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yet another unfriendly reminder that Gil Brodie and Suvi Anwar are both BROWN and GAY. they are homosexuals with brown and not white skin. their sexual and romantic interests lie exclusively in people of their own gender, and their skin is a medium brown color. they are a lesbian and a gay man of ambiguous ethnic heritage but definitely skintone that falls outside of the range of shades one would consider “white”. They are brown and gay. Gay and brown. Both at the same time. Not one or the other but both. Thank.


WSH vs NJD 03.02.2017

Kuzy makes sure their newest d-man has a stick

Meanwhile Mojo learns that sometimes, you just have to let your stick go

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do you think you could give us some beautiful upd8 eridans? ;;;___; AHHH such a good upd8, i hope youre doin good

I can try! I was so happy about seeing the lil fishnerd again!
At first I planned to leave it at one picture, but then my drawing mojo sorta came back and I wondered: isn’t the last thing he would remember being chainsawed in half? So what if: 

Good Girl Ch 34: Under The Table

“Are you being serious?” I beam up at the handsome man in front of me.

“Yes, but don’t forget, there will be a list of rules,” He tries to sound stern but I know he is happy to see me so excited.

“Thank you!” I scream as I launch myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He laughs and swings me around a couple times before setting me down on the marble. “When will she be here?”

“Youngbae will be here with her around ten after a meeting,” He glances at the clock on the wall. “We still have a few hours so do you mind tagging along with me to my work to grab a few things?”

I nod eagerly, “Of course!”

“Okay, let me change quick,” He turns toward the hall.

“Should I change?”

“If you want, you look beautiful like that,” He winks at me before continuing on his way. I look down at my ripped black jeans and t-shirt and decide I should change. After finding my way to the fully stock closet Jiyong so sweetly provided, I glance threw all of it until I find a basic black dress. I pull it on, loving the way it hugs me small figure. Jiyong doesn’t even bother knocking when he comes into my room dressed in a completely black suit. “Wow,” He whistles.

“Who picked all these clothes out?”


I cock a brow at him, “You picked out all of these?”

He nods, “I was very excited to have you all to myself in my home.” I say nothing as he walks over to the dresser built into the wall of the walk in closet and digs threw the first drawer. He returns to me with a golden necklace that he basically demands to put on me. I don’t put up a fight and turn around so he can put it on easier. “Perfect.”

“Thank you,” I hum.

“Grab a jacket, it’s still pretty chilly,” He tells me. I nod and pull on one of the many jackets in the closet. The ride in the elevator in quiet, as well it the walk out of the building. He had told me earlier that his work was only a few blocks down so he usually walks. Like last time he places an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close. My eyes mindlessly wander over the lit up buildings taking in the city life that has become foreign to me since my, um, situation began. We reached his office in no time; passing security and ridding up the elevator was an interesting experience with all the guards staring at me completely dumbstruck. Guess him bringing girls around is rare.

His office is covered in black marble with gold accents. I can’t help but stare out the floor to ceiling windows that stare over the city. In the distance I see a familiar looking building that makes me run up to the window like a child. My hands press up against the clean glass, my nose even gets smashed a bit in my eagerness.

He clicks his tongue at me, “Of course you saw it.”

“So that is their building?”

“Yep,” He hums.

“I had no idea your building was so close.”

“Yea, now when you get bored this summer you can just walk over here.”

I scoff, “You want to start a war don’t you?”

“Of course,” He smirks.

I’m about to scold him when movement on the couch catches my attention. A fat fur ball is sitting up, it’s slanted green eyes mirror my own. In childish excitement I rush over to the cat with a little squeal.

“Kitty!” I grin as I crouch down in front of the fur ball.

“Mojo,” Jiyong tells me.

“Mojo,” I coo at the cute kitty.

“I need to look through some files quick.”

I nod but keep all of my attention on the kitty that looks completely done with me already. It stands up and jumps down, it’s nails click quietly on the marble as it exits the room. I eagerly follow behind.

“Stay on this floor!” Jiyong yells at me as I go.

Like my daddies building, Jiyong is the only person on the whole floor. The massive golden doors that lead into Jiyong’s office are cracked open allowing both Mojo and I to slip threw into the massive lobby. Mojo scurries to the left down a hall. All the way down the hall he turns into a dark room that I blindly follow him into. Flipping on the light I see a long table with chairs lining the sides, it’s a conference room. Glancing around I see Mojo sneaking under the table.

“Come here kitty,” I call quietly as I follow it under the table.

It finally stops and sits, its eyes are fixated on me. He meows loudly, once, then twice. Scooting closer I’m finally allowed to run my fingers threw his amazingly soft black fur. The soft hum of its purr begins to fill my ears making me smile.

“Why is the light on?” A familiar voice asks with a bit of hostility in his voice.

