see my dilema

I wanna date a boy who’s the kind of sweet where he puts his hand on the nape of my neck and leans forward to kiss my forehead every night before I go to bed, and then rubs my back while I fall asleep on his chest. I also want to date a boy who wants to fuck me beyond senseless and completely use me before I go to bed. do you see my dilema?

Someone just made a “unfollow me if…” text post and like i agree with what theyre saying so i dont wanna unfollow them but i wanna unfollow them cause theyre a fantroll blog and i dont follow fantroll blogs anymore do you see my dilema

So someone over on @imaginewatch thought of having these guys’ s/o’s making them flower crowns to match their outfits. Even though these don’t match their outfits so much as themselves I needed to draw it.

Reaper - White lilies, Nightshade, Baby’s Breath

Hanzo - Blue Lotus

Mccree - Red Dahlia, and what were supposed to be varying cactus flowers

Soldier: 76 - Wheat, Yellow Daisies, Dandelions