see rule 2

sometimes I just stop and think about the fact that there are 3 books of rules of engagement, 2 books of lovehacks and most wanted book 2 never returned from war

  • Uma: Rule #1, if it's about me, @ me, so I can see it. Rule #2, if you heard shit that didn't come from me, then don't believe it 'cause I hate a bitch that posts shit then before you see it she delete it and when you come to her she get to switchin' up like "girl I ain't even really mean it." So when I catch you lackin' don't say shit just prepare yo ass for this beatin' 'cause on sight means on sight, not in no counselor's office having meetings, and if you pull my tracks I'ma break yo face and you really gonna be left bleeding.

Basic Astrology - the Delineation of Wisdom

As pointed out previously, astrology is very important to the practice of magick because it gives the magician a time-frame in which to orientate his workings, as well to determine the ambience of astrological influences effecting psychic phenomenon. Another important consideration is that astrology assists one in self-discovery, and the aphorism know thy self is of primary importance to the endeavors of the magician. This discipline is called natal astrology, and the first thing that a student studies is always his/her own natal chart.

The spiritual dimension of the self is revealed through the diagram known as the natal chart, or birth chart. The natal chart is a complex diagram containing a lot of various information about the individual depicted in it. However, the basic chart consists of four layers that are integrated into a complete delineation (astrological analysis). The first layer consists of the houses, the second are the signs, the third are the planetary positions, and the fourth are the planetary aspects or angular relationships. The student must be always aware of the nature of astrological symbols, as they are spiritual archetypes that have multiple meanings and significance, they are subject to interpretation, and at time, misinterpretation.

The twelve houses are the framework that the natal chart is grounded upon, they represent the boundaries where assigned activities take place. They represent the symbolic divisions of space; the sectors of the astrological cycle of 360°. The twelve house are static, so they do not move. The twelve signs represent the background, the coloring, and the attributes that qualify the planets residing in them. Signs qualify each of the houses that they rule, and this rulership is determined by the placement of the signs upon the cusps (divisions) of the twelve houses. Signs move only as the earth rotates on its axis, causing an apparent rotation of the zodiac.

Planets are the energies that move, since planets change their position by the hour, however greatly or minutely. They have rulership over the signs and houses, and they influence each other. The planets represent the dynamic expressions of the psyche and are the focus of astrological considerations. Planets move because they orbit the sun, thus they are not stationary, such as the fixed stars. We define the characteristics of the planets as they are qualified in the signs and in the houses, but the 10 planets, being archetypal in nature, have their own specific meanings.

Aspects represent the angular relationships between planets, and therefore, activate the latent energies of the planets existing within the signs and houses. A planet that is negatively aspected by another planet while being situated in a sign of its weakness or detriment, will acquire the negative potential of that planetary aspect. Similarly, a planet that is positively aspected by another planet can overcome the negative potential of a planetary sign position that is weak or detrimental.

We should now proceed with an examination of the four components of a natal chart, and these are the twelve houses, the twelve signs, the 10 planets, and the basic four aspects, although a few of the lesser aspects will be examined. We shall consider the ten planets as they are defined in astrology. The Planets have distinct psychological characteristics and personalities, as one would expect, since they were once gods. The following table will illustrate this point.


The next table will assist in the definition of the twelve signs of the zodiac. From the twelve signs are also derived the twelve houses after a fashion.


The signs can also be grouped by Element and Quality.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo Sagittarius. Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Air Signs:Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The next table contains the basic aspects that are used in astrology, included are their symbols, angular attributes and orbs (area of influence, in degrees), and their keyword concepts. Also included are some of the lesser aspects, which are also used, especially with transits and synastries.


Hard aspects: Oppositions, Squares, Conjuctions

Soft aspects: Tine, Sextiles, Quincunx, Semi-sextile

Conjunctions - joining of planetary qualities, fusion, combination of qualities intensifies.

Oppositions - relationships (opposites attract), blending to center, struggles and restoration.

Squares - locking of planetary energy, unforseen opposition, dynamic interplay, struggles.