“We were here earlier so we must have left the light on,” Daesung’s calming voice reasons.

“It looked like someone was in the office too,” Another bitter voice snaps.

What are they doing here?

“You guys,” Suho snaps back sternly, “I know we are all irritated about Jooyoung but we need to talk business right now.”

Kai scoffs, “Easier said than done.”

“I was undeniably annoyed when that little girl first started popping up in conversations but now I understand all the fuss,” Seungri teases them. Though what he saying may sound a little dickish, he had said it to my face yesterday so I mind it less.

“Watch your mouth,” Xiumin growls.

Seungri chuckles, “It’s a compliment, I swear. She is a very nice girl.”

“I still couldn’t care less about her,” Seunghyun interjects. I roll my eyes at him, what a cranky man.

“No one cares Hyung,” Daesung chuckles. “Now gentlemen, as much as we would all enjoy continuing this conversation we have things to discuss. Please take a seat.”

Shit, shit, shit! I pull the cat into my lap and curl into a ball, praying that they wouldn’t see me. As much as I am over joyed to be seeing them, well their legs as they sit on one side of the table, I have a very strong feeling they would not be happy to know that Jiyong just let me wander around his building unsupervised. I notice a familiar pair of long legs take the seat next to where I’m curled up. Daddy Yeolie. It takes all of myself control to not reach out and touch him, to not crawl up into his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. I missed them. I still miss them. I never realized how irritating it is to have them so close but not be able to touch them or talk to them. At least I can hear their voices, though they aren’t filled with their normal warmth, or any to be completely honest. The iciness in their voices makes me shiver.

On my other side are the four men I’ve come to know in the last two days. Closest to me is Daesung, then Youngbae, Seungri, and finally Seunghyun. They take up a small portion of their side of the table compared to the twelve men sitting across from them. The more I notice about the whole situation I realize there is no way I can get out of this without someone noticing. Then I remember Jiyong will be looking for me soon. I silently curse the cat in my lap for bring me here and curse myself for being stupid and following it.

“You told us that you found the man who sent the email,” Daesung finally starts their serious conversation. I nibble on my lip as I consider covering my ears but curiosity is tempting me to listen in until Jiyong comes for me.

“We did, it was a bit difficult but after an hour with us in the dungeon we were able to figure out who asked him to research her.”

“I heard about your extraction on the news,” Seungri chimes in. “Another club that will be closed down I guess.”

Another club? Did they shot up another club? I clench my fist as I resist the urge to come forward with my presence but I’ve already kept quiet this long.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business,” Kris doesn’t even try to hide the distaste for the younger man. “We got him and the information, beyond that, what we had to do is none of your business.”

The room is silent for a minute. My mind is racing with thought of what could have happened in the short amount of time I was gone. Luhan had told me about a small problem that they were going to take care of but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be dangerous. I know I’m stupid and childish for thinking that violence was just a rare thing for them. They’re gangsters. They are one of the biggest mafia groups in Asia, I just keep forgetting that or ignoring it.

“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Seunghyun grumbles as he stands up. “I couldn’t care less about that little girl so I’m leaving.”

“Have a good night Hyung!” Seungri yells happily.

“I see Jooyoung’s magic didn’t work on everyone,” Chen says once the older man leaves the room.

Dae chuckles, “He’s the only one. She even has Youngbae hyung wrapped around her pretty little finger.”

“As much as I love talking about how she has us all whipped I would like to know why some bastard was looking into her,” Youngbae finally speaks with a voice a cold as ice. I tense, someone is looking for me?

Suho clears his throat, “We found out he’s actually a member of Block B sent to not only find information about all of our relationships with her but he said he’s supposed to find an opening to have someone take her.”

“Don’t tell me that Zico bastard is seriously trying to fuck with both of us,” Seungri scoffs.

“We are going to be doing some more checking the next couple of days before we have our foot men step in. Are yours’ available to tag along with them as well?” Kris wonders.

Youngbae hums a yes, “That should be fine. Were you able to figure out if he knew anything more about her?”

“He knew a little more about her relationship with us. He wasn’t very good at his job, finding secrets or keeping them. The little that he did have was stuff that he could have gathered just from watching her or asking anyone at her school a few simple questions about her.”

Lay help him answer, “Other than for her birthday, close friends, and school they don’t know much else. I’m not sure how they were expecting this kid to spy on someone protected by both our groups.”

“He could be a newer member they thought was expendable,” Dae suggests.

“We are going to check into him more, he was too easy to catch and too break.”

Dae clicks his tongue, “By the way you’re talking I’m guessing he’s no longer with us.” I guess I’m not the only one who caught on to that.

“You would be correct,” Soo answers.

“A question for you,” Seungri’s voice is laced with mischief and from what I’ve learned from the others is that it means he’s up to something bad. “I haven’t been able to get in on any action lately, mind giving me some gruesome details?”

