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🔥white people rping poc

.. fucking hell. outta all the fucking questions, out of all the damn ships i could’ve trashed, outta all the fucking plots im TIRED OF SEEING, you send me this. i’m going to tread carefully and start this off by saying i am a person of color. if you really want to read this look under the read more.

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honestly im only just now fully realizing how much of a difference sanvers is making and how much im really appreciating how tooth-achingly domestic they are, because damn if every other mainstream wlw ship isn’t overloaded with angst and complications

i mean, it was one thing last week to see them so happy in that morning-after scene, but we knew the angst was still coming and, y’know, it did - maybe not 2x06 levels of angst, but still. and even seeing so little of them this week, it was just entirely another thing to see that, in all their interactions, they were playful and teasing and happy - both working together as professionals and partners and equals, but also girlfriends who care so deeply for each other and are so comfortable with the other person

and idk, as a pretty isolated (and pretty young) queer girl who doesnt know like any other queer girls, it’s really easy for me to forget that like, that’s a Real Thing, that’s an option. it’s so entirely possible for two wonderful, capable women to end up together and have a healthy, happy relationship that isn’t twisted by horrible, relationship-threatening complications every step of the way. actually seeing that on tv is so important to me and im only realizing how much i needed it now that i have it

Ride of My Life

summary: 'we sat next to each other on a roller coaster and ended up accidentally ditching our friends oops’ au

word count: 1.7k

genre: fluff

warnings: swearing. also roller coasters??

a/n: im a slut for au’s so. here. also, feedback is always appreciated!!

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I do not mean this in a mean way but something ive noticed is..

Like sometimes witchcraft can be very heavy on the consumerism.. like you can buy another’s person spells.. like theyll premake them for you..

How dose that work i genuinely do not understand how they could work for the person who bought them… you did nothing.. you didnt change any energy.. you spent money and bought a spell..

Like runes.. i dont understand why you would buy fancy rose quartz gold engraved ruins.. like older witches didnt have this like this.. they made their own out if river rocks.. they went out and searched for things.. they changed the energy..

Dont get me wrong, i see the appeal.. some people make breathtakingly beautiful items.. its a little insane.. but maybe im just like this because ive been learning about consumerism as well..

Thats an entire other post tho yall, consumerism will kill us, but.. nbd.


OTP: Confesses love for one another

Me: :) thats cute

OTP:  Fights any time they are in the same room. Only working together because someone/something forced them to be. Constantly bickering.




ok im honestly like not alive but let me try to recall everything. it was so beautiful visually, it felt so different and cool and just. this is as real as the galaxy has ever felt. and it was such an utterly unique THING like it’s hard to explain this is just something that has never been done before re the connections to the other movies. THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE AN INTERQUEL.

GOD ok let’s see. the characters were like GOOD imo so that’s good, not as good as tfa’s character work but that was amazing, this was like still good. the plot was also solid until THAT. LAST. ACT. WHEN IT WAS SOME OF THE BEST STUFF I’VE EVER SEEN. I LITERALLY CAN’T TOUCH ON ANY OF IT OUTSIDE OF THE SPOILERS SECTION BUT OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDD

i almost can’t even post my emotional reaction without spoiling things so let me just say IT WAS AMAZING AND INSANE AND YOU SHOULD SEE IT ASAP ASAPPPP

now i’m moving into spoiler territory so DO NOT read beyond this point if you haven’t seen it yet!!!!!!!

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Im just a tiny small grain of sand in a great club!
  • Me : I work so hard to be be creative and to have some inner reward and to be fair with the ones i care around here, but th thing is that i see never do enough to have some credit except form some good friends who are so kind to me ...
  • My other self: Dont you see ? There are four groups of Artists .First : They are kind and nice to you and dont want to hurt your feelings,Second: you reblog their work so they feel the obligation of giving you a candy ( a kind of Feedback), so they give you Tumblr love to be in good conscience ,Third : Some almost like your work and dont like to be partial and unfair, so they reblog and are nice to you ...
  • Me: and the fourth?
  • My other self: Hey those ones ,well it is a touchy matter to talk about...i think they own the place cause they are genious and so high level ,they are very restricted ,so united with each others ...well ,they are a Super Club ,so keep on posting and maybe one day they give you a ticket for a journey to their own private world...
  • Me: really? i like everybody ,well , when they decide to give me a chance maybe my @ nicname appear somewhere and maybe someone will offer me some kind of colaboration right?
  • My other self: Keep on dreaming ...
ok why is no one talking about a great comet college au

seriously there is so much potential here i mean

  • marya is everyone’s favorite professor, strict yet kind
  • dolokhov is the captain of the basketball team and a crazy good shot, did u see how he killed that other team in last night’s game?? now all the chicks are mad about him
  • helene is the razor sharp sorority president who lets everyone thinks she’s a dumb bubblehead bc having everyone underestimate her will make it that much easier to take over the free world
  • sonya is the nicest RA in the freshman dorm and is always willing to give the kids advice, a hug, and a mug of hot cocoa
  • natasha is torn between her long distance boyfriend andrey and that hot senior anatole
  • anatole, who’s been on academic probation ever since professor marya found out that dolokhov had been writing most of his essays, tries to seduce natasha and then use her for help/basically has her write his papers
  • mary is a quiet girl who spends all her time in the library studying
  • if she loses her scholarship she’ll have to go home to her father, who never wanted her to go to school anyway
  • everyday she sees natasha and anatole come in, holding hands and talking
  • mary can’t help but fall in love with natasha’s wide smile and carefree laugh and the way the snowflakes linger in her dark hair
  • one day mary sees natasha come in alone, her smile and laugh replaced by tears
  • mary approaches her and natasha breaks down and tells her all about anatole and how he used her and took advantage of her and how she felt so worthless and mary takes her hand and tells her that she’s the most beautiful kind person she’d ever seen 
  • natasha dumps both anatole and andrey and finds herself the happiest she’s ever been dating mary
  • dolokhov is furious about the whole anatole/natasha affair and when anatole can’t understand why, he finally goes off and demands to know if anatole really thought he would write all those papers for him just because of friendship?
  • anatole is dumbstruck as dolokhov storms away
  • later that day, he nervously approaches dolokhov after his basketball practice and reads him a handwritten poem of apology and when dolokhov tries to brush him away “i dont want your sympathy” anatole shuts him up with a kiss

idk man just. college au

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Dad, is it a bad thing to play a video game for 13 hrs straight after making sure all other responsibilities are taken care of? See, video games are a gr8 way for me to relax, and I've been working really hard to make sure all my work is done before I play. I suffer from insomnia so its easy for me to end up playing for a long time and not feel tired. Thing is, my mom keeps telling me Im a failure and a horrible person for playing? But I do all my work, dont talk back or act out. What do I do?

My honest opinion is that you need to go to the doctor (if at all possible) and see what can be done about your insomnia.

It’s okay to spend your free time on video games as long as it isn’t interfering with your life; that’s not a problem, and you haven’t done anything wrong. You just shouldn’t have thirteen hours of free time in the first place, buddy. You need to rest. The problem is that you aren’t sleeping, and that worries me.

I used to think my insomnia was a coupon for bonus free time, but it catches up to you fast. At the very least, you should be trying to lie down with your eyes closed for a few hours every night, even if you don’t feel particularly tired. It helps.



More progress for that Underonline thing im workin on. These backgrounds are killing me though. Neither one works as one is mood and one is story based but both clash with the character. I’ll figure it out. Blehhh.

It just needs more contrast over all but hey, here’s another work in  progress

This was fun and I havent had much time to paint like this recently. I MUST MAKE THE TIME!!!! UF Undyne’s my favorite character in all of undertale at the moment and im seeing some wicked cool story arcs for her from various other blogs like @undertalebrokenhome. I had been thinking about a UF kids comic of my own but never got too far with it and this blogs got a pretty interesting story developing. Cant wait to see what else comes from there.

I prolly wont have enough time for comics so ill have to stick to individual paints, sketches, and projects like this. 

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How do you think Curie would handle being a werewolf since she's a synth. I would imagine her having this cute little howl and being more puppy than wolf.

curie is where the whole werewolf thing gets a little complicated; since the lycans wouldnt be created from scratch like synths are, i dont think the whole memory transfer thing would work in this au. so her backstory (and well, every other synths’) has to get rehauled and im using your ask an excuse to talk about what ive tried to figure out so far with it

now i didnt really wanna get rid of the robots for the au, bc i like robots esp the ones in fallout, and plus i dont see a lot of vamps/werewolves and robots in the same setting usually. so, we have two separate beings here, C9-10 and CVRIE. both serve as assistants in possibly the FEV or an au FEV equivalent lab. either way, they are the only two assistants, with a small team of scientists in the institute, and stay in the lab full time. 

its not seen as a problem at the time because, hey, why would a wolf and a robot interact with each other? except they really underestimated both gals’ friendliness and curiousity, and they do start talking. or well first CVRIE teaches C9 to talk.

those long nights where its just the two of them become teaching sessions with no set subject, from languages to science to “did you know you can turn into a human?”. both understand the lycan’s capacity to learn is a subject they maybe shouldnt bring up to the scientists, so all of C9′s education is kept secret, and the two of them dont have any problems untillll

CVRIE finds out C9 is going to be used as a test subject. and she’s not sure if its an anomaly in her programming or what, but she knows what happened to the other test subjects and she really doesnt want that happening to C9 for some reason. so, using her observation-based knowledge of humans and both internal and external resources, she helps C9 to escape in plain sight

once out C9 books it until she eventually comes across vault 81 by chance, and is let in thanks to all the scientific knowledge she obtained from CVRIE. she adopts the name Curie after her robot friend as well.

CVRIE meanwhile deletes every memory and file she has even remotely related to C9, and after questioning her is proved fruitless,

she is broken down for scrap.

The thing that makes me so sad about how we see Peggy grieve for Steve versus how she grieves for Colleen is that while I think the grief is the same, the way Peggy expresses it is so radically different, which is heavily influenced by where she is at the time.

Peggy is grieving for Steve while technically in public. She’s got other people around her, and they are fellow agents. If she weeps openly for her romantic partner, people are going to paint her as a hysteric, her emotions making her unfit for her work. She can’t grieve for Steve any more than through a tight pursing of her lips and a shake of her head.Her grief is focused more on the larger tragedy of the supposed death of Captain America, not necessarily someone she is close with and regards with love and fondness. She is sad but restrained, refusing to break down in front of her peers.

We then cut to Peggy grieving in her apartment after Colleen’s death. There’s no one else around and she is alone.

Her grieving is immediately more visceral in that she herself is physically haggard in a way she is not during Cap’s ‘death.’ Her hair is a mess, her dress is wrinkled, and she’s coming back after a long, hard night. She looks like she is primed for misery, and her expression matches that tangled hair and tattered dress perfectly. It isn’t a somber frown and a shake of the head; her head is tilted upward and her face is contorted in a terrible mask of grief, keening and weeping for Colleen in the privacy of her own home.

This doesn’t mean necessarily that she cared for one more than the other, but it speaks volumes to what Peggy feels comfortable expressing in public among her peers. She is constantly an iron wall of strength and fortitude, for fear of being immediately stereotyped as a weak willed hysterical wreck. When she grieves in public, she does it selectively and solemnly. But when she is left alone to weep, Peggy gives her all into her grief and allows herself the luxury of emotions she can comfortably express. Even if they’re painful. 

Im Done

Sometimes I see some comments from the karamel fandom and honestly it seems like you do not give a shit about Kara , just think Chris Wood is hot . and thats  enough for him to stay with Kara.
I like the parallel Karamel with Makorra, why? Because as friends both are incredible, they help and take care of each other ,when they become a romantic couple simply doesnt work . It is not a healthy relationship, far from it.
The worst thing is not to CW reproduce this as okay, the worst is to see a lot of teenager who thinks this kind of problematic / toxic relationship is beautiful.

And I not say that for being Supercorp, I say for being a woman and seeing strong and important female characters like Kara Danvers being destroyed for the good of a man, straight, pampered white character. 

 And the big difference between supercorp and karamel , is the fact that Lena treats Kara much better than Mon-el. Lena trusts and respects Kara, just see her reaction when Kara forgot the“date”with her and Mon-el’s being fucking jealous just because Kara talked to Mr Mxyzptlk .

Monel seems to like Kara but he treat her like she belongs to him ,he has no respect for what she wants and that is fucked up. This reminds me a little bit of Killgrave and Jessica Jones, which is not good because here, different of  Jessica Jones, the treatment Monel gives to Kara is Applauded. 


Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Oliver, what if people apart from you could see me as something, someone, deserving of happiness? Not as a hero, mind. Just as “any other boy.”

The idea frightens me. Coward that I am. Me, born of science and ambition gone wrong. I felt that wrongness every day, until you wrote to me. Until you infected me with wondrous, hopeful nonsense.

Frau Pruwitt has given me a book about a certain blind superhero. And now I am feeling something other than despicable.

What have you done to me, Oliver Paulot?

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hey!! my cousin is a cap moon but he has moon in the 1st house so how would that play out?? do they cancel out each other's effect because he says he can't relate to his moon at all

well, for starters, nothing in a chart ever cancels out any of its other attributes. that’s a common misconception that i see a lot in the astrology community. things are always going to work together, regardless of if they seem to “contradict”.
your cousin’s moon in his 1st house is definitely going to put him more in touch with his emotions. he will probably still experience the same struggle to interpret his emotions but will embrace them a lot more regardless. he won’t feel the need to hide or suppress his feelings in the same way, but will be confused by them just the same. what im saying is that he’ll be a Mess™

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hey kinda urgent so i just saw someone saying they hate my special interest and im super upset (idk if its completely possible but i think my si is this one headcanon i have) and i get so so upset when i see different or opposing headcanons and antis make me so unhappy how can i emotionally calm myself down so i dont get so worked up about it always???

One thing you can do to not get so worked up is to remind yourself that your headcanon is valid no matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is that it’s true for you and what other people think doesn’t matter. 

Another thing you can try is stimming to help relieve the emotion that is building up. You may find that body stims help you calm down or playing with a stim toy. 

Further, you can try distracting yourself by engaging with something completely unrelated. This could be watching a movie or TV show or reading a book or anything else that engages your mind. 

I hope some of this helps you. Followers, feel free to chime in with any advice you might have!




Genre: pure smut (the things i do 4 u guys)

Warnings: swearing, strong D/s dynamics, blowjobs, daddy!kink, public teasing, dirty talk, facial (oops)

Word count: 1416

A/N: i promise you guys that this was consensual and dan is a fuckin tease. also i’ve been working on pbb which is why im kinda adskagerga, but yeah. i did leave the end sort of open, so if you want a part two, let me know! otherwise,  enjoy the fic and enjoy yoselves <3

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