Trines - always between same element, harmony, movement of energy, independent.

Sextiles - easy blending of energies, minor harmonizer, supportive, dependence, opportunities.

Quincunx - resolution, mediation, resistance is adjusted by compromise, volunteers.

Seni-sextile - assistance received from environment.

The next table will fully illustrate the keywords and concepts associated with all the twelve signs, houses, and the ten planets. This table is a list of keywords for the astrological symbols given as letter groupings of 12 letters. Each letter, whether planet, sign, or house represents an essence of energy that operates in multiple levels of awareness. These keywords are used in the technique of synthesizing combinations of symbols into statements of operation. This language can be used to describe a personality and the process of individual life development, an event with all of its facets and its ultimate probable outcome, or even an idea that might change that outcome. Each natal chart holds a wealth of information. Yet the astrologer must ferret out these facets and place them into perspective so that they relate to the composite dynamic structure that is an individual.

Letter 1 Basic Archetype: Desire, Action, Physical

House 1: Self, Body, appearance or presentation, physical features.

Sign: Aries - Positive: Initiative, ambition, impulse, pioneering spirit, self-esteem, leadership. Negative: Self-willed, brusque, overbearing, impatient, domineering.

Planet: Mars - Positive: Brave, enterprising, energetic, independent, motivated, competitive, assertive. Negative: Dominant, hostile, argumentative, impulsive, arrogant, angry, self-centered, quick-tempered, egotistic, cruel, over-sexed.

Letter 2 Basic Archetype: Possessive, Security, Appreciation

House 2: Values, Self-worth, personal property, how you creatively manifest what you own. Money, Morals, Love expressed.

Sign: Taurus - Positive: Endurance, comfort, security, determination, thorough, solid. Negative: Obstinate, jealous, stubborn, hoards possessions, holds on to hurts.

Planet: Venus - Positive: Love and affection, compassion, cheerful, friendly, artistic, poetic, kind, socialable, money, value, sensual. Negative: Indulgent, vain, lazy, superficial, gaudy, lustful.

Letter 3 Basic Archetype: Mental, Communication, Displacement

House 3: Mental and Communication skills, family relationships, neighborhood, education,short trips.

Sign: Gemini - Positive: Logical, Adaptable, Intellectual, Dual, Verbal, Versatile, Agile, Curious. Negative: Restless, Childish, Changeable, Inconsistent, superficially, nervous, unreliable, cunning.

Planet: Mercury - Positive: Intellect, literary, studious, dextrous, witty, all communications. Negative: Unprincipled, gossip, worry, forgetful, nervous, inconsistent, arrogant, angry, self-centered,

Letter 4 Basic Archetype: Emotional, Dependent, Caring.

House 4: Home, security, family ties, roots, real-estate, early environment.

Sign: Cancer - Positive: Home loving, frugal, sympathetic, receptive, tenacious, retentive. Negative: Contrary, clannish, timid, lazy, emotional, over-protective.

Planet: Moon - Positive: Domestic urge, How one gets their needs met, moods, feelings, mental perception, ambitious, receptive. Negative: Mood shifts, over-emotional, frivolous, procrastination, lazy.

Letter 5 Basic Archetype: Creation, Recognition, Self-expression

House 5: Creativity, dramatic, artistic, children and child-like behavior, speculation andgambling, love received.

Sign: Leo - Positive: Generous, helpful, leadership, loyal, noble, expressive, affirmative, sunny, acting. Negative: Vain, proud, loud, arrogant, showoff, cruel, snobbish, condescending.

Planet: Sun - Positive: Self-expressive, creativity, pride, dignity, sincerity, individuality, power-urge. Negative: Arrogant, egotistical, over-bearing, demanding, of attention, power-hungry.

Letter 6 Basic Archetype: Compulsive, selective, planner, assist

House 6: Service to others, work, technique, daily business of life, health

Sign: Virgo - Positive: Methodical, orderly, service orientated, analytical, discriminative, pure, healthy, clean, ethical. Negative: Inferiority complex, narrow minded, smug, critical, fears disease.

