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TCR Birthday Bash: Seasons


A/N: I’ve been chasing round ideas for this day for weeks now and, lo and behold, an idea turned up on the day itself! This ficlet is one of the Bureau’s many misadventures, inspired by a forest I found during my uni years. (The forest, and not the misadventures, thankfully.) Enjoy! 

Although it could only have been hours, it felt like they had been walking through that forest for an eternity. 

The locals called it the Wood of All Seasons. It was an apt name for the sprawling woodland that centred the strange little world; a wild intersection between the realms of the seasons. A place filled with wood magic and fickle fae. It was a place where only the brace or foolhardy ventured. 

Or, it seemed, little girls with far too much curiosity. 

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It seems that Reylos aren’t allowed to ship Finnrose too. It’s not like antis are my mom to tell me what to do. I don’t ship Finnrose to get rid of Finnrey, I just don’t see it as romantic after watching TFA. 

And the skin color discurse is really boring, is like the only excuse they have to shit on us. I don’t see the color of the characters while I ship, I see chemistry and potential. So please, stop. 

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I wanted to say, from your post about giving up Supergirl and focusing on original content. I had the very same response from it (like down to the point on going back to original content solely). I was ready to just abandon Tumblr and my fandom again, because of hate and being a part of an unsupported ship. But then I remembered why I write fanfiction. I've written it for alive and well ships and ships that died years ago... but I did it for myself and others, because there is something... (1/2)

(2/2) so vital in taking content, seeing potential in it, and creating more with it. There’s been so many recreations in the DC universe alone, so why does one matter more than another? I don’t see a difference between writers on the show using actors to tell their story and fanfiction writers posting to AO3 (because some are hella amazing). At first I wanted to jump ship, but right now, more than anything, I want to make it our own, regardless of what CW decides. TLDR: Your work matters.            

One, thank you for stopping by with this!

Two, I completely agree with everything that you’re saying! I’ve been writing fanfiction since I was about 12, writing up Star Wars plots, and I think fanfiction is HUGE in the way that it influences the way that we see and interact with our favorite media.

But three, I think that fanfiction only takes us so far. yes, it’s amazing, and I’ve read fanfiction better than some books! but it also feel like a back alley black market deal - ‘here, you can’t find this in the store, but I can sell you some discounted product out back’.


We deserve to walk into a bookstore and see the latest bestselling book with a wlw couple displayed right there by the door. we deserve to be able to walk into a grocery store and see cheesy wlw romance novels next the magazine rack. we deserve tv shows that have more than one LGBTQIA+ character/couple.

I’m not saying I think I’m good enough for anything more than a self published kindle book, but even if 10 people see a wlw book and feel validated then I think it would be worth it. Because it wouldn’t just be ‘fan interpretation’ that writers and actors could discount, it would be real and out there and undeniable.

There are quite a few wlw books out there (and I’ve just recently been trying to pull myself away from fanfic to read them), but we need more! We need to show people that we don’t just belong on the internet. We are loud and we are proud and if we can’t get our favorite media to give us canon representation, then we’ll create our own!

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Hey! Will you do a Hufflepuff/Badger patronus analysis please?

This was also requested by @3am-disco! What a perfect house/patronus pairing!

Originally posted by kyecheng

Your patronus is a badger! The badger is a black and white mammal that is often found living in dens that they’ve created in the earth. Despite their size, badgers are very strong creatures. They are fiercely independent, and are also known to protect the ones they love. Badgers are also members of complex social groups! Symbolically, the badger is usually connected to the earth and is often associated with determination and persistence.

Having a badger as your patronus means that you are strengthened by hard work. You find that you are at your strongest whenever you invest yourself in a project and see it through until the end. You give things your all, because you want to see them done. You see their potential, and you will work until you get there. Your strengths lie in trying again whenever something doesn’t work out, in never giving up. With the badger as your patronus, there is no doubt that you display many Hufflepuff traits. Like the badger, Hufflepuffs are unafraid of hard work. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, especially if it means that they can move a project forward. Hufflepuffs are also loyal to the core, just like the badger! As a patronus, the badger will be there whenever you feel like giving up. Sometimes, it seems like the easiest thing is to step back and let everything wash over you, to let go and watch it float away. The badger will remind you of how great it feels to reach your goals. It will remind you that hard work always pays off in the end. In battle, the badger will be there to help you back to your feet whenever you begin to feel helpless or overwhelmed. With the badger at your side, you’ll find that there’s nothing you can’t do if you just put your mind to it. 


