabari, and dotes accordingly. Sometimes agents are caught off-guard to see the spymaster, perhaps the most frightening woman in all of Skyhold, cuddling and kissing the head of the dog, smiling brightly. Sometimes, if the dog seems bored, she has him run messages for her, which he does with remarkable speed; she always rewards him with mabari crunch for a job well-done. When he wants a treat, he sometimes comes to her and whines for work. “Hmm. I think I have a message you can run…” she’ll say playfully, and hand the message in a container to the dog, who runs off to work. Josephine sometimes teases Leliana about how much she spoils the dog, to which Leliana only has to say: “He is a noble creature, deserving of all the spoils he earns.”

Hello everyone.

Hello guys. It’s me, Cherry!

I’ve been  busy at work these last few months.
And I just left the hospital today.
My health is not good. I get sick so easily.
I have tonsillitis and it hurts so much. I can’t even sleep.

But there’s things I want to tell you all.

You all made my day!

I can’t stop smiling when I see you told me that you love my art or Yoosung or MC4 although I’m sick and stuck in bed ; v ;

I hope you’re not angry If I reply you late or not, because I couldn’t give a long answer. English isn’t my first language. Sometime I need my friend to help me answer the question, but she’s really busy too ;; I’m really sorry. T_T

Thank you so mush for loved my art. I hope you have a nice day!

p.s. If I finish all my work. Maybe I will draw the “All men are wolves” in Zen version.

There’s this girl I play with sometimes, such a sweet girl and she’s a Dva main.

So when I played with her for the first time, I was actually surprised because she always protects me. She’s always nearby me too or if there’s an incoming ult she flew high up so I can see her and GA to her. I always stay around her because I know she could protect me that well compared to the rest of the team. I mean I don’t ignore the others and I heal them but it’s so nice to actually have someone really protect you. 

At the same time I get to learn a few tricks on how she plays Dva so that’s a bonus :3

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Godot is too important of a character to only show up in one game he at least deserves a cameo somewhere if we have to see winston paynes ugly mug every game surely they can throw in some way for us to just briefly see this stupid coffee addict I mean seriously I am not content with him only being vaguely referenced sometimes even tho that is nice I just friggin cannot deal cuz all of the other lawyers from the trilogy have been recurring except for Godot like I know he's in jail but don't we visit the detention center EVERY SINGLE GAME like even if someone said a not vague thing about him in a conversation that would be great like seriously capcom don't just rip my heart out with this man and then never let me see him again

omg ok now I’m gonna cry for literally the stupidest reason but I feel like I need to tell a legit story. so hila klein from h3h3 productions is honestly such an idol for me right now. like, she is literally struggling with her appearance on camera (which I’ve struggled with for such a long time) and she’s doing an absolutely amazing job at it and I’m so proud of her. and she is a camerawoman and I’ve sometimes thought about pursuing a career in videography and to see a woman do that is so inspiring and just overall super nice and uplifting to see. cause for most of my life, I’ve been watching these tv shows where they use multiple cameras and you can always see a guy holding a huge ass camera and it kinda fucked with me ya know? like I would think “why aren’t women doing this?? is it because people think they can’t hold that big camera? is it cause as a young woman, I’m supposed to be in front of the camera and look pretty and attractive to entertain others?” so hila, if you happen to read this. thank you so much for helping me realize that as a woman, I can do something relating to video production that is behind the scenes and that I can be silly and goofy in front of the camera without having to think about if I look good enough for people. keep up the good work

