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🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎁

I have made some Christmas Chibi for you guys! they are available as stickers on my Redbubble!

I’m planning on making charms with these designs so If you are interested, please contact me on my tumblr or on my email : (please specify which ones you want)

I’ll sell them for 8$-10$ (depending on which states you are for the shipping price). And i’ll make bundle price too.

on 25 december : If I see that they are enough peoples interested on buying them,i’ll start pre-order on tictail and i’ll contact the ones who send me messages (thougt the social media they used to contact me) to give them an opportunity to be the first to buy the design they specify they wanted.


Hello everyone! It’s been so long since I did a follow forever and during this time my blog has reached past 3k, it has almost 3.3 and I honestly can’t believe my eyes. I would have done it sooner, but I didn’t have enough time: preparing for medicine needs a lot of work and attention from me. Anyway, now that the Winter Break is close, I finally managed to take some time to thank you all for being with me. This blog was made in September 2013, but I started activating on it only in 2015 because I couldn’t understand Tumblr at all at first. You know, in real life I’m dealing with anxiety and paranoia often, so I can’t but feel so happy to see my works and style are appreciate here. I’m also dealing with unrequited feelings regarding love life and I’m suffering because of them. I’m glad that I have met a lot of beautiful and talented people that are always making my day better. And of course, I want to thank to my beloved followers for appreciating a blog which is always in queue and which, from time to time, posts its own content, without you, this blog wouldn’t be where it is at this moment. I’m not going to write a novel here, but I hope everyone is fine and healthy. Thank you again for everything and Happy Holidays! ^o^

Now, a few beautiful blogs that I’m glad to have on my dash, you’re all amazing! ❤

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This Thing: Update 2

I finished the character list and put some plain colors to give an idea of what the finished version will look like. Hopefully, it’ll look nice and not a mess of lights. Why is it that when I type stuff down it almost reads as if English is my second language? It isn’t, I swear. The previous update notes look like a pile of words trying to translate a normal saying and screws it up by overcomplicating things.

Anyway, more “production” notes below… which are mostly comparisons between these new designs and the previous ones. Which is A LOT TO LOAD. I have no idea how to work Tumblr. So bear with me on this.

Well, then, to start off!

New additions! Peridot! Padparadscha! Toffee!

Hooray! Placements convinced by @lionheart261 . And also, as you can see, I’ve made some adjustments to their design. Peridot’s the one I’m most proud of. (Even though I just copied some aspects of Nebula’s costume. And some of Iron Man’s gauntlets.)

Now. Comparison of old and new designs! I’m only going to do the ones that garner my attention because there are a lot!




Can you see them subtle differences? I added some more length to his sleeves and took out the whites of his shirt! Also tweaked the suit and changed the colors of the rip to be more like Steve Rogers’ look.




Just some recolorings.




Made it fit the sketch dump I had a while ago.




I redid her gray vest because it was plain. So I made it a jacket that mirrored Gamora’s in a small way. Also, fun fact, the red and black is supposed to be a homage to her sweater. And the gray to her vest. Not very fun facts, but I had to say it.




Dipper was an awkward fellow because I didn’t know what he’d be. So I just gave him some armor and magical insignias. But I didn’t like that, looked too clunky, so I upgraded his original appearance and made… this monstrosity. It’s supposed to be an orange version of Quicksilver’s shirt. So that his twin, Wanda or Mabel, can have…

Mabel! (Yes, I’m great at… God, I forgot the word. Moving from one topic to another?)



Yeah. Gave her the Scarlet Witch look. Because twins. And I was never a fan of that clunky armor. I’m sure Mabel likes this outfit much better.

Lapis and Amethyst! Killing two birds with one stone.



Gave Amethyst her knee stars and added some more detail to make her look busy. Brought back the skirt for Lapis.

KO! Should’ve done him with the Gems.



Made him more streamlined. Gave him gloves. More gold trimmings. Joint armor opening up. (Elbow and knee.)




Put some more detail on him. Not sure if you guys noticed the gold card in his left hand compared to his normie cards in his right.

Leg extensions! And Finn’s hat!