In a panic of not wanting to hear whatever they had done to this boy, I grab on to Daesung’s leg, finally telling someone I’m here. Where is Jiyong when I need him? Dae tenses under my touch before he slides a hand under the table. I offer up my hand with Jiyong’s ring on it so he can figure out it’s me. As his hand finds mine he freezes, his fingers feel the warm metal before holding my hand. His thumb makes small circles across the back of my hand.

“Seungri,” he says in the warm voice that I know. “We don’t need to hear about that right now. You should get your kicks elsewhere today.”

“Why are you being such a buzz kill today? I’m quiet sure you love to listen to the gore as much as me. Better yet, I have wanted to ask what the Choi’s son did to get such a shitty end. His mother was so heart broken I almost cried,” Seungri chuckles.

Next to me Chanyeol growls, “There was an incident but we handled it.”

“You call sending your friend’s head to his family’s door step handling it? I heard his teeth were ripped out, along with his eyes. Let me guess, you did the teeth. That’s your usual thing and the eyes must have been Xiumin hyung. Sick bastard, I heard he was still alive when you did it.” The amusement in his voice should disgust me but Jiyong warned me earlier about the younger man’s crude mouth.

“It got the message across to anyone.”

“What message is that?”

“Don’t touch our baby,” It’s Xiumin who snarls this time.

Once again the room is silent, Daesung’s hand holds mine tighter.

“Why so quiet now?” Kai sneers. “We’re sick bastards for tearing that boy apart limb by limb until you know that the same kid tried to fuck our baby.”

“He tried to what?” Youngbae mumbles so softly I barely hear him.

Daesung’s words surprise me, “And you only kept him alive for an hour?”

What the hell? Don’t encourage this stuff! I scream in my head at the sweet man I thought was the light in the darkness.

“It was an hour of hell,” Kris barks. “We made sure of that.”

“If it was us it wouldn’t have ended that quickly,” Seungri scoffs.

Kai is on his feet and slams his hands down on the table, “We were much more concerned about our baby being horrified of us and having a full on mental break down. So sorry if we didn’t torture that bastard enough for you but you know damn sure we made that short amount of time was the longest moment of that bastard’s life.”

“Kai,” Soo tries to calm the younger.

Kris makes Kai sit back down with a forceful tug before turning to my new oppas, “You have no right to call us into question about anything we do outside of our business. Even though we are working together to get rid of the mole in our midst, what we do with our baby is none of your concern.”

“You honestly can’t expect us to not worry over her,” Youngbae scoffs.

“You have no right to worry about her after only knowing her for a fucking day,” Tao sneers.

I can imagine the glare Youngbae is giving them, “We don’t need your god damn permission to worry about her.”

“She is safe with us. You have nothing to worry about.”

Daesung holds my hand tighter as if he can sense the panic growing in my chest. I know he wants to help get me out but we both know he can’t without causing some kind of scene. To be honest though, at this point I might not mind a scene as long as it gets me out of this room and away from this horrible conversation. I know my life of rainbows in sunshine won’t last forever but I don’t want it to end right now, not yet. I want so much more time with them. I know I’m not always the little girl they want but I try, I really do try to make them happy and feel needed. But maybe they will get tired of my stubborn big side and get rid of her, get rid of me.

Youngbae’s angry voice takes me out of the thoughts that are beginning to make me shake. “How can we not when her care takers are known for their violent and short records with women. You’ve already kept her for three months, how much longer do you think she’ll keep your attention? Are you going to get rid of her like you did with the other?”

“She is different, we aren’t going to-“ Suho tries to defend them but Youngbae doesn’t even give him the chance.

“You are going to throw her away? Then what are you going to do when you get bored. You guys always get bored. But you’re right, you can’t just throw her aside like the others, she knows way too much. So what are you going to do, kill her, torture her for information about us?”

By now tears are streaming down my cheeks. I try my best not to sniffle but Youngbae’s too truthful words are too much for me. I know the dungeon is the only place I could end up at this point, I’d be an idiot to think this would last forever but a girl can dream. But now this dream is turning into a nightmare as the idea of them not wanting me anymore fully sinks in. I want to reach for them right now. To beg for them not to hate me, to not throw me away. Even though they love me today, what about tomorrow, or next month. Is them planning things for me this summer planning too far ahead?



The room is silent.

“What are you doing here?” One of the men on my left yell. I curl tighter into myself, thanking Jiyong for everything. Glancing over my shoulder I see him standing in the doorway, his face is out of view but I can see his hands clenched at his sides.

“Where is Jooyoung?” Baekhyun is up on his feet as I imagine him staring at the doorway expectantly whether he’s happy or worried that I might have over heard, I’m not sure.

