see i told you i would make it oh wait it's midnight whoops

Midnight Madness | Kim Jongdae

Genre - Fluff

Word Count - 1.8k

Summary - In which you and your colleague Jongdae fall into a little office hassle with bets, hiding spots and all sorts.



Slaving through piles and piles of paper work, I took another sip of my cardboard tasting coffee, trying to get through the last few files for the night. The clock struck 12 am, indicating that it was now time for Jongdae to come and pick me up from my area to drive us both home after our usual 10 hour shift. As I began to tidy up my desk area, I could hear his strong footsteps echo across the large room making his way towards my desk. I gave him a tired smile as a greeting, after seeing him lean over the small glass barrier separating each workers area from the others.

“Ready to go?” He warmly offered loosening his tie slightly as the requirement of looking presentable was no longer valid. I replied with a light nod as I got up and slid my coat on, throwing my previously used paper cup into the small bin.

“I don’t even know how having a coffee machine in this office hasn’t been banned yet, this stuff tastes horrible” I complained grabbing my bag and walking out, as he let out a chuckle at my not-so-subtle attempt at requesting a Starbucks trip.

“Okay okay we’ll pick a Frappuccino up on the way to your house” He more accepted than offered, throwing his arm around my shoulder as we walked out to the parking lot. You could describe our relationship to be quite simply-complicated; we weren’t dating but we didn’t want to label our thing as just friends, so we just chose hover somewhere near the middle and neither of us seemed to mind. Not that this would be considered to be one of the healthiest things anyway.

As he put his key into the ignition, my phone began to ring in my pocket and I raised my eyebrow at whoever would possibly be calling me at this hour. I buckled my seatbelt before swiping the screen to answer my call.

“Hello, Y/N speaking” I kindly greeted as Jongdae began to drive

“Y/N! Did you definitely make sure Jongdae gave that file to mister Myeong?! He just called me saying he didn’t have them on his desk and I’m freaking out!” Minseok’s voice screeched through the line as I momentarily held the phone away from my face, causing an amused look to take over Jongdae’s face.

“Okay… Minseok calm down, I left the file on Jongdae’s desk with specific instructions of what to do with it. I’m sure he passed it onto his office this afternoon” I reassured but as soon as the words left my mouth, he pulled over to the nearest stop to look at me with wide eyes

“What do you mean you put them on my desk?” He hissed at me, causing Minseok to groan at the realisation of the papers not getting to the right place.

“He’s joking! I’ll double check that the papers got to him and I’ll call you back okay?” I hung up and snapped my head in his direction

“What!? Jongdae I put the file on at your desk in the afternoon with a post-it note stuck on it saying ‘Please make sure this goes to the main office TODAY’ I underlined ‘Today’ three times!” I exclaimed

“Uh no you didn’t!” He replied

“Yes I did! I personally put them on your desk and when I found out that you were on break, I left a note on it!” I reran the events in my head, possibly trying to convince myself as well as him… It’s been a long day okay?!

“You know what, how about we go down to the office and check my desk” He challenged eliciting a chuckle from me at his struggle of accepting his mistake. Obviously they were on his desk! Right?

“Its 12:30am Jongdae” I breathed

“Do you hear that?” He seriously asked putting a hand behind his ear and leaning upwards “It’s the distinctive sound of someone definitely knowing they’re wrong!” He answered his own question; seriously midnight was not the time I felt like dealing with his dynamic persona

“You know what? Okay, let’s go back the office and find that file to be sat on your desk!“ I stated confidently and now it was his turn to roll his eyes

“Fine! What do I get when the files aren’t on my desk?” He smirked leaning forward to start the car again

“What? You’re not getting anything!  This is a clarification not a bet” I scoffed

“Whoop! There’s that sound again…” He began and I leaned back laughing at his immaturity

“Okay! What do you want?” I gave in, causing his signature Cheshire-cat grin to take over his features

“I’ll let you know when we clarify that the file isn’t on my desk” He took the U-turn back to the building

“See! It isn’t here, you didn’t put it here” He stated, rummaging through all of the paperwork he kept unorganised atop of his oh-so-maintained workstation.

“Well god knows what’s in here and what’s not! Jongdae this place is a mess!” I whisper-exclaimed, respecting the fact that there were still a few employees working the 1am shift.