Planet: Mercury (See Letter 3) Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, and houses 3 and 6.

Letter 7 Basic Archetype: Sharing, Supportive, Acceptance-hunger.

House 7: Others in general, Partners in particular, Public, Counseling.

Sign: Libra - Positive: Hopeful, justice, courteous, social, fair, balance, harmony, partnership, agreeable. Negative: Indecisive, suave, secrecy, dislikes opposition, status seeking, lazy approval need, peer-influenced.

Planet: Venus (See letter 2) Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, and houses 2 and 7.

Letter 8 Basic Archetype: Transformation, Intensity, Obsessive Power Hunger.

House 8: Shared values, thing of value received from others: legacies, learning of a skill, assistance, cooperation, value of relation.

Sign: Scorpio - Positive: Passionate, intense, reformer, strong, persistent, able to bring out of depths that which is hidden, healing. Negative: Power-hungry, ruthless, manipulative, opinionated, jealous, vengeful, secretive, obsessive.

Planet: Pluto - Positive: Reforming urge, reconstruction, broad-view, big business, research, death-rebirth, deep, retentive. Negative: Jealous, demanding, perversion, vulgar, destructive, possessive, hateful, revenge, betrayal.

Letter 9 Basic Archetype: Social, Expansive, Indulgent.

House 9: World view, religion, politics, psychology, philosophy, higher education, longdistance travel, foreign travel, law.

Sign: Sagittarius - Positive: Optimistic, social generous, wise, just, happy, outgoing, salesmanship, intelligence, freedom, adventurous, sportive, athletic. Negative: Fanatic, rebel, gambler, restless, loud, scattered, over optimistic, bad judgement.

Planet: Jupiter - Positive: Ideals, ethics, aspirations, respect, jovial, sympathetic, popular, wise, just, expansive, open, increase. Negative: Self-indulgent, self-righteous, hypocritical, extravagant, lazy, exaggeration.

Letter 10 Basic Archetype: Suppression, Neurosis, Control, Achievement.

House 10: Honor, reputation, career, social standing, what you think others think of you.

Sign: Capricorn - Positive: Patient, ambitious, cautious, untiring effort, position, perfectionist, businesslike. Negative: Pessimistic, authoritative, image-conscious, lonely, defensive, uses others.

Planet: Saturn - Positive: Disciplined, responsible, determination, perfection, serious, goal-orientated, integrity, tradition, commitment, moral, success-orientated, professionalism. Negative: Rigid, frigid, depressive, self-denying, anxiety, guilt, fear, over compensation, demanding parent, enforcer.

Letter 11 Basic Archetype: Dissociation, Progressive, Individualistic.

House 11: Friends, groups, organizations, homes, dreams, long-term goals.

Sign: Aquarius - Positive: Inventive, unique, group-orientated, original, modern, friendly, genius. Negative: Non-conformist, anti-social, fanatic, eccentric, erratic, impractical, rebellious.

Planet: Uranus - Positive: Inventive, creative, metaphysical, progressive, mental, scientific, telepathic. Negative: Eccentric, bohemian, irresponsible, sudden, erratic, chaotic, disruptive, sarcastic, unorthodox, illicit.

Letter 12 Basic Archetype: Passive, Delusions, Imagination.

House 12: Introspective, health institutions, personal limitations, service, devotion, innerstrength, psychic contact.

Sign: Pisces - Positive: Patient, devoted, compassionate, benevolent, idealistic, self-sacrificing, gentle, spiritual. Negative: Avoidance, unrealistic, escapism, victimized, vague.

Planet: Neptune - Positive: Spiritualism, artistic, religious, romantic, idealistic, poetic, musical, creative, clairvoyant. Negative: Deluded, deceitful, drug addict, alcoholic, erratic, fraudulent, foggy, dissolving.