“She is safe.”

“Is she with you? Can we see her?” Soo’s sweet voice only makes me cry harder. I’m down here daddy, but I don’t know if I want you know that. I don’t know if I want you to know that I heard what you did. Will you be mad that I was here? Will you be mad that I already know how this will end for me? That I know what’s beyond the world of rainbows and sunshine that you made for me?

“I left her at my apartment,” Jiyong lies. “She’s napping.”

“You just left her? What if she wanders off?” Xiumin is on his feet now too.

Youngbae scoffs, “Afraid she’s going to take the first chance she’s got to run away from you?”

“I’m getting tired of your shit!” Kris roars.

“And I’m fucking tired of Jooyoung being afraid that you could kill her or throw her away because she’s not how you want her!” Jiyong snaps back.

“She told she’s afraid?” My dear Lulu asks.

“We’re leaving,” Suho deadpans. The whole line of men are on their feet now and begin to make their way out. Suho is the last out, he stops in the doorway and turns back to face the room. “Thank you for meeting with us, if you have any information please call us and let us know. Until then we will see you on Tuesday. And one more thing,” The politeness in his voice quickly slips away. “What we do or do not do with our Jooyoung is none of your fucking business. Whether we keep her as our baby for the rest of our lives or throw her away or sell her off or chop her little body into pieces is none of your fucking business. We both know that she is going to be the one to call it off with all of us. She’ll get tired of acting for us, I can already tell she’s not enjoying it as much.

“When that happens, our world will fall apart. We will have to do things we don’t want to think about now but it’s the only option we will have. She’s too well known in our world already, she’ll be come a target. We’ll end it when we have to, not a moment sooner. If she wants to go to you, we will give her the option but if not…” He pauses to calm himself. “Until that moment comes, she is ours. Got it?”

“Got it,” Jiyong echoes.

“Go back to her, to make sure she’s safe, okay? Your time with her is running out so enjoy it while you can because this will never happen again.” Suho’s voice cracks at the last word. I see him turn on his heel and quickly walk away. I don’t know how I feel right now. Tears are still running down my face but I don’t know whether it’s because I want to run to them or because one of them finally admitted it. They are going to kill me. Not now but after this is over, whenever that is, they are going to kill me.

“My love.”

Jiyong’s voice is the new light in my darkness. He must have seen me under the table and figured him kicking everyone out is my only way of escape without my daddies freaking out about me hearing this whole conversation. But now I can’t get myself to climb out from under the table. My mind is swirling its self into a dangerous web of fears and regret and worry. The four men are sitting in the chair in silence, having a mental debate on just dragging me out or letting me get out myself.

After what feels like forever I let out a sigh, wipe away my tears and finally let go of the whining cat that I’ve been holding in a death grip. All the men watch me with soft eyes as I scoot out and look up at them with probably red eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Seungri mumbles softly.

Youngbae hums an apology, “We wouldn’t have said that stuff if we knew you were here.”

“I know most of it anyway,” My voice is barely above a whisper. “I know that they will throw me away. I know that they will get tired of my attitude and that me not being afraid of them will get old. It’s just different hearing it out loud.”

Jiyong helps me up and gives me a tight hug, “Do you still wanna go out tonight?”

I forgot about that. I want nothing more than to go home to my daddies and curl into a ball for the rest of the week. But instead of saying that I nod. I want to go home but at the same time I don’t want to face them. To go home and deal with all the problems I’m constantly trying to ignore. Going out and getting completely shit faced with Jihyo seems like a horribly great idea!

With a deep breath I smile, “Lets do this!” I take Jiyong’s hand and lead him to the elevator with the others on our tail.

“Are you sure?” Dae worries cutely.

“You heard some pretty scary stuff about the people closest to you, it can shake a person up.”

I shake my head, “I knew scary stuff to begin with, I’m just stupid and pretend it doesn’t exist most of the time.”

“You are not stupid for doing that,” Jiyong tries to comfort me in the elevator.

Daesung nods, “You are just doing what it takes to survive.”

“I’m not doing it to survive I’m doing it because I’m fucked up in the head and don’t seem to mind that the only people who care about me are gangsters who kill for a living.” That I have to basically act like a child to get them to love me and to be honest, I don’t mind it that much. I love when they dote on me but at the same time I wish they would love the real me completely. That I will become whatever they want me to be as long as they promise to keep loving me. God what the hell is wrong with me? “I just need a couple shots of tequila and my best friend to be happy right now.”

They just nod. The walk home is quiet until Jiyong’s arm around me tightens, “If you want, you don’t have to go back.”

I’m surprised by his words, “What?”

“You heard me. You don’t have to go back to that house or that school. You can just stay with me forever.”

