see ribs


the progression from “no i’m not talking to my spouse” to


This picture is over 5 months time and 37.2lbs difference.

I love seeing side-by-side pictures; seeing the changes my body continues to go through as I continue to exercise and treat my body right is truly amazing.

I have NEVER been able to see my collarbones or ribs, and I can literally see them now! I have honestly never been this small in my entire life (except when I was a child) and it’s exhilarating.

**Weighed in today and I’ve lost 1.8lb this week total weight l04.2lbs!**

It starts with a want.
I want  a thigh gap.
I want a flat stomach.
Very basic non threatening desires.
So you start to cut down on sweets.
It gets a little more serious,
I want to weigh double digits.
I want to see my rib cage.
You cut out breakfast, your satisfied for a little.
But you could do better, you could get smaller,
so you cut out lunch, who needs it really?
And your briefly happy.  
So you eat breakfast again.
It wont make a difference, right? But it does,
you can feel your stomach inflate, your thighs look like whales.
And it all becomes a need.
You need a thigh gap. You need a flat stomach.
You need to weigh double digits and see your rib cage.
You stop eating entirely, you don’t care for a while, you just need to be thin. But when you realize you've gone to far, its too late and you drowning.
—  We are all just broken boys and girls. (t.m)

Lee is shiny. He is also bent and puffed up to the extent that you can see the skin between his scales. If your corn snake’s skin is visible even when they’re relaxed, they’re obese!

To anyone that wears a chest binder...

It doesn’t matter why you’re wearing your binder, if you start to feel uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. Please. Seriously, go without a bra, and just get back to feeling well before you put it back on. 

Also, please don’t wear it to school or work or whatever for the first time that you ever wear it. Try it out on the weekend, maybe an hour on Saturday, a little longer on Sunday, so that your body will be ready to be restrained for however long your school/work day is.

I don’t care if you want to pass all day, please don’t wear it for more than 8 hours at a time or while you’re exercising.

True story, the first day I decided to wear my binder was last Friday. I wore it to marching band rehearsal at 6:45 am (I marched in it for two hours), then I went to school for 8 hours, then I had afternoon marching rehearsal (another hour of rehearsal), we waited until the football game started (2 ish hours), and then I marched in it again, and wore it for 2 more hours until I got home. So that’s 15 hours that I decided to wear it on the first day. That was 5 days ago and I still can’t breathe properly, I have chest pains, and I can’t bend over without my ribs hurting. I’m not going to bind again until I feel better, but seriously, I didn’t think that only doing it for one day would hurt that bad. News flash, it hurts really bad,and every once in a while I either gasp really loudly or I get light headed because my ribs hurt, so I don’t want to take a normal size breath.

So basically

  • Don’t bind for more than 8 hours
  • Don’t bind for 8 hours the first time you wear your binder
  • Don’t exercise in your binder
  • If you feel uncomfortable, take it off, hopefully you brought a sports bra or something else to put on, but please take it off.
  • I promise, if you’re taking care of yourself, no one will judge you for having boobs. People have boobs. Guys have boobs, just some bigger than others, and if people can’t get over that, then that’s their own problem
  • Please take care of yourself

And if you’re wearing a binder right now…

  • Do you feel any pain? Take it off.
  • How long have you had it on? More than 8 hours? Take it off (please)
  • When’s the last time you stretched your back?
  • When’s the last time you took a nice, big breath of air?
  • Do you feel cute? Because you are. You look nice, I promise.
Today, I Feel Sad

Today, I feel sad.

I skipped breakfast again because if I can’t see my ribs how will I remember to cage these emotions. The growl of my stomach is the only voice I hear that tells me I’m doing the right thing. I swallow guilt when food touches my tongue and there’s a bitterness that comes with taking what I know I don’t deserve.

Today, I feel sad.

I ran into the toilets and had a panic attack. I then ran the hairdryer to drown out the sobs from behind whitewashed cubicle doors. I wonder if anybody could hear the scraping of my flesh and the suppressed screams. My heart beat pummelled in my ears and the constant drum beat into me that I am in fact alive. This is all my life has become.

Today I feel sad.

Now sitting in my room I have no face to turn to. It doesn’t feel so unrealistic that most of the earth is empty. How do you tell anyone that you want to die? A conversation left unspoken, a recollection of thoughts hidden in the darkness of my shadow. Depression once again has me right where he wants me. Alone.

