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All of these characters have the same voice actress and I just realised that and now I feel foolish.


Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 told with My Immortal quotes


(because I can)


i like the idea of HIC slowly corrupting fef over time 

okay but i want a fic where the enterprise is like on the outskirts of federation space and they pick up survivors of a half-wrecked cardassian freighter and one of the refugees is sybok who totally knew the attack was coming and low key orchestrated it but thats another story because when he gets beamed aboard he and spock have a reunion and it’s very logical and all but kirk is like holy shit spock you have a brother??? why did i not know?? and spock is like you never asked and sybok takes one look at the two of them interacting and realizes how bad his baby brother has it for his captain and says wow spock way to introduce me to your t’hy’la and spock BUGS OUT and gets all flustered and kirk has never seen him act like that before and is like wait what does that mean and spock won’t tell him and practically runs away and sybok is too busy laughing and getting debriefed, and then for the rest of the mission spock won’t look at kirk and he starts to wonder what that word actually means so he keeps trying to work it out of sybok or uhura but they won’t tell him and spock avoids him like the plague, and kirk starts to get dejected because maybe he’s done something wrong, somehow offended spock or something, and sybok realizes that the human is stupid in love too, and bribes scotty to lock them in the turbolift or a supply closet or something because they’re both just idiots and they need to make out and of course scotty does it because its been painfully obvious to everyone on the ship for months that the captain and first officer are SO IN LOVE, LIKE GO FUCK ALREADY JESUS 

and then they do. in the turbolift. 

the RUVIK entity

With the new game revealed, I’ll kind of miss being terrified of this asshat showing up around every corner.
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Okay, but consider Murder on the Rockport Limited, but instead:

“Uh…Angus? Pumpkin? Imma need you to put the monocle down.


The OA+Elias Rahim: part two 

{part one}

I can’t believe the dog just alerted us about Elijah stealing a loaf of bread from the kitchen and made sure me and mom knew about it. What a snitch. 0/10 not a true homie.

a trans girl marco and demigirl jackie (female and nonbinary) moodboard for.. well myself!

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The Evil Within 2 E3 2017 Gameplay Booth Walkthrough

This looks interesting.


Kingdom Hearts Aesthetics - Xehanort [11/?]