see it again sunday

I love being a lesbian

Once upon a time...

I wake up with this teory and I have to write it. I’m not good a meta, my english is very bad and I fight against fibro fog but this teory make sense to me. I have hope again and now I’m excited to see the final problem sunday.

Why introduce a baby? Maybe for the need of an audience?

In The Princess Bride a grandfather tells a story to his grandson. A story about “ Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… “

In The Abominable Bride there is this

and in the final scene we see that Sherlock is telling a story

I think that this will be the final scene of tfp, the rug pull.

Sherlock or John is telling a story to Rosie.

A story in which the mother is dead like a heroin. Like a Hollywood movie, a Bond movie… a story in wich a cop kill Ajay…a story without cheating?…

The Death to Samarra Tale…

The East Wind Tale…

A story that  leaves viewers with doubts… what is real? what is just a tale?

I just really hope that in the end there will be a “detective that went home and his boyfriend says, “Are you alright?” and… kiss! I really hope in the kiss!

If I’ll be disappointed then I’ll write my own happy ending ^__^

So Penny-cat had to see the doctor again today, because the antibiotic she got on Sunday doesn’t seem to be helping. They keep wanting to say she has asthma, but the only symptom she has is wheezing, and it’s hard to tell if that’s actual wheezing or just referred snootle noise from her poor stuffy little nose.

So she had to get ANOTHER shot, poor baby, and now she’s on an oral antibiotic, which she is not enjoying. So Miss Penny’s had a rough day. But she was very good. My little trooper.

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

And this is the part where I test your faith in a happy ending, and leave you hanging for the weekend. Also, I’ve mentioned how I hate drawing backgrounds before, yes?

Life Update

I decided I needed to do this because I gots a lot of explainin’ to do. 

You may have noticed there was no Read It Wednesday last week. Perfectly good explanation: I landed myself in the ER last Wednesday after passing out while biking. Now, I am okay, don’t you worry! Turns out I was just severely dehydrated and probably hyperventilated and my body just “noped” and crashed. 

Now, I thought i was getting better, as Thursday I had the day to rest and Friday I was back on my feet and doing good. I even babysat and went to see a movie on Saturday, but Sunday, things turned sideways again.

Because I’ve had a cold, I’ve had a nasty cough (thanks asthma) and ended up in the InstaCare Sunday night with bad chest pains do to my cough. Nothing serious, again, just my asthma acting up and thinking it needs to throw a bitch fit because I can’t breathe. 

Now, this morning (Monday 3/20) I was back at the doctors with what I thought was strep. Thankfully, it was not, but rather my cough just tearing up my throat and vocal chords. 

So, all in all, I’m sick. I haven’t had very much motivation to write or read or really be on tumblr because of this sickness. I’m going to try and have Read It Wednesday up this week HOPEFULLY on Wednesday, but I can’t promise anything. Forgive me if I can’t get it up, but I promise things will be back on track (hopefully) sooner rather than later. 

As for writing, I’m also a little unmotivated to do that, so it may be a couple weeks before I get a new fic out. I hope y’all can understand this. 

One more update before I go, this Thursday is both a very special day and a very emotional day for me, which I may or may not update on. I may not be online that day, or I may spend that entire day online, it’s just a very important day. So, don’t be alarmed if Thursday comes and you don’t hear from me, I promise I’m still around.

And if you read this all, you rock! Enjoy some Winchesters.

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Notes from the show: Scorpius & Albus

Alright so I went to see the play again this weekend (so at Saturday 15/10 and Sunday 16/10) and seriously I could ramble about this play for centuries but here’s a very quick recap of some of my favourite assorted Scorpius/Albus moments over the weekend:

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Man, I'm allowed my stuff back till Sunday just to see Zin has once again returned XD Hey Luxi!!! I'm currently on vacay right now till Sunday which means I have my phone and iPad and other shtuff back! Oh my gosh it's been so long how are you??? :) - The Friendly Anon

HOI TEFA!! I’m doing good!! Hope you’re doing great! <3

PAX East!