- Frater Barrabbas Tiresius; ASTROLOGY FOR THE MAGICIAN


Day Two ● Favorite Moment

The Reunion

Because of the smiles on their faces. Because they missed each other. Because of the running hug. Because of the joy. Because of the moaning. Because of the emotion. Because of her legs wrapped around his waist. Because of the hand gripping her shirt, making sure she’s real; grounding him. Because I’ve never in my life seen either of them happier to see anyone else. Period. End of story.


Why just stop at Manny? :)

Ah, yes, my little genderswapped babies<3

(I kept Robin’s name because it can be both a girl and a boy name, according to some light research. I kind of improvised with the background lol)


Personality of Aurora (1/3)


Sleeping Beauty is tied with Cinderella for my second favourite princess movie (Snow White is first). Here is the personality of Aurora as how I see it when I watch Sleeping Beauty; mostly chronological.

  1. Playful
  2. Tender
  3. Wondering
  4. Fair
  5. Rebellious
  6. see part 2



Contently doing chores, singing/humming to herself, Aurora smiles as she overhears her aunts:

Yes, but how are we going to get her out of the house?
Oh, I’ll think of something.

Knowing that it’s her birthday, she puts them on the spot by playfully asking “Well, and what are you three dears up to?” and she is slightly amused when they cannot respond


Her aunts, stumbling to answer, tell Aurora to pick more berries. Not only by her reply “But I picked berries yesterday”, but by her hidden expression, she is suspicious but respectfully goes along with the pretense as she doesn’t want to spoil their “surprise”. Knowing how much her birthday surprise means to her aunts, she is sympathetic in a very warm, gentle manner.


As she walks in woods, she sings “I wonder” song. Apart from it being philosophical about love, it’s also subtlety hopeful. She sings “will my song” rather than “would my song”: she’s not questioning the reciprocal nature of love as something imaginary, but as an actual possibility.

I wonder / I wonder,
I wonder why each little bird / Has a someone to sing to
Sweet things to / A gay little love melody.
I wonder / I wonder,
If my heart keeps singing / Will my song go wing-ing
To someone / Who’ll find me
And bring back a love song / To me!


Soon later, overlooking the castle, she laments her aunts life-limiting rules that has forced her to grow up in isolation.

Oh dear… Why do they still treat me like a child?

(And later, when Aurora wonders why it’s so “terrible” to meet the stranger at their cottage, “Why? After all, I am sixteen”, Flora responds “It isn’t that, dear” … So I think that even the fairies were using her age as an excuse to never meet anyone despite being mature enough)


With her animal friends, Aurora playfully relishes in disobeying her aunts life-limiting rules by meeting a stranger. By describing her dream, she shows her imaginative side as well as her romantic side.

Why, Flora and Fauna and Merryweather. They never want me to meet anyone. But you know something? I fooled ‘em. I have met someone!

Although it’s against her aunts wishes, she wants this to become reality:

Yes, it’s only in my dreams. But they say if you dream a thing more than once, It’s sure to come true. And I’ve seen him so many times!

And when her animal friends appear…

Oh, why, it’s my dream prince! Your highness! No, I’m really not supposed to speak to strangers. But we’ve met before!

She then sings “Once upon a Dream” which has the dual nature of being romantic as well as being rebellious since it’s about meeting anyone, which is obviously against the rules.

6 see part 2

Augments & Names

You know, I always assumed that the Augments picked their names themselves.

Khan probably isn’t even the worst named of the bunch: you know some of them would have gone waaay overboard - names of ancient gods, Roman emperors, Pharaos, regal names, unique spellings… 

I can just picture Khan having to sort out endless fights and having to give them guidelines like:

  1. The names “Rex” and “Regina” are officially prohibited and will not be assigned to anyone.
  2. Nobody is naming him/herself “Rainbow.” End of the discussion.
  3. I know what “Arc en ciel” means. See rule 2.
  4. I know what “Arcobaleno” means, too. See rule2, again.
  5. Guys, I’ve got dictionaries in all the major languages. Knock it off. 
  6. If your chosen name wouldn’t look out of place on a weather forecast, then the answer is no. 
  7. Thanks to the last discussion, nobody is allowed to name himself “Robin Hood.” 
  8. Nobody is allowed to name herself “Robin Hood” either

In light of recent posts *coughveganpetfoodsforcarnivorescough* I felt this was appropriate and relevant (and Important!) enough to scan and post.