Avengers + Barton family headcanons
  • After Clint “retired” he was like okay that one time was fun and all but my family lives on a farm so they can have normalcy you guys aren’t coming around anymore
  • To which the other Avengers said WRONG-O CLINT
  • It started with Nat coming around, right, because Auntie Nat is always welcome, and sometimes she’d bring Steve because they’re tight
  • But gradually the other New Avengers want to start coming, right? I mean the new facility is nice and all but who doesn’t need to take a break from training and get out to a nice cozy farm once in a while? 
  • And once Tony hears that everyone is hanging without him he’s like hell naw Bruce pack your bags
  • Thor just beams the fuck down into the front yard one day like “Hello Barton! It is good to see you again! Of course Heimdall could find your farm, Heimdall sees all!”
  • The kids are THRILLED and immediately take to all their new honorary Avengers family members
  • Thor does Lila’s hair up in majestic braids and tells her not to worry when she can’t lift Mjolnir, because there was a time when he couldn’t lift it either and as long as she stays good and heroic she’ll be able to lift it one day. “And you’ll be a mighty warrior,” he promises her. “Just like my friend Lady Sif. The two of you would get along wonderfully.”
  • Lila is all about being a mighty warrior like Sif and makes her dad show her all the S.H.I.E.L.D footage of Sif he can find. She thanks Thor for the braids by doing his hair in return and one day Thor may or may not have to rush off to battle with braids full of flowers and glittery barrettes.
  • The first time Steve casually walks in Cooper is like oh my god do you think I can take a selfie with him? And Clint and Nat are both affronted like?? Coop hello??? Hawkeye and Black Widow RIGHT HERE? And Coop is so unimpressed like but I see you two ALL THE TIME IT’S NOT COOL
  • Then he spends like an hour trying to figure out how to throw the shield right until Steve asks if he’d rather just toss a baseball around or something before Cooper pulls an arm out of its socket 
  • Naturally this leads to Cooper accidentally bragging to his team that he played catch with Cap and then what can he do but beg his dad to ask Steve to come to a game? And boy does he, and he borderline comes in his suit just to help Coop out but okay alright he’s recognizable enough’ he’ll just yell extra loud.
  • (Everyone’s staring at Cap shouting like an idiot but a few people kind of side eye Nat and her hair and they start to wonder, and then she just gives them a wink and they decide to maybe just leave it.)
  • Once Pietro found out the youngest Barton was partly named after him he NEVER LET IT GO DEAR GOD. “You named you SON after me Barton? I didn’t know you cared so much! I’m touched!” “Jesus CHRIST kid I thought you were DEAD it was very emotional let it GO”
  • Nat and Pietro fight for custody of this child constantly. Whenever they’re both in the house baby Nathaniel is constantly being held by one of them and the other one is usually close by. “I knew him first Maximoff, back off! He would have been named after me if he wasn’t a little traitor baby!” “But his father named him after me, clearly he wants me to have him!” (”let iT GO” a frustrated Clint yells in the distance.)
  • (As much as he jokes about it Pietro was honestly just flabbergasted that Clint would name his actual tiny son after him and he speeding away from Nat so he can get a few minutes alone to just hold the kid because wow)
  • Cooper and Lila side with Auntie Nat on EVERYTHING though, because she teaches them martial arts and how to speak in Russian when their parents aren’t looking. Now they communicate in Russian when they don’t want Clint to know something and it drives him BONKERS
  • Laura is often allowed in on cahoots with Nat and the kids and Clint just goes off and angrily refurbishes more of the house
  • Tony of course has no idea how to interact with children but he sure does like to rain uncomfortably expensive presents on them
  • Mostly he hangs in the barn with Laura upgrading the tractors and other farm machinery to fly and be more environmentally sound. Laura thinks he’s hilarious and even Tony isn’t quite sure why she likes him but she kind of reminds him of a farmier Pepper with slightly more tractor grease on her face and they’re best bros
  • Bruce started out scared to hurt the kids but he’ll sit and color with Lila for hours because coloring is very calming. He’s great at coloring and Lila saves him all the best pages to do.
  • Sam is GREAT with the children. Also he decided that what the Avengers really need are baseball games at Clint’s place. It’s basically a super powered free for all (Tony, Nat, and Pietro are the worst offenders) but the sole rule everyone will follow is that Laura is untouchable. She uses this to her advantage; she’s a killer first baseman. 
  • The Vision is FASCINATED by tiny humans. Just fascinated. They are the epitome of everything he loves about humans. The kids think he’s weird as hell but like a cool weird. 
  • MIT grads Tony and Rhodey totally did not convince Cooper to enter a science fair just so they could build him a project with lasers. No. Certainly not. 
  • Wanda’s a little distant and awkward with the kids but also very very protective of them. She likes to keep an eye on them while they play, because they’re just so innocent and sweet and they have no idea how lucky they are and it makes her kind of sad but also really happy that she’s an Avenger now and protecting people like them
  • (Not saying she the Vision bond over shared adoration of little Bartons but probably yeah)
  • Also she stops by casa de Barton all the time to take naps because it’s so much cozier than the training facilities and sometimes Pietro is just being a pain in the ass, you know?
  • Finally Clint begins muttering about how he “might as well just add an entire separate wing of guest rooms to the house since this basically the third Avengers tower” and literally no one objects and everyone supports this wholeheartedly and he just slumps off to get the lumber
Brick By Brick / Audrey Jensen

