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To answer your question, dear anon, Star actually likes the comic. 
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Oh, great. We’re depending on a couple of horny teenagers to run this kingdom.
—  the Camelot folk, on Tedros and Agatha

Mmmm have any of yall seen the “ango is a silver dragon” theory bc i dont,, like it and i cant quite articulate why


And before someone asks ‘what next?’ - Dorian gives Vaxus an hour long talk about Tevinter fashion. (Because if he can get dress him why not do that in style? Headcanon that Dorian brought some clothes from Tevinter for his Amatus in case you know… he ever needed to blend in while visiting certain someone :)

Sorry Dorian, now you have to wait. Vaxus need to gather his courage once more.

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Summary: It was Bonnie’s birthday and Kai unexpectedly showed up at the boarding house, which was home to you and your two brothers, Damon and Stefan. When an unexpected guest arrives to hurt Kai while he helps to send Bonnie a sign from the Prison World she was trapped in, you grow angry at the intruder. So you use your magic to defend Kai against them and some unexpected words happen to escape your mouth while doing so, causing Kai to grow intrigued. 

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader. 

Universe/Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, CW. 

Word Count: 2,461

Warnings: Flirtatious and teasing Kai, and a heated make-out session that leads to being pushed down on a bed. (Surely that deserves a warning ;))

A/N: OOPS! Another Kai imagined!! But I just needed to write it, so here we go! Brace yourself for flirty Kai! ;) Hope you like it! MWAH! 

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Damon had sent you out this morning to grab some more balloons for Bonnie’s makeshift birthday party tonight. Although she was stuck in the 1994 Prison World where Kai had left her, Damon and everyone else felt the need to celebrate her birthday for her today. 

It was the nicest thing Damon could do for her, since he felt guilty for her being over there without him. But this was not about Damon and his common guilt. 

This was about Bonnie, who you felt protective over, so if anyone were to get in the way of ruining this special day, you were willing to do anything to stop them. And so you grabbed the dozen balloons that you were sent to grab from the supermarket, you made your way back home with your head held high, even if your chest felt as if it were going to burst at any moment. 

But you ignored the feeling that usually meant something was going to happen, assuming it was just your common paranoia coming back to haunt you as you placed your key in the keyhole of the front door of your home, and opened the door. Silently, you walked in with the dozen balloons still in your hand, and heard voices coming from a room in your and your two brother’s home. So you followed the voices, and found Jeremy, Damon, Elena, and Kai talking to each other in one room, and your jaw dropped at the sight of Kai. 

You had only met him once before, and it was not a very good first impression, considering he was trying to kill your brother Damon and had hurt Elena at the school, and your blood boiled at the sight of him back here again. 

“Motus!” you had yelled as soon as you connected eye contact with Kai, and he was suddenly sent flying against the wall with a groan. You kept your hand in the air, glaring at him through your eyelashes as he stood above the air against the wall. 

“Well, hello again, beautiful.” Kai smirked, and raised his head to look at you, smirking at the fire in your eyes that slightly turned him on. 

You growled, walking forward and pushing him harder against the wall with a groan escaping his mouth at the pain in his spine. “Do not call me that.” you hissed, and turned your head toward Damon, keeping Kai against the wall. 

“WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE, DAMON?!” you yelled, and Damon flinched, slightly scared of you using your magic, because he knew you never held back, not even on your siblings whenever they made you mad. 

“He’s helping us send a sign to Bonnie, Y/N, just let him go!” Damon explained, pulling your hand to your side. But you didn’t let Kai go, and kept him against the wall as he watched you with curious eyes. 

“No, no. I understand her hesitancy to trust me. After all, I did try to kill her brother-” 

“Shut up!” you hissed, cutting Kai off. He just smirked at your tone, and groaned again as you pushed him even harder against the wall, not knowing that was even possible. 

“Y/N.” Elena’s voice came as a warning, and she slowly made her way over to you, putting her hand in the air to show she was no harm to you. “Let him go. We need to save Bonnie. She’s going to kill herself, and the longer we take here, the closer she gets to getting the job done. And Kai is our only hope to stopping her, so please, just him go.” 