(Excuse the ads, I’m not endorsing anything, I just didn’t want to crop the images, so that people can see these are the original pages from the magazine.)

From Paws Chicago Magazine Winter 2013

I’m retyping below for people who are unable to view images or just want an easier way to read this info:

Pet Health: Do you Know What’s In Your Pet’s Food?
by Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM

Being an advocate for your own health and well-being is difficult; add to that staying on top of what’s best for your pet and suddenly nutrition becomes overwhelming. And with thousands of pet food products on the market today, it’s tough to know where to start.

But the most important overall health decision you can make for your dog or cat is what you put in their bowl so it makes sense to start with labels and understanding pet food ingredients. here are a few basic rules to jumpstart good decision-making when it comes to feeding your pet.

Royal Rule #1: High Protein

Our dogs and cats are carnivores so they should eat like carnivores. That means a diet predominantly comprised of meat protein, no grain and minimal carbohydrates. Most pet foods today have that ratio backwards. Too much carbohydrate is being fed to our pets in the form of grains (especially corn and wheat) and other foods (potatoes, rice, oats, and many more). This is not healthy.

There are specific side effects associated with this ratio imbalance, especially in cats, who are obligate carnivores (with bodies designed to eat and get its energy and nutritional values from animal meat). These deficiencies manifest in the form of dental disease, allergies, skin disorders, obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, cancers, kidney disease and more.

Dogs, because they are carnivores AND scavengers, have a little more leeway, but not much. As scavengers, they can made do with a diet of shoe-leather and blueberries, but their bodies need well-balanced meals for optimum health.

Royal Rule #2: Read, Read, Read

INGREDIENTS: They should make sense to you and not sound like a chemical factory. Remember, you are feeding a carnivore. This goes for treats, too.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Determine the proportion of the three major food groups - fat, protein, and carbohydrate.


Commercial raw foods, cooked commercial raw foods, cooked fresh foods, and canned or unprocessed freeze-dried foods are preferable to kibble foods. 

If you must feed kibble, choose a low-heat processed, high-quality meat-protein based food with greater than 30% protein.


*At least 30% Meat Protein (more like 40-60% if possible)

*Low Carbohydrate percentage

*No corn or wheat or other grains

*No soy or soy protein, or peanut butter

*No unpeeled white potato

*No chemicals, toxins, or fillers (See Royal Rules #2 and #3)

*Appropriate Moisture content (see page 37)

-end insert-

Royal Rule #3: Look Beyond The Label

If you do, here’s what you might find:

CARCINOGENS: The high heat process of extruded kibble foods produces a byproduct of Acrylamides and Heterocyclic Amines, which are both potent cancer-causing agents.

CHEMICALS: There can be pre-manufacture ingredients that aren’t required to be on the label because they were put in before the manufacturer got them. One bug concern is ethoxyquin, a quinoline-based antioxidant used as a food preservative and pesticide that is often sprayed on fish. Another is pentobarbital (typically used in the euthanazation process), a chemical used to treat the food animals that has shown up in traces in meats.

Royal Rule #4: Look for products made and Regulated in the U.S.

In the United States, all pet food is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is also further regulated at the state level. So stick close to home when purchasing pet food. Products that are imported may have lax standards when it comes to labeling, food safety laws and overall regulations. Unless I really know a company well, I tend to avoid foods and treats made in China after the Melamine disaster of 2007 where more than 13,000 pets died because of poor regulation in pet food ingredients.

Royal Rule #5: Keep Pets Trim

We may not know anymore what a normal weight looks like in our pets. Recent studies show that over 50 percent of our pets in this country are overweight to obese. Sadly, this is, as Temple Grandin says, “when bad becomes normal.”

