see she can be nice sometimes

I’m not straight.
Except people always think I am until I tell them which,
Fair enough,
Heterosexuality is
The norm.
…Unless you look at my friends
In which case we have a token straight
and even then I’m not so sure.
But people always assume
I’m straight.
See once I showed this friend a love poem
Which was about a girl.
And my friend, she read it and said
“I really like the way you bought his voice across.”
And I stopped confused and thought and realised
She thought I was writing from a boy’s point of view.
No love.
This poem
Is about lesbians.

I’m not a lesbian either.
And people always assume I am,
When I tell them I’m not straight.
Which I guess
Fair enough
Seeing as homosexuality is the second most known sexuality but.
It would just be nice not to be on the end of an assumptions.

Because it kinda sucks when you come out to someone
And then you STILL have to clarify.
That sometimes months down the line you have to say
“Can you stop introducing me as ‘your lesbian friend’ because I’m not?”
And they look at you and say “But you told me you weren’t straight?”
“Then… what are you”
And you have to repress the comment about being an alien sleeper agent helping to take over the world so you can reply with
“I’m bisexual, darling.”

But EVEN THEN they still don’t get it!
See when I told my mum she said
“Well we always knew you’d be a bit eccentric.”
And my cousins call me greedy
And my uncle once asked
“You’re not one of those lesbos are you?”
I just replied with
“No but my girlfriend is.”

And I know that not everyone in this community makes their sexuality such a huge part of their identity but
A lot of us do.
Because its a part of us.
Its what we are.
And when you grow up being told that what you are is wrong,
Or when you grow up thinking that what you is
Fine for other people! just… not for you…
Or when you grow up not even knowing that what you are is a thing that exists.

I’m not straight.
I’m not gay either.
I’m bisexual and NO!
Random boy I just met in a pub,
That does not mean I’ll have a threesome with you.

—  Let’s Get One Thing Straight, I’m Not (Pink Purple and Blue)

As someone who spends a lot of time alone with an animal, let me say that Lucretia definitely got in the habit of talking to the Voidfish during her year alone. Sometimes if the Voidfish wasn’t in the room she would forget and just kind of talk to an imaginary Voidfish. 

Sometimes they had coherant conversations! Fisher is a smart jellyfish. Sometimes it was more like;

Lucretia: *drops something* See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Because everything is garbage and we’re all going to die

Fisher: *worried jellyfish noises*

Lucretia: I know, buddy. I want to die too. But we can’t, can we? Because then a giant disc of living darkness would eat all of existence unstopped. And that would be bad. 

Fisher: *hums*

Lucretia: That’s a fair point. I guess we can not die for today. Do you want to find some stories to eat? Goodness knows the locals won’t be using them in a year or so. 

After a few months of isolation it got the point where they’d shout at each other across the ship just to have company. Fisher would blare random music notes and Lucretia would yell back something inane like “Yes, I know” or “I’m on it, Captain!” The Voidfish would follow her around the ship and make noise at her, because it realized how lonely she was, and she would have very serious conversations about the fuselage and the engine and her past and anything else that came to mind with this bouncing, growing (constantly curious, way too rambunctious) fish. 

When everyone else got back they were a little concerned about the way Lucretia kept turning to the Voidfish and randomly saying things like, “If we don’t find something to eat other than transmutated tree bark things I’m going to stage a mutiny and throw everyone in the brig. First I’ll make them build us a brig,” or ask it about its thoughts on religion and the Hunger as a representation of internal emptiness and external consumption. Worse, sometimes the Voidfish would respond in what sounded suspiciously like musical sentences, leaving everyone with the unsettling impression that the still very tiny, baby Voidfish deserved contributing editor status on Lucretia’s journals now. 

People always say find reasons to keep living when you’re depressed. And you should, but they don’t have to be deep or profound reasons.

Keep living because a book you want to read doesn’t come out until next month.

Keep living because your mom said she’d make your favorite food for dinner.

Keep living because the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and you can go swimming, or biking, or just sit on the lawn.

Your reason doesn’t have to be “because I’ll find my purpose” or something equally grandiose. Stay alive because you want to visit the neighbor’s dog. Because of that movie you want to see. Because you want to read one more book, draw one more picture, cook one more meal, take one more walk.

Find those small reasons to keep going and then keep finding them. Sometimes those anchors can keep you afloat and that’s all you need. To keep staying afloat until it does get easier.

You can do this. Keep on living.

crystal gems + gem kisses
  • pearl curled up in garnet’s lap, quietly holding her palms to her lips, making sure to switch hands every now and then so ruby and sapphire get equal amounts of love
  • amethyst giving garnet a high five and a quick smooch after a successful mission (and then jumping up to smooch her lips too, for good measure)
  • mystery girl kissing pearl’s gem as just an automatic nice-to-see-you forehead thing and both are very surprised and pleased by the reaction it gets
  • peridot lying on lapis’s back while they watch tv together, with her lips near the gem but without enough courage to actually kiss it (and lapis can’t see her, but she can easily tell how bad peridot is blushing)
  • greg blowing raspberries on steven’s stomach when he’s little and finding that his gem is extra ticklish
  • the height difference making it more natural for pearl to kiss amethyst’s forehead and amethyst pearl’s chest, but sometimes they lie down in a pile of pillows in amethyst’s room and curve around each other in a way that makes it work
  • amethyst kissing peridot’s gem very often (sometimes in greeting, sometimes to surprise her, sometimes to make her laugh, sometimes just because she just loves her so much) and peridot having the same squealy stunned reaction every time
  • pearl getting lots of casual pecks from garnet just because her gem’s so easily accessible
  • steven’s shirt riding up a little while he and connie are cuddling on the couch, she lightly kisses his gem on a whim and he suddenly starts giggling so hard they both end up on the floor
  • amethyst sneaking up behind lapis to kiss her gem and then running away cackling before lapis can retaliate
  • peridot finally mustering up the nerve to get lapis too after amethyst’s example
  • lapis chasing them down, followed by some very menacing-looking waves, and managing to get them each in a water hand; both peridot and amethyst legitimately fearing for their lives before she pulls them down and attacks them with rapid-fire kisses (first on their gems, then all over their faces)
  • pearl kissing steven’s gem once when he’s a baby, just to see what would happen, just to see if maybe…no, he just laughs a little bit, she frowns, and she decides to never do that again.
  • (she does do it again, when he’s older, he jumps into her arms under the guise of a game of steven tag and then plants a little smooch on her gem and she can’t help but lift him up and return the gesture. he laughs a lot this time, and she smiles.)

Feel free to add more!!

anonymous asked:

How do you like keeping arboreals as opposed to ground living snakes? Is it a lot harder?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder; it just has its own set of challenges. Arboreal snakes tend to have different issues come up regarding husbandry and enrichment–for example, when I rescued my Amazon tree boa, the guy who abandoned her said she would never perch and that’s why he didn’t want her (along with the horrible mite infestation she came with).

It turned out she just didn’t like the perches he was providing her and once I gave her something that allowed her more points of contact, she started perching during the day a lot more. Animals seldom do things for no reason and part of being a good keeper is trying to troubleshoot these problems from the animal’s perspective.

Arboreal snakes also tend to behave a little differently in regards to handling. In my experience they tend to be more alert and high strung (this doesn’t necessarily mean aggressive, it might just mean you need to pay more attention to where your fingers are moving around when you handle them to avoid startling them). Treating mites on arboreals can be a bigger ordeal since I’ve found that they’re more susceptible to getting stressed by the bathing process.

I practice what I call “husbandry handling” with my ATB because she’s a slightly nervous animal who prefers not to be handled often–however, I need to be able to do it with as little fuss and stress as possible in case she ever got sick or injured and needed hands-on medical treatment. This basically means I take her out on a regular basis and practice touching gently all over her body in the ways I might need to in order to provide medical assistance, but try to make it as stress-free and short as possible. She prefers to be a hands-off pet, and that’s fine! She’s still pretty chill for an ATB and I’m grateful she’s tolerant of husbandry handling.

Holly, on the other hand, is very laid back and doesn’t mind being handled. I’ve met CBB chondros that were much more nervous and didn’t like handling at all, so this seems to be a matter of individual temperament. She had an infected tooth last year from hitting the tongs and I was able to get in her mouth to treat it with relatively little fuss and stress for her.

This got a lot longer than I meant it to, so I guess the TL;DR version is that keeping arboreals is definitely different, but not necessarily harder if you have the experience and resources to do it properly. I’ve only kept chondros and Amazon tree boas though as far as arboreals go so that’s about all I can speak for.

Okay but the new Power Rangers movie was actually amazing?? I did not go into it expecting it to get me so emotionally invested, thought it’d just be nostalgia and goofy, but that shit had plot and cute scenes and was campy and just?? so?? good?? Also can we talk about how amazing the Blue Ranger is?! My boy is the heart of the film and he’s not only a leading black character but he is also an autistic superhero which is huge. And Trini!!! Oh boy, don’t even get me started on my little yellow sunshine ranger. I’m so stoked on her character. Yes she is queer, that’s made clear with a tender exchange around the fire with Zack and the others, but the thing I loved about the movie is that it’s not her ~defining~ characteristic. She is caring and brave and incredibly fierce- that girl is a little spitfire let me tell you, first one to straight up jump up a mountain and fling herself across a canyon like gottdamn- and an amazing, loyal friend and she just so happens to be LGBT (it’s not clear yet if she identifies as exclusively lesbian, bisexual, pansexual etc or forgoes labels all together but fuck yeah). It’s refreshing to see that we can be represented like that… you don’t have to be in a relationship to be gay, you don’t have to have it be something that is tortuous and portrayed as a burden and source of constant conflict to the character. There’s something so nice about normalizing queerness. Yes we exist in all arenas of society, we are everyday people doing everyday things, sometimes we’re single, and sometimes we’re superheroes with a kick ass group of friends. Go go POWER RANGERS!!!!!