“You’re actually willing to trust him?!?” You yelled again, and twisted your hand to ignite a burning in Kai’s stomach, and he screamed, straining against your hold on him as the pain in his stomach grew to a wild fire. 

“Y/N, STOP!” Jeremy finally pulled you out of your trance, and you dropped your spell on Kai, causing him to fall to the floor in a pile of pain. He groaned on the ground, then looked up at you, grinning like a mad man. 

“Well, that hurt.” he hissed, finally climbing to his feet and speaking. “If you want Bonnie to die, kill me and she will. But if you want her to live and continue her life, then I assume that you will not get in my way when I do this spell.” Kai had explained, and you slowly nodded, tying the balloons that were still in your hand to the chair that stood in front of you and following Kai and the rest of the group into the living room. 

“You ready?” Jeremy questioned, motioning toward Kai, and Kai nodded, signalling that he was. And you watched as Kai glanced at you from the chair he had his legs crossed on, and closed his eyes, mumbling a spell under his breathe and Jeremy being put under the spell soon enough. 

You had wondered why Bonnie would try and kill herself as you sat near Kai, and Damon and Elena disappeared upstairs. That was not the kind of Bonnie you knew, and you wondered if the loneliness of the Prison World was getting to her head. So you hoped for the best as you watched sweat form on Kai’s forehead and examined his face. 

It was a shame he was a sociopath, because he was quite attractive. His slightly long eyelashes touched the tops of his cheeks in a way that made you smile, and his pink, plump lips moved only very little as he mumbled the spell under his breathe, but then suddenly stopped. And you glanced between him and Jeremy, and assumed the spell had worked, so you sighed and closed your eyes, silently praying they would be able to save Bonnie in time. 

And the you felt an intruder in your presence, and everything happened so quick. You were sent flying into the wall as you yelled at the familiar blonde girl behind Kai as your back hit the wall. And you yelled as soon as she stuck the metal bar into his stomach. 

Kai’s eyes opened wide at the feeling a minute later and gasped as Liv removed the metal bar from his stomach. The air from your lungs was blown out of you when you hit the wall, but you had a minute to recuperate as Liv threw Kai and Jeremy across the room with her magic after Jeremy had yelled at her to stop. 

And as you slowly got up, you saw Kai’s twitching body. Then you snapped. 

“Motus!” you yelled for the second time today, and Liv was suddenly sent flying across the room as your blood boiled and you let your magic consume your entire body. 

Slowly, you helped Kai up, keeping Liv against the ground, not being able to move a limb under your spell. And then, when you knew he was okay to move by himself, you made your way over to Liv, walking in a way that scared everyone to the bones. 

As you got close enough to her, you twisted your hand, igniting the same fire in her stomach that you ignited in Kai’s earlier, and you glared as the girl screamed, your eyes icy and cold. 

“Who do you think you are, barging into my house like this,” You twisted your hand again, mumbling a spell under your breath that cause your victim to feel a pressure in their head that was unbearable for any human, and Liv cried out, trying to reach for her head, but you didn’t let her as you continued talking. “thinking you were just going to break in here and harm what’s mine. I could kill you right now for what you just did. You possibly have just gotten someone killed!” 

Your voice was harsh and raw, echoing in Liv’s ears and throughout your whole house. And you twisted your hand again, breaking Liv’s elbow and hearing the crack of her bone echo in your ears. 

“But you’re angry right now. So I will break one more semi-important bone in your body, and then let you run away.” You bent down to her ear, hearing her moans and groans of pain surround you and consume your veins as you finished your small speech. “And if I find you here again, or ever witness you hurting him like that again,” you referred to Kai, not knowing why you were defending him, but your body kept going. “I will not be afraid to snap every bone in your body and make you feel like your head is about to implode and then rip you apart from the inside out as I listen to your piercing screams till the minute you can’t scream anymore and then give you the most painful death anyone has ever experienced.”  

And then you twisted your hand one last time, and snapped her knee in half. She screamed out, but the screams stopped as soon as you sent her away, her body seeming as it was never there as you suddenly stared at air. 

Then you stood from your spot, slowly turning around and being greeted by three pairs of wide eyes, one of them including Kai, but his had a fire to them the other two didn’t. 

And so you shrugged, acting as if nothing happened as you explained, “She risked Bonnie’s life. I wasn’t going to let her get away with that.” 

