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MCU // Discworld  ― 1/?

[Carrot] often struck people as simple. And he was. Where people went wrong was thinking that simple meant the same thing as stupid.

(Men at Arms - Terry Pratchett)

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I was nominated for the Beautiful People Challenge by first-son-of-finwe–thank you!

I nominate: daughteroferynlasgalen, driftinglightofthewoods, thesonofgirion, 2-am-alone, lordofthegoldenflower, warriorprinceofthewoodlandrealm, and lacrimosa-magnolia.

Mordred’s Knighting Ceremony - Arthur’s Bane Part 2

i’m just a comet

sick snares, shredding guitars, a journey to the cosmos and back again, this is mr. universe

1. another brick in the wall pt ii by pink floyd
2. owner of a lonely heart by yes
3. tom sawyer by rush
4. you’re my best friend by queen
5. let’s dance by david bowie
6. space truckin’ by deep purple
7. immigrant song by led zeppelin
8. magic carpet ride by steppenwolf
9. white rabbit by jefferson airplane
10. abracadabra by steve miller band

miracles by jefferson starship
kashmir by led zeppelin
lucy in the sky with diamonds by the beatles

art 8tracks

i’ve seen crap on my dash about the hoarder in nature but nothing specific about their betta fish, other than they say they’re a community fish and i’m kinda just like
community as in can live fine with other species of fish or community like I’M GONNA SHOVE ALL THESE AGGRESSIVE BETTA INTO ONE TANK ???? because if you’re trying to keep multiple betta in one tank you’re just gonna lose those fish

anonymous asked:

Hollywood, (in fact, the entire Mass Media is the USA) is owned and controlled by Jews. Jews are a distinct ethnic/ religious tribe who share common genetic ancestry dating back thousands of years. Although many are white passing, they are not white. They don't identify as white. They are more powerful than you can comprehend. Most are very intelligent, and they are very deviously ANTI-WHITE. They cleverly write the anti-white narrative that fools like you regurgitate in blissful ignorance.

If you are going to preach to us about race, you need to educate yourself about the Jewish race. You need to examine how the Jews use race/ gender/ class to subvert, control, and genocide peoples and Nations. Jewish strategy, Jewish trickery, Jewish supremacy and Jewish mind-control is something you know nothing about because your mind (like the vast majority) is controlled by Jews. If whites did run USA,, do you seriously think they would voluntarily give it away LIKE THEY HAVE AND ARE DOING?

[ You guys really have no idea how stupid I am omg– ]

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