I think the mistake that young women often make is thinking that every single boy that comes into our lives is supposed to “stay”. Whereas with boys, they’ve learned all their lives that everything is surrounded by them. they’ve learned that they’re supposed to be the center of attention. I think men believe so much in themselves, and have such big egos at such a young age, that they think, for example, that they can have intercourse with girls because “she’s cute” and that just be that. they don’t realize that these girls have feelings. Meanwhile, each girl is like, “my gosh, he’s cute, he’s really nice to me, he’s considerate.. sometimes. we’re going to commit to a relationship because we love one another.” She sees so much in him that he doesn’t even see in himself. he doesn’t realize that his friendliness is creating both, a bond and an attachment, in her mind. he doesn’t realize how serious this has become. We’ve allowed men to be disrespectful. We as a collective – moms, sisters, girlfriends, all of us. we’re all responsible. It’s an ongoing cycle of how we abuse each other. we abuse ourselves, we learn ourselves, we abuse others, they abuse themselves, they abuse us, and then again - we abuse each other. This is a vicious subconscious cycle. It continues to go on and on and on and on until you finally find those people or that person who understands that this is just who we are and accepts that. they accept their flaws. they accept yours. they accept all of you and all of themselves and eventually, you simultaneously end this cycle of abuse. and hopefully, you can help others too.
—  Reyna Biddy

Every single fusion with Pearl, despite how twisted Pearl’s motives may be (Sardonyx) (rainbow Quartz) or how much she didn’t didn’t get along with the other gem initially (Opal) all her fusions ended up being…..really nice and pretty. Sardonyx may of had her problems and we didn’t get to see rainbow Quartz, but I don’t recall there being an episode where they tried to wreck beach city or anything.

Garnet is a calm, cool, and collected leader, she can be risky sometimes and direct, but never to the point where she endangers anyone. And yet all of that is “”“missing”“” when she fuses with Amethyst who IS reckless, but from what I’ve seen in Opal, that reckless behavior is shut down. Not to mention Sugilite looks monstrous, like she has all these fangs and shit, but where were the fangs in Opal, again? For some reason, Sugilite is a cultivation of both Garnet’s and Amethyst worst traits, why they came to the forefront when their worst traits did NOT come up in other fusions, I don’t fucking know.

Honestly, I don’t even understand the concept of fusions at this point lmao.

The Bookstore

Hey guys! It’s me again, and I sorta wanted to write a Tom meet-cute because I daydream about those 25/8? This is just soft, fluffy and sweet, I hope you like it!
Author’s note: Tom is my screensaver and I went to Barnes and Noble today and the girl that was ringing me up was really, really nice and we were talking about Marvel because I was buying a comic, (I finally found Spider-Man Blue, three cheers for me!) and she was literally like, “oh my gosh, you and Tom would be super adorable together! I can just see it now!” And I sort of died? So this is just a story branching off of that?
The Bookstore
“Is that your boyfriend?” The saleslady asked, referencing the girl’s phone, as a smile that stretched from ear to ear crossed over her features. “He comes in quite often, has mostly good taste in books, although, sometimes his choices are questionable at best. Likes fantasy and adventure, some good, some not.”
The girl’s eyes widened and her mouth flopped open and shut like a guppy’s as she attempted to stutter out an appropriate response.
Tom Holland was the girl’s screensaver, and no, he most definitely wasn’t her boyfriend because he had no idea that she existed. Even if he had stumbled across her fan account, she’d just be another fan to Tom, maybe she’d even stand out for being an ultimate creep.
“He’s a very polite boy, you’re so lucky! My daughters are only interested in self-obsessed assholes.” The lady began to scan her choices, continuing to rant about her daughter’s apparent bad taste in men.
The girl was still struggling to comprehend her situation. The saleswoman clearly knew Tom, who apparently came in often, as did she, so she couldn’t really say that he wasn’t her boyfriend without looking like an utter and complete weirdo.
Pondering, she bit the inside of her cheek. Their paths had never crosses, so what could be the harm in indulging in a little fantasy? “We’ve been dating since last Spring,” She said, not daring to look into the kind eyes of the saleswoman.
“Ah, I see. I bet you two look absolutely adorable together, maybe turn him onto some high quality literature next time he comes in, eh?” The woman smiled from across the counter, waving the girl’s new Philip Roth books in the air before handing them over.
Reaching for her five purchases, the girl smiled and nodded, “I’ll do my very best!” She called and waved as she left the store.
Over the next few days, Tom wandered back into the bookstore. Navigating his way down the store’s narrow aisles, Tom searched for something that he could read on the plane that he’d inevitably be boarding sometime soon. He paused every so often to pick up a book, glance over the summary on the back, and reshelve it to it’s proper home.
After shuffling down another section, he came across the very same saleswoman who had helped the girl moonlighting as his girlfriend.
“How come you guys never come in together? She knows some good authors, I’m sure she’d love to help broaden your horizons.” The saleswoman said, maintaining her position, crouched over to straighten and tidy the shelves.
Tom looked around, unsure of who the woman was speaking to, because as far as he knew, none of his friends knew about this store. They opted for Barnes and Noble, while he prefered to dig.
“Yes, you. I just met your girlfriend and she’s lovely. Great taste in books.” The woman said again.
Scratching his head, Tom wasn’t exactly sure what to say, so he played along, not wanting to be rude. Surely she must be confusing him with someone else, because he didn’t have a girlfriend to share books with, as much as he’d like one.
“Yeah, we just have different schedules, she’s usually in class when I peruse the bookstore.” Tom said, bending down to help the woman on the floor.
“She’s very cute, and very sweet. It’s nice to see young people reading something that isn’t their twitter feed.” The woman said, taking one last glance at the fixed up shelf, before nodding decisively and standing up.
Tom stood as well, chuckling, “My Dad’s an author, so reading has always been apart of my life.”
“You guys are lovely, let me know if I can be of any help.” The woman began to walk away and Tom shook his head and laughed.
“How do you know that my girl is my girl? We never come in at the same time.” Tom asked suddenly, curiosity leaking into his bloodstream.
“She comes in more often than you, buys more books than you, and you’re her screensaver. It’s quite cute, actually.” The saleslady called out.
There it is, Tom thought, she might be a fan. He couldn’t think of any other reason that he’d be her screensaver. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Tom smirked and picked out not one, but two books. One to leave at the register for her the next time that he came in, and one for him to read while he was on the press tour.
“That is so thoughtful! She’ll love it!” The woman said from behind the cash register, clapping her hands together. “I’ll make sure that she gets it, alright? Wanna put a little message in it, promise I won’t peak! I’ve got a pen right here!” She chirped happily.
“Yeah, alright, I’ll actually do that. Could I please borrow your pen?” Tom asked.
Drawing a heart to conclude the note to his ‘girlfriend’ that he’d never met, he said thank you one to the lady one last time and left the store.
The very next morning, the girl pushed her wallet back into her purse at the bookstore’s register, waiting for the same saleswoman to finish ringing her up.
“Saw your boyfriend yesterday, left a little something for you.” The saleswoman smiled, turning around to sift through the books on display behind her to find Tom’s choice for the girl.
The girl felt the fiery licks of scarlet coloring her skin again. Her hands shook, surely Tom thought that she was a mega, ultra stalker. He’d probably left her a note begging her to kindly fuck off. She wished Mother Earth would swallow her up the same way it did to Sita in ‘The Ramayana.’
“Don’t be embarrassed, silly, it’s endearing.” The woman handed her a book titled, ‘Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair’ by Pablo Neruda. “He’s paid for it, of course, and he left you a little note on the first page. Lent him the pen myself.”
“He really shouldn’t have,” the girl stuttered, her hands almost noticeably shaking as she held the book within her palms.
Inside, Tom had scribbled out,
Seeing as you’re my girlfriend, I thought it was only fitting to leave you at least twenty love poems. Left you a song of despair as well, seeing as we haven’t met yet.
Love always,
Your devoted boyfriend, Tom

“Could I go back and pick one out for him as well?” The girl asked, feeling a tiny bit braver after reading Tom’s cheeky message for her.
“Of course! I love this, I wish more couples did things like this for each other, it’s endearing!” The saleswoman smiled, shutting the register.
After picking out an appropriate novel, she left the store, smiling, blushing and practically gliding on air.
Later that very afternoon, Tom was chased by the overbearing coldness of the afternoon breeze, and his own excitement over whether or not she’d received his present, back into the bookstore.
Not even bothering to look at anything, he came to a halt in front of the saleswoman, who upon seeing him enter, tore through her display to retrieve the novel that she’d left for him.
“Did she get it? Did she like it, I haven’t heard from her yet.” Tom asked, beaming at the woman.
“She loved it! She loved it so much, in fact, that she’s left one for you as well.” She handed him a novel called ‘One Day.’ “She’s left a love note for you as well!”
Tearing the book open, Tom came across her delicate handwriting sprawled in black ink.
Here’s to hoping that I meet you one day.
With all the love in my heart-
Your mystery girlfriend
Fighting the urge to hug the book closer to his chest, Tom made a choice.
“I’m going to go pick her a book out right now, and I’m going to wait right here until she comes back in. I want to give her this one in person.” Tom turned on his heel to search for the perfect book for to give her, when the saleswoman informed him that she’d already been in today.
“Alright then, I’ll be back first thing tomorrow.” Tom blushed, but continued on his way down through the shelves, desperate to find the perfect book for her.
Deciding on ‘You,’ by Caroline Kepnes, Tom paid and left the store, planning to return right when the bookstore opened.
The very next morning, Tom was perched in a cushy, plush chair, obscured by stacks and shelves housing novels, waiting for her. He’d positioned himself perfectly, ensuring that he could see the register at all times, but that the people at the register wouldn’t be able to spot him, unless they knew where he was hiding.
He was completely on edge. Every time the door opened, he’d practically leap to his feet, only to be met with disappointment because mostly everyone who wandered in off the street was either male, or too old to be his mystery girlfriend.
Finally, when Tom had all but lost hope, a girl so otherworldly beautiful that Tom truly debated in his mind whether or not the girl was even a girl, he briefly wondered if she was an ethereal fairy of sorts, floated into the room.
Her hair reflected light the same way that waves in the sea did, and her voice was so soft and warm that it sounded as he imagined his favorite hot drink would taste. She waved hello to the saleswoman before diving into the poetry section, hidden deep within the store.
Jumping to his feet, Tom rushed to finally meet her, rolling the book he planned to give her in between his palms.
Checking his hair one more time, Tom came to a stop next to her.
“Excuse me miss, I was just wondering if you happen to be my mystery girlfriend, who apparently has better taste in books than me?” Tom’s confidence was evaporating as she turned around to face him.
She was even prettier up close and Tom wanted to scratch his own eyes out for beginning the conversation with such a shit line.
Thankfully, she smiled, a strawberry jam colored blush widening across her delicate features. “That would be me, but unfortunately, you’ve caught me off guard and now I don’t have anything to give to you.” Her eyes refused to meet his own for more than a few seconds.
She could barely believe any of this. First, her celebrity crush and her happened to both shop at the same bookstore. Then, he goes along with the charade of being her boyfriend, and even leaves her gifts, and now, he was standing in front of her.
He looked like Prince Charming and her brain was turning to mush.
“Lucky for you, I don’t mind. But, I do have a book for you.” Holding the novel, ‘You,’ out to her, he began to sway from foot to foot, nervous that she’d hate it.
“Funny enough, that’s one of my favorite books,” She laughed, “But are you planning to kill me?” She referenced the plot of ‘You,’ which was more or less a horror story, hardly the conventional romance.
Stuttering, Tom attempted to clear his name. “I just thought it was fitting, seeing as we met in a bookstore, and so did Joe and Beck,” the main characters who become romantically involved in the novel, “And really, I just wanted you to have the line about the mouse in the house.”
“Are you going to get a cat to chase me out?” She teased, and Tom laughed.
“Absolutely not, you’re just all I’ve been thinking about. I wanna know you, and learn from your apparently epic choices in literature.” Tom said, leaning in closer to her.
“Than sit, and I’ll pick you something out?” She questioned, shyly moving to sit on the floor, her arm curled around more than a few options.
The pair scooched into one another one the floor, and the saleswoman watched, smiling from her spot at the register. Her two favorite customers were finally together.
Her eyes twinkled as she turned the radio onto a station that played only love songs.
They read love poems, and love stories together, so it only seemed fair that they listened to only love songs as well.