The lie slipped past your lips as easy as it was unbelieving to the people standing in front of you. But then you suddenly disappeared, transporting yourself to somewhere barely anyone knew you went to: your safe rock. A rock placed in the middle of the woods in Mystic Falls, a rock that oddly calmed you down and let you clear your mind. 

So you lied back on your rock, the fire in your veins slowly vanishing as you relaxed and mumbled a spell under your breath that healed the pain in your spine. And you sighed, wondering what came over you back there. 

You had had a rough past, one filled with rage and so much death, much like your brothers, but yours was pointless. Just something that you did for fun, and years after, you changed and regretted all of it. So as you pondered over what came over you, you silently begged that your past would not come back to haunt you, and lied on your rock until the sun went down. 

But as you were about to leave, a sudden presence was felt behind you, and your whipped around to be met with piercing blue eyes right in front of your face. You gasped, backing away slightly only to realize it was just Kai. 

But you didn’t relax in his presence. Instead, you were about to cast a spell on him, raising your hand in the air, but before you could, Kai opened his big mouth. 

“Wait, wait, wait. I’m no harm to you, Y/N. I just wanted to talk.” a smirk slowly started to line Kai’s lips as you lowered your hand and nodded for him to continue, deciding that staying quite was your best way out of this mess. 

“I just want to thank you for defending me earlier, back at the mansion. I’ll admit, it was extremely hot hearing those words come out of your mouth, and slightly turned me on, but I never knew you were capable of such things.” 

Kai’s words put you on edge, but you didn’t show it as you crossed your arms over your chest an arched a brow at him. “Capable of such things?” you repeated, wanting to know what he meant by that. And so his smirk widened, and he took a step toward you, you taking an equal step back, causing Kai to raise his hands up in mock surrender. 

“I always thought you were so innocent. So pure, and unbeknownst of what it felt like to cause pain upon people and experience pain in itself.” Kai smiled lightly, taking another step toward you, but this time you didn’t fight him. 

So he kept going until he had his hand on your cheek and your body flushed against his. “But I can see now that you are none of those things. And that makes me wanna know so much more about you.” Kai whispered, rubbing his thumb across the top of your cheek, causing heat to pool in the bottom of your stomach. 

“Maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea.” You voice was so faint that you barely heard it yourself, but Kai smile, letting you know he had heard you. 

“And why would that be? I can tell you have feelings for me, Y/N. Not only because of what you did for me today, but because I see it in your eyes. You look at me differently than anyone else, and I don’t why I like it, but I do. And I want you to keep looking at me like that.” 

Your eyes widened as Kai admitted this to you, and he chuckled at your reaction, a new sound reaching your ears, one that you enjoyed now more than many others. Then you spoke, “I didn’t even know I felt this way about you until today, and I still don’t know why I never want it to stop.” And your hands flew up to Kai’s biceps, squeezing lightly as Kai smiled. 

“Maybe it doesn’t have to.” you widened your eyes as that settled into your brain, and Kai laughed. He still thumbed at your cheek, but now his face was mere inches away from yours, and you could feel his lips brush against yours. 

You gasped when he finally connected your lips, and pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss. Kai’s hand moved from your cheeks to your waist, and he squeezed. Then, as the kiss started to get heated, you found yourself in a room that was not your bedroom, but Kai’s. And you laughed as you pulled away from him and examined the room, quirking an eyebrow at what he was implying. 

“Your bedroom?” you squealed as Kai pushed you down on his bed, throwing his shirt over his head before hovering over you and planting kisses over your collarbone. You ran your hand through his hair as he pulled away to speak. 

“Nothing says committed like a good fuck.” your laugh echoed in his ears, warming his heart and making him feel accomplished. 

And so after he saw your nod of approval, he bent his head back down to your collarbone, and you two spent the night together. And every night after that. 

Until Kai finally left. 


Kingdom Hearts Aesthetics - Xehanort [11/?]


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Oh, Outo. Precious Outo.

There is so much to say about Outo that it would almost be faster to list what I can’t say about it. I’ve been putting off writing this post precisely because there is so much crammed into it. So much. It is magical. It is a gift. And it will destroy you.

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