see me at tour college campus

strawberrywings  asked:

I can imagine Akiteru loving to make oikawa a blushing mess and being lovey-dovey with him. (And we can see kei crying in the distance thinking WHY ME?????)

Ooh, imagine them meeting in COLLEGE and Akiteru (in his final year) being assigned to give Oikawa a campus tour, and it’s all history from there. Akiteru knows exactly who Oikawa is, but Oikawa can’t place why this guy is so familiar to him, until he realizes he never know Megane-kun’s actual name from Karasuno and this guy looks an awful lot like him, even if they’re absolutely unalike in every other way lol.

But maybe not, as he starts falling for this ridiculously attractive guy, he finally sees Akiteru’s talent for finding THE MOST EMBARRASSING WAYS OF DISPLAYING AFFECTION and Oikawa is Ruined.