Extended PB’s and BMO’s legs. Finn doesn’t really have a new hat, I just put some lines on him. (Oh, and Jake’s leg can be seen in the new design!)

And then nothing else.

Have some close up on ze bad guys.

Gave 505 armor because he looks too soft. Didn’t give Demencia or Dr Flug armor because Demencia doesn’t care and Dr Flug is a non-combatant. Also, probably gonna have to redraw Demenica because she does not look HD.

I made a short animation exersise of my character, Mint.
She’s grumpy for some reason!
I haven’t touched 2D animation in tvpaint since my last team project at school, so instead of straight on copying what i find online i decided to see how much i could recall on my own, so the exersise is about using few frames for a snappy easily-read movement without losing too much life of the character! the thing to the far right was another exersise to get used to ease-ins and ease-outs, as i a great at subtle animation!


thanks to my wonderful friends @everrsincenewyork @haveyourselfaharrylittlexmas and @lwtvibes for tagging me to post 6 selfies of this year (I literally only take selfies when i have fake tan on)

2017 has been such a wild experience with highs and lows. To be honest I only came back to tumblr this year but i am honestly so glad I did because I have met so many wonderful people and to see all the boys thrive through their solo careers has made me so happy! Thank you to everyone who made this year enjoyable I love each and every one of you 💛💛💛

I tag @rainbowstour @harriechristmas @teentomlinson @hellaplantsjpg @ann-fortunately @rainbowstyles
(I apologise if you’ve been tagged or if you’ve done it)

lifeofcynch  asked:

aw man, i thought tori could levitate up until now.. :0 The thing is, i made a drawing of her levitating. I just loved the idea of her just chillin mid-air x) I would submit it anyways, cause i've changed up the style a little bit, but the submit button is like, gone? Idk dude, i think it might be a bug or something

Yo, I’d love to see it anyway! but yea that’s definitely tumblr being weird and turning off my submissions (again) smh. It’s on now.

ironwoman359  asked:

#Reviews: So I needed story help and this person was the first one I thought of to ask and their advice was so helpful and talking out my plot idea to them made it so much clearer to me and helped me see so many cool ideas for it, I'm so glad they're my friend.


Hey @taylorswift ! Its me, Julia :)

Its been awhile since I’ve talked to you, and I just wanted to say, everything’s going good, and that Reputation is the BEST album I’ve ever heard!

I also went to the botanical garden and made my brother take some cool pictures of me :)

Anyways, I know you probs won’t read this, but It’d mean the world if you liked it!

Love you, hope you’re having a nice dayyy ❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

Hi! YOUR SIMS ARE GORGEOUS! I was wondering how you got the toddler and child hairs to stay the same color? Sorry if you answered this!

Hey! :D Thank you ♥ No, I don’t think I ever answered this on tumblr, if I did I don’t remember x) I made a video on my channel showing how to keep the hair color from switching on kids and toddlers:

(Looking back at this thumbnail it looks creepy xD Thumbnails are supposed to be seen small, not big to see all my mistakes)

I use the sims 4 studio! I know there’s another way, I always hear people saying that they use the mc command center but I don’t know how :’) The method I use may seem a little complicated but it’s really simple and you really won’t have to worry about the hair color changing anymore.

If you have any questions while watching the video let me know ^^

tagged by @asurashinies !  I love doing these they’re fun omg

Tag 10 Followers You Want To Get To Know Better: nooo I don’t know anyone to do this

Name: Erin!

Nickname: Doll, Liche, Lichie, Leech, Leechy

Gender: lady

Star Sign: cancer

Height: 5′3′ (160cm)

Sexuality: het

Hogwarts House: i don’t even like harry potter uhhh hufflepuff

Dream Trip: there are sooo many places I’d love to go visit I love learning about interesting cultures and seeing ancient structures.  I’d probably love seeing Scotland or Japan most!

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7 hrs

Why I Made a Tumblr: I made my gw2 tumblr because I love the game and didn’t want to spam my main blog with gw2 art!

Dogs or Cats: i’m a dog person, gimme something I can take outside and play with for hours!

When I Made A Tumblr: I made this tumblr a little over a year ago!

Followers: my gw2 tumblr has 1004 as of this post~

Reasons for URL: my main character’s name on gw2 is Doll!

anonymous asked:

HEYYYY i'm obsessed with your tumblr and tbh it's def one of the best ones i've ever read! I think it would be really cool if you made a gen 2 because I honestly can't get enough!!

Originally posted by cancercornastrology

AHHH ily omg thank you so much, this means soooo much to me, i love writing tmnl and it makes me really happy when i see other people enjoying it too!! I will definitely be doing a gen 2, and while it will have significantly less murder, there def will be some mysterious things going on and plenty of drama i’m super excited!!!!!

Santa Baby 6/9


This RE POST Christmas story is a complete work of fiction and as such is an entirely fabricated tale created in my imagination.  I do not know the people in my story, nor do I proclaim to know anything about them whatsoever about their status or their life in general.  This is a complete fantasy story concocted from the Christmas song Santa Baby” 🎅 which was used as a prompt for my writing.

My story is a Sam and Caitriona fanfic, so if you think you wouldn’t like this subject matter then that’s fine, but if you do then I hope this brings some Christmas cheer your way.  

This chapter is a little suggestive.

The brilliant, fantastic and all too bighearted @sassylover-stuff (JJW), has made some great pics for this chapter as you will see. Pictures 3, 4, 5 and 6. She is a gem. ❤️ The other visuals used were taken from Tumblr … so if the originals were yours … many thanks.


Keep reading

get to know me tag :^)

I was tagged by @winterbjorn !! tysm :^)

Name: alicia (that’s uh lee see yuh)

Nicknames: ali, alisha, uh lee see yuh, occasionally al

Gender: female

Star-Sign: gemini

Height: last time i actually measured my height was when I was like eight but I think I’m like 5′5?

Sexuality: straight (maybe)

Hogwarts House: i have never seen or read anything harry potter related ooPs

Dream Trip: this might be weird but portland oregon !! i hear it rains a lot there !! internationally though? seoul or são paulo in brazil:^)

Average Hour of Sleep: ugh weekdays like 6-7 but it varies (especially on weekends)

Why I Made a Tumblr: my computer isnt very good at running games, and I loved the sims but it got to the point where the lag was just- painful ig? But I didn’t want to stop playing, so i realized that people were doin really cool stuff with their sims on social media, stuff that I could do, so I resorted to that and it’s working out p well !! editing is a lot of fun so it’s a nice escape here too

Dog or Cat Person: both hate me honestly but probably cats

When I made my blog: april ‘17

Followers: 486

Reason for My URL: this actually isn’t my first url actually! it use to be peach related but i can’t remember exactly :/ i changed it - and this is gonna sound weird but - because I wanted sort of a darker theme/aesthetic/whatever to go

this was really fun ?? and i still have another one to do !! I’m gonna tag @toasty-simmer @awedsims @spoopyxsims @florakii and @daisiescreek :^)

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my sister made a tumblr blog and i suddenly feel threatened because she found mine now she can see me fangirl like an idiot 😭😭😭😭😭😭

GIRL RUUUUUN LOL just kidding but im sure ur sister will understand ur love for these boys i mean ik my sister wants to strangle me most of the time but she understands how im crazy for them 😊❤

Originally posted by cleolux

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed


superheroes as sharks (and other marine animals)

as you can see, im putting my art skills to great use and making really thoughtful and insightful art

i made this for the wonderful @batfan-of-the-batfam / @shitty-superhero-sketches birthday because the two things she cares most about in life are sharks and superheroes

pls dont repost anywhere, just reblog!

it’s prom season again and marinette’s ultimate plan is to get chat to come as her date and make adrien jealous…much to her disappointment, adrien isn’t present at the prom (gee i wonder why), but she ends up having a blast with chat anyway.


thanks for being patient with me guys! this is a birthday gift for a friend. speaking of birthdays, i turned 18 today!! it feels so weird. i’m now legal……….ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙

my instagram (@sallteas)