The One That Got Away

<Hopefully I’m doing this right and it isn’t too terribly long…>

The humans don’t talk about the Fair Folk they notice, so none of them seem to think about the ones that don’t reveal themselves. We don’t exist - never have, never will.

I’m one of the younger Fair Folk at only 87 years old. My abilities lie in shape-changing and glamours, and I like to blend into the background. Because of this I can ensure that my features are normal; I have the proper parts - no more or less, and my hair and eyes are a perfectly normal brown and green respectively. In short, I look like a normal human girl.
I guess that’s why the actual human girl felt comfortable approaching me. I’d been sitting in the library reading when she walked right up to me and introduced herself.
“Hey, I’m Melody. What are you called?” (No one ever asks what your name is. Answering truthfully would be as unwise as lying. It’s one of the first “customs” that incoming students learn about.)
“I suppose I’m called Siné.” I don’t know what to think of this bold, blue-haired, dark-skinned girl. Her eyes are a lovely shade of blue-grey.
“Neat name. So what’s your major? English somethin’?” She gestures toward the book I’m holding. It’s Shakespeare and I’d been considering Taking it for my collection.
Instead of answering, I shrug. She seems to think that I’m a student, and I’m certainly not going to correct her.
Rather than getting suspicious, she takes it as a yes. “That must be fun! I’m a double major in the arts - Music Theory and Creative Writing.”
Interesting. Such a clever and creative mind she must have… “You write and you compose?”
“Yeah…” She blushes. “It’s really fun but also really stressful. Especially here.”

In the end, we talk until the library clocks have moved forward several hours. The clocks outside have probably marked less than 45 minutes since she introduced herself.

(“Why did you come over anyway?” - “It’s been hard settling in. I’m from southern Louisiana, so I don’t know anyone here. Everyone else is too scared of the… forest… to talk to strangers, but you don’t seem to mind.”)

She invites me to her room when the librarian starts glaring at us.

(“I need feedback on my latest piece. How do you feel about the fiddle?” - “It’s a lovely instrument and I’d be honored to hear you play.”)

I was right, she is very creative. The Shakespeare is back in the library, but some of her sheet music goes missing. The other Fae try to find her, but her room is blocked from Their sight. They’ll just have to be content with listening.
That night, I enroll as an English major and arrange to be roommates with her. Melody’s original roommate gets moved to another building. The humans assume I’m a late transfer, and the other Fae don’t care.

Eventually, she learns enough of the Rules to understand why she still can’t find her music, no matter how hard she looks. After that, it all gets locked inside a hawthorn box with an iron lock within a circle of salt. She tells me this while complaining that she worked hard on that music and it’d be nice if They’d at least left a note or something.
The next morning, she finds a politely worded and complimentary letter on her desk. It has no signature. The music is not returned.

Months pass while we grow closer. I go everywhere with her; we have writing classes together (I try to see what she writes, but the angle is bad), and I wait outside her music classes (at least I can listen to her play). When she goes to a party, I’m always by her side. She dances sometimes, and I’m always watching. Eventually she stops going to parties.
One night she shares her stories with me and I have to fight the urge to Take her as I listen to grand tales of adventure and magic. It’s good that she wears enough iron to stop me.
The other students start to notice that we’re inseparable. So do the Gentry.

The Fair Folk never stopped looking for the musician whose performances hold the entire campus in awe of their beauty. They just could never find her until they saw how I favored Melody. After that, it was a simple matter for them to peel back my protections and confirm their suspicions.
I should have Taken her while I had the chance. I would have taken care of her, given her anything she wanted in exchange for her creations.
The students aren’t surprised when we both disappear one night.

It’s easy enough to find Melody. She’s inside a golden cage in front of the entire Court of Underhill. A Fae made of sharp edges and glitter is using her like a puppet, forcing her to play. Their magic shines like silver threads as it wraps around her hands.
I’m about to act when Melody speaks.
“Are you happy with this? Because this is all you’ll ever get from me again. Old music, old tales. I’ll give you nothin’ new while I’m trapped here.” Her hands keep moving, but it’s obviously only by rote.
The Fae tilts their head. “I could just kill you.” A string of magic twitches toward her mouth before disappearing once more.
“You could. Why should I care? If I stay, I’m dead no matter what.” I couldn’t be prouder or more scared. This could set her free, or it could get her killed. If this goes wrong, I’ll just have to step in like I’d been planning.
“Aren’t you scared?” The Fae rests fingers like knives around her throat. “You’re in mortal peril. Don’t you want to live?” The only thing keeping her alive is the curiosity of Fair Folk.
“Course I wanna live. But I’m not going to get to if I stay. You’ll make me a caged bird; you already have. This’ll kill me as sure as anythin’ else.” Her eyes stay open and unafraid.
With a hiss, the Fae steps back. “You aren’t willing to bargain for your life then?”
“I’m not willin’ to bargain for my death, but I’ll stay where you can hear me if you send me back unchanged. That’s my bargain and it’s the only one I’ll make.” The Court titters.
Minutes tick by as I hold my breath waiting for the Fae’s response. The Court starts shifting - some impatiently, some uneasily. Then, just as I start to think the deal has been rejected -
“I find these terms acceptable.”
I step out of the shadows to guide her back home.

When we come back, there are whispers. They’re shocked that we came back the same as we left; that we even returned at all. Some speculate that we tricked our way out, others that we were never with the Fair Folk at all. No one thinks that it was sheer stubbornness and determination that saved her, or that we weren’t together wherever we were.
Melody never asks why it took so long for the Gentry to find her in the first place, nor how I knew the path from campus to Court. She knows, and all she says is that if I ever try anything she’ll never speak to me again. I accept her bargain, because what else can I do?
Our days return to normal, except the Fair Folk are all terrified of her now. They address her as The One That Got Away, and when she passes by the lesser Fae bow and the Gentry simply nod. Once she loses her iron rings after a shower. For the entire week it takes to find them again, none of the Fair Folk risk being seen by her.

When I finally ask why she was willing to trap herself at the University when she was so against being trapped at the Court, her response is simple.
“I was already plannin’ on bein’ a professor here.” She grins toothily, “I just made them think they got the better end of the deal while giving up nothing.”
My collection is now in our room so she can be the centerpiece. I don’t want to Take her anymore; she’s already mine.


Bloom — Part II — Autumn

REQUEST: Can u write a fan fic about the girl owning a flower shop and Harry coming in to get flowers for someone else but then they fall in love because love is beautiful like a flower

Bloom: Part I

Over the next few months, Harry had become quite the regular customer in her little store. He visited often, sometimes without even buying anything, and she was pleased that they’d become friends. She still didn’t have many of those around the area, and it was always a nice surprise when Harry stopped by to see her.

They most often talked about his dating life.

He stopped by the store every time he took a girl out for the first time, which was a lot recently. He’d finally been given a break after touring and doing promotion for his first album, and he took it as a chance to have fun and stay close to home for a little while. Dating was something that he hadn’t done properly in years, and he thought, why not?

So far he’d been on eight first dates, and he’d purchased flowers from her every single time. Lilies, to be exact, and every time he would fill him in on what had happened with the last girl he’d seen. They were all lovely, and he didn’t bash them by any means—but it was nice to have a friend to talk to about it all.

On one night in particular, she was just about to close up the shop when she heard the bells ringing.

“Sorry, we’re closed,” she called out from behind the counter, tucking one of the encyclopedias away that she’d been reading up on that day.

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“Aw, we aren’t strangers!” Fresh immediately interjected. “Ya seem pretty rad, lil broski, how’s about we be friends instead?”
Decans eyes widened even further, a small gasp slipping out. “R-really?” he blurted. At the confirming nod, the tiniest hints of a smile started to tug at the corners of his mouth. “I haven’t had a friend before.”’

Okay, so I seriously love the whole MCQ verse. It is so very fun to play with. Aaaaand I really have been meaning to get back into writing fanfiction, so welcome to Fresh Start! A MCQ AU where Geno, Error, and Fresh are all adults, and Decans, Asy, and Ink are three tiny little kids that end up running into them. Basically gratuitous domestic fluff because that is my weakness

You can read it here, under the cut, or you can read it on or AO3 ^^ Hope you enjoy!

