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The Duchess of Cambridge & Baby Cambridge 3.0 at the opening of Mittal Children’s Medical Centre in London, England. The centre has transformed the hospital’s inpatient facilities and fulfils its goal of providing modern accommodation for all the young patients, and allowing parents or carers to stay comfortably by their bedside. || January 17th, 2017

I hope your day is going well!  If not, hopefully this Teeny Taku napping in Joji’s scarf can help…and if your day is going well, then maybe the Teeny Taku can make it even better!

Nice and warm~

sometimes I see all y’alls negativity about Markiplier and the fandom and I’m like “you should play hearts and heroes and chill out my pals”

not to toot our own horn but the message of the game is something we feel like a lot of people need to hear

top 9 photos of 2017

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Im so excited about these “SPIDERMAN IS IN THE VENOM MOVIE” rumours that if they aren’t true I may actually just fly over there and make it happen myself 

Warly Appreciation Week

Day 4: A Warly in the style of @pepperemi

What better than to appreciate not only Warly but those who draw him too!

im rewatching the sundrop special and its still absolutely infuriating to hear them villainize varian so much, while casually claiming the kings actions as bad, but with good intentions. like bro. dude. the kings action of putting HIS family above everyone else kick started everything.

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I can’t believe that’s it’s nearly been a month tbh. i remember waking up and reading the news and instantly holding on to any hope that it would all work out and that jjong was simply going to be okay. i remember the moment sm put out the official confirmation and my heart dropped. it really didn’t sink in that day that he was really ‘gone’ I carried on listening to shinee and not feeling a thing until a few days later it all hit me. i find myself crying more these days. gosh i really miss him

yeah. honestly, just thinking back to that morning is enough to make me cry. it was truly one of the worst experiences of my life, and i just couldnt understand what was happening. a nightmare. it’s been a true nightmare. and it’s really unreal that its nearly a month. it’s weird. i feel like time has passed so quickly but it’s because my days are all just filled with thinking about him and trying to make sense of it. idk. now im in a weird place. when i see pics it’s like a ghost. which i guess he is, i guess that’s healing? but it’s getting harder to remember what it was like when he was alive. i feel like it’s always been like this. 

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1. Favorite book?

As a Sherlock blog, I feel like I’m supposed to say Sherlock Holmes! But truthfully, the Harry Potter series will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. Would you spray-paint anything onto the side of an old, abandoned building and what would it be?

If I didn’t get into any trouble I would!  I think I’d spray paint something like a sunflower.  Brighten someone’s day, hopefully.

3. Fav. quote from any fandom you’re in?

“Anderson, don’t talk out loud.  You lower the IQ of the whole street.” -Sherlock Holmes

4. What kind of apocalypse?

If I had to pick, I would say zombie?  

5. How would you kill someone, if you could get away with it?

Oh, I would hate to get dirty.  Maybe poison?

6. 5 songs you like?

Oh boy, this means I’m gonna expose myself.

-Streets of Whiterun- Skyrim OST (yes I still play Skyrim leave me alone)

-Death of a Bachelor- Panic! at the Disco

-Believer- Imagine Dragons

-I’m Not Sorry- Dean ft. Eric Bellinger (guilty pleasure tbh)

-Not Today- BTS 

(please don’t drag me maybe I like kpop)

7. Best ‘Keep calm and __________’ thing you’ve seen?

Keep calm and finish him.  I don’t know why it made me giggle when I first saw it, but it did.

8. Any character you like, a good quote from them (pls mention what fandom)

Well, I already did a Sherlock quote, so…

“That’s a 10-gallon hat on a 20-gallon head.” - Raylan Givens

from the series Justified!

9. Do you pronounce caramel caramel or caramel?

caramel :D

10. How much did the last question annoy you?

only a little!

11. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

like 10 wood?

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My questions:

1) What’s your favorite dessert food?

2) Which historical figure would you want to have dinner with?

3) What’s the first three songs that come on your shuffle?

4) What’s your favorite season? 

5) Who’s your favorite fictional character?

6) Cake or pie?

7) Which is a prettier sound to you: violin or piano?

8) If you could learn any three languages on the spot, what would you learn?

9) Which fictional character’s death hurt you the most?

10) If you could live anywhere, fictional or not, where would you live?

11) What’s your favorite holiday?


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No one I know understands Reylo, so as a secret Reylo shipper let me just say - THANK YOU! I love all of your Reylo content so keep it coming please.

ermagerd anon!!! come here and let me hug you!

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idk, i just sometimes get discouraged because *so* many people seem not to like Reylo???? But I’m glad you appreciate them and it’s really nice to hear you say soooooo


i dyed my hair :’) it’s gotten so long so quick omg

ALSO Ditto literally scaled the entire height of the cat tree earlier by going up the corner with no platforms - just straight up the columns, with one pause halfway.

I very badly want to make this cat a catio with a big climbing structure/jungle gym of logs.