The secret to weight management and weight loss in general is carbohydrates. Carbs cause weight gain. The carnivorous bodies of dogs and cats know what to do with protein and fat, but carbs get transformed into quick, cheap energy, which gets stored - as fat. So if your pet is overweight, look hardest at the carbohydrate percentage, not the fat content of the food.

One aspect of weight management that does differ between cats and dogs is the speed with which the pounds can be safely shed. Dogs are uniquely suited to lose weight fast. As scavengers, when they can’t find food, they just eat their fat. Simply decrease (often by half) the volume of food (good quality food) for a dog and they lose weight. Sometimes in just a few weeks they are down to a manageable size. Weight gain and loss in dogs is all about the food. If they are not burning the calories with exercise, they need to eat even less than they would if they were active. Simple.

Cats, however, must lose weight slowly and carefully or they can become very sick. I count weight-loss time in cats in terms of months. The diet should be changed to provide more protein and fat and fewer carbs per meal to really make a difference. And a slow, steady weight loss over the course of a year should be a benchmark for success.

Remember, treats and everything that go in a pet’s mouth are included in my rules for health. Often when owners decrease meals to help with weight loss, they quietly increase treats because they feel guilty. But treats can be very calorie dense, so beware!

If your dog doesn’t seem to be able to lose weight with careful diet regulation, ask your vet to check the thyroid function. Many dogs have undiagnosed hypothyroid conditions that hamper weight loss and affect many other aspects of health over time.

Royal Rule #6: The What, The Where, And The How

Buy from food companies that source their food from sustainable farms, using more natural and organic products. Meats that come from feed lots/factory/industrial farms, etc, tend to have been produced by feeding cheap food to animals in close quarters. They are often given very little room to move, and don’t get normal exercise, stimulation or family connections. These animals are more likely to have been treated with drugs and chemicals and quite frankly, in my opinion, the stressors, medications and unhealthy diets that these food animals endure cannot make a healthy body, or healthy meat. I suspect that we may find this industrial meat quality also to blame for many of our pets’ illnesses.

It’s hard not to feel frustrated with the pet food industry and the hidden dangers of ignoring your pet’s dietary needs. We can certainly do better. With all the wheat, corn and other inappropriate ingredients we feed our pets, it’s no wonder our pets aren’t wildly healthy. 

As humans we can choose to be a part of nature or collide against it. Medicine, nature and wellness have parted ways for too long. There is a natural health in every  creature and I know that excellent food provides the tools to maintain it. We must simply get back to the basics, pay attention to diet, and watch our animals regain their wild healthy.

Dr. Royal’s new book, The Royal Treatment: A natural Approach to Wildly Healthy Pets, is now available in paperback on For more information about Dr. Royal’s integrative approach to keeping your pets wildly healthy through sensible nutrition and preventative medicine, visit

Dr. Royal has been wildly interested in the health benefits of appropriate nutrition for over 20 years. Her education and nutrition started before vet school when she worked with wildlife and zoo animals and was a copy editor for the Dr. Scholl’s Conference on the Nutrition of Captive Wild Animals for several years. After becoming a doctor of veterinary medicine, she completed advanced courses in herbal medicine and nutrition at Tufts University in Massachusetts.

anonymous asked:

I really dont want to thnk they have sex. Like that hurts me because i feel unspecial to them. Like Ashton is too sweet to have sex, calum is to insecure, and luke is awkward and well michael.. ahhaha hes just a slut so ill let that one slide

Oh wow, I have a lot to say about this. Normally I am nothing but nice to everyone but I must admit I do think you are incredibly wrong here. Allow me to explain my views.

1. When they signed a music contract they promised us an album not control over every aspect of their diddly dacking lives (especially something as personal as their sex lives)

2. Alright kids, everyone repeat after me. We do not judge someone’s character on whether or not they are sexually active. Being a virgin does not make you a better person, just like frickle frackling doesn’t make you better or cooler.