MCQverse © @alainaprana
Geno, Error, Fresh © @loverofpiggies
Decans © @little-noko
Asy © @furgemancs
Ink © @comyet/ @myebi

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{ inspo. }

physical interactions

ryuji is shy when akira leans his head on him on the subway. seizes up, tenses, blushes. akira is shoved off once or twice, but then he pretends to be clingy and hugs ryuji just so he can keep leaning on him, which is even More embarrassing. but eventually he starts to put an arm around him or sighs and plays a game on his phone and finally leans his head on akira’s. the leader simply claims, “you’re just so comfortable.”

ann isn’t initially flustered when akira holds her shopping bags for her or ties her laces on her boots when they’re loose or even when she laughs as she makes him try on her big jackets and they fit. she sticks her tongue out at ryuji when she monopolizes him for the afternoon. she gets a little blushy now when he confesses, “it’s just nice to see you smile. i don’t mind it.”

yusuke frames the world around him by focusing the field of view within his fingers. sometimes akira is captured in his lens, in real life and in the cognitive world. smiling fondly, assertively glaring, rolling his eyes, running away with true turmoil. one day, akira holds up his fingers and frames yusuke. “oh, sorry. you looked great just sitting there.” yusuke suddenly gets the urge to hide behind the side of his hair that can cover his eye.

makoto has knotted shoulders and a sore neck. she’s constantly rolling her arms back and circling her head, keeping the best posture as possible. akira asks if she needs a massage, and god, she’s a little desperate through her embarrassment but she says yes. his hands are strong despite his fingers being slender. when she offers to massage him as repayment, he says, “your hands are so much stronger than mine. i normally feel safe with you, but i’m a little afraid you’ll break me.” she’s extremely gentle.

futaba hugs akira from behind, latches onto his arm, pretends to punch him. she never thinks much of being near him. it just feels so natural and safe and he never gets the wrong idea. unless there is an idea and she’s unsure of it… but in the moment, it’s just nice and assuring to be able to touch someone she’s sure won’t hurt her. he draws the line when she tries to suplex him. “what??? i can’t even at least try? i don’t get to fight!”

haru isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty when it comes to gardening. it’s something she has total control of taking care of and raising. akira helps her move things around, also to her total command. she gets a little devious and asks him to get her some water, pass her something, give her the next seed packets. when he goes off to bring her something back, she stops him and gives him a big hug. “i was being mean, i’m sorry. thank you for being my helper today.”

akechi wonders when it’ll be his turn to be touched. it isn’t so much of a desire as a genuine wonder, and he doubts it because he’s hardly friends with anyone. the cat gets idle touches because it’s so easy to reach out for morgana and be rewarded with him purring and eventually becoming annoyed. he doesn’t count on it until drinking coffee at night, he’s going through files. akira peers over after yawning, leaning his chin into his shoulder, clearly dozing off. akechi laughs to himself. “doesn’t morgana tell you enough to go to bed?” akira groans.

F(x) as Your Neighbours;

Victoria: The Motherly Neighbour;

  • helps you carry groceries if she sees you struggling
  • for special occasions, like Chinese New Year or your birthday, she’ll bring you over traditional Chinese dishes as a way to share her culture and make sure you eat well
  • heard you sneeze once and knocked on the wall, asking if you need her to get you medicine
  • gets anxious if you go out clubbing & aren’t home by 2 am
  • will share sugar or flour or whatever you need
  • asks you to watch her cat and water the plants when she’s gone

Amber: The Friendly Neighbour;

  • dogs barking
  • at all hours of the night
  • just bark
  • bark bark bark bark bark bark bark
  • you bump into each picking up mail and she apologizes, asking if you wanted to go for drinks as a way to make it up to you
  • you end up becoming good friends
  • and she leaves her dog with you when she’s running errands
  • also picks up random things she thinks you’ll like like stickers or an ornament
  • forces you to go furniture shopping since she likes ur furniture and thinks you’ve good taste

Luna: Kinda Loud Neighbour;

  • either she’s so quiet you think she’s died
  • and knock on her door to check she’s okay
  • or she’s drunk at 3 am, singing karaoke with her friends
  • visits often to raid your fridge and play with your pet if you have one
  • sometimes confuses your apartments so she’s wound up getting frustrated, spending 10 mins trying to unlock the door, wondering why the key won’t fit in the lock
  • until you open the door like “????”
  • and then she’s super embarrassed and runs off
  • esp. since it happens more than once lol

Sulli: Airy Fairy Neighbour;

  • a sort of ditsy neighbour
  • the mailman always mixes up your mail so you meet often to exchange parcels and letters
  • can be loud sometimes (mostly just her Pterodactyl laugh tho haha)
  • and has friends over often but she’s conscious to keep the noise levels down past 11 pm
  • she’s aware that they can still be loud sometimes so she’ll bring you food every so often to apologise
  • and her cooking is so damn good that you can’t be mad anymore
  • goes to you for adulting advice, when she can’t work the laundry machine or she’s not sure where to buy nice rugs for the bathroom
  • also walks around her house naked so … yeah

Krystal: Polite & Keeps to Herself Neighbour;

  • another culinary princess
  • brings you homemade cookies or dinners every so often, just to say hello
  • she’s a very quiet neighbour and keeps to herself mostly
  • but says hi in the hallway
  • and offers help if she sees you struggling to carry something
  • but mostly, she’s a great, quiet neighbour who causes no trouble
  • ((sometimes forgets that she sleeps in skimpy outfits and collects the mail like that, blushing so hard if u cross paths))
  • ((then other times she’s wearing thick, nerdy pj’s and is embarrassed again since asdfghjkl now her neighbour thinks she’s a weirdo))

anonymous asked:

I have been thinking of this Headcanons for a while now and I hope u can bring my imagination into light! what if rfa+v+Searan first meeting with MC at an aquarium where she works as a diver and saw her for the first time behind the glass diving with sharks and small fishies and stuff~ maybe she looked like a mermaid :P I'm sorry if it's complicated and it's ok if u don't want to do it~ love u~

I love these scenarios when they meet before RFA <3 

I wrote this when I was really sleepy and slightly drunk, so I have no idea if any of this makes any sense lololol. Anyway, hope u like it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V meet MC at an aquarium


  • He was there for a photo shoot and decided to take a look at the place
  • You passed by his side wearing your scuba suit, talking to a colleague about checking on the sharks
  • He followed you, he just… felt this urge to go after you.
  • And he watched you mesmerized, you were so elegant… and so brave for being that close to the sharks!
  • “Isn’t it scary?” he had to ask when you got out, you looked at him puzzled. “The… sharks?”
  • “Oh… no, not at all! They don’t do anything if they’re fed properly and… if you’re not bleeding.” you say this so naturally and with this huge smile, it’s adorable! “Don’t tell anybody, but… they’re my favorites!”
  • He felt warm inside about you sharing this secret with him. “Wh-why is that?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s something exciting about fearing them, you know? Being around something so majestic and dangerous. It’s like…” “Liking someone and being afraid of hurting them with all of your passion?” SHIT! What is he saying? This isn’t one of his musicals!
  • “Yeah… something like that…” you chuckle. Oh, did you really get it or are you just being polite? “Hey, do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…”
  • “I get that a lot, actually.” nah, he wouldn’t brag right now, it was time to know more about you. “So… what’s y-?” one of the sharks bump into the glass and he yelps.
  • “Oh, shit, Hercules! He’s a little blind, I… I should go, he gets all disoriented when this happens. See ya!” you run without even looking at him.
  • “Yes… see ya.” Well, he would actually see you a few weeks later standing at his door.


  • He’s there on a tour promoted by one of his teachers
  • He’s not really interested in any of this. Sea animals are not really his thing. Then he gets to the dolphin area.
  • Then you show up and greet his class, and the tour guide introduces you. “This is MC, she usually works with the dolphins and the other mammals.”
  • “Do you feed them?” somebody asks. “Well, that too, but I mainly provide activities to stimulate their brains. You see, dolphins are extremely smart creatures, and…” you go on talking about dolphin’s brains, and Yoosung is… really interested in all you have to say, he’s even taking notes.
  • “But enough talking, do any of you want to see how we do it? Let’s see… hum, how about you in the back? The blond one?” he’s so taken aback by your face he doesn’t even notice you’re talking about him, his buddy nudges him and he notices you’re looking straight at him… SHIT
  • He goes to you hesitantly, your smile is so beautiful and… your curves on this tight scuba suit… wait, what? “What’s your name?”
  • “Y-Yoosung.” “Cool! So our friend Yoosung here will shuffle these numbers and our other friend Chi Chi will put them in the right order. Here you go, buddy.” shit, you’re so nice! He’s trembling while shuffling the cards. “Okay, Yoosung, you can give to her.”
  • “M-me?” “Yeah! Don’t worry, she won’t bite! Well, she does sometimes and it hurts as hell, but…” you see his eyes widening. “I’m kidding!” he hears his mates laughing, ugh…
  • He hands the cards to Chi Chi and she quickly puts them in order, then you explain this isn’t training like in the circus, it’s just a method to stimulate their memory.
  • After the demonstration is over, the teacher calls a a little break for the students to explore as they please, but Yoosung wants to stay right there.
  • “Good job, she really liked you!” you say enthusiastically, are you just being nice or are you genuinely this bright? Either way, your smile is beautiful. “I’m so lame for being afraid, I… I’m sorry.”
  • “Oh, don’t worry, Yoosung! It can be a little intimidating at first…” oh, you remember his name! He wants to know more about you, but then you get a call and run quickly. Well, he would have another chance pretty soon in the chat room.


  • Well, this was the oddest meeting Mr Han’s associate could ever come up with
  • Then she sees the jellyfishes and this diver swimming right beside them.
  • It’s… beautiful! And the diver moves as flowing and elegant as them.
  • And then the diver looks through the glass, straight at… her? And waves for her? She awkwardly waves back.
  • “Hey! Did you like the jellyfishes?” you ask her coming from behind. You’re still on your scuba suit. Oh… were you that elegant diver from before?
  • “Yes, they’re… beautiful! Isn’t it dangerous? I mean… don’t their tentacles burn?” “Oh, my suit protects me, see?” you grab her hand and make her squeeze your arm. She blushes.
  • “It’s made of a special material, they just bought it thanks to this new investor.” “Yes, it was… my boss, actually.”
  • “Oh… cool! Your boss is sickening!” is… that a good thing? Judging from your huge smile, it is, she frowns her forehead and you chuckle. “Oh… maybe not?”
  • She gives this weird smile. “Yeah, my boss is a pain in the ass sometimes too.” how can you talk so easilly to a stranger? But she can’t stop listening to you, for some reason…
  • She would like to hear more, and talk more. Maybe venting to an outsider about how stressed she was would bring her some relief?
  • “Oh… speaking of the devil…” you fidget your walkie talkie on your hand. “Gotta go!”
  • Well… too bad! It wasn’r right now she would have the chance to vent. Gladly she does much more than that when you two meet again.