I don’t respond right away, I seriously consider his offer. Could I stay with him forever? He doesn’t expect anything from me, no baby talk or stupid rules. We could talk for hours about nothing, he would probably let me hang out with Jihyo more and he is always honest with me. But even with those things, I want to go home. I want my daddies, their warmth and comfort. Tonight will be my last hoar before I go back to rules and school and home.

“Maybe not now, but later,” He adds on when I don’t respond. “When you are done playing house with them, when you realize that they only love your little side, when you are ready to have someone love all you, my door is always open to you.” He kisses the top of my head softly.

I say nothing. Not even when we reach his penthouse, I go straight to my room to change into something more risqué than I would normally wear. After pulling on some high waisted black shorts and a crop top. Leaving my air a bit crazy is a lot easier than trying to style it again only to have it be messed up in the club. My make up is pretty basic, gold eye shadow and lots of eyeliner to compliment my cat like eyes. A knock at my door brings me out of thoughts, it swings open to reveal Jihyo in a similar outfit.

“Hello Sexy!” She squeals as she basically tackles me to the floor.

“You don’t look to bad yourself,” I tease as I sit us up.

“I’m beyond jealous right now!” She swats at me, “Where the hell did you get more hotties?” Seungri and Daesung are standing in the door with smiles on their faces.

“Don’t be fooled by their looks, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing,” I warn her.

She grins mischievously and suddenly I’m more worried about what she could do to them, “That’s what I was hoping.”

“You have an interesting friend,” Daesung pipes.

“I get that a lot.”

Ji glares at him over her shoulder, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, just that you weren’t what I was expecting.”

“Are you ladies ready to go?” Seungri beams at us.

“After the rules of course,” Youngbae adds as he joins them in the doorway.

Ji groans, “More rules!”

“Trust me,” I pat her back, “they will be a lot less strict than my other oppas.”

“I wouldn’t guarantee that,” Dae chuckles before leading us to the living room where Jiyong is waiting. They sit us down on one of the couches before taking their own seats either across from us or on the other couch like a bunch of dads.

“So rules?” Jihyo hums.

“I’ve heard you are quiet the trouble maker,” Jiyong eyes her up and down.

Jihyo feigns hurt, “Me? A troublemaker?”

Jiyong ignores her attitude, “No leaving the club without us.”

“Understandable,” Jihyo muses.

“Drink as much as you want, it’s on the house. Do not accept drinks from strangers. If a guy makes you uncomfortable please let me know and it will be handled.” I raise a brow at his words, something he automatically notices, “Depending on the severity of his actions will decide how it’s handled.”

“Sounds good to me!” Jihyo is on her feet.


Jihyo whistles, “Wow.” We both stand in the middle of the moving club in complete aw. The club is absolutely amazing and beautiful with just as beautiful people crawling all over the place. The dance floor is packed along with the many booths and the bar stools. Of course we have nothing to worry about with the owner holding on to my other hand leading us to the private balcony for VIPs only. With our own private bar and booth we are able to sit back and relax for a little while before Jihyo gets the itch to shake what she’s got.

I’m dragged along without much of a fight, the large amount of alcohol that we just drank seems to encourage it. We are both a giggling mess on the dance floor, spinning and screaming along to the music like the drunks we are. I barely notice the creepy looking guy sneaking up behind me and snaking his arms around my waist. His chest is pressed against my back as he begins grinding with me. Even in my drunken state I know I want nothing to do with this guy, I try my best to push him away but he’s a lot stronger than me. Thankfully that issue doesn’t last long before Jihyo is there trying to pry this bastard off me.

“Hands off,” She growls at him.

“Back off bitch,” The drunk man slurs.

“The lady said hands off,” Youngbae appears next to us and I breath a sigh of relief.

“Try finding your own piece of ass shorty,” The man laughs.

Suddenly the man is ripped off me and is on his knees with his arm twisted behind his back and Youngbae standing over him. “What was that?”

“Nothing man, I’m sorry.”

“Are you alright?” Youngbae pushes the man on the ground and steps over him to get to me.

“I’m fine Oppa, just a little dizzy.”

“How about you sit down for a little while?”

I shake my head, “I want to dance a little more first.”

He seems hesitant to leave, “Are you sure?”

“How about you dance with me to make sure no one else tries to bug us? Get one of your sex friends down here for her!” Jihyo suggests with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” Youngbae is hesitant to place his hands anywhere on Jihyo when she gets close to him.

Glancing around I see Jiyong at the main bar nursing a half empty drink, his eyes are locked on me. I wave him over, he of course rushes over to see what is wrong. The man who had been all over me is now crawling away at the sight of Jiyong, who does not look one bit happy to see any guy near me but what does he expect in a club full of drunks.

“Dance with me,” I demand the moment he’s close enough to hear me over the music. His eyebrows go up as he looks from me to Youngbae and Jihyo, who has somehow convinced the short man to grind with her. “Not like that, just dance.”