3. If it helps you to think they don’t have sex then by all means do so! Just don’t say if you find out they do you will like them any less (see rule 2)

4. Music. We are here for their music and amazing personalities. The fact they are all sex gods is just a bonus jonas.

5. I don’t get the unspecial part unless you are sleeping with them which, no offense, do to the logic of probability, I assume you are not. But here I will answer you with a metaphor. You wear clothes right? What if you were looking for clothes and one of your fave sweaters said “nope, I’m sorry, I don’t want you wearing me… I just … I just don’t like that I’m not the only article of clothing you have ever worn.

6. On the statement ashton is too sweet to have sex…I am not trying to say ashton definitely has, but I would like to make a point sweet people can have sex. Like when you sleep with someone you don’t become void of all your personality, and human emotions. Being inside someone doesn’t make you any better or worse (again, see rule 2)

7. Calum is too insecure…again I’m not saying Calum has had sex, I mean like it’s not my place to say, but I do want to say that I don’t think he’s insecure. He gets naked in front of thousands on twitcam…where’s your logic here?

8. Luke is awkward…believe it or not you don’t have to be 100% confident and smooth as a mofo to frickle frackle.

9. For the sake of my sanity, I am going to pretend like that Michael statement never fucking happened.

And finally


anonymous asked:

I'm so confused now. So is it implied in that scene that Lucas wants Maya but has to choose Riley for the sake of maintaining the friendship or not?

Here’s what’s confirmed in the conversation:

• Lucas still likes them both. (At no point does he EVER deny his romantic feelings for Maya. He doesn’t renege on them even after she says he can’t hurt her.)
• But only one of them is the clippety-clop.
• Riley is his decision and it’s the only one he could’ve made. (Maya says this.)
• Lucas is VERY dubious about the suggestion that he “loves” Riley and should tell her so.
• Lucas doesn’t want to hurt anyone and could specifically never hurt Maya. Or at least it’s obvious he never wants to.
• Maya believes she “doesn’t want a nice guy” (although she expresses some probably subconscious doubt about this) therefore she doesn’t like Lucas and he can’t hurt her.

Here’s what’s ambiguous within the confines of the conversation:

• The REASON why Riley is the only choice he could make.
• Who the clippety-clop really is.
• If it’s Maya (and I think it is), it ambiguous as to whether she knows that or not.

To clear up the ambiguity on those last few points, ya gotta pay attention to what’s been going on outside of this conversation. In SL1, it’s made quite clear Lucas believes that the only right decision is the one that means they all stay friends. He’s been under a lot of pressure to do what’s best for EVERYBODY. That’s his primary motivation in terms of who he chooses above all else although it is by NO MEANS the only factor. But his decision is not at all driven primarily (or even at all IMO) by true clarity about what his different feelings mean.

There’s a reason those scales wound up EVEN. He’s known the primary difference (the clippety-clop) between his feelings for them since Bay Window at least it would seem, and if that were the deciding factor, if Lucas understood what that MEANS…then he would’ve tipped the scales with it EITHER WAY four episodes ago and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. In Texas 2, Lucas legit doesn’t understand WHY he grabbed Maya and tried to kiss her. He legit has no idea what it means or why he did it. He just acted.

As far as the clippety clop, it’s pretty clear that’s Maya whether she’s actually aware of that or not. The boy legit lost control with her in Texas and he really had to fight himself to abort that kiss. He was a nervous wreck around her in GMT3/GMNY. And frankly, I think it’s likely Lucas sees the clippety-clop with Maya as a NEGATIVE, especially since she’s back to being a Maya whose behavior scares him. Riley herself (as opposed to someone bullying Riley which is something else entirely) does not make Lucas feel out of control and she doesn’t scare him anywhere as much as Maya does. Riley is the safe choice, the “right and responsible” choice and Lucas SINCERELY BELIEVES HIMSELF TO HAVE ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR HER regardless of who makes him go clippety-clop. I think the way Maya makes him feel out of control (again, see Texas 2, also Rules) definitely contributes to his decision—especially with the way his past has been coming up. As to whether Maya knows it’s her, I’m 50/50 until I see it again.