Anonymous asked: Can you please do some more Audrey fluff!!!!

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Audrey Jensen was hard to read. She had this layer of sarcasm around herself a facade of not caring on her face and barbed wire around her heart. 

I had made my way into her circle of friends and made nice with everyone, everyone that is excluding Audrey. She would barely look at me and when she did, sneakily in class or over the table at lunch, sometimes when I was walking to my car after school I would feel eyes on me and turn to see Audrey whip her head towards Noah like I wouldn’t notice, she would glare. Glare like I killed her cat or kicked her puppy when we were 5 but I didn’t. I’ve said approximately 10 words to her in the past seven moths I’ve been hanging out with her, twenty in the past 10 years and all of those were either “hello”, “hi”, or “okay”.

Tonight Brooke was having a big pool party, like she always does. There were girls from school and other ones in skimpy bikini and guys with no shirts and bright colored swimming shorts frolicking and splashing in the water, laughing and drinking, throwing blow up toys at each other. I, on the other hand, was sitting on the sidelines with a red cup in my hand but it was filled with juice, not beer. I didn’t have a taste for beer. 

“Watching the boys, are we?” Looking up, I found Audrey standing next to me. She smirked down at me before sitting on the pool chair by mine, her body was facing me and her forearms were resting on her legs. She didn’t have a cup in her hands but she had her bag slug across her body like she had just arrived. 

“No.” I stated. “The girls.” 

Audrey laughed. She fucking laughed. A smile and everything. Her laugh was light and airy, very girlish for her tough and rough exterior. I giggled with her, taking a sip from my drink. 

“Very nice. I didn’t peg you for gay, but that’s the thing about sexuality, right? You can’t tell if someone is or isn’t anything without asking them.” Her gaze turned to fix on two laughing girls, Brooke and Emma in the center of all the action, swimming back and forth and jumping on each other. 

“I’m not gay. I’m into people, gender isn’t something I consider when I date. It makes no sense to me, like why do we base who we like on how people present themselves rather than who they are, what they like, their morals and beliefs. We base our attraction on them if they see themselves as a boy or a girl or anything and everything else.”

She looked back to me. After a moment o two of her strong, scary eyes piercing me, she cracked another smirk. “So you do like girls?”

Sighing, I nodded. “What’s not to like? Anyways, why are you talking to me, Audrey?” 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why are you talking to me? Why aren’t you in the pool with Brooke and Emma or inside with Noah or someone? You hate me!” I laughed, throwing my hands up, making my drink slosh a little. She gave me a funny look. Her eyebrows furrowed, creating a crease between them. 

“I don’t hate you…” She mumbled quietly making her voice seem like it belonged to a kid, soft but raspy at the same time. 

“You barely talk to me, when you do you use your hard ass voice that is mean and cold, you glare at me and ignore me when you have a bad day. Hell, you ignore me when you have a good day, Audrey! You hate me.” 

