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i didn't even think of robert cheating at first i thought magnus was talking about how robert and maryse lied to their kids for years about not being members of the circle rlfnelrnfelnflnerfnlkref

I think it was a reference to all those things tbh waoejfwoa the Lightwoods don’t really have a reputation of being honest about much. In all seriousness, though, it’s very telling that this is the point Magnus chooses to attack – like it’s definitely a harsh blow but it isn’t one that came out of nowhere. Magnus fell for Alec in large part for his honesty. That has always been the consistent thing about Alec – he was always upfront and honest even when his honesty meant he said some foolish things before he could think better of it. Alec has never once lied to Magnus until now.

And honesty is something Magnus values deeply, especially after having been jerked around for decades by Camille but also just in general. You can tell from the friends he keeps, people like Ragnor, Luke, and Raphael who don’t hesitate to tell him what’s on their mind even if they’re not exactly delicate about it. (We haven’t met Catarina on the show yet, but she’s much the same in personality, too, in the books.)

On top of everything else he’s been through and what this means for the Downworld, it’s why Magnus’ reaction is so severe. Like, he was really out for blood and even Luke had to tell him to chill the fuck out. It’s understandable why Magnus lost it, but Luke’s voice of reason isn’t wrong: Alec is trying and objectively, we know he’s a more trustworthy ally than the Seelie Queen. But while it’s true that they’re very powerful, it’s also worth noting that Magnus’ snap decision was to ally with the only Downworlders technically incapable of lying. At its core, this is what it comes down to – that someone he trusted so deeply lied to him.

Asian aromantics are so important and wonderful. Whether you’re South Asian, West Asian, North Asian, East Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, you’re so vital to the aro community. You have so much worth that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I finally watched the clip where Louis says he spent his time first year of break with his boy Freddie and his gf Eleanor…what I didn’t know is that he sat there and bullshitted his way through saying the first year was probs the most  /invasive/ press and pap wise of his life

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I hope nobody thought I was joking when I say my McDad was going to have the same beard as Babewall :))) ,,, also;;;;;

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What do you think about the people that keep saying that Supernatural should've ended after Season 5... That's it's repetitive? Do you feel it's repetitive?

IDGAF what negative people say, I love it, I enjoy it so much and my favourite seasons overall are 4, 8, 11 and 12.

My favourite specific run of episodes are 6x20-7x02, 11x18-11x21, 12x10-12x12.

My favourite specific episodes are 1x18, 2x11, 2x20, 4x07, 5x16, 6x20, 7x09, 7x17, 8x03, 8x07, 8x08, 9x06, 9x09, 9x18, 10x14, 11x03, 11x14, 11x18, 12x10, 12x11, 12x12, 12x19.

so…. meh nope I love SPN and I love all of it but IMO the character driven stuff is great since season 5 and that’s what I’m here for even if the plot isn’t always as strong. but then some of the plot stuff in 1-5 was abysmal!

I would be very happy to have a better plot line for the MOL, I felt that they could have done a lot more with it and I also think they could have done a lot more with Crowley/Lucifer in s12 so they could have either not done it at all or done it better and there are individual episodes I think are not particularly strong but overall I still love it and I cannot WAIT for season 13 after seasons 11 and 12 were SO character driven I LOVED THEM :D

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Starscream and Alexis? It has happened before. The 'cons do get a human buddy every once in a while.

Oh, yeah!  I forgot about those two!  XD  I’ve never actually seen Armada before, but i really want to for that exact reason lol.


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Guys, I’m kinda scared that in IW, we won’t see Cap interacting with some of the Avengers. The trailer clearly shows that they’re separated. Thor was with Guardians, then Tony with Bruce, Dr Strange and Spider-man. But Steve is clearly with Bucky, T'Challa and maybe Sam in Wakanda. Shit. Don’t get me wrong, I can roll with that it’s still exciting af but… I just want them all together… I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see what they’ve prepared for us.

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At the 3:55 mark Bill puts put out a little girl’s hair after she gets too close to the menorah and he’s super sweet.

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I've wondered what kind of shady business Kusanagi-San does and why he does it. Did he kind of inherit it from his uncle or something? Does the fact that he does it mean he is less moral cause it seems to contrast with his responsible self

My understanding is he inherited the bar from his uncle, the shady dealings are I think more of a Homra thing. We don’t really know exactly what he does – I know there’s reference to Kusanagi’s ‘shady backroom dealings’ at least once and of course there’s that ridiculous reward Homra offers in S1 for Shiro’s capture, but then you also have Kusanagi worrying in the Shrine Visit story about profits. I assume his dealings probably have to do with various things, like I could see him handling some mild blackmail stuff (like if there’s some rich politician type trying to cause harm to the regular people of the streets Kusanagi uses his connections to make sure that person changes their ways and if Homra gets a little extra cash out of it, well, bonus) or maybe some kind of trafficking in liquor sales on the black market, just like mild white collar style stuff in contrast to Homra’s usually more blunt way if handling things. I could also see Kusanagi running a pretty efficient information network, since Homra has such a wide variety of members and I imagine most of them would be cool in reporting things to him, which puts Kusanagi in a position where he has a lot of information that could be valuable and he just needs to know where and how to apply it. Kusanagi’s pretty shrewd so I think he would be good at finding ways to make that information work in Homra’s favor, like helping Homra track down drug dealers such as the ones they’re dealing with in the MOR cellar chapters, or getting leads on gangs that might be plotting against them. Plus Homra can’t really be everywhere at once so I could see Kusanagi using certain information to keep some hostile groups at bay, like hey don’t mess with us and we won’t reveal this secret of yours and then he doesn’t need to have Mikoto risk himself by beating people up. I don’t think any of this necessarily makes him less moral – Homra is a gang at the end of the day, after all – and I imagine that whatever Kusanagi’s doing it’s probably more on the side of trying to protect good people and harm bad ones, more or less, like I don’t see him working for drug dealers or corrupt people or trying to rip off people who are struggling. For Kusanagi I could see the backroom dealings as his own way of being responsible, again by finding non-violent ways to head off some of Homra’s problems in order to save his own people from possibly being hurt.