“Are you sure?”

“I prefer you to some stranger.”

“That means a lot,” He chuckles.

“You know what I mean,” I roll my eyes at him, “Don’t want me getting another admirer do you?”

He smirks, “Someone’s cocky.”

“Are you doubting me? I might as well look around for some other options for when my daddies get tired of me.” Though my tone is playful Jiyong can hear the pain behind it. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close so we are doing a basic slow dance in a crowd of thrashing bodies.

“You have me, you always have me,” He mumbles in my ear. “Not to mention that you won’t find anyone better then me in here.”

“Now who’s being cocky?”

“I’m not being cocky, it’s the truth. I’m the most dangerous monster in the whole country my Love.”

“I think your wrong,” I counter.

“Oh really? Who do you think could beat me?”


A soft chuckle leaves his lips. “What a smart little girl,” He muses as he leans in close again and rests his chin on top of my head.

I See Wings Pt. 3

Hey everyone! Here’s the third and probably final part (unless you guys want it to continue) of I See Wings. Please, send me a message or an ask with suggestions or comments. Hope that enjoy it!

Summary: You find your soulmate right as Sam and Dean step in and find you.

Warnings: Fluff (?), hospitals, mentions of shock

Tags:  @winchesters-favorite-girl @the-third-winchester-warrior @ally-miller16 @haleyhay96 @jensen-jarpad @fantasticburninglakes @briebrie152 @my-own-paradise-fuckers @generalgoldfishldrm

“That…that is not possible.”

“J-just shut up, will y-you?” You try to stop shivering, but nothing seems to be working, “I s-see your wings, okay? They’re huge and white and you just moved the one on the left up towards the ceiling.” Mojo’s face somehow looks even more stunned than before.

“How…no. It cannot be true.”

You raise an eyebrow. “You want-t p-proof? Look at my s-soul, for c-crying out loud.”

Mojo seems very apprehensive all of a sudden. “You do appear to be giving off an angelic frequency, but that could mean a number of things.” He says it as if he’s trying to convince himself.

“Well, there’s got to be some way for y-you to know for certain!”

He turns to face you. “There is one way to know if you are being honest or just trying to play me for information.”


“I can touch your soul.” Mojo looks grim.

But, more than ever, you want to know. You nod at the angel. “Do it.”

Mojo steps over to you closely. “Surely you know-”

You interrupt that melodious voice. “It’s gonna hurt. Yeah, I get-t it. But,” you continue “if you and I are soulmat-tes, it’s better we kn-know now it’s true.” You stare at Mojo contemptuously. “So do it-t. If we’re not, then you’ll know r-really fast,” you chatter.

Mojo rolls up the sleeve of his white tuxedo shirt. He sighs. “If that is what you wish, brace yourself.” Mojo pushes his arm into your chest, reaching for your soul.

The following screams that escape your mouth are inhuman. Blood curdling, high pitched, and guttural.

*Hours Earlier*

Dean looks at Cas disgustedly. “What do you mean she left? You were supposed to be keeping an an eye on her!”

“She said she needed a walk, Dean. How was I supposed to stop her?”

“You go after her, that how!”

“Hey, guys,” Sam intervenes. “If Y/N went walking, it’s not like she could’ve gone far in the last few minutes.” Sam looks to Cas for confirmation. “When did she leave?”

Cas exhales out his nose slowly, still obviously perturbed at Dean. “Around ten minutes before you came back.”

“Okay then.” Dean glares at the window. “She knows to stick to the main road, but there’s only one out of here.”

“Right, so we would’ve seen her on our way back in.” Realization dawns on Sam. “But we didn't…Dean, you don’t think something-”

“That’s exactly what I think Sam. We’ve gotta find her now.” Dean picks back up his coat. “Cas, you gonna help us or not?”

“Of course I’m coming to find your sister. She went missing on my watch,” Cas responds with his gravely voice.

Dean grunts and heads out the door. Sam puts on his own coat. He claps Cas on the shoulder. “Don’t let Dean get you down. Y/N’s vanished on me and him before too.” The moose sized Winchester goes out the door, Cas following closely behind.

The team walks for some time along the main road, occasionally desperately calling out “Y/N!” hoping for some kind of response. The looks on Dean and Sam’s faces quickly turn grim. It isn’t long, however, before they come to the spot Mojo took you. Cas stops.

“Sam, Dean.” The two boys jog over. “There’s something right here…” Cas crouches on the ground and lays his hand on the dirt. “Y/N was here.”

“How can you tell?” Dean gruffly asks.

“There’s a kind of angelic residue here. Sort of like a footprint, but only angels can detect it.”

“Great. Angels,” Dean grumbles.

Sam sighs in relief a bit. “Okay. So can you track it at all?”