“Hey that isn’t relevant! If the file was here with the so-called post-it note on it, I would’ve been able to spot it in this me- organised pile of work” He defended

“Okay how about you go check in a few work stations around here to make sure no one took it, and I’m gonna go to my office to see whether it’s there” I suggested as he smirked

“Already losing confidence?” He tilted his head

“Shut up!” I hissed making my way to my area.

 As soon as I arrived at my desk, my eyes widened. There it was… Sat right next to the empty spot of where my crappy coffee cup was placed. I mentally face-palmed before deciding to not accept my defeat; okay this isn’t immature. It’s called lowering the size of his ego; I was doing him a favour. I swiftly grabbed the file off of my desk to run towards his work station, only having a few minutes until he came back. I got into his booth and nervously bounced side to side, looking for a place to put the file. As I heard his footsteps approach the area, I hastily placed the file in his bottom draw before slamming it shut and regaining composure. He raised his eyebrow at me and proceeded to plop down onto his office chair as a sign of ‘Nope, didn’t find anything’ with a hint of ‘I told you so’.

 "Okay, I’m gonna go and call Minseok since there’s definitely been a mix up here… And you keep looking around this pig sty! You know in case you uh - find anything” I choked out before rushing to the front desk. I pulled out my phone to do something random on it, making it seem like I was doing something when in reality, I was just waiting for his sarcastic ass to accept his mistake. Well… My mistake. After a suspiciously long 15 minutes, I went back to his desk wondering why it was taking him so long to find it.

“Hey! Any luck?” I nervously asked leaning against the glass barrier as he simply shook his head

“I just don’t know where it is! So what did Minseok say?” He asked

“Who? Oh! - Minseok… He uh said that - uh we need to keep looking for it” I smoothly lied. A good 5 minutes seemed to pass as he continued to lift and drop files to and from his desk in attempts of finding something, but he never seemed to reach for the bottom draw

“You have to kiss me” He absentmindedly said stopping in his tracks

“Excuse me?” I raised my eyebrow

“You know the bet! You have to kiss me if I win!” He concluded

“What? No!” I declined, even though I knew there wasn’t going to be any smooching going on anyway

“It’s just a suggestion, I mean if you had confidence in your previous statement you wouldn’t have any problem accepting it, would you?” The idiotic smile adorned his face as he tilted his head in challenge

“Fine! What do you suggest we do to find this file?” I brushed off, and his facial expression seemed to suddenly brighten. Oh boy, that’s never a good sign.

“I mean we could always check whether it’s in your booth you know… Maybe you left it there thinking you gave it to me” He suggested hastily getting up and pulling me towards my area. Already knowing where the file actually was, I confidently followed on behind him; only for my jaw to drop instantly at the sight of the file sitting right back in its original position.

“Y-you did this! Obviously you put it there!” I accused suddenly feeling a bit annoyed at his pathetic attempts at trying to be right. Well I couldn’t say much myself but…

“What?! No! Why would I do that?” He exclaimed causing my eyes to instantaneously roll

“Well of course! The file just decided to slither out of your bottom draw and waltz its way to my desk so it could comfortably sit on there. How stupid do you think I am?!” I openly asked and he actually tried to reply “Don’t answer that!” I snapped. It took a few moments for both of us to understand what I’d blurted out and my eyes widened at the realisation, where as his grin made its way back onto his face.

“How did you know it was in my bottom draw?” He smirked, taking steps towards me. I instinctively took a few back, but that didn’t seem to help at all

“I-uh I didn’t say th-that” I spluttered, as the distance between us was now almost non-existent. I stood completely still as he gently wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me further till our chests were in contact. He slowly began to lean in as my heart rate quickened at an unprecedented pace, the strong musky scent of his cologne lingering in the thick air between us almost making me fall into his arms.  

“I win” He simply smiled before closing the gap between my lips and his, but to have a little fun with him, I swiftly turned my face so my lips would brush against his cheek before pulling away. He let out a little whine, with his arms still securely wrapped around my middle, causing me to giggle at his sudden desperation.

“You said you wanted a kiss, you never specified what kind…” I shrugged, smiling at the kicked puppy look which he now had on his face. Well at least we found the files right?

A/N: Just decided to write this little number to put my current Chen feels to some purpose. This was inspired by a ‘Friends’ episode so I’m not taking full credit for the idea, but if any of you can tell me which episode this is from, I will love you forever! <3 Scenario & One-shot requests are still CLOSED, so I wrote this on my own will *sowwy* Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed reading, and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx