see me at tour college campus

minho in college
  • double major in primary education and history 
  • wants to teach elementary school!!!!
  • varsity soccer so he has the custom backpack that says CHOI and always wears something uni-related 
  • like seriously….. seeing him not in a some sort of three-quarter zip or sweater with the uni’s name emblazoned on it is shocking af (taemin: go away we haven’t gotten new shipment since the last time you were here which was yesterday you already own the ENTIRE store
  • he also owns uni socks which he unironically wears all the time and all the different types of shot glasses (onew’s broken at least three of them but minho just whips out extras, srsly they’re never ending) 
  • a literal walking, talking uni advertisement (key: pls let me take you shopping for something else / minho: i have other clothes / key: WHERE)
  • in theory he probably should work at the bookstore but he sees how much taemin hates his job and if he can just use his discount there’s no need~ 
  • was actually scouted to be a campus tour guide (literally someone came up to him and begged him to join bc he was perfect for the job) and he is ridiculously good at it 
  • also he could walk backwards well which is why onew did not make the cut
  • did so much extra research about the college so that he could be prepared for any questions and also to have fun facts on hand 
  • which also came in handy for boring his friends to submission with very dry versions of the history of each and every building and sometimes he just does it for shits and giggles 
  • once he came into the cafe during onew’s and jong’s shift and started reciting the history of the building they were in and the origin of the coffee bean and their faces were just pure panic bc they couldn’t even RUN AWAY and they can’t even fight their costumers even though they are being GIANT JERKS (jong: i will give you two coffees out of my own pocket for you to stop / minho: awww hyung you’re so sweet pls make them ventis) 
  • but he’s just SO enthusiastic about his school that many incoming students could attribute their decision to come here to choi minho, master tour guide 
  • he also volunteers at after-school programs in elementary schools and the students always scramble to him when they see him coming in 
  • helps them with their homework and reads to them and lets the lil ones tie tufts of his hair (minho: do i look pretty?? / kid: the prettiest!!) 
  • he’s so sweet with them and they always want to climb up on his shoulders and he lets them and holds their arms out like an airplane (and so that they won’t fall) and zooms around the room 
  • avid college sports fan 
  • no matter what the game, you can probably hear minho cheering loudly from the bleachers 
  • someone got this great snapshot of him with football stripes on his cheeks and yelling which was blown up to larger-than-life proportions and lives in the welcome center 
  • arguably his proudest achievement (”look mom i made it”)  
  • srsly the school should honestly give him free tuition for all the endorsement he does as the uni’s poster boy 
  • when studying he’s usually locked up with onew in the library but he’s also known to always keep his notes on him so he could study during breaks at soccer practice 
  • he always has bananas on him that he’ll totally just give to anyone who asks but it’s a lot of bananas 
  • also never skips breakfast no matter what so he’s seen a lot sprinting to class with a piece of toast in his mouth like an anime character 
Used To It | HS

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I’m the type of person who falls in love very easily. Which is pretty strange for someone who loves being single and is scared of commitment. I just can’t help the way I feel about someone. What’s even stranger is the fact that I fall for those I don’t even talk to at all or have any sort of relationship with.

The first time I saw him was during a small lecture at our college’s orientation. I had sat between to people I’ve met a few weeks prior while I was touring the campus and he sat a seat away from the person on my right. He would occasionally lean down and take a look at me as I spoke and laughed with my acquaintance. I remember seeing him laugh and smile, I instantly felt an attraction to him.

I know he did too.

Fast forward a couple weeks and classes have begun. I seen him passing by the quad multiple times, yet I never had the courage to be able to go up to him and strike up a conversation. I was never that confident, my anxiety got the best of me so I just settled with the longing looks from across the area.

Soon enough he began to see me as well. He would look my way and what seemed to be recognition crossed his face and he smiled very brightly. My heart would flutter and there was no way for me to beat the big smile that crossed my face.

This went on for a while. Until the moment I followed him on insta and he had added me on snapchat. For a whole week, all he’d do is look at my stories. Next thing I knew, I saw his name appear in the banner at the top of my screen. 

“I’ve seen you around campus before…”

And though it was a small simple statement, the fact that he had even thought of messaging made me feel all sorts of things. Butterflies went wild in my stomach, my heart beat rapidly, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

We went back and forth for two days until he decided to leave me on read. I thought nothing much of it since he was hanging with some visiting family at the time the interaction took place.

And for the entire semester, that’s all that would happen. Very brief chatting on snapchat and smiling at each other. I’ll admit, I’ve grown tired of it, but it was never enough to push me to the point where I could go up to him and just talk.

Constant worry flooded me as I thought he wouldn’t like me in real life. Who I was online, on the internet, through messages is far from who I am in person. I wasn’t as outgoing and funny. I stuttered and spoke too fast all at once. I am a mess.

Him being with someone else didn’t really cross my mind until we had hit the beginning of this semester. By then, we really did know of each other’s existence and my friends knew of my feelings towards him. 

When I had come back from a lecture, my dorm mate had told me about having him for a class and how he was being very flirty with a particular girl. I shook it off, knowing at the point he’s a seemingly flirty guy. It’s just in his nature.

I was wrong.

She kept telling me how they both seemed really into each other and how they kept making plans to spend time outside of campus. My heart beat increased when I heard that.

If I didn’t act fast, I would certainly lose any chance of him and I being something.

So here I stood, in front of him with glassed over eyes and a frown sat on my face. Admitting my feelings to someone was never easy, I always feared rejection. I had felt that’s what I would get. Rejected.

But I didn’t. 

“Okay.” Was all that left his lips. A small smile was placed on his face, an indication that he’s too polite to actually properly reject me. Though I wasn’t satisfied with that answer. I wanted more. I needed to here more. Anything to help me move on. 

“O-okay? That’s all you can say?” My voice came out small. I didn’t want to appear desperate, but at this point I was.

I wanted to here something proper, I wanna know what he felt in that moment.

“Well, I mean, you and I don’t really know each other that well. How can you have feelings for me? I’m just a tad bit confused.” 

My voice caught in my throat. How did I have feelings for him? How do I?

“Well, I remember seeing you for the first time at orientation. You just caught my attention. Then on, I’d see you around. I saw you in all your elements. I may not know much, but I know you are a sweet guy who really cares for people and you’re really smart and insanely talented. I’ve heard you sing before, Harry. I know those lyrics are original. You’d constantly replay a phrase with different wording in hopes one sounds better than the other. You have a heart of gold. I have friends who know you and are friends with you as well. They tell me about you and I know it might seem awkward and creepy, but I just developed these feelings. If you don’t feel the same or anything at all, I’d rather you give me a proper response now so I can move on. Help me move on.”

Harry seemed at loss for words, he opened his mouth but it’s like it got caught in his throat. He dipped his head before looking back at me with that same small smile, but there was something in his eyes. Sympathy. My heart shattered having seen that look one too many times.

“I’m sorry.”

I just nodded and looked down, not wanting to see the pain it’s inflicting on me.

“Don’t be. I’m used to this.” 

With that I walked away with a heavy heart. So many times. I’ve been through this so many fucking times that I’ve lost count.  Everytime it happens though, the pain is still fresh. Knowing that I could’ve had something sooner when I was handed the fucking chance on a god damn silver platter replays in my head. I didn’t take the chance when I had it. I feel as if I’m one to blame, but really no one is.

I can’t be mad at how he feels, I can’t be mad at how I feel. Maybe it’s the way things are meant to be. I just wish I could’ve gone back to the past and changed it and actually done something that could’ve made a relationship possible.

For now, I’ll keep to myself. I’ll work on myself and work on getting out. If I happen to stumble upon love, then I’ll let that take care of itself. I can’t force anything. I won’t try to. 

One day I’ll find a lover of my own. One day, I’ll find someone who will reciprocate the same feelings I have for them. We’ll be happy and content. 

One day, I’ll be used to that.


I felt like I could’ve included more but maybe I’ll rewrite this to include more idk but feedback would be very appreciated.

College Life Starters Pt. 2
  • “My parents asked me how I was enjoying college life last night on Skype. I told them everything was great. I lied. It’s hell.”
  • “I went to the Tivoli today to buy my books for class… came out to a total of $498.27. I fucking hate college.”
  • “I love college! And I love drinking!”
  • “How can you afford alcohol at all? You’re a fucking college kid. How do you have money right now?!”
  • “Wanna go to the lounge and see if we can pick up any cute girls/guys? You know, since neither one of us can afford to go to the bar. It’s the next best thing.”
  • “So, I was in the library right? And I’m almost 100% positive there was someone fucking behind the bookshelves because books kept falling and I heard moans.”
  • “The number one rule of college, walk into it prepared to never sleep again.” 
  • “Pretty sure I just got hit on by one of the college jocks and now the cheerleaders are glaring at me. I just came for the tour, what the fuck?”
  • “In college, one math problem takes 3-4 sheets of paper to solve. Moral to the story, buy lots of notebooks to last you through the semester.”
  • “See you have to get a bunch of girls, right and make them do your homework for you. That’s how you get A’s.”
  • “I am this close to saying fuck it, dropping out of school and becoming a stripper.”
  • “My parents are coming to visit me on campus. Just smile and act like everything is great. I lied and told them that I’m having the time of my life. Simply put, don’t let on that I’m a liar to them okay?”
  • “I saw a girl walk into the bookstore with a Thundercats shirt on and shorts that basically showed her ass. I pointed and yelled, “Hooooo”. I have no regrets. I fucking love college.”
  • “Working in the bookstore at the Tivoli you’d think that I would get a discount on my textbooks. Hell no, $376.29 easy… and that was just for 3 books!”
  • “Do you do anything other than fuck, eat and sleep? Have you even been to one of your classes at all this semester?”
  • “Professor’s office hours are Monday and Wednesday, from 3:30 to 5 at night. I have a class during that time. How the fuck do they expect me to come see them during office hours?! Just… how?!”
  • “The price of textbooks is TOO DAMN HIGH. I quit.”
  • “Have you ever just laid awake at night and wondered, how the fuck am I going to pay back these student loans? I have.”
  • “So, I just had a McDouble from McDonald’s for the first time in forever and can I just say I regret taking that $5.00 meal for granted back in high school? This is a luxury now-a-days.”
  • “My life has become work, homework and sleep when able in that order over the last two and a half weeks.”
  • “As much as I would love to go out with you tonight, I can’t… because I’m broke. Have fun though. Take plenty of snaps so I can see them.”

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I can imagine Akiteru loving to make oikawa a blushing mess and being lovey-dovey with him. (And we can see kei crying in the distance thinking WHY ME?????)

Ooh, imagine them meeting in COLLEGE and Akiteru (in his final year) being assigned to give Oikawa a campus tour, and it’s all history from there. Akiteru knows exactly who Oikawa is, but Oikawa can’t place why this guy is so familiar to him, until he realizes he never know Megane-kun’s actual name from Karasuno and this guy looks an awful lot like him, even if they’re absolutely unalike in every other way lol.

But maybe not, as he starts falling for this ridiculously attractive guy, he finally sees Akiteru’s talent for finding THE MOST EMBARRASSING WAYS OF DISPLAYING AFFECTION and Oikawa is Ruined.

i talk about my badass girl-band a lot but LOOK AT THIS CLIP OF US

this is our newest song called “one a day” and we played it in a garage on my college campus (same neighborhood where billie joe armstrong met his wife at a house show)

(you can find us on facebook if you think we r neat or want to see what i’m up 2) (we are called last import and we are going on tour this year!)

Here's what happens when there are huge school groups doing tours on campus

-lots of screaming like someone’s dying

-lots of high energy children mixed with low energy college students

-there are cops freaking everywhere and I have to drive below the speed limit. Oh yeah and there are kids

-I fucking hate seeing school buses in the parking lot. the enemy has infiltrated my home turf goddamnit

-the chaperones who lead the kids around are some white PTA mom type fuckers who give me the stink eye

-walkways are really damn crowded

-an eight year old just said my backpack was uncool, who gave you the right you little bastard

College Visit Season

We are right in the middle of college visit season. College visits serve a key role in the college application process. They can help you grow or narrow your list of prospective schools, get advice on a certain school’s specific application process, get a feel for the campus life, ask questions to students and faculty of that school, and many other things. I myself have already been on 6 college visits this summer and plan to go on 4 more. Some of you have probably already started and some of you may not have, so I am here to give you my tips and advice for college visits.