  • He heard about this aquarium getting closed and thought about investing in it.
  • He has his aquarium at home and… well, he really appreciates these creatures, he doesn’t like to think what could happen to the animals if the aquarium gets closed.
  • So he goes there to see what exactly he’s dealling with. And then he sees this diver surrounded by colorful seahorses.
  • It’s almost like a mirage, and this diver is apparently having lots of fun. Yes, working with something you love is really fulfilling.
  • “Hi! We’re… closed right now.” “I’m here to see the admnistrator, actualy.” “I’ll take you there, come on”
  • He’s a little uncomfortable about walking side by side with this woman all wet, aren’t you cold? “So… may I ask why do you want to see the boss?”
  • “Well, this is… I would rather not talk about it for now.” Yes, he shouldn’t be discusing this with one of the employees.
  • “Okay… just know we’re doing our best here, but it’s really hard to keep things in order with such a low budget, I’m saving up as much as I can with the seahorse’s food, for example and…”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Keep doing your best and it will pay off, I can guarantee.” “Okay, I guess…” he wanted to know more, what were your position here exactly, your name…
  • “Here you go, sir!” you patted his shoulder friendly and turned around.
  • He was impressed at how much you cared for this job and for the animals, if every employee was this hardworking, he would be more than happy to buy the place.
  • And he did, but you just got to know that when you went to his penthouse a couple of weeks later.


  • That was a weird mission, the thugs were getting more and more creative about places to do money laundering. An aquarium?
  • He wasn’t sure where to start looking, so he was just strolling around, looking for places he could infiltrate.
  • Then he saw this girl feeding the seals. Five of them all around you.
  • He couldn’t hold back a chuckle when he saw you doing this weird dance and the seals mimicking you.
  • You heard him chuckle and quickly turned around, looking straight at him and blushing. How… adorable!
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” “Oh… I’m… I’m from supervision, they sent me… to supervise?” WTF? He usually comes up with good stories, why couldn’t he lie properly staring at your curious face?
  • “So, uhm… about the seals. Are they getting the right treatment?” and you suddenly started talking about their feeding, their meds, even some biology jargons, it looked nothing like the girl who blushed before noticing she was being observed.
  • “Do you… like working here?” “Well, I… I’m a little worried about the new administration, but sure. I love this so much!” you eyes gleamed. Shit! Now he was the one blushing.
  • “About the new administration…” “I shouldn’t probably talk about this. Be careful on what you write on your report.” were you… worried for him? You didn’t even know him!
  • He knew he shouldn’t, but he really wanted to catch at least your name. Hell, now he was worried for you working for thugs! Was there nothing he could do to protect you?
  • Well, after the background check, he took the liberty to send your resumé to another aquarium, one with honest administrators. You didn’t remember sending any resumé to that place, so you knew it could only be his doing. Yes, even pushing you away like this at Rika’s apartment, you knew how much he cared about you…


  • He heard about the ice cream they were selling at this aquarium
  • But the restaurant there would open a little later, ugh… crap!
  • Well, since he’s here, why not take a look at what these children are making such a fuss about?
  • Then he sees you explaining to the kids about the starfishes and other animals at these interactive tanks.
  • “Be gentle, guys! Though it doesn’t show, they can feel everything!” he could see you were trying to be nice to the children, but you were more concerned about the animals.
  • “Yay! Now let’s take a look at the turtles?” they ran away from the tank.
  • “Why do they let animals like this for these brats to touch it?” “Well, it’s a… sensorial experience or… some bullshit like this.” Oh! Did you just swear? How feisty! “If you ask me, I think this is ridiculous and just stresses the animals, but… I don’t make the rules.”
  • “So why do you follow them?” “Well, isn’t it how society works?”
  • “What if there’s a place you don’t need to follow those rules?” “Well, this sound very utopic, but… I think it would be nice to me…and to the animals…”
  • Well, he couldn’t do much about the animals, but about you… did he just find his target to help him destroy RFA?
  • Yes, as he managed to hack into your phone, he knew! You were perfect to be taken to paradise!


  • He felt really inspired to take some pictures of this wonderful place with such wonderful creatures.
  • Well, he didn’t expect the most wondeful one to be a human.
  • He took pictures of this diver moving with the rays like they were all floating, it was amazing!
  • “My camera loves you… miss.” he took the initiative to talk to you when you came down, you looked puzzled, so he showed you the pictures.
  • “Oh, the rays are the fotogenic ones, actually.” “Yes, they move beautifully, it’s a shame I can’t really capture the whole movement of them.”
  • “Dude, are you kidding me? Look at this! You can feel the motion! It’s amazing! You’re… amazing!” and you blushed, he smiled softly, you were even more charming like this.
  • “Thank you, I’m just really lucky that sometimes I find just the right model.” “Oh yeah, the rays are great models!” he laughed, in addition to all of that, you were still funny? You were the amazing one here.
  • “You’re the guy they hired to take the promo pictures?” “Oh no, I’m just doing this for fun…” “So you’re a tourist?”
  • “I guess you can say that. Aren’t we all tourists when it comes to getting involved with these creatures?” “I don’t feel like a tourist around them.”
  • “Yes, you really look like one of them, look at this, it’s almost like a mermaid.” you blush furiously, and he grins, you’re definitely enchanting as a mermaid, at least.
  • He could talk to you all day if you let him, but then you got a call and ran without even saying goodbye. Well, maybe you two could meet up again one day? Who knows?


“Danvers, I already got all cued up. You in for a game?” Maggie handed over the extra beer bottle she ordered for Alex. Winn, James, and Kara all raised their brows when Alex left them to join her new cop friend.

“They’ve been hanging out a lot,” Winn commented. Kara kept her mouth shut.

“Hmm, you think you have a chance, Sawyer?” Alex smirked as she set up to break.

“Oh, I do,” Maggie’s eyes raked up and down Alex’s body as she bent over the table. Just friends, Maggie.

“Yes! I love stripes!” Alex exclaimed as she hit a ball in its pocket. Maggie giggled.

“Nerd,” Alex rolled her eyes.

“Let’s see the game you’ve been working on here,” she watched as Maggie furrowed her brows, deciding on where to hit. The second Maggie lined up to shoot Alex shook her head.

“No, no you’ve got it wrong. Here let me show you,” Alex gently pressed herself against Maggie’s back, absentmindedly gliding her fingers along her waist. Maggie’s breath hitched but she relaxed into her touch and slowly bent further so she would press harder into Alex. From across the bar James shot Winn a look.

“Just friends, huh?” James whispered in his ear. Kara glanced over her shoulder at the two woman - who were so clearly into each other - flirting without acknowledging it. She sighed.

“Mmm, yeah that’s better but you have to hold the stick like this,” Alex slowly slid her hands down Maggie’s arms to her fingers to place them in their proper place. Maggie’s face flooded with heat. Alex smirked. Maggie cocked her head back so she could see Alex’s eyes.

“Like this?” her voice was raspy. Her eyes fluttered down to Alex’s lips for just a moment. Friends, Maggie goddammit. Alex nodded and let her fingers linger on her back before stepping around to the other side of the table to watch her shoot. Maggie sighed at the loss of body contact but continued onto sink four balls into the pockets.

Alex won the first round then lost the next five in a row. Maggie jumped up and down with excitement and took a shot every time she won. James, Winn, and Kara left long before the two “friends” starting getting into bets.

“Danv- hey, I got an idea,” Maggie slightly slurred as she swayed the pool stick back and forth. “If I win you owe me a grenade. Oh, and dinner.”

“What do I get if I win?” Alex crossed her arms, stepping closer to Maggie. Maggie ran a finger through her non existent beard.

“Hmm…I’ll buy you breakfast. Tomorrow morning,” Maggie flashed her dimple causing Alex’s heart to race. 

“Game on, Detective,” Alex motioned back towards the table.


“Maggie, hey. I didn’t think you’d actually follow through with the bet,” Alex bounced over to where Maggie was holding out a box of donuts, a grin plastered on her face at the DEO. James nudged Winn’s shoulder.

“I’m a loyal sport, Danvers,” Maggie opened the box of yummy treats. Alex clapped her hands together, debating on digging into the glazed or jelly-filled. She chose both.

“Ooh, I know a good place where we can eat these!” Alex chimed and dragged Maggie to the roof.

“Wow, the view is….”

“Beautiful,” Alex finished her sentence, not taking her eyes off of Maggie. Her friend nodded in agreement, unaware of the content behind Alex’s comment.

Downstairs Winn, James, and Kara were discussing what was happening.

“Hey, Kara…so, are Alex and Maggie…?” Winn inquired. Kara shrugged and turned away.

“They’re just friends,” she answered.

“Oh, come on "just friends” don’t look at one another like they each hung the moon,“ James commented.

"Who looks at someone like they hung the moon?” J'onn dropped in.

“Alex and Ma- Ow!” Kara punched Winn in the shoulder. J'onn looked around for a moment, oblivious to Kara’s reaction.

“Speaking of Alex where is she?”

“Probably making out with her "friend,” Winn muttered under his breath. This time it was James who kicked him.

“Excuse me?” J'onn questioned.

“Nothing, sir! Nothing at all,” Winn shrunk into himself thankful Alex and Maggie chose this moment to slink back down from the roof.

“I’ll call you at lunch!” Alex promised as they approached the gang. Maggie playfully nudged her shoulder.

“Can’t get enough of me huh, Danvers,” she winked and headed out waving bye to the agents. J’onn glanced between the two women. Alex’s eyes never left Maggie’s back. He smirked. 

Tuesday Night:

“Alex, I think you should stay in tonight. I know Winn, James, and J’onn were going to the bar, but we can have a sister night!” Kara placed a hand on Alex’s forearm. The scratch on her forehead was still raw and her head was pounding. 

“No, Kara I’m fine. I think I could use a drink anyway. And besides…” Alex trailed off.

“Besides what?” Kara already knew the answer but urged her sister on. 

“Maggie’s going to be there,” Alex said, her voice barely audible. Kara nodded understandably and grabbed the keys as they walked out of the DEO lobby. 

The super gang all entered the bar together, Alex lagging behind. Stop being so nervous, Alex. She’s just your friend. Who invited you to hang out. As friends. 

