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I want to take a moment to truly appreciate the kind of man that Jay Halstead is when it comes to Erin Lindsay  

  • Yes, it’s funny when Jay whines about driving shotgun constantly, but speaking seriously for a moment, it’s important to note that he has never truly gotten upset over the situation. Erin’s always liked to maintain this sense of control when it comes to driving and rather than let his ego get bruised that a woman wants to drive all the time he takes it. He happily sits shotgun, why? Because it’s important to him that Erin feels comfortable, and that she has agency within their partnership
  • They could’ve easily taken Jay down the stereotypical “friend zone” behaviour road when Erin told him they should keep professional. Instead, he put his hurt ego to the side and continued be her partner and friend, never throwing a tantrum that her job was more important than their lust for each other. He respected that, same as when she broke things off in season two
  • Another example of Jay putting her feelings before his ego was when he found Erin with Landon. Rather than wallow in his own self pity and insecurity that the woman he loved (though they were broken up at the time) was sleeping with another man, his main concern was how Erin was emotionally. Landon was never brought up even when they reconciled. Did Jay feel hurt over seeing Landon at her place? It was written on his face, but what hurt him more than anything was Erin losing herself
  • This big, bad tempered ranger, who worked undercover for years, took down a case by himself that got him into intelligence, and can beat up anyone, is happy to admit that Erin made him the cop he is today
  • The first time we meet Jay Halstead he beats a guy who catcalls Erin. Now, he doesn’t just do it to show off to his partner because he’s attracted to her and wants to look tough. He gives the guy a firm warning, telling him to “watch himself” after the first dirty remark. The second time the guy becomes further vulgar with Erin, and Jay calmly hands Erin his gun and approaches the man. He then waits for the guy to swing first, then takes him down
  • Of all the people that they could’ve sent in to rescue him when he was kidnapped and tortured, he wanted it to be Erin, because he knew that she would save him. Ask Jay any day of the week who he wants watching his back in a unit full of big tough male cops, and he’d say Erin
  • He would step in and defend Erin at any given point, but he also knows that she is a badass that can defend herself, and him, too
  • Erin got promoted to another unit and while he could’ve been jealous that she excelled, he supported her, and urged her to take this job. She asked him so many times and his answer always was, “yes, you can do this, they’re so lucky to have you.” Even though it took her away from him, he put that smile on his face and was happy for her because he knew it was what she needed to do
  • He never underestimates Erin. He listens to her in the field and within his personal life
  • He considers her his equal, as a partner, as a love interest, and a cop always

I’ve seen so many shows fall into this “the man is intimidated”, or “he has to protect his female partner” or “she’s holding him back and he has to slow down for her” bullshit. Jay’s never been shown to have any of those sexist, or egotistic characteristics. He supportive of her role, and protective of her agency. He’s so under rated. 


These two are so flipping precious. THIS COMIC YOU GUYS, THIS COMIC. IT’S GOLD. Right from the start This is Not Fiction is so cute and endearing, but you can see how the artist has developed their art/story-telling style over time too. I mean, it was already amazing, and somehow it got better  💕 💕 It’s hilarious. It’s so lovable. The art is fantastic and inspiring. It’s the whole package. And the fans are so great too, their comments/fanwork are A++ omg. Thank you so much @tinfcomic for this comic!!

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fingertips brushed ever so softly through her forehead, taking the dark brown strings of her hair away from her beautiful face he would never forget of no matter how far she felt from him. with a soft smile upon his lips landon leaned in to place uncountable kisses down her neck as his hands hugged the body that had been too far way from his for too long. “ i’m not letting you leave this bed for the next eternity. ” his tongue ran between his lips before he took his head back to look into those deep eyes that would never fail to steal his entire attention, an almost silent laugh escaping with his words although he meant every word. “ i don’t care that i kicked my friends out of the room. that we’re only on vacation. i just want to stay here with you. ” pulling her body just closer to his landon was sure to steal a kiss from her lips. “ i missed you so fucking much. ”

Jim: Okay, Z, it’s time to take Boxer home.
*Jim, Elisabeth and Zoe, carrying Boxer, step forward*
Zoe: Bye, Boxer. I’ll miss you. Now, be a good boy, eat lots of leaves and sleep all the time and have good dreams and play with your friends. Okay?
Jim: All right, Z, it’s time.
*Zoe kneels and releases Boxer, then stands up*
Zoe: Bye.
*Jim, Elisabeth and Zoe walk back* *Boxer cries* *a big ankylosaurus comes and takes Boxer in* *Zoe smiles*

The best scene from Now You See Me according to this poll


A Walk to Remember: Jamie Sullivan [INFP]

Fi: Jamie has a list of things she wants to do before her death. They are her dreams, no one else’s. She decides what she wants for her last few years and is happy to go after them on her own. She is immune to emotional manipulation and cannot be seduced. Jamie lives by her own rules and believes that she is worth waiting for. She doesn’t easily share her feelings, but feels things very deeply.