So I’ve become terrible about being active on this blog lately but I wanted to give a shout out to @therealjacksepticeye.
I was able to meet you briefly at the airport before PAX while I was waiting for my friend! I planned on seeing you again Sunday, but it wasn’t in the cards for me sadly. I still feel very lucky to have talked to you that day I did!
I was really nervous once I saw you and there’s one thing I wish I could have told you then that I was saving for Sunday.
Everyone I was standing with at the airport while we chatted, including the person I was waiting on, were people I was blessed to have met here on tumblr because I wanted to follow you here and be a part of the community.
PAX was amazing and I got to meet all of my favorite people that I love so so much.
Thanks, Jack.

Things Joe Sugg Likes To Say
  • “one hundred percent!” 
  •           common deviation: “hundred percent!” 
  • “shit on my nipples and call me Mary!” 
  •           common deviation: “call me ____” 
  • “and remember, i’m not a daily vlogger!” 
  • “and I’ll see you again next week, with another Sugg sunday special!” 
  •           former deviation: “…special, woohoo!” 

retired saying(s)

  • “joined with my roommate, Caspar Lee,” 

feel free to add any i may have missed


They’re here!! Our new and fresh photoshoot pictures of our Love Live! Snowy Mountain group @ Desucon Frostbite! Everyone was so cute, I’m so happy we got everything finished on time! I’m proud of myself to be honest, most of this cosplay turned out really really good! I’ll fix a few details and wear this again at Yukicon on Sunday, see you there!! 

Kotori - @muupoo
Rin - @betaminshitto
Umi - @triplestar-hunter-juu
Eli - @erinatitan

Supply Closet

Oh hello Smut Sunday. It’s nice to see you again. Please, step into my office.

WARNING: Smut. Angry Smut.

This is what I think should have happened maybe 28 minutes into episode 12x06

I just can’t get away from her. It seems that every corner I turn around I’m bumping into her face, that pinched up, tight face. I try to avoid looking into her eyes directly in fear of physically burning her retinas with my rage but then all I can see is that red hair that is parted in the wrong place, plastered to her head.

The rational side of my brain is saying it’s not her fault, that there’s nothing wrong with the way her hair is parted and that I’m being a straight-up bitch. I wish it was that side of my brain that was dominant right now, but it’s not. I’m pacing in a supply closet, muttering incoherently to myself like a mad woman. The wall-high trolleys surrounding me feel like a cage supressing my irrational anger and the thought of leaving the room any time soon seems too dangerous- especially if a humble intern minding their own business were to be walking by. “Off with their head,” I mumble in bitter sarcasm.

My pulse doesn’t seem to want to calm down, my chest is heaving, and the thoughts of incapable hands touching other innocent lives in this very hospital are causing my cheeks to flush. It’s overwhelming and I have to take my labcoat off to compensate the rise in my body temperature. My skin is crawling and underneath it, my blood is boiling. The pacing is probably not helping but it’s creating a constant flow for my angry thoughts to be muttered into the silence.

The door bursts open and my eyes shoot up, knowing if it’s Penny that I would probably throw the nearest suture kit into her face. Luckily it’s not, it’s Owen. He flicks the door shut with just a wrist but the bang it creates alludes to the strength of his anger. He can’t see me from my position near the back of the closet so I stop my pacing and watch from behind a trolley, half intrigued, half aroused at his manly outburst. He rips his labcoat off and throws it to the side with a growl, panting and gritting his teeth about something. He turns to face the door and puts his palms against it.

The dim lights from above spotlight the back of his head as his shoulders rise and fall heavily in time with his racing breath, shadows flickering against the door and floor beneath. I slowly walk around to the open area of the closet, revealing myself to the room. He still hasn’t turned around so I clear my throat and startle him a little.

Icy, light-blue eyes meet my hazy, darkened glare and he looks down to my tense lips almost immediately. He narrows his lids momentarily, his shoulders still swelling in and out with every breath, debating what to do next. Without saying a word he throws his top over his head, taking me by surprise, and forcefully tosses it across his body to the opposite side of the room to his labcoat. His eyes do not leave mine as he takes the four long strides over to me, my eyes lustfully trailing his muscular torso, eager to have him within reach. It all happens in one fluid movement, seemingly a millisecond: our lips meet, my hands find his waist, his are grabbing the back of my head and tilting it up by my hair, and his tongue is already tackling mine.

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