“Alex, what happened to you?” Maggie did a half run half walk over to Alex the second she laid her eyes on her. It was almost as if the world stopped turning and it was just them two in the bar. Maggie softly placed her thumb and swiped it across the scar forming on Alex’s forehead. Her eyes spoke worry, comfort, anxiety, frustration, love. 

“Ah, just another alien attack,” Alex waved her off to try to stop the redness in her face from spreading at Maggie’s touch. Alex didn’t realize her friends had already sat down at their own table, each one glancing back towards her every now and then. 

“Let’s get you something hard then,” Maggie flashed her dimple and made her way to the bar. Alex unwrapped her jacket and slung across the back of a chair and sat down. From the bar, Maggie shot a look at Alex. At the way she was sitting, guarded and fearful of what the world has done and can do to her in any moment. The way she nervously wrung her hands and bit her lip. Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off of her and Kara noticed.

“God I just wish they would kiss already, jeesh,” Kara groaned. 

“What are you - ah.” Winn followed her gaze from Maggie to Alex.

“Someone’s gotta push one of them. As far as I can tell they are clearly in love already but sometimes two people need a bridge,” James said. J’onn looked over to his earth daughter. 

“I will,” J’onn pushed back his chair and met Maggie at the bar. Kara’s eyes widened and James hit Winn in the arm, excitement drawing across all of their faces. 

“Detective,” J’onn placed a gentle hand on Maggie’s shoulder. “Nice to see you.” Maggie grinned.

“Nice to see you too, sir,” she replied.

“You can call me J’onn,” he winked at her. She nodded slightly and floated her eyes back to Alex for a brief moment. “She likes you, you know?” 

“Wh-what?” Maggie mumbled. 

“Alex,” he pointed his thumb behind him to Alex. “She really likes you. And you like her too,” his voice was since, not pushy. She bit her lip. “I can tell by the way you look at her. Like she hung the moon. She looks at you like that also. But this is just coming from someone who cares deeply about Alex, and who spends enough time with her to know you are all she thinks about. I know you’re scared but you should give it a chance. Give her a chance,” J’onn smiled and walked back to his table. 

Maggie looked down at her feet. She was oblivious to the way she felt about Alex. No you aren’t. You like her. No, but you can’t. Stop. But she’s beautiful and funny and likes aliens and is basically perfect. But you don’t deserve her. Maggie shook her head. To hell with it. 

She grabbed the two beers in one hand and the two shots in the other and slowly sauntered towards Alex. She looked over at J’onn and he shot her a thumbs up. 

“Took you long enough,” Alex muttered and grabbed ahold of the two drinks. Maggie sighed. “What’s wrong?” 

“What do you mean?”

“You have that look in your eyes, Maggie. I know when something is wrong. And you’re playing with your hands,” Alex nodded to Maggie’s fingers pulling on each other. Maggie’s heart swelled at the woman sitting across from her. It swelled because she - Alex, Alex, Alex - paid attention to her. She cared about her. She could see the worried look in the way her forehead crinkled. 

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Maggie looked away, unable to focus on Alex’s soft eyes. 

“Maggie, you can tell me anything. You can trust me,” Alex steadily covered Maggie’s hand with her own. 

Over at the super gang table James coughed in response to Alex and Maggie holding hands. They all turned their heads to the two women who were completely unraveling at their seams, all grinning like school kids. 

Maggie bit her lip, unsure of where to begin - or how to speak for that matter because Alex’s hand was on hers. Alex’s thumb was tracing small circles upon her skin. Alex wanted to protect her, to pull her in. Alex wanted to love her. 

“Do you want to get out of here? So we can be alone?” Maggie uttered. Alex threw her shot back and nodded eagerly. Maggie chuckled then stood up to collect her things. Alex quickly waved to her friends and followed Maggie out of the bar. 

“That’s my girl,” J’onn whispered to himself. 

“What place do you have in mind?” Alex asked as she slipped onto Maggie’s bike, wrapping her arms around her friend’s waist. She desperately wanted to feel Maggie’s skin. No you don’t. 

“You’ll see, Danvers,” they rode for about half an hour until they came across this clearing of a field. Its hills seemed to roll about forever. 

“Where are we?” Alex was curious. Maggie rolled to a stop and parked her bike.

“I found this a few years ago. I like to come here when I want to be alone.”

“So why’d you bring me here?” Maggie bit the inside of her cheek.

“I thought you’d like it,” she motioned her hands towards the vast grassland behind her then pointed up to the stars. “I also want you to teach me a thing or two about the night sky and the way it lights up,” Alex revealed a soft smile, her heart pushing over the edge. 

Maggie began walking up the hill, taking in the darkness, taking in the fresh air, taking in the way the stars seemed to beam for them, and the way the moon seemed to speak to her. She took in the way Alex followed her quietly, the way she knew Alex’s eyes were glued to her back, the way she felt love radiating through her body. 

“What do you want to know, Sawyer?” Alex asked when they reached the top of the hill. Maggie laid down and her eyes wandered through the sky. Alex purposely pressed her side into Maggie’s when she laid down. Maggie blushed. 

“Show me your favorite constellations,” Maggie softly spoke. Alex couldn’t help but smile. No one ever really cared enough to want to know what Alex found whimsical about the stars. But she was glad Maggie was finally the one to ask. 

“See those three stars right there,” Alex pointed.

“No which ones?” Maggie’s brows furrowed. 

“Here,” Alex grabbed Maggie’s hand and guided her finger to the constellation. She turned her head to watch Maggie’s reaction. Maggie sighed in disbelief, her hand still gripping onto Alex’s.

“I love that,” Maggie whispered. “It fascinates me that the stars are watching over us. They are just there, you know? And we have no idea when they die or really what they mean, but we look up in awe at their endless wonder because for some reason they feel so powerful. They feel so fortifying and secure if that makes sense,” Maggie rambled on making Alex’s smile grow deeper. Maggie glanced over at Alex. “Why are you smiling like an idiot?” 

“I love the way you think about the stars. I’ve just always felt attached to them and the moon. They always feel like home when I tilt my head back and gaze at them. I can never stop staring,” Alex commented. Maggie bit her lip.

“Alex…”Maggie’s voice was suddenly raspy and faint. She propped herself up on her elbow then smoothly pulled herself on top of Alex, legs on either side of her torso. 

“Maggie what ar-” Maggie’s lips crashed into Alex’s, their breaths becoming one. Alex’s hands absentmindedly made their way to Maggie’s waist lingering above the hem of her shirt before slowly lifting it up. Maggie melted into Alex’s kiss before realizing she didn’t ask for permission. She jolted up.

“Sorry I- was that okay?” Maggie looked down at Alex with worried eyes. Alex brushed the hair that had fallen around her face behind Maggie’s ears and nodded. 

“That was more than okay, Maggie,” she pulled her down and kissed her like she wanted her, like she needed her, like she was falling in love with her because oh did she feel like falling. Maggie couldn’t help but grin into Alex’s lips, causing them to part slightly. 

“I’ve been wanting to do that,” Maggie whispered.

“I can tell,” Alex beamed at her. Maggie placed a gentle peck on her lips, her cheeks, and her forehead then settled to burrow into her chest. 

Alex occasionally pointed out a few constellations but Maggie’s eyes stayed fixated on the woman holding her. Protecting her. Comforting her. The two stayed tangled in each other until dawn broke through and the sun flooded the sky. 

“We’re gonna be late for work,” Maggie sleepily rubbed her eyes but curled deeper into Alex. 

“Oh well,” Alex pressed her lips to Maggie’s forehead and interlaced her fingers with Maggie’s. 

Wednesday afternoon:

“Agent Danvers, you’re late,” J’onn crossed his arms. The glow Alex radiated, the grin she was wearing, the thoughts she was replaying in her mind seeped their way into J’onn. He broke out into a smile.

“What?” Alex nudged his shoulder. 

“Nothing,” he winked then headed towards the equipment room.

“Alex, nice of you to join-,” Kara halted in her steps.

“What? Why is everyone being so weird?” Alex looked eyed her sister, James, and Winn who were silently giggling. 

“Someone had a good night,” Alex’s face flooded with heat. 

“Oh, pfft. Just a, you know, just a-a casual night at h-home. Alone!” Alex muttered. 

“Oh sure alone,” Winn shoulder bumped his friend. Alex was too loopy to retort a small punch. 

“Come on, spill,” James demanded. Kara bounced on her feet, tugging at her sister’s sleeve. 

“Please tell us everything!” 

The more Alex delved into talking about Maggie and the way she made her feel, the more her heart expanded. Her story was interrupted by Kara’s shrieks or James’ “right ons” and Winn’s fist bumps from time to time. J’onn listened in, smiling to himself because Alex, his precious Alex, has finally found a person who turned on the light inside of her that’s been out for so long. 

Parent Teacher Conferences- Aaron Burr X Reader

day 1 of the write-a-thon: imagine your favorite characters and actors in whatever universe you like and write about it

au chosen: teacher au

context: theodosia is in ninth grade and parent teacher conferences come around.


“Theodosia! It’s nice to see you and you are?” I asked the man who was standing closely to her. He extended his hand.

“Aaron Burr- her father. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Miss. L/N. Theodosia writes about you a lot, I am glad to finally meet you.” I smiled and he looked at Theodosia, who was now blushing slightly.

“This is her?” Aaron asked and I glanced at Theodosia, slightly confused. He looked back at me and upon noticing my confusion, his face softened a bit. “Theo, do you want to go wait outside?” He asked her and she nodded silently before proceeding to leave the room. “She has talked a lot about you. She says that you helped her a lot with her mothers death.” He said, looking older than he did before and I frowned before nodding a bit.

“I just wanted to show her that writing can help you in ways that talking to people can’t.”

“I agree. The writings that’s she’s allowed me to read are just amazing. Things she maybe only admits to Philip Hamilton.”

“He has been a rock for Theodosia as well. Those two are practically inseparable.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Her mother always wanted them to end up dating.”

“May I ask what Theodosia has really told you about me?”

“She says you remind her of her mother and she thinks that we should- what do the kids call it? ‘Hook up’.” He said and I felt my cheeks grow red.

“From what I’ve read, Theodosia thinks very highly of her mother so I don’t think that I-”

“From what she’s told me and from meeting you so far, I would say that she was right.”

“Thank you, Mr. Burr.”

“Now I gotta go- I have something to discuss with Alexander Hamilton- he is an econ and government teacher as well as head of the debate club.”