Patronus Analysis / Patronus Masterpost

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(Askmortica) "You know I used to think that too at One point. Gramps wasn't the one who said it but I know it's hard. It's worlds where Ricks always call you a stupid Morty. But Gramps did tell me that dumbass doesn't mean stupid. If they can't see your real potential then those Ricks are the real idiots. "

I..i.. thank you…thank you…

“why dont we turn gay characters straight???”

that’s homophobia and a parallel to conversion therapy, sharon

“but we turn straight characters g - ”

that’s real gay people identifying with a character whose heteronormative writers might not see the potential of a character’s relationships with the same gender due to homophobia, sharon


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 

One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way. As someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in this world.
—  Susane Colasanti

I just think it’s funny how Akutagawa is still so hellbent on killing Atsushi, when Atsushi is one of the very few people who:

  • was allowed to wear and use Rashomon (remember that this is not just an outlet for Aku’s ability, but also a coat that Dazai gave to Aku, which makes it even more important). Did anyone other than Aku wear it before? I highly doubt it.
  • knows about Aku’s motivations and insecurities, his dependance on Dazai’s approval, his tough time as Dazai’s protege, his black-and-white worldview. In turn, Atsushi has shared a lot about his past at the orphanage, the vision of the headmaster that keeps haunting him, his reasons for living and fighting. It feels like he’s shared more personal information with Aku than with anyone else.
  • is able to communicate with Aku without words or even gestures. They understand each other so well that they can devise entire plans and battle strategies based on silent communication alone.
  • has saved Aku’s life multiple times and it would seem that he will continue to do so. Atsushi has been saved by Aku as well, more than once.
  • is one of the few people whose words really get through to Aku, get stuck in his head for months afterwords, make him think, argue with an imaginary Atsushi in his head, and begrudgingly accept some of these ideas. Aku’s words have a similar effect on Atsushi, even if they pretend to ignore each other’s speeches.
  • complements Aku’s abilities so well that whether they want to or not Akuatsu have to work together again and again.
  • is genuinely interested in making Aku a better person whose entire existence is not focused on something that is actually not even needed at this point (Aku’s never-ending quest to make himself stronger to gain Dazai’s approval, which has already been given anyway), the kind of person who sees value in something other than killing.
  • is as strong as Aku and is currently one of his biggest motivations to keep improving not to be left behind.

Akuatsu could get along so well if they would only take a step back and realize that they are already important to each other and that they could be, if not exactly friends, at least not sworn enemies.

Wouldn’t it be nice.


Look, I was really disappointed with PotC5 for several reasons..but this guy’s design was 👌 👌 👌

About Jin and Jimin

I will not, under any circumstance justify what Jin said to Jimin in today’s Episode, not a chance, not at all. He was wrong, what he said was uncalled for and in a way hurtful. But I will not stand for this Jin hate bandwagon. Why are you all (specially maknae line stans) like this?

Your fellow fans are literally sending death threats to Jin publicly (proofs below) and saying foolishness such as he should leave the group, that he is cancelled or that his jealousy and/or recent popularity (?) got to his head. (Some of you even tweeted that to their public account). 

(There are more comments like these)

BTS unfortunately has always made jokes about weight, eating habits and calling names that can actually be seen (and are) fatphobic… and it should stop, really. Bangtan should not use being “fat” as an insult, and I totally understand if you feel triggered/upset about what Jin said, it’s totally okay to be mad and disappointed… but what it’s not okay is all the hate Jin is getting. 

Remember when Yoongi called Jimin a pig and all the backlash he got? It’s the same now with Jin though a different situation but still bad.

I know that Jimin’s weight is a delicate matter within the fandom and it’s used to insult him, but please stop inventing diseases and/or eating disorders we know nothing about… and for those people saying Jin does not care when someone calls him “pig” or that he didn’t went through any diet/mental stress over it…

And he was also called pig countless of time over this… even by his managers any time they saw him eat. His answer?

When Jin gained a little weight how did everyone else treat him? 

Yet he had to endure that, pretty much just like Jimin had to countless of times. I’m not comparing nor justifying. I repeat, what Jin and BTS in general does is wrong, it’s uncalled for, ugly. But you are attacking Jin, calling him names when he has to go through this since probably before debut? This has to stop, Jin got called fat so many times and no one bats an eye, it’s deemed as “a joke among friends”, but now that Jin did make a mistake and apologized right after and checked how Jimin was (in a game in where they had to diss each other, but still bad), he’s being criticized (and it’s okay) but to the point in where he’s receiving hate and threats.

Not cool guys, you can be disappointed, mad, upset… but don’t send them death threats, it’s worse, it’s ugly. And by the end of the day Jin and Jimin are best friends, they love each other, they have lived together for so many years… you think you know better than them? You don’t. If you don’t like Jin then just say it, but don’t use this as an excuse to hate on him, it’s nasty.

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Okay if Denki's a no go then can Holier-Than-Thou Blasty McSploodypants help me with thermodynamics because that's Shreking my life as well