“Possibly,” Cas shrugs. “But, the trail is long. I am not certain how far it goes.”

“Doesn’t matter. As long as we can find her. Stay here. I’ll bring the car.” Dean runs off back towards the lights of the motel in the distance.

Not too long later, the familiar dull roar of the Impala on the road echoes through the landscaping, Sam and Dean in the front and Castiel in the back. Cas does his best to follow the angelic ‘footprint’ that had been left behind. There’s a lot of backtracking, seeing as the path is ‘as the crow flies’, not along the roads. The sky turns to a shade of midnight as the search continues.

After hours of driving, Cas finally points to a barely visible building off a highway. “There.”

Dean turns to look at the angel. “You sure?”

“Absolutely. The trail ends there. And there are Enochian wardings on the outside.”

Sam gets his battle face on. “All right. Let’s go.”

“We’re coming for you Y/N.”

Dean pulls off the road and drives towards the warehouse. Lights off. Sam pops the trunk, opens the false bottom, stocks up on various weaponry. Dean joins his brother; Cas hangs back.

“You not coming with us?” Dean questions as he loads a shotgun.

“I can’t. The wardings prevent me from entering.”

“Take watch duty then. We’ll be out soon.” Sam closes the lid and shoulders his gun.

Dean cocks his pistol. “Let’s go, Sam.”

The Winchester duo runs into the entrance of the building. They begin searching the main floor, guns high ready to fire. Dean spots the door to a separate room on an offshoot. He motions to Sam with the tilt of his head. Sam nods, giving his brother the signal to check it out. Dean follows the offshooting hallway. Sam continues to walk stealthily along the floor. At least, until he hears a shriek pierce through the haze of darkness. His blood runs cold.


Sam sprints toward the source of the sound, the footsteps of Dean right behind him. Despite Dean being farther away, he catches up to Sam within seconds. The two brothers turn a corner of shelving to see you, Mojo still reaching into your soul. Your screams shatter something in your brothers.

“HEY!!” Dean raises his gun at the man, but Sam quickly stops him.

“Don’t! You do and he could damage Y/N’s soul!”

Mojo slowly withdraws his arm. You’re left unconscious once again from the ordeal. He raises his hands in surrender. “I intended no harm to her.”

“Really? Sure seems the hell of the opposite!” Dean raises his pistol at the angel and fires…at nothing. The bullet clatters against the wall; Mojo vanishes just in time.

Sam and Dean run over to your comatose body. Sam pulls out a knife and slashes the ropes restraining you. Dean holds your head and torso. “Y/N? Y/N? C’mon, wake up, please!” His voice cracks. “Sam, she’s freezing cold.”

Sam holds your wrist in a certain way and breaths out a sigh. “She’s got a pulse. Let’s get her back to the car.” Dean nods numbly as he scoops up your body. Sam is on guard for anyone else who might show up as your family rushes you outside the warehouse.

Cas runs up to the Winchesters extremely worried. “What happened? I heard screaming. Is Y/N all right?”

“Can you heal her?” Sam demands Cas.

Castiel walks over to Dean, your body still in his arms. He raises a hand to your forehead and closes his eyes. “I can wake her up, but I can’t take away the hypothermia.”

Sam nods. “Do it then.”

Cas takes a breath. He places two fingers on your head. You jolt awake rigidly, cold air filling your lungs. You begin to shiver and shake violently, breathing rapidly.

“She’s going into shock. Dean, we gotta get her to a hospital,” Sam insists.

Dean places you gently in the back seat of the Impala. He takes off his own coat and drapes it over you. “Hey hey hey. Listen to me. Just get warm, okay? Hospital’s not far from here. Okay?” You nod violently while coughing hard, lacking control of your body.

Sam gives a thankful look to Cas. “Good job man.”

Cas nods and slides into the back seat next to you. You’re trying to keep from shaking, but it doesn’t do much good. Cas puts an arm around you and holds you tight. “Hold on,” he whispers.

Dean puts pedal to metal and speeds off into the night.

*At the hospital*

The doctors finally clear Sam, Cas, and Dean to come in and see you. You sit up in the hospital bed, arms beneath the mountain of blankets and various sources of heat covering your body. The standard set of wires and readers cover your skin. No IV bags though. “Hey guys…” you start apprehensively. After all, the reason you’re stuck in this hospital is because you decided to go for that walk. In your eyes, you saw that as your fault.

But you see in their eyes a lecture isn’t going to happen. Sam comes in and takes a seat on your bed, Dean standing next to your side. Cas sits down on a nearby chair. Dean tenderly places a hand on your shoulder.

“How are you holding up?”

“Better, now that I’m no longer tied up and left in a freezer. They should be able to let me leave in a few hours if all goes well.” You manage a small grin at the ever worried Sam. “How did you guys find me so quickly?”