“Alex is very nice so I wouldn’t see you having any trouble with him.”

“Me and Alexander we go way back and he is quite… hotheaded sometimes.”

“You can say that again.” I joked and he smiled slightly, opening his mouth to say something before closing it.

“It was nice meeting you.”

“You too.” He said before picking up his bag and walking out of the door but not before checking over his shoulder and smiling at me. I saw a stray piece of paper on the floor and I picked it up and looked at it in curiousity.

On a small scrap of paper in small, neat letters and numbers, Aaron Burr had written his number and name and had dropped it on my floor.

I smiled at the piece of paper and tucked it in to my coat pocket.
Theodosia peeked in the room and when she saw me smiling, her own smile widened.

“Theodosia, can you please send in George Eacker and his parents? Thank you.” I asked her.

“Did you like him?” Theodosia asked me and I looked at her.

“Your father seems like a very nice man.”

“I can tell that he likes you as well.” She grinned slowly.

“You’re one of my students Theodosia, I don’t think we should be discussing my love life.”

“Whatever you say Miss. L/N. I’ll get Eacker.” She said before backing out of the room.

“Aaron, what are you doing here?” I asked, looking up from my computer monitor and he smiled widely.

“I just got transferred to this school. I am going to be teaching history.”

“It’s good to see you and it’s going to be great having another friend in the building.”

“This is only going to bring back Theo’s theory that we are meant to be together.” He joked and I laughed.

“So I’m guessing she hasn’t showed you that story that she wrote several days ago?” I asked and I bit back a laugh when I saw Aaron’s reaction.

“She wrote something about us? I am so sorry, truly.” He apologized and I brushed it off.

“It makes grading papers more interesting. She has quite the imagination and I am surprised she hasn’t shown you yet.”

“I am surprised as well but I have to ask, would it be so bad if we did decide to try and go on a date?” He asked cautiously and I stopped typing and I stared at my computer monitor for a second. “I mean I-”

“No. I don’t think that it would be so bad.” I said and he smiled at his feet and started to walk away.

“And Aaron?”


“If that was you asking me out, the answers yes. Just text me when and where.”

“Good- that’s great. And I will.”

The Yoga Class

She lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad and she says yes.

She lies, but it’s okay, because Maggie knows she’s lying.

She knows because Alex knows that Maggie saw the way her jaw was on the floor the whole. Entire. Time.

The whole entire time, because the things Maggie can do with her body?

How she can hold herself up with only her hands, how she can go from stiff body slams on the job to graceful, steady, peaceful movements on that adorable pink mat of hers? (She’d laughed when Alex had insisted on getting a blue one for herself – to match – and she’d kissed her and she’d looked like she was in love.)

True, there were parts Alex hated.

Like the parts where she wasn’t the best one in the class.

Like the parts where the instructor had welcomed her as a newcomer, and the only okay part about that was the way Maggie had reached over and touched her arm and beamed because she was hers, hers, hers.

“Why do you do this stuff anyway, Mags? Isn’t it too… calm for you? Don’t you love your heavy bag?”

“I do, Danvers, but if I only got my release through my heavy bag, I’d just kind of stay angry all the time.”

“And this… breathy stuff… helps you not be angry all the time?”

“Some days,” Maggie had explained, and Alex could kind of see why.

Because, though she’ll never admit it, she found that it was kind of comforting – and kind of hot, okay, very hot – to watch Maggie move so peacefully, to watch the way her eyes fluttered closed.

Even if it earned her a gentle, smiling reprimand from the instructor, who softly reminded her to focus on her own practice for now.

Alex refrained from retorting that Maggie was her practice.

Because part of her? Part of her wanted that. Wanted to be like that. Like Maggie.

Because she admires the crap out of her, and damn, it would be kind of nice to be just as flexible as her girlfriend.

It would be… helpful.

In sting ops and such.

And in bed.

Her practice. Right. Focus on her practice.

And when she tried – when she took inspiration from Maggie’s soft breathing, from the way she wasn’t embarrassed to keep her eyes closed in this room, wasn’t scared, wasn’t guarded, like she was everywhere else in public spaces, and even alone together sometimes – Alex could see where this stuff was… relaxing.

Not to mention a little physically challenging.

Okay, a lot physically challenging.

Alex was used to motion. She wasn’t used to stillness.

And stillness? Stillness can be so much harder.

Stillness can require so much more strength.

The kind of strength she sees in Maggie. The kind of strength that makes her love her even more.

The kind of strength she wasn’t to develop in herself.

So she lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad, because it’s funny and because they love teasing each other and because she’s still Alex Danvers, and she has a reputation to uphold, after all.

But really? She can’t find the words to tell her. Not yet.

How much she’s inspired by her.

How in awe of her she is.

She’ll find the words, one day.

But today? Laughing and nudging each other and flirting and teasing in the rain, neither of them caring enough to take their umbrellas out of Maggie’s gym bag, because god does everything, including the mist on their skin, feel perfect right now?

Today, this minute?

She’s got Maggie’s smile, and Maggie’s got hers, and that’s enough for now.

Future Slave, Future Masterpiece

I learned everything about her.

I learned her habits and knew her nearly better than she knew herself.

I was a predator, and she was my prey. I smiled inwardly during one of my surveillance runs. I could see that she had a sense that she was being watched. We, humans, are the result of a long line of instincts. Some people pay attention more than others. Apparently, she did.

Not that it would save her.

I remained invisible as I stalked her, and her instincts weren’t going to save her. I was going to have her and there was nothing she could do about it, thanks to the long practice of doing what I do.

I could also see the arousal the thought of being stalked brought her. That was more proof of what I already knew, she was a whore.

I took my time, like always and I knew when she goes to the grocery, when she goes to work, and when she goes to the gym, especially the gym.

Due to her schedule, she always ends up late, and leaving even later.

She always comes out of there so tired, and not paying any attention to her surroundings. She feels safe there.

She came out, as usual, obviously tired. She’s hopped up on endorphins and I can see she’s happy about something. She’s on the phone, telling, someone, that she hit a new target of 150 pounds.

She was a little on the meatier side but I didn’t care. She had big tits, a nice face, and there was nothing about her weight that couldn’t be fixed by training…lots of training.

The parking lot has had some lighting issues, due to a little, modifying, of the wiring, by me. Nothing that would be connectable, just some loose connections that could easily be explained by faulty installation.

I’m ready to take my prize.

Sometimes she come out late because she lose track of time

She hangs up the phone and starts to put her key in the lock when her instincts kick in, again. She has just enough time to start to turn when my arm wraps tightly around her neck, and squeezes.

Almost instantly, I know she starts to feel lightheaded, somewhere in the back her mind she realizes that whoever is grabbing her is cutting off the blood to sher brain.

She instinctively tries to grab the arm and pull it away, but already she’s losing strength. She’s so disoriented she didn’t even think about screaming, not that it would have helped with my other hand over her mouth.

Just before her vision tunnels and the blackness completely overwhelms her she hears a voice, like it’s from a far distance say, “welcome to sher new life, pet.“


Consciousness comes slowly.

I can tell she’s cold, she tries to reach for something, probably the blankets, when she realizes she can’t move her hands. They’re up close to face, but she can feel the middle around them.

She instantly snaps awake, and ties to set up, I can see it when the blinding pressure and pain from her cunt and ass rips through her as she realizes there’s something stuffed in both her ass and cunt, filling her to the breaking point and beyond.

I know it’s agony. My past slaves have told me so.

Her terror mounts as she realizes her ankles are locked apart by a metal bar. Another metal bar attached to her wrists and attached to a collar around her neck. Most horrifyingly, I’m sure, she’s enduring all of this in total darkness as I’ve wrapped her head in a discipline helmet.

She screams, or at least tries to. I’m sure even she could tell that whatever was stuffed inside her mouth muffled the scream.

She screams, cries, and squirms for hours. I get hard just watching it, knowing that I’m going to be satisfying myself on her very soon. All the while feeling like she’s being torn apart. She has no sense of time; her mind is shutting down even as it plays tricks on her.

I can see the questions running through her, as I’ve heard them and seen it all before.

Where am I? Who has me? What is going to happen?

I’ve seen it all and the terror that comes with not knowing makes it all even more intoxicating for me.

Of course, there’s no doubt, given her nudity, that some of the answers are obvious, but like all the ones in the past I’m sure she’s still shying away from those answers; too scared to consciously consider the answers.

Finally, she stills and I can tell she heard something. Suddenly my hands are on her. She of course loses control completely; screaming and struggling with renewed energy, the sounds of muffled pleading and begging coming from being the gag.

I say nothing, there’s no point. She’s in no condition, mentally, to listen. She’s like a wild animal and needs to be treated like one. A show of total power and strength is all her mind will understand right now, so, with that in mind I lock on my hands around her throat, and squeeze.

I squeeze tight enough to nearly cut off all her air. For a minute she freaks out even more, but some part of her brain tells she that the only way she’s going to survive is to calm down.

By a Herculean effort, and strength she finally starts to do just that. I release my hand and then, with no words, begin to loosen the shackles around her ankles. I’m sure she has some form of hope, but I quickly quash it as I lock cuffs around her ankles attacked by a short chain. She knows, instinctively, that even if she wasn’t otherwise cuffed and could see, she still wouldn’t be able to run away.

I pull her to her feet and it’s at that moment that she realizes that while she was unconscious, I made some additions. I’m sure she probably felt some pain but hadn’t, till the moment I snapped the lead to the shiney new piercing, that I’d pierced both her nipples and her clit.

That  fact caused her to scream again, and I yanked, hard, to get her moving, increasing the volume of her screams. She quickly started shuffling along and I could hear the sounds of her weeping as she realized how fully I controlled her body. Not only had I stripped her, stuffed dildos into her, and bound her, but I’d also pierced her. In her mind, she was starting to realize that there was nothing that I couldn’t do to her and it was limited only by and it was limited only by my desires.

She was also starting to realize that she had no idea, what limits I had, if any.

I forced her to walk for what had to have felt like an eternity, blind and terrified. Finally, I stopped, but her situation wasn’t going to get any better as I forced her up on a platform. I loosened the bondage around her arms and then shackled them behind her quickly, then I bound her ankles wide, using leather cuffs.

Once that was done I forced her arms to the same place her ankles were cuffed. The effect was force her into a back bend that was probably well beyond anything she’d ever done before. The pain for this position starts quickly and just gets worse. Of course, I’m going to give her something else to think about, other than some back pain.

