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how old is macha? to me he looks like a teenager but you can't go to a casino at that age, right?

No you can’t get into Casinos unless you’re at least 21 years old, due to the alcohol and gambling.

And Macha is about 22 Lmao they’re just short af and based off myself. Just about a young adult college student age, and I wouldn’t draw suggestive things using a minor bc that’s nasty - and of course they’re of legal age if they can be in the casino in the first place

personally, to me, finn/re/y has always been more sibling-like, i did not see/feel the romantic undertones some did.. that being said i still think we should respect peoples ships and not be gloating and throwing shade a fin/nre/y or the shippers imho.


an excited hamster ready for the stage.


look i know there have been a lot of selfies lately but my makeup is very fun right now so OBVIOUSLY i’m going to share it with ALL of social media

Gloomverse week day 4: draw a character as if they were from another country or a crossover with another fandom!

Today the Judge meets…The Judge?!?? What.

Okay, in all seriousness, I’ve wanted to draw Pablo (the cat) meeting Ylil for a while. They’re so different in personality. We have a snarky 4th wall breaking cat who acts a lot like a cat (of course) and an emotionally closed off leader of a closed off country, yet she is intrigued about other cultures she’s also my waifu

Also click the image for better quality, since dumblr is a dumb

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attempt 2 at sewing a tiny dog. hes less cursed than the first one but hes still pretty cursed

Hey I’m Mi, that’s my face

@jisungiebby tagged me to post some selfies woo, thank you 💕

The fox is my fav snow filter!

I’m kinda shy about this because all of you I’ve seen on my dash look so beautiful wow and then there’s me wHO LOOKS LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD WHY WORLD

So I tag @hanjisungie, @boyfyoungk, @bunny-jisungie and @changbyn! Of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ^^

hey guys while i appreciate all the support and stuff can y’all stop jumping to conclusions and crucifying one person without solid proof cause we still don’t know who did it and at this point i don’t know if we ever will find out, but that still is no excuse for bullying of this extent


Of course it was all a joke! Were you in on this? Did Damien put you up to this? Of course he did. Damien, where are you, you rapscallion? Where are you? Celine? Oh, it’s time to come out now!