“You’ll have to thank Cas over here for that. He picked up in some angelic trace that got left behind,” Sam replies.

“Speaking of that,” Dean begins.

Oh no. Here we go…

“Who was that guy who snagged you from under our noses?”

You shrug carefully. “I don’t know. He never gave me a name other than his vessel’s.” You ponder back to the recent experience for a moment. “And he let the name of his commander slip.” You look to Cas for some sort of confirmation. “Does the name Dinah mean anything to you?”

Cas nods his head and knits his eyebrows together angrily. “Unfortunately, yes. Dinah commands a powerful garrison. If a member was dispatched to take you to her, you have somehow caught her attention which is a very bad thing.”

“Why Cas?” Sam inquires.

“Dinah is a Seraphim known for extreme mercy or extreme brutality towards her captives. Either she gives you power, or she torments you unto near death.”

The ominous thought hangs in the air. Dean is the one to break the deafening silence. “And on that happy note, Y/N, can you tell us everything that happened to you?”

Sam clarifies Dean’s query. “Anything that might clue us in as to why you were kidnapped?”

Your face reddens as you begin your tale. “I needed a walk back at the motel. I was…going stir crazy. Someone came up behind me and put me out. When I woke up, I was tied up in the warehouse where you found me, freezing my tail off.” You take a breath before continuing. “He was reporting to someone, don’t know who. I cut myself a couple times trying to slice the ropes off.” You lift your arms from under the covers to reveal neatly bandaged wrists. Sam scrunches his face in concern, but you dismiss his expression. “I tried to get some info out of him, but all I got was ‘Dinah’. And his vessel’s name. Julian Graves.”

“When we found you, he was reaching into your soul,” Sam states slowly.

You purse your lips together trying to come up with an adequate response. “He was…he…I…”

“You told him to, didn’t you?” Cas finishes your sentence for you. As Sam stares at you shocked, you nod ashamedly.

Dean looks at you completely stunned. “Y/N, why the hell would you do that to yourself?”

You took another deep breath and addressed the angel in the room. “Because I could see his wings.”

Cas raises his head up and down in understanding. “What did they look like Y/N?”

“Big…huge…white and shining….beautiful.” You breathe out the last word.

“Sorry, but why does that matter? Someone want to clue me and Sam in on this?”

Cas puts out a hand in your defense. “What Y/N is talking about is that she met her soulmate.” He faces you. “And I believe I know his name now.”

You and Sam speak at the same time.

“Soulmate?” Sam splutters.


Cas smiles at you. “There is only one angel with wings like those in Dinah’s unit. Your kidnapper’s name is Jabal.”

The one problem with Smackdown

It’s time, it’s 100% time the main thing I see people complaining is 

“why don’t I see tye”
“Whos mojo”
“where’s American alpha”

They can’t show everyone off, shane even talked about how there’s a lot of guys that would want an opportunity but they can’t cause they have to focus of the bigger people like shinuke and the champions. We haven’t even seen Baron corbin or sami yet and the nights almost over. 

We can’t see everyone 

Today’s workout/WOD started with five minutes of a power clean to front squat to push press to back squat to a second push press. I actually had to watch a video to see how the eff you do that move. Then it was AMRAP for 20 minutes of 5 assisted pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 back squats.

Sweat is pouring from my head.!! Weight was 55 pound barbell and push-ups were all on the toes. Had a little extra mojo since seeing the Wonder Woman movie on Friday.

Today was day two of a 5 day low carb protocol. So far I’m doing ok, most likely due to the fact that I know this is only for 5 days. I don’t even want alcohol which is amazing. I’m happy with my La Croix post workout drink.

I spent time on Pinterest coming up with two dinners for the rest of the week and I managed to meal shop for them. That means I am fully prepped for meals for the work. Score!

I’m curious to see how I will feel switching to a higher carb/low fat protocol on Saturday. I’m going to have a big salad for lunch and loaded baked potato for dinner. But I’m happy to wait until Saturday. I’ve got a lot of good eating to do until then.

“The kid’s got a bright future, hell, I wish I came up with the get hyped/stay hyped catchphrase first. Now THAT would’ve sold some t-shirts." - Stone Cold Steve Austin 

"I used to proudly call myself the showstopper but the more I see of Mojo Rawley, the more HE is the new showstopper.” - Shawn Michaels

“I’ve been waiting for one of the younger guys to step up and take my spot as the #1 guy and I firmly believe he’s here.” - John Cena

“If I were to come back for just one more match, it would be without a shadow of a doubt.. Mojo Rawley." - The Rock

"Everyone in NXT looks up to him, I know when he makes it to RAW he’s going to be a locker room leader. He’s a game changer." - Triple H

He’s the new phenom, it’s as simple as that..“ - The Undertaker