I deflate the dildos in her holes and she almost sighs in relief. I smile at that, as I know her relief will be short lived.

Again, without word, I begin whipping her tits, ass, and pussy. Her body explodes into motion and she yanks, hard, against the restraints but it’s pointless. All she can do is squirm, wiggle, and try to avoid the blows but between her bondage, and the helmet her efforts are symbolic at best.

I know, from discussions with other prey, that she just wants to know what I want. She’s thinking that if she just knows that, then maybe she can stop some of the pain.

Of course, she has no way of knowing that it is exactly that mindset that I want. I want her to be ready to do anything. First to stop the pain, but that’s just the beginning.

She has no way of knowing that this is just the first step in a long road to changing her. Breaking her, destroying her spirit, her will, and soul.

She has no way of knowing that she’s going to be rebuilt.

For now, she just knows the snap of the cane, and agony.

After a while I switch to whipping her on her ass and cunt. I need her to know that no part of her is safe. No part of her can be shielded from the pain I wish to inflict. She continues to squirm and struggle but I can already sense the shift in her efforts.

Finally, I stop the beating, but again I ensure her relief is short-lived as I suddenly hoist her into the air.

Now, she’s hanging by her wrist and ankles, the arch of her back even worse. She tries to squirm to find some relief, and her screaming gets louder again, as I decide to give her something else to think about. With that, I grab her hips, and after lining myself up I shove my cock into her cunt and begin the first of what will be many sessions of raping her.

Her cunt is warm, moist, and tight, just like I like it.

She screams and struggles, at this invasion, but of course it does no good. She’s helpless. That helplessness feeds her terror, her anger, and her humiliation, even as it feeds my lust. The result of all that struggling is her cunt is actually squeezing me even tighter, milking me, as if her body was already embracing it’s destiny.

At the same time, her brain is shutting down again, and her struggles are almost robotic. She can’t process the overload of what’s been happening to her nad her brain is trying to cope the best way it knows how, by trying to shield itself. By trying to pull away. That’s why I keep changing what I’m doing, I’m determined to not let her brain do that. I need to keep her in the moment, so I can destroy her defenses that much quicker.

In doing so, she feels even mroe vulnerable, more violated, and I’m sure at this point she’s probably praying to God for relief, for rescue, for anything.

They all do.

Of course, if anyone is listening they don’t care anymore than I do.

After I’ve fucked her for a while, and shot the first of many loads into her cunt,I lowered her back down to the table, her weeping at this point probably making it harder for she to breathe.

I don’t care about that at the moment, I know the tubes I placed in her nose will keep her breathing, even if will be a little restricted. I release her wrists and then attach them to the top of the helmet, forcing them up between her shoulder blades. The idea is to make things progressively worse, that way her mind starts to believe that, no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. I also like this position because it gives me unfettered access to either fuck or whip her, and her hands are completely out of the way.

When I’m done, I just look at her for a while. I take my time, touching her body as I pleased, examing it like the meat it is. She’s gorgeous and knowing she’s finally mine puts a smile on my face that nearly splits it in two.

It’s only a few moments of this before my cock is rock hard again and I go back to raping her, only this time, in keeping with the training regimine of not giving her any chance to adapt, I shove my juice lubricated cock into her ass.

Again, she screams, and tries to resist and I hold on tightly, letting her sphincter spasm around my cock. The sensation is intoxicating and my cock feels like it’s being held in a velvet vice. I could blow a load right now, if I didn’t have better control.

She gives up teh fight much quicker than she did before, collapsing in on herself as she weeps in misery, anguish, fear, and humiliation. I can also sense the surrender to her situation, meaning her mind is starting to accept that she has no control.

That’s good, that’s the most important lesson I need to teach her, and the sooner she starts to learn it the better. It’s why I anally rape them so soon, I’ve found ass raping a cunt is a great start to that most important lesson.

Once I finish I then go right back to whipping her cunt, she screams beautifully, even under the hood and it keeps her off blaance, it keeps her confused. It also begins teaching her another important lesson, and whether she learns it right now, or later, doesn’t matter, as long as she learns that she’s only good for fucking and hurting, and if she’s not excellent at one, then she’ll be made to excel as the other. She’s a set of holes, and she’s going to learn, accept, and even embrace that lesson to the very core of her being. This will help her to learn that lesson more quickly.

Quick is exactly what I want, because, the quicker she learns it, the quicker she breaks.

The quicker she breaks, the quicker she can be trained and then sold.

After all, that’s why she’s here.

Finally satisfied with this lesson I leave her there to weep. I want her to wallow in the pain and marinate in the cum that I’ve filled her holes with.

Combined with the bondage, the blindness, and the pain, it’s as good as an acid, eating away at the very foundation of who she is.

Finally, I untie her, and lead her back to her little cell by her clit leash. She follows much more reluctantly, having no idea what I have instore for her next. In time, she’ll trust and follow the leash as well as any trained animal, as that’s what she’ll be. For now, she’s skittish and wild.

I get her back and once again lock her arms to the bar around her collar and again lock her ankles to the spreader bar, and stuff the dildos back in her holes.

It’s at that point that I, finally, begin to remove the helmet. I’m sure at this point it’s not the relief that it would have been earlier as by now she’s learned that anything that might inspire hope, should be feared.

I endeavor to keep this thought process going as, once the helmet is removed, she tries to look up into my face but I swiftly slap her for the effort. She tries again and gets the same.

By the third slap she’s figured it out without me saying a word and keeps her head down.

I set a stool down in front of her, and without a word stuff my cock into her mouth.

This is a test. I know the cock in her mouth must taste revolting considering it was just in her cunt and ass. I know the desire to fight, or to even try to bite will run through her mind. She doesn’t see it, but I have an insurance policy, just in case. I’ve had a few cunts over the years, amazingly, that did try to bite.

I made sure they regretted that for a long time.

But I’d learned, and so, out of sight, I’m holding a remote to the dildoes in her holes. The first sign of teeth and she gets enough voltage thru her lower holes to light up the room, and more than enough to make her scream, and release my member before she can do any damage.

I have nothing to worry about with her, as is typical, the memory of what she’s already endured is still fresh in her mind and she begins to shudder as her mind, unwillingly, starts to conjure up what she would suffer if she attempted such defiance.

For now, her brain is locked on only one thing, survival. So she struggles for a few moments, even chokes aand gags a little, but due to my unrelenting pressure on the back of her head, and the fear running through her entire body like a drug, eventually, she starts sucking like she was born to it, and I close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation. The power I have over her is unlike any drug known to man, and I revel in the feeling of that power.

I allow my mind to wander to all the things she’s going to endure. All the games I’m going to play as I lead her down the road to her total subjugation. I was made for this, and she was made to be a victim. We’ve both found our perfect place in the world.

I finally decide to finish after another few moments, shooting my load down her throat and I, finally, speak for the first time, "swallow it all, or else.”

She startles slightly, at the sound of my voice but does as commanded, desperately sucking my cock dry in a desperate effort to avoid doing anything that would force me to fulfill the threat in my voice.

Once she’s done, I move away, sitting in the chair, and simply studying her.  I’ve made a good catch, and she’ll bring a fine payment once she’s ready for sale.

She squirms under the intense perusal but she remembers to keep her eyes down, catching herself before she tries to look me in the eye.

I smile at that.

After what seems like an eternity I finally speak again, “your life as you knew it, is over. Forget about it. Forget your friends, your family, your life. It is gone. The person you were is dead. I have effectively ended that person’s existence.“

She looks at me horrified and I’m ready, with another quick slap.

I then continue, “as I said that person’s existence is gone, and in it’s place is slave. A slave that will never be called, ‘she’ or ‘I’ again. This slave is no longer an "I”. It is not a human being, not a person, not an American citizen. There are no rights here, no fairness, no equality. What is before me now, is an it. A thing. A sex-slave. A pain slut. A whore. Set of three holes for me to fuck and torture, and two tits in a pile of skin to torture as well.“

She begins to cry, “I will break it completely. Everything that it thinks it is now, will be destroyed. When I am finished it will do anything I tell it to do, regardless of what that is, without thought, or hesitation. It will do so because it will have learned that the alternative is so much worse. It will be the perfect slave.”

I then come over and grab her throat, forcing her eyes to meet mine, as I finish, “When I’m done with it, I will sell it, like a piece of property, because that’s what it is and always will be.”

She tries to hold my gaze, but falters quickly and looks down and away, the tears leaking from her eyes, “I’m going to go get some rest, I suggest it does the same, and comes to grips with the fact of its new reality. Welcome to the new life it will never escape.”

with that I stood, turned, and walked out of the room. I slammed the door shut and then quickly went to look at the camera.

She sat there in stunned silence for a moment, then lowered her head and begin to weep uncontrollably as she realized that there was nothing she could do to escape.

By now, she surely had no doubts that I would do exactly as I said I would. Her only hope, was rescue.

The problem there was that she had seen my confidence. It told she I’d, probably, done this before. If I’d not been caught then, there was a good chance I wouldn’t be caught now.

I’m sure she was trying to imagine her future, the bleakness of torture, rape, violation, humiliation, and destruction of everything she was, or, or would have been.

She was at this point, coming to grips with the harsh truth of my words: She was going to be a slave, it was a certainly that left no doubt in her mind that that was true.

As I watched her slip further into the depression all my new acquisitions initially fall into, and day turned to night I wondered if she was going to one of the ones that held onto the hope that when she was finally broken, she wouldn’t remember who she was, and what she had lost.

Sadly, for her, I always made sure that they did remembered right to the day of their sale. There was no fun if they didn’t remember what they were.

True, after they were sold and endured years of whatever further training and punishments they might endure with their new masters the slaves I had trained had most likely forgotten their old lives, if for no other reason than as a matter of survival.

While they were with me, however I wanted them to remember, it was just another layer in my sadistic nature. Making sure they endured everything, while remembering what had been stolen from them, but getting to the point that they didn’t care anymore. That was a truly broken slave.

I smiled at anticipation of that moment as I watched her try to find some comfortable position to fall asleep.

I watched until exhaustion finally overtook her and she fell into an uncomfortable sleep. I turned off the monitor and went to my own comfortable bed, looking forward to the dreams of all the things she was going to endure before I finally, and completely broke her.

She was soon going to be another one of my masterpieces.