- A.S

[Sunday, February 19: Write about what your aromantic / aro spec identity means to you. This can include your experience finding the identity that feels the most right to you, and can absolutely involve disclosing what your identity is (though, of course, that is not required).]

My aro identity is kind of up in the air right now. I used to be solidly aromantic, but now I think I’m probably demi, and honestly I’m not worried about getting a label at the moment.

When I was 15 I needed a label. I spent hours and hours having an identity crisis. I spent the whole year on it. I’d never had a crush and I just didn’t understand the world I was living in and how I fit in. Besides that I was dealing with more dysphoria than I’d ever had before and trying to find a label for my gender identity.

It took me a long time to accept that I was aro ace. I used to pray to a god I didn’t believe in, to please make me gay. (I was too romance repulsed by mainstream media and my friends to want to be straight lol, but really I would have taken anything over being aro.) I didn’t want to be aro ace, but as I gradually accepted it it gave me a sense of comfort. A sense of identity, really.

When I was 17, after two years of identifying as aro ace, I did experience romantic attraction for the first time ever. That was an odd experience. It was something I’d prepared for and was open to, but I’d gotten so comfortable in my aro identity that I didn’t want it anymore. So after having spent so long accepting that I was aro, I now had to go through the process of accepting that I was not completely aro anymore.

So now, I guess I’m demiromantic but honestly I don’t really know or care. I already did the whole identity crisis thing. I know I’m on the aromantic spectrum and I know I grew up aro and that’s what’s important to me. Being aro was and will always be important in shaping my life.

  • Quick Arme Thaumaturgy study.
  • 261 words.

When Apostasia admits he was once known as Ain, Arme Thaumaturgy feels a chill run down his spine. Only when he thinks about a little more, he realizes it wasn’t a chill but a shiver of disgust instead. Knowing that thing was once known as the being Ainchase Ishmael makes him feel like he’s been betrayed and violated.

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I love you. He said casually as his fists reacted differently, my mother packed us up and took us away from him. I don’t think he ever left us though, she drowned herself in a bottle of bourbon so she wouldn’t have nightmares and the touch of men made her flinch. She thinks she healed when she found someone new to say “I love you” but I can see her ribs are still torn apart, held together with fragile hope.

I love you. He said only moments before he forced himself inside her and took the one thing she had been keeping safe. She knew that wasn’t love, people that love you don’t need to steal things from you in the dead of night, leaving bruises along your skin and a crater in your heart. She was never the same but she put on a good show, making sure no one would never know.

I love you. He said before he text my best friends sister, asking her for sex. How many girls came before the one that was closest to her? I remember holding her hair back as she threw up from crying so hard that every muscle in her body shook and caved in.

I love you. You said to me only days before you left. I can’t love you. You said to me the last time we spoke, telling me I was too much for you, my baggage too heavy, my darkness too deep for you to navigate.

I love you. Please don’t say the words, if your actions will just break our hearts.

i kno its not healthy to look at models for body goals but tbh plus size models rlly helped me to like…………….not obsess over trying to be like……………115 pounds….lol

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I wan 2 see This ribs but i guess he wont show 2 us by himself. I guess we should suprise him on the creme scene, so we ll see da ribs, da arms, da legs 2.

“Okay first off….. You’re fuckin weird. SECOND. No you can’t see my ribs. They’re not for you to see. THIRD. Stop using that weird-ass term.” 

Just a Dance

Submitted by anonymous 

Words: 1191

Pairing: Jimin x male reader

Genre: fluff, suggestive

It was hard to focus on your friend’s story when the man at the bar a few steps away from your table climbed on someone’s lap and was now playing with his tie. You didn’t mean to stare but his thighs were too generous under the black jeans and you could see his ribs and a glimpse of his abs from the large hole of his tank top. His pink hair either stuck to his temples and forehead from the sweat or sticked up messily from all the previous dancing.

Not that you had watched him dance for a while now.

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Something I’m surprised no one is addressing is, that bum is actually anorexic. It’s kinda high key hinted in the 19th chapter. And you can see his ribs clearly in the part when he masturbates on sangwoos bed. So in reality, with the amount of care that now sangwoo has for him, he’s being well “fed”. But he probably doesn’t eat it all. What I am actually curious about now is how his eating disorders will affect him (or rather be affected) now that he finally snapped. (might not even be addressed in the comic but still)