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Anti!Matsu headcanons (Pt. I)

(Older brothers edition)
Younger ones here

[ Anti!Matsu can be defined as the alter ego of the characters that had come to life; hence, they are entirely different entities from the Matsus that we know ]

General Appearance: Their hoodies are black in color with their corresponding color on the pine symbol.



  • Blond hair with red eyes
  • Has several body scars (but never shows it to anyone)
  • Wears fake glasses most of the time.


  • Anti!Osomatsu is the outcome if Oso was never released from Tougo’s grasp when he was young. He’s violent af and has a short temper. Basically, a delinquent.
  • He’s protective with his brothers– to the point of being obsessed with them.
  • He still gets along well with his parents but he’s usually on Tougo’s side despite the fact that Tougo threatened to kill his family.

Similarities w/ Osomatsu:

  • They are both fucking strong when it comes to combat but Anti!Oso is quite stronger since he was trained by Tougo.
  • Has a small self-awareness.
  • Doesn’t have shame when the topic is sexual. Often spouts dirty words whenever he wants.



  • Ash gray hair with blue eyes
  • Slightly tanned skin
  • Wears earrings on his left ear


  • He’s a chick magnet (www)
  • He’s bisexual.
  • Always up for sexy time.
  • Fucking confident about himself.
  • Has an superiority complex especially when Anti!Osomatsu is the topic. (I hope I used the right word here ghad)

Similarities with Karamatsu:

  • He’s fucking painful but in a lighter way.
  • Great singer.
  • Has noticeable speech tics (saying ‘heh’ and exclaiming things in English)



  • Brown hair with green streaks on several strands
  • Green, narrow pupils
  • Wears contact lenses to conceal his small pupils and for clear vision (however, very unnoticeable. You won’t know unless he tell you or you’re one of the bros)
  • Really bad haircut (not in its best condition)


  • The shortest temper out of the brothers.
  • Is really conservative
  • P U R E
  • But is really an angry fluffball
  • Likes classical music so much
  • Quite apathetic towards his bros
  • He tends to be wary of new persons. He’d like to assess stuffs if he’d go along well with a new person or not.
  • Knows how to handle his self-awareness.

Similarities w/ Choromatsu:

  • Will have no hesitations to confront you on what he sees wrong but waaaaaaaay too snarky every. damn. time.
  • A virgin. (Heh)

I just kind of laugh when people say they don’t understand why people are emotional about furious 7, like myself as well as a bunch of others grew up watching those movies and much like a majority of tumblr we get attached to actors and the roles they play. like of course we’re gonna be fuckin’ sad, paul walker died and the movie did a glorious job of honoring him and the role he played. they gave his character a proper ending unlike most tv series and movies do.

i swear to god if i see one more post on fb about “guns don’t kill people” or “they don’t have the right to take away assault rifles” like WHY THE FUCK would you need a goddamn assault rifle in any normal day circumstance that you’re THAT upset about possible stricter gun laws???????? people in this country genuinely scare the living hell out of me