Ne: She sees the potential in Landon where others only see the brutal facts. Jamie foresees what might happen if they spend much time together (“Don’t fall in love with me,” she gently teases him). She senses the true man he is inside, and strives to help him find that in himself. Jamie also doesn’t just have one thing she wants to do – she has a list with many different ideas on it. She’s creative, imaginative, and a bit of a romantic dreamer.

Si: Her values stem from her faith,  which she holds onto with firm conviction. Jamie is a romantic, but also practical. She collects information and uses past conversations and experiences to reinforce her feelings in the present. She respects traditional values and upholds them it in her dating relationship.

Te: Once she sets her mind to a task, Jamie doesn’t hesitate – she goes for it. She is good at organizing others, and finishing her projects. She sets out to get through her list and checks off her wishes one by one.

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Um idk if this was asked before but what do Landon and jules like the most about each other ;)

HI ANON! I can’t remember if I answered this question before… does anyone know? I searched my blog but I’m tired LOLOL (❓). Anyway, this is a really cute question..!! 😭💖 I can answer a bit!

What Julian likes about Landon:

  • I think maybe ch 23 pg 44 sums up a bit of it… even though Landon messes around a lot, there were times throughout the comic where he genuinely tried to help Julian feel better, and Julian’s touched by it!
  • (he also makes Julian feel “less like a loser”… but I won’t get into that here 🙅)
  • thinks about others before himself
  • is fun to be with! Especially in ch 23, I tried to have Julian laughing a lot 😁💕
  • he’s hot JK JK JK
  • there’s more, but I can’t give it away! I’m sorry! 🐰😉

What Landon likes about Julian:

  • cute, hardworking, not judgemental” LOL
  • it’s not really shown in one specific moment, I think (here maybe? Landon’s not there though), but Landon likes how persistent Julian is! When Julian really cares about or believes in something or someone, he doesn’t give up on it/them
  • Julian makes him feel like he’s worth something… I think a lot of it would come out in how Julian worries/cares about Landon all the time (I can’t link all of them LBR), Landon’s really moved by it 😂
  • Julian loves Landon’s cooking, like do you see panel 3 in that link??? Do you see that face???? LANDON “SMITTEN” ADDISOn, he will die for this boy
  • is not funny but still tries
  • plays with Landon? Landon’s always playing but rarely does anyone ever play back LOLOL my lonely baby
  • very cute when he smiles and when he’s excited
  • omg. Let me write an essay about this. NO, DON’T LET ME
  • I’M TRYING TO BE REAL ABOUT THIS BUT I just want to shout that Julian is cute, soft, warm, passionate, A SWEET BOY WITH A BIG HEART who can even see the good in a screw-up like Landon PLEASE!!! Please………. slams my fists onto my desk, let me live.. me, in-love with Julian–

OK I’M DONE thank you for the ask! And… sorry for being late, ah… December was difficult for me 😅

Maddox came in the apartment from practice, hoping Landon wasn’t back from rehearsal yet. He’d hurt himself. Worse than the last time. But he’d hidden it from his coach and now he’d have to hide it from Landon to. But it was hard enough to hide the bruising and swelling that was already happening at the gym, he didn’t know how he’d hide it from his husband. Maddox had slipped on a hoodie, hoping the bulk would hide the swelling, and carried his bag on the opposite shoulder. He couldn’t be injured, especially not as bad as he was worried this one was. It was the same side he’d hurt earlier in the year, but this was different. It was in his shoulder and his chest. He’d seen people with similar injuries before and the last thing he wanted was to be them. So he’d just ignore it until he had no other choice. Walking in the bedroom he was surprised to see Landon already back from rehearsal. He smiled gently “Home already? ”