“I’d destroy the world for you. I would tear it apart piece by piece all for you, and I would do it with a smile. But, on the other hand, I would strive to make the world a better place for you. I would build it up brick by brick all for you, and I would do it with a smile. I don’t hate you, I just have a hard time showing my feelings…I know I’m a bitch or at least act like one but…I like you and I couldn’t express that to you, not after Rachel. Not only is she…dead…but, I felt like I was betraying her by having feelings for you.” She stated it all so bluntly like it was no big deal. 

“You like me?” She nodded. “God!” I laughed into the air, casting my eyes to the sky, taking this all in. Audrey Jensen, queen of resting bitch face and ripped pants, liked me. Of all people. I didn’t look at her when I felt the chair I was sitting dip from her body sliding next to mine.

Someone put on The Sign by Ace of Base, making me cringe on the inside. I hope they put it on ironically. 

“It’s okay if you don’t like me back…just tell me so, okay?” She whispered in my ear, her mouth incredibly close to my face. My cheeks flushed a hot, fiery red. I laughed out of nerves, setting the cup on the ground. My head turned the slightest so our lips weren’t actually touching but I could feel them ghosting along each other. 

“Trust me, Audrey, I like you.” 

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I've just realize that in the dinner scene, right when Tina it's picking up her underwear, they very feminine and some off it have a pinkish colour. It's nice to see all this nuances of Tina. I mean she's all about practice, plain and sober colors, but she has this other side that sometimes we could see, like in the pig big. I just love how complex she is. Not only with this, but also with her feelings, carrear. Tina is my precious baby and must be protected form all word. 💕


I would go into a full blown out conversation about this but I’m at uni until 1:45 and then I have a hair appointment at 2 so I can’t answer on my laptop - I’m doing it on my phone.

I love that we can see a slightly more feminine side but at the same times she’s still not as feminine as Queenie - she cares more about her career/other things than her outward appearance but at the same time she KNOWS how to make herself look good (Blind Pig)… She has her feminine side as well!

She has such a multi-layered personality and is such a good character! I love Tina and will always love her ❤ she makes me feel like it’s okay to not be overly feminine and more work orientated!

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teach me how to draw Bleu

Guidelines for any good girl or boy

Blulu;s eyes are kind of lazy when she’s not focusing on something. She’s got THICC brows because GOOD GIRL

Blus got kind of a big nose and the base is supposed to be like a kitten

see look how cute

Good girls have mouths to say nice things with (piercings and tats added later)

ear so she can hear how good she is

jaw so she can eat good things

Hair so she can be soft when you pet her

half- shave because shes edgy™

Sometimes your Bleus will need two ears, depending on the angle u draw them

And now you’ve constructed a good girl!



Ms. Sunshine

Anon Request:could you do a really fluffy/cute one where the reader is overall happy/nice to people and C/N is very grumpy and can sometimes be really rude and the reader thinks he doesn’t like her bc he is bad at sharing his feelings and stuff so she avoids him and then he confronts her or something? the plot doesn’t matter much to me but please have a happy!reader x grumpy!C/N if you can :) sorry if this it too detailed haha thank you v much you da bomb xxxxx

Being positive was your motto. You really didn’t see the point in spreading negativity, to you it was just not beneficial to anyone, so you didn’t participate in spreading negativity. You were probably most likely to brighten someones day, it was your personality. You thought that most people liked that, but sometimes they don’t. (C/N) always seemed like he was either overly sarcastic, exceedingly bored with everything (and everyone), or annoyed with the world. You weren’t too sure if he was your number one fan, or even liked you for that matter. You try to cheer him up every now and again, even though you two aren’t close, but you just want to see your crush be happy for once. It’s not like he was sad, he was just always crabby. You usually say hi to him or something when you see him in class or when you see him in the hall, but more times than not, he doesn’t seem like he wants to continue with a conversation with you. Grumpy as always.