  1. Schedule both an information session and a tour. Most universities offer both an information session and a campus tour. Information sessions are presentations/talks given to prospective students and their parents by an actual admissions officer from that university and often also a student representative. Most information sessions discuss different aspects of the university such as academics, campus life, athletics, research opportunities, and more. The information sessions then usually continues with an explanation of the school’s application process and requirements. And finally, it closes with a Q and A session with the admissions officer. Information sessions are a great way to get to know the school better and get familiar with their application process. After the information session you will usually be led outside to student tour guides waiting for you. I’m going to go a little bit off topic here with a tip inside a tip but, if you have the choice of choosing your tour guide, go around and ask the tour guides what they are majoring in and what their interests are. Having a tour guide who is interested in similar things as you will give you a more tailored experience and an opportunity to find out more about your areas of interest. It’s also an added bonus if they talk loud. Nothing is worse than a quiet tour guide. Moving on, the tour guide will take you through campus and show you the major landmarks. They will tell you all about the school but will most likely focus on the campus life aspect because they are a student there and who better to tell about campus life than an actual current student. Both the information session and campus tour will give you an inside look at that college.
  2. Always be on the look out for bonus opportunities and take advantage of them. For example, I have been on multiple college visits where they have offered an optional dorm tour. These extra opportunities can give you a better look into the school that you might have not seen before.
  3. Plan. First, make sure to schedule for an information session and tour online at the college’s website. Then, make sure you know exactly where to go and where to park, especially if you are in a big city. Most big city schools are more accessible by public transportation so look that up and see if it’s a good option for you. Also, tying into the next tip, make sure you know what time the information session starts and how long it will take you to get there. Organization is key for a well-planned, stress-free visit.
  4. ARRIVE EARLY!!! I cannot stress this enough! I recommend arriving at least a half hour before your information session starts. It will allow you time to get to the specified room/building and sign in. Also, the earlier you’re there, the better seats you will get. This summer I have even been arriving an hour and a half to an hour ahead of time to walk to the bookstore and get a little souvenir or two. Last summer at a college visit, I did not worry about arriving early and ended up having to walk a long way to the building, couldn’t find the room, then had to do the walk of shame into the room while the information session was halfway over. It never hurts to be early.
  5. Take notes. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Notes? Really? Isn’t it summer? Yes. Yes. and Yes. Taking notes is extremely important! The most important thing to take notes on is not how many undergraduate students there are on campus, or if freshman can have cars on campus, or when you have to declare your major. These things are all useful pieces of information to know, however you can pretty much find the answer to every one of those types of questions online. What you want to take notes on is how the college made you feel, what the people are like, and how nice the campus is. After a few months go by, you won’t really be able to recall all the little things that you liked about the college and how it made you feel. By taking notes on these things, you’ll be able to recall those memories and make a better decision on which colleges you liked and which you didn’t. Also, most colleges have a “Why *insert college name here*?” essay on their application. To prepare for this take notes on your favorite aspects of the college and what really entices you to apply there. I had an information session a few weeks ago where the admissions officer spoke to us about these types of essays. He told us that the most common type of answer they get is just a description of that university. For example, a common answer to a “Why Harvard?” essay would basically summarize to this: I want to go to Harvard because I’m looking for a small to mid-sized research based ivy league/private school near a big city. These are the worst answers to a “Why ______?” essay. Admissions are officers are looking for you to be specific. They are trying to see if and how you will fit into their university. I spoke with a student/tour guide at another college visit who told me her essay was about how the university had one of the only American Sign Language programs in the country, which was something she was very interested in. She also wrote about what clubs she wanted to be a part of and how she saw herself walking through campus. So, taking notes on what programs, departments, clubs, and opportunities intrigue you most can help you in the long run.
  6. Ask questions. This is your best time to ask questions. You have access to admissions officers and current students, both of which are happy to help. I had a tour guide once who highly encouraged us to come up and talk with her on the walks in between destinations because she was genuinely interested in us. The admissions officers and student tour guides want to be there, want to answer your questions, and want to share their experiences. So feel free to ask about a specific program or department that interests you, or what their favorite and least favorite things about that university are, or what clubs/organizations they offer. Get invested and interested!
  7. Spend extra time/take your time. After your tour, take some time to walk around the campus by yourself. The tour will not show you every part of the campus so take an adventure and find something that interests you and get a better feel for campus. I also recommend grabbing a bite to eat on campus (this isn’t always possible during the summer as the eateries are not always open so instead grab something to eat at a local restaurant right outside campus) and even chatting with a random student or two. Finally, try to limit yourself to one college visit a day. Cramming in two or more visits in a day can cause you to rush and feel overwhelmed. You really want to take your time and soak everything in.

