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That awkward moment when you have 3 one-shots about 75% done, 2 multi-chaptered fics with the next chapter about 30% done, and 1 extremely frustrating mid-length multi-chaptered fic with the next chapter NINETY FREAKING PERCENT DONE but you’re hung up on a transition paragraph.


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Day Two ● Favorite Moment

The Reunion

Because of the smiles on their faces. Because they missed each other. Because of the running hug. Because of the joy. Because of the moaning. Because of the emotion. Because of her legs wrapped around his waist. Because of the hand gripping her shirt, making sure she’s real; grounding him. Because I’ve never in my life seen either of them happier to see anyone else. Period. End of story.

Lesson 1. Never love someone who can’t love you back
Lesson 2. Never love someone more than they love you.
Lesson 3. If this occurs, state your feelings and fall all the way back, no matter how hard it is to do so.
Lesson 4. Learn to love vices without them bringing out virtues.
Lesson 5. Distraction, distraction, distraction!
Lesson 6. Repay kindness with kindness (the golden rule). See lesson 2
Lesson 7. Shut your goddamn mouth.
Lesson 8. Learn to walk away.
Lesson 9. Don’t look back.