“Hey,” you say to him with a smile as you take your seat next to him.

“Hi,” he says with an uninterested tone to his voice, and he continues to keep scrolling through his phone.

People usually respond with the same amount of energy as you give them when you greet them, so him responding this way sort of un-nerved you. You swallowed hard and smiled nervously again. Trying to light up the mood you jokingly say, “Turn that frown upside down, you don’t want people to think you’ve never smiled before. It’s like a rarity for you.” You chuckle.

He turns and looks at you and says, “Well not everyone can be Ms. Sunshine like you,” he turns back around, sighs, and continues to once again scroll on his phone. Apparently you weren’t as funny as you thought. You fidget with your hair knowing that encounter didn’t go well at all.

The next day, you stopped saying hi to him in the hall and in class. When the two of you made eye contact, you would turn away quickly because your hopes of him liking you back diminished since yesterday. The whole day, he seemed like he noticed you not acknowledging him, because he would turn and look at you with a confused expression on his face. 

The bell rang and you were on your way out of class. When you exit the classroom door and enter the hallway, (C/N) grabs your wrist and pulls you aside.

“(Y/N)?” (C/N) says while pulling you aside.

“Yeah?” You say, looking as nervous as ever.

“Are you avoiding me, or ignoring me or something?” He asks with a concerned voice.

“No I just–” You shrug.

“You usually talk to me and say hi or whatever.” He says.

“Well, I just thought that you didn’t really like when I did that, so I stopped. I didn’t want to make you annoyed or anything.” You say with a nervous chuckle  while pulling a strand of hair behind your ear.

“What?” He asks furrowing his eyebrow.

“You just, you know don’t seem in the mood to talk I figured. It’s okay though I understand, everyone needs their space I guess.” You answer.

“I hate how you do this,” he says.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset again,” you say turning to leave.

“No,” he pulls you back. “I hate how you’re so nice to me and I don’t deserve it.”

“It’s okay, you’re fine,” you say to comfort him.

“No,” he says still holding your wrists. “I’m just not good with my feelings and stuff. What I said yesterday, that sarcastic remark, I was like trying to flirt with you but it came out weird.”

“Flirt?” You say with a chuckle.

“I’m so stupid.” He says.

“You’re fine!” You tell him.

“You’re so happy all the time, and I’m just me y'know? I don’t want you to be unhappy with me. I think I know a way I could make you happy though…” he says.

“And that is?” You say looking intently in his eyes.

“By going on a date with me. Look, I’m turning my frown upside down just for you. I’m making myself sound so lame right now just for you.” He says laughing. Wow. That’s the first. Now you get to see how cute he looks smiling.

“I’d love that." 

He kisses your forehead, pulls you in and puts his arm over your shoulders.

That was a quickie, don’t hate me! I’ll be posting another tomorrow, don’t freak out!

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I lowkey think mgk is crushing on Camila. He's admiring her at the least. That hug backstage on KCA shows how happy and grateful he is of Camila. It seems she was caught off guard but still smiled making it seem that she's just riding along with his giddiness. She's not jumping up and down like him. Can't blame him tho, seems like everybody that she gets close to admires her. She seems magnetic. Hope she finally has that someone she can be giddy about (see: lauren)

Sometimes I think she’s too nice…but then my friends say the same thing about me.😩

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I know this is late but do you have any tousaki lights au Valentine's day headcanons? I'm desperate for this au

hmm how about — Touka is unsure what to do about this day, sees Sasaki spending a lot of time working on something though, with his door closed and everything. all she can see is a lot of cut-up scarlet construction paper.

in the end it turns out that what she thought was a present for herself was actually Sasaki making Valentine cards for every single person in the dormitory and she can’t stop herself from feeling — kind of — just a little — jealous. sometimes it feels like Sasaki never gives her any special attention.

though she knows her feelings are stupid too. what is she expecting? Sasaki is a nice person. to force him to give her special attention would be cruel and selfish.

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