Well, those are my tips on how to improve your college visits. Hope they helped. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

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Do you think you could describe how each of the functions would respond to deciding what college they want to go to?

Si: This is the school everyone in my family has attended for the last hundred years. It has a proven track record of success. I know the campus, I know some of the people who are going to be there, and my parents can tell me all about what the long-term professors are like.

Se: This school has the best reputation for sports scholarships, and the best on-campus activities. Their artistic program is amazing. They have the best swim team / gymnastics club / whatever program in the world. Plus, I hear good things about the students. They sound like fun. It’s also in another country, so it would be awesome to live in Prague for awhile.

Ni: If I want to be THIS in five years, I need to go to this school. It is reputed to have the best professors in the world and these classes will help me get to where I want to go. There is really no other option for me. It’s what I want. I can picture myself going there, and I know I will love it.

Ne: I’m not sure where I want to go or what I want to be, and I’m stressed out a bit about picking just one job. I mean, everyone has like five jobs in their lifetime, right? I thought I wanted Brown and I toured the campus and could see myself there … but then I went to Harvard for the weekend and it was really inspiring! Please don’t ask me to decide right now. I need more time!

Fi: I admire the reputation of this school. It prides itself on honesty and integrity and has a low tolerance for cheaters. I admire that and want to be a part of it. Plus, it has all the classes that I care the most about taking.

Fe: Which college did you pick and why? I’m interested in this one, but I’m not sure how my friends and family would feel about me moving onto such a liberal / conservative campus. They have a lot of groups devoted to social welfare that I am really interested in, so I guess I’ll try them out for the weekend and see if I mesh with anyone. If I find a connection with others, that will help me decide.

Ti: I hear these professors are really good at not only stating the facts, but discussing the reasoning behind their conclusions. They love to invite input from the class and will accept alternative explanations based on a good logical argument. They also have a wide variety of classes to choose from.

Te: I just want to learn to be successful at my future job, and this school has the highest success record for graduates out of any other college in the country. Their awards, the reputation of the collective professors, and for the school speaks for itself. I’m going here.

Jack is going to college next year. Today he and I drove to the school he selected for a tour and to meet with an advisor for his field of study.

We visited classrooms, dorms, activity centers and sports facilities. Some things reminded me of when I went to college. Others were quite different.

At my campus I remember two rooms with computers for students to use. That was when the Apple Macintosh was coming out. Today Jack and I couldn’t turn around without seeing banks of computers or iPads in hallways, lounges and other public areas. Many students had their own laptops or tablets so I really don’t get why the school provides so many public computers.

Jack seemed energized by the visit. If they would have let him he would have started college today. I’m glad he’s looking forward to this.

I started to get a little excited too. Do you know what I’ll have in August?


Around the time Matt moved out for the Navy we got a new dog. We don’t have room for yet another pet. Sheila thinks we could get a convertible. Being more practical and frugal I thought maybe a(nother!) bicycle for Bob would be a nice idea. I could keep it in Jack’s old bedroom.