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trying to work through an art block. as you can see, i’m pretty fixated on keith after s3, esp. that sword-throwin bit haha (i rly want to successfully execute the dynamic shot,,, so it’s practice, practice, practice for me,,,)

Another pencil doodle during class of Oracle!Noctis, for @jasperraven. Because I still love that AU and I like drawing Noctis looking flowy and shiny.

…photo restoration is a VERY boring task btw.


just piling them up

Rachel the Celebi is the princess of forests, she watches over them to be sure no dreadful unnatural harm falls upon them. She’s a sweet bae.

Below is Aerin, the knight of nature. in other words Rachel’s guard, in a way. He is rude and rough, but he can be kind as well (in terms